Car Supermarkets

What do I need to know about a Car Supermarket?

Car supermarkets are collectively responsible for 7% of all the used cars sold in the UK each year, with over 100 car supermarkets sites located all over the UK. Car supermarkets offer a huge selection of makes and models and are the best place for customers to see a varied selection all on one forecourt.

What, exactly, are car supermarkets?

Car supermarkets, also known as car hypermarkets, are similar to independent dealerships except on a much larger scale. At the larger venues you may find over 2000 cars stocked, offering a comprehensive range of choice to the customer.

What kind of cars will I find at a car supermarket?

Car Supermarkets usually have predominantly used cars available. The stock will often include ex-demonstrators and ex-fleet cars. The newest cars are likely to be pre-registered cars or brand-new unregistered imports.

Important facts about car supermarkets

  • Back to basics approach
    The car supermarket may not offer the comfortable surroundings of a franchised dealership, however many offer a more relaxed approach to viewing and purchasing cars. This helps keep costs down to a minimum and allows the car supermarket to offer competitive prices, however this back to basics approach does not necessarily mean a poor standard of service.
  • Prices will often be fixed
    Most car supermarkets regularly print complete stock lists to help car buyers navigate through available stock, this document will also contain the price of the vehicle. Many list prices at the car supermarket are as low as they are likely to go and although haggling is not out of the question, chances are that you will often be unsuccessful.
  • Most car supermarkets will allow you to take a test drive
    Although this may need to be booked in advance it is generally a good idea to test drive the car you plan to purchase on a variety of surfaces. Remember to take both sections of your driving licence with you on your visit.
  • The mainstream manufacturers will dominate
    Car manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall, Toyota, Renault, Peugeot and Citroen will always make up a large percentage of the stock at a car supermarket. If you are looking for a Porsche or a Ferrari then a car supermarket may not be for you.
  • Weekdays are a better time to visit
    Due to the popularity and size of car supermarkets expect weekends to be very busy. To beat the crowds visit a car supermarket during the week this will help you avoid long queues for test drives and trade-in car valuations. Sales staff will also have more time to assist during the week.

Things to watch out for at a car supermarket

Before buying a car from a car supermarket it is important that you check the deal for any hidden extras. Ask the sales person if there is an administration fee or if the road tax has been paid. Remember that buying a new car will usually involve paying registration fees.

What do you need to remember to take with you?

Always remember to be prepared when you visit a car supermarket, the choice of vehicles will be great therefore a notepad and pen are a must. Research online for the makes and models you are interested in, and use to search through the available stock before making the journey. Taking a copy of the Parker's Car Price Guide or WhatCar? Magazine can also help. A further option is a camera to take photographs of your favourite cars.

How much money can be saved by using car supermarkets?

Savings vary significantly however expect to save at least a four figure number when purchasing a pre-registered car from a car supermarket. You will often find that a car supermarket is much cheaper than a main dealer.

To get the most out of a car supermarket you should always do plenty of research before-hand. Use the stock search on to research the general price of cars, or locate the perfect car for you, before setting off to a car supermarket. Keep this in mind when walking around the site.

How can I search multiple car supermarkets’ stock? offers a comprehensive stock search facility for major car supermarkets in the UK. Search a variety of criteria – make, model, variant, price, area, to locate the perfect car. The website is the only place to exclusively search the stock of major car supermarkets.

Where is my nearest car supermarket? has brought together all of the leading car supermarkets in the UK with the specific purpose of helping you to find new and used cars at your nearest car supermarket.