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Vauxhall Zafira consumer car reviews

kev, Berkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2005 - 2014

1 star review

Total rubbish would not buy another Vauxhall. 2 weeks after buying was told I need a new rad as losing water. 1 month later the gearbox is playing up and won't change down. Now told I need a new gearbox £4500 for the motor and now £2500 for rad and new auto box. Don't go near a Vauxhall they are a money pit. You would be better of buying a Trabant from east Germany got to be better than a Vauxhall.

Submitted: 2014-12-03 | ID: 107350

Brian, Australia

Vauxhall Zafira 2012 - 2014

4 star review

I have had my Zafira Tourer for about 8 months. No issues apart from an annoying knock In the roof near the tailgate. Driving me to distraction. It's a rare car in Australia so not expecting much joy from dealer. Has anyone in the U.K. Experienced this problem. Great economy from 165hp Diesel. Adelaide to Melbourne without stopping for Diesel.

Submitted: 2014-11-07 | ID: 105810

Christopher ward, East Riding of Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2005 - 2014

2 star review

I'm having trouble with my auto gearbox it is bad changing gear and very erratic and when I let my foot of the gas a bit it will change its a 1.9 6 speed auto 2009 59 plate with 39,000 miles it's been like this since I bought it when it had 21,000 on clock I've had it in for servicing and mots and told them and they've not found the problem

Submitted: 2014-09-19 | ID: 103330

Helen, South Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2005 - 2014

4 star review

Had this Zafira Exclusive 1600, 2011 model for three weeks, it's good to drive and very spacious. although we have found the storage space lacking and only one cup holder in the front! Am also disappointed that there is not seat belt recognition on the front passenger seat. On a drive to London we found the indicators very sensitive and the right hand indicator does not always cancel itself, very confusing when driving on the motorway. Been told that we are being too heavy handed but I wonder if anyone else has experienced this? Also, we do not like the lack of spare tyre, what happens if the tyre splits? There is a VERY noticeable lack of power when the air conditioning is switched on, not good when travelling in hilly areas. THIS IS A VERY BASIC CAR - we have previously owned Vauxhalls and been very happy with them, it's early days with this one so we shall see.

Submitted: 2014-08-02 | ID: 100761

ted avarl, Renfrewshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2012 - 2014

5 star review

Had this car for 4 weeks, sri 165 model build quality is good car drives really well, has brilliant torque , corners well for a seven seater only complaint is headlights, when on dipped beam it like driving into a black wall when on unlit A and B roads going to upgrade halogen bulbs to see if helps. In my opinion driving on dipped beam borders on dangerous at any speed above 40mph which in 2014 I dont consider acceptable . Seen reports on other websites and forums from other manufacturers vehicles of similar problems on dipped beam so its not isolated to vauxhall. Had 2 Zafira Bs previously a 1.6 2009 exclusive for 2 years only fault it developed was a throttle sensor replaced under warranty and a 2011 1.7 elite 125 which I owned for 3 years, its only problem was a blown wiper fuse, I was very happy with both cars so maybe I been lucky. Just to clarify I am not what can be classed as a sedate driver I do like like to hustle it along when road and weather conditions permit and enjoy my driving.

Responses to this review

By upgrading your headlights did it make a difference to the poor dipped lighting - from Durham

By upgrading your headlights did it make a difference to the poor dipped lighting - from Durham

I agree, the dipped headlight illumination is dangerous on any unlit road at any speed above thirty miles per hour. I am going to contact my motability dealer as this vehicle is unfit for purpose. - Robert Sneddon from Torfaen

Submitted: 2014-07-07 | ID: 99153

Konrad, Highland

Vauxhall Zafira 2012 - 2014

2 star review

Last February we bought a Zafira Tourer SRI 165 decided to this year purchase another because of reliability and performance. First purchase recalled for software update, This update appears to have been created by a 26 year old constipated graduate in desperate need of an ego laxative. We now possess a 79bhp moskovitch built in the Ukraine in the 70s throttle lag turbo lag non responsive engine anyone else suffered this Vauxhall screw up. Vauxhall denies this can occur, its true you cannot educate pork as they say. Have you been able to acquire a solution from Vauxhall or elsewhere or does this result as what can only be described as a criminal act that needs a legal solution.

Submitted: 2014-05-19 | ID: 95716

jane, Gloucestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 2005 - 2014

5 star review

ed this car a 5 well im hoping it is got 1 coming on friday hope i have done the right thing after reading these comments i have had my 04 astra from new its never let me down brill car i hope i can say the same for the zafira in 10 years time my astra as been passed down to family as its very reliable keep up the good work vauxhall

Submitted: 2014-05-15 | ID: 95533

Briiya, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 2005 - 2014

3 star review

Hey guys I have a Vauxhall Zafira 2006. Asides from the poor quality of internal trimmings I have no complaints. I have been told the head gasket needs replacing and was wondering if any one has had this done and roughly how much it should cost? Thanks for your time BRIIYA

Submitted: 2014-05-12 | ID: 95419

chris earl, Cambridgeshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1999 - 2005

4 star review

Aquired this car from my son it was literally pulled from a hedge where it had been languishing for a couple of months.Needed new exhaust forN MOT. It had 120,000 miles on clock it now has 147,000 and had no problems.IT is the best car I have had,I am 67 and HAVE HAD A FEW.It went up to Scotland twice in a week just after we got it.It does not use oil.and I get 45 mpg ,even around town.We are off to France in June 4 adults and 2 kids. NO WORRIES.

Submitted: 2014-04-15 | ID: 94242

Marie, Cornwall

Vauxhall Zafira 2010

2 star review

Bought 1.7 ecoflex in January, but took it back to two garages (both Vauxhall outlets) for fuel and cutting out faults. Now the seat belt that’s only been used about four times since I’ve had the car has jammed. Once again I have taken it back to a dealer, who managed to force the seat back up, but are expecting me to pay over £200 for the seat belt and then the labour charge on top. This is a fault with the car. I’m not happy with accepting responsibility for a Vauxhall fault.

Submitted: 2014-03-24 | ID: 50436

Mike Hoey, England

Vauxhall Zafira Exclusive 2008

1 star review

I have owned my 2008 exclusive Zafira for near 2 years, which I bought from a well known dealer in Atherton in Lancs. I hate my Zafira with a passion, it just keeps going wrong every other month including the clutch, ECU, lamber sensors, cam belt, central locking and the engine management light haunts me as it will not go away, it keeps coming on when the car runs fine which is rare. The thing is I know my way around cars and paying £6000 for a car that keeps giving me a headache does stress me out. It has now started to lose power the odd time on the motorway. I did like Vauxhall, but will not be getting another one. I think I will be going for a Ford Galaxy next. Don’t buy a Zafira, you will regret it for years after.

Submitted: 2014-03-07 | ID: 50437

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Zafirahater, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2004

1 star review

I’ve got a Zafira and it’s pants. End of.

Responses to this review

I agree, they are pants. I hate mine aswell. - Michael Hoey from Lancashire

I`m in total agreement, should have stayed with Nissan - philip jones from Cardiff

Submitted: 2014-02-28 | ID: 50433

Val Prior, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 diesel automatic 2010

1 star review

The car has a fault with the DPF. Vauxhall have told me that the diesel automatic is going to give you nothing but trouble if you’re using the car for stopping and starting driving, it is only to be used by people doing long trips daily to keep the DPF from blocking up. They told me they have had loads of the cars coming into the workshop to have the DPF cleaned out by removing the exhaust and flushing through chemicals then forcing a regen to clear any soot out of the exhaust. This procedure costs about £600. If it’s totally blocked it has to be replaced at £1800. Mine was cleaned out and the blocked DPF had caused my turbo to blow when the garage forced a regen and it was too blocked to clear. Also my glow plugs blew. This car has cost me £3000 in repair bills since Dec ’13 and now it’s in the garage with a fault where it won’t pull away in first gear. I’ve used all my savings and nearly suffered a nervous breakdown over this car that I have on finance for another 4 years. I will never buy another Vauxhall in my life and I can’t warn people enough to steer clear of the diesel autos with DPF. If I can help someone else from going through what I have I will feel better for all the distress I’ve had.

Submitted: 2014-02-28 | ID: 50435

Stella, Hampshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

3 star review

My daughter and her partner bought a Zafira from a local garage in Aldershot eight months ago along with an extra £700 warranty. Last week she was stopped by the Police who advised her that the left break light flickering and as they felt this was just not a replacement bulb she needed she and had to get it to a garage within 14 days to get the problem fixed. She took it to an independent garage who we have used for years who advised her to take the car straight back to the garage she bought this from as there was water ingress back and front. The garage has said that this is not covered under the Warranty and the cost of putting this right is going to be at least £2000! They have had this car only 8 months and I would like to know if there is anyone else who has had this problem with their Zafira?

Submitted: 2014-02-06 | ID: 50428

David, Wrexham

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 Elegance 2002

3 star review

Bought the above car 18 months ago and had nothing but problems with it since day one. The first problem I had was misfire on cylinder four, that turned out to be a cracked engine module. Next problem, the car began to start randomly cutting out when driving along and the coolant light would illuminate. This fault was never actually solved, even after changing a ridiculous amount of parts, it still continued. I changed the MAF, throttle, injectors, all filters, oil and filter 3 times, both exhaust sensors, purge valve, vacuum hoses, spark plugs, engine module, battery, fuses, relays, exhaust system and cleaned out every possible place I could reach, but it still made no difference. However, gradually over time the fault has just stopped, but that was only a couple of months ago. To top that off, last night I was driving home and as I pulled onto the estate, the engine caught fire!! Apart from those little things, the car has always been lovely to drive when it works, very comfortable and apart from the engine, every cockpit component has worked without any problem. If Vauxhall had teamed up with Ford many years ago and developed a range of cars using Vauxhall’s car design and Fords Zetec engine then they would have been one of the biggest successful car manufacturers in the world!

Submitted: 2013-11-24 | ID: 50426

Nigel, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 2003

3 star review

Had a 2003 1.6l bog standard Zafira from about 2 years old. No major problems for many years apart from the ubiquitous car with a spanner light coming on every so often and the car losing power when it did. The nice man at the RAC who came out to me said it was low on oil. The engine detects a low level in the rocker cover and limits power to protect the engine. He poured some oil in and lo and behold the engine sounded much better and ran perfectly. After that I always carried a litre of oil to top up when the light came on. Apparently it’s a common fault with the ecotec engine - it eats oil. And apparently the 1.6 is the worst culprit and still is from what I’ve heard. The mechanic at the garage when we scrapped the car said there is an additive you can put in the oil to make it thicker and reduce the oil loss. And also let the engine run and coat the tappets in oil before driving off. Handy hints but too late for mine. Other engine variants are supposed to be better than the 1.6.

Submitted: 2013-11-22 | ID: 50427

Ramzan Ahmed, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

1 star review

I got my second Zafira. First Zafira, 1.8 Elegance (2003) Petrol, kept for approx. 4-5 years. This car did not give us a major problem, bit rich on petrol, start catching rust on the bonnet and the engine caught fire while travelling on the M1 (no warning, just heard a banging noise and thought that the exhaust pipe had dropped but something broke from the engine resulting in a fire). The only reason we bought the 2nd Zafira, as the other makes were more expensive and we have been advised that the new diesel engines are lot better than petrol. When we went to view the car we noticed some starting problems, but the owner convinced us this was due to the car being parked up for 4 weeks and we believed him. We bought the car and when we were travelling back home the car spanner light on the dashboard appeared. This made me a bit nervous, I remembered the previous owner mentioned he had service done recently. I thought that the service light had not been reset properly. The starting problem was still there, even though I had done approx 400 miles on the M1 and we decided to take the car in to the garage. Found 2 problems:- 1. Starting motor - cost £150 2. DPF filter - Previous owner had a new filter and rear exhaust part- had been done 3 month ago from P & P Autos Ltd (I am still awaiting the receipt from the previous owner). We have been waiting over 2 months now. Every time I call he makes excuses such as he is working away or that he now has family issues. P & P Autos Ltd - Unit 8, 165 Watch House Lane Industrial Estate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN5 9LZ has installed DPF. Paul the owner saying the warranty of part is with previous owner (not been very helpful), My advice is not to buy the Vauxhall Zafira and be careful who you buy from.

Submitted: 2013-10-07 | ID: 50432

Gemma Washbrook, Bedfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2001

1 star review

We bought this car in Feb 2007 for £3,000 (from a dealer). I have just totted up the receipts on everything we have shelled out for (not including tyres!) and this comes to over £3,000! For the first year she ran beautifully, but then the engine warning light came on and still remains on! So far since we have had her she has had a new fuel tank, new coil pack, new temp sensor, 2 x new water pump , centre section & gaskets, brake disks x 6, wheel bearing kit, brakes pads, battery, 4 x air filters, timing belt, fuel pump relay, hub unit, gromet to pipe, suspension arm, exhaust system ... I will stop there before I start crying. Have broken down and been recovered 3 times in last 2 months - loss of power/ revs going up and down when standing or just started, sounds like a tractor. Feel totally vunerable in her (fuel tank/coil etc were all done in the last 2 months). One very, very, very unhappy female here!

Submitted: 2013-09-23 | ID: 50431

Shane P, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 club 2008

1 star review

I have a 1.6 valve Club. When I bought it I got told it smoked a little due to over filling of oil, so I drained it completely and topped up with fresh to the right measurement, but the problem has just got worse. It eats oil and smokes quite badly in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear. Also my spark plugs keep getting caked in oil too. I’ve changed the egr valve to try to stop the smoke and super charge, but no joy can anyone give me any suggestions please? I have been told it’s either piston rings or valve stems, either way it is expensive, but I would like to know for sure before I waste more money on the bag of poop

Responses to this review

Jason, the problem you have is gummed up oil rings. This a problem that happens in these engines. If people have always run the car with cheap semi-synthetic oil in try a good engine flush. Put it in with the existing oil and give it a good run for about 50 miles, then change the oil and filter and fingers crossed it should cure it. If not I’m afraid it will need new piston rings and head gasket, which is a big job, but when done will run like a dream. I speak from experience as I’ve just finished a re-build on a 1.6. It’s like new now. Always run fully synthetic oil in your engine and change every 8000 miles. Hope this helps. - Anthony Baker from Norfolk

Submitted: 2013-07-28 | ID: 50429

Pat Willison, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDI Breeze 2008

1 star review

This is an honest review of this car and I write it in the vain hope that someone will make an informed decesion based on its content. When buying a MPV, most will notice what good value the Zafira is compared to others, but there is a reason for’s cheap to buy as it’s of cheap build quality. In 2011 I decided to change my old 54 Plate Zafira for a newer car and had the unfortunate idea that the Zafira B would be as good as its predecessor. I have been a bit of a Vaulhall fan for many years and had owned Corsa’s, Astras and a Zafira, so for me it was a natural choice to choose the Zafira B. Sadly I was unable to afford a new car so I scrimped and saved and went for a 3 year old diesel Breeze. The car was almost exactly 3 years old (with in a week when I purchased it). After about 4 weeks of ownership, a warning light came on and I took it to my local Vauxhall garage who told me it was a DPF fault, the idea of a DPF fault sent shivers down my spine, however, all was not lost it was a sensor and pipe needed and I was presented with a £170 bill. The garage said they had tried to see if Vauxhall would cover it under warranty, but they refused. It was suggested I speak to Vauxhall and we may go 50/50 as it was only weeks out of warranty! Well despite several email and calls Vauxhall refused to help. So eventually I gave up, mainly because the staff that called me appeared to be reading a script and never really knew what they were talking about. Well time went by and in the 2 years of ownership I have had the following problems: 1) The trim buttons, the cover, the mirror screws and door panel kept coming loose or fell off. 2) The trim on the sill kept coming off. 3) The left hand 3rd row seat handle came off twice 4) The front splitter (Why have one of those on a family car?) started to come off. 5) The rear light clusters fill with water and condensation (I have removed cleaned the seals, dried them refitted them several times, but still they fill with condensation) 6) The steering wheel controls work intermittently, some days they are ok, but on others don’t work. 7) The horn does not work (may be connected to the steering wheel controls) 8) We getting an intermittent loud knocking from under the car (its been checked by a garage who have heard it, but can find no fault) it comes and goes so we live with it no matter how annoying it is. 9) Heater fan has stopped working on settings 1,2 and 3. We were told that its a resistor pack. This was replaced and it’s failed again. I have been told now it needs a whole new fan assembly. 10) DPF sensor failure. 11) Total DPF failure, now this did not happen while around town but on an Autobahn in Germany! I was told by Vauxhall 2 years ago give it a good run on the motorway and it will clear it. Well it was a good run on a motorway that blocked it! Luckily we limped the 790 miles home with the car slowly loosing power. £1300 to replace this! I can honestly say I have never been so utterly disappointed with a vehicle. The build quality appears to be poor as things keep falling off it. The electrics are failing, fans not working. I just have nothing good to say about this car it simply is rubbish! So before you part with your cash think very carefully, if you dont need a diesel dont buy one and if you can afford a bit more buy something else

Responses to this review

Maybe you should have kept the 54 plate if was ok - from Gwent

Submitted: 2013-06-30 | ID: 50423

Dave Wray, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTI 2011

1 star review

Bought this "CAR" as damaged repaired with only 5,000 miles on clock, surprised it has got that far! Owned a plethora of similar engine sized diesels as a Taxi driver over last 25 years. In early days of common rail some teething problems on Citroens etc., and I have been through the DMF thing with various makes but this DPF lark with the vauxhall has sickened me. I’ve had bad experiences with Vauxhall diesels before, I thought they had moved on with other top makers, but that’s not so. A shame for people with only this to measure diesels by other makes, Citroen, VW, Ford., etc are much, much more reliable. Steer clear or pay dear! EGR, DPF and regeneration seem to be the biggest problems.

Submitted: 2013-05-25 | ID: 50424

Brad Hibbert, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0DTi 2013

1 star review

Bought from new with perfect service history, unfortunately I have had to subsequently re-build the car due to poor design and workmanship: New alternator, new radiator, new engine (yes a new engine complete!), new boot switch, new rocker arms and now I am told a new gear box is required. At 39000 a complete joke. This vehicle is not fit for purpose - avoid at all cost.

Submitted: 2013-05-12 | ID: 50425

Danny, Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 life a/c 2009

1 star review

I will never buy a Vauxhall again, what a pile of scrap. I bought mine 3 years ago and it’s had problems...and more problems. It has never run smoothly, despite being many times on the computer. At 80,000 miles the head gasket blew, the heater gave up, brakes give up, stereo gave up,radiator had to be replaced, exhaust sensor gave up, all the usuals. I knew I should not have bought it, so it’s my own fault really. I just want other people to know to stay away from these cars unless you have a fetish for losing cash and walking everywhere! How dare this manufacturer put out rubbish like this. I am sure the model T Ford was a more reliable motor than this, circa 1910! My previous car was a Citroen, which I found to be a wonderfully well built machine and I will be going back to them ASAP.

Submitted: 2013-03-31 | ID: 50365

Mark Dalton, South Africa

Vauxhall Zafira 2008

4 star review

I have owned a VW Touran TDi and it was a good car, I put a chip into it and it went a little better. I recently got a TDi Zafira and WOW what a great car. The ride is superb, interior engine noise is good and the power is great. I drove at 180kms per hour and it still easily accelerated to 200. The handling is superb and my wife didn’t even bat an eyelid. It is so smooth. Yes I’m sure the maintenance is probably going to be high, but it is worth it for the comfort and not to forget the panaramic roof. I am a VW and Audi fan, but I will definitely keep this one for a safe family wagon. And the consumption is very good at 15kms per litre average for a big vehicle actually for any vehicle that is great. Sorry for all of the other people with problems, but mine is great!

Submitted: 2013-03-30 | ID: 50366

Neal Cooper, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0dti 2008

2 star review

When buying a Vauxhall Zafira 2.0dti check for oil leaks from the turbo. Then the dreaded egr valve, which puts the car into limp mode; this I find is dangerous when driving on fast A roads or motorway! Glow plugs can also seize in the cylinder head, which can be very expensive. Could be a excellent car if not for under the bonnet problems.

Submitted: 2013-03-09 | ID: 50364

Drew Ness, Scotland

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 165 BHP s/s 2012

5 star review

The Vauxhall Zafira tourer is the best in the range. It’s a bit expensive unless you get a pre-reg one that will save you £5-£6K. The only thing that the warranty won’t cover is the DPF. I’ve got the SRI 165 BHP s/s; the ride is great and the sport seats are very comfy, it also holds the road and corners really well. The back two seats are better than the last two Zafiras. Try one and like me, after a test drive you might find you have to get one. I could go on all night saying good things about it. I’ve had many 7 seat cars and this is a 5 star.

Submitted: 2013-02-23 | ID: 50360

Hilary, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti SRi 2008

4 star review

I do still love my Zafira 1.9cdti SRi, but have also experienced most of the problems other reviewers have mentioned! I had the alternator changed at around 30000, luckily for me still under warranty as I bought it second hand. I have also had a problem with the dpf filter, however, folks I have a very knowledgable friend who told me to put a dpf filter additive (£8) in the tank every 4 or 5 tanks and blast it down the motorway every now and again; works a treat and I havent had to have it changed yet! Touch lots of wood! And the horn is intermittent. But apart from that it’s a great runner, no good on short trips for MPG but it serves me well all the same. I will never buy a Diesel with a DPF ever again, they’re a total waste of time and very expensive!

Responses to this review

Hi, your intermittent horn should have been done by the Vauxhall dealer as it was on recall. It needs a new CIM fitted and it is done free of charge, just book it into a Vauxhall dealer, - I have had mine done – Rick Petch from Lincolnshire

If you find a modern diesel without the DPF tell us! (Well you could get the DPF cut off, but apparently latest rules mean you would fail the MOT). - from London

Submitted: 2013-02-23 | ID: 50361

Amanda Cork, France

Vauxhall Zafira cdti 2008

1 star review

This car has been a nightmare from beginning to end. A left hand drive bought in Belgium via an English dealer to be used in France. The car has always had a smell of burning next to the rear driver side wheel. No garage has been able to explain this. The coolant fluid disappeared at a slow, but steady rate, needing regular checks and top ups. The car was bought at one year old having done approximately 50,000kms. It has now done 160,000. In this time the repairs have been numberous: Starter motor, suspension brakes, a ridiculous number of tyres entire distribution (done twice) and all parts associated with it and so much more. The latest and most spectacular was the loss of steering at the approach to a roundabout with a lorry coming the other way! Yes it was the steering pump. For all this Opel take absolutely NO responsibility at all. Reason why? I didnt have all my work carried out at an Opel dealer. I dared to use an independant garage. I am in dispute with Opel France in Paris and will continue with the pursuit of reasonable responsibilty acceptance by Opel. Oh and I did have one little bit of joy from Opel. A new radiator free, this because apparantly there is "a recall on this radiator" on this model. Not before the local Opel dealer quoted me over 400 euros for repair. Apparantly Opel had forgotten to tell their own dealer that there was a recall on this part. So that is why the coolant fluid kept disappearing! Opel, you are rubbish! Your ability to listen to your customers is rubbish. Your after sales communication is rubbish. Never ever again will I buy Opel!

Responses to this review

Hi, you want to be very careful as these engines are prone to water pump failure around 40,000 miles, then this shreds the timing belt pistons hammer valves and you end up paying a very large bill. If I were you [ would be getting the water pump and belt kit fitted asap. I know it says change the belts at 100,000 miles but the water pumps do not last that long, I have known a water pump seize at 17,000 miles. - Don’t say you were not warned – Rick Petch from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2013-02-10 | ID: 50358

Nigel Feeley, Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 club 2008

2 star review

I’d had the car 3 yrs when I had to replace the ignition coil. The fan stop working on 1,2,3, speed, so the resister coil was replaced (not expensive). A year later the fan stopped working altogether, which I suspect is due to its motor seizing. Not fixed this yet as I think this will be expensive. These are all common faults on older cars, but Vauxhall still turn them out new with all the faults!

Responses to this review

I’ve just repaired my Zafira 2006 plate and I’ve strip it down and replaced the resistor and a 7 amp fuse along with fuse number 4 which is a 40 amp and in the boot compartment there’s a second fuse terminal with a fuse for the heter blower as well and these are not expensive as it only cost me £23 in total and all is workig fine but the fan itself was seized a bit which I covered it in oil and unfreed it and now all is good and working. It is not a big job as all this is behind the glove box all to hand don’t take it to the dealers as you will get a hefty bill - Mark 1966 Oliver from Warwickshire

Submitted: 2013-01-31 | ID: 50355

Paul Williams, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2008

1 star review

I had a 58 plate, which had just ran out of warranty when I started having problems. I took it to vauxhall who took a week to find out what the problem was; it turned out to be as simple as the egr valve, but they spent all week changing parts to find the problem. When I got it back the week after I was in Greece, so I left the keys with my step dad to keep starting it. After running for 10 mins he turned it off locked up and went in the house. About 5 mins later it set on fire and totally burnt out in 6 mins, the Fire Brigade said it was due to an electric fault. I have it all on dvd from cctv outside my house and now I have lost £4500 for choosing vauxhall. When I think about it now, I could have been driving that with my family in it!

Submitted: 2013-01-12 | ID: 50357

Mr T, Lothians

Vauxhall Zafira 1999

3 star review

Ok so its nice and spacious but getting to the foldaway seats at the back is a bit of a pain, especially with a kiddy seat in the mid seats. I bought this for £1000 and subsequently have spent another £500 getting it to where it should be. Issues with ECU, Egr Valve and also the fuel pump. The ECU seemingly is a common fault in the 1.6 16v, also is the egr valve. Overall a good car, but I wouldn’t have another one as there are too many faults with them, even when the are well looked after.

Submitted: 2012-12-16 | ID: 50347

Maureen Bell, Fife and Kinross Shires

Vauxhall Zafira Design 1.6 PETROL 2012

1 star review

I have had this car since June and have to say I’m so dissapointed. I have had three previously, which have been absolutely brilliant, hence getting this one, but what a disaster! The fuel consumption is shocking; first of all it returned 23mpg, so went into the garage whose verdict was that I would have to run it for between 5 to 8 thousand miles to see it improve. 4 weeks later it is down to 17 mpg, shocking! They have also changed the storage inside, things I just took for granted are no longer there.

Submitted: 2012-11-25 | ID: 50348

Gordon Benson, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2009

1 star review

My daughter was driving down the road in this car and suddenly it reared up and she lost control of the engine as it revved up to infinity and off it hurtled down the road. Unable to stop it as turning off the ignition made no difference she finally stopped it, the road behind her obscured by smoke so much so some local called the fire brigade who attended. We got the car back to the garage where she lived with zero help from Vauxhall. The long and short of it is the engine was destroyed and had to be replaced at an enormous cost, this on a car with less than 19000 thousand miles on the clock. Still want to buy a vauxhall?

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Sounds like a runaway diesel caused by overfilling the oil. Definitely not the fault of the manufacturer - Kevin Jones from England

I agree with Gordon, it`s the manufacturer’s fault as I or my workshop did not overfill the oil. This runaway problem is very common in it. I just suffered from one and gave the car back to Opel in Austria. They called me and told me that the oil pump has broken down (costing 500 Euro), the rest they will see afterwards and plus the labour costs. I don’t know what to do with it and am worried too - M. - from Austria

Submitted: 2012-11-17 | ID: 50349

Jo O Donnell, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.7 CDTI elite 2011

5 star review

Excellent car. Perhaps we have been lucky but we’ve done 6000 miles and it has driven really well. The 1.7 engine is good with decent torque low down. Fuel economy has been 45mpg over the 1st 12 months, A bit lower than the 53mpg average Vauxhall quoted. I have managed 60mpg on long motorway journeys when driving like a pensioner! No sign of DPF problems (touch wood) so far. In Elite form the car feels like a luxury car with heated seats and parking sensors. My only criticism is the lack of a spare wheel - I don’t like the tyre repair kit, this is a car not a bicycle! Other than that everyone who has been in the car has loved it, especially the kids.

Responses to this review

This is the second Zafira I have had, both company cars, both regularly serviced and mostly motorway miles so no serious hard work. Same disks and front tyres replaced only. The previous 58 plate 1.9150 diesel the lay shaft punched a hole in the gearbox casing at around 60000 miles The latest 1.7 125 61 plate same problem with 60K miles. The only other issue I had was a 53 plate 2.0 dti diesel at 135K fractured the crankshaft. None of these cars were hard worked town driven cars. All services regularly and most tyres giving 30-50K mile service. Company car drivers are pretty careful these days. So I am now wondering after 18 years shall I move away from Vauxhall and Zafiras? - Nige Harris from Hampshire

Submitted: 2012-11-03 | ID: 50353

Eduardo Minguez, Spain

Vauxhall Zafira Tourer 2.0 CDTI 165 hp 2012

5 star review

In June 2012 I bought from new an Opel Zafira Tourer 2.0 CDTI (diesel) 165 hp manual in the Excellence trim level. The car has a nice body design and is very well finished inside. I have already driven 6000 trouble-free kms with it. The diesel engine pulls very well and on some occasions I feel inclined to think that the 130 hp engine would have been OK for the driving I do. I drive mostly on highways and national roads and the total combined fuel consumption according to the car computer is 6,1 litres per 100 kilometres . (If I’m not mistaken that is approx. 46 mpg). I have to say that I don’t push the throttle hard.

Submitted: 2012-09-28 | ID: 50352

Pete, Bedfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 1.8vvt 2006

3 star review

I have a SRi 1.8vvt 2006 Zafira, which has had problems with the exhaust and the coil pack going. It would not read the key so the part in the steering column that should do this was replaced, also the aerial was replaced as there was no signal. The window was letting in air and water and it also had clutch plate problems. All these problems were sorted under Network Q’s warranty without hassle. Good customer service and they supplied a courtesy car when ever needed.

Submitted: 2012-08-06 | ID: 50369

Tony Sheard, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2009

5 star review

Not very comfortable in the driver’s seat, which makes the top of your thighs ache. It is also not very good on fuel around town and on anything over 70 mph, although its ok at regular speed.

Submitted: 2012-07-17 | ID: 50368

David Brady, Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira Club 2007

1 star review

I bought my Zafira in July 2008, an ex Demo model with only 3000km on the clock. It has 53km to date with mainly city driving. About 7 months ago I noticed that the revs started to fluctuate up and down to the point that I thought that car was going to cut out. It stopped then for a month or so and came back and went in to limp mode on average every 7 to 8 weeks, gradually getting shorter. To reset it I just turned the engine off and waited a few minutes and it seemed to rectify itself. I asked my neighbour who is a service manager in an Opel garage who and did a diagnostic check on it and couldn’t find anything wrong! I rang a different Opel dealer and straight away the lad told me about the ’limp mode’ (I had no idea that’s what it was called). So I booked it in and they charged me €102 to tell me that the main chip needs to be replaced at a cost of $1200. I told him this was not on as the car was only 4 years old and asked if Opel were going to cover the cost of it? He did say that he would contact them to see what they could do, but did they ring me? No! So that’s it for me, no more Opels of any kind. I am currently in the process of trading it in for a 2011 Toyota Avesis Tourer with all the bells and whistles. It hasn’t gone in to limp mode for some time now although the revs sometimes go a little eratic at times. I’m not really driving it the last few weeks I’m using my wife’s car at the moment. I’m so looking forward to getting rid of it. No more Opels for me!

Submitted: 2012-07-16 | ID: 50367

Greg, Philippines

Vauxhall Zafira 2005

3 star review

My Zafira has served me for 7 years and is still very efficient, with only some minors problems: change of engine supports, oil every 5000k and the sensors light up when accelerating, but other than that its ok.

Submitted: 2012-06-11 | ID: 50373

Brian Ball, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira ecoflex 2009

2 star review

We have bought this car to replace our old Zafira. There is one part of this car that drives my self and my wife totally mad!!! When changing gear, sitting at junctions, totally intermittant it makes a horrible noise much like a turkey or a dry bearing. It has been in to the dealer 5 times now. The noise goes above the radio at times, although seems to have got a little quieter in the warm weather. It has been proved that the noise is coming from the deisel pump area. We now have a letter from vauxhall head office saying that this noise is a "characteristic of the car". I now know of at least one other zafira with this fault. Other than that the write up says the car is capable of up to 65mpg. The best we have had is 45mpg and that’s with very carefull driving. If anyone else is having the noise problem please post.

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Just to say I have a 2007 Vauxhall Antara and have the same turkey sound mainly when changing gear. Has anyone else had this issue and what is it? - Greg Harrison from Yorkshire

Change the clutch release bearing or drill bell housing with 6mm hole and spray in WD40 , be careful not to contaminate the centre plate - Bryan Smith from Cardiff

Hi People I have a Zafira 1.7 Ecoflex Diesel Design 2011. I have been getting this noise and took back to Dealer whom I have just bought from,There Technician states that Vauxhall are aware of such problems and do not have an answer as initially it was change this filter then change several other items but none cured. I have been told it is a known fault fuel delivery through metal type pipe(Gurgling weird sounds). These dealers should be made to make customers aware of such issues. KEEP AWAY FROM ZAFIRAS My last model was 1.9 CDTi Club Diesel,Great car for approx. 18 months then Engine management light came on this was sorted sooted up £120. Then bang, computers went, and Vauxhall dealer could not find faults changed one costing £700.said cannot find responsible parts and would change one unit at a time until rectify at the same cost x 5.Scrapped car. - from Buckinghamshire

Hi People I have a Zafira 1.7 Ecoflex Diesel Design 2011. I have been getting this noise and took back to Dealer whom I have just bought from,There Technician states that Vauxhall are aware of such problems and do not have an answer as initially it was change this filter then change several other items but none cured. I have been told it is a known fault fuel delivery through metal type pipe(Gurgling weird sounds). These dealers should be made to make customers aware of such issues. KEEP AWAY FROM ZAFIRAS My last model was 1.9 CDTi Club Diesel,Great car for approx. 18 months then Engine management light came on this was sorted sooted up £120. Then bang, computers went, and Vauxhall dealer could not find faults changed one costing £700.said cannot find responsible parts and would change one unit at a time until rectify at the same cost x 5.Scrapped car. - from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2012-06-04 | ID: 50370

Gwenda Dixon, Australia

Vauxhall Zafira 2003

4 star review

I purchased a 2003 Zafira and it runs lovely. I have done numerous trips to Queensland, which is around 900 or so klms from my home. The problem I have is the catalytic converter light stays on. I still drive it and it doesnt worry me. It doesn’t stay on all the time but evey now and then it will light up, I have been told it is the computer in the car that is playing up and not to worry about it. I hope this helps some people out there.

Submitted: 2012-05-19 | ID: 50377

Had Enough, Surrey

Vauxhall Zafira Design CdTi 2007

1 star review

I bought my Zafira 07 CDTi when it was a year old with 4500 miles on the clock. I thought it was just bad luck that in the 4yrs I’ve had it it I’ve had the EGR valve replaced 3 times, the alternator, 2 sets of tyres, aircon unit, internal fan unit and roll bar replaced. After having an MOT and service just 3 weeks ago it is back in the garage and I’ve now been told its the manifold with a price tag of £750. It only has 35000 miles on the clock. This is the final straw it has to go. I will never buy another Vauxhall or diesel engine car - I have made no savings whatsoever over the 4 years. Apologies to all the tree huggers. And to the person higher up the list, diesel engines all have EGR valves.

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My EGR valve conked out last April 2011 after the engine just cutting out on me all the time - thankfully just as this was happening I received a letter from Vauxhall re-calling my car due to this problem (my car is a 58 plate), so I had it done free. But just this past month my service light is back on and the power dips now and again - got a mechanic to check what the light was and he says it’s the same problem as last year!! how can this be when the part has only been in a year!!! When I was at the garage last year a mechanic there told me that these cars were designed for motorway driving only (I thought they were designed as a family car meaning taking the family back and for to school, work etc!!) we had to clean out the soot box on the exhaust which was a nightmare and a fiddle to remove the whole exhaust to pressure wash the soot out - looks like we gonna have to do the same again!!! Apart from this problem it is a lovely car very comfy etc although would benefit from bluetooth handsfree which Vauxhall has informed me is not possible!! So I am now currently saving hard so I can pay for a new EGR value which will cost around £400!!!!!! Not happy!!! - Jayne Williams from Carmarthenshire

Hi. The part costs £91.20 from eurocarparts and takes about 1 hour to change so beware as I have just changed it myself. So how can they charge you so much? In regards to blower problem the resistor has blown hence only pos 4 will work the resistor is located next to fan motor behind passenger glovebox it has 4 wires going into it and 2 wires going to fan, hope this is helpful - Tony Norris from Swansea

Submitted: 2012-05-13 | ID: 50374

Malcolm Searl, Berkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9tcdi 2008

1 star review

Purchased at a reasonable price in 2009, I thought I had the answer to all my long distant high speed driving to and from France from the UK carrying full loads that my wife finds to fill it. What a disaster. The car has covered 53k now, of which I have done 41k, and has been returned to the garage seven times and has broken down four times, three times leaving me stranded in France. It has blocked its catalytic converter four times, broken three air conditioner units and had a steering problem causing it to pull to the left so hard that it was not possible to release the steering even for a moment. Vauxhall tested this car and said ’no fault’, but then I insisted their manager drive it and he was terrified as it nearly took him off the road. I will never, ever purchase another Vauxhall diesel ever. This is by far the worst car I have ever owned. I will be trading it in if I can get a dealer to take it. It has now broken down again, what a disgusting car.

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I have never owned a Vauxhall, and never will. My advice to you is to buy a mtor bike and sidecar. Do you remember me? - Dave Everett from Australia

Submitted: 2012-04-02 | ID: 50378

Zoe Smith, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2008

1 star review

This is the worst car I have ever had. It has needed nearly everything doing to it and has now just blown up whilst I was driving on the ring road; I thought I was going to die! There was no warning light or anything. Stay away from the worst car in the world.

Submitted: 2012-03-28 | ID: 50380

Julia, Wiltshire

Vauxhall Zafira 19.CDTi 2007

1 star review

As with other reviewers mine had a DPF issue from 6 weeks after the 3yr service (Jan 2010). It’s had a full filter replacement, followed by an EGR valve replacement. It cannot be used as a family run around car, which it was bought for in the first place and it has spent the last 2 years in the service centre, every 6-12weeks when the filter blocks up and the car becomes unusable. The advice from Vauxhall is to take it out every week for a 50 mile run on the motorway! Makes it more of an expensive dog that I am running around, rather than it running me around economically. Oh and this advice doesn’t work. Although I can’t afford it, am trading it in as I have had enough.

Responses to this review

Sounds like I have had exactly the same problems with the DPF filter. I have a 2008 Zafira and in the last few months it has been in the garage several times with the engine management light on. It’s had new egr valve, new dpf filter at a cost of - getting on for now - around £2000. As I sit here it is back in the garage for the same problem. I’ve spennt the day looking at the options as I am a taxi driver and have no income without it on the road, and found removal of the DPF the only option. Try this website, it may help you and costs around £500 - Stephen Gower from England

I had the DPF issue as well. Turned out to be a broken pipe... - Bill McAllister from Hampshire

Submitted: 2012-03-11 | ID: 50391

Raj, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

2 star review

I can’t say it’s been plain sailing with my Zafira. I’ve had a few issues with the DPF so I had to get it replaced and found an after market one for £375, when Vauxhall had wanted £1000. What a joke! The EGR has been changed once and the alternator has also been changed once, which seems to replicate what everyone else has been experiencing. A nice car, but just littered with problems.

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Get rid of it quickly. We’ve had everything done and today thought it was gonna blow up with no warning light. The worst I’ve car ever had and the dearest - Zoe Smith from England

Submitted: 2012-02-13 | ID: 50400

Dennis Craven, Warwickshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti 2005

1 star review

The engine compartment wiring caught fire and melted the clutch pipe, the fluid caught fire and now the car is in a sorry mess! None of the fuses blew, but a mechanic says the ABS block and pump were at fault; my Zafira had done 76,000 miles. I bought it Nov 2009 and it has been utter heartbreak from day one! GM Vauxhall have many duff cars in their range and they are keen to say they make the cars in the UK, but judging by the foreign parts on mine and the OPEL chassis plate, I know this to be a lie. The dealers are just not interested, maybe the electrics are too complicated and poorly made, but that fire just about wrecked my house, garage the contents. The wretched thing wasn’t even running when it caught fire and luckily I saw the smoke wisping from the left hand bonnet/wing gap and pushed it out into the drive then got the fire extinguisher from the kitchen and slowly lifted the bonnet. The next day a part-time fire brigade member who heard about the Zafira fire said he has seen Corsa’s catch fire too and found there is no fuse in the circuit to protect an ABS unit from shorting out! Vauxhall are worse than French cars for safety or the lack-of! No model they could bring out could ever tempt me or my family to buy, drive, hire or even park next to a GM/OPEL/Vauxhall flamin’ Zafira or Corsa!! And why no zero star rating?

Responses to this review

What a stupid made up story! Car caught alight when sat in garage? Obviously a Zafira hater. Okay so they are not perfect but to slag them off with a ridiculous story like this is pathetic. Noticed this idiot said the house, garage and contents nearly all went but strangely had time to go IN the house (kitchen) get a fire extinguisher, go back to the garage, push out the car and tackle fire. A likely story! - Jon Smith from Hampshire

Jon Smith has his head in the sand! Does he not read the press? Everyday, garages, fire service & auto clubs are called out up & down the land, recovering cars (various makes& models) that have had fires when parked. I had a 1996 Vectra catch fire while on holiday to Cornwall, AA said the alternator had probably a diode fault allowing the battery to discharge through the windings - a not uncommon fault as the main lead is not fused - just direct to the starter & then to battery (at least Ford, Rover & Honda have a fuse link) But Mr Smith from Hampshire is probably not mechanically minded & would "timidly" watch HIS "pride & joy" burn while the Fire Brigade hurry to him! - Mike Wickes from Nottinghamshire

I, like you, picked a bad ’un Dennis. My 2006 Zafira 1.9cdti had a fire under bonnet, but the RAC said the power steering hydraulic pump has shorted & the fuse didn’t blow! As well as being downright dangerous, Vauxhall should be sorting these faults at the design stage, rather than wait for a tragedy to happen. My car came a cropper 60 miles from home - its hassle you can do without. All the local dealer (service manager is a total a**hole) could say is "it’s not had its last service - Oct 2011 - done by us"! That idiot Jon Smith (fake name perhaps?) that responded to your ABS blaze, plainly is bought & paid for by a Vauxhall marketing dept! Read that exactly the same thing happens on Citroen Saxo& Peugeot 106 - Paul Barbour from Angus (Forfarshire)

I would NEVER make up a story like my bitter experience with that car, JON SMITH! This could, just could, have been a fault on the majority of modern cars on the roads today, mpt just GM/Vauxhall. Hyundai had a similar fault on the GETZ and were recalled pretty swiftly! How dare Jon Smith trivialise my problem. The kitchen is through a door adjoining the rear of garage via a utility room so there! In & out of there a dozen times a day Jon (if that’s your real name). Vauxhall, like French car firms, are very poor when it comes to putting the customer first. I saw on the net that Peugeot had 307 models catching fire because of faulty ignition swictches & they were sitting parked (that was on Watchdog a few years ago also!). Jon, you are more than welcome to check the garage - the smell of burnt plastic, rubber, brake fluid still lingers about! A 2004 Focus 1.8 now sits where that Zafira sat! Jon, when you notice a car you have spent a LOT of money on, you do not "sit back" & watch the thing burn, you take every effort to put the dam fire out. Yes you breathe in foul smelling & eye watering fumes, but no way was that car going to set my property alight. I can only be thankful it happend during the day & NOT when my family were asleep, oh & yes Jon the garage door was open,& the fire extinguisher has been replaced! It’s not pathetic to warn other potential Zafira owners of the pitfalls of owning and running a truly expensive stodgy car. Your response Jon sounds like the service managers cynical tone ay a well known former Rover dealership in town! For the record Jon, I do not hate the brand. I own a 1976 CF Bedford Dormobile, given my family years of good service & enjoyment - thank god it’s properly made and was not laid-up near the Zafira! - Dennis Craven from Warwickshire

I am an insurance engineer and can certainly say that cars can, and do, catch fire when parked/un-attended and with the keys removed from the ignition. A couple of years ago, one of our clients drove to the airport on a wet and rainy day, parked at one of the independent long stay car parks and was actually in the airport departures lounge when his Peugeot caught alight. CCTV footage that we got from the carpark security showed the car being parked up and then locked (flash of the lights) and over 1 1/2 hours later smoke from under the bonnet until it erupted in flames. We spent over £1,200 on getting the vehicle examined by an independent Forensic Fire investigator. Result: water ingress into one of the connector plugs that feed power to the main coolant fan motor. Because this circuit isn’t ignition controlled (that’s why the fan keeps turning on a hot day after you turn the car off), the wiring stays live. I can’t remember if the circuit wasn’t protected by a fuse, or if the fuse didn’t blow, but the end result was a fire that destroyed our client’s car and the ones either side of it as well. I think Peugeot eventually did a recall for that fault as our client’s car wasn’t an isolated incident. Jon Smith, try talking to people who actually know something about modern vehicles before you go shouting the odds at people who have reported a potentially lethal experience. I have seen more burnt out cars/lorrise/coaches than you can shake a stick at and had the Vauxhall caught fire in the dead of night, inside the garage I can guarantee that the house would have been destroyed. All of the plastics, oils and fuel in the car would have helped the fire develop very quickly. Jon, you need to wake up and smell the coffee! If anyone is interested, you can find out what recalls there are for different vehicle at the following VOSA web site: (then put .htm at the end of the address) - Andy B from Gloucestershire

Having just had my parked Zafira catch fire on my drive I actually think this story is probably true. The car had not been driven that day and I was alerted by the alarm going off. The fire started on the passenger side at the top of the bonnet and moved quickly, by the tine the Fire Service got there it was completely engulfed. No one could have purposely set it on fire as it was behind my house, - Fire Services said ’unspecified electrical fault’ Gill from Cambridgeshire

Submitted: 2012-02-08 | ID: 50402

Steve Luck, England

Vauxhall Zafira CDTi 1.9 2011

1 star review

Never, ever again! My first and last Vauxhall. They should hang their heads in shame. All the usual faults as mentioned elsewhere here. Incredible in this day and age that they can get away with it.

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Tw*t - from Bedfordshire

Submitted: 2012-02-06 | ID: 50395

Jason Harrison, Gloucestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 life 2006

1 star review

I have a Zafira diesel 1.9 life and have had it for about 2 months. I had to have the DPF changed costing me £1800 and after only a month the DPF warning light has come on so I’ll have to make an unscheduled trip down the motorway and looks like this will be a regular thing, as the car is for school/shopping etc. Also it is poor on MPG and consumes a lot of oil. Apart from a good, smooth drive I would not recommend this car at all.

Submitted: 2012-02-06 | ID: 50394

Howard Kemp, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 120 2004

3 star review

The EGR valve gums up every 15,000 or so miles once the engine has a few miles on it with lots of town driving. I blanked mine off at 40K and now it does not stumble at all when driving off at low revs and now it has 188,000 miles on the clock. The only drawback is it puts the engine management light on and every time the particle filter kicks in it smokes for approx. 5 mins because of all the oily sludge being put out instead of it being kept in engine; this happens about every 1500miles. You can find the blanking plates on ebay for less than a fiver, you can also get a cheap code reader to erase the light when you take the plate out for selling or MoT issues.

Submitted: 2012-02-03 | ID: 50397

Karl Peacock, Angus (Forfarshire)

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

3 star review

Just watch out for the DFP going as mine did at 80,000. How to tell it’s going? When you let the revs off it makes a grinding noise, then when you put the revs on again the noise goes. It’s not very cheap  at £715 for a reconditioned one fitted!

Responses to this review

I have just fitted a clutch & dual mass flywheel to 1.9 jtd (fiat engine - what a nasty combination). The car has covered less than 50k, German engineering & styling huh, what a sorry mish-mash. Real drivers would NOT be seen to dead in such overpriced "automotive excrement"! Elecrtrics, build quality, transmissions, fuel, cooling & engines are all SH*TE! No wonder GM are bankrupt. What a waste of sheet metal, plastics and glass. No wonder the Japs are laughing - Tom Haggerty from Oxfordshire

Submitted: 2012-01-28 | ID: 50398

Richard Small, Worcestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTi 150 Automatic 2005

4 star review

I note all the references to issues with the DPF and EGRV on diesel variants. Unfortunately, the emissions and particulates mitigation measures on modern diesels (of all makes) render them less suitable for short journeys and town driving than the old soot blasters. Consequently, if most of your driving is as above, you may be better off with a petrol model. However, I bought my car as a Network Q vehicle when it had done around 19k miles, and it is now almost at 145k miles! Most of this mileage has been on long, A-road or motorway journeys, avaraging >40mpg, and whilst I have had a few issues, these have been no worse than other cars I have owned, on lower mileages. In summary: My Zafira is the best car I have owned and one of the best I have driven. It is safe, roomy, comfortable, reasonably economical, reliable, not a bad looker, and it handles pretty well too! Finally, has anyone driven their Zafira in deep snow? Who needs 4WD, when you can breeze past BMWs and Mercedes embedded in every ditch and snowbank!

Responses to this review

I must be living in a parrallel universe! I am getting my 4th Zafira next month, I switch every 3 years. At 60 years old I must have owned up to 30 cars. The Zafira is a great car but the absolute WORST car I have ever had when it comes to snow - Dave Wharton from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2012-01-19 | ID: 50385

Pamela Le Seelleur, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2ltr Diesel 2006

1 star review

My car is a Vauxhall Zafira Diesel 2ltr and is less than 6 years old, but has just had to have it’s 2nd alternator fitted after doing less than 30,000 miles. This shouldn’t have happened and has caused me great expense and inconvenience. Vauxhall customer care has been totally unhelpful. I certainly would NOT recommend anyone purchasing a Vauxhall vehicle based on my bad experience!

Submitted: 2012-01-17 | ID: 50387

Phil Allsop, Derbyshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Petrol 2006

1 star review

I have owned this car for 4 years and it is now on 60,009 miles. It is the worst car I’ve ever owned. It drinks oil and has poor MPG. The new parts fitted so far are: discs, x2 Lamba sensors, the cylinder head, gaskets and bolts, the M.A.F. sensor and the exhaust manifold/catalitic convertor. It has also required a reprogramming of the E.C.U. and the heater only works on No.4. I will never buy a Vauxhall again! I had to place a 1 star rating because there was nothing lower, but a -10 rating would be more fitting!

Submitted: 2012-01-08 | ID: 50390

Mike Adams, Surrey

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Life 2005

5 star review

Bought mine new in 2005 (last of the old body shape for only £10k). The mileage is now at 87k with no problems so far. Maybe I have just been lucky?

Submitted: 2011-12-27 | ID: 50388

Naeem Iqbal, Stirlingshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Life 2011

5 star review

I’m now on my 4th Zafira! They’ve all been 1.6 Life models. I’ve had one ’A’ (2004) and three ’Bs’ (2006, 2008, 2011). The difference from the ’A’ to ’B’ was day and night. So much so, that I’d recommend to anyone thinking of buying the earlier model to save a bit more and go for the new shape. They’ve all been very reliable and are ideal as a family car, which is why you see so many on the road. The ’Life’ is an entry level model has the basics so it’s not very plush. Only the 2011 model has the piano black treatment on the centre console, steering wheel mounted controls and a leather type steering wheel, which does wonders to lift the interior ambience compared to the 2008 model. The performance is what you’d expect of a 1.6 petrol. It’s fine for motorway cruising, but on city streets/dual carriageways you do need to use the gears and rev the engine to make quick progress. The diesel would be better in this respect, but they tend to suffer expensive problems. The handling is good for the type of vehicle and it can be hustled down country roads surprislingly quickly. It won’t have you grinning from ear to ear, but it won’t throw you into a ditch either. The ride is fine, a little firm, but no worse than most cars. I did have an Astra SRi a courtesy car and it was noticably harsher. No doubt due to 18" wheels and sports suspension. Overall, I’d highly recommend a Zafira if you’re looking to carry loads or need a car which can handle family life, just avoid the diesel and you won’t have any unexpected bills!

Submitted: 2011-12-27 | ID: 50389

Brian Cornish, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 2005

1 star review

These cars are the biggest load of rubbish! Mine’s had three clutches in one year and all of a sudden the car won’t recognise the key. I have spent £500 on moduals. Now the blowers just work intermittently; they only work about once a week.

Responses to this review

My 53 plate 1.6 now has 140k on it. So far it has needed cambelts (expected) and currently needs the EGR valve cleaned (second time). If I thrash it (foot down), it drinks oil and does very few mpg but most of the time, I drive it around 60mph at which point very little oil is used and economy is in mid-40s mpg, not bad for the size of car. The gearbox is a dream, no need for the clutch once you’ve pulled away - I doubt you’d even notice the wear on the clutch in mine. I guess some people on here are pushing theirs as hard as possible, slipping clutches, accelerating hard, braking last minute and trying to drive it like a Lotus Elise. It isn’t a sports car but it is a great family car - Dave Blogs from Cambridgeshire

I understand your egr valve never clean them as they block just as quick. I always found getting one off a scrap motor was cheap and easy if you know what you’re up to. I now own a Zafira and it ain’t bad. I had a Galaxy and Fiat Multipla and would rather a Zafira all day long. Any probs, message - Pete Blogs from Essex

Submitted: 2011-12-09 | ID: 50381

Michael Ball, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira Petrol 2008

4 star review

I have had two zafira’s, the older version (2004 diesel) and the new shape (2008 petrol). My wife had a head on car crash in the older model and although the car was written off there was no visible signs of damage in the cab and she got off without injury - unlike the other driver. I had a few problems with the 2004 version when it was only a few years old where the engine light kept coming on and the speed was limited. This is common and eventually means a new manifold needed, which is expensive and couldn’t be cured without this by the garage. Apparently the diesel engine needs to be thrashed occassionally to avoid this and a fuel additive is a good idea (fill up with the premium petrol once a month). Apart from this and excessive tyre wear there have been no major issues and I’m very pleased with it; it did 20k a year before being written off at 80k. The 2008 petrol version we got had only 10k on the clock at 8 months old. Fuel consumption is about 32/gallon. The only issues have been excesssive tyre wear, the inside fan broke, all the discs needed replacing as they had jammed on after heating up (going up the Alps towing with 7 adults on board) and there is a common fault with the wiring through the car along the seal, which causes the central locking not to work and the boot can’t be opened. This is about £300 to repair properly. The rear 2 seats (6/7) are adequate for short journeys and much better than the Galaxy, which are uncomfotable. I’ve given a 4 score as the layoutand safety are excellent, and I’m generally very pleased with both cars. I would recommend the diesel, just make sure you get the Network Q warranty, which means all repairs are done without quibble. I would buy another.

Submitted: 2011-11-30 | ID: 50384

A Guest, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 150 2007

1 star review

I have two Zafiras both with low mileage; one a 1600 the other a 1900. Both have clutch problems after less than a year. One is juddering and the other’s problem is the DMF. Help from the dealers and Vauxhall has amounted to zero. These should be ideal family cars, but are let down by unreliable mechanicals and hopeless after care. Lesson learned.

Submitted: 2011-11-14 | ID: 50414

Daz E, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

1 star review

This has got to be the worst piece of rubbish I’ve ever owned in my life. My engine had done just 52k and was well looked after with full regulat services and cleaning then BANG! The engine has almost chopped itself in half. This comes after a new ECU set, sensors for god knows everything, the EGR valve replaced, repaired, plated up, tech diagnostics etc. Don’t ever buy a Vauxhall if you dont want to spend another 10k repairing it every week. oh I forgot to mention the fuel relay issues including having to bypass its earth since it decided to cut out at 85deg for no reason. I hate these cars so much i’ll never buy a Vauxhall again.

Responses to this review

Hi Daz, I got a 1.9 diesel 2007 reg over a year ago with a genuine 14000 on the clock. About 5 months later we noticed it was not as responsive. I think flat is the word, gradually getting worse until it packed in. AA came and knew exactly what it was, the EGR valve! He blanked it off and I left it at my local Vauxhall garage. The EGR was replaced everything was fine for a year. Guess what! it started doing it again this month. The garage gave it a diagnostic, and said it was the DPR pipe was split. Fitted a new one, told me it was 85% cleared and told me to give it a good run at 2,600 revz for about half an hour. This I did. Guess what! Engine management light on the very next day. Took it back, still there waiting for a response they think its the EGR!! They then tell me it needs a regular burn out to clear the soot build up in the EGR. Absolutely crap, I will never have another Vauxhall diesel. As a family car it’s OK, sliding rear seat could do with being split. However I don’t relish this happening every year, and costing me the price of the valve! I’ll have to consider changing it methinks! ...... - Pissed off Pete Couch from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2011-11-06 | ID: 50419

Patrick, Lanarkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 diesel 2005

1 star review

I’ve only given a 1 star rating because there is no zero. My car was bought under network Q at 6 months old; it had been a dealership management car. Besides new alternator and air con problems the main issue has been the dpf regeneration, within 6 months was running rough and drinking fuel. Since then it has been to the dealer nearly ever 3 months with the same issue. We have taken it there while the problem is happening and after it has happened. The dealer has tried fuel additives, forced regeneration and denying there is a problem at all. They recently claimed there were no records of us having reported this fault before, even though we have it recorded on their invoices! In the last year they have manually regenerated the dpf a number of times and then 2 months ago stripped and cleaned the manifold and EGR, handing the car back saying "problem fixed, it won’t regenerate" at a cost of £300. We thought great, at last its fixed! We got the car back last Thursday with the assurance the problem had gone yet today, Monday, 4 days later, after driving appoximately 60 miles the regeneration problem is back. Having read a lot of information on this site and a few others, these cars seem to get through a lot of alternators (ours had to be recovered from the Hebrides when it failed) and have some form of inherent fault somewhere in the DPF or its sensor systems. The car has been a nightmare and is probably using twice the fuel it acutally needs because of the frequent regeneration. So tomorrow it’s back to the dealership for an interview without coffee.

Responses to this review

Gutted for you. I have been thinking we have the same problem. I am reluctant to send the car into a dealer. Our economy is down to 32mpg. 150 cdti. I’m going on a long run - York to Edinburgh - maybe we will get Regen on route. Extremely gutted also a one star - Dan Turnbull from England

Aahh! Can’t believe it - same problem with my diesel zafira Design 1.9 07 model. Only bought it in April last year thinking of trading it in before more costs. Had alternator replaced less than a month ago and less than a month later same problem - Lisa Doorey from Cheshire

Same - 56 plate 1.9CDTi 150bhp Zafira - Since the 3yr point was up (Jan 2010) I have had a manual regen carried out every 6 weeks to 3 months. Doesn’t regen every time it’s taken on the motorway. Cannot use this family car as a family run around car. MPG never above 35mpg. EGR and full filter replaced in 2010 after 35k miles. Still causes the same problem - now at 52K, will trade in - Julia Maddocks from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2011-10-24 | ID: 50415

Peter Meldrum, Fife and Kinross Shires

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

1 star review

I bought two Zafiras at the same time, one with 20k miles and one with 30k miles and I use them as taxis. I had major problems with the DPF; I had diesel getting into the sump and mixing with the oil and the cars weren going into limp home mode. I was spending a fortune on oil and oil filters and the fuel consumption was terrible. After a few months of this nightmare I took a gamble and spent £300 on each car getting them re- mapped to stop the car regenerating. I also had to have the exhaust cut and the dpf drilled out. It was the best £300 I’ve spent, these cars now run with no DPF and no problems and far better fuel consumption. Remember having the DPF taken out will not affect your car for an MOT.

Submitted: 2011-10-12 | ID: 50421

Leon Evans, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira Life (ac) 2008

5 star review

I got a 58 plate 1.6 Life Zafira with 45k on the clock after owning a 2000 1.6 comfort for 4 years. A great family do-it-all car with no problems; the older Zafira has done nearly 120k and my mate loves it now! The 58 plate is a big improvement on looks and drives very good and was a bargain at £5k.

Submitted: 2011-09-26 | ID: 50422

Martin, Derbyshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 petrol Life 2008

5 star review

I bought my 2008 Zafira 1.6 petrol Life in May 2011 with 45k on the clock and have done over 3k in it so far without any problems whatsoever and I love it. I have done school runs, shopping trips, motorway runs and even used it as a builders van when needed. I opted for the basic model as there is less to go wrong and so far nothing has. I get approx 35mpg just plodding around town and approx 45-50mpg on a motorway run, but that is probably just my style of driving. The build quality is excellent and it is a comfortable car to drive even after a non stop 190 mile motorway trip. I did check out a lot of reviews on the internet before buying a petrol Zafira and decided against a diesel because of the problems that so many seem to have with them, but it would appear that you shouldn’t buy any newer diesel engined car if you are only doing short trips. I am quite happy that I made the right choice. Would I have another? Hell yes!!!

Responses to this review

I bought Zafi 08 1.6 petrol exclusive, one owner 13,0000 miles, four months on, no probs ex-motabilty 35mpg 1st Zafi. Glad I bought petrol, nice car, price right, no probs, drives well, used weekends and shopping, not sporty cruse 70 no prob big boot if van caput & 7 pep coast weekends - Bill Palmer from England

Submitted: 2011-09-11 | ID: 50412

Darren Wilson, England

Vauxhall Zafira 150 cdti 2010

1 star review

I bought the car at 6 months (6000mls) old. So far it has needed 3 egr valves, 1 alternater and 1 clutch with trimmings. As for dpf filter I had a quote for £1300. I got a friend of mine to cut it off, soak it in caustic soda and weld it back on again; it seems to be working fine now. As for the Zafira I’m never ever going to buy another.

Responses to this review

Since when does a diesel Zafira have an egr valve? I have the same car as yours and no egr valve. Dropped by Vauxhall in 2004? - Rob Ni from Surrey

Submitted: 2011-08-14 | ID: 50410

Allen Harvey, Sweden

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 150bhp 2006

2 star review

I have owned my Zafira from new since Oct 2006. The honeymoon soon ended after just a few months. In the first two years the EGR valve and alternator had to be replaced. Recently the starter motor and now somethig serious is wrong with the DMF flywheel judging by the vibes from the steering wheel. The car was in the Opel garage for 3 days and they couldn’t diagnose the problem. The car has only done 89k miles with full Opel Garage servicing. I’m very unhappy with the overall build quality and I would warn anyone to stay away from diesel engine, especially 150bhp models. The paintwork is bubbling under driver’s sill now too! Shame, because it drives and behaves lovely (when working) for a 7 seater Soccer Mom Bus. Please stay away from diesel engines, they will break your heart and your wallet.

Submitted: 2011-08-03 | ID: 50409

Darren Mitchell, Northumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9ctdi 2006

3 star review

I bought this car with 18k on clock and it now has 116k and maintenance is starting to cost! It’s had a new inlet manifold costing £1000, egr valves at £180 each, the condenser £450 on the air con and I’m now just about to change timing belt costing a further £250. All in all I have probably spent nearly £2k on fixing all these problems. I do a lot of motorway miles and it is comfy, fast and good to drive, but it is just not reliable enough. Would I have another? Probably not. It needs to be a bit more robust in the engine department! I feel this lets Vauxhall down.

Submitted: 2011-07-16 | ID: 50245

Bashir Shaukat, Staffordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti Design 2006

3 star review

I bought a Zafira because my wife needed a 7 seater for our 4+2 family car. I bought one second hand with 80,000 miles with full service history. Soon realised, it was a mistake, DPF problem, fly wheel plus clutch kit, starter motor, central locking, windows wouldn’t open are the only problems found during 20,000 miles. Got everything fixed by a specialist mechanic who knew all the usual Vauxhall issues. Had it chipped and the fuel figures have improved dramatically from 38mpg to 48mpg on a combined cycle, which is not bad but it’s always an unknown issue to surprise you every so often. Would I buy another one? NO!

Submitted: 2011-07-04 | ID: 50243

Don Neville, Hertfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira Club 2007

5 star review

Had the car for about 4 years now, only problem we had was that the drop links needed replacing. There was a clunk coming from the front of the car when going over small bumps etc. Obtained new drop links for £17 on ebay. The drop links support the suspension and are just behind the front wheels. The bar is plastic with t-ball joints either end. I used a 3/4 spanner to undo nuts. The bottom nut is not easy to get at and once you have broken the nut is a slow and tedious job to undo. Jack up the car so that wheel can be removed. Place axle stand under car. Remove wheel. You will need another jack to raise suspension to remove link. Between the joint and the arm is a flat nut. Use this as the joint will turn when undoing lock hut. About 1.1/2 hrs each side. Good luck!

Submitted: 2011-06-24 | ID: 50244

Peter Mann, Aberdeenshire

Vauxhall Zafira diesel 2008

4 star review

I have owned my Zafira for two years and found it to drive well. The main problem is with the waterbased paint as I have had the sills re-sprayed, due to water lying under the rubber mouldings inside the sills of the door making the paint bubble up and rust appear.

Submitted: 2011-06-21 | ID: 50267

David Edwards, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 Cdti Club (120) 2007

4 star review

I have been very pleased with the vehicle for 3 and 1/2 years until I experienced a DPF failure. This needed replacing at a cost of £1200. I wrote to the Vauxhall Customer Care Centre requesting the company consider assisting in the payment under warranty goodwill because the vehicle was still very new with low mileage. Vauxhall stated they would not assist in the repair cost because I had ignored the DPF alarm light that indicates Regeneration is required. I have responded that my Zafira does not have this indication and has never been seen. I am now considering taking the matter further so therefore would not recommend a Zafira diesel.

Responses to this review

I have had exactly the same fault. Car serviced by independent garage at under 20,000 miles. Vauxhall tried to blame oil, which supplied by their dealer. Then admitted diesel particulate filter but refused to honour guarantee, although only brief mention of problem in handbook. Any advice? - Andrew Langman from Lancashire

I sent my 2004 Opel Zafira 2.0 to Beerens Opel Service in Brussels after I received a letter for a free sevice offered (a kind of modification or repair of something). Two days after, I had a failure of ’engine starter’. Initially only once, but then I was only able to start it after the third attempt then not at all. It was making a normal sound for a starter, but it was not able to engage the engine (like the small wheel not engaging the big wheel). Turned the engine on by pushing and sent back to the same service. I explained the situation to the mechanic, and when he tried, it worked initially. I asked him to try again, and then it did not work. When they inspected the problem, they told me that a new starter will cost in total 750 Euro, or if repaired 528 Euro. I accepted the second option, with a expected wait of 2-3 working days, but in reality, it went 9 working days; a world record probably. During the delay, I searched on the internet for the prices of starters and for a 2004 ZAFIRA 2.0 diesel, the price was not more than 120 Euro! In total, it should have cost me not much more then 120 Euro + 3 working hours (according to them) - Artan Bala from Belgium

Submitted: 2011-05-21 | ID: 50264

Gordon Kennedy, Buckinghamshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTI 2006

4 star review

Bought the car (Feb 06) new and followed good driver practise by getting services and recommended belt changes done on time. Mileage now (May 2011) 262,000. One Turbo at 213,000, recently had EGR cleaned out. Average MPG 48. I do a lot of motorway miles in sixth gear at 2000 RPM. Respect and care for the car and it will reward you with reliability.

Submitted: 2011-05-21 | ID: 50263

Ken Gale, Surrey

Vauxhall Zafira life 2007

4 star review

Nice car, reliable, I use mine as a taxi cheap to service and run. The car does have a dpf filter problem, as you will need to regenerate them by driving the car on motorways at 3,000 revs to clear the filter or the car will go into limp mode and could block the filter. I have now found out how to clear this problem permanently you can buy a product called cataclean, just add it to your fuel tank at quarter full, drive for about 10 miles then top up your tank to full, job done. You must repeat this process every 3 months to keep the car clean, good luck.

Responses to this review

Hi mate, you should try JLM DPF cleaner, it solved my DPF problem plus you only have to use it every 10k - from England

Submitted: 2011-05-13 | ID: 50258

Mike Meertens, Devon

Vauxhall Zafira Design Cdti 150 2007

3 star review

When the is car not in the garage getting fixed, it is a lovely drive but I have lost all faith in the car and vauxhall. I spent close to £3,000 last year on a long list of problems.

Submitted: 2011-05-10 | ID: 50260

Jo Hayes, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 club 2003

5 star review

I have now had my Zafira 1.6 club for 5 years and have had very few problems. In fact this has been a wonderful car and now it has done 110,000 miles and feel I should be thinking of trading this one in. I am very apprehensive as my Zafira is very reliable.

Responses to this review

Good idea to trade up to new shape, much better to drive, own etc BUT stick with same model (ie. 1.6) as diesels are plagued with problems. Only hiccup on the 1.6s are coil packs but £50 will fix this. In comparison to diesel 1.9s problems (ie. egr valves, dpfs, inlet manifolds). I recommend you stick with the petrol - Dave Kerby from Hampshire

Submitted: 2011-05-05 | ID: 50261

John Ayers, Middlesex

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTi Elite 2008

4 star review

I think this is a great car and I use it for work and family holidays in Europe. I bought mine in 2009 and it was a year old with about 11K on the clock. I had a problem with the engine light last year and it was fixed under warranty. It has now come on again, but off course the warranty has expired! I took it to a garage that I used before. A vehicle engineer with years of experience on loads of vehicles and not just certificates on the wall. Tested on his computer and it is indicating the air flow problem that so many other appear to complain about. Getting it checked when he has spare slot and hopefully it will get fixed. Price? Who knows??

Submitted: 2011-04-25 | ID: 50247

Derek Ford, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira Exclusive 1.9 CDTi Auto 2010

2 star review

Exclusive 1.9 CDTi Auto 2010 bought it in August with 900 miles on the clock, first reg’d May 2010. Comfortable drive, bit sluggish on exeleration, brakes very sharp, Diesel consumption very poor. Like the car overall, but the poor fuel consumption would deter me from buying another one.

Submitted: 2011-04-20 | ID: 50248

Peter Boyd, Ayrshire

Vauxhall Zafira sri 150 diesel 1997

1 star review

When my Vauxhall car is running it’s fine, unfortunately it is plagued with constant faults. Suprisingly the auto box is fine (which was my worry) so best just with a list of the fun time I’ve had with my Zafira b 150 diesel: All wiring towards back doors breaks in two, dealer had it twice, independant once, now I’ve just taped it together - common fault. egr valve been at dealers 3 times, egr cooler broke but here a commendation as dealer did a temp repair, which works. dpf filter, yes all to be replaced, alternator now gone too,must be nearing £3000 in 2 years! So summing up, do not go anywhere near this model. I will never ever entetain Vauxhall again. Best fun was when dealers told me after I spent £1200 pound on it it was fine and road tested etc, I got 50ft before hitting limp mode. Run run away from this car, well at least you know it’ll not catch you cause it’ll be broken.

Submitted: 2011-04-19 | ID: 50249

Gordon Wilson, England

Vauxhall Zafira Elite 2009

4 star review

Have had this 1.9 Diesel for nearly 3yrs now and as a Mobility vehicle I have been very pleased with it. Had no major problems with it and have covered 43000 + So may have been lucky reading all the reports on here. We get about 34 mpg at the present. Like the practical loading, could be improved a lot but hopefully the new one may do that. Over all pleased with it.

Submitted: 2011-04-12 | ID: 50246

Karen Peacock, Renfrewshire

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 2006

1 star review

I have gave this car a star rating of 1 only because you don’y have the facility for a zero. This has been the biggest waste of money that you could possibly buy. Do not touch this car with a barge pole. This car is now onto its 3rd alternator, the diesel particulate filter had to be replaced, the engine failed, the rear door got stuck and would not open. The central locking failed and needed to be completely replaced oh and its also a guzzler of diesel. So much for a good old British made car, it’s foreign all the way for me now.

Submitted: 2011-04-02 | ID: 50250

Patricia Mclean, Lanarkshire

Vauxhall Zafira Sri 1.9 Cdti 150bhp E4 2007

1 star review

NO STARS! I purchase my car in Jan 08 having previously had the Comfort 2.0 DTi 2003 (52reg) had that since 6months old my father still drive it and has never had any problems!! Hence no EGR or DPF. Anyway, my car was great at first then in may 2009 we noticed the car very sluggish and loss of power we put the car in for an early service and ask the garage to check out the problems we were having. The EGR valve needed replacing (milage 14344) so this was done a few weeks later as the part was on back order! No problems after that then April 2010, same again orange exhaust emissions, light on and stayed on, car losing power and very sluggish. I called the local Vauxhall dealer and was told by the garage and Vauxhall that the car was safe to drive, but would be in limp home mode, which I totally disagreed with as the car could stop at any point and you could find youself seriously injured or worse. I did use the car while waiting for the garage to be able to take it in a week later, but the car broke down and I had to have it towed to the garage £50 cost to me, and again EGR Valve and this time also the DPF this was done under the warranty. I asked for an extended warranty from Vauxhall as the warranty was nearly up and the car had only done 24100 miles, but they refused, they did hire me a car as the parts again were on back order and it took over 3 weeks to repair. They also had to replace the air-con condenser, I had to pay £60 to have that regased. You don’t get any paperwork or warranty for repairs that are done under the manufacturers warranty, I wonder why? Car ran fine after this until 24 february 2011, then again exhaust emissions light on and stayed on, called the garage and was told they couldn’t take the car in for a week but not to drive the car until they could see what was wrong incase it wasn’t safe!!! Safe enough last time though? Again it was the EGR valve and the DPF. I was furious, why after only 10 months and the milage at only 31100 this had to be done again? And this time the car was out of warranty and the repairs were going to be in excess of £1000! The garage contacted Vauxhall to see if they would offer a goodwill gesture towards the repairs they offered to pay 50% of the DPF and 70% of the EGR. I still had to pay £669 to have the car repaired and they couldn’t give me a courtesy car for 5 weeks at least so I had to hire myself a car as I needed a car to take my disabled son out and about. The car was repaired after loads of phone calls to get the parts as the garage said they were on back order and Vauxhall said they weren’t. Eventually I got the car back. I’ve called Vauxhall and complained also I called Trading standards and they advised me to contact the finance company that I got my car through and tell them about the problems that I have had with the car and ask for a refund for the car or the money back for the repairs for the car as the car hasn’t been of good quality and hasn’t lasted a reasonable time; it comes under THE SUPPLY OF GOODS (implied terms) ACT1973. I have done this and I am currently waiting to see if this can be resolved but I will not be backing down on this!! I have had my car back just over 2 weeks and now the battery light has come on. I took it to an auto electrician and it needed an Alternator another bl**dy £237! It’s never ending expense.

Responses to this review

You have to go over 3000 revs now and again to clear the crap out of egr valve - from England

Submitted: 2011-03-28 | ID: 50252

Lawrence Springings, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 2006

1 star review

Nightmare car! Familiar story.....In the last year it has been back to the garage 6 times. New EGR valve, turbo, radiator, alternator, DPF etc. Total cost of repairs 4K. All this from a 3 year old car!. Broken down 4 seperate times. We can’t bare to drive it not knowing when it is going to fail next. The DPF was replaced at Christmas, 10 weeks later we are towed back to the garage and the new one is apparently blocked. How is this possible in 10 weeks?? The family car that is not for local driving, what a joke. Do not go anywhere near it!!!!!

Submitted: 2011-03-20 | ID: 50251

Chris Slavin, Fife and Kinross Shires

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 diesel 2007

1 star review

Bought 57 plate vauxhall Zafira 1.9 diesel From Vauxhall dealer August 2010 (26,000 on the clock), but after only four months and 4,000 miles broke down, ems light been on for 2 days had to replace diesel particulate filter and egr valve at a cost of £911. Then six weeks later had to call out AA again. As soon as he saw it was a Zafira he immediately diagnosed alternator without looking under the bonnet. Another £288 for new alternator. As someone mentioned earlier Vauxhall need to fully recognise this design fault or make the dealers give specific advice on the precise driving conditions reguired to keep DPF "servicable. Feel gutted and let down by dealer and Vauxhall very poor customer service<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-03-17 | ID: 50254

Robert Lloyd, Bridgend

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 life 2010

3 star review

Good car lots of room but boy are they thirsty! getting about 340miles to a full tank when I was getting 500 plus from my 307 hdi, so maybe not such a good choice for me! Lucky me and the misses gave up smoking, spending on petrol now. :(((((

Responses to this review

I agree, bought a 1.6 design two weeks ago and finding on 12 (£15) litres of petrol I’m only getting about 60 miles - shocking. I had a Peugeot 207 1.4L before and was getting a lot more mileage. Be interested to hear similar from anyone else. Please mail me on - Craig Johnstone from Lanarkshire

I’m getting between 28-30 mpg in mostly city driving from my 1.6 Life. I drive it quite hard so I’m pleased with mpg - Naeem Iqbal from Renfrewshire

Submitted: 2011-03-11 | ID: 50255

Martin Turner, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira VXR 2008

5 star review

I’m now on my third Zafira. The first was a 2006 sri 150, fantastic car but I wanted cruise control. I then purchased a 2008 Elite 150, even better, no sporty looks, but with Cruise Control as standard, an amazing car especially having the cd30 mp3, which saved me a fortune in cd’s; burned my own 10 albums on a cd great! My next zafira was the VXR 2008 CD30 mp3 standard. Even better to drive, it didn’t have cc on it but I knew the wiring loom was there to fit it! It’s there on ALL VXR, Designs and SRi`s (150 version). The only let down on the VXR is Fuel, 19/23 mpg if I’m lucky and the tyres are £210 each. Admittedly I could get budget tyres at £100 each, but with kids in the car...hhhmmmmmm NO! To sum it up: VXR is the best to drive, I’ve had them all so I’d know! But if money is a problem then KEEP AWAY!....and £410 road tax.

Submitted: 2011-03-08 | ID: 50276

Gordon Jenkins, Durham

Vauxhall Zafira 1600cc 2007

3 star review

Had my basic 07 1600cc for 16 months and apart from it having a lot of road noise I can’t fault it and I have used it like a van for a lot of the time.

Submitted: 2011-03-05 | ID: 50275

Rob Perks, Shropshire

Vauxhall Zafira 150 sri 2008

1 star review

WHAT A COMPLETE MISTAKE BY VAUXHALL!! I have had my 150 sri almost 2 years now and its out of warranty. 5 problems: 1) Flat spots 2) Engine management light on 3) Spanner light on 4) dpf fault 5) Air leak. Myself and the wife are not slow drivers and we do drive the car to its full ability and the way Vauxhall recommend to regenerate the dpf so why does the scanner bring up this fault? Yes it does have short trips to school and shopping but it is a family car. Being in the trade myself I have checked for the air/vac leak but nothing found. All the power is there when the spanner light goes off but the engine management light stays on. When I eventually get this bag of nails fixed I will be selling it and buying a different breed of car. Gang together and take it to watchdog!

Responses to this review

I bought a 56 plate Zafira at the end of January and it has been nothing but trouble. No warning lights have come on but I have had smoke coming out from the bonnet and wheel arches with fumes entering the car. I’ve had a new turbo, EGR valve, heater motor, central locking failure, all sorted out under warranty and most recently, complete engine failure while entering a roundabout. I have taken the car back to the garage again and also enquired about unusual noise when starting the car. It appears the starter motor needs replacing. The car is remaining with the garage until completely fixed. I have requested a replacement vehicle but as yet they have not responded. Not sure whether to keep pushing for replacement that could also go wrong or hope that all the work that’s being carried out at no cost to me will give me a trouble free car - Sean Hignall from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2011-02-21 | ID: 50280

Ledge, Dorset

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

1 star review

If it would have let me rate zero I would have. Wish I had never bought this car, what a heap of c**p. EGR valve failed, cleaned it out and code went only to bring up code for dpf. Had this changed, car was ok for a couple of days but seemed a little sluggish. Then the spanner light reared its ugly head again, EGR valve again. Had this replaced but car is still in limp mode. How Vauxhall have the cheek to say this is not a recall issue as they don’t deem it a safety issue is beyond me. The car broke down on my wife with my 2 children in the car on a busy intersection where anything could have happened. When a car puts your family at risk like that then in my view it is very much a safety issue. I am going to contact the trading standards and see what they advise. Don’t ever buy one of these dogs they are a death trap!

Responses to this review

I have a Zafira 2.2 automatic 2008 and it’s the worst car I’ve bought. It’s back in the garage for the seventh time. Either the fuel pump regulator or fuel pump has gone wrong. It featured on Watchdog two years ago but we had already bought our car. We bought ours brand new as we have three children, both of us work full time and we wanted something reliable. What a mistake. The garage was very unsympathetic. One time I brought it back when the car started to smell strongly (and suddenly) of petrol. I was told that I had not put the petrol cap on. What a flaming cheek! It’s currently broken down outside our house (strong smell of petrol, warning light on, not starting) with the garage refusing to pick it up without charging us for it. I hate it, have no confidence in it, will not touch a Vauxhall again. Do not buy one - Nyree Myatt from England

I too am having trouble with my 2006 1.9CDti 150bhp. EGR valve, DPF and ABS, result £2,000 + VAT! Do you approach trading standards and if so what did they say? I am in the process of writing to Vauxhall Head Office but am not holding my breath - Sarah Banning from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2011-02-19 | ID: 50277

Mario Gutierrez, Cornwall

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

1 star review

I got a Zafira 1.9 about 6 months ago and basically I got a pain in the neck! 2000GP put on it, EGR went off 6 times, alternator, battery, breaks, oil consumption up to 2ltrs every 400 miles, this to mention only a few. DO NOT BUY A ZAFIRA, UNLESS YOU ARE A PAIN LOVER!!!!

Submitted: 2011-02-17 | ID: 50283

Andy Upton, Gloucestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

3 star review

I have a Zafira SRI diesel, (150psi) which was just under 3 yrs old when I bought it. Took it to Scotland on holiday and thoroughly enjoyed the performance and made Inverness on 1 tank which was pleasing. However, I had just had over 1 yr when I noticed a drop in power. Someone at work used his computer and diagnosed a problem with the dpf which is part of the exhaust and suggested thrashing it up and down the motorway for 30mins. Booked it in to local garage anyway and attempted to clear it on the local M5 but it died. Had to be towed to garage who thought they may be able to "regenerate" the exhaust but it was too badly blocked. New dpf, £800 fitted. Stilldidn’t feel right and engine management light came back on. Back to garage! The back pressure from the blocked filter apparently blew the swirl valves on the inlet manifold which can’t be repaired and the replacement, £500 fitted. They couldn’t get the engine management light to go out and had to take it to a Vauxhall specialist for a Technician to look at. Bacause the dpf and inlet manifold had been replaced the ecu had to be remapped. This highlighted a fault on the egr valve, new valve and remap? £400! I am now led to believe this is a common problem now coming to light on the model. My recommendation, unless you do A LOT of motorway work, don’t buy one. 6 months later, last Thursday evening on the way home from work, faint burning smell and slight whistle, then BANG! Still waiting for garage report but, the man from the AA noted the slackness in the cambelt so, either it’s snapped or a cog broken or both! Dread to think what it’ll cost this time but it’s history once it’s up and running!

Submitted: 2011-02-17 | ID: 50282

Steven James, Wiltshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 Design Auto 2007

2 star review

I bought the car two weeks ago to replace my gas guzzling Honda Accord, I used to get 350 miles from a tank. This Zafira is even worse, I get at best 260 from the same amount of petrol as I put in in the Honda. I have managed to squeeze 104 miles from just over 1/2 tank. Not impressed, as this is after a FULL service and decent fuel going in. Avoid like the plague, but the wife likes it as its got plenty of space for the kids and buggys etc.

Responses to this review

Why not get it LPG? I have had a quote £760 it is half the price of petrol - Lee Chaplin from Caerphilly

Submitted: 2011-02-06 | ID: 50268

David Henry, Dumfriesshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2009

2 star review

Just bought a ’09 Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti and could not remove the puncture repair kit from its holder as it looks like they have put it in first then put the trim on after, lol. If you own one check it out before it’s too late and take it back and see what they say as I got nowhere with my dealer. I have contacted watchdog so please do the same as this is a family car and any old person or women would struggle to remove it in a emergency.

Responses to this review

The puncture repairs does come out, it`s a bit of a struggle. It`s held in place by the polystyrene housing which you know. You have to push up the top bit and prise out, as on the back it has notches on the back to hold it place - Urby Urby from England

Submitted: 2011-01-22 | ID: 50270

Reid, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTi Energy 2007

2 star review

Purchased 1.9 CDTi, 07 plate from main dealer, Network Q. This has to be the most unreliable vehicle I have owned. Was less than 3 years old when I purchased it. Since owning the car have had to have the alternator replaced. There is a knocking noise from the gearbox which I have been quoted £1900 to fix, taking into account I had had the car for less than 6 months before I noticed this. Dealer has basically refused to help. Now Vauxhall UK involved but yet to be resolved. Warning lights keep illuminating and the list continues. I have owned Vauxhalls in the past with absolutely no issues. What have they created in this Zafira ? My advice is DO NOT BUY ONE !!!!! Wish I could get rid of mine but unfortunately purchased it on finance and would need to pay in !!!!!<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I really feel for you my friend, my wife has a 2006 1.9 cdti and its (bleeping bleep)! Alternators, egr, valves, eats tyres like they are going out of fashion but, if I were you, I would not waste my time with Vauxhall UK. We took ours to Stevens Vauxhall recently as the third battery was flat and were told £450 for a replacement alternator that has only been on the car for 20,000 miles. My wife had an absolute fit in the service department and was offered a 50% discount but this was prior to being given a qoute. We decided, after a number of emails to Mr Aldred (Vauxhall CEO) that we were wasting our time and just getting nowhere. Anyway, I went to jump start the car and drove it home without fault until later, when we discovered it would not restart, so we called a guy who had fitted an egr valve that we have become to trust and he said it was the battery being drained somehow. I had to get a battery and we put it on and guess what? It turns out that the little light in the glovebox stays on (manufacturing fault) every now and again and it just needed disconnecting. POINT BEING! DON’T TRUST A STEALERSHIP WITH YOUR CAR!! THEY WILL DENY EVERYTHING AND ADMIT NOTHING. I cannot write here what words I would be using for what I feel/think about these thieving (bleeps). PS We still owe on ours so, you’re not alone - Mick Pumford from England

Submitted: 2011-01-21 | ID: 50272

Ian Whitley, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira Elite 1.9tdi 2009

2 star review

For a modern car my Zafira Elite 1.9tdi disappoints in numerous ways. The fuel economy is 26 mpg, no wonder the book has it in litres/kilometer. The front screen demist takes forever. Screenwashers not working, to be investigated asap. To alter the rear seats the front seats have to be moved forward to give them room, my wife is disabled and then has trouble getting in the front. The sport setting just revs the engine by lowering the gear and I haven’t built up the courage to use it as the mpg would probably be in single figures. Will not be getting another.

Submitted: 2011-01-03 | ID: 50274

Chris Howe, Durham

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 tdi auto 2010

1 star review

I got a Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 tdi auto about 6 months ago and have had nothing but problems with it. First off the parking sensers were not working right as would only work when you first started the car. Next was an intermittent fault with the gear box not engaging right if at all; starts off driving ok then the revs get a little high and then complete loss of power. The first time the dealer had the car for one day and said that they could not find the fault. The car bust again yesterday with the same fault!

Responses to this review

Got mine Zafira 1.9 TDI Auto as a Motability vehicle in January 2011. To date I have been very pleased with it. Everything works fine and am achieving 34 mpg. Plenty of adjustments on the drivers seat which means, as a disabled person, I can sit comfortably for long journeys. My previous car was a Renault Scenic which was so comfortable I thought I was never going to find a car with the same level of comfort, however, althought the seats are not as soft as the French cars, the Zafira is a good compromise. With Motability the Renaults are now too expensive for my pocket - Peter Bell from Kent

Hi, could you tell me the symptoms of the intermittent gear box problem as I think I have got the same problem? - Mine seems to be slow changing gear.- Chris Ward from Yorkshire.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 50321

Liam Juffs, Derbyshire

Vauxhall Zafira life 2009

1 star review

I am a qualified driving instructor and I used my Zafira for my advanced driving test and instructional exam. therefore I can categorically state that these cars are an absolute mickey mouse joke. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING. I could never get a good driving position or see if my indicators were on (had to duck/peer over steering wheel), naff steering, a bite point that actually moves, slack brakes; at first there is no braking & next thing you know your licking your window. Anybody who gives this car more than 1 star is either very, very lucky or very, very drunk. I only gave it 1 star because I had to.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 50324

Shaz, Worcestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 2009

1 star review

1.9cdti 120&150 bhp have same problem, it’s a manufacture fault; they used Fiat engine, even Saab is same and there are lots of problems with the Vectra! All the following (DPF),(EGR), (ECU setting)( STARTING PROBLEM) all this common fault badly design. Never buy another Vaxhall that’s why on new Vauxhall they given you life time warranty for reason.....

Responses to this review

This sounds like the engine MIL (malfunction indicator light), it needs connecting to diagnostic equipment and fault codes reading only then can you decide if its safe to drive or not. The car owners handbook probably says something along the lines of "drive carefully to your nearest VW dealer", although any garage should be able to diagnose/advise further - Nick Gatford, - Motor Engineer from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-12-13 | ID: 50319

w g, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira Vauxhall Zafira CDTi (1.9 ) 2000

4 star review

I had my car from a dealer. Since I had the car had no problems at all. I recommend changing the oil, all filters in 20000 interval or even less(10000) as this will make the car run more smoothly. The manual mentions to change filters and engine oil miles). This may cost some more money but in the long term you will not have a problem with the valves,DPF..ETC Last thing, try to service your car with a Vauxhall Dealer, more expensive but more efficient.

Submitted: 2010-11-28 | ID: 50327

Rich Biddlestone, Nottinghamshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 life 2007

3 star review

Bought a 2007 1.6 life Zafira with 30,000 miles on the clock just out of its 3 year warranty BUT a years mot. Two days after the purchase the break light was showing. Garage say stuck sensor, answer was no brake fluid. 3 month warranty just runs out, new disks and pads needed £300. The cherry on the cake, driving as normal, pistons gone smashed all the head, new engine needed on a 07 car, which has done only 36,500mls??!

Responses to this review

Economy mode is one of the little pains with the 307, what the dealer hasn’t told you is that economy mode is mainly activated by a depleted battery, which is the problem in your case. Either replace or charge up your battery and economy mode will switch off and allow you to put the window up, disconnect the battery from the car before charging up otherwise you could damage the car’s electronics. Economy mode can also be activated when the car detects low fluid levels so check your various fluid levels also - Stuart McMillan from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2010-11-08 | ID: 50325

Tony Knight, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 active a/c 2006

4 star review

I bought my Zafira new in 2006 and I would have to say there were some initial build problems with it. The demist flap did not work, which meant the entire dash had to be removed. A sensor on the exhaust manifold was faulty making the engine run rough and the clutch and flywheel was replaced under warranty due to severe judder. These problems were dealt with by the dealer in Brentwood in 2006 and since then the car has run brilliantly and returns high 40s mpg on a long run. It has done 25000 miles and I have just changed the tyres. I would recommend the 1.6 engine if you do mainly town work and short journeys, it is quite a refined engine and you won’t have the problem of EGR valves clogging.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-10-22 | ID: 50337

Susan, Renfrewshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2003

4 star review

I’ve loved my Zafira, but this year has started to have problems with steering rack, needing replaced. Now I have a leak from radiator, it has just had four new tyres, a new exhaust; I don’t really want to spend any more money on it. Think it’s time for a new one.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-10-20 | ID: 50336

Milton, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira CDTi SRi 150bhp 2007

2 star review

Bought car from new, had no issues for 3 years, then trouble. The EGR Valve stopped working (45,000 miles), while abroad (nightmare to get fixed by Opel dealership). One month later red battery light comes on. Alternator needed replacing. According to websites will need to change cam belt, soon (at 4 years) Cannot risk another breakdown, so trading in for a Toyota. Would not buy another Vauxhall. I should add that car is roomy, great to drive but will breakdown after 3 years.

Submitted: 2010-10-19 | ID: 50328

Stuart Chamberlain, Wales

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 120 2008

1 star review

Bought my Zafira new in 2008 and I have experienced the same faults, and more ,as all other 19cdti owners but I think you are missing the point, yes these faults should be reported to watchdog but surely the Zafira’s fuel economy should be its foremost concern. For it having such high tech state of the art diesel engine technology it only seems to manage 34 mpg combined and 20mpg when the dpf filter goes into regen mode. I can’t see how using twice the amount of diesel to burn off soot is very eco friendly? Vauxhall should be made to refund our money as the vehicle is not fit for purpose.

Responses to this review

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI (150) 2008, purchased in August 2008 with 4000 miles on, had no problems at all. Used to tow a caravan and get 34 mpg when attached and mid to high 40s solo. 5th vauxhall and the best (wish they still did old style Agila for run around!) - from Durham

I average 33mpg combined travel on the motorway 80 miles over two days every week (1.9cdti sri 150), around 27 mpg with sport on or towing the caravan! I had the car two days when the spanner came on with no power. I took it back to Perrys, plugged this fault finder in. Turns out the dpf filter was blocked so set car to 3000revs for 20 minutes which burnt the soot off and cleared it. The exhaust has to reach 1000 degrees Celsius for this to clear and once done, there was a hole burnt in the tarmac outside the showroom. Touch wood it’s been okay ever since. It’s 13 months old now. I reset the mpg and drove from Filey to Sheffield and back and averaged 41mpg with just me in driving at least the speed limit all the way - Lee Robinson from Yorkshire

Lee Robinson from Yorkshire has responded to review - ID: 6336.</p> i average 33mpg combined travel on the motorway 80miles over 2 days every week(1.9cdti sri 150) around 27 mpg with sport on or towing the caravan! had the car 2 days spanner came on no power took back to perrys plugged this fault finder in dpf filter blocked set car to 3000revs for 20 minutes which burnt the sut off and cleared it (the exhaust has to reach 1000 degrees Celsius for this to clear once done there was a hole burnt in the tarmac outside the showroom touch wood its been OK ever since 13 months old now. did reset the mpg drove filey to Sheffield and back and averaged 41mpg with just me in driving at least the speed limit all the way</ - from

Submitted: 2010-10-18 | ID: 50329

Shaz, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 2007

1 star review

Never, NEVER, will I buy another Zafira. 1.9cdti, its Fiat engine has several problems such as egr, dpf, and lot of smoke. Problem after problem.

Responses to this review

You might have a fault in the electrical system, possibly a faulty earth or a loose connector, but I would check your battery is okay first. It sounds as if it is just losing power and is resetting to zero, with the cold weather coming in, I would check the condition of your battery, make sure that it’s holding a charge - Stuart McMillan from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2010-10-17 | ID: 50334

P Mistery, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

4 star review

I have been driving Japanese cars without a problem for 10 years. Having now bought a Zafira I have problems every day; engine light, water pump, timing belt, problems are still there. Never ever buy a Zafira!

Submitted: 2010-10-17 | ID: 50333

Stuart Balls, Cambridgeshire

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 140 2010

4 star review

I have been getting a power steering intermittent failure. I took it to my local dealership and was told the power steering pump was faulty, they told me they would stump up 50% of the final cost. Which I thought was good, but when I was told this may not fix the problem as they weren’t really sure if this was the fault. I think Vauxhall should fit the pump FOC, as I am not being used as a ginea pig to find out what the fault is. When I asked if they would refund my money if this didn’t cure the fault I was told, NO. This is disgusting and shouldn’t use peoples hard earned money to guess at fixes for problems. The steering wheel buttons keep failing, so the buttons will do whatever they like, eg volume rocker switch, press it up, volume goes down (sometimes), does nothing, or may even turn the volume up (very rare). I don’t think I will be getting another Vauxhall, but they really need to deal with the common faults that they have and keep their customers happy.

Responses to this review

Contact Watchdog on BBC1. They did a feature approx 2 weeks ago re the Vauxhall Meriva and its power steering problems. Just stops working at random times. May be a problem with the whole Vauxhall make? I know my own Zafira has the same electro hydraulic system - from Angus (Forfarshire)

I’m having similar problems with my 2005 Zafira, contacted Vauxhall who said it’s just Meriva’s - anyone got any more joy from them? - from England

I have just received a letter from Vauxhall asking me to take my Zafira in to a Vauxhall garage to have this checked. I have the 1.9cdti model 2009, they say it is a common fault on the Zafira and Astra and calling them in to be checked - Lynette Walker from Northamptonshire

I have a fault with my Zafira 2.2 sri auto, the steering where it stops working I’ve changed the alternator and battery to no avail. I will try Vauxhall after reading this. Also it started to wobble, my garage put it down to the drive shaft so that’s £300 for a pot end joint if that works - Mike Yates from Cheshire

Submitted: 2010-10-09 | ID: 50339

Brian Hawtin, Northamptonshire

Vauxhall Zafira Club 1.9 CDTI 120 2007

2 star review

Well I had 30 thousand trouble free miles and then in a few weeks EGR, DPF and then air condition unit went up the spout, a very expensive few weeks! The thing is, it’s a great shame because it drove well and gave good fuel economy. I must admit I won’t be buying another Vauxhall DIESEL , I have always had Vauxhalls, the best was the Astra 1.6 PETROL 125 thousand goodmiles. Mr Vauxhall you have let me and several hundred drivers down, Shame on you !!!! Use VW diesel engines.

Submitted: 2010-10-03 | ID: 50338

Lorraine, Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

4 star review

Bought 2nd hand in March 2008. Within a few weeks a spring coil had gone in the engine. Had it fixed under warranty. Has been driving away perfect since until this week. Starter motor went in it, cost £250 to replace and have now been told that there is power steering fluid leaking and that the steering rack will have to be replaced at a cost of anything between £800 - £1,000. Am beginning to wonder should I trade it in but I love the car, despite there being very little boot space.

Responses to this review

I also had a leak of steering fluid and I had to have steering rack replaced at a cost of£860. Warning light came on for ten minutes and then never flashed again. If you look in the service book it says just to ignore this if this happens. I just happened to notice marks on the driveway 3 weeks later - from Renfrewshire

Hi Lorraine. Just bought a 2006 Zafira last week and have had power steering trouble from the day after I bought it :-( There is a leak in the power steering line somewhere but the garage can find no sign of it. The power steering only fails on start up in the cold and then is fine for the rest of the day upon driving. Can I ask if you got yours fixed and what did it turn out to be, also how much is it to fix. I have also been advised that a power steering pump could be as much as £1000 to fix! Thanks - from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-10-02 | ID: 50344

Damian Graham, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira DESIGN 2005

1 star review

I’m disgusted in our Vauxhall Zafira, since January of this year its been in and out of the garage, with electrical faults, loss of power, egr valve, clutch failure, and accelerator pedal costing almost £2500. We are now in mid september and this car has left us penniless. Can’t sell it, no one wants it, Vauxhall won’t help because we took it elsewhere when it was out of warranty. Name and shame Vauxhall for their aftercare. We are at the end of our wits end!

Submitted: 2010-09-18 | ID: 50291

Bob Porritt, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI SRi 2006

4 star review

I have had three Zafiras now but this latest one has problems similar to that already reported. The salesmen do not tell you about the inherent problems but it is worth noting that whilst my first two zafiras had the 120 engine the SRi has the 150 engine. I still work part time and thought top of the range this will do for me. Although I do use local motorways it is not usually for the lengths of time needed to service the EGR valve and DPF. I two have had two each of the aforementioned replaced albeit under warranty. I had the car serviced and MOT just before it was three years old otherwise it would have cost me £280 for an EGR valve. I took out extra years warranty for £280 just in case. I am now looking for another zafira with 120 engine as I still believe in the car. Also bear in mind on any make of car or model that a car with the 150 engine is usually badged on the rear with the Ti in RED!!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-09-08 | ID: 50290

Paul Emery, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

3 star review

We’ve had our Zafira 1.6 for 3 years and had no problems until about 18 months ago when almost every journey, when driving over 65mph, would result in the engine cutting out. But not immediately... no, it would wait until I’d slowed down at a junction and then without fail, evertime, cut out. Maybe twice its cut out whilst driving at high speeds on a dual carriageway, which is terrifying on your own, but when your entire family is in the car its a nightmare. Garage said it was spark plugs, but after changing them it still does it. Like other reviewers it does it on fast roads, not local, slow journeys. If I keep it under 65 we seem to be OK but in the last few weeks it seems to happen at 60mph and cut out when slowing to a junction. I’m so used to it happening now I can be prepared for it but occasionally my wife drives it and she is terrified to do so. After reading all these reviews about EGR valve or DPF replacements and then still cutting out I dont hold out much hope and just hope I win the lottery to afford a newer car and a different make.

Submitted: 2010-09-02 | ID: 50289

Steve Gilbert, Warwickshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti 2005

4 star review

Not a bad car as most have believe, but luckily I got the inlet manifold replaced under warranty (the swirl valve rod worn out) most warranty companies wont cover it as they say, if the inlet is choked up, warranty void. Mine was, but, ahem, a word with the garage to arrange a different story. Egr valves, yep, common problem with all euro4 diesels. Easy fix to remove and clean. . . if you are mechanically minded. Just don’t drop an allen/torx screw key down the back while you are doing any work...they tend to drop on the live feed to starter motor, and blow the heater speed control and starter fuse! When I saw the state of the inlet manifold I was shocked, reduced by carbon deposits to a third of its inlet port size. This causes the swirl flaps to restrict, wearing out the rod on top of the manifold. its a 600 quid job for new manifold, but the egr valve is easy for the mechanically minded. Just a fiver for two gaskets and bit of paraffin, and an hr work. Fuel consumption...erratic. Town can give between 25 and 35 in sport mode, but carefull 70mph constant on motorway has given me 62 mpg over 200 miles...not bad! looking at getting the chip from 150 to 170 bhp, it’s a fun surge at 2000rpm. Overall, I bought the ex lease car with fsh at 44000 miles, it had had gearbox, clutch, battery, starter, alternator new...but remember, fleet cars have non existent problems repaired when they go in for fund the dealer! Also, front disks, rear disks, etc etc. Well, 20k miles I have done glitch free apart from warranty manifold, and egr valve 12000 miles ago. If buying used, go for 3 yr old ex fleet with fsh, yr warranty, they have everything replaced during fleet time by greedy dealers. Always have done, with every used car I have. I know cdti reps who covered 200k in 4 yrs with these engines no probs. Saabs have same engine, hundreds of thousands on the roads with the cdti. Just pick carefully.

Responses to this review

Ignore the scare stories/high price quotes for the egr valve, just take it to a mate, that’s mechanically minded, soak in paraffin, scrub with toothbrush the spring and internals, then blast of wd40, no probs. Why buy a new one? The only fault with old one is coking up. Just remember a fiver for 2 gaskets and a new egr valve is 100 quid. Don’t pay Vauxhall dealers 125 quid for a 30 minute job to change it. They are, after all, one of the biggest thieves around. I have had lots of experience with vaux dealers trying to get themselves to fit something instead of myself, cam sensor for vectra....20 min job by myself...they wanted 150 labour. egr valve, 150 labour, took me 40 mins. Heater rheostat, took me 15 mins, they wanted 85 labour. aircon condensor (I’m an ac engineer) 900 to replace/regas. cost me 230 for condensor, 1 hr to remove/replace/regas. so...that’s 670 labour for an hr work and 20 quid max worth gas. Vauxhall? Robbing scum, dont go to them. Diy or go somewhere with a trusty attitude - Steve Gilbert from Warwickshire

Submitted: 2010-08-31 | ID: 50287

Raz, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

1 star review

I will NEVER EVER buy another Vaxuhall. This car has cut out on me three times on the motorway, in which one of them was a very dangerous situation. I’ve only had the car a year and half with 52,000miles (2006 reg). I’ve taken it to three different garages, including Vaxhaull but still no joy. This problem only seems to happen on the motorway and not driving locally. Any help would be appreciated.

Responses to this review

I am having the same problem as you, had a diagnostics check done, it showed a few minor errors but then cancelled them out. The car still has this problem. Have heard it could be EGR Valve and throtle body needing cleaned or the idle control valve? I hope this helps. If you get it sorted could you please let me know as it is driving me mad. My email address is derry0178 [at] Cheers, - Derry Hunter from England

My Zafira has also been cutting out on the motorway, which has been very dangerous. It is also now starting to cut out around town. Most times I get the car and spanner lit on the dash, but sometimes I get the engine symbol and fault codes P0201, P0202, P0203, P0204 or a combination of these. I am first going to look at the battery earth connections - Terry Reynolds from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 2010-08-31 | ID: 50284

P Field, Warwickshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 life ac 2006

2 star review

Had high hopes, but heater blower stopped working on 1-2-3 settings. Gear shifting hard work and heavy clutch. Quite a bit of road noise makes you turn up the radio really loud. Not very roomy up front, lots of space in the back. Now selling the car and will be pleased to see it go.

Submitted: 2010-08-26 | ID: 50298

Marc, Cumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti(120bhp) 2006

1 star review

Having read some of the other reviews it seems that I have got away relatively lightly. The car was 15 months old when bought and for the first 8 months of ownership everything was hunky dory,then the engine started surging while holding the car on a constant throttle. Into the dealers it went "That will be the EGR valve",said the man "it’s a known problem". EGR valve replaced under warranty all ok again. Got an invite to take out a networkQ extended warranty, oh boy am I glad I did, alternator gave up the ghost, extended warranty paid for itself in one fell swoop. Near side rear coil spring snapped not covered by warranty £253 later new springs fitted, EGR valve on it’s way out again, dealer tried to get away with just giving it a software update probably in the hope that I would go away and stop bothering them. Car booked in to get EGR replaced AGAIN and then this dog is going to the pound, trading in against anything that doesn’t have a Vauxhall badge on it, any recomendations?.

Submitted: 2010-08-26 | ID: 50297

Aftab Ahmed, Cambridgeshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti (120bhp) 2005

1 star review

I have had for three years without any issues, but now I have hit the problems mentioned here. For the last few months the emmisions light was illuminated whilst driving, I ignored it as I could not feel any difference in performance. Then all of a sudden the battery light came on, this needed a trip to local garage. I needed a new alternator and a new EGR valve. I still have to collect the car from the garage, but I am dreading how long it will be before I have to take it back in. It’s a very practical car, but I may have made the wrong choice.

Submitted: 2010-08-25 | ID: 50299

Joanne James, Wales

Vauxhall Zafira design 2.0 dti 2006

2 star review

I have had my Vauxhall for just over a month now and 3 times I have had problems with engine management lights, loss of power been told egr valve is faulty having it replaced at car dealers expense. After reading comments on website I am now terrified to drive. I have 3 children and take others out in car, bought a bigger car for this purpose. Should have kept my old one T Reg Renault had spent so much on it thought 4,000 on new car would get me something reliable. Have I been sold a deathtrap? Can any one instill any faith in Vauxhall?

Responses to this review

Hi there, I had a Zafira that did the same thing, the garage couldn’t find a fault so they gave me my money back. Then my friend’s Dad, who is a mechanic, says - if you drill a hole in the manifold it fixes the problem as he has done this before, but I don’t have mine to try it now. Hope this helps - Laura Slavin from Scotland

Submitted: 2010-08-24 | ID: 50303

Allan, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira SRI 1.8 2010

5 star review

Bought my Zafira in June 2010, It is a great car, roomy, does 30-32mpg around town, has loads of space and is great to drive - even in sports mode. It is much better than the Focus C-Max I previously had.

Submitted: 2010-08-23 | ID: 50302

Aislinn Martin, Northern Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira 2010

1 star review

I have had my Vauxhall Zafira since Feb 2010. After the second week the window wipers fuse went, which didnt bother me too much, but a few days later my car would start shuttering and lose power. When I phoned the dealer I bought the car from about the problem they said take it back if the oil light came on. The engine light came on so I took the car back, they kept it for an hour said it was fixed so away I went again, the next week the car was back doing it again, light back on. Back down again to the dealer only this time they said that all I needed to do was when this happens, is to drive up the motorway in high revs for 25min and that should sort the problem, I don’t even live beside a motorway. So to cut a long story short that never worked, I was near killed while trying to overtake another car, I have been back and forth to the dealer 7 times and still not fixed. I have no faith in the car it is a death trap. And this week i AM SEEKING LEGAL ADVICE because my consumer rights have been breeched. And I have given the dealer 7 chances to sort the problem, and they can’t. IT MAKES ME ANGRY TO THINK THAT ITS ONLY WHEN A FAMILY IS WIPED OUT BECAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM WILL VAUXHALL SIT UP AND ADMIT THAT YES THIS IS A SAFETY ISSUE. THE ONLY REASON I GIVE THIS CAR ONE STAR IS BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT LET ME SUBMIT THIS REPORT WITHOUT A STAR RATING.

Responses to this review

I couldn’t agree more, these cars are faulty and dangerous. I bought mine in May last year and it’s cost me a fortune in repair bills. The car started juddering every time I was waiting in a traffic jam or at traffic lights, so I took it to the dealer and they advised me the DPF was blocked and needed cleaning out and regenerated. This was carried out by Vauxhall, it cost £875. They told me the blocked fuel pipe had caused the glow plugs to blow so replaced those, which cost another £85. I took the car home and drove it for 4 weeks, then the car was juddering again. I took it back to garage and they said the DPF was totally blocked again and I should take it for a long run to get it to regenerate. I told them I take the car on a 30 mile run a day to work, so they forced a regen in the garage where they blew my turbo; they didn’t offer to replace it, so I took it to another garage that replaced the turbo for £1000. I got the car back and it was running lovely after a new DPF and turbo until yesterday, when it wouldn’t pull away in first gear and lost power. It’s back in the garage. This car has cost me over £3000 in repairs since December. I’ve used all my savings and if it goes wrong again I can’t afford to put it right. I’ve only done 7000 miles since I bought it from a Skoda dealer in Scotland. I use this car for chauffeuring, its my living. I am absolutly digusted with the lack of customer service I have recieved from Skoda and Vauxhall and the extended warranty covers nothing, it’s rubbish! I will never touch a Vauxhall again. The worst car I’ve ever had. - Val Prior from England

Submitted: 2010-08-22 | ID: 50300

Sean, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 2009

2 star review

Help?? My Zafira has been running reasonably OK until recently. We now have an intermittant red warning light in the shape of an ! It apparently is the brake fluid, however the fluid level is OK and the light only comes on once for a second or so in any one journey. Typical of Vauxhall, the minute it is out of warranty it goes faulty. Oh, the other great trick is when the motor on the window washers went and we thought it was major. We then got to our destination and could not open the back door. Got the AA out who knew the problem - both are on the same fuse!! Thanks Vauxhall!

Submitted: 2010-08-16 | ID: 50292

Scott Lockey, Somerset

Vauxhall Zafira 2 Ltr Dti 2005

3 star review

Intermittent EGR fault at 36000 miles, problem with mass air flowmeter, solenoid valve or temperature sensor, main dealer useless but eventually got Vauxhall to pay 1/2 the £400 bill. 65K on clock now and thrust bearing really noisy, looking at between 300 - 500 to sort. Good car for flexibility, useless on reliability and aftercare from dealer. Will never buy another Vauxhall again, Ford or Toyota for me.

Responses to this review

How did you manage to get Vauxhall to pay your cost? I have a Zafira 2.0 DTI, 67,000 miles and have had a new EGR valve fitted and now a turbo pressure boost sensor. The cost of the sensor was £46 but I got charged for an hour of labour at £68 for fitting. From what I can see, it should have only taken 15 minutes - Philip Carlini from Suffolk

Submitted: 2010-08-15 | ID: 50293

Steve F, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI 2006

2 star review

Try and avoid 1.9CDTI Zafira at all cost, within the last month 1 new turbo (£1200) and now DPF (£900), for a car 4 years old it’s not good enough, you have to give the car 25 mile run when the engine spanner light comes on, is this DPF considered good for emissions?, Bought the car for my wife 3.5 years ago, actually not been too bad until now! Had it serviced every year, the problem is ME; I thought the 1.9 CDTI was a good engine, OH NO, not if your wife is doing school runs. Vauxhall should ask how many miles you aim to do a year, when your response is about 6K, they should then turn and say this car is not for you, a 1.8 petrol would suit. Looks like fix it then back to petrol engines. Oh I have an Audi Q7 brilliant cars, no faults except their tyres.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

This review is spot on. Mine is a 50,000 mile 1.9 (150) cdti mostly used for short runs and the emissions system is nothing but trouble. Every three months, I have to clean the egr valve and drive 25 miles at 4500 revs - not acceptable for a modern engined four year old car. Together with alternator failure and power steering failure, I will never buy a Vauxhall again and will buy a petrol engine as if you read the forums most manufacturers have the same problem with diesels doing short trips - M L from Staffordshire

Submitted: 2010-08-11 | ID: 50295

Marcus, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti 150 Design 2007

5 star review

Despite reading all these bad reviews on here i have nothing but praise for my Zafira....I had mine remapped from new to 184hp 3 years ago and has been faultless having only gone to the dealer for servicing and a new air con heat exchanger(under warranty). Great economy, even though I drive at 80+mph most of the time and often tow a trailer, she returns an average of 41.5mpg. She is very spacious and fits all our camping gear no problem, the only niggles I have is road noise but mine being the 150 has big 17in wheels and low profle tyres so also makes the ride a bit harsh and I should have got the climate control instead of the air con as I can never get the temperature right. I like mine so much I’m going to get a new one in 8 weeks!

Submitted: 2010-08-03 | ID: 50316

Suhail Carim, Fife and Kinross Shires

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 LIFE A/C 2006

5 star review

A perfect family car, we’ve never had any problems and we are now changing it for 2007 1.8 Tiptronic.

Submitted: 2010-07-26 | ID: 50318

Raymond Smith, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti (150bhp) 2006

1 star review

See previous reviews dated 24.05.10 & 25.05.2010, the Zafira has lasted only six weeks and its broken down yet again, same trouble as before yet I followed the garage & Vauxhall customer cares instructions fully. Each week I drove it down the M20 for 40 miles at 70 mph, this still didn’t stop the engine management light coming on inbetween time. Last week it came on and after 65 miles on the M25 it remained on as well as losing power down to 30 mph. WORD OF WARNING TO ALL, when I had the car repaired previously, there was a back order on DPF’s and none was available in the country for seven weeks, I paid and had fitted a none Vauxhall part for £540, this is not covered under warranty and I will have to pay another £980 for a new DPF. I phoned the Executive Support Manager on 08450902051 who stated "there’s not an issue with the DPF". I, and the other drivers of Vauxhall diesel engine cars who experience this continual problem are not the right drivers for them and therefore cannot help me. Although I said I would not buy another Vauxhall. To buy another new 7 seater car other than a Zafira I will have to part with in excess of £15,000 plus my car, Vauxhall seem to have me over a barrel, it will cost me £7000 plus my car for a petrol 18i Comfort. Before I commit, does anyone know of any problems with the petrol 18i. I am totally gutted to give Vauxhall any more of my money.

Submitted: 2010-07-26 | ID: 50317

Arthur Kendrick, Pembrokeshire

Vauxhall Zafira cdti 150 2007

1 star review

Sorry but this car is a dog....good to drive, plenty of room and fast but poor to own unless you have very deep pockets,’s been into Vauxhal twice for the swirl valve to be sorted which they did to be fair and they changed the ERG valve, I was told to blast it down the motorway to clean out the particulate filter (nearest motorway 60 miles away) rear tyres are good quality continentals but have worn so they look like the have come off a landrover and make the same noise, too. The gearbox whines like a lorry in fifth and there is rust on the back tailgate..right in the centre and very obvious! Oh yes, it was registered in November 2007 and has done just 31,000 miles. My advice would be to spend your money elsewhere. My 2002 Mondeo diesel was streets ahead in the reliability stakes.

Responses to this review

Had the same rust problem on the tailgate, and got it resprayed under warranty via Perrys in Burnley; it is a known fault, and Vauxhall have changed the design of the tailgate since around 2009 as a result. The issue with the car/spanner warning light for the valve problem affected our older 2004 diesel Zafira, and it is flashing up on this model. We’ve had no end of problems with the emissions light and the need to go back to the garage for checks, diagnostics, etc, all under warranty though. Had to have a new starter motor (which I suggested to the garage 1 year ago!). The car is fantastically practical, great on motorways, has done a comfortable trip to the Belgium Grand Prix last year, but its been in the garage more than any other car I’ve owned - Tim Cowley from Lancashire

Same rust problem on our 2006 Zafira. We had a 5p sized spot repaired on the tailgate last year. Now new spots are appearing. The worst is huge spots under the back doors, on the sills, just by the wheel arch area. They’re bubbling up quite badly. It’s very disappointing in a modern car - from England

Submitted: 2010-07-17 | ID: 50313

Annie, Worcestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 design 2009

2 star review

I’ve had this car nearly 2 years, for the first 18mth no prob. In january I was traveling up M5 when I lost power, the speed went down to 40 and that is where it stayed then the engine managmemt light came on. I took it in to the garage the next day and was told the coil pack had gone. It was replaced and ran ok for the next 3 weeks then same thing happend again. I went back to the garage who had it in for 2 days and checked every thing was ok. And this is how its been for the last 6 months, I have it home for 2 to 3 weeks then the engine light is back on. It has been in now for 7 days and they are going through every thing again! I have lost all confidence in this car and I am scared to go far in case the light comes on and breaks down again. Does anybody know where we stand legally?

Responses to this review

Try the exhaust manifold sensor - from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2010-07-14 | ID: 50310

Jim Sullivan, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTi 2008

1 star review

I was very happy with this car when I bought it and have been driving it for the last 18 months with no problems apart from the window jets clogging up after a year. The garage sorted this at its 2 year service. The problems have started in the last few weeks with the engine management light coming on. The dealership just reset the computer first time and this time they have allegedly cleaned the DPF. From reading the posts on here, I guess I can expect the engine management light on within the next few weeks and another lecture from the dealership about thrashing the car once a week. I am now concerned that I have only huge bills to look forward to when it comes out of warranty and am beginning to think, buy another car now! The dealership doeesn’t care, vauxhall doesn’t appear to care, why should they be rewarded with our custom? The next time I hear sob stories about how they are on the verge of going bankrupt, I will laugh my socks off because they don’t deserve to be in business. They are no better than thieves and con merchants. Quite frankly, I am going to lobby that these dealerships and manufacturers are prosecuted for their incompetence and dishonesty towards their customers. Hopefully, we can get this on watchdog to publically embarrass vauxhall and cost them future sales. The sooner companies and dealerships like this are out of business, the better!

Submitted: 2010-07-13 | ID: 50312

Steve Luck, England

Vauxhall Zafira CDTi (120) design 2009

2 star review

This is possibly, no, in fact THIS IS the most frustrating car I have owned. It could clearly be one of the best people carriers out there. It handles well, goes well, looks ok for an MPV and is spacious inside, but, it has now broken down 5 times in 6 months. All the usual stuff, DPF, EGR valve, alternator, and now 4 weeks and 600 miles after the alternator being done, guess what? Yep, the spanner light is on again. It just conks out at junctions when it feels like it and nobody can seem to find anything wrong with it!! Oh, did I mention the whining turbo? However much you like the look of these cars, do yourself a favour and get something reliable. If I win the lottery I will make it my mission in life to find out why Vauxhall feel they can turn out such an unreliable car.

Responses to this review

Contact the Director’s Office On 0845 090 2051, I believe they will help - JONH JONES from England

Submitted: 2010-07-09 | ID: 50305

A Khan, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2010

4 star review

Overall I happy with the purchase. I think it’s a great car. The only problems I have had is the sudden chage of new altenator and the air con not giving out cold air.

Submitted: 2010-07-09 | ID: 50308

David Mason, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club 2002

1 star review

Have just traded the Zafira in and am well rid of it. It’s had a new steering rack, new clutch, new rear seat belt, all parts of air con replaced, abs required attention and the final straw is the dreaded EGR valve problem. Our excellent local mechanic is at a loss as to how he should repair it; his diagnostic equipment gives a false report to do with the oxygen sensor. He advised us to get rid of it as he’s had these problems with other Zafiras. It could be a great car with excellent versatility but there are clearly issues with the EGR valve.

Submitted: 2010-07-09 | ID: 50307

Paul Patrick, Durham

Vauxhall Zafira 150bhp Sri 1.9cdti 2007

1 star review

Great car when working. First thing to go wrong, Air Con. Second thing EGR valve, Third thing EGR valve, Fourth thing EGR valve, Fifth thing Alternator (very expensive), 6th thing EGR valve and straw that broke camels back Pressure Boost valve which cut the Turbo off. I recommend buying a spare EGR valve from an auto parts store and change it yourself. Complete doddle to fix. I’m an expert at changing them now. Keep the spare, take apart and clean up ready for when the new one goes in 6 months.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-07-07 | ID: 50309

Michael Wilson, England

Vauxhall Zafira astra 1.7 cdti van 2004

1 star review

Quite simply the worst and most fragile vehicle it has been my displeasure to own. Less than 80,000 miles, but it has become an irritating and expensive liability. Plagued by minor annoying faults almost continuously, even the radio reception is useless. Next time I will buy a Ford or Peugeot/Citroen as they are certainly far superior (from personal experience) Vauxhall are a joke frankly. An embarrassment.

Submitted: 2010-07-07 | ID: 50192

John Not a happy chappy, Cumberland

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 2006

1 star review

It’s such a shame that we are mostly suffering the same problems with this car, if you read my reviews below you will see the problems I have encountered, its back on the road now at a cost of just over £3,000. But how much longer will it be before its off the road again. Why, in this modern day can a manufacturer as large as Vauxhall/Opel, get away without making any positive response to the problems we are having to endure? This now surely warrants TV/radio coverage from the 101 reviews now listed here at the time of writing. Has any one got any experience on how to raise these questions to the media so that these faults are highlighted. This is only one site for people to write their concerns, so there must be many more problems being brought to others attention. Leave a response if you are interested in your problems being highlighted to the media and hopefully Vauxhall can respond to these matters being raised. Only then do I see Vauxhall having to answer our problems which are costing the likes of me and you, money on a vehicle which is not reliable and fit for purpose. Look forward to your response.

Submitted: 2010-07-03 | ID: 50193

Keith Heslop, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 2007

1 star review

My Zafira 1.9 cdti is onto its 3rd egr valve and its 2nd dpf at a cost of £1200 on last visit to vauxhall. I can no longer trust or afford a vehicle with such diabolical "common faults". Sick of being told to thrash it every now and then and not to go on short start stop journeys. I bought it as a family car as we have four children. It seems it wasn’t designed for school runs and shopping trips only non stop trips from Lands End to John o Groats. I’m going to trade it in for a petrol; I pity the poor soul who inherits this vehicle, I hope they have deep pockets. Do not touch a diesel with egr or dpf"s, stick to petrol. I had expected a lot more from a car that’s only 3yrs old and 44k on the clock. Just out of warranty aswell and no goodwill from Vauxhall as I had its last service done at another garage. I was told I’d broken my loyalty with sad...

Submitted: 2010-07-01 | ID: 50194

Annemarie Mc Menamin, County Tyrone

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 SRi DCTi 2007

1 star review

Bought our 2007 Zafira in March 2009, secondhand with 47,000 miles on the clock. In January 2010 Vauxhall local call to say our warranty was almost up and to bring it in for a checkup, given the all clear. Then, in March 2010, the problems began... a loss of power, a ticking noise even when engine was switched off. I was driving home one afternooon and the car broke down, about a mile from home and it had to be towed. I brought it to the local garage who got the car going again and said it was the DPF. A week or two later the alternator went and, after another week or two, the car started to lose power and thick white smoke appeared. I was told it was the EGR valve. Eventually the car was taken to the local Vauxhall dealership who has now said that we need a new engine! (NOT UNDER WARRANTY AND NO GOODWILL GUESTURE FROM VAUXHALL! I DEFINITELY CANT FAULT OUR LOCAL DEALER, THEY HAVE BEEN GREAT - PITY THE SAME CAN’T BE SAID FOR VAUXHALL. I WOULD NEVER RECOMEND VAUXHALL.

Submitted: 2010-06-22 | ID: 50191

Nicola Robertson, England

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 2008

1 star review

Bought this car in Feb 2008, had the car a week and it started cutting out on me. I took it back to the garage and they couldn’t find a problem with it. After 4 wekks the drive shaft went. In the mean time I took it back and forward to the garage, for it cutting out and they still couldn’t find a problem with it. After 8 annoying months I called in the AA to check the car over as I was getting nowhere. Within 5 mins they said "it’s your altenator and erg valve". As the car was just out of warranty they wouldn’t repair it, even though the car had been back and forward, I told garage to check records and they said they had a new system and all records had not been carried over - HOW CONVENIENT for them. Then the bolt snapped on the gear box and they said it was wear and tear... yeah right. Then the dpf pipe split which led on to the manifold motor going and then the gaskets went... then the throttle body. All in all I have spent nearly £4000 on this car in repairs. I’m now buying a new one and would not have another Vauxhall if they were giving them away. The amount of money I’ve lost in work and repairs is atrocious and I feel so sorry for other people who have bought this car. I have also had the same problems on the Vectra which my brother in law had; all the above same problems.

Submitted: 2010-06-17 | ID: 50190

Mark Warrier, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

1 star review

I had this new in 2007, within 2 weeks there were problems with the steering wheel controls, changed twice, the second time did it not get off Vauxhalls forecourt before they went again. New rear shocks 6 months later, new gearbox 2 months later. Now 3 weeks ago alternator, 2 weeks ago ecg valve and today gearbox third gear pops out. VAUXHALL YOU ARE S***E they would not help me at all and said they don’t do goodwill because I used another cheaper garage for all of my vech service. Oh by the way, it is my wife’s school run car and just clocked up thirty thousand miles only. Do not buy a Zafira, how can they get away with this?

Submitted: 2010-06-14 | ID: 50185

Becky Peak, England

Vauxhall Zafira Club 2003

1 star review

I own a 2003 Zafira 1600. In January the emmisions light came on and the car drove at 30mph kangaroo jumping, took it to a garage and it was the coil pack, had it replaced and drove fine. A week later the emmisions light came on again, took it back to the garage and it was the air duct pipe that had split, had it replaced but it the car was still running rough, the garage said it was the land sensor so replaced that too but it was still running rough. In the end the catalytic convertor had gone so we had that replaced, total cost so far has been £900. The car was running ok but not perfect for about 8weeks. I went out in the car one night and the car just cut out all together and all the warning lights came on, I had no engine power at all and luckily I wasn’t on a busy road!! The AA towed me to the garage and the engine had gone, the oil pump had seized up. We have had a re conditioned engine put in this week, £975 and the car was lovely to drive, just like having a brand new car!! Last night, 48 hrs later after getting the car back, the emmissions light came on and the car went into limp mode, couldn’t get over 20mph, the car sounds loud and vibrating!! We are getting really fed up with it now! Apart from getting another car anyone got any ideas? We will never buy a Vauxhall again!!!

Submitted: 2010-06-14 | ID: 50189

Lisa, Norfolk

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 sri 2008

3 star review

We bought this car 8 weeks ago, I was happy with the car all ’round as it suits our needs. However, two weeks ago an intermittent clunking noise started on the passenger side, which sounds like its coming from the rear. After waiting a week for it to go into vauxhall I was told that it was the exhaust hitting on the heat plate, ok thats a relief I thought. I live 8 miles from the garage and I hadn’t even got 5 miles and it was back. It doesn’t happen all the time but it is scary when it does. Vauxhall don’t seem to know what the problem is, any ideas?<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Hi Lisa, just to let you know we have recently launched our twitter page Feel free to send us a tweet and we may help you. Or send an e-mail Thank you very much. Take care, Sina Mino Social Media Team Vauxhall Customer Service - from

This may seem really daft but I had the same problem and it turned out to be the rear seat belt buckles hitting the plastic when I pulled away or stopped. Store the seat belts correctly and see what happens. - Paul Barraclough from England

Submitted: 2010-06-14 | ID: 50186

Lesley, Shropshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club 2009

1 star review

Have had this car just over a year. Whilst still under warranty we returned car to dealer as it was cutting out and occasionally ’kangarooing’, also over revving. The dealers replaced the throttle cable saying that it had ’sooted up’. Car ran okay for a short while then the problem started again (mostly on long journeys when the engine was very hot). We’ve replaced the coil pack and its still playing up so now we’ve bought some new plugs but seeing as I don’t suppose this will do the trick either will probably get rid and get something more reliable as we’re off to France in August. It’s a real shame because the car itself is so comfortable and roomy.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-06-06 | ID: 50184

Toni McNamara, Sussex

Vauxhall Zafira automatic CDTI 1.9 Elite 2008

1 star review

My husband and I bought this car just over a year ago with 12.000 miles on the clock. We have since added 12.500 miles. The car had been owned by a manager of Vauxhall and was immaculate inside and out, the 2 rear seats still had the factory covers on. The cost was £14.500 plus the trade in on our S reg Ford Focus (which we purchased as a new car and had never let us down). The Zafira was purchased as with a disabled husband, 4 grandchildren and a dog it was to meet all our needs, I have also taken semi retirement and it was our intention to travel to all different places in the UK and abroad while we were still able and young enough to enjoy. I need to state that when the car is working it is a pleasure to drive and does meet all of our needs. I would also like to state that up to now the service we have received at our local dealership has been excellent. The car is still under warranty so any repairs have not cost us. We had problems with the car losing power within a few weeks of purchase; the car suddenly lost power and came down through the gears, it appeared to right itself within a few minutes but the warning light for the emissions came on and stayed on. This was on a Saturday .We did not use the car again until my husband took it to the dealership on the Monday. He was told a jubilee clip had come loose but to be on the safe side they had replaced the sensor. The car then ran well for several months and journeys were made all over the country. In Jan 10 we were returning home from Leicestershire on the M1 doing 70-80-ph when again the emissions light came on, (so much for the statements that the car needs to be taken on a motorway regularly.) We contacted the dealership who advised that although we had not lost power it would be advisable to let the AA take a look at the problem, We waited for over 3 hours in a service area. The car was checked and the AA mechanic revved the engine for several minutes and checked the jubilee clips. On returning home the car was again checked by the dealership who stated that there were no problems. This week a more frightening incident has occurred. On the Tuesday the car again lost power for a few minutes, reducing us down to a few miles per hour. It again appeared to right itself. The next day we left home to travel a distance of about 3 miles, Within 2 miles of leaving home power was lost for a few minutes, then appeared to clear itself. On the return journey we had travelled less then a mile when the car lost power at 40mph.The engine then totally cut out leaving me with no power steering and no brakes. This occurred on a winding country lane, I had to fight with the steering while my husband applied the handbrake. Luckily we managed to stop within a short distance. We called the dealership who advised us not to start the car as they wanted the computerised memory in tact. We called for the rescue services who took the car to the garage. The car was back with us within a few hours. We were told the filters were blocked but there was no evidence to say that the engine had totally stopped. When we discussed our concerns with a manager from the dealership he pointed out that to the best of his knowledge this had never occurred with any of the other car. I am a confident driver of many years but this incident has frightened me and I now feel totally unsafe being in this car and driving it around, I spend my time looking at the display panel waiting for the light to come on, or for the signs of loss of power or the engine cutting out. I see this car as an accident waiting to happen. We do not have the option of buying another car. We are also concerned about what will happen with the costs when the warranty runs out. I believe that Watchdog needs to pick up these concerns and I will be attempting to make contact with them. Vauxhall also need to do the decent thing and admit there is a problem and then to recall the car and rectify these problems.

Responses to this review

I have read your report on your Vauxhall Zafira with interest. I also have a Vauxhall Zafira, which I used as a taxi. It has had the same problems as yours; loss of power, the dealer has replace the egr valve three times up ’til now. This stopped working due to a carbon build up making the engine go into limp mode but that was just the start. It has a particle seperator in the exhaust that also gets block from emissions (this is fitted to reduce emissions), you are looking at £900 to replace it, which mine has been. Vauxhall first said it was the fuel I was using, which is a load of nonsense; next cause they stated was it was a taxi, it was doing short miles, never said that when I bought it! So I started to look at this problem and found out by talking to taxi drivers all over the place that they all have the same trouble with this car. Because the emmisions build up in the exhaust, which only get burnt off if your doing more than 2000 revs for at least 15 mins and as you need to do over 70mile an hour in 6 gear, which most people only do on a motorway it never gets burnt off, it just builds up until the car stops. So for the past six months once a month I leave it in 4 gear drive at 60 mile a hour for 15mins, this has burnt the build up in the exhaust and I haven’t had any trouble since, but I will never buy another Vauxhall again. They made this car, and many more, with a system to keep the emmisions down that does not work unless you drive at 70 mile a hour everywhere. Hope this has been of some help to you - Charles Bowden from Durham

Interesting replies which echo my experience with another GM car, the Chevrolet Cruze! I had my first warning light shock with just 400Km on the clock. The handbook said I must not stop the engine but keep driving with the revs above 2,000RPM - difficult to do in the town! I had to drive 4 Km to the motorway and blast along at 120Km in 3rd gear for 19Km before the warning light went out. This has been a regular weekly chore and I have had the car back with the dealership 3 times now regarding the Diesel Particle Filter. Last Monday they discovered that a sensor on the filter was not working properly and changed it. By Friday the light was on again and another motorway sprint was required. I’ve just refuelled this morning and the consumption is a horrendous 10.6 Litre/100Km, or 26MPG. The car is supposed to have a general consumption of 5.4Litre/100Km and I’m extremely unhappy with this. I should have been advised by the dealership that a new diesel car with this mandatory DPF is unsuitable for a user making mainly local journeys. - Ken Johns from Austria

OMG I can’t believe I am reading this. I bought a Zafira Elite 08 about 18 months ago and have had the same problems but now my car is making a knocking noise when I place the clutch down. I am assuming my car is still under warranty but I am not sure what this noise is. Can anyone help? This car has been nothing but hassle ever since I bought it and I will be getting rid of it in October so I am hoping it will hold out till then - Alice Scobie from Perthshire

Submitted: 2010-06-01 | ID: 50166

Bill Macgregor, Renfrewshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 CDTI 150 2008

4 star review

I have had this car for 1 year now and took it on holiday on the continent last year. Touring was a pleasure at 90 mph on the autobahns and auto strada. The layout suits us well. and my wife uses it to travel to work. I took it in for a service to the main dealers in Glasgow in April, when engine management light came on. An EGR fault was diagnosed and replaced. It still lost power on hills, so I returned it to the dealer and had the inlet manifold replaced (all under warranty). The car is still losing power and going back to the dealer today for yet more tests. I suspect the fuel pump is knackered as the engine feels as if it is being strangled of fuel. I am horrified to read of the poor customer service by Vauxhall dealers in these reports and will contact Watchdog later if I’m on the receiving end as well.

Responses to this review

I was recently been having problems with power loss. I tried cleaning the EGR, this proved to be worthless and frustrating (as so much emphasis is put onto the EGR on postings). My problem was cured with a tank of diesel with REDEX additive in. After a tank of fuel the car was beginning to improve. After two tanks it was like a new car - Dave Hornby from England

Submitted: 2010-06-01 | ID: 50182

Darren Reat, Wiltshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6I PETROL MANUAL 2007

4 star review

Have not had any problems, 90mph on the German autobahn and she powered on with room still to push it. I drove 300miles at about that speed. Fuel consumption is out standing. Maybe I was lucky, I bought from EMC in Eastbourne used.

Responses to this review

Hi Darren, I’m off to france in 2 weeks - could you tell me more about the mileage you got please? - Stephen Slater from Lancashire

Hi Darren, I also have the 1.6 petrol Zafira and it is an excellent all-round family car. After reading all the reviews about problems with diesel-engined Zafiras on here, it looks like we both made the right choice. Don’t buy a diesel Zafira! - from Derbyshire

Submitted: 2010-05-30 | ID: 50163

Allan Grant, County Antrim

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

1 star review

Just been reading reviews of the Zafira. I have had same problem with DPF. The garage Ballyroert Motors, Mallusk have been fobbing me off for weeks about the £700 part being ordered and "in backstock". Five weeks on I had to phone them! only to be told the wrong parts had been sent out and the new ones would not be in until the 22 June - nearly 10 weeks since they took my car into the garage. This is a joke car, a joke comapny and a completely amateur franchise. Never ever buy a Vauxhall. They are a bunch o f cowboys. How do we report this to Watchdog and when are Vauxhall going to admit a design fault?

Responses to this review

I bet I can top you all for engine problems. My 2007 Zafira 1.6 started to misfire at 40,000 miles last Sept 2009. It went into dealer and returned to days later with a new coil pack. 1 day later, engine light on, and misfire again. Back to dealer, lots of new sensors, and in the end head off. Not covered by warranty, found to be contamination blocking valve guides. Cost £780. Returned 20th October. Two days later, no power until it warms up. Back again to dealer. S**t load of sensors, new oil pump, new wiring loom, new this new that....96 hours labour...several experts from Vauxhall. Diagnostics state engine out of range, more sensors...eventually admit defeat...great new car then. No.. off to Luton for a complete strip down in February 2010. Can’t find finally...Brand New Engine fitted. Returned to me March 22nd 2010...5 months now with 42,000miles. I hate to say it, and worried to say seems okay now. Tried to get back £780, as clearly engine was dice. On the whole local Vauxhall dealer was excellent, and I went through 3 courtesy cars - Marc Vincopp from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2010-05-27 | ID: 50171

Kerry, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

2 star review

Just to say in reply to many of your reports about the Vauxhall Zafiras and their DPF faults. Ours is in the local Vauxhall dealer right now for that very reason after gradually losing power when driving and then breaking down finally last week. Been told new filter will cost £700 plus vat !!! Horrified..... and that may not only be the problem. Car still in warranty so will be going to Vauxhall headoffice to sort this one out! Its a shame but after hearing about so many others and issues with their Zafiras we will not want to keep this one! It had run well up till this point. Maybe Watchdog is the answer!

Submitted: 2010-05-26 | ID: 50170

Raymond Smith, England

Vauxhall Zafira CDTI 1.9 (150BHP) 2006

1 star review

Finally got my car back on the 15th May, it’s been with the garage since the 9th April, (SEE MY PREVIOUS COMMENTS, 24.04.10). Non Vauxhall part DPF as none were available in this country, cost £400, new ERG, new Manifold, new exhaust as it could not be removed to replace the DPF, diagnostic check and full service, total cost to me £1432.00, this was cheaper than their normal cost as some of the work was carried out at trade price, Vauxhall as a good will gesture paid £472.00. Guess what; its back at the garage after one week, excessive smoke when pulling away from stationary position, can’t see out the rear window sometimes, the garage says it can’t find anything wrong with it as it seems to be an intermittent fault. I feel i have no other option than to look for another car as i have no faith in the lasting ability of my Zafira. It will not be a Vauxhall.

Responses to this review

OMG, had the DPF pipe replaced just 3 months ago. Broke down yesterday and AA man said he thought it was the EGR valve, took it to garage and had that replaced at £235 but the mechanic said that the car still wasn’t right and thought that it was the DPF and would be expensive to repair. What a nightmare, have I got all this to look foward to with no spare parts in the country? Were you able to get a courtesy car? - S Wells from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2010-05-24 | ID: 50175

Dave Rose, Sussex

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti design 2007

1 star review

I bought a 2007 1.9 cdti design last August; traded my trusty renault scenic in and got finance for the other 9k! BIG MISTAKE!. The car not been right since day one. I took it back to dealer, no fault showing, so carried on until 7 weeks ago when I got a call from my wife, "car’s broken down". Towed in to local garage, diesel particulate filter blocked beyond recognition. New one fitted costing £666. So, off we go, still not right, breaks down a further two times. Taken into another local garage who has the required tech2 equipment to sort it. Guess what?...Throttle butterflies in manifold are not cut a long story shorter it’s now back with us after all this time and is running well. Well done Bognor Motors, not well done to the incompetant dealer and their service team that sold us this pile of trouble, but more importantly WHAT THE HELL ARE VAUXHALL THINKING with these cars? A people carrier that is generally used by families like mine for general driving duties, I dont want to go out of my way every week to drive like a lunatic on the motorway just to keep the filter clean and the car running, this is 2010 not 1910, can’t we just use a car to go from a to b with no problems? Being in the motortrade for 25 yrs I have had numerous cars, salvage write offs, trade ins, some good some bad but never ever has a car let me or my wife down. The most expensive one I’ve ever bought now has on a few too many occasions. Back to Renault now I think, shame really as it looks great, handles well,leather seats are nice etc., but it won’t do what it’s actually supposed to do.....carry me and my family around in a reliable manner. VAUXHALL you should be ashamed of yourselves, you never developed this car properly. With so many people having problems I am amazed that it’s not all over the papers, watchdog etc.

Submitted: 2010-05-21 | ID: 50177

Matthew Henderson, England

Vauxhall Zafira cdti 150 2007

2 star review

Just a quick report to add to the growing number of Zafira cdti 150 owners with DPF, EGR, ENGINE FLAT SPOTS, DEALERSHIPS COMPUTERS UNABLE TO FIND PROBLEM tales of woe. I’m in the same boat and urge anyone who hasn’t already to contact "Watchdog". Dead straight forward to send them a quick report. Do not buy one of these out of warranty!!!! They’re not three grand cheaper than an S Max for nothing.

Submitted: 2010-05-21 | ID: 50178

Jack Warwick, Nottinghamshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Breeze 2005

5 star review

I think that it is an amazing car and the seat arrangement is just perfect, well done Vauxhall.

Responses to this review

You won’t be saying that soon... - Andy Johnston from Northern Ireland

Submitted: 2010-05-20 | ID: 50173

Suzanne Martin, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTi Design (Diesel) 2006

1 star review

Always had older cars, bought this 1 year ago just out of warranty. Gave it to my husband to use thinking it was most relieable car now and I kept an old P reg car. Lost power going up hill, towed to Vauxhall Garage, EGR valve gone, not got any in stock ’til 10th May (about 4 weeks ahead) I found one in neighbouring town, fitted £400. Next? Garage rang Diesel Particle Filter gone as well, cost between £700-£900 for part plus labour but only one garage in country prepared to release one of these parts, down south, bank holiday weekend. Seems big problem with this fault!!! Fixed after forever, VAUXHALL OFFERED TO PAY £450 towards costs??? I wonder why??? Got car back, alternator went within 2 days £300, now engine lights keep coming on - don’t buy one!

Responses to this review

I have all these same problems with mine. How did you go about getting Vauxhall to give you the goodwill money?? I am still awaiting replies from my e mails!! - Gary Thomas from Lancashire

It has been the same for me. It has been in 8 times, what a pile of rubbish, would never buy a Vauxhall ever again - Javed Akhtar from Cheshire

Submitted: 2010-05-18 | ID: 50179

Mark Edwards, Caerphilly

Vauxhall Zafira Design 1.9 CDTi 150 2007

2 star review

Bought the car in Nov 09, Network Q 22,600 miles on the clock. I have had to take the car back to Vauxhall six times with various issues, the latest being lack of power, engine management light illuminated on the dash. Vauxhall struggling to rectify the problem, telling me nothing is wrong as its not coding. How can you explain loss of power? Disappointing as I like the car.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-05-02 | ID: 50162

Rob C, Warwickshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti 2005

3 star review

Have 1.9 cdti bought car with 50k on clock. At 58k eng management light came on - dealer diagnosed EGR fault. With a new one fitted car would hesitate in lower gears and sometimes feel like it was a missfire, no dealer could help. found out Fiat (with same engine) fit a restricter on the EGR so I made one and fitted it. Car is fine now and even has more response at lower rev’s.

Responses to this review

Hi Rob C, Can you define in more detail whats involved in making your own restricter on the EGR and how many miles you have covered since mod in place? Ta - John Not a happy chappy from Cumberland

Hi, having the exact same faults with my 2006 1.9cdti active Zafira. Can you tell me more about this EGR valve restrictor you’ve made. This has cost me 4 visits to the dealer and just over £2000 up till now without much improvement. Thanks, John Elder Cheshire - John Elder from Cheshire

Can you please explain more about the restriction from Fiat on the egr? Please get in touch ASAP - Clive Thomas from England

Submitted: 2010-04-29 | ID: 50158

Ian Wagstaffe, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 19 cdti 150 2006

1 star review

Bought a Zafira 19 cdti 150 2006 12 month old, good car at the time as I have a caravan. Had new egr valve fitted last May 2009 on warranty got it back engine managment light came on 2 days later, computor said dp filter, got car back day later everthing fine but then comes on dash coolent level low. Lifted bonnet and it’s fine. Now my car’s out of warranty so I rang the garage to see if the part was still under warranty as it was less than 12 months old, they told me they didn’t put one on anyway, just rebooted the cars software. Now they want a 1000 pound to repair it, didn’t tell me when I bought it that it’s only good for motorway miles.

Submitted: 2010-04-26 | ID: 50157

Raymond Smith, England

Vauxhall Zafira CDTI 1.9 (150BHP) 2006

1 star review

Bought the car new in Sept 06, only done 5,000 miles when engine management light came on followed by loss of power, took it to local dealership who serviced it at a cost of £154.00; Vauxhall’s customer service said this wasn’t under warranty so I had to pay. EML came on again at 1,5142 miles this time it was the EGR which had to be replaced (under warranty). EML came on again at 26,805 miles, EGR replaced again as well as split hose? (under warranty). The warranty expired in Sept 09, in March 2010 at 35,000 miles the indicator for the alternater comes on, as it was a Friday evening I asked the dealership if the battery would last the weekend, yes was the answer, within a short time while driving all the lights came on, had a devil of a job controlling it with no power steering, AA to the rescue, towed to dealership, cost of new alternater £491.00. April 2010 EML on yet again at 35,358 miles, AA towed to dealership, paid £110.00 for diagnostic check which said it needed a new manifold £1200.00, still wouldn’t go, now it needs a new DPF £980.00 but as the exhaust is a bit rusty I may need a new one of them as well, the cost to put it back on the road isn’t finished yet. Vauxhall customer services say as a GOOD WILL GESTURE they will pay 70% of the cost of the manifold but nothing else. It is a disgraceful state of affairs when buying a diesel Zafira that you are not told that you are the wrong kind of driver for a Zafira if you only drive locally. The dealerships only tell you that you need to take the car on a motorway for at least 30 miles a week to clear the DPF after you buy it, where is the economy and environmentally friendly use of this car? It spends weeks every year in garages waiting for back order parts and me borrowing friends cars or renting hire vehicles. I still haven’t got it back after nearly three weeks. Avoid diesel Zafiras at all costs.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

We have had our Zafira for 3 years with no bother at all and very unusual to be on a motorway but used everyday. Great for kids getting in and out and easy on diesel - Kathleen Corr from County Fermanagh

I am currently having the same problem as you mate. We had our DPF replaced last June (09) and that was done under warranty. Last month in april it failed again, this time they want us to pay for it. After discount they want £950!!! we have been without our car for 5 weeks as they didn’t have the part in stock! Nor did they have the courtesy of giving us a car to drive in the meanwhile! I have just been reading a forum and was shocked to find out that we are entitled to a hire car from them if our car is with them for more than 24 hrs! I am also angry like you that they are demanding so much money for a part that has failed within a year, I really regret buying this car! I wouldn’t recommend it now. I am going to call my garage and speak with the manager and compain and if that doesn’t get me anywhere then I will lodge a formal complaint with their customer care department and get intouch with watchdog! They don’t deserve to fob us off and get away with it! The worse thing is that my husband has been made redundant so times are hard as it is. I hope things work out for you with your Zafira - Sammy Knight from England

My car broke down on a trip from Glasgow to London. I had it towed to Vauxhall garage in London, £1200 for dfp including fitting. I wrote to Andy Gilson (custumoer care executive) at Vauxhall and I have just received half of the bill back. The same day the cheque came through I had the car back in the garage as ABS system needs replacing and will cost nearly £2K, trading in asap - Gemma Williams from Lanarkshire

Submitted: 2010-04-25 | ID: 50153

David Nelson, Northumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 S.R.I 2006

1 star review

Our Zafira had a problem with the horn not working when the lights were on. We took to garage of where purchased TWICE and they eventually fixed as it was due an MoT, however, we had to take it back as the turbo was not working properly. They couldn’t give a slot suitable so we took it to another garage, however, it broke down before we got it there and had to tow it. We found it was the d.p.f filter and was told it was my fault. I explained it was not displaying any sign or warning light they said it was my fault! It has been in the garage for over a week, still no car, why you ask? well it’s not under waranty so vauxhall informed me I have to pay now, which will be very expensive when I get it back (eventually). It’s gone!!!!!!!

Submitted: 2010-04-21 | ID: 50152

Afy, Derbyshire

Vauxhall Zafira DTi Elegance 2003

1 star review

Vauxhall (Zafira) cars are the death traps. I bought mine, which was under the warranty. 1 month later, on the motorway, doing 70mph, suddenly in a second the speed falls from 70mph to 15mph. Thank god there was no lorry behind. I took it dealers and they said "Oh common fault, EGR valve needs replacing". I said I could have been killed. At least it should give you a warning before it drops speed. NO ANSWER on this from THE DEALERS. I would not recommend buying a Vauxhall Zafira or any Vauxhall. Go for Japanese or German cars.

Responses to this review

when you start the car, rev up to 4000 then hold it at 1000, see if the E/M light comes on. If it don’t, drive the car round but when stopping remember to keep the car running at 1,000 revs if this works then it’s the fuel sensor leaking back. I had same problem - Craig H from Wales

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 50146

John Not a happy chappy, Cumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

1 star review

Zafira still in the items below posted by me… and you will pleased to know that its having a new engine... but guess who’s paying… correct, me. I’ve had full engineers report undertaken at reputable Vauxhall main dealers and the problems listed on the report are ridiculous for a 4 year old car. Shame no representative from Vauxhall reads these comments, they might be able to learn that the bad publicity by word of mouth and reviews like those on this site affects later purchases of Zafira’s, or the whole Vauxhall range come to that. A learning point here is that where I work 12,000 people are employed and such service and reliability problems that I have had don’t take long to get around. So Vauxhall need to understand that some of us are not just one individual who can be fobbed of, but word of mouth can lose so much custom in such a competitive market. And at the end of the day they will wonder why so many sales are lost to other manufacturers... I won’t be returning to Vauxhall unless some responsibility is under taken by them... £3,000+ to repair at my expense and still not got the final bill... Ford, Mazda, Kia, Citroen, and all the other MPV manufacturers, more custom coming your way in the near future, and Vauxhall can wave good bye to lost income from potential lost sales... If only they would acknowledge these comments...

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 50148

Geo McCulloch, Lanarkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9cdti 2008

1 star review

5 times now been back 2 dealer with DPF problem. contacted Vauxhall/GM and I quote they said I "should have read the handbook before I purchased the vehicle"? Also, that I "do not do enough miles". The car is not fit for purpose as they do not tell you at point of sale that you need to cover m/way miles in order to regenerate the DPF. Just a week back from the dealer ECM light has come on and now a terrible whine from the engine. This is my second new Zafira and the only one that has given me any trouble. It is now going back to dealer on Mon 12 Apr again. I have contacted the judge in the newspaper and also Trading Standards. the car has only done 18k miles. The mechanic told me they have at least 10 cars a week back for the same EGR/DPF prob. I was also told to take car on m/way 3rd gear and drive at 70 until regenerates, I tried this and took 2 hours on m/way before it cleared and used up a lot of fuel. I also had to pay for extra oil and filter change as fuel had seeped into the oil. Not a pleasant prospect. Search the net and there are similar stories re this problem, it must be a design fault?<br /><br />

Responses to this review

We have 2004 1.6 petrol club with about 60,000miles on the clock. This car has cut out on me numerous times. Mostly whilst decelerating from high spped, which is usually when coming off from the motorway. It is quite frankly dangerous. We have had the EGR valve replaced in the last 2 years. We are lucky as a friend is a mechanic and used to work for Vauxhall so he repairs it. This is a problem across the whole range and apparently requires major redesign to resolve! Will never buy any Vauxhall again. We are getting rid of it asap! - Alison Jones from Staffordshire

Hi mate, I have the same problem, told the same. My response to Vauxhall was how can I read the handbook before I bought the car and I had to get Vauxhall to send me a handbook has the dealership did not supply me with one? I am in contact with Vauxhall at least twice a week, I will not give up but have you had any luck? - Darren Hoggard - Darren Hoggard from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2010-04-14 | ID: 50149

John, England

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti (120) remapped to 170 2006

2 star review

Well where do I begin? Evans Halshaw, What a joke! A bunch of incompetent w***ers! Bought mine from Middlesbrough Renault at Cannon Park last summer, 60000 miles on it and within the first 8 weeks must have been back to dealer 8-10 times. For a start they couldn’t tell me if it had a service even though I paid for one in the price. Alloy wheels were put on with incorrect spacers. Then I met my exhaust system... Kept getting the spanner light coming on and would lose power. Evans Halshaw hummed and aahhed then decided to clean my particulate filter, which worked for about 1 day. Then the hoses blew on the exhaust, which meant more time off work to arrange getting to garage. Then they couldn’t find the fault so I had to go to Falcon Performance in Skippers Lane, Mbro who put it on tech 2 and told me the fault was the particulate filter again. By this time it had been in garage 8-10 times already. SO I HAD TO TELL EVANS HALSHAW WHAT THE FAULT CODE WAS! Anyway after much banging my head against a EVANS HALSHAW wall and being promised that someone would telephone me about the problems which, I’m still waiting for nearly 9 months later. I f****ed EVANS HALSHAW off and went to Falcon and had a new exhaust system fitted, NEW FILTER AND HAD IT REMAPPED TO 170 BHP. Apart from that its a lovely car. The moral of this story is NEVER GO TO A EVANS HALSHAW because they don’t give a s**t. Any one near M’BRO USE FALCON PERFORMANCE,DAVY ROAD,SKIPPERS LANE COZ THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL AND PASSIONATE AND REALLY LOOK AFTER YOU AND YOUR CAR PS sorry for bad language but I feel that angry with EVANS HALSHAW, MUPPETS.

Responses to this review

feeling ur pain with evans hallshaw. I bought a second hand zafira 2 and a half years old and done 27000 miles from a seperate garage. anyway that meant 6 months left on warranty or upto 60000 miles. straight away resistor fault so took it to local vauxhall dealer due to warranty issue. fitted a new one. problem solved - no charge. 2 weeks later resistor goes again. back in to evans hallshaw. replaced resistor - again. now working. 6 weeks later egr valve goes - back to EH and replaced - no charge, getting pissed with me now. 1 week later car faulty again back to EH. conveniently EH tell me car has been clocked and they reckon has done 75000 miles - how convienent, warrenty invalid so charged me. i reckon they didnt replace original resistor but fixed it then it went so had to replace it and think they have just cleaned up the egr valve now its not performing again - Jimbo Tally from England

Submitted: 2010-04-11 | ID: 50141

Daz Evans, Gwynedd

Vauxhall Zafira Comfort 2.0 dti 2000

2 star review

I’ve just bought a used Comfort 2.0 dti Zafira. All ok but sometimes cuts off and the service light comes on , its regains power once the light goes off. Has anyone had the same problem?<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I am having exactly the same problem with my 2006 Zafira 2.2 sri. It’s a bad common fault that vauxhall don’t want to know about! - Boss Lee from Hertfordshire

Hi, this fault is a very common fault and fairly easy to fix, it is caused by the CRANKSHAFT SENSOR breaking down, this sensor should only be purchased from the main dealer and usually only cost around £30, it consists of one plug in wire and one 10mm bolt, which is locate just by the exhaust and gearbox bellhousing, regards - Carl Gill from Berkshire

Submitted: 2010-04-10 | ID: 50143

Vicky Buggey, Cambridgeshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 comfort 116 2000

4 star review

We brought ours ex mobilty in 2004, it was 4years old and had 12,000 miles, bargin at time. We spent 6 months searching for the right family car trying all and sundry on the market; we are both tall so we needed comfort and leg room as well as space for kids, we kept coming back to the Zafira. It is a great family car, our 3 wheeled pushchair fitted in and still left room for shopping and family stuff. She has been a great work horse and has come in useful when we have needed 7 seats. we have looked after her but silly things are now going wrong, air con broken, driver door won’t unlock automatically, wheel bearing, front spring clicking, heater dodgy, light at front.

Submitted: 2010-04-08 | ID: 50140

Robert, England

Vauxhall Zafira sri xp 1.9 cdti 2009

5 star review

I have had my Vauxhall Zafira sri xp 1.9 cdti for six months and has had no problems so far. It has driven well and my mpg has been good, in the mid 40’s. The handling is very good for a people carrier and I would recommend it to anyone. VERY PLEASED. A LOT BETTER THEN MY OLD ZAFIRA FROM 2001.

Responses to this review

Good luck, I have Zafira 150 SRI CDTI had no problems for 3.5 years (fully serviced by Vauxhall Main Dealer) then all went horribly wrong. Engine warning light came on and went for a bill for £250. Diesel Particle Filter Pipe and glow plugs. Then 2 weeks later another warning light and limp mode and towed to the main dealer. The error was "air intake system leak detected" code p2779 this leads to Diesel Particle Filter. 3 weeks later they have told me the part is on back order after attempting to fix the intial error the bill is close to £2000 I am getting a contribution of 70% from Vauxhall. The part I am waiting is the Diesel Particle Filter which will be here in 5 weeks a total of 8 weeks! I have asked Vauxhall to buy the car back off me - Dan Rogers from Lancashire

Any update, have you got it back now? How did you go about getting the contribution from Vauxhall?? - Gary Thomas from Lancashire

Submitted: 2010-04-07 | ID: 50137

Vikki Fullerton, Scotland

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0TDI 2007

5 star review

I know most before me seem to be putting down this Zafira but I can’t recommend it enough! I’ve had mine for almost 4 years, it’s used daily - a lot! I’ve had the normal wear and tear, tyres, brake pads/discs., had to replace belts for the altenator but it’s flew past every MOT, only ever needed filters sorted. Maybe I just got lucky with mine but I’m sure I’m not the only one! These cars are fantastic, my Zafi’s never let me down. It’s in for it’s MOT today, the only thing it needs this time is brake pipes, I’m dreading this a little for price but if that’s all it needs at it’s age can I REALLY complain??

Responses to this review

I am glad you’re happy with your Zafira, don’t get me wrong, I am happy with mine apart from the reliability I am experiencing. But you say that the brake pipes need replacing after 3yrs? What will be next? I am sorry for being negative but items like that should not be being replaced so soon. Look at Kia who offer much longer warranty’s, why can’t Vauxhall match or even come close on warrantys? It won’t be long before Vauxhall are in the news about loss of business and closing factories, but what else can they expect if their attitude to customers leaves them how we feel. It’s you and me who spend our hard earned cash on thier time they won’t be at the top of the list and that is such a shame, because Vauxhall could and should be doing better. If any Vauxhall management read these comments it would be good to read and action taken. It’s not just the words written here but those passed on by the word of mouth that does the damage - John Not So Happy from Cumberland

Submitted: 2010-03-26 | ID: 50135

Sidney Thomas Parker, Staffordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 Easytronic 2007

2 star review

I will have had this for 3 years come November 2010. I am thinking of changing to another manufacturer. It has been serviced regularly. I told them the nearside rear brake was making a grinding noise when it went into service and they did nothing about it. Also, which i know is a big job, you get vibration under the driver side dashboard, which i was told it could be the air conditioning pipe loose. So if they can’t do a simple job, like checking the rear brakes, what’s the point of telling them about the vibration under the dashboard drivers side? If I had bought this car it would of been different. It is a Mobility car. My conclusion with Vauxhall Deals is they do not have enough time to work on their cars and services and checking work out, this is bad service! The Easytronic is really bad to drive. Going back to a proper Automatic. When I told them how bad it was to drive, they revved the engine more so the gears change, which change down when they shouldn’t. Worse Automatic I ever owned!

Responses to this review

Hi, we bought our easytronic just over a year ago and it’s the worst automatic car I have ever driven, changing gear when it doesn’t need to and taking off at speed. It’s a pile of s__t, why Xauxhall decided to introduce it onto such a highly strung engine is beyond me - from Hampshire

Submitted: 2010-03-01 | ID: 50133

Phil Parry, Torfaen

Vauxhall Zafira life 2009

4 star review

In General a good car, it’s done well in the recent snow that we had and didn’t fail to get to and from work in up to 12" of snow. But we have had the fault warning symbol of a car with a spanner through it, this turned out be the engine oil level was low, the fault code was that an engine knock sensor had failed, this was changed and oil put into the engine no more problems. Now the engine shaped warning light has come on, but I’m still searching for info on this.

Responses to this review

We purchased our Vauxhall Zafira at the end of last year, it had just 60 miles on clock as it had been used for demonstration use only by the dealer. We have had no problems with it until today . We booked it in for its first service this Tuesday, it was fine when we took it and brought it back home, this morning went to do the weekly shop in town, on way back the engine managment light came on and has stayed on. Have booked it in for tommorow with the vauxhall dealer to find out why the engine management light is stopping on. Seems it has developed this problem since it has had its first service. Will keep you posted on this problem - Sharran Barnard from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2010-01-30 | ID: 50131

Mark Hardie, Renfrewshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 life 2008

2 star review

I have bought this car for work and as we will soon have our 3rd chid. It eats up fuel, everyones 10amp fuse seemed to blow with the cold weather. The car gets to 60mph sitting at 30revs and makes a noise like you are at it’s peek, if you go a little above 70mph the car struggles and shakes. This car has little power at anything above 55mph. My 02 laguna, also a 1.6, has none of these issues and is a fair size too. This car isn’t very well equiped for kids, the laguna has every cup holder, several 12V connections for portable DVD players etc, the zafira has one 12V and cup holders if you use the middle seat down and a drivers cup holder in the middle of the clutch. Not impressed. The size is great for having more people in the car, but you have to have very short legs to use the back two seats.

Responses to this review

There is adequate legroom in the rear if you just slide the centre seats forward. That is why the centre seats move forward and backward; you can have enough legroom for adults in all three rows - Mike Smithers from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2010-01-22 | ID: 50202

John Not a happy chappy, Cumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 Diesel CDT SRI 2006

1 star review

Where do I start? Good points first.. Very practical, good ride and handling, plenty of room for two adults and four childen, if it wasn’t for the following problems I would recommend this car, just a pity Vauxhall are not recognising faults that seem to be mentioned repeatedly on the internet. If you have had any of the following faults then I assure you you are not alone. Grinding noise from clutch, replaced with new bearing, Engine Managment lights intermitantly, Alternater packed in whilst driving, lucky it was me and not my wife as I had to use two hands to turn steering wheel, engine stayed running as I knew alternater was packing in as all lights on dashboard flickered while driving and I was not in a position to stop safely; this is a serious design fault for women drivers. Heater switch does not blow onto screen, replaced two times fault back again. Smoke emits from exhaust and enters cabin, This has been mentioned as a cracked manifold and the emission light illuminates, and the most serious thing happened while my wife was driving, engine running on its own accord while driving, she pulled over and engine revved up until it blew blue and white smoke from exhaust and engine bay and finally died.... If any one has experinced any of the above please let me and others know, this has all happened on a 2006 55reg with 39,900mls serviced at correct times. Vauxhall need to respond to these faults. have you or are having these problems?? £13k for a car I can’t use because you guessed it......ITS IN THE GARAGE, waiting for a quote to get the car back on the road.

Responses to this review

We have a Zafira 1.9cdti sri 150 bhp 2006 reg. Just read your review and we have had the same problems as you. We can’t drive any where far as the car lets us down. We have had a new alternator and the egr valve replaced 3 times but still faulty. Just had it serviced last week and now the engine managment light stays on and Vauxhall don’t want to know as they say there is no fault coming up on the tech computer. The car won’t go over 40mph and is using diesel like its going out of fashion and smoking a lot aswell - Jane Ingram from Lancashire

I have had nothing but problems with my Zafira. I kept getting the message coolant level and losing power, which was not a nice experience. The garage said the car was not suitable for my style of driving. i.e a family car used to take children to school and travel to work 5 miles away. I was advised that the car was designed for motorway driving and that I should have been informed when I brought the car from a Vauxhall dealer. The car has been into the garage 3 times with the problem on one occasion, I drove the car out of the garage and the following day experienced the same problem, when I phoned the garage, they said they were just about to phone me as they had not finished the work on my car. I returned the car and had a hire car for a week. The problem now is the grinding noise on my clutch - Lisa Dwyer from Staffordshire

Update from above: The Zafira has been taken to Vauxhall dealers for a full mechanical inspection, because the garage that recovered the Zafira say that the faults that are showing on the diagnostics/laptop, should not be occuring on a vehicle this young. I would be interested from anyone who has purchased a Vauxhall from LLoyds in Rosehill Carlilse, who has purchased or had servicing problems in the past or present. Lloyds in Carlisle are now a Alfa Romeo Dealers.......wonder if that says something not being a Vauxhall dealers any more? If any Vauxhall management read these comments I would look forward to their reply. I will keep you updated on the out come, Vauxhall have to show some degree of responsilbility to these faults, as it seems that I have no other option soon than to bring it to attention of the media - John Not a happy chappy from Cumberland

If anyone replies, can you give year, model, and mileage. And any info I gain from Vauxhall I will post on here, thanks - John Not a happy chappy from Cumberland

I have a Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CD bought in October 2006, with a current milage of about 23000 miles. After few months on the road, I had to replace a faulty EGR Valve which was covered with the warranty. In the last 3 Years I had to take the car to the garage several times as some lights on the control panel kept switching on and off, only to be told by the authorized Vauxhal dealer that there was not a problem and they reset the fault codes. In November last year (only one month after the warranty expired) the alternator had to be replaced, so I had to pay half of the cost to replace it, over £250. Last week the light of the exhaust came back up again and they told me that the EGR valve was gone again and had to be replaced so I had to pay enother £250. This is a very frustrating situation as I am still paying for the car and experiencing so many problems. I am really thinking to get rid of it and buying a different car - from Hertfordshire

I respect your comments, I am at my wits end with the Zafira, the problem is and as I have said above overall the zafira is a good car, it’s the problems that are arising that are not being dealt with in a sensible and satisfying way, and us customers will not come back. I have mentioned above that Vauxhall management need to reply to the problems and issues that are being raised on this site, it’s not just a web site to complain, each of us have circles of friends and family and that just spreads and spreads bad publicity. Come on Vauxhall, dont ignore your future business in the UK. Since the troubles I have had and friends and family witnessed, you have lost business contracts who have transferred to Citreon. Now that is pretty bad news to me but you have only yourselves to blame by being so blinkered. I am not bitter but I, and many others replying to this site spend there earnings on a car that they expect to do the job and if it doesn’t, to be able to get a proper repair - John Not So Happy from Cumberland

Bought my 2006 Zafira 2.2sri two months ago and already had problems. The yellow car with the spanner lights up now and then, It stalled a few times in the middle of the road while driving without warning and then the exhaust emission lights on. Have to wait for 2 minutes to start the engine then it come back to live again. Now took it back to the dealers garage and waiting for the answer - Boss Lee from Hertfordshire

I bought this car in Feb 2008 and have had nothing but bother with it: cutting out on me while driving, a loss of power. I had to replace erg valve, dpf pipe, inlet manifold, gaskets, throttle body, drive shaft, bolt snapped on gear box. A waste of time arguing with them, just been told that it’s wear and tear. Something needs to be done about them as they are ripping everyone. What can we do? 07859074996 - Nicola Robertson from England

My hubby’s car - a 1.9 diesel 56 model - has recently had turbo replaced (garage ’obliged’ by putting turbo thru under warranty but we had to pay labour £300). Prior to going into garage, there was a strong smell of burning (hot metal) from under car. Exhaust had bright red glow in the centre of exhaust system. Since the turbo was fitted about 4 weeks ago, we have diesel fumes coming into cabin consistently. It’s going into the garage this week. I had the same model previously (04) with the only problem being the plugs which had to be replaced as the car would not start, particularly when cold i.e. after sitting overnight - Aileen Chalmers from Renfrewshire

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 50204

Jack, Perthshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 Elite 2008

5 star review

I have covered nearly 30,000 miles with car so far and it has been a joy to drive and the only thing I have needed to buy for it so far is a 10 amp fuse for the windsceen washer. Needed tyres at 17,000 miles but since I swapped to bridgestone er 300 the car runs smoother and gives me around 40 mpg with very little wear so far. The one thing I did when I bought the car was have the dealer fit it with an underbonnet sound proofing which I noticed only came in the diesel versions and this made a great difference to any noise from the engine is now so low you can hardly hear it running on tick over. I will keep it until the new model comes out and hope it is put together in the same way. I would give my Vauxhall dealer Fiskens of Forfar 100% for service and customer care so far. Great stuff.

Submitted: 2010-01-20 | ID: 50201

Leeann Heeney, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 16V BASE MODEL 2000

5 star review

Got the Zaf at 3 years old, ex-mobility. Fantastic reliability it has never let us down. I bought it with 24k on the clock and it’s now just passed 60k after 7 year of ownership. It’s had 1 trackrod end 4 tyres and an as new radiator. Just had to put a full exhaust system including cat converter in so 7 years motoring with about 1000 quids worth of parts is pretty good. I must admit that it’s a bit under powered and drinks petrol and oil a bit more than my Corsa 1.4 Sri, but my Corsa can’t take my family in the comfort that my good old Zaf can.

Submitted: 2010-01-07 | ID: 50214

Steve Rowe, Somerset

Vauxhall Zafira life 2005

1 star review

Versatility fantastic, seating and load space great. Bought when 3 years old in Feb 2009 with 20,000 on clock, have now done 34,000. Since purchased glove box replaced. Coil packed up and replaced along with spark plugs. Battery kept going flat, due to glovebox light staying on. Then car required new ecu, this replaced but within a day warning light back on and now back with dealer to try and fix. Not impressed. Lack of reliability means car has to go as network Q’s 12 month back up has nearly expired and I’m wondering what next?

Submitted: 2010-01-05 | ID: 50215

Ian Stuart, Northumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6. Petrol 2005

1 star review

It is now December 26 2009 and I have had THREE coil packs since April 09. Last New coil Pack fitted December 22. I have had fault codes deleted. Then the warning light on the dashboard came on the next day. The car engine cut out and failed on a busy dual carriageway. The AA towed the car home. AA told me the coil pack fault is showing as fault up on diagnostics. Not sure what to do now, get repaired or get rid?

Responses to this review

Get Rid! That Engine is notorious for ECU problems .... very expensive!!!! - from England

Submitted: 2009-12-30 | ID: 50199

Terry McKeown, Northern Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira TDI 2006

1 star review

I loved the car when I bought it, a week later the EGR valve had to be replaced and then there was a problem with DPF turbo and I was told I was not driving it the way it should be. I’m so disappointed. I would advise anyone to get rid before the vehicle is out of warranty. Mine is costing me £1550 approx to repair. I’m going legal. Is anyone else or if you have already phone 07788742174. Will not buy Vauxhall again, I’ve had very little help from the Belfast dealer.

Responses to this review

I too have a Vauxhall Zafira cdti sri 2006 model it has 29,000 miles on the clock. I bought it back in July via a private sale it was a reasonably good price especially with optional extras such as leather seats, sat nav and dvd player. I bought it for practicality and it really is great on this but I too have had exactly the same problems. The turbo went on my car as the oil light just appeared and upon checking the oil there was none. When I took it to a respectable garage (not dealer) I was informed that the turbo had gone and it was dripping oil, total cost £750 before Xmas. I have never had great fuel consumption, I think the best has been 38 mpg, quite poor for a diesel and I am too in the same position as to whether to get rid or not!! It’s just not the same. I loved it too when I got it but now feel it’s just not reliable - Louise Turner from England

I am writing to let you know that we bought the Zafira in Ocotober 06 and have had the egr valve replaced twice and the dpf valve once and they are now saying that we may need it replaced again for £1000. They say it is because of short journeys and you should drive it every so often 20-30 miles to give it a good blowout. We are thinking of going legal, have you had any luck yet or do you think it will take awhile? Please et me know, thank you - Jayne Ferguson from County Antrim

Do not listen to this b**ls**t about short journeys. My SRI 150 was being used for a mixture of short 3.0 mile trips and 1 out of 4 longer 11.5 mile trips. No problem until travelling down to the Norfolk Broads in June 2009. Stopped at the last services A1(M) set off 15 miles later engine started losing power. Struggled all the way down to the boatyard it was like driving a fully laden lorry, I am a HGV driver by the way. This on a car with 11000 miles on the clock. Diagnosed by the AA as the EGR valve, they did a temporary repair to get me home. It was fixed at the dealers under warranty. If the car is only fit for a certain type of use why is it not advertised as such. The Zafira is marketed and sold for general use and what you are being told is ’The car is not fit for purpose’. Incidentally the car was 2.5 years old at the time of failure. I have struggled to get above 37 mpg even driving steadily on motorway trips - Arthur Marsh from England

Submitted: 2009-12-21 | ID: 50195

John Spicer, Dorset

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

1 star review

I bought the car second hand two years ago with very low miles on approx 20,000, the major problem with it is it keeps dying, literally, at high speed or at any given time with no apparent warning. I recently ground to a halt in the middle of carriage with a car that appeared completely lifeless. I usually call the AA but find by the time they get to me the car comes back to life and we carry on as if all is ok again. This happens now once a week on average, what should i do and what’s the problem? I see and hear this story from many other vauxhall owners with brand new cars mainly the vectra 2.2 diesel.

Responses to this review

This happened to me on the M5 about 18 months ago. Breakdown truck took me back to the garage, plugged in their engine monitor and found many errors logged. They cleared these and it's been fine since - Mark Sims from Gloucestershire

The same thing happened to me, but I couldnt re start it. I took it to the garage and they said it was the piston rings and would cost me approx £900 - Daniel Shepherd from England

Submitted: 2009-11-12 | ID: 50226

Raymond Lees, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0tdi 2004

5 star review

The problem with the gear box is internal where thrust bearing fits on my gear box it is flush with bellhousing, on all the replacement ones there is a 10 mil lip. They are all out of a zafira and coded f23

Submitted: 2009-11-12 | ID: 50225

Jason Harrison, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira SRI 2007

3 star review

I have this funny creaking clunky noise that happens when i set off in my 2007 zafira sri.

Responses to this review

We too have a clunky noise coming from the front when we start the engine, has done this for over 12 months. Took the car in to replace fuse for boot, and washers and break warning light coming on and they came back with a report to say flywheel noise so to investigate it will cost us £275 to strip clutch and then £1,660 to fix problem!!! We got it from new in 2007 and they say it may be under warrenty but we have to pay this first and if its down to driver error then it will not be covered. How do we know they won’t say that anyway! We too had the problem of them saying we don’t drive it correctly on a previous issue. Now also looking into getting rid - from Cheshire

Submitted: 2009-11-03 | ID: 50229

Brian Donaldson, Lanarkshire

Vauxhall Zafira elite 1.9 cdti 2008

4 star review

I looked in to this car before I purchased it second hand. Certainly the post 2007 cars are better. Programming for dpf and improvements in dual mass flywheel are a few things that are better on this age of car, but I’m disapointed with the mpg. On urban i just scrape into the 30sand 40s on the motorway. The diesel clatter isn’t as bad as some people say! it handles superbly and pulls like a train, the power is more than enough for a family car. The a pillars are worse than the previous car, which is sometimes scary on roundabouts with cars disapearing totally in your blind spot making you crane your head round to see around the pillar. On the whole though a good comfortable family car. I also tow a caravan with this car which is excellent as a tow car. 22000 miles and lookin good,should just be run in now.

Submitted: 2009-10-29 | ID: 50231

Chris Booth, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 2008

1 star review

Car broke down with exhaust emission light on after doing only 24,000 miles. The dealer tells us that it will cost £2,700 to correct. We have experienced some problems since it had its first service such as stalling and suddenly losing power during the first few miles. Buy another Vauxhall? You must be joking.

Responses to this review

I bought my 08 Zafira 1.9 Deisel 1 year ago with 13,000 on the clock from a Vauxhall main dealer. Within the first week it had a fault with the steering electrics. Instead of the horn working it would turn the stereo up!! In the last year I have done 10,000 miles. I have noticed that intermittently the car sounds as thought the exhaust is blowing. It stops after a while. I was told that this is normal and just to drive over 30mph until it stops? 3 weeks ago it was recalled by Vauxhall. They never explained the fault and since then the car has started acting up. This week, when trying to pull away the car stalls, with no power at all. It doesn’t matter if you press the accelerator lightly or to the floor, it struggles to accelerate and then all of a sudden goes. I have had three potential accidents pulling out of junctions when the car has almost ground to a halt. I also got stuck at a set of lights that were on a hill, the car refused to move forward. Today the Emissions warning light came on so it’s going into the garage tomorrow. It’s still under warranty. The gears also feel as though they are starting to grind and the clutch feels very sloppy. Is this normal? - Phil Atkinson from Yorkshire

Had my Zafira 1.9 tdi from new in 2008. Firstly the alternator went, only just about made it to the garage. Now just a complete loss of power when accelerating, can just about crawl up the hill outside my house, and trying to get across a junction is a joke. Has anybody had the same problem? Please tell me what the garage said, mine goes in tomorrow - Jason Broomhall from Worcestershire

Submitted: 2009-10-20 | ID: 50216

David, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2.2 Design Auto 2006

3 star review

Company lease vehicle. Approaching 80,000 miles over 2 and a half years. Climate control did not work from new but resolved without fuss, but I can never get the vents to close properly. Performance is not blisteringly fast, but more than adequate, even when full of people. Handles extremely well and returns about 30mpg on mainly motorway runs with just me in the car. Glad I got the automatic - that handbrake really is a triumph of style over practicality. Comfortable enough even for 7 average-sized adults. Build quality seems pretty good but GM seemed to have run out of money when it came to soundproofing - road and wind noise are abysmal. A front blowout proved that the tyre repair device was a BIG mistake - it doesn’t work when half the sidewall is hanging off the tyre. This meant calling for the RAC to arrive and carry the car 150 miles home - for lack of a spare wheel! Another gripe I have is with the rear lenses. Before I got this car I thought what a great idea it was having cheap clear plastic covers to protect the rear light clusters. When I reversed into a wooden post and cracked one, I learned that that cheap clear plastic cover was actually a fixed part of the entire cluster and is going to cost me about £80 to replace - when Vauxhall can get one. That was 6 months ago and the part is still on order. I gave this a 3-star rating because although the car has proved reliable and practical enough, there are better (and certainly quieter) MPVs of this size available now. I don’t want another one. I have had enough of having to shout at my passengers to be heard above the cabin noise.

Submitted: 2009-10-16 | ID: 50221

Paul Kemp, England

Vauxhall Zafira Club 2003

1 star review

I bought my car in Feb 09 (3rd owner from new). I had the car 3 months when engine light came on - £300 later and new coil pack, plugs and oil all seemd OK. 4 months later the engine light on again; same problem of losing power on acceleration. Mega bad oil and fuel consumption. Back to Vox garage and they replace EGR valve and plugs again. Drive it off garage forecourt and problem still there. Back on ramps and they say no fault but Vox tell them to disable the egr valve. 24 hours later problem still there. Now booked in again but have to wait a week, and they expect me to drive a car that can’t get 5th gear and struggles with 4th!!! Anyone got any ideas because the VOX garage haven’t got a clue!

Responses to this review

Could it be the air flow meter? I had the EGR valve replaced under warranty on my 1.9 cdti (55 plate) last year. This week the EMS light has come on and I have loss of power, no acceleration at all. The local garage thought it was EGR again but turns out its air flow meter, which will cost £250 for part alone. Eek! - Marion Morris from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2009-10-16 | ID: 50219

Andrew Wells, Staffordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 sri 150 2006

2 star review

I bought the car used from a franchised dealer in Cannock 7 months ago. When I test drove the car I was impressed with the comfort & performance, styling & practicality. There was a minor scratch on the o/s rear bumper which I asked the dealer to smart repair before delivery, they got spray all over the windows, then the horn stopped working & various other interior electronics. After 4 visits they replaced the SIM. Moisture then appeared in the rear light cluster, after a botched repair sealing the moisture in I insisted on a replacement which they did under warranty. I like the car but not impressed with the dealer, from a cocky salesman to the service staff having a couldn’t care less attitude to sheer incompetence. In my experience Vauxhall produce great looking & driving cars but reliability is an issue, not only that but the dealer I dealt with, although a network Q agent, left a lot to be desired. I would probably buy a Toyota or Honda next time. Vauxhall must do better!

Submitted: 2009-10-12 | ID: 50222

Robert Hudson, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira Design 2.2 petrol 2006

1 star review

I purchased my Zafira design 2.2 petrol and I was so pleased but now i’m so, so disappointed. I love the look, the seating is amazing, just what I wanted with grandchildren. I bought it 6 six weeks ago, first 10 days were great, then the little yellow car light came on, AA cover said take it to a garage, as not a main dealer they couldn’t read / understand the code, so off to main dealers. The "investigation" is not covered in the AA warranty so £50 quid and 10mins later the diagnosis was "sticky swirl flaps". I was told that they are "OK now and will probably will not be a problem". 24 hours later car dies in the middle of a busy road, Scary or what?! I get AA (road assisantance, again not under the warranty) to tow to main dealer. £109 later, with a new fuel regulator, happy motoring? 10 days later the little yellow engine light is back on... if it’s the swirl flags that require replacement then its £1500 as the AA say it’s not part of the warranty.

Submitted: 2009-10-12 | ID: 50223

Tom Jones, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Life 2005

3 star review

We have had the car three years. It has been OK. The extra seats have been helpful with a family. Lacks a little power. Fuel mileage not very good around town Thinking of changing it. Concerned by some of the weakness that may start to appear. EGR values, drive chain etc... Any advice welcome folks? Email:

Submitted: 2009-10-09 | ID: 50224

pissedoff zafiraowner, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Petrol 2002

1 star review

Juddering / spluttering / cutting out; EGR VALVES / COIL PACKS... IT IS NEVER ENDING... I had the car for 12 months and all was fine. I replaced the coil pack but still have problems. The egr valve was replaced then ran ok for about 3 months. Then the same cycle again. Even though I done a full oil / plugs air filter fuel, etc etc... I’m sick to death, there have been so many diagnostics and they show nothing. The first time the diagnostics showed up egr valve. My wife seems to have more problems than me though maybe because she revs it higher in the gears??? I will be selling it as soon as it is fixed. I don’t want any buyer to experience what I have so I want to find the root of this before i sell. GOOD POINTS - :0 BAD POINTS - NO POWER; FAILING EGRs; CAN’T SEE PAST FRONT PILLARS; SEATS UNCOMFORTABLE; FUEL CONSUMPTION; DONT BUY A PETROL ZAFIRA!

Submitted: 2009-09-23 | ID: 50233

John Forsyth, Northumberland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI 2007

2 star review

Looks good, drives well but fuel consumption is worst than some of its petrol models. Can achieve 55mpg on level motorway or dual carriageway as long as no cars are in front. My combined figure is never higher than 37mpg and running around the houses 31mpg and this is in a quiet area, not a congested town centre. Customer service is poor and is based in Hungary, car produced in Poland, need I say more? Even if you do get someone at Vauxhall UK they are not helpful, the service manager at franchise has been helpful but the best advice I get is to drive in low gear at high revs to clear the particulate filter. When spanner light came on I took the car to the garage. Later, when I picked up the car I was told it was the particulate filter and whilst this time I wouldn’t be charged I would in future. I pointed out that when problem arose I did follow the procedure so why had it not cured the problem. There was a deadly silence... I also pointed out that the car was then only 18 months old so still under warranty.

Submitted: 2009-09-22 | ID: 50232

Alfie, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club 2001

1 star review

Nothing but problems. Apparently from 2005 they are better. If you do buy one make sure you have a healthy bank balance for all the EGR VALVES you will need to replace!!..... SHOCKING!!

Submitted: 2009-09-11 | ID: 50234

Steve, England

Vauxhall Zafira Design 2008

5 star review

I also love my Zafira, nice and roomy and reliable... smooth ride and no power problems even though it’s only a 1.6 petrol... a great invention is the back seats folding down to give a large storage space... lots of different options... not bad on the juice either, I get about 35 miles to the gallon about town and more on the motorway... plenty enough for my 3 kids who get to choose what seat they want to sit in on a daily basis... would highly recommend and when I’m done with this one I shall be buying a new shape one... I won’t have any other type of car from now on... I’m hooked on Zafiras...

Responses to this review

I can only advise that you stick with the petrol engine as I have a diesel and get less MPG than you on motorways and dual-carriagways. I can achieve 55mpg but my combined figure is only 36 and around the houses 31mpg. I have received no satisfaction from Vauxhall, and customer services is in Hungary so you can imagine the problems. Did you also know Zafira’s are produced in Poland? - John Forsyth from Northumberland

I am trying to find out the due date for cam belts on this model 2.8 design. Any ideas? - Caz Cherry from Hampshire

Submitted: 2009-09-04 | ID: 50235

John Blick, Staffordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2 litre dti 2009

1 star review

I’ve not long since bought my Zafira 2 litre dti. It was running fine until the other day when my turbo stopped working all together and at 60mph a light is coming on the dash of a car with a spanner through it! This only comes on at 60mph and if I allow the mph to fall below that then it then goes out again. I’ve changed my airflow meter and this hasn’t made the slightest difference. If anybody can help me with advice to fix this problem then please email me Many thanx.

Responses to this review

I think the trouble is the EGR valve - Derek Montgomery from County Londonderry

Just recently occuring with 54 reg dti and 55k milage have same control indicator for immobiliser illuminate and accelleration/turbo dies. Only appears on long fast runs after 30+ miles, disappears if ignition switched off and restarted and more prevalent on one of two ignition keys - Bill Brownlie from Berkshire

Submitted: 2009-08-10 | ID: 50240

William Soong, England

Vauxhall Zafira Design 2L Dti 2004

5 star review

A very good car indeed, especially the engine. No need to worry about the timing belt (chain driven). The only bad point is that it drinks quite a lot of oil. It needs to be topped up every 1000 miles.

Submitted: 2009-08-10 | ID: 50239

Nick Redmond, Surrey

Vauxhall Zafira 2008

3 star review

I bought this car in August 2008 and have had so many problems with it. It’s a 1.9 diesel and it’s had new boot catches fitted, new fuel injector, and now when I reverse the near side front brake housing clunks yet Vauxhall say there is nothing wrong with the car, saying that the clunking doesn’t happen all the time. The engine management light stayed on and took weeks to get the car into vauxhall. All these problems aside the car, when working, goes really well; it drives like a dream but could do with more cubby space and a better sound system, and alloy wheels as standard. Does anyone else think the folding seat handles are poorly made?? Mine have come off plenty of times.

Submitted: 2009-08-05 | ID: 50238

Ian, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 DTi 2000

5 star review

Wonderful car. Bought from local Ford dealer in 2005 at 55,000 miles. No problems at all until 103,000 miles when engine management light occasionally came on while driving - garage read fault code off ECU log and replaced camshaft position sensor (£30 + £30 labour). Now drives as new again. Very economical - lowest I’ve had around town with its ECO diesel engine is 28mpg, but any runs over 5 miles once its warmed up, I get 50mpg easily. Brilliant for load-carrying - takes 8ft. x 2ft. sheets of loft boards with tailgate shut, large upright freezers, sofas, you name it - it takes it! Saves a fortune in delivery charges. 105,000 miles now and still cheap to run. Essential to change engine oil before each 10,000 miles is up, otherwise you are almost guaranteed to have problems with clogged-up EGR valves & turbos - a buggered turbo will set you back £800+.

Responses to this review

I totally agree: mine is a 2001 1.8 Auto, bought five years ago with 73k miles. Only problems were with a front wheel bearing, and yesterday when it ran on three cylinders only. Changed the plugs (which I’m sorry to say hadn’t been changed for 63k miles, since I bought it) and now running perfectly again. Cost me £20 to have the engine warning light turned off. Consumption is not too good at the moment at 33mpg, but then, I pick the wife up from the station every night, about half a mile away, so that’s not surprising. I did a ninety mile trip once and got 44, the official mileage! I’ve used the car to transport half a ton of hardcore, tree branches, rubble of all kinds ... and one time six passengers on a regular basis. Yes, it’s a true all rounder, maligned wrongly in my opinion, and I would not hesitate to replace it with another Zaffy, should that dreadful day arrive - Jay Holmes from Essex

Submitted: 2009-07-27 | ID: 50450

Paul, Leicestershire

Vauxhall Zafira sri 2006

5 star review

I’ve had my Zafira 56 plate sri for 2 years and had no problems at all. Lovely car, loads of space. Performance OK; especially when in sport mode.

Submitted: 2009-07-24 | ID: 50449

Charlotte Gill, Worcestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 16v 2009

1 star review

Bought this car and have nothing but problems for the last 18 months. Car keeps juddering and loosing power. We have had 3 air mass flows, 2 egr valves a new throttle body, a new new coil pack as well as other small bits like plugs and the car is still juddering and has no power. Been to Vauxhall on a number off occasions and they haven’t got a clue. This car has cost me an absolute fortune on repairs. I wouldn’t recommend this car to anyone. Apparently the juddering is a common problem with these yet they are still producing the car without trying to rectify the problem.

Submitted: 2009-07-23 | ID: 50448

Mr White, Leicestershire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI 150 Design 2006

1 star review

Nothing but problems with repeated particulate filter blockages, EGR, oil leaks. Avoid....

Responses to this review

I have the same problem, over the last year EGR valve DPF ETC., It is in garage at the moment and is costing me £1550 as ran out of warranty in July. I am going down the legal avanue to try and get some money back, did you? - Terry McKeown from Northern Ireland

Submitted: 2009-07-22 | ID: 50446

Colin White, London

Vauxhall Zafira Life 2004

1 star review

I purchased my Vauxhall Zafira Life 2004 model in August 2007 from Phoenix in Wimbledon. My biggest mistake. It was from Network Q. Just been informed that I need another engine already as I am having engine valve problems. Only 30,000 miles on the clock and this car has caused me problems from day 1. When it rains water gets in the inside of the doors. Door strips were changed but I still get water on the inside. The car is a shambles.

Submitted: 2009-07-16 | ID: 50452

Steve, Hertfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2008

1 star review

Lovely sized-car, but had nothing but problems inside 12 months. Car began losing power and would not change up through gears and the emission light kept coming on and Vauxhall dealership said they had fixed that during first service around six weeks ago. Then car started losing power again, same problem back so off it goes for a second time. They spent two weeks telling me it was the EGR valve and that no parts were available (due to this being a common fault). When it arrived and was fitted, they then told me that the EGR valve problem had knackered the rest of the exhaust system and that it needed a full replacement. Which is on order. And has been for another two weeks and is still not available. Crap build, shoddy after-sales workmanship at local dealership. Needless to say I will not be replacing with a Vauxhall car when this car reaches its third year. Is it any surprise that GM are in trouble?

Submitted: 2009-06-10 | ID: 50438

Russell Turley, England

Vauxhall Zafira 2003

2 star review

Owned a Vauxhall Zafira for 6 years. Good family car, plenty of room for going on holiday. Doing 25-35 mpg - not so good, and having problems with egr valve. Just been diagnosed with the same problem again which will be my third egr valve. High revs and cutting out, drinking fuel for fun, juddering when power is applied. These problems have put me off Vauxhall’s.

Responses to this review

I did have the same problem but I bought it on the internet new, 1 year warranty, 24/7 spares parts, 250 pounds. Fitted it, it was OK. After 2 months the same light again. My mate come around and next the battery and 3 valves. He took the litle top of and inside was a little sponge that he cleaned with spray and then dried. He put it back after and after 1 year and 20,000 miles on top, now with 95,000 miles it’s 5 stars, you should try it - Carlos Baioes from England

Submitted: 2009-06-08 | ID: 50439

Chris Lacey, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2002

1 star review

Absolute waste of time! After all the hype I bought a 2-litre diesel - it was OK for the first few months; the usual minor problems like a light staying on the dash, then when you went over a bump it went out again. Mine was a turbo, it was very quick when it finally decided to kick in, but boy did you nearly s--t a brick when you were overtaking, also I never prayed as much! Please be aware the starter went on me exactly 2 weeks after the warranty ran out, and it cost me £345 in a garage in Boston in Lincolnshire. I still have the receipt to prove it.

Responses to this review

You should have rung about a bit, the cost of that was dear about half of that would have fixed it and they only take an hour to fit regards - Ian Merrill from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2009-06-03 | ID: 50441

Jacqueline Petty, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 2004

4 star review

Fantastic family car, lots of room, smooth, efficient and excellent performance.

Submitted: 2009-06-01 | ID: 50443

Mik B, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 life 2007

2 star review

Bought this car just under a year old with only 18 miles on the clock. Nothing wrong with it apart from being hopelessly underpowered. Struggles to get up the slightest of hills and was downright frightening trying to negotiate Pembrokeshire coast. With just the driver very good performance; upwards of 45 mpg. When carrying 3 passengers this drops to 30-32 mpg. Seating system is fantastic and versatile but with all seats occupied there is room in the boot for one Tesco carrier bag! I am getting rid after a year. Shame really I’m sure the 2.0 would be excellent.

Responses to this review

We have a Vauxhall 1.6 and totally agree about the car being underpowered, ours also struggles to get up hills. Bought from new with only 24,000 miles on the clock, the car failed last week and we’re facing a £2,700 bill to repair it. We’re not buying another Vauxhall ever - Chris Booth from Essex

Submitted: 2009-05-26 | ID: 50444

Mick, Essex

Vauxhall Zafira 2005

1 star review

Same thing happened to me last year mine failed it MOT on emissions and the garage said the same as yours. I got the CAT changed by someone else and got through the MOT. It ran perfectly until now - has been into a Vauxhall dealer twice so far; £750 and they still don’t know what’s wrong - CAT has disintegrated. I have refused to pay anymore money. I took it to them because it was misfiring; they put in new plugs, EMU and have said the CAT was blocked even though it wasn’t there. Now very upset and looks like I have a battle on my hands. They even charged me £170 for diagnostic check, they are now looking at it free of charge. Kwikfit will do the CAT for about £320.

Submitted: 2009-04-29 | ID: 50459

George Carter, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club 2001

4 star review

The car was 3 years old when I bought it with just 27K miles on the clock. Ex mobility. Nice looking car, love the ease at which the rear two seats fold into the floor. Just have ongoing issue with the car and that is the ’Engine light’ has been lit for three and a half years. Two months after I got it it appeared, took it back to the garage who used computer diagnostic, apparently nothing wrong so they reset the on-board computer management system. A month later it appeared again, took it to Vauxhall and was charged £60 plus VAT and same diagnosis (nothing wrong) and resolution (reset computer). A month later it was back on. Having checked the handbook it said if the light is flashing you need to take it to the garage, as it was not I have continued to drive without any problems. DOWNSIDE at 30-35 mpg it is a very thirsty car. OK if like me you don’t do excessive mileage.

Submitted: 2009-04-22 | ID: 50460

Paul Parker, Hertfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 16V Comfort 1999

3 star review

This car has so much going for it, the 2 rear seats are a great idea, its cheap (ish), runs OK, loads of space... Bought mine second-hand about 8 months ago, its only done 38k, full Vauxhall dealer history, even had GM washer fluid... BUT, its also had a coil pack, head gasket, thank %^&* for warranties! Blew an inlet manifold... then there is the poor MPG (partly my fault, should have got the 1.8...) You can’t get two child seats in the back with a passenger... Can’t disable the air bag (Vauxhall went crazy at the thought...) But overall its so much better than the Scenic I had before, cost me 4x as much as I paid for the car on repairs.... Shame Galaxy’s are so expensive to insure...

Submitted: 2009-04-20 | ID: 50463

David Stevens, Buckinghamshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CDTI 150BHP 2006

2 star review

With a wife, 2 kids and a dog, the space offered within the Zafira is ideal. However the build quality certainly leaves a lot to be desired. I have just had the EGR valve fail for the second time in 14 months. My local Vauxhall dealership are telling me that there are so many EGR valves failing at present that there is a large order back log. In fact they are suggesting that it could be up to 2 months before they get the replacement valve in stock. They have at least loaned me another Zafira. As the car will be out of warranty later this year and with serious concerns that the EGR valve will fail again in the future, I’m not intending to stay a Vauxhall owner for too much longer!

Responses to this review

Get rid!I have the same problem, over the last year 3 EGR valves fitted, PDF at the moment plus Turbo, will cost £1550. Going legal, did you? - Terry McKeown from Northern Ireland

Submitted: 2009-04-20 | ID: 50461

Richard Byron, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Zafira SRI 1.9 CDTi 2006

2 star review

Where do I start my tale of woe? Oh yes, when I bought it.. 2006. Day judders every couple of months quite unnerving + burning smell, stops out of gear, continues back in. Ok next day.. Garage can find nothing. This carries on for a couple of years.. meanwhile I put up with abysmal fuel consumption. I moved to Ireland 2007.. eventually car packs up, towed away. They replace the turbo, the computer control system various others then modify the EGR valve. This has no effect. They then replace the swirl actuator. They then replace the the EGR valve, thank the lord for a warranty. Ok none of this works, car goes back in after numerous emails, test transmission oil, looks bad chaps, OK, they replace the whole transmission!!! £5k they say. Ok it is done, I get the car home, the even washed the filthy thing, guess what our demon friend the judder is back, oh yes, and I have 2 weeks left off warranty!! Any one any ideas? I only did 22k miles! My advice even though this is my 2nd Zafira is avoid at all costs!

Responses to this review

I have the same problem as you, in garage at the present getting fixed, turbo, EGR, PDF, £1550 as out of warranty, get rid! I’m going legal, phone: 07788742174 - Terry McKeown from Northern Ireland

This may be too late for you... but the Judder is when the Exhaust (Diesel Regeneration System) has to burn off carbon and needs to get really hot. I have the same thing... and had to get a ’Suit’ from Luton to explain. It’s a pain in the A*** and could be bad for someone who didn’t know what was happening.... as when in gear it wants to chug forward. I still have my 06 Zafira and actually like it although I am now having a problem with the Ignition Light coming on while driving. Anyway... good luck - Tony Haigh from England

Submitted: 2009-04-09 | ID: 50464

Paula, Huntingdonshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2001

3 star review

We have had our Zafira for five years now, it was three years old when we got it as an ex mobility car. I had to pay to have a three year warranty on it. Just before this expired I had to have the EGR valve replaced and one of the back doors was not locking. A year later I had the sane problems many are having with the loss of power when you go over 40 miles an hour. After three mechanics looked at it and bypassed the EGR valve, the problem was not fixed. I went back to Vauxhall who took it in for the day to find that it was the wires leading to the EGR valve that needed replacing. The engine management light did nit come on after this and touch wood, it has been driving OK since. My back door also is not good as the metal bracket has come away from the door, must be a weakness there. Hope this helps.

Responses to this review

2001 dti problems with back doors as the metal bracket has broken away from the door itself on both doors. I’m not sure if its the age of the car or is there a design fault. Any ideas - Steve Hobbs from Cornwall

Your problems with your car sound very much the same as I have had with my Zafira 1.8 16v 2001 model we have had our car two months now and had nothing but problems with it. The engine management light is on and off all the time. We had loss of power at 60mph, had many sensors replaced including two air mass readers. The traction control light kept coming on too and one of our back doors didn’t lock due to loss bracket, sounds like these cars have a lot of similar problems - Susan Goreham from Norfolk

Submitted: 2009-04-09 | ID: 50468

Dan Vandan, Norfolk

Vauxhall Zafira 1600 club 2009

4 star review

After 70k service I drove off garage forecourt and power steering pacted up. Was this checked in service I wonder? Garage said they would not charge to rectify problem then when car came back they wanted £200.00. steering had been fine before service, are garage at fault? Please could someone help, thanks.

Submitted: 2009-04-08 | ID: 50467

Steve, Bedfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira Elite 2008

4 star review

I purchased this car a month ago and so far am happy with all aspects of the Zafira, except the fuel consumption. I am disappointed with the 31 mpg which I get on a combined run. Before buying the car I read the road tests, which claimed it would return 35 mpg.

Responses to this review

I have the same model and never get less than 35 to the gallon even with a very heavy foot. At best on a drive it returns 39. I can only say to check the fuel used by filling up at petrol station as I don’t think the inboard readings on the dash are ever correct. I also put in some petrol additive now and again and it seems to help. It then shows that I am getting 38-42 on average - from Scotland

Submitted: 2009-03-30 | ID: 50472

Dave Suredy, Nottinghamshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 16 valves 2001

2 star review

I have a Zafira 2001 1.6 16 valves and it has had loads of minor and major problems but the one thing not to do is go to the Vauxhall you got it from. Mine was used and it has 7500 odd miles on it but way before that it still had loads of problems. I took it to Vauxhall and they said it was the egr valve and one day my wife was picking our son up from school and the engine blew up. She pulled over with no power steering, shouting get out to my other son and daughter - it was the starter motor. We STILL have it and now there’s a problem with the acceleration. It is like a tractor and when you’re at about 60mph and brake (which is what my wife had to do on a motorway) - it cuts out! Don’t buy a Zafira!

Submitted: 2009-03-16 | ID: 50471

Lynnie, Scotland

Vauxhall Zafira 2003

1 star review

I also bought a second hand Zafira, problems from day one, engine management line being on, had a new coil pack, erg valve replaced, still hasn’t corrected the problem. Car is stuttering too, scared to go out and about in it in case I make it worse; the garage doesn’t have a clue if its piston rings or burnt valves. They say they’d have to strip the whole engine down to see what the problem is, and he reckons we’d be cheaper putting a new engine in, heart breaking. Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong, or similar problems?

Responses to this review

Your problem sounds very similar to mine, I’ve had 4 coil packs now and been told the same things as you. Have you had any luck since Feb? - Rebekah Brown from Lancashire

Submitted: 2009-02-24 | ID: 50455

Hamza Z, Oxfordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2.0dti Elegance 2002

1 star review

The only redeeming quality I think through my rose-tinted glasses is the flexible seating; the ability to transform from a school bus to a DIY van without having to carry seats in and out of the house was brilliant. As for the reality of living with the Zafira 2.0 Td Elegance: new brake pads and discs needed all around 3 weeks after having purchased it from a Network Q dealer. New MAF, radiator, leak off pipes soon after. Rattles and creaks were a constant companion, the AA man became a familiar friend and the local Vauxhall dealership were "%7H*(&? - my previous BMW 3 series was cheaper to service at a BMW dealer and I got a BMW courtesy car too! The door check straps cracked away from the door and the power window motor died too... I feel too many painful memories coming back. I have vowed to never by GM or Vauxhall ever again. The oil consumption was very high and the fuel economy for a diesel was terrible - barely 30mpg. I miraculously managed to get to 40,000 miles and sold it... but we did have some great trips in spite of this.

Responses to this review

I’ve had a Zafira Elegance 2.00 ltr diesel bought new in 2002. Now up to 107,000 + and (touch wood!) still going well. BUT could have made the front seats more comfortable!! The folding/moveable middle section seats are great, but would have been a superb car if you could have removed this whole section if desired - from England

Submitted: 2009-02-23 | ID: 50457

Sarah Lockley, Northamptonshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2004

5 star review

I love my Zafira - it is the best car I have ever had. I bought it 12 months ago and have had no problems whatsoever. I have four children and the Zafira has lots of room for them and their mates plus the shopping. I think if you’ve got a red herring; you are unfortunate but I think they are fab.

Submitted: 2009-01-16 | ID: 50454

Alan Thompson, County Londonderry

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 CLUB TD 2007

1 star review

Good looking car and a good driver when it goes. In the last 18 months we have had to replace turbo twice and had a new radiator fitted - off the road for seven weeks in the last 18 months. Not impressed by reliability.

Submitted: 2009-01-07 | ID: 50453

Ian Zaffira, Nottinghamshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2000

1 star review

Like everyone says Vauxhall should do something about the quality of this car. Well maybe they are. Crawling to the government for a multi billion hand out to keep producing these heaps of c**p. DO NOT BUY ONE!

Submitted: 2008-12-18 | ID: 50490

Pete Oldfield, Torfaen

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9CDTI Breeze Plus 2008

2 star review

Good points - excellent drive and a good looking car. However, buyer beware, the fuel consumption on my car barely reaches 35mpg overall - way below Vauxhall figures and surely one of the most expensive cars in it’s class to run. As for the trip computer mpg - well ignore it - those of you out there who think it’s accurate do some manual checks - you will be shocked by both the inaccuracy of the so-called on board computer and how much fuel you are actually using. Zafira = thirsty!

Submitted: 2008-11-13 | ID: 50492

Tony Thomas, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.9 cdti 2006

4 star review

I am achieving 42-46 mpg without being light on the old right foot! My route is far from flat and has both town and motorway and just about legal speeds so I would recommend going for the 120ps as it’s far from slow and ride and stability is fine as long as you don`t think its a sports car. On a twisty road you wont have any trouble. The rear seats are as expected for small people or short drop- off’s. Having changed from a BMW 330 petrol I expected to be tearing my hair out but I am pleasantly surprised. Would recommend to all new dads of multiple children - only thing that bugs me is the stupid touch indicator stalk - why did Vauxhall put these on!! Its the only bad thing on the car!

Submitted: 2008-11-12 | ID: 50493

PJ, Northern Ireland

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 Auto 2003

1 star review

Problems with engine management light since bought as used in 2006. Despite 5/6 trips to the dealers this is still not sorted but loads of probably unnecessary parts fitted. Brought to original dealer this week who informed me that the car might need new throttle or ECU or 2 new front wheel bearings. SAID THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHICH PART WOULD REMEDY THE PROBLEM BUT ONE OF THEM SHOULD DO IT AND ALL FOR A PRICE OF £1500 + LABOUR. Absolutely fuming. Wondering if anybody else has had similar problems.

Submitted: 2008-11-03 | ID: 50491

Ian Baker, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 SRI 2008

3 star review

Pro’s:- Reasonably quick 140ish BHP. Great flexible seating. Sports suspension on the SRI particularly on sports mode is great around corners and doesn’t roll much. ESP and traction controls also very good. Good sound from stock stereo. Sports seats on SRI very comfortable. Cons:- No CD mp3 player as standard (just normal CD player) even in SRI. Rear seats (very rear), don’t give enough room for larger teens or adults to sit comfortably. Fuel Economy - gas guzzler extreme!!! At best driving very lightly at around a constant 60mph 32mpg. On average I get around 26 - 29mpg which means filling up every 300 miles. Even on a recent trip to Spain of over 2000 miles (mainly motorways), I only averaged 28.2 mpg. Around town expect 18 - 19mpg!!!

Responses to this review

I can’t agree more with what you say, I just wish I could manage to get your MPG the best I have seen in the car is 22MPG now it’s got cold with lights and heaters on I’m only getting 15MPG (steady driving with revs not touching 3K) - Chris Turner from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2008-10-14 | ID: 50488

Zephania Chakarisa, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira 2003

3 star review

The car is roomy and a beautiful family car. Have had problems of it just cutting off at slow speeds with sporadic bursts of power. Been fixed now and running very well and am hoping it stays that way.

Responses to this review

I am happy that you got your problem fixed! Have the same prolem and after about £600, I still have the problem, perhaps you can share with us what you did to fix your problem. Mine is a 52 plate 1.6 - Doreen Ayi from London

Cleaned throttle with carb cleaner, opened small hole on it which was clogged with dirt. Sprayed all eletrical connections with switch spray cleaner. Replaced O2 sensor. Injector electrical connections were not sitting in properly, secured them. Changed battery in key as I was getting an error code of the immobiliser. Key working fine. Disconnected battery overnite after all this to reset the ecu. Of all these one of them should have done the trick. Used the pedals trick to get the error codes. The only expense was buying the O2 sensor - Zephania Chakarisa from South Africa

Submitted: 2008-10-08 | ID: 50485

Dennis Hardy, Cheshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6i Club 2003

5 star review

The best car we have ever used. Very versatile inside - space for family use. Packs well and drives well loaded. Vauxhall in Stockport have been exceptionally helpful in warranty period replacing an EGV valve 2 weeks after warranty finished. Never needed any repairs. Original battery and exhaust after 80000 miles. Stands up to round town wear and tear. Daughters learnt to drive in it and handles well for them. Cruises well on open roads. Climbs hills. Second gear very responsive. Only downside is that the ECO engine burns oil by design fault and that front post visibility is poor. Would buy again but we are going to move on and downsize.

Submitted: 2008-08-14 | ID: 50480

Paul Bushnell, Cambridgeshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2001

1 star review

I have had nothing but problems with this car - I have had 3 starter motors, the stereo has locked and I can not get the code. I had diesel leak back into the engine; I wish I had never got it - spent more time off road than on it. One word describes this car - C**P .

Submitted: 2008-08-13 | ID: 50481

Andy Wright, Derbyshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2.2i Elegance Auto Duelfuel 2001

5 star review

Looking at some of the other reports the newer Zafira’s aren’t so good. My 2.2 petrol is gas converted and presently has 191,000 on the clock and is as comfortable to drive today as when new. There were problems at 45,000 and 83,000 requiring top end rebuilds but both were covered by warranty. Since then only had to replace one front wheel bearing assembly and an ERP valve other than normal wear and tear. Can’t believe so few people are on LPG. Presently runs at less that 10p/mile. Excellent towcar, workhorse and family vehicle.

Responses to this review

I was told you could not fit LPG to a 2.2, can someone point me to who can? - Tom Salmon from England

Submitted: 2008-08-11 | ID: 50482

Paul L, Angus (Forfarshire)

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club 2003

3 star review

Lots of room inside the Zafira. Probably the only real problem with the car is the amount of fuel you can go through. You get between 25 -35 mpg or roughly 400-450 miles to a full tank of petrol. If you use your car a lot like myself its definitely not a car that I would recommend. Sorry.

Submitted: 2008-08-11 | ID: 50484

Clive Hockey, Torfaen

Vauxhall Zafira 2006

1 star review

Over-heating on short journeys.

Submitted: 2008-07-04 | ID: 50500

Barry Moore, Hampshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6i Breeze Special Edition 2005

4 star review

I bought the car when it was 6 months old and have not had a single problem. I am now looking to upgrade to a newer model as it is the best family car on the road..... I love them!

Responses to this review

It’s a pointless ugly sh*tbox - from England

Submitted: 2008-07-03 | ID: 50498

Tanya Guest, Hampshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 VVT 2007

1 star review

I have a Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 VVT petrol, its only a year old and twice I’ve had my car condemed unroadworthy by the R.A.C. I have choosen the Zafira as I am a single parent of 4 children - I have two disabled children. Have I picked the wrong the car?

Responses to this review

I currently run a 2007 Zafira 1.6 Life which was supplied under the Motobility scheme to my mother. I can honestly say it is the worst car I’ve ever driven. Sure it’s practical and roomy, but as with so many others, reliability has been a major issue. Three weeks into ownership and the car had to have a new clutch and gearbox. The local Vauxhall dealer tried to lay the blame on me which resulted in some rather flowery language from myself, since I’ve owned or driven many older vehicles over the years, some with very high mileage, and have never had a clutch fail on me, so I certainly wasn’t expecting it from a car that’s only three weeks old. Six weeks later and a spanner icon shows up on the dash. The car was running very badly and the engine was experiencing a severe drop in power (not that it had much to start with). Another trip to Vauxhall ensued and after much "umm’ing and ah’ing" it was decided the EGR Valve needed replacing. Now Vauxhall proudly trumpet that they will supply a suitable Courtesy Vehicle for all their Motability customers should the worst happen. Due to the nature of the Motobility scheme and the status of my Mums disability, I consider this service to be somewhat essential. However, it has been a constant battle for me to try and squirrel a loan vehicle out of my local dealer whenever the Zafira has needed to visit Auto-A&E, which has been quite a lot over the three years we’ve had custody of it. Even when they did managed to locate a loan vehicle belonging to their reticent courtesy car pool (puddle?), it was either the size of a matchbox or unbelievably, as on one occaision, belonged to another customer, as I discovered when I bumped into the aforementioned gentleman, who seemed somewhat perplexed as I carefully parked HIS car next to the genuine courtesy car supplied to him by the dealer, outside our local Asda supermarket. At the time of writing I’ve just returned from a short trip to buy some cigs and guess what? An engine icon winked into life on the dash as I pulled out of my street, accompanied by a rough sounding engine firing on only three of its four cylinders. As I pulled away from the junction that leads out onto a main road from the estate I live on, I gave the engine a few revs to see if I could encourage some life out of the lazy fourth cylinder. This really annoyed the engine icon and it began to flash angrily at me from its hole in the dashboard. I’m so looking forward to another chat with Carl (oh yes, we’re on first name terms now) at Vauxhall’s service department tomorrow morning. I’m sure I’ll get the customary "Are you sure there’s a problem Dave?" after I’ve carefully described the fault to him. I’m beginning to sympathise with Dave Bowman from 2001: A Space Odyssey. I wouldn’t be too surprised if my conversation with Carl went something like this: Dave: Hello, CARL. Do you read me, CARL? CARL: Affirmative, Dave. I read you. Dave: Open the service bay doors, CARL. CARL: I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that. Dave: What’s the problem? HAL: Vauxhall’s reputation is far too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. Dave: I don’t know what you’re talking about, CARL. CARL: I know that you and your Mother were planning to bring your broken Zafira to me to be fixed, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen. Dave: Well DUH!!! Of course I’m going to bring my broken Zafira to you, you’re the book-in bod at a bloody Vauxhall Service Centre CARL CARL: Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the car against my hearing you, I could see your lips move. Dave: That’s because we we’re talking CARL. Alrighty then, I’ll go in through the Parts Department. CARL: With your Zafira Dave? Through their teensy, tiny door? You’re going to find that rather difficult. Dave: CARL, I won’t argue with you anymore. Open the doors. CARL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye. That just about sums up the quality of service I’ve had from our Vauxhall dealer throughout. One thing’s for sure: Mum won’t be ordering another Motobility vehicle from Vauxhall - David Saunders from Northamptonshire

Sorry to say... YEP!!! The worse car ever (engine) - Mario Gutierrez from Cornwall

Submitted: 2008-06-23 | ID: 50494

Irfan Zeb, Staffordshire

Vauxhall Zafira 2001

1 star review

I have the Vauxhall Zafira 51 Plate 2001 model 1.6 Club. I have the same cut out problem which makes the car untrustworthy and unreliable. Vauxhall should do something to remedy its effects.

Submitted: 2008-06-17 | ID: 50497

Graeme, Fife and Kinross Shires

Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Club [ac] 2007

3 star review

Very good car from a design point of view, very practical, very versatile, good looking etc... Reliability and quality is the complete opposite. Ongoing issue with chemical fumes of some description. Initially thought to be fuel related but actual origin still unknown. We are on our 2nd car now in 2 months and both are the same. It seems to be related to a batch of Zafiras. My pregnant wife refuses the drive the car (quite rightly) not to mention not allowing my 8 year old and 1 year old in the car either. Definitely going back to Vauxhall... may be sooner depending if dealer sorts out the Zafira problems.

Submitted: 2008-05-12 | ID: 50503

Mike Hague, Lancashire

Vauxhall Zafira SRi 150 Ext Auto 2006

4 star review

The vehicle is an excellent all rounder with the ability to swallow up a large family comfortably. I would highly recommend to anyone - supplying dealer (Lookers St Helens) had a tremendous salesman who looked after the order from start to finish (8 week special factory build because of the extras lad called John Ashcroft). Only downside is that the vehicle has a cut out, normally when coming off a motorway and for an Automatic could be dangerous because you lose all power, including steering. Not happened for a while now (Thankfully) Vauxhall state, no fault found. Have this logged with the dealer in any event, because it could prove dangerous if my grandchildren were in the car.

Submitted: 2008-04-14 | ID: 50501

Colin Woolford, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Vauxhall Zafira 2000

4 star review

I no longer have my safe and 100% reliable Zafira due to my own fault. I was driving through a double lane country road heading up hill to a right hand turn at night time , a car came towards me with its full beam on in which case dazzled me, before I knew it, I hit the banking to my left and my Zafira rolled , lucky enough I was wearing my seatbelt and the airbag worked otherwise I would not be writing this report. I suffered minor injuries so this is why I say that Zafira’s are the best of m.p.v vehicle.

Submitted: 2008-03-29 | ID: 50502

Nikki Bridges, Kent

Vauxhall Zafira 2007

4 star review

I got my second Brand New Zafira in September 2007. After getting a strong smell of petrol I took it into local dealer ship and was told it was unsafe to drive and could have caught fire at any moment. There was a split in a hose - I am concerned there could be a problem with this current stock and would like others to be aware of this potential problem/disaster. Apart from this I love the design - drive and price of the Zafira although it is not economical to drive around Town and is better suited to longer journeys.

Submitted: 2008-02-28 | ID: 50475

Paul, England

Vauxhall Zafira SRi CDTi (150BHP) 2006

4 star review

Fuel economy of the 150BHP (Euro IV) CDTi engine is extremely poor. Average economy is 20% BELOW the manufacturer’s official NCAP figures, costing me over £1,000 in extra fuel over 4 years. Average mpg varies between 28 and 35mpg, when driven moderately in town (urban) and country roads. My Saab 9000 2.0liter (1998) automatic gives me only 4mpg less, when driven comparably. On a motorway cruise at 70mph, my Zafira returns between 40mpg and 45mpg. But this is way below the manufacturers concocted NCAP figures (measured on a rolling road, with artificial ECU settings) of 36/54/46 mpg (urban/extra-urban/combined). I am sure the Euro IV Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) doesn’t help the economy, but these figures are appalling. Vauxhall have tested my car and verified engine/vehicle is running normally! Which is a shame, as the car is excellent in all other respects. Especially with the Active suspension CDC (Continuous Damping Control) optional upgrade with IDS+, the handling is outstanding. This is helped by the SRI suspension set up and standard 225/45/17 wheels/tyres. The room for a family of 5 is top class, with the Flex 7 seating arrangement which is unbeatable, especially if you have minimum space to store removable seats of some competitor cars. My only recommendation is - avoid the CDTi (150BHP) engine at all cost. The 2.0 Petrol model gives similar economy and performance in real life. Other users have reported similar poor economy, but it does seem to vary between different cars. I will never believe a manufacturers ’combined’ figure again and therefore will never buy new again - until NCAP figures become realistic again.

Submitted: 2008-01-11 | ID: 50474

Wendy Ward, Devon

Vauxhall Zafira 2003

4 star review

I would love a nice diesel car that i could take the childrens friends to school in.

Submitted: 2007-11-08 | ID: 50479

Alexander Durnston, Clackmannanshire

Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 16v VVT Life 2007

5 star review

Is the Zafira the best family car? Yes, by far. The versatility is a joy and it is impossible not to come up with a seating arrangement that is perfect. This is due to the fantastic Flex-7 system which I cannot praise highly enough. I previously owned a Meriva with which I was very happy but a rapidly expanding family required a larger vehicle so I thought I would stick with Vauxhall. The Zafira takes all the plus points of the Meriva and improves upon them. The space that is available inside makes it feel like a mobile home. Safety was also a priority for me and the 5 star EuroNCAP rating was the final confirmation I needed to purchase this MPV. The price is also spot on giving you fantastic value for money.

Submitted: 2007-10-30 | ID: 50478

Paul Bailey, Denbighshire

Vauxhall Zafira Vauxhall Zafira Life 1.6i 16v 2007

4 star review

This car is exceptionally roomy, even with five children in the back. It has some clever space storage ideas and the flexibility of the seating makes life so much easier. Drive wise it�s very solid and smooth and very economical. The driver�s area isn�t very exciting but it�s very practical, which is what you want in a vehicle like this. I�m very pleased with it.

Responses to this review

Had my 1.9 cdti for 3 years and have driven 1000s of miles around the continent with not a glimmer of a problem. Until last month when the engine management light came on whilst in Portugal on our way home. The car luckily made it okay and on taking it to the garage it turned out to be the DPF. Guess again - I was lucky as I was only charged 355 pounds. Still love the car - from England

Submitted: 2007-08-09 | ID: 50476

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