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Toyota Hilux consumer car reviews and road tests

4.5 stars - average customer rating
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Toyota Hilux consumer car reviews

chris earith , Suffolk

Toyota Hilux 2008 - 2009

4 star review

I also have a 2008 landrover 110 utility truck with roller doors at the sides which has been the best vehicle for my job ( pest control ) now me being 6.3" and a tad !! over 19 stone there is just no room in the cab ,so to get into my hilux is a dream and a pleasure to drive my only complaint is 15" wheels on an invincible ltd edition , I want to put 265x75x16s on with modular rims but nobody seems to give me a straight answer as to why I can or cant ie is there any safety reasons why I cant and have any of you guys had the same problem and over come it

Submitted: 2016-08-14 | ID: 134347

Lesley, Bridgend

Toyota Hilux 1979 - 2005

5 star review

Hi all, not really one for reviewing cars trucks etc.: I recently bought a second-hand Hilux 2.5 D 270 VX D4D Double cab 4WD. I'm still getting to grips with it as its bigger than the Toyota Land cruiser SWB commercial that I previously had ( and couldn't afford to replace long story really rated it 10 stars)) . What I'm not happy with is no seems to be able to give me a straight answer about it's towing capacity plate under the hood has 4 codes and no explanation hand book does not give any details. My swb pulled 3 ton no problems but need to know what's legal with this one as I not only tow caravan but also my horse trailer with carriage attached. Apart from this query I am very impressed with vehicle and in response to a query I read on here mine has separate diff lock button to press but only when in low gears to switch it on and off. Please does any one understand Toyota plate details 2780kg 4765 kg 1- 1180 kg 2- 1670 kg Payload is 1045kg this is only figure in hand book I am assuming that the first figure is kerb weight but not sure I am running on 15 x 255/70R tyres. Thanks for any assistance any one can give me. Lesley

Responses to this review

The first figure IS NOT the kerb weight. 1 = the Maximum Permissible Weight (MPW) of the front axle. 2 = the MPW of the rear axle. 2780kg = the MPW of the vehicle by itself. 4765kg = the MPW of the vehicle + any trailer. Kerb weight is the weight of the vehicle without load or driver/passengers, MPW is the weight of the vehicle AND load/driver/passengers. - from Portugal

Thank you so much for your response. Why could not aToyota dealer give me that answer.! - from Bridgend

Submitted: 2015-06-28 | ID: 117798

Martin 2010, Buckinghamshire

Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2011

5 star review

Hi, got a Hilux Invincible 2010 face lift, it's got 17" wheels, do the 15" fit this? Looks close on front brakes, wanna run 12.5/33/15 tyres, has anyone done this?

Responses to this review

40k now smell the clutch burning when back up drive way .with no riding and paint is poor for scratches - Martin 2010 from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2015-02-08 | ID: 111099

Robert, Norfolk

Toyota Hilux 2005 - 2011

3 star review

Hi, I got stuck with the truck and could not find any diff lock! Old 2002 had diff lock, this one does not have it. Does anyone know why it does not have diff lock?

Responses to this review

I have the 2012 3.0D and dif lock only comes on when low box is selected. There is no separate control for it. - from Fife

Submitted: 2014-11-09 | ID: 105948

Paul Atkinson, Yorkshire

Toyota Hilux 280 VX MWB 2005

4 star review

I bought this vehicle last year and though it is in vgc, the tyres were shot, and I had difficulty in getting 15" off road tyres, as I need to use it off road for my work. I eventully found Toyo All Country tyres and since fitting them I have had no problem in thick mud, snow, etc.

Submitted: 2013-02-10 | ID: 48188

Juan Lopez Wolf, Nicaragua

Toyota Hilux 2008

5 star review

I have had a Hilux since 1988. Today I have a 2008 and still running and working off road the 88 model. Hilux, priceless, for everything else there’s Mastercard!!!

Submitted: 2011-02-18 | ID: 48181

Jack Thompson, Worcestershire

Toyota Hilux 2010

5 star review

Hi! I have had my Hilux now for 6 months and the thing is awsome, I had a l200 before and the Hilux is a much better vehicle. I have driven all pickups in the double cab range and the Hilux came out ontop in all areas. If you want a good quality pickup then you won’t go wrong buying a Hilux.

Submitted: 2011-01-31 | ID: 48180

Mike Hansen, Kent

Toyota Hilux Invincible 2010

5 star review

My recent purchase of Hilux Invincible is the best yet. This is my third Invincible, and coming after the 200 limited edition I did not think it could be bettered. But it is. I use my Invincible collecting Military equipment spares all over East and Western Europe, nearly always on the legal limit of weight, and I have never had a problem. Only my first one was manual, with the last two being Auto. The torque of the Invincible makes having an Auto possible for comfortable driving. Even carrying full weight. I use Shell VP Diesel. It’s a little more expensive than ordinary diesel, but I find the truck runs well on it, and I get an extra 2/3mpg Great Truck. The Best yet.

Submitted: 2010-12-23 | ID: 48187

Glen Cadwallader, Moray (Elgin) and Nairn Shire

Toyota Hilux 2010

5 star review

I’ve got the Invincible on a 60 plate, in black, I specced rear deck, and urban pack, I didnt take leather as we get very severe frosts here, currently -13 as I write. I am overwhelmed with the quality of the truck, I have bf goodrich all terrain tyres fitted and this thing has been eating its way through any depth of snow, upto half a metre deep recently. It is not as fast as the Navara but it has a better 4wd system, it’s bigger beefier, looks a world better and can pull 3 ton with consumate ease; it’s a high torque engine. I waited 16wks for mine, it was worth the wait, cannot recommend this pick up enough.

Submitted: 2010-12-05 | ID: 48186

Martyn Homer, Gloucestershire

Toyota Hilux invincible 2010

5 star review

What a truck!!! Had four l200’s before, and they come nowhere near the Hilux. The ride is great and the sheer size of the thing is impresive. So quiet and the stereo system is great, spec it up with the sat nav and urban pack and it looks amazing. The Hilux is certainly the truck to have!!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-09-24 | ID: 48185

Darren Leese, England

Toyota Hilux Invincible 2009

4 star review

I Looked at all the vehicles in this class and quite honestly not one came near. I use the invincible every day. It gives a fantastic ride with the fuel economy to match. My only advise to a propsective buyer is get the truck but DO NOT FIT Toyota Reversing Sensors as they DO NOT WORK.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-08-04 | ID: 48182

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M Lewis, Middlesex

Toyota Hilux VX 270 2003

5 star review

This is the second I’ve owned, the first being a non turbo 2.8lt SSRX Japanese import which was totally reliable. The 2.5 D4D has much better performance over my old one and has been as relable as my previous one. I tow a caravan (For holidays might I add) and the VX 270 is much better than the old one. Only one thing I will say, is that I have just come back from a holiday in Spain and on my trip to Galicia on the north west coast above Portugal, the hills are fairly long and steep on the motorways. As I was packed to the brim plus child and wife, I had to put the foot to the floor in 3rd gear to get up quite a few of them. After a couple of hours, I thought I had blown up the turbo when all power died and I could hardly get up the hill. I managed to pull off the motorway and after about half an hour, the green engine light that had come on, went back off. I later find out after phoning my mechanic back in the UK, that the engine had gone into a get you home mode. It worked perfectly after that, but I was not so heavy footed after that. Having had 2 Hilux’s, it goes without saying that I would recommend without hesitation. I am going to buy another double next year. I am considering the Nissan Nevara and will test drive one, but will also look for a 3.0 D4D Auto.

Responses to this review

Would you recommend this for carrying hay to horses in Essex and towing a horse box plus three children - Hayley Elgood from London

Submitted: 2010-08-04 | ID: 48183

Sandy Maclennan, Ross and Cromarty Shires

Toyota Hilux 3.0 invincible 2008

2 star review

Guttless for towing (2 tonne plus), first gear way too high and clutch is going at 35,000 miles. Have been told that Toyota will replace foc up to 60,000 miles.Fuel consumption 22.4 mpg, I work mine! Save your money buy and older landcruiser 4.2 VX and get 25mpg plus.

Responses to this review

I have had three Hilux Invincibles, the lastest in 2008 (Limited Edition 200). The extra power of the chipped engine does make a great deal of difference. I tow a trailer with around two ton, plus around 10cwt on the truck. I started to use Shell VP Diesel, and this also makes a difference, not only to performance but adds an extra 3mpg. I have not had trouble with the clutch, and got 38,000 miles out of the tyres. I realise that around Scotland, the hills are liable to be steeper than my county, but try doing it with a Navara, and then see how you get on - Mike Hansen from Kent

I have a 2010 Hilux, been through two clutches and flywheels at 15k each time. Clutch burns when reversing an empty sheep trailer, let alone a full one. Nothing like the old Hilux. Very disappointed with Hilux and I know Fettes Sawmill in Muir of Ord had similar problems. Toyota refuse to admit the car is not up to the job, I hope more people will become aware that it is no good as a serious off road or towing vehicle eg for a farm. I am trading mine in for a Land Rover - Lucy Beattie from Ross and Cromarty Shires

Submitted: 2010-06-21 | ID: 48176

Mike Scott, Cheshire

Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X 2.4TDI Manual 1992

3 star review

Not a bad motor really, drove well, needed a 6th gear, 5th gear wasn’t tall enough. Mine was a slightly rare modified jap import though, so it had a high-flow full-through exhaust, 5" backbox. Induction kit, boost was increased, noisy wastegate etc. Buy a 90’s landcruiser amazon 4.2 V8 instead. Beast.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-02-06 | ID: 48179

Lew, Northamptonshire

Toyota Hilux 3.0 Invincible auto 2007

5 star review

We’d intended to get a used Amazon, but very strong used values coupled with hefty road tax penalties made us think about a pick up instead. Automatic is a must, Ford were just about to launch their own 3.0 litre automatic ranger, but no one at Ford could tell me where the engine or gearbox came from, and not wishing to be unpaid R&D for a new model we decided to check out others. Navara went into limp mode on the test drive and my wife hated the sound and drive of it, so that left new Mitsubishi L200 which looks odd and we really wanted a 3.0 litre for the extra torque anyway. It only left Toyota which was what we wanted anyway and having owned a Landcruiser 3.0 litre Diesel before which was completely reliable and built like the proverbial brick outhouse I knew the motor would be good... but you still have to check the opposition to confirm. So we test drove the Hilux, both liked it and Toyota did us a fair price... dead lucky here, we ordered 2 weeks before Top Gears North Pole trip was shown, wouldn’t have got any discount after that as no one knew of the new model prior to that. Vehicle turned up sure enough for 1st Sept, all good. Righto, the gearbox is a dream smooth changes and good instant pulling power, small criticism here, the engine has huge low speed power, maximum torque from 1400rpm, so even though the gearbox locks in 4th when up to speed it will change down before needed, shame Toyota couldn’t have put some sort of manual override button, we could semi permanently lock top gear on the open road, but hey ho as I said a minor point in the grand scheme of a good auto box. Nice little touch, there is a release button for the gearstick beside it, so you don’t need to turn the ignition on and put foot on brake to select neutral if you want to roll forward on a slope or example. Engine is very willing, reasonably quiet, and pulls like a train. The vehicle is high geared in top something like 2200 rpm at a genuine 80mph, so high speed cruising is easy though you can pay at the pumps for that. Fuel consumption varies between 27 and 30ish, the former if you boot it and you could get worse than that, the latter for normal running, which I think is reasonable for a 2 ton brick. Didn’t go for leather, 2 reasons didn’t like the one bland grey colour and it’s slippery and cold (no seat heaters) for my wife’s bum ;) that’s 3 reasons... Very good to drive, can be skittish in the wet, tyres need to be carefully chosen, I’m a user of winter tyres anyway during the cold spell and this vehicle is transformed on higher quality tyres, the original fitments weren’t the greatest in my humble opinion. Following that idiotic biased Elk test video on youtube Toyota had the knee jerk reaction of stopping using the 16" wheels on the Invincible and fitted 15" instead, they tried to get us to have new 15" (HL3) wheels under warranty but we’ve not had a problem with the handling save for my above comment over tyre choice, so we are still running the 16" wheels, if I’d wanted an HL3 I’d have bought one and saved myself a couple of grand. The paint seems a bit easy to scratch, and I daresay we’ll be having it repainted much better in a few years time, as this truck is here with us till the end of it’s days (or ours). This seems to be a problem with many new vehicles, this modern paints just don’t wear like the old stuff. Underside prone to rusting, definitely a case for heavy spraying with rustproofing chemicals/paint underneath. Mirrors though they are electric and very good being huge and well placed are not heated even as an option, this was a bad oversight and Toyota should really have offered a retro fit service to their customers with this... whether the 2009 facelift model has heated mirrors I know not. I have a bit of a feeling that they didn’t want Hilux pinching too many sales from Landcruiser, so didn’t make them too luxurious, mind you their pretty good anyway. Well it’s now exactly 2 years old, no problems at all as expected. Toyota’s service dept is it’s usual efficient self and the servicing costs are reasonable say around £180 for intermediate (year 1 and 3) and £270 for full (year 2), I don’t think that’s bad at all, and I do pay extra to have a new fuel filter annually, that for some reason isn’t in the service schedule, but I like my vehicles serviced proper like, and I slip in a half yearly oil change myself. Engine oil change is recommended at 9K miles by the way. The fuel filter has proper primer plunger fitted, unlike much of the competition which is just another old fashioned belt and braces approach to the way they build their working vehicles, a good thing as far as i’m concerned. Hope this is a little help to anyone considering a Hilux, I would recommend without hesitation, relatively simple tough pick up that should turn out to be totally reliable, and seems to be keeping it’s value quite well where the competition is being given away at 3 or so years old.

Responses to this review

Can I offer a couple of tips for your Hilux. I put around 5cwt in the rear of the truck, which greatly improves the road-holding in the wet, although it chips a couple of mpg off. But I then use Shell VP Diesel.Its a few pence more, but the performance is enhanced, and mpg increased to compensate. I have an Invincible 200 - Mike Hansen from Kent

Submitted: 2009-09-04 | ID: 48174

Justin Miles, Devon

Toyota Hilux 2008

5 star review

It’s every boys dream, whether they like to admit it or not, to drive a pick-up. Partly inspired by "living the American dream" of throwing a rucksack and a couple of fishing rods in the back of the truck and heading off into the wilderness for a weekend fishing camp; and partly by the notion of being able to chop down trees, dig holes, chuck tools in the back, and generally look like a roughty toughty tree surgeon type. If you live in the UK the chances are that your dream pick up is the doyen of it’s class, the Toyota Hilux. The Hilux has a reputation, and quite rightly so, for being the roughest, toughest, gruffest piece of metal ever formed into a utility vehicle. A few years ago Mitsubishi, realising that they could never out-do Toyota in the working pick up stakes, moved the goal posts and set a trend for a fashionable new style of pickup with the L200. With an advertising campaign aimed at prizing young professionals out of the seats of their sports cars and into something different (their TV ads featured beautiful people riding jet-skis straight onto the back of an L200) yuppies up and down the country were ditching their BMW M3’s in favour of the more rugged, go anywhere, do anything Mitsubishi L200. Whilst all of this was going on Toyota never ventured off of the path - they kept on making the same brutally rugged work truck. They stuck to what they were good at, and they kept their place at the top of the monkey tree. Then it all changed. For some reason, totally beyond my comprehension, Toyota changed tack and the Hilux metamorphosed into one of the new generations of "lifestyle" truck, just like the L200. Why? Why would they do that? It’s a little like overpainting the Mona Lisa with a ridiculous clown smile just to keep her "fresh" and "modern". The same fantastic performance levels are still there, but buried deep underneath a fashionable space age looking façade. The new Hilux doesn’t look like a work truck any more. Scratches, scrapes, and dents suited the old style Hilux, they looked like they were meant to be there - a little like an eye-patch on a pirate, or a red tie on a conservative MP. I can’t imagine being happy with even the slightest scratch on the new Hilux. At the first sign of a blemish I’d be straight down to the guys at the Plastic Surgeon for an invisible repair before I was hit with insomnia and fits of v omitting (please note the very deliberate plug for Sean Taylor and Rob Mouser of The Plastic Surgeon!). Once you’re behind the wheel of the new Hilux Invincible though, everything changes. Sat up in the cab you forget that you’re behind the wheel of one of the worlds best 4x4’s. The sumptuous leather, host of gadgets, minimal engine noise, and ample sound system all lead you to believe that you’re in a rather pleasant saloon; A BMW 3 series maybe, or the Saab 9-3. On the motorway the Invincible was, well, invincible. Acceleration was positive, and it sat quite comfortably at the maximum speed limit on Britain’s roads of 70 mph (which I obviously never exceed, even when test driving a new Porsche!) Around town the Hilux Invincible was easy to manage. Superb visibility combined with a good steering lock and more than a little luck meant that I could reverse into parking spaces without so much as a bead of sweat showing on my ever enlarging forehead. Then I got a little carried away, and in my not too wise wisdom decided to head out onto the farm to have a bash at the deeply rutted and very steep woodland rides cut into the hillside by the Dartmoor National Park Authority. My excitement was rapidly building as the Invincible made the journey through the narrow country lanes an interesting pleasure. I was almost disappointed as I pulled up at the top of the farm driveway. Heart pounding and breathing like a telephone pervert I slipped her into full four wheel drive for the next part of the journey. We crossed the flat field with ease - mind you, even the BMW X3 could have made the trip without a slip so it’s hardly worth writing home about. A little mud splattered the sides of the immaculately shiny Hilux as we (me and "her" - "her" being the car) powered through a small stream and up over the grassy bank beyond. Hmmm - I’m not so sure that even the slightest bit of mud suits this new generation of Hilux; I had to get out and wipe it clean! The M5 was a distant memory as we powered up and around the steep woodland rides which are usually the domain of quad bikes or tracked forestry vehicles. She took the tight, twisting bends in her stride, the one slight fault being user error rather than any failing on my part. Time flew by, and before I knew it, two hours had passed and I was leaning on the closed gate at the bottom of the hill sharing a flask of coffee with the farmer (who very kindly pointed out more than a few bramble scratches - Plastic Surgeon here we come!) The Toyota Hilux Invincible that I tested, along with every other Hilux in the range, is still that superbly performing 4x4 that I love; it just happens to be hidden behind a pretty mask. It’s a fantastic bit of kit, but I still wouldn’t want to use it as an every day work truck.

Submitted: 2009-02-10 | ID: 48189

Iain Macleod, Aberdeenshire

Toyota Hilux Invincible 200 Limited Edition 2008

5 star review

Best pick up currently available on the market. Goes like stick and is as fast as a V6 Range Rover Sport 0-62mph. Only downside is the 15" wheels fitted. Toyota need to resolve this. As for looks apart from the wheels its the biz.

Submitted: 2008-08-27 | ID: 48190

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