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Suzuki Alto consumer car reviews

kevin pretious, Hampshire

Suzuki Alto 2003 - 2005

3 star review

Had the car 7 days now. My son drove it away from the garage we bought it from. On the way home he encountered some tight S bends, at about 40 mph, the car imediately stood up on 3 wheels, then changed lanes, and then back again. Fortunately the road was quiet, no harm done. It seems to be too high off the ground, and has weak shocks. Maybe stiffer shocks will fix it. Otherwise it seems ok, cheap tax, cheap insurance, good mpg. Reliable, good paint finish. Would I buy another, yes if I can stop it rolling around like a drunk pig.

Submitted: 2015-12-22 | ID: 125037

Frank, Midlothian

Suzuki Alto 2009 - 2014

5 star review

I bought my Suzuki Alto in December 2014 for £5995, which seemed like a very good deal. Irrespective of the price it's a very good car. The build quality is remarkable for a budget car. The shut lines of the doors put many expensive cars to shame and everything else is well screwed together. It performs remarkably well for a small engined car whether in the city, on A roads or motorways and has a precise gearchange. It is one of the quietest small cars I have ever driven when cruising at motorway speeds. The combination of supple ride and precise handling makes it enjoyable to drive, along with a nice feel to the steering. Fuel economy is over 50 MPG and no road tax to pay. It is a very basic car as far as equipment is concerned but what do you really need? It has a speedometer, fuel guage and warning lights with red lighting at night which, I think, looks really smart, central locking by key, and that's it! It has very comfortable seats and the driving position is good. I frequently make 200 mile journeys without any problems. Downsides? Silly parcel shelf design with ridge underneath which catches everything you put in the boot and when driving in rain the back window gets covered in spray from the rear wheels. Put mudflaps on to see if they would make a difference but they haven't but they look nice. Side airbags would have been preferable from the safety point of view but they were not available on this model and at time of purchase this was the only model left on sale as it was soon to be replaced. It's not until you drive a good small basic car such as the Alto that you realise just how many unnecessary items there are on modern cars. You soon appreciate that how a car drives is far more important than the equipment it has.

Submitted: 2015-05-02 | ID: 115494

Janina Lawson, Worcestershire

Suzuki Alto 2003

4 star review

I’ve had my Alto from new in 2003 and have been really pleased with it. Yes it is basic, but I drive on the motorrway to Wales and Portsmouth at least six times a year and apart from maybe wanting a more comfy seat it has been great. It has also only failed its MOT once with wear and tear. Heating and fan brilliant and windows cleared in minutes. £30 tax and my insurance isn’t too bad. will be thinking of trading it in soon only because I now do more mileage with work. Parts can be expensive though and high insurance for young people as I found out when my children were learning to drive.

Submitted: 2012-12-02 | ID: 47495

Vanessa Budd, Cardiff

Suzuki Alto SZ4 2009

5 star review

I have just bought a Suzuki Alto SZ 4 for my work within the local community. So far I have found it to be very comfortable around town and as I do a lot of stop and starts to visit patients the fuel consumption is great for me. There are twelve dots on the petrol indicator and so far it works out that I do approx 45 miles per dot (for you women out there like me). I would thoroughly recommend it as mine drives like a dream.

Submitted: 2012-07-13 | ID: 47496

Andrew, Greece

Suzuki Alto 2009

5 star review

A nice little car!

Submitted: 2012-03-13 | ID: 47494

Jock, Aberdeenshire

Suzuki Alto SZ3 2009

5 star review

I’ve done 50,000 miles in it now and apart from the universal, but minor faults of the rear washer pipe coming off and a rattle from the engine mounts it’s been perfect. I get 58mpg combined cycle, less than the advertised 64mpg, but still pretty good. Fun to drive, cheap as chips to tax and insure. What are you waiting for?

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I purchased a Suzuki Alto SZ3 4 years ago and I find it to be a very nice little car, I drove it from Balboa to Spain and then back up to the South of France (Perpignan) However it certainly does not do any here near the Manufacturers claim of miles per gallon !! The best I ever obtained from it was about 46 miles per gallon on long runs of 600miles to Spain l - Norman Grant from France

Submitted: 2011-09-30 | ID: 47493

Syd Taylor, Staffordshire

Suzuki Alto SZ4 2010

4 star review

Suzuki’s Alto is rationalism made metal. Stylish, compact, functional, modern and thoroughly alluring, it is fastidiously sculpted. This small car is cheap, fun, practical and safe and will allow you more driving satisfaction than many more expensive city cars - and it will pass the scrutiny of your insurers with barely a twitch of an eyebrow. Suzuki certainly know superminis, making the Alto a car in which you can tackle serious journeys, enjoy on roads which duck and dive - yet it’s equally amenable to city work. It’s just 3.5 metres long and is one of the smallest cars on the road yet it’s a five-door hatch: which adds to the convenience greatly. Inside there’s room for four adults in reasonable comfort - but you can’t have everything. Boot space is small as you would expect; but this doesn’t matter if there’s only two of you because the rear seats fold flat. The interior is simple, tasteful and well executed with seats that are comfortable and supportive and with trim that is easy on the eye. The Alto is good for short hop and long haul alike. Prices start at £8,345 and rise to £9,130 for the SZ4 tested, which has as standard, alloy wheels, curtain airbags, power windows, a decent sound system, air conditioning and ESP traction control - a feature that proved invaluable during the snowy test conditions. The little lightweight (885kgs) Suzuki simply ’flew’ up hills that had macho ’off roaders’ struggling! It most definitely was confidence inspiring, nimbly nipping around the uncontrollable masses of heavyweight metal sliding into each other. Powered by a fully proven 67bhp 996cc three-cylinder engine, which allows a top speed of 96mph, the Alto is no rocket ship - reaching cruising speed in time for tea. But don’t let that put you off. It’s an eager engine that seems to be sadomasochistic, begging to be thrashed hard. Being a very light car means that if you use the five speed gearbox properly, you can make rapid progress: and you still get nearly 65mpg overall. Once up to motorway speeds you can ’back off’’ to just a whiff of throttle and 70/80mph is fairly quiet and relaxed if the car is just ’one-up’. Fill it full of three tubby passengers and it is harder work. ’I’ve heard it all before’ I hear you say. ’Little engines only last five minutes before they expire.’ Well I’m pleased to tell you that if they are anything to do with Suzuki they don’t. Witness the legendary 1200cc engine from the Suzuki Bandit. (Motorcycle). Even when fuelled by nitro glycerine and an atom bomb - and then criminally abused, this motor has surely set a standard for all Suzuki engineering - so I feel confident that Alto mechanicals will stand the tests of time: unlike some other small cars which have fallen apart because you once used full throttle for a hundred yards. Unlike some small cars, you don’t bounce along in an Alto. The ride is fairly composed and secure and if you do wish to drive like Dr.Deranged you won’t end up in a pickle or a ditch because the Alto is not just a shopping trolley for blue-rinse matrons: it’s actually fun to drive exuberantly. The Alto seems to have a charm all of its own. Whilst successfully meeting the requirements of trusty Trevor and Theresa who need a ’champion little motor’ and will never exceed the speed limit, the Alto has hidden depths - being capable of so much more.

Responses to this review

Thanks for your review. Very well composed and easy to read with, if I may say, excellent English and grammar. Just bought an Alto as a second car to run around it. Also have an mx5 which is my car for summer. - David Anthony Watson from West Yorkshire

Thanks for your review. Very well composed and easy to read with, if I may say, excellent English and grammar. Just bought an Alto as a second car to run around it. Also have an mx5 which is my car for summer. - David Anthony Watson from West Yorkshire

Submitted: 2011-01-06 | ID: 47492

Louise, Surrey

Suzuki Alto SZ4 2009

4 star review

I’m 22 and bought my Alto in May and have so far done over 2000 miles. This is a really good little car and well worth the money. It’s good for both short and long distance journeys and can sit at 70mph comfortably and can go faster when needed. Again, it can do this with ease. It is also good and turning sharp corners and performing manoeuvres, for example:- three point turns or parking. It’s cheap to run, very good on petrol and the tax is only £35 a year and apparently next year going down to £20! The exterior has a quirky design and is well finished. There’s a rubber seal underneath the bonnet stopping water from running down the inside of the engine and thus preventing rust. The interior is smart. The A/C is brilliant as is the CD player and speakers with nice dials unlike the Aygo or C1. There is enough space for four average sized people. The boot is small however; if more space is needed the seats fold down flat giving ample space. Again well worth the money!

Submitted: 2009-10-26 | ID: 47491

Norman Kirk, Nottinghamshire

Suzuki Alto SZ4 2009

4 star review

At 79 years of age, I’ve had quite a few cars since starting to drive at 18 and I was interested in a new Ford Fiesta to replace my 2006 Fiesta but not at over 13,000 pounds. Luckily my dealer holds a Suzuiki dealership as well and this is how I was offered the new Suzuki Alto SZ4 model. Had this for four months now, completed 2,800 miles without a hitch. I cannot praise the car enough. Very economical, sips petrol, extremely smooth, very easy to drive and for the price well equipped. I have been very suprised at the performance of the 3 cylinder 996cc engine. Who wants to achieve 60 mph in 10 secs anyway? The only complaint is that although Suzuki have produced one of the lowest emission cars on the market, they have awarded the automatic model like mine a road tax £104 pa. Why ? The manual model is only £35.00. Best wishes, from a very satisfied owner.

Submitted: 2009-08-21 | ID: 47490

David Peppiatt, England

Suzuki Alto 2003

2 star review

Power steering far too sensitive, the least twitch and I was on wrong side of road. Just touch the brakes and I slam forward. The only good thing was the 70 MPG.

Submitted: 2009-03-16 | ID: 47500

Jacky Ingham, Northumberland

Suzuki Alto 2006

4 star review

Cheap to run, car tax is only £35 per year. If your not looking for a status symbol and you only want a car to get you from a - b then I think this car is spot on. Great on fuel as well.

Submitted: 2008-03-17 | ID: 47497

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Gemma Barling, Kent

Suzuki Alto 1.0 GL 5dr 2003

2 star review

They say you get what you pay for. It’s a good little no fills runaround but there’s nothing comfortable about it. Not built for motorway driving either! Fine on short distance if you jst need something to get you from A to B and very frugal on petrol.

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I had a Fiesta for 8 months and had no end of problems with it! Decided to down size and trade in for a cheaper car, got a 2003 Suzuki Alto with some money back from the other one too. Fun to drive, like the steering feel, in control unlike the Fiesta. Only thing I would say is it can be a bit low down and bumpy. But it’s a nice quiet drive. Seems reliable, time will tell though it’s all i need - from England

Submitted: 2007-11-17 | ID: 47498

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Suzuki Alto

SZ4 - One of the greenest petrol cars available on the market, the Alto is the epitome of the budget-level city car. Ideally suited to small families or commuters, the Alto offers its nearest competitors something to worry about. With a good basic specification even on the entry level model, the Alto is a [...]

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