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Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch consumer car reviews

John McCarthy, Lanarkshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 140bhp 18sri vvt 2009

5 star review

Terrific car, looks gorgeous. Also the sport button’s good, it creates a very jerky movement. Very quick car, love it!

Submitted: 2012-10-29 | ID: 48966

Dane Ross, Essex

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 2012

5 star review

I only got mine yesterday, but so far I love it! I’ve been fiddling with all the buttons and took it for a good old drive and wow, what a fantastic machine. The accelerator is super sensitive and it all changes with sport mode. The handling is great and it looks great.

Submitted: 2012-03-19 | ID: 48964

Paul, Surrey

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch SRI XP 1.6T 180 2008

5 star review

This is my 4th Astra H and definitely the best. Astra’s don’t get enough credit for their handling, which the Stig said would be nigh on perfect if the power delivery of the vxr model was smoother. It’s up there with the Renault megane 225 - surprising? Well here’s where the 180 horse power Sri turbo comes in. Smooth delivery, plenty of power (quite a bit faster then the 1.9 150, which I’ve previously owned) and an exhaust note that sounds great. The good thing about this engine is if you drive very light footed you can get 33-35mpg around town and 40 max on the motorway, although when you use the power that will drop to 25mpg or less. One thing I must say is don’t run cheap tyres on the front as in the wet you don’t get much grip at all, but a pair of decent ones will fix this. Overall I believe the Astra is good value, has nimble handling even on 18’s, the brakes are strong, looks great with the xp kit and I enjoy driving it every day. If you can get past badge snobbery then you’ll enjoy it too!

Submitted: 2012-01-25 | ID: 48965

Charles Burley, Ayrshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch sxi 1.4 petrol 2009

5 star review

I have had this car just over a year now and I find it nice to drive, very quiet and it has good acceleration for 1.4. It has also never let me down in any way. The only things needing replaced at its 20,000 miles service was the droplinks on the front. I bought it from Peter Vardy, Motherwell, and I had a few problems with the purchase due to human error; it took about a month of shouting to get to the right person to sort it out and as a goodwill gesture I was given a voucher for a free service. However, when the time came to use voucher I was a bit reluctant to take it to Peter Vardy, but times are hard and money is short so I thought I would use the voucher. To my Pleasant surprise I was treated very well and I was kept informed as to how long it would take (2 hours) and got coffee and refreshments while I waited. I could not believe that it was the same garage. 5 stars for the car and the service!

Submitted: 2011-10-17 | ID: 48962

Wayno, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch VXR 2008

5 star review

Sloppy poo off a polished shovel! I love my car and defend it down to the ground against my mates BMWs, Audis and MINIs. The only thing the VXR lacks is a slightly better interior. Other then that it’s awesome! Not lost to anyone yet and I’ve done 160 in it (on a track of course). Oh and it’s quite a job to keep it in a straight line in the wet but that just adds to the excitement.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-08-25 | ID: 48963

Mark Strand, Devon

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.8 2009

5 star review

Tiptop, what a machine.

Submitted: 2011-03-30 | ID: 48960

Mark Fannon, England

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.9 turbo diesel 2009

5 star review

Love my car! Excellent performance, great looking car, fast and furious! Love it!

Submitted: 2011-03-13 | ID: 48961

Rob Clarke, Warwickshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.9 CDTI Design 2010

5 star review

Superb car, regular 52 mpg, even when driven hard, excellent finish, well equipped and a good looking vehicle.

Submitted: 2010-10-02 | ID: 48958

Steven, Aberdeenshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.8vvt auto 2009

2 star review

My mum bought her astra sporthatch about 3 moths ago it was an 09 plate. I have driven it quite a few times, my usual car being a T reg Pug 306 rallye. I expected good things from the astra but was severly dissapointed. Its engine is boring and pithless. The chassis is very badly balanced, and the handling through fast bends is scary. Then onto handling in the rain, it doesn’t. Overall this is a terrible car and is only used for going to the shops.

Submitted: 2010-09-26 | ID: 48959

Mike Hamm, Yorkshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.9 CDTI 150 2004

4 star review

Bought my astra 1.9 CDTI 150 in 2004 and have just clocked 117,000 miles. It still goes like a rocket. List of repairs include: air con full unit, full suspension springs all round, new discs and pads all round, 4no EGR valves, wiper linkage kit, radiator pipes. The trouble is that all the parts have to be Vauxhall and cost a fortune e.g wiper linkage £220 plus VAT plus fitting. What a rip off! A BMW is cheaper...

Submitted: 2010-06-17 | ID: 48955

Ellie Geary, Dorset

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.9 diesel 2007

5 star review

Super car to drive. Handles really well; have had no problems with it. Economical to drive plus great looking car and comfy inside. I use this car for work and have really enjoyed it.

Submitted: 2010-06-10 | ID: 48954

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Leslie Somogyi, Bedfordshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.6 SXi 16v 2006

4 star review

Having lived with the car for nearly 4 years and driven 40,000 motorway miles I can safely say the mechanicals are second to none. The engine is smooth and refined with a good exhaust note, but is a underpowered at low revs and manages only around 25-30mpg. The car has had a service every year with oil changes and it has passed its first MOT with flying colours. The car has also been kind to tyres as the first full set only had to be changed at 30,000 miles. The wear was even which shows that the steering is balanced. The interior is very comfortable if a little grey. The finish to the interior upholstery is of a high quality. The stereo which comes as standard is of a good standard, with steering wheel controls. The exterior design of the vehicle is striking. Its a vehicle that can be recognised in silhouette form and has since been emulated both by the Renault Megane and VW Sirocco. The only flaws with the design are that the rear window is very small and visibility is reduced and the side doors because of the size and weight loosen the door stops. A turn on the T screw rectifies this problem. The vehicle is also very wide for its size, making parking more difficult, than with the previous Astra.

Submitted: 2010-01-28 | ID: 48957

Gordon Smillie, Argyllshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch sxi 1.4 black 2007

4 star review

Great car, very realiable and good fun to drive for a 1.4. It looks good handles well at speed and is comfortable to drive. Cheap to run, around 45 miles to a gallon. The only downside is the very noisy air con and the poor demister takes ages!!!! (especially on cold frosty mornings). Other than that it is a great little car that looks great and drives well.

Submitted: 2009-09-23 | ID: 48956

Charles Coleman, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch sri 1.9 cdi td 2007

4 star review

Further to my report of the front discs and pads scored and worn after just 16,000 miles. Vauxhall admit there is a problem, and they re placed both front discs and pads, they also admit there is a LARGE problem with the Astra rear springs failing, and breaking, and as such, they have extended their normal 3 yr warranty for the springs to 4 yrs, however, they refused to uprate the springs on my car, so BEWARE if cornering/braking hard.

Submitted: 2009-07-17 | ID: 48982

Charles Coleman, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.9 sri tdci 150 bhp. 2007

3 star review

I purchased this car NEW two yrs and one week ago. It has been driven only 16.000 miles. It just recently went for a full service, and the mechanic at Nationwide service centre Kings Lynn called me into the workshop to look at the inner front brake discs. Whilst the outside of the discs were nice and smooth, the inner side of the discs were heavily scored!! and the inner pads heavily worn down. The mechanic stated this was a common fault on these late models. I was also told the rear springs had a tendancy to break without warning. I immediately visited a main Vauxhall dealer, who said he had never known this to happen before!!. ditto rear springs. Vauxhall will guarantee the front discs and pads for 18,500 miles under warranty, but after that, it’s classed as wear and tear. But at 18,000 miles, NEW DISCS AND PADS?????, I had a Sierra that did 250.000 miles and needed one set of new front pads. Whats the cause, and the cure, and why havn’t Vauxhall had a re- call, or admitted this is a potentaly dangerous mechanical failure, which could cause a fatal accident and do something about it?. JC

Submitted: 2009-07-09 | ID: 48983

Marie Worsdale, Hertfordshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 2007

4 star review

Anybody out there with am Astra SRI that gets a clonking sound between 10 & 20 mph? Vauxhall say that’s what they do!

Responses to this review

They all make a clunking noise. I was told it was the ABS - Ian Finlay from England

If it’s just one clonk when you move off at between 10-20 mph, it’s the ABS brakes self testing. If it is that then it’s perfectly normal - Chris W from Cheshire

Hi, we had a clonking noise too, it turned out to be the fly wheel. If it had not been for Vauxhall and my local dealer and you have the same problem, it’s just over £1,000 - Mark Souter from Cambridgeshire

Submitted: 2009-06-26 | ID: 48978

Alan Westwood, Lincolnshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.8 SRi 2007

4 star review

Great little car. I bought it after enjoying a 1985 1.8 SRi for 14 years. While the old one was a racing roller-skate, the new one is heavier and slower off the mark, but once on the move this thing handles like a dream. I’m getting a steady 34 mpg as a commuter/shopper. There are no problems yet after 18 months/10,000 miles. Rear visibility is very bad, but I knew that when I bought it, so specified the reversing sensors as an essential extra. The leather pack was a worthwhile add on, as was the auto climate control. I have only two observations/complaints. Maybe its the angles of the window frames, but I can never park this thing square in a car park slot. The choice of colours is sad. Unless you’re buying a VXR, you can get it in 11 colours, most of which are shades of silver.

Responses to this review

I get the same clunking noise, did you find out what it is? - Michael Horn from Dumbartonshire

Don’t let them fob you off. My Astra gear box went after 40,000 miles. It was one month out of warranty. It’s not what they do it’s the gear box on its way out. Trust me, Vauxhall admitted to me that every Astra 2007 has got a faulty gear box and should have been recalled - Tony Daniels from England

Submitted: 2009-05-12 | ID: 48975

Helen Herbert Palmer, Dorset

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch Astra Sport Hatch 2008

3 star review

I picked up my new car with great anticipation, only to bring it back the very next day. I had a added feature of a swimming pool in the boot of my car. so for a week or two I was without my brand new spanking car. Now six months down the line I am now told I need a new gearbox. As a lady driver I don’t reckon I would be classed as a racing driver although I do like to put my foot to the floor on occasions. So a six month car having to have gear box replaced doesn’t do much for its reputation. I really am very disappointed with the car on the problems I have encountered.

Submitted: 2009-04-14 | ID: 48973

Jack Fielding, England

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.4 sxi 2008

5 star review

I’ve recently bought an 08 Astra a 1.4 sxi - quite impressed although the back window is very small and hard to reverse with. With a top speed of 112mph - it is smooth on the motorway at 100mph. Great sporty look and fuel consumption good too.

Submitted: 2009-01-07 | ID: 48974

Carl Wallis, England

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 2.0 gsi redtop 1991

4 star review

Handles like a go kart!

Submitted: 2008-08-19 | ID: 48967

Russell Peace, Hampshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.7 CDTI Design 2006

4 star review

Had my Sporthatch now for just over 2 years and no complaints. Went for 1.7 diesel as economy rather than performance was important. However, she cruises down the M Way at 85-90 with out a problem and has plenty of power to keep me busy on the B Roads. Handles Like magic!!! Just about to change the car so going for the 19 CDTI 150 SRI exterior pack next. To sum up the Sporthatch, excellent value for money and great looks!!!!!

Submitted: 2008-02-20 | ID: 48969

Levi Collins, England

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.8 SRI XP 2007

5 star review

This car is amazing, I’ve had it now for 6 Months and have yet it has not failed to impress me, and it definitely delivers the goods. The XP version really does stand out next to the standard SRI and from the side you would think it was a VXR, the sport button mode is a joy, and yes it really does make a difference to the way the car handles and it instantly feels like you have got more under your right foot, it just takes off, it also corners very well sticking the car to the road surface, it will easily go round islands and then come out of them at 50 mph no problem at all, and without the feeling of impending doom, because you are so low to the ground on those low pro tyres, just great. Having said all that their is just a couple of things that i would change if i was designing this car again, those would be the radio needs to be a lot more bassy, and the exhaust back box could do with sounding more sporty, apart from that I’m a very happy fella indeed, and would and have recommended this car to my friends, so if you want a car that looks the dogs B then you should go and take a look at SRI XP model, because insurance is group 8E, compared with the VXR which is group 17E, a big difference when it comes to shelling out each year.

Submitted: 2008-01-07 | ID: 48968

Natalie Mahon, Middlesex

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch VXR 2007

5 star review

This is the top hot hatch! A beautiful looking machine with a 2 litre engine that can do 0-60 in only 6 seconds. The VXR can do more than 150 mph but so far I’ve just pushed it to 110mph one early morning (4am) on a desterted motorway, it didn’t even break into a sweat!

Submitted: 2007-11-07 | ID: 48972

Peter Luscombe, Cheshire

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch VXR 2007

5 star review

Asbolutely amazing car, very quick and well built. Unfortunatuly I live in an affluent area and was targeted and subsequently car jacked 6 weeks after i bought it... so its probably not the best car to buy unless you carry a 12 bore in your glove box.

Submitted: 2007-10-29 | ID: 48971

James Fallow, Northumbria

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch Astra Sport Hatch 1.8 16v VVT 2007

4 star review

I’ve had this car now for 5 months now and am very pleased indeed. The engine has a great sound to it and the handling is superb. No complaints so far.

Submitted: 2007-08-10 | ID: 48970

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Road tests

Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch

1.4 SXi - Performs efficiently and handles brilliantly. A sporty looking exterior, quality is by far the first word that comes to mind. A comfortable ride with plenty of head room in the front and back. A worthy successor to previous Astra models.

Road Test Reports Says 4 star ratingFull Report
An image of the Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch 1.4 SXi

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