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Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle consumer car reviews

Tony Sheridan, Wrexham

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2004 - 2009

5 star review

Have had my 2004 shuttle since may 2011 second hand from a tour operator who had really looked after it. Since then the only things I have had to change are the front discs pads and coil springs. It still drives well both in town and on the open road. Has loads of power and drives better than some cars. I have had no problems with the air con or alternator and all electric mirrors and windows work like new. It looks like I bought a real bargain at £11000 as for five years of trouble free driving now with 134000 miles on the clock. Would recommend T5's to any one looking for a reliable van. I don't know if the new T5's are built as well this one but if they sort out the problems some of you mention then you will end up keeping yours. To add to this I have owned all models except the T4 and have all been great family vehicles.

Submitted: 2016-06-08 | ID: 132452

S Green, South Yorkshire

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2004 - 2009

5 star review

Looking for something else came across this page of mostly bad reviews for the T5 and felt compelled to submit another contrary view. We bought our Shuttle (2.5 5 cylinder LWB) from local VW dealer at 9 months old 7 years ago and love it. We have done about 90k in it and have it serviced at VW Sheffield. I would not say we have had any problems or replacement parts that would not be considered acceptable wear and tear. We wanted the Shuttle for the air con and rear ventilation as we carry dogs and have travelled widely in Europe towing a caravan carrying getting on 30 stone of dogs in the back. Earlier this year on a 'bit of a dash' trip to Sweden with almost 100k on the clock I was amazed to get 32 mpg over 3,000 miles in four days travel (with two days in-between trips) - we did the calculation several times as we were expecting less. We just consider it as a large estate car and couldn't really be more pleased. Only breakdown we have had was running out of fuel on holiday due to a sticking fuel gauge which we never had repaired and (touch wood) never happened again so was probably a one off bit of dirt in the fuel. At around 95k we have developed a battery drain fault when standing for a week or so and need to get this sorted at the moment. This problem has only come to light as we have started not using it so much week to week. We would definitely buy another Transporter, we did lots of research and asked lots of owners before we bought this one. I have been told (by an owner) that the latest generation of smaller engines, whilst cheaper to tax and technically better and more efficient no doubt, are a bit tinny and less likely to last but I don't think this will stop us buying another when the time eventually comes. All we can say is that we both love our Transporter and based on our experience of about 90k miles, often quite loaded up, over 7 years would recommend one without hesitation. I think sometimes the problem with voluntary review sites is that it is human nature to be more motivated to write when you are upset about a problem. We expect things to be problem free nowadays and when they aren't are much more likely to feel energised enough to write in. I would be the same but, luckily as some here would say, we have no reason to complain about our Transporter. There must be thousands and thousands of T5s in the UK and most satisfied owners will never write to review sites.

Submitted: 2014-06-20 | ID: 98098

Eleanor Hussey, Jamaica

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle Multivan 2011

1 star review

I used to love my VW Multivan, it was the best thing for my large family, and I did not hesitate to recommend it to all who enquired. This has changed since an incident that happened on August 18, 2012. That was the day that the left side front passenger air-bag exploded when I drove over an open man-hole on a 3 lane highway. (My vehicle had six children ranging from the ages of 6 to 14 years all properly seat-belted). The result of which was damage to the rear right rim, which cracked. 7 other vehicles also suffered blow-outs when they drove over the open man-hole just after me, but no air-bags were deployed in any of them. At no time did I lose control of the vehicle, and there was no collision or crash. Myself and the other 7 motorists whose cars had tyre blow-outs calmly pulled over to the soft shoulder and changed our tyres. My vehicle went to the dealership, ATL Autohaus in Kingston, Jamaica, on August 21, 2012 and there it has remained. I am told that the report from Germany says the sophisticated safety system has determined that my vehicle CRASHED even despite the claim as follows: "VW UK WEBSITE: And there’s no need to worry about your airbags being set off unnecessarily. The sophisticated system is able to tell the difference between a crash, however severe, and shocks to the car caused by hitting a stone or a deep pothole, for example." ATL Autohaus told me in October that the replacement parts required are unavailable and have been back-ordered. They told me that I would get my vehicle shortly. Then in December they told me it would be delivered on Dec 14, 2012. Then in January they said the incorrect parts came the right parts are on back-order and they will try and let me know soon when they can return my vehicle to me. I only wanted to change the back right rim and tyre! The GM of ATL Autohaus in December offered us a new vehicle as replacement, we only had to pay the price difference between our 1 year old vehicle and their new vehicle. How kind! Except they forgot to mention that their "new" vehicle was an un-sold 2011 model they had. The difference in price? US$19,000. Why? Because my 2011 Multivan had been devalued by 30%, and their 2011 Multivan was at show-room price. So not only is something seriously wrong with this VW T5 Multivan something is seriously wrong with the integrity, honesty, and overall approach of the VW dealer in Jamaica.

Submitted: 2013-01-13 | ID: 51443

Joseph McCarthy, Ireland

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2008

2 star review

Won’t be buying one again!!!!! I have a 2008 Volkswagon Shuttle and use it as a hackney. In its short life it has been nothing but trouble spending a lot of valuable time in the garage/off the road. The following is a list of the items that have filed so far: a) Door hinge failed b) Trouble with the drive shaft which had to be replaced. c) Door trim clips had to be replaced. d) Exhaust sensor failure resulting in replacement. e) Cable failure. f) Cam shaft failure and front suspension mountings and bearings. Bearing in mind the vehicle is serviced on time every time and is minded as much as possible it still gave the above trouble which I feel is a bit too much as the vehicle is less than three years old. Would not recommend purchasing this model if it is reliability that you want.

Submitted: 2010-09-19 | ID: 51442

Andrew Kowalski, Hertfordshire

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2.5 SE 130HP 2007

2 star review

Hi there, I bought my first brand new VW 9 seat Transporter Shuttle SE 2007 130HP LWB 2.5 diesel 6 speed gear box, good vehicle but lower gears (1,2,3,) very tough right from new. VW dealer has promise that once I cover 10,000 ml it will be smooth and easy, unfortunately for me at 200,000 ml and 30,000 ml the gear box is still the same VW dealer now is saying that this it specific of 6 speed gear box and apparently they are all the same, has anybody experience such problem? VW mechanics do not like this 6 gear box but because there all the same not a lot can be done (words of dealership) in 4 weeks my warranty is finish what to do anyone? P.S. It is a pig to drive if and when you have to change gears :-( vehicle 4* gear box 0*

Responses to this review

I have owned a 1.9 tdi 5 speed box from new June 05 and have had a couple of problems with the gear box, in fact it is on its 3rd box now and touch wood no probs. This only came to light because, when it was due to finish warranty, my local vw garage gave it a good look over and this fault was found. The first box had a manufacturer’s fault on it, the second one was damaged due to a fly wheel problem and so it was given a 3rd box complete with new drive shafts. Since then no probs, it is fantastic to drive and handles well, it is adapted for wheel chair use, in fact it is due to be changed for a shuttle se in 3 months time. It is not a mobility vehicle we - have purchased both the current one and the new one our selves - Keith Ruddock from England

Submitted: 2010-05-20 | ID: 51440

Jo Shung, Warwickshire

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 1.9TDi 2006

1 star review

The worst ever machine made by the VW is the Transporter 1.9tdi. It is a big van with a small engine and s**t gear box. I really cannot understand why they have put that engine in a 2.3 ton van which hardly pulls the van; especially on hills. The engine cries and always screams for help "please get me out from here".

Submitted: 2008-12-30 | ID: 51445

David Hogg, Durham

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 174 TDI SE LWB 2008

5 star review

This is my second Transporter Shuttle and I think they are a top class motor. It feels like a big car to drive and has good mpg for its size. Many years ago I used to be a Ford man but found the Transit more of a bread van (C**P) compared to the VW Transporter.

Submitted: 2008-12-30 | ID: 51446

Kate Lyons, Middlesex

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2004

1 star review

I bought a VW Transporter shuttle in January 2004. Six months after purchase the turbo booster broke - this part has been fitted 3 times - plus water pump and oil pump. Personally, this machine has caused me nothing but grief!

Submitted: 2008-10-15 | ID: 51447

Simon Hardy, Hampshire

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 1.9 TDi 2007

5 star review

Considerate little luxuries such as air con, large glovebox and cup holders make life on the road easier. This is the third one I have had. They are always reliable.

Submitted: 2007-12-10 | ID: 51444

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