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22 September 2017


Volvo C30 consumer car reviews and road tests

4 stars - average customer rating
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Volvo C30 consumer car reviews

Peter Holmes, Durham

Volvo C30 D2 stop/start SE LUX 2012

5 star review

Car was new in April 2013. It was a Demo from a main agent. My wife and I are retired and wanted something different and this was the result after checking out most of the dealerships. It is silver with black edging and painted mirrors (preferred), Has sat/nav., leather heated seats. After owning countless cars over the decades and reading some smart-alec comments, if you want boot space buy an estate, with sneering remarks about it being "Ford" based are not helping people in their considerations. As an owner, if this is the car you decide upon, buy it, you will love it. First Volvo I’ve owned, but it wont be the last by any means. Horses for courses and all that.

Submitted: 2014-01-03 | ID: 51459

William Rodger, Ayrshire

Volvo C30 C30 T5 2010

5 star review

I purchased this car in 2010 having traded in my Mk 5 Volkswagen GTI, which had quality issues. I am very glad that I did because the C30 T5 has proved itself to be a very enjoyable car to own and drive. A quality car with good performance, excellent refinement and class leading safety built in. The T5 engine in particular is a gem providing effortless progress with character to boot. Not a rattle not a squeak in total contrast to the Volkswagen and a good deal cheaper to. Volvo it seems build their cars better.

Submitted: 2012-03-15 | ID: 51457

Andrew Robinson, Lincolnshire

Volvo C30 1.6d Sport 2009

5 star review

This is my second C30, it is a lovely car I’ve got the cosmetic white one with the brown body kit, love the drive and it’s great on fuel but can’t wait for them to bring out an XC30. I will recommend Volvo cars to anybody they are genuine great fun to drive as well.

Submitted: 2012-03-05 | ID: 51458

Peter Fearnley, Yorkshire

Volvo C30 2.0 petrol R design 2011

5 star review

This is the fifth time I’ve done a review, the first three about my V50 the fourth about my C30. I bought this car new and I said when I’d had the car a few weeks I would do an indepth review, so here it is: 1) the car is a looker. 2) The 2L petrol engine is ok (1.6 I guess will be under powered), but not as good as my old 2L diesel especially at lower speeds (under 40, 45 mph), however, once it’s wound up it’s fast enough. I took it for its first motorway cruse this weekend where it managed 75/80 no problem and it still had plenty left. 3) A lot quieter than the V50 diesel. 4) The equipment level is ok, but I miss my 6th gear and reversing sensors. 5) The economy is not bad, I’m getting about 35 mpg compared to 45mpg with the diesel (I am quite heavy with my right foot), but I knew that when I bought it. With the extra cost of the diesel engine and the fuel at the pumps, I worked out it would take me 10 to 12 years to break even. 6) Interior space is no problem as there is just the good lady and me and the back is fine, but it’s definitely a 4 seater. 7) The car holds the road like ’you-know-what’ to a blanket 8). The only niggle is the steering lock, it’s appalling, you need a football pitch to turn round. All in all if there is just you and your partner and you want a car that’s fun, then treat yourself, but get at least a 2L.

Submitted: 2011-12-14 | ID: 51456

Peter Fearnley, England

Volvo C30 2.0 petrol R design 2011

5 star review

This is the fourth time I’ve submitted a revue, the first three being about my 2008 V50 2D s.e Sport R Design which I found amazing. I have now part ex’d it for a new C30 2.0 petrol R Design. The short time I drove the car home from the dealers (about 30 miles) it seemed a little sluggish compared to the diesel, but i’ll put that down to newness. When I’ve had the car a few weeks i’ll put together a more in-depth review. (I’ve given it 5 stars at this point just for looks.)

Submitted: 2011-11-21 | ID: 51455

Tony Spiess, England

Volvo C30 2.0D LUX 2008

2 star review

I loved my C30 from the moment I sat in it. Firm on the road. Clean uncluttered cockpit, with everything to hand and an enthusiastic engine, always there with that extra power when needed. It is the first car where I got out after long journeys and felt good, no aches or pains. A pleasure to drive. There are a few niggles of course: The boot is a pigs ear. When there is a load on the steering and the turbo kicks in then the car veers, a bit unnerving but not driven hard enough to see whether it gets dangerous. Also when your foot is off the accelerator the car can drift on as if in cruise, disturbing when it catches you unaware. I bought Volvo for its reputation and everything seems to support that decision. So much thought in its design, with everything clearly labelled or iconed. Everything seemed solid and well specced. So why only 2 stars? At 37,000 had a dmf (dual mass flywheel) failure., which was not a result of my driving. This is a design or manufacturing failure. This is not a maintenance item and should not happen in such a young car with so little mileage. Suddenly reliability and sound engineering looks very hollow. The garage says it is 1 in a 1000 chance, it is a lottery. Everytime you take to the road your could be about to experience a very expensive repair bill. Wham, £1500 to find. No driver fault just a silver bullet waiting to fire. Look elsewhere if you want reliability, but if you want a fun drive and enjoy Russian roulette then go ahead.

Submitted: 2011-09-06 | ID: 51454

David Thomas, Carmarthenshire

Volvo C30 2010

3 star review

Whilst I agree with most of the road test comments, having recently bought a new C30 we find that road noise from the closed windows is excessive and extremely annoying. We have returned the car to the dealer pointing out the problem and they agree that the noise is bad. They say the noise is down to the new design wing mirrors and a number of customers have contacted them regarding this problem. Alas, they say that there is nothing that they can do as it’s a design fault. Buyers beware!

Submitted: 2011-06-13 | ID: 51452

Simon, Kent

Volvo C30 2.0 D R-Design 2010

4 star review

Well built and is a good drive (luxuries of larger Volvos are not cheapened or scaled down), overall a very happy driver! However, be warned there is not a lot of rear or boot space and services can be expensive! Not a family car.

Submitted: 2011-01-06 | ID: 51453

David Bradley, Lancashire

Volvo C30 2.4 2008

5 star review

The car feels fantastic and totally solid. No defects so far. Very quiet on the motorway and good suspension. It’s not a bone shaker for people who want "involving" drive and good lap times but more a cruiser. I love the original design of this car. Only downside is that Volvo has ruined this car with a terrible facelift. I would only buy a used one, pre 2010.

Submitted: 2010-08-31 | ID: 51451

Geoffrey Cleife, England

Volvo C30 1.6 R Design 2009

3 star review

The car is gutless unless you put your foot to the floor; it is too low geared as well. 70 mph is 3200 rpm.

Submitted: 2009-10-26 | ID: 51450

Chris Chitty, Lincolnshire

Volvo C30 2.5 T5 R-Design SE Sport 2008

5 star review

My C30 is a company car, and I do about 2,000 miles a month in it. Plus points: Extremely comfortable. Seats are great, very quiet at motorway speeds. Performance from the 2.5 petrol turbo engine is good, the high torque means that the engine will cope with a range of gears for any speed - it’ll pull in 6th from 35mph (try doing that in a diesel) and it has a lovely off-beat 5 cylinder warble to it when revved. Handling & grip are good without giving a hard ride.The looks are also good, especially with the R-Design kit and 18" wheels. There still aren’t many about so it does attract attention. Sound from the ’High Performance Audio’ option is excellent, and the Premium Dynaudio version is even better still. Overall build quality, inside and out is also good, which makes it a viable and more individual alternative to the default A3 choice in this area. Especially when you can get decent engines/lots of options for a similar price to a poverty spec A3 with a puny engine. Minus Points: Only 4 seats, boot is quite small. Fuel economy for this engine isn’t great - I get a 30mpg average but it will do 45mpg if you don’t mind sitting at 55mph. Dipped headlights aren’t the best, but there is a bi-xenon option. Overall. I’ll give it 5 stars as it fits my needs perfectly. Some people may score it down for practicality, but it’s not being sold on that basis and there are plenty of other cars that fulfil this need. It offers a good blend of performance and comfort - recommended!

Submitted: 2009-03-19 | ID: 51462

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Trevor Pacy, Kent

Volvo C30 1.6 S 2007

4 star review

This is the first Vovo I’ve owned as I’ve always been put off by its ’boring but safe’ image but this is a really nice car and not boring at all to drive. It’s only a 4 seater so may not suit everyone but it suits us perfectly as a work and family car and is cheaper than the Audi A3 but built on the same spec. The wife really likes the interior and I have to say it is very comfortable and uncluttered. Far from finding the safety features boring (now I have a 8 month old) they are very reassuring - we have taken the option of the ’Magic Eye Mirrors’, which at £350 weren’t cheap but I think money well spent as my wife has always been nervous before about motorway driving but as these mirrors light up when someone is in your blind spot she’s a lot more confident. Running costs are extremely economical and all in all I think this is a very good choice if you’re looking for a family car with a bit of a difference.

Submitted: 2008-03-29 | ID: 51460

Phil Waters, Derbyshire

Volvo C30 2007

4 star review

A less common alternative to the Audi A3. Nice to drive.

Submitted: 2007-10-26 | ID: 51461

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Volvo C30

Electric - Volvo’s C30 electric is as yet a limited production EV set for trials with authorities and government fleets in Sweden later this year. Volvo has yet to decide if production of its first electric car is to be increased and if the C30 electric is ever to become publicly available. Nonetheless, the ca [...]

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Volvo C30

The Volvo C30 is one of those cars that many buyers have made up their mind they are going to own long before they ever set foot near a Volvo dealership. Its distinctive good looks are even more appealing thanks to the facelift and the cabin is all the more inviting with the subtle changes wrought t [...]

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Volvo C30

DRIVe 1.6D - Volvo’s existing, highly efficient 1.6 litre turbo diesel engine has been retained to power the DRIVe model range. With an impressive 64.2mpg from a sports coupe, Volvo have certainly grabbed the market by the scruff of the neck.

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An image of the Volvo C30 DRIVe 1.6D

Volvo C30

1.6D R-Design Sport - Swedish maker has upped the ante with its latest hot hatch - the Volvo C30 R-Design. It certainly is a good-looking car the bodykit includes a roof spoiler, alloy wheels and unique R badging. Our test car was the 1.6-litre diesel Sport and it turned quite a few heads in its two-tone colour scheme.

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An image of the Volvo C30 1.6D R-Design Sport

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