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Renault Scenic consumer car reviews

paul sikora, North Lincolnshire

Renault Scenic 2006 - 2009

1 star review

i own a 2004 1,4 petrol Renault scenic 2003 to 2009 model MPV estate I think it is the worst MPV estate I have have ever had it is floored with electrical faults its done my head in costing to much in repair bills was driving home from work recently the battery warning light come on then radio went off had a new battery fitted same problem cant put my radio 4 digit code in its really upset this MPV now electric window drivers side does not work but passengers side front electric window works its confused me this MPV has lots of electrical faults sick of it I am not buying a Renault again I am going to scrap this MPV to much headache to own unreliable MPV

Submitted: 2017-07-06 | ID: 142392

Fred, Leicestershire

Renault Scenic 2006 - 2009

5 star review

Could you help me on this please... i have a scenic 1.6 petrol and replaced the rear pads and calipers and then to find out i had to replace the electric hand brake motor.... Anyways i have put the car back together and when i pull the hand brake on i get a grinding noise from the new motor but the hand brake does come on now and im afraid i will blow the motor how could i prevent this from happening.. when i looked at what was causing the grinding noise its was the spindle that goes in to the gearbox is there a way of setting this so it does not make the noise... any help would be grateful in this mater thanks Fred

Submitted: 2017-01-07 | ID: 137897

jane newstead, North Lincolnshire

Renault Scenic 2006 - 2009

5 star review

my partner bought a Renault megane scenic 1/4 expression with 73.500 miles on the clock in silver its very nice reliable people carrier yes it runs nice I like the digital speedo & stereo sounds great with 6 speakers its great on petrol does about 50mpg if he drives it steady it has a good safety rating we got it for peanuts under £1.000 a bargain price with nearly a full mot its best car for the money weve ever bought we bought it to move things to our new home the car has lots of space a ideal family car gotta say we love the car its got great spec for a 1/4 petrol it has alloy wheels & rear fog lights deffo get another Renault megane scenic 1/4 petrol 5 stars

Submitted: 2016-10-04 | ID: 135711

Susan de Goede, South Africa

Renault Scenic 2007

1 star review

I will never in my life buy a Renault again, the salesmen are liars, who never get back to me after I caught them lying to me. I spent now over R40000 on repairs after Renault Centurion sold the car to me and now I need to pay more as the car is running all over the road. I would be pleased if anyone from Renault has the decency to reply to me urgently. Thank you.

Responses to this review

My heart goes out for this person. My Scenic 2L 2004 automatic decided not to start all of a sudden. Renault Centurion indicated it is the TDC sensor. The TDC sensor was replaced with a new. First no parts and had to wait. The car after TDC being replaced still would not start. It took Renault Centurion 4 days to find out that the UBC "burnt’’ and that there are 4 cars with the same problem. They have to order the aprt from France. It will take 3 - 4 weeks to arrive in SA. I requested a loan car. All Renault Centurion loan cars "out". Renault SA refuse point blank to give a loan car. The more I learn and see the service and quality from Renault the more I understand that Renault produce dudds. They try to brainwash the consumer with 110% service as they advertise. I wish you can see how insecure they management looks at Renault Centurion as I get the feeling they get squashed into a SOP that they feel not happy with. Renault SA is as good as Renault International. I suspect insecurity, panic management, crisis management due to the non performance of the cars they make available to the public. There are only a handful of happy customers against all the complaints I read on the internet. I am ever so sorry that I bought a Renault. So I hear also from too many people who invested in a car that is NOT reliable. - Antoine Lombard from South Africa

Submitted: 2013-12-18 | ID: 46539

Lance Forrest, England

Renault Scenic 2003

3 star review

Just upgraded from an older version, but sorry never again will I risk a Renault. They are over complicated in many aspects of the car, to such a degree that it is "bound to fail". The electronic hand brake is a disaster! In design, keep the basic things simple. There are unnecessary, over done design parameters. Keep things non chip driven as far as possible, because every owner is beginning to despise your products. You just can’t rely on a Renault. They are made to confuse, perplex and fail sooner rather than later, and I have had 8 Renaults in a row!. This is my last. Bye bye Renault..

Submitted: 2013-08-16 | ID: 46538

Mark Carter, Wales

Renault Scenic 1.9 dci Privilage 2004

1 star review

My Wife loves the car, I wish I could say the same! Where do I start with the list of things that have gone wrong? I bought this car when my son was born 5 years ago, but broke my ankle at the same time, so I wasn’t really interested in car paperwork. Then the problems started... I found out just by chance that it had passed its MOT with a list of advisory notices (The Renault dealer had removed the 2nd page so the notices were not attached to the MOT). The advisories never sorted and the deale said that as they were just advisories and didn’t need fixing to sell the car. Within 6 months water was pouring into the car and the electric windows started falling down. Eventually the dealer agreed to sort this. Then I noticed that the aircon had never worked (never fixed), which was followed by the heater packing up costing £390. Next the dashboard packed up, replacement cost £100 by Renault dealer, I was annoyed but paid it. This was followed by the gearbox linkage breaking (a tiny bit of plastic snapped but no, you have to buy the whole lot at £270 plus labour). Its also needed a couple of new batteriesfollowed by the best of all.... the Turbo packing up! I asked the dealer "So if I buy a new turbo it will be sorted?" to which they replied "Erm, we will not know until we fit the turbo". A fitted turbo costs £1000! Then on to engine problems, the deale advised "This will cost £1000 to remove then fix the problem or maybe another £1000, maybe more.. we won’t know until the engine is taken out." I then read on the net that this seems to a common problem with the 1.9 dci engine. SCRAP IT! It’s just not worth the hassle or cost. I’ve NEVER had a car with so much go wrong with it. It’s felt like something major has gone wrong with it every year.

Submitted: 2013-03-01 | ID: 46531

Keith Reay, Cumberland

Renault Scenic 2004

5 star review

I have a Scenic 1.5 diesel 04, which I bought in 2007 with 30k on. It has now done 86k and is still doing an average of 50.5mpg, and does 55 to 65 mpg on longer journeys. It’s a nice car to drive and I have been happy with it. We might have been lucky with this car, but I can certainly recommend the 1.5 diesel Scenic. My next car will be a diesel Scenic.

Submitted: 2013-01-21 | ID: 46532

Lee Inskip, England

Renault Scenic 2004

1 star review

My wife’s Scenic’s display went and even though Watch Dog on the net said Renault would only ask for £100 to replace it we had to pay £150 on Thursday. On Friday, after only doing 30’ish miles, the dash went up in flames. I had to jump out of the car, as did as my wife, in order to get our 9 month old baby son and our 2 yr old son out of the back before it exploded. The Renault garage said it doesn’t look like the display they fitted is really the cause of the damage and it looks more like the heater resistant has caught fire. I’ve pics I took of the car after the firemen put it out and the display unit is moulded to death and there are burns on the wires - it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the day after the dash was replaced the car went up in flames! The Renault garage is telling us to go though our insurance! Ha ha, no way! They are liable for nearly causing four deaths. The fire report states the fire started from the dash, behind the display unit. Say no more! What a cover up it is at the moment.

Submitted: 2012-11-11 | ID: 46533

Derek Montgomery, Stirlingshire

Renault Scenic 2009

4 star review

After having our car for just under 4 years and with only 20,000 miles on the clock it has failed its MoT. To our shock we have been quoted £1000 to fix somthing to do with a computer that operates the handbrake. The thing that really confuses us is the handbrake works perfectly well and has never given us any problem. Our local MoT station, which has a great reputation, says if the light on the dash stays on for so much as one second it’s a fail. As usual the local Renault dealer does not want to know - A shocked and very angry Renault Grand Scenic driver.

Responses to this review

Hi, just to help you. My Grand Scenic had same problem, not yet 3yrs old, but was repaired under gaurantee. Also not yet got 11000 miles on the clock. It would have cost £350. You need to get more quotes and Renault are aware of this problem but keep quiet - Mike G from England

Submitted: 2012-09-15 | ID: 46535

Lawrence Jones, Cambridgeshire

Renault Scenic Grand Scenic 2007

5 star review

110k trouble free miles. Used as a airport transfer taxi since near new. Faults: One heater display bulb has failed on the dashboard! The excellent 106bhp engine always pulls well and gives excellent mpg. Tyres last 50K on the front, brake pads didn’t need replacing untill 92k. Very cheap to run. Very comfortable, spacious, 100% reliable and smart looking. I have had five Renault diesels all of which have been used for taxi work.I hav taken them all to 150k with no problems, and no I don’t work for Renault. I have noticed that they all run best with BP diesel, smoother and returns the best mpg, and no I don’t work for BP either.

Submitted: 2012-06-19 | ID: 46534

Sue Parsons, Kent

Renault Scenic Alize 1999

4 star review

I’ve had this car 3 years. I’m a lady driver and rarely go over 70mph, but it does get a fair amount of use with monthly trips to London and lots of town use. Apart from parts replaced due to wear and tear it’s never let me down and although it’s not the most economical car I’ve ever had, it’s on 113k and the engine purrs! I have no intention of changing it.

Submitted: 2012-05-06 | ID: 46537

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John Welsford, Devon

Renault Scenic 2004

2 star review

I purchased my Scenic Privilege in 2004 and I had it for just over 3 years. When it was just out of warranty I had to pay for a window regulator costing £295. I kept the car in immaculate condition and sold it to my daughter when I purchased another.(Mine has been reasonably trouble free). My daughter had it one month when the engine developed a fault and had to be replaced. One year later the gearbox had to be replaced. It has also had 3 more window regulators, a heater fan, an electric roof and door mirror faults. Because The car was originally mine the guilt clicked in with regards to all these faults so I have contributed £££’s to keep her on the road. I am told the new Scenic is a better engineered car, but I would be nervous about buying another!

Submitted: 2012-03-13 | ID: 46520

Stacy Clark, Worcestershire

Renault Scenic 1.4 16v petrol 2000

2 star review

I have a 1.4 16v petrol. I have only had it for 9 days and so far I have only been able to drive it about 15 miles. First the water pump went, which cost me £300 to get replaced as I had to have a new cam belt kit fitted aswell. Now the radiator has gone and for some reason it keeps cutting out on me, which I have been told could be the rocker cover gasket and spark plugs and coils that need replacing, costing me a further £670. The car cost me £975 and as you can guess I am not happy and am now going through solicitors to take the bloke I bought the car off to the small claims court as he may as well have given me the car as in total it’s going to cost me £970 to get it running properly!

Submitted: 2012-02-19 | ID: 46519

Disgruntled Customer, London

Renault Scenic 2007

1 star review

Our car caught fire just after my husband came back from work anf the fire brigadge had to be called to extinguish it. The car had given us constant headaches with endless problems that have cost us approx. £3000 in repairs. We will never buy a French car again. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Submitted: 2012-02-06 | ID: 46518

Alex Bains, Northumberland

Renault Scenic privilege tomtom 2010

2 star review

I purchased my Scenic in December 2010 and it then took 9 months of it being in and out of the garage to try to fix a rattle on both front doors. After all this time and the money spent trying to fix it, both Renault and Benfield motors washed their hands of it saying it was acceptable car niose. I still have the rattle. I would not buy another Renault nor would I buy another car from Benfield Motors.

Responses to this review

Woah! Are you me in disguise? The problems you’ve had sound VERY similar to mine although I don’t have a rattle in the doors, mine is the dashboard and it is annoying the hell out of me but sadly, that is the least of my worries as you will soon find out! I bought my 2007 Scenic from Benfield Renault in Felling, Gateshead for £7,500 last August. It worked fine for the first 2-3 months or so (48+mpg round doors etc.) but then things rapidly changed. In the 14 months, I have owned this car, I have had a split fuel pipe which leaked onto the starter motor and two corroded £5 bushes (sp) and Benfield wanted £750 to fix it as it apparently wasn’t covered under their warranty. It has been back 4/5 times for same problem as now I’m lucky if I average 35mpg around the doors. In December, the automatic handbrake decided to stop working for about 20 seconds (can you guess where I’m going here? Yup, I was parked on a hill!) That cost £1,300 as it completely boll*cksed the passenger door and the manager at good old Benfield told me to claim through my insurance which I had to as I needed a car over Xmas. It has since gone into Benfield today (Monday) to have handbrake investigated with Renault UK assistance and the guy I have been speaking to about this rang me today saying the garage had quoted £750 to fix it! To say I’m angry is a bit of an understatement and I completely feel your pain! I hope you get it sorted. Don’t give up - C M from Northumberland

About the rattling noise, it might be those small tin plates on the outer side of the doors, just behind the door handles. At first, I thought that might be some lock strings inside the door, I heard them when I speeded down the motorway or when I listened to loud music in the car. You can touch them and try to know if it’s the same noise. Sorry for my English which is not my native language - Botz Daur from Moldova

Make some vaseline on the doors rubber package - from Malta

Submitted: 2011-10-17 | ID: 46527

Debby Moat, England

Renault Scenic Privelidge dci 2006

2 star review

I always wanted a scenic and loved it, until it started to go wrong!! Within the space of 2 years it needed a new clutch, gearbox, sun roof seals, gutters clearing as water was pouring into car, which happened twice by the way! Numerous electrical faults, and to top it all off, the EGR valve broke closely followed by the turbo blowing up the engine. Suffice to say it is now dead! I enjoyed it while it was being good but once it started going wrong it was a quick slippery slope to the scrap yard. I won’t be buying another Renault!! :((

Submitted: 2011-10-10 | ID: 46526

Chris Paul, Yorkshire

Renault Scenic 1.5 dci dynamique 2005

1 star review

I purchased this car in July 2008 and needed a new alternator after two weeks. I have also experienced lots of little electric faults; wipers, door locks etc. It has also needed a new turbo and egr valve, and now the dash has packed in. This has to be be the worst car I have ever had it’s only done 57,000 miles! My advice is AVOID, AVOID at all costs.

Responses to this review

Nah my Renault dci has been total good - from England

Submitted: 2011-09-11 | ID: 46521

Roger Evans, Surrey

Renault Scenic 1.6 2003

5 star review

I have had the car from new and have found it to be such a reliable car. It has only done 69000 miles. It is now our run around car as we bought a new car 5 years ago, but our daughter has been using it everyday for the past year. To get it through the MoT this year has only cost me £226. One of my friends bought one because he knew how pleased I was with mine and he has had his 3 years with no problems.

Submitted: 2011-09-06 | ID: 46523

Gareth Rice, Kent

Renault Scenic 1.6 II 2004

1 star review

Bought my Renault Scenic 1.6 II 04 reg in 2007 second hand, replacing our Mk.1 Scenic (an excellent model). This Scenic, however, a pile of rubbish. First the electric locking went on the driver’s door, which was repaired by the garage under warranty. Then three electric coils at £30 each, followed by the handbrake failure (a year before the recall) costing £800. Next was the rear offside passenger window which dropped, this was just the plastic clip failing and a replacement cost just £4. However, shortly after this the regulator failed on the same window, causing the window to open after locking, and then refusing to budge, which cost £200. More recently the electric dash display packed up, thankfully (I believe due to Watch Dog) this was replaced for £100. Now my battery keeps needing to be charged up. Renault I believe are aware of the faults, we tried to get them to pay something towards our electric brake failure costs, but as we could not prove it was part of the recall fault we got nowhere. I fear what’s next? As I’m sure do many others upon reading through previous reports.

Submitted: 2011-08-26 | ID: 46524

Paul Landeryou, Cambridgeshire

Renault Scenic 1.5 dci 2005

4 star review

My Scenic has now completed 130k miles from new. Apart from the dash board failing (£100 Renault repair) and regular servicing (now by a local garage) the car has never let me down once. I’m still on the original battery, clutch and exhaust. I had the cam belt changed with a full service and MoT and still got change from £500.

Submitted: 2011-07-22 | ID: 46525

Malcolm Potts, Cheshire

Renault Scenic 1.9 tdi 2001

1 star review

Worst car I have owned due to abysmal reliability.

Submitted: 2011-07-07 | ID: 46449

Linda Shephard, Cheshire

Renault Scenic 1.6 diesel 2007

1 star review

I have to say that this is the worst car I have ever owned in terms of faults. I have had it under 2 years and so far it has cost me £2000 worth of repairs. I too have experienced the electric windows just dropping down in both the back passenger sides, the heater has stopped working on the higher settings. Last year the window workers would not switch off this cost me over £300 to get a new UPC fitted at the Renault garage, now just 12 months after the original fault, my window wipers will not switch on and have been quoted nearly £400 by the Renault garage. Many of the problems I have had are not really with the central running of the car they are just stupid faults that stop you using your car and that Renault charge absolutely extrortionate prices to repair - Moral of the story is never buy a Renault!!

Responses to this review

My car keeps dying, I have had three batteries and three altenators in 7 months even though I told Renault that an auto electrician said it wasn’t the altenator but that it was a drain from Body Control Module not turning off. Renault said they did a diagnostics check and the problem was the altenator even though they had only replaced the altenator five months prior during that time I had two new batteries fitted and it kept dying so I took it back to Renault and they again diagnosed the altenator again and I had it replaced and two weeks later, my battery is dead yet again? Has anyone else had this problem? - from Lancashire

I also have a dead battery problem. I don’t think it is the alternator problem. It started last week and I am still working on it to try to resolve the problem - Conshine Cof from Ireland

I had a 2007 Renualt Scenic that kept draining the battery, the problem was sorted by my Renualt dealer uninstalling the on-board computer and then reinstalling same - Pat Holland from Ireland

Common fault glove box light not turning off. Glove box cover no connecting with switch - Aksir Ali from England

Yes, that’s exactly my problem, I had my second battery fitted in the last 10 month, the first I had to call the AA out and had a new battery fitted cost of £74 then only to have the same problem again, going through a car wash the car cut out and had to wait for someone to jump start the car, then a week later the battery went again, had all checks on alternator and told working fine and need new battery. Last year over a period of 9 month 3 of the windows collapsed, to be told by Renault that there was a discount agreed but if your car was passed 7 years then you will need to pay the full 450 pound for each window repair. Took my car for MOT which it failed on rear fog light, they couldn ’t find fault as bulb and fuse working okay. So been advised to take to Renault for further checks. Reading this forum it now clicked that we also have experienced water pouring into footwell due to blocked drainage at front windscreen, which has effected the UCH body control unit by the sounds of things as later coming home from garage the whole dashboard lights stopped working and so have my indicators. I would never in my life again or advise anyone to buy a Renault car - Karen Denholm from England

Submitted: 2011-06-06 | ID: 46511

Kenn Ramsay, Renfrewshire

Renault Scenic dynamique 2006

1 star review

Read the reviews here. Up to a year, the car is nippy economical, spacious. After that a storm of failures. The main cost in all maintenance is the numerous computers that need to be reset, repaced. The list. Change the expensive brakepads every year, as the solid gold brake disks are part of the wheelhub: £350 a pop. Get an extended warranty, the aircon went 1 month after it finished, £800 (opened my windows instead) And the final biggie (there are numerous smaller yet strangely expensive fixes) is the locked rear handbrake. Seized calliper £166, handbrake computer £750 plus labour. Yes, broken handbrake computer. Keep that in mind when you look at this car in the showroom and walk on by. REPEAT Never Buy French Again REPEAT<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-06-05 | ID: 46517

Kathy Evans, County Antrim

Renault Scenic 1.4 authentique 16v petrol 2009

1 star review

I’ve had my scenic now for 2 years, when I first got it, the coil went within weeks and took it back to the dealer, got it fixed and I had no problems until recently. The first thing that happened, my breaks failed, I went into the back of my sisters car, thankfully I wasn’t doing any speed and no damage was done. On my way home my steering went, I could hardly keep control of the car, with 4 children including a baby it terrified me. The next day, the car was totally dead, I couldn’t even lock the thing. The window wipers started going off when no one was anywhere near it and was making a banging noise as if it was trying to lock on it’s own, this drained my battery. I am now waiting on getting it fixed, but the mechanic has told me the steering control unit has gone as well as cpu unit and he thinks there are more problems there he hasn’t discovered yet. As soon as I get these matters sorted, I’m selling the blasted thing and never going near Renault again.

Submitted: 2011-05-29 | ID: 46510

Stephen Perrin, Bedfordshire

Renault Scenic 2.0 16valve Auto 2006

5 star review

This is the third scenic we have had. We have had no trouble at all! I won’t hesitate to have another one.

Submitted: 2011-05-29 | ID: 46509

Donna Ellis, Yorkshire

Renault Scenic 2007

1 star review

Had this car 3 months. Bought it with 48,000 on the clock. Thought it was a great car for me as I have a baby and a 4 year old. Unfortunately my thoughts were wrong!!! Just had to pay out over £1000 for new pistons only to be told that the clutch was on it’s way out along with the tubo and injecter 4. In a catch 22 at the minute, do I risk it or lose even more money by trading it in? Such a shame as the style is ideal it’s just what’s under the bonnet that’s a load of ****!!!

Responses to this review

Don’t trust what your garage has told you. Low millage does not signify piston damage. Take the car to another garage and stop getting ripped off. I’ve worked on cars all my life and what you have said is a classic rip off by a garage, period - Paul Simin from Swansea

Submitted: 2011-05-13 | ID: 46507

Carl Bracha, Yorkshire

Renault Scenic 2005 Dci100 Authentique 2005

4 star review

I have had the car for four years now and have to say it has been great. It has suffered a few of the faults that you will have already read about, such as the window mechanism breaking but overall, the car has been great and we are thinking of getting a new one soon. A little tip when dealing with Renault is phone Renault UK customer services when dealing with out of warranty claims. It only cost me £50 per window to have the mechanisms changed at the dealers and the car also does 50mpg and is super practical. I play golf every week and the car holds three people, three sets of clubs and three electric trolleys. I will definitely buy again - Carl from Rotherham

Submitted: 2011-03-07 | ID: 46503

Kevin Conway, Ireland

Renault Scenic 1.9dci 2004 2004

3 star review

I purchased the car as a 2 year old in 06 and for four years I couldn’t fault it.. it was slightly on the light side for towing a caravan. In the last 18 months the rear passsenger window dropped as others have described cost? £180. Key card stopped working, cost? £75. Lately the clock keeps resetting. I spoke with Renault and was told that the dash has a tendancy to fail!!!. New dash? £700. Mine may stay as it is or may stop. Not much chance of selling it as it is.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Kevin, if your dash fails, Renault will replace it for £100. It’s a well documented fault with this car. The mileage isn’t carried over though - from Essex

Dashboard failure is a known issue with Scenic II models built between 2004 and 2005 and was featured on Watchdog last year. As a result, Renault has agreed to replace faulty dashboards for £100 if it fails. This is shown on Renault’s website and by my local Renault dealer who will be carrying out the work for me tomorrow - David Martin from Torfaen

Submitted: 2011-03-04 | ID: 46500

Richie, Essex

Renault Scenic Expression 2005

3 star review

Bought the 1.6 VVT Expression used 3 years ago. The coils went almost immediately, but the dealer (Car Giant) replaced these and the plugs without any fuss. Six months ago the instrument panel went - £100 to replace under the Renault scheme. No further problems until recently, when the dephaser pulley went. Had this and the timing belt replaced by an excellent local mechanic (AutoFrench, Woodford). Renault’s quote was farcical and insulting. The top engine mounting had failed and was replaced. This part cost an eye-watering £125 from Renault. Apparently it’s filled with some kind of shock-absorbing gel - typical Renault complication. I finish paying for the car in a year, and I’m fond of it. I just hope I incur no further expense until then! One more thing, to stop the fan motor failing, ensure you change the cabin filter at least once a year. If clogs up easily and the motor has to work harder sucking it air, causing it to burn out.

Responses to this review

Hi Richie I too have had similar problems to you, do you mind me asking how much was it to fix the timing belt and pulley? I got a quote from a Renualt dealer for timing belt alone for £266 - they said there was an offer on (RRP £455). I think my pulley needs doing too though. Also my car shut off today. No messages came up and I have no explanation. I have to put it through a computer to see what comes up. I would appreciate it if you gave me an idea figure as to what you paid for your repair. Cheers :) - Christina Moohan from Northern Ireland

Could I ask you how much Renault were going to charge for your timing belt being renewed? I have just had to have my engine breather unblocked which is a common fault on Scenics, so I told my mechanic to change timing belt as well. When purchasing another car, I wont be buying any French motors, oh and by the way Renault customer services suck - Karl Thompson from Lancashire

Submitted: 2011-02-25 | ID: 46504

Jono, Cornwall

Renault Scenic 2004

2 star review

I bought my Scenic just before Christmas. Since then it’s been in to the garage 3 times with regards to trying to find out why ’Electrical Fault’ came up on the dashboard, but they have so far only come up with ’it must be a glitch’. It seems to only do it in cold weather and as soon as I finally manage to get the thing to 65mph. Last week it was taken into the garage because the passenger door window wouldn’t work. This was found to be due to loose wiring which has been re-crimped. HOWEVER, on picking it up I had to put the heating on to demist... I managed to get about 2 miles from the garage when a plastic smell started closely followed by smoke coming through the heating duct! Needless to say, the car is back in the garage and currently having the wiring sorted! I’m glad it’s all under the 3mth garage warranty still!!! I have a feeling I won’t have this car very long at all!!

Responses to this review

I bought an ’06 model in August last year and within a month, I had to call the fire bridge! It had just been into my local Renault garage to have a burning smell investigated. We were told it was just the air conditioning that needed changing. This was done and we were told it was ready to collect and drove it towards home, but only got about five miles away from the garage when my husband had to pull in as it had smoke coming through from the vents. He bailed out and got our daughter out and waited for the fire brigade - from Perthshire

I have an ’05 Scenic II this Saturday, I also had to call the firemen out. I have three children between the ages of 1-10 and thought this would be an ideal car, WRONG! The car started revving uncontrollably, I couldn’t stop the car and the handbrake would not work. We did finally manage to get the car up on a curb as the car filled with thick black smoke, it was so thick we could see nothing. The car was still revving for about 4 mins after we had got out with the key and pressing stop! The firemen said that if this car would have been a petrol it would have become a fireball. I am just so glad that my children had been at grandparents for the weekend it could have been much worse. And to top it all off, car insurance won’t cover engine or electrical failure. I would never never put my children in a Renault again - Mickaela Ogden from Gloucestershire

Submitted: 2011-02-16 | ID: 46497

Mike Thompson, England

Renault Scenic 1.9 dci dynamique 2006

1 star review

I have just sold my scenic! It has been a pain in the arse. Bought it with good intentions and needed a roomy car as our 1st child was due, but it had constant problems, in and out of the garage. I do look after my cars too!. The last straw was a strange oil leak, then a blown turbo then injector faults. the list is quite long. If I managed to fix these issues I could trade it in on another car for 2 grand, the work it would cost in the garage would reach that. Sold for 500 quid FOR PARTS!!!

Submitted: 2011-02-12 | ID: 46494

John, Ireland

Renault Scenic 1.9dci 2003

1 star review

Its a shame there isn’t a zero rating. I bought the car from the original owner in 2004, and since then it’s been nothing but trouble. Renaults might go well in the drier French climate, but are no good in Ireland’s wet weather. THIS IS THE WORST CAR I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Search the internet for common Renault Scenic faults and you’ll have a long checklist of what has gone wrong. First, the brake pads started to stick, causing an annoying whistling sound when moving. The brake pad release mechanism is passive so gets clogged easily with dirt and rust, hence excessive wear on the pads and discs. After 18 months, 3 sets of pads and all discs replaced, I took it into a back street mechanic, who showed me the simple solution, a bit of grease on the outside edge of the pads when the car was serviced (not carried out by the so-called experts at the main dealers). Next, the damp door pillar led to saturated carpets. Simple solution is to get a 1.5m long wire for a net curtain to clean out the sunroof drainage pipes (located on the front corners of the sunroof opening). Cracked power steering pump pipe. Main dealer said it was ok to drive with care until they got the £65 replacement part in. They didnt tell me that the power steering pump was likely to burn out. Cost another £350 for a new pump. Internal fan stopped working it would blow for a second or so, then seemed to struggle to blow any more air through the vents. Main dealer wanted £350 to replace the fan. I made do for the summer by leaving the windows down to de-mist the car. When it started getting too cold, I had a look under the glovebox, undid two screws and out popped the pollen filter. I gave it a quick was to get rid of all the flies and dry leaves, left it to dry and refitted it. Good as new for about 15 minutes work with a screwdriver. If you’re still thinking of buying a Renault scenic, keep reading. The horn has been replaced 3 times and £60 a time. It suffers from corrosion and will cause a failed MOT. The electric windows are on their way our, with an intermittent jerky movement when winding up or down. Pulley bearing failed, taking the cam belt, gearbox and engine with it. £1200 for repairs. Speedo stopped working. The abs light in the dash has come on (another MOT failure). Paid for a diagnostics check, and main dealer tells me its one of the sensors. The sensor was replaced, but light remains on. ABS pump needs replacing £700 plus vat and labour. Whilst the interior layout is fairly well though out, the constant ongoing little problems will drive you to despair. The main dealers charge a fortune to get repairs done and try to maintain a monopoly by needing to plug in their own laptop to tell you what’s wrong. I’d never, ever go near a Renault again. Seems to be a problem with French cars, I had a Citroen that was a disaster and the electrics in newer Peugeots cause problems as well (although my old 309 was very reliable). The main dealers know all about these faults as well as the easy solutions, but seem keener to start with the most expensive solution first. Still want to buy a Renault?? The men in white coats are on their way to collect you now.

Responses to this review

I agree, my 2002 plate Scenic has flooded foot wells under heavy rain, also my problems with the brakes are identical to yours. My fan blower is not working, I have had to have a new dash assembly. I have made the decision to buy a Ford S-Max or Vauxhall Zafira - Norman Havard from Neath Port Talbot

Submitted: 2011-02-10 | ID: 46495

Stef Reece, Lancashire

Renault Scenic 1997

5 star review

We have an R reg scenic yep 14 yrs old, and it is still running perfectly fine with 150,000 miles on the clock. the engine is still in perfect working order and not had any problems with it whatsoever. I absolutely love this car and was looking into a newer Scenic... glad I didn’t now, it seems the newer Scenics are having loads of problems compared to the old ones!! We have had it for 2 years and the only thing we have replaced is the clutch!! That’s good going for an old car. So happy with this car, love them and yes I would recommend them, they have loads of space for a family and also like the little added features, the seats are comfy, just love it. I’ll be sad to see it go for a newer car. Also we drove to London and back 400miles without a problem and only used a full tank !! Older cars are more reliable :)

Submitted: 2011-01-28 | ID: 46485

Harry Lane, Cornwall

Renault Scenic 1.5dci 106 2010

2 star review

Terrible mpg, lucky to top 35mpg urban driving. Dealer and Renault say it must be the driver’s fault, or the heater is on too much, or the radio on too long, or we are using cheap fuel. What say you ASDA about that? Dealer had it back twice and said it did 45mpg, but that was in extra urban driving, it should have been more than 55. Treated like a simpleton by the dealer, as if we had never had a car before (in fact had 25 or more) and told we should not expect it to deliver given figures, or it seems anywhere near on any new car and could take up to 12 months to settle down!??? Company policy seems to be ’BLAME the CUSTOMER’. They reduced my wife to tears on one occasion by insisting that it must be her driving. We won’t be buying that Clio in March, or as things stand any Renault.

Responses to this review

I have the same model and even driven carefully it only averages 48 mpg tops. This includes a lot of m/way driving - John Sykes from Lincolnshire

I had the same problem with my father’s car. He’s changing it for a Ford - Rob Adams from England

Got to agree with extremely poor mpg. My dealer has had car back but the computer cannot find anything wrong. I would like to know who or what body approved the figures which Renault issue, these were one of the reasons behind choosing this model - Owen Gallagher from Dumbartonshire

I have one of these and get a steady 50mpg without trying to economise and even fully loaded so your mpg is very low. Have you checked the engine air filter is not blocked? I service mine myself but suggest you find a good independent to have a look, Renault dealers aren’t great! - Brian Allum from Staffordshire

Regularly get 50 to 60mpg on variety of running. Fuel consumption increases when driven over 75mph on motorway or if accelerated hard during urban driving. Definitely not a car for fast getaways - from Lancashire

Submitted: 2011-01-27 | ID: 46486

Polly, Lothians

Renault Scenic 2004

1 star review

I bought this car October 2009, and had noting but problems with it. First thing to go was the window. It just fell down into the door and would not come back up. that cost £100 to replace at a local garage. Second window went 6 months later another £100. Then last summer 2010 Renault recalled the car to fix parking brake. Now the car has check emissions flashing all the time. I have had it checked 3 times at my local garage diagnostics all show no fault. Today the car would not start. Starter button fault or something. I am sick to death of this car. I will also NEVER buy another Renault. If Watchdog was asked to talk to Renault maybe they will audit the flaws in the Scenic and other models. Until then BUYER BEWARE and steer clear of this make. There are some good points to the car, drives well on motorways, lots of boot space and good seating, but not good on narrow country roads and does not handle corners well.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I completely disagree with this. A lot of manufacturers have issues with window regulators, especially Volkswagen. A recall should not be seen as a bad thing, Renault have obviously realised there has been an issue with the parking brake, and recalled all the models to rectify the fault. Local garages do not have equipment to diagnose Renault’s complex electrical system that even compares the Renault diagnostic software. The plus points in the Scenic far outweigh any flaws it may have. It is an excellent family orientated car with so many useful features and conveniences it’s unbelievable. As for the handling on narrow country roads, that is utter nonsense. It brakes well, handles well, and has excellent road holding for a car of its size and shape. I’m sure Watchdog have better things to do that "audit" the flaws in Renault models, have you any idea how they would possibly carry this out? Have you not considered that Renault will continually be doing this through their warranty claims, and making the necessary rectifications to future vehicles? Was it the cam shaft sensor and dephaser pully that was causing the issue with not starting? That’s another issue you could maybe put in another review? - from Dumfriesshire

Submitted: 2011-01-17 | ID: 46492

George, County Down

Renault Scenic 1.9 dTi FIDJI 2002

1 star review

Hi, bought my 02 Scenic 1.9 dTi Fidji in October 2007 as a second car for my wife to drive. There was 45,000 Miles on it when I bought it with a Full Service History. In Summer 2008 the engine blew up leaving me having to buy another engine from a scrapyard with 60,000 Miles on it. (thankfully I’m a mechanic so I fitted it myself). All was well then on Christmas day I tried to start it and it really struggled. I left the car running whilst I went into the house to fetch some hot water to clear the windscreen. When I got back to the front door I heard the car revving very loudly (I thought my Son was in it) but no he wasn’t. I ran to the car and pulled out the keys and it didn’t turn off! The black smoke was just piping out of the back, there was that much it completely covered the road 4 metres away from where the car was lol! Eventually it blew the engine AGAIN. So I had no other choice other than to scrap the car.

Submitted: 2011-01-14 | ID: 46479

Stuart, Staffordshire

Renault Scenic dynamique 1.5dci 106 bhp 2007

2 star review

Only done 21500 miles. Does not pull very well and its gone very heavy on fuel 27mpg, not smoking. Excessive brake pedal travel, had new discs and pads fitted still the same. The gear change is very clunky will not buy a Renault again!!

Submitted: 2011-01-12 | ID: 46480

Caroline Duignan, London

Renault Scenic 2006

1 star review

I have had this car for almost four years, I bought it secondhand with 10,000 miles on the clock. The car was a dream for the first two years, however since then I think I’ve had all the problems that everyone else has described. Firstly two electric windows, along with the coils, the water seeping under your feet when it rains, new key, the parking problem, the dash decided to die and now to top it all off the battery keeps dying. I will never buy a Renault again and would recommend that nobody else does. A complete and utter waste of money!!

Responses to this review

I have had similar problems with my Scenic, my dash packed in and my local Renault dealer wanted to charge me £468 + VAT. I found out they had been on Watchdog, rang Renault head office and got the dash fitted for £100. I hope this helps you and others...!!! - Kevin Davies from Carmarthenshire

Submitted: 2011-01-06 | ID: 46483

Roger Darby, England

Renault Scenic fidji 1.9 dci 2006

1 star review

Only had the car 2 weeks, it’s only done 57000 miles. Heater plug warning light keeps coming on and it looses power. Mpg is average of 32 mpg, not very good seeing how fuel prices are today.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-01-06 | ID: 46482

Tash, South Africa

Renault Scenic 1.6V Authentique 2007

1 star review

This is officially the worst car I have ever landed up buying. I bought it 2nd hand in Jan 2010 and within 2 months the electrical problems started. It cuts out intermittently and no garage could find the fault. I have tried to sell it for the past 6 months but no one is interested. I want to cry!! Never buying French again.

Submitted: 2011-01-03 | ID: 46481

Kris Smith, England

Renault Scenic 1.6 dynamique 2010

4 star review

Fantastic family car with loads of space especially in the boot. Drives really well and very smooth. We’ve replaced the dashboard as this is a common fault and Renault do accept liabitity and repair for a small fee...no other problems, very happy with it and always reliable.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 46478

Shaun Noble, Nottinghamshire

Renault Scenic 1.5 CDI 2010

3 star review

Swapped my Citroen Grand C4 1.8 VTR+ for a this MPV and I’m afraid I’m very unimpressed with this Renault. It is woefully under powered and takes ages to reach speed leaving the 6 speed box pointless. Build quality seems OK but the interior looks cheap and plastic, but the seats are nice. Very nice stereo fitted but the lack of ability for it to play MP3s is a draw back considering they added an aux point for an ipod and usb dock. The on board TOMTOM SAT/NAV is good but the addition of a remote seems to be pointless when the SAT/NAV could have been touch screen saving space and one less thing to have ratterling round the car to lose. A very good point over the Citroen is the ability to store the parcel shelf in the boot floor when using the rear fold out seats. Over all an average car with a poor powered engine.

Responses to this review

Why on earth did you downgrade from 1.8 to 1.5 and expect a miracle for it to be like a supercar? Some people are just ridiculous - from England

Submitted: 2010-12-18 | ID: 46476

Helen Johnston, England

Renault Scenic 2010

1 star review

We bought our Renault Scenic in July 2010 and since purchase we have had fault after fault. The air conditioning has never worked and the dealership has not been able to fix it, it has had the dephaser replaced and today it is misfiring and there is a ’check emissions’ warning light on the dash - upon reading reviews posted about this fault it seems that the start of 2011 is going to be an expensive one! We tried to give this car the benefit of the doubt when we bought it but please please please please do not make the same mistake as we have and end up with finance on a car that does not work. DO NOT BUY A RENAULT SCENIC YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!

Responses to this review

I totally agree. I would also say whatever you do DO NOT BUY A RENAULT SCENIC, the electrics on them are totally rubbish. I have had so many problems with this car, I will never ever again purchase a Renault as long as I live. So far I have had mechanisms on two of the windows sorted, replacement dashboard as the whole lot went off last Christmas, which was fun (not). Recently the car was recalled to deal with the parking brake and now the heater/blower/air conditioning which has gone off altogether and I have been quoted crazy prices for replacement of heat resister/wiring. As it appears due to the design of the car it involves a lot of work just getting into the heater itself, hence a very large bill (again) for labour costs. I have contacted Renault Customer Services but to no avail. They say, and I quote "That they are unaware of this problem". I urge people to put pressure on Renault by letting them know of the problem - I have threatened them with WATCHDOG as I am thoroughly fed up with them shirking their responsibility - they DO KNOW OF THE FAULT in my opinion - they know that 04 batches have several known faults but it would appear at the moment they are getting away with it scot feee which is JUST NOT ON. Anyway here’s hoping they take responsibility in the future for this problem but for now I won’t hold my breath - Anne Johnson from Northumberland

Helen, regarding the dashboard light, this could be the Diesel Partical Filter, which can clog if you do a lot of urban driving at low revs. Sometimes, a good run in the car or keeping the revs up for a while will clear the filter and ’refresh’ it. It sounds odd but give it try, it should work - from England

Submitted: 2010-12-05 | ID: 46473

David Douglas, Nottinghamshire

Renault Scenic dynamique+ 2001

2 star review

Never will I buy another Renault they are just c**p! Had mine one month and head gasket went. Two years later and I buy another, foolish me and guess what? Within a month of ownership head gasket goes again, so what’s the chance of the same fault on two cars? Quite good with Renault! Also, considering it’s an mpv the build quality is rubbish, chairs ripping, plastic bits breaking, just rubbish. Also, the mpg figures are nothing like the figures you get from the manufacturer. I alway had Nissan before, never had any trouble with them, even had a mk1 Fiesta for 9 years, never went wrong. A very Disgruntled Driver.

Submitted: 2010-11-28 | ID: 46472

Brooke, Australia

Renault Scenic 2006

1 star review

I have had alot of trouble with my Scenic. The steering went on it, luckily it was still under warranty for this, only just and Renault tried to fight it cause it was so close to the end of warranty. One of the seatbelts has broken, the hazard lights and auto lock haven’t worked for sometime, I believe they stopped working when the dealers fixed the steering column. Of course they deny it. Now my "smart card" has packed it in. The dashboard keeps reading ’card not detected’. Now I have to wait 2wks for a replacement card from France, but have been told they’ve had delays and it may take longer. The cost to replace is ridiculous. Renault customer service is terrible, no one ever gets back to you, no one ever admits fault.

Submitted: 2010-10-23 | ID: 46465

Terry Burns, England

Renault Scenic 1.4 16v 2004

4 star review

Got a low spec scenic 2004 1.4 16v car has done 100,000 mls, no problems and six years old. It’s just sailed through mot again with no probs. This car his the third scenic and I have had with no problems with any of them. My last one was 2000 scenic which my daughter and grandchildren are runing about in with no problems. Will buy again but must be over 5 yrs old.

Submitted: 2010-10-17 | ID: 46466

George Paterson, Wigtownshire

Renault Scenic 1.5 dci Expression 2007

1 star review

I have had 2 years of bankache with this thing they call a car, it’s just one problem after another after another after another. The latest one was due to the safety recall on the electronic handbrake, they (Ren-Oh!) couldn’t download the new software for the recall due to faulty handbrake computer which I had to pay for, so after arguing with customer services for two weeks I eventually only got a 25% discount which brought it down to £423. and now we have the illusive check injection warning when I hit between 2500 and 3000 revs usually when trying to overtake, when it cuts back and you have to abandon the manouvre. So thank you Ren-Oh! for ruining my kids summer (no holiday) and a reduced Christmas, at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!!!

Responses to this review

I’ve just had hand brake fail message on my Grand Scenic (56). Renault are going to charge me £704 as they say it requires the handbrake computer to be replaced. Anyone know what this is and if I can get it cheaper anywhere else? Defo would never buy another Renault again: the car has been in for computer software updates, radio replaced, computer thinking it’s consistantly on so drained battery; heating fan failed... again another computer software issue!!!!!!! - from West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)

Submitted: 2010-10-11 | ID: 46470

Kevin, West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)

Renault Scenic 1.9 DCi 2004

2 star review

Bought this car in 2006 and is a great runner mechanically, No engine probs so far. However in the last year we’ve had both front window regulators fail and now rear drivers side has gone as well. My local independant garage managed to source first reg elsewhere 110.00, 2nd time he had to go to Renault direct 220.00. Not had third fixed yet but will likely just stop it up. From all the reviews, window probs are a regular and can’t believe Renault haven’t done something about it. I’ll certainly write and complain, but don’t hold out much hope.

Responses to this review

I would check it is actually your regulators that are broken. Can you still hear the motor turning when you press the button? (Even if windao does not move?) I has front passenger window break summer 09, and teh driver one break this summer (’10). In both cases it was a green plastic braket that lifts/lowers the window. It is known to be weak, and easliy broken. Renault tried to charge me £335 to replace the whole regulator - What a rip off! - So I tried to source the plastic brackets. And guess what? Ebay - I found a pair of new design brakets - apparently Renault originals, plastic moulded on a metal body. It took me 1 to 2 hrs to replace. But you need a ’torques’ set. The pair cost me £10, yes £10! Which you can’t buy from Renault. Had several problems with my Scenic, all the common ones. Most recently- Big end bearings! New engine at Renault will cost the value of the car! I suggest anyone with a Renault sell it ASAP. Now driving a Touran, and feel much more confident - Mark Jenkins from Cambridgeshire

I had the window regs go also, Renault in Louth supplied me with both drivers and passengers side clips for £4 the pair. It took 30-40mins to replace each. I’ve got check emissions problem changed all 4 coils and camshaft position sensor. Looks like it’s the dreaded de-phaser pulley problem as it matches starting issues - Daniel Baker from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2010-10-07 | ID: 46467

Moti Horovitz, Israel

Renault Scenic Automatic 1.9 DCI diesel 2003

1 star review

I’ve own this car for 7 years, ’til 150.000 km it was an excellent car, after 3 years, the turbo broke up and destroyed the motor. It cost me a lot. Then two years ago the fan went and again two months ago. The electric fuel pump’s gone and now the gear is slipping when I stop. Nobody wants to buy it, no one wants to take as trade for a new car. I have to buy a brand new car or find a replacement gear. I"ll not recommend it to anyone to buy a Renault.

Submitted: 2010-09-19 | ID: 46464

Jill Hepple, Yorkshire

Renault Scenic Automatic 2005

1 star review

March: New auto gear box. June: New defazer and handbrake adjustment, then work done on steering and suspension and a new timing belt fitted (following a dealership "health check")! July: New dashboard. August: Electronic faults including 4 new coils fitted; waiting for another tow as keeps stopping and won’t pull. Total cost so far £3,500 in 6 months. The car is only worth £3,500. Mileage? 37,000!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-08-30 | ID: 46461

Mark, Pembrokeshire

Renault Scenic 1.5Dci 105bhp 2004

1 star review

Bought this car in sept 2007, within 1 month, started to get "check Injection" light on dash, went back to dealer 4 times as it was still under warranty, each time the dealer said they had fixed the problem to no avail, finally had to have a complete new turbo charger, which Renault eventually agreed to pay for. Car had only done 36,000 miles. Since then it’s been back to the workshop every couple of months, New Dashboard replaced under warranty after 25,000 miles New alternator = £300 New Heater Ballast control = £360 Water pouring in due to engine bay drain plugs blocked = £170 Air Conditioning packed up = £750 to replace, have not bothered Timing belt £670 to replace - OUTRAGEOUS Bonnet blew open whilst driving on the motorway = £1500 worth of damage. Now on last day of holiday in France, engine started to sound like a bag of spanners, found out the Big End shell bearings have gone, possible £1500-£2000 to fix. Seems there are major problems with the Scenic II c.2004, but Renault are not interested, looks like they only design their cars with a shelf life of 3-5 years to enable their dealers to make a mint. Have got two years of finance left on this car and it makes me want to weep. Will never buy another Renault again. Our other car is a Rover 420SDi, 12 years old, 125,000 mles never had a problem with it, Curse the Govt, Jeremy Clarkson and the British people for not supporting them and letting them fold.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Mark, You say that you still have two years worth of finance on your car. Is the finance from the dealer or is it from another source e.g. a bank loan? If it is from the dealer then there is one little trick I discovered when dealing with a thoroughly rubbish Ford Galaxy (bought from new). Check the small print of your finance deal and you will find a clause which tells you that until the final payment is made the car remains the property of Renault. I argued with Ford for years about innumerable faults on the Galaxy we bought until I said to the service manager "take YOUR car back". At first he said it’s not Fords car it’s mine, that’s when the penny dropped with me. When I said ’actually it’s not my car until I’ve made the final payment, it’s YOURS’ his attitude changed instantly. No matter what they tell us about quality control it’s just a numbers game. Occasionally you get a Friday afternoon car (the Germans call it a Monday morning car) comes off the production line, that is just plagued with faults. There’s no way to return the car to the manufacturer, it has to be returned to a dealer, and none of them want a bag of s**t (that they know about) on their forecourt. To Ford or Renault 0.01% of all cars they produce being absolute lemons is a good record. BUT to you or I being the unfortunate soul who bought the 10,000 th car which just constantly fails it’s an economic disaster. Ford cost me over £4,000 in hire cars and lost earnings on a car I bought from them brand new for £25,000. I expected that I would have 5+ years of trouble free motoring spending that much on a car, and I can honestly say in 20 years of motoring the Galaxy spent more time in the garage than any other car I’ve ever owned - Including those early cars we all had that cost us £500 or so. The main point for you though Mark is to tell them to come take THEIR car away and see what response you get!! - Paul McGuinness from Inverness-shire

Submitted: 2010-08-15 | ID: 46462

Sarah Campbell, Inverness-shire

Renault Scenic 1.5 DCi Dynamique 2005

1 star review

Had the car from early 2006 when only 6 months old. Had the normal faults like the dash-board being replaced, seat-belts being re-called, hand-brake needing to be computerised, rear light unit being replaced as filling up with water. Had service done at local Renault garage, as always and nothing required but new tyres. Now just a few weeks later, a loud knocking noise from the engine. Called out RAC and took it to Renault garage. Told that Injector 4 has a fault, sump to be replaced and engine knock from the bottom caused by the injector fault. Then told that we need a new engine and advised it was not worth doing the work. Only at 79k. Can’t believe that all of this can happen with no warning. Car is well looked after and now told worth £300 for scrap!!! Can anyone help with if we have any comeback with the garage. Please, need some help. Thanks.

Submitted: 2010-08-10 | ID: 46456

David Faulkner, Staffordshire

Renault Scenic 2006

1 star review

First fault; dash went out followed by electric power steering, motor failure followed by fuel primer pump perished not letting fuel to engine showing up as injection fault chugged when putting foot down, now rear window dropped down. Owned 12 months 48 000 miles, nice drive but don’t buy one.

Submitted: 2010-08-07 | ID: 46457

Tim Driver, Germany

Renault Scenic Dynamique 2009

5 star review

I bought this car new in August 2009 from a Renault dealer in Dresden. I had test driven a couple of versions, both with the new TCE engine, a seven seater and a regular sized version. The TCE was OK, but for me, the extra performance was not worth the extra 1000 euros, plus, it is a turbo, it is always running. Instead, I chose the 1.6 bog standard petrol model. Since then I have driven it every day, driving to work on an average of 90 kilometres a day, and taken it to England twice. I have two kids, so it must bear the rigours of family life. It has done so admirably. I have had no problems at all in a year of driving this car. The ride is good, the comfort level of the cabin is first class and I drive in a variety of different road and weather conditions. Smooth, fast Autobahns, to pot hole ridden DDR roads. Everything taken in its stride. In summer, with normal Michelin tyres, I average 8.2 litres per 100 km. In winter, with Pirelli winter tyres, this figure climbs to 9.2. I have covered 25,000 km in this time, and there has been not one single problem with this car. I part exchanged it with a 1999 mark 1 model which had 135,000 on the clock, and had had problems since 110,000 with electrics, mounting and cylinder head gasket. I took a bit of a punt buying another Renault, but so far I am more than happy. I do not intend to keep it beyond four years though. Perhaps I will buy another Renault after this, or plump for a Dacia Duster, let us see. Dresden, July 2010

Responses to this review

Does anyone know what the weight of a scrap Renault Scenic shell is? I stripped mine and scrapped the shell, but I think ive been ripped off? The people at the weigh in bridge said it was 0.360kg, but having scrapped many vehicles in the past, I am quite sure that this is the sort of weight you would expect for something like a rover 200 or any other small car, not for an MPV. Any insight would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks in advance :0) - from England

This is to Shelly from England - whoever told you the weight of the shell being 0.360kg needs to be shot... then shot again! They are having a laugh Shelly, 0.360kg is less than the weight of a bag of sugar! If the shell of the car DID weigh that, you would have been able to carry the shell yourself to the scrappys under one arm. I would have expected the shell weight to be more in the region of 400kilos, thats the BARE SHELL. Maybe the figure you are reffering to is 0.360 of a Ton?? - Gary Scott from Somerset

Submitted: 2010-07-26 | ID: 46458

David Mc Dowell, County Antrim

Renault Scenic 2003

4 star review

Great motors. Have had 5 different ones over the past 4 years, which never let me down. All bought with between 48,000 miles and 145,000 mile yet never given me a problem. Had one 1600cc petrol and head gasket twice in 3 weeks. Petrol engines are known for head gasket and the latest 2003/onwards especially the electric hand brakes control unit behind the drivers side rear wheel gives big trouble at£400-00 to replace pus fitting charges. One flat battery coast me £1750-00 to have the electrics repaired. This was a 1.9 dci model with electric hand brake. Sold the car to a dealer before I had it repaired.

Submitted: 2010-07-22 | ID: 46455

Karl Thompson, England

Renault Scenic authentique 1.5 dci 2005

1 star review

I have had two other Renaults before with probs, but this 1.5 dci Scenic takes the biscuit. I will never buy Renault again, customer service sucks, they always make excuses, good piece of Renault training that. They won’t own up and pay in full for any known manufacture faults. My 2005 1.5 dci, although comfortable to drive has had numerous electrical faults,i.e. needed a full wiring loom change, my reversing sensors don’t work, I had to get dashboard changed although Renault admitted about the fault I still had to pay £100. Total rubbish. Now I have an EGR VALVE FAILURE! Never will I buy one again, let this be a warning to other Megane/Scenic drivers, total c**p customer service.

Responses to this review

I totally agree I have a 2003 Renault Scenic and have lost count of the problems I’ve had. Both back windows stopped working. The display panel went and I had to pay £100 too. In the last three months it’s been to the garage twice with problems with the airbag and now the head gasket has gone. The back door doesn’t open from the outside but from the in - so much for child safety locks. I would never buy a Renault again. - from England

very disgruntled owner of grand scenic 1.5 dci 54 plate. I vow never to own another Renault. I too have had new dash at £100 - an insult considering it’s clearly manufacturing fault. Have just had to have a new engine at a cost of 3k (not via main dealer i hasten to add!) still have very rough idle (which was there before) and am told it probably needs new injectors @ £600 for parts alone and again that’s not via Renault. Also having intermittent starting failure IE tries and fails then at second push it will start. Am told this is also likely to be injector issue, never had that problem before the engine was replaced. It’s a heap of junk - never again. I could have bought a brand new (albeit smaller) car for less than this has cost overall - from Devon

Are Renault still offering to replace dasboards for around £100? - from England

Submitted: 2010-07-16 | ID: 46451

Wayne Dunn, Lancashire

Renault Scenic 1.5 dci 1999

5 star review

We owned a 98 1.9 dti Scenic. We had 5 years trouble free motoring including 2 1200 mile tours ’round Ireland. Fantastic, comfy, reliable car and spent very little on it. She was getting a bit rusty round the arches and door bottoms so we decided to replace with a newer Scenic a 1.9 dci 52 reg. What pile of p***! After three times of snapping the fan belt and tangling into the timing belt causing extensive damage costing hundreds each time it had to go. The final straw was a broken wire, which fed the ECU immoblised the car and wiped out the diagnostics. I know a very good auto spark who sorted the problem so we could get shut (Digbys, Heywood, Lancs), so the car was sold at a huge loss. We then bought a low milage Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 cdti, nice little car, reliable, nippy but awful to drive any distance, rattly, tinny, very basic but served a purpose. A friend of mine recently bought a Grand Scenic and after a quick go was hooked again and so I pursued my interest and traded in the Meriva for a 1.5 dci Scenic. I do hope I’ve made the right choice ’cos it’s great to drive and looks superp and my wife loves it. By the way, the first Scenic we had is still on the road, looking a bit more tired but as far as I’m aware totally reliable!!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-07-09 | ID: 46450

Drew Burton, Nottinghamshire

Renault Scenic 2007

1 star review

I have a 2007 Renualt Scenic and have had to replace all of the window motors, the keys and heater, these appear to be very common faults so how can Renault not accept these parts are substandard and replace at no cost to their customers?

Responses to this review

Oh my god, that is just what has happened with mine. I’m gutted. What a rip off. Renault need to take ownership of this fault. It is so wrong! - Irene Alford from United Arab Emirates

I have to agree recently had heaters looked at the guy at the garage said he didn’t know how I hadn’t gone up in flames as the wires were so badly melted! Only 7 months ago had to have disks and pads on brakes replaced at a cost of £520 (total) just to get it through MOT. Got it booked in for recall upgrade to handbrake but have read Renault try to charge you for fixing as they say problems with handbrake/computer box are not the reason for the recall. I have a disabled Son and live in a rural area. I need my car for hospital appointments and simply can not afford to keep shelling out for this car but I have 3 years left on finance with a non Renault dealer... What the hell am I supposed to do? - Jakki Blueitt from Durham

Submitted: 2010-06-24 | ID: 46434

Deni, Ireland

Renault Scenic Dynamic 2006

1 star review

Have had quite a few problems with this car that I bought brand new. The driver and passinger windows went, head gasket went, pistons had to be changed a few times. But the worst thing to finish it off is the timing belt snapped and caused extensive damage to pistons and valves so I think this is the end of my car having been quoted 2,500 to repair. I cannot understand that this has happened as it is recomended to change after 72,000 kilometers or 5 years. Any comeback from Renault?

Submitted: 2010-06-08 | ID: 46439

Karl Pearce, Wrexham

Renault Scenic Expression 2001

5 star review

Had a scenic 1.6 expression 2001, what a nice family car, all was well but then the driver’s side window packed up. People do say about these electrical problems and the cost they bring to the Renault owners but they seem to be going to Renault main dealers to get repaired. We had a lot of problems with our 1.6 petrol engine with the coil packs blowing and Renault quoted £140 per pack to be repaired, I got each coil pack for about 8 quid on ebay and fitted them myself. I think people have problems with these cars and feel the need to express their anger so put feeds on sites like this but the reality is that the happy drivers are too busy driving their family around on days out to spend time typeing and complaining!!! We are getting an 04 1.9 dci tomorow, no coil packs!!! Maybe I will be made to eat my words?? I would never take any car to a main dealer, buy a Haynes manual and have a crack yourself, if electrical probs go to a local auto electrician.

Responses to this review

Hi, I have been told to scrap my Renault Scenic Grand 2005. After being serviced I had an oil leak, now the engine needs replacing. Please give info on how you went about selling parts; I have 4 new tyres etc., many thanks email julieayanna@yahoo.com - Julie Walsh-Cowie from England

Submitted: 2010-06-05 | ID: 46437

Mike Hunt, England

Renault Scenic 1998

1 star review

Sold my Micra so I could carry grandkids around, only since owning the Scenic for only 8 months, electric windows packed up, twice leaked at oil sump, central locking locked me out of car. RAC took me to Renault garage where I was quoted to get all repairs done,around £1.400 so brought it home and sold it as spares or repairs at a BIG loss. I now own a micra again and like the last Micra no trouble at all.

Responses to this review

Hi, sorry to hear about your problems with your Scenic. Have had grand scenic since 2004 (bought new) and after several things going wrong - fuel pump, heater, electric windows now the big end has gone and needs a new engine! Dealer says it’s one of those things and worth scrap value. You mention that you sold your car for parts - how did you do this - the very least I have 4 Michelin tyres to sell. Would appreciate any advice on selling as spares, many thanks, - from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 2010-05-28 | ID: 46441

Willie Nixon, County Down

Renault Scenic 1.9 dti Expression 2002

5 star review

Bought the car in 2008 with 60000 miles. It now has 97000 and it hasn’t missed a beat - no niggles, no rattles. This my second Scenic and I’m about to buy Renault yet again. Only money spent was timing belt, new tyres and new brakes all round. It leaks a little power-steering fluid, and a little oil, but I have given this car no care and have happily thrashed the engine - it is a real worker. The car has never been amazing on MPG, returning around 43mpg around town and only rising slightly to about 45mpg on longer runs. It drives well and happily eats up motorway miles well in excess of the legal limit - no matter how hard you push the engine it still returns 45mpg on long journeys - not bad for an 8 year old car with fast approaching 100000miles on the clock!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-05-13 | ID: 46440

Helen, Hampshire

Renault Scenic GRAND SCENIC 2.0 VVT PRIVILEGE 2008

3 star review

I bought this car at 2 years old and with 9000 miles on the clock. I had an extra six months warranty on top of the standard 3 yrs from the garage and then (thank goodness) paid £585 for a further 3 year Motorplan warranty. Engine wise has been completely reliable, and love the car itself, but electricals have been a nightmare. Both front electric window regulators have gone at different times with the windows being stuck open (would have cost £275 each without warranty), the keyless unlocking has gone at different times on ALL of the four doors and, in fact, one of them has gone again. Without the warranty, these cost £100 each to repair. Warranty won’t pay for the 2nd time on same door. Both electric wing mirrors have packed up at separate times. As soon as the warranty expires, the car is GOING!

Submitted: 2010-04-28 | ID: 46447

Karen Haviland, Surrey

Renault Scenic Dynamic 2010

1 star review

Hi, Having read other bad reviews on the Scenic I would like to let everyone know my death defying experiences since I bought it 5 months ago. 3 Times on the motorway in the fast lane CHECK EMMISSIONS came up the dash board with a loud Bang. No power and all controls lost their use. Took it into Renault who test drove it and said yes it is the computer.They changed it and mended the window which stopped working. Yesterday to my horror it happened again - in the fast lane of the M25! It is now in the garage, they are trying to find the fault. I have said I don’t want it back and I either have another car or my money back. Probably won’t ever look at a another Scenic. Traded my lovely Modus in for this pile of C***

Responses to this review

Probably packed up deliberately to stop you killing yourself while you were driving ’In the fast lane’ - R Marshall from Hampshire

Submitted: 2010-04-28 | ID: 46445

Dave Smih, Warwickshire

Renault Scenic fidji 1.9 dci 2002

5 star review

I had a 1.6 petrol automatic 99 V plate a few years back and it was a pile of c**p but picked up the 2002 1.9 dci fidji a couple of days ago and it’s fantastic. Sold my 2004 volvo s60 d5 because I needed to downsize and raise cash and even with the fairly big power difference the Scenic is certainly no slouch. I highly recommend this car for it storage capacity, it’s comfort, the awesome diesel engine, and thank god this one has air con and a cd player, oh and a manual gearbox because the auto is disasterous. love it.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I’m the guy who wrote this review and unfortunately have to report that my brilliant diesel Scenic has kicked me full in the face. Only had it since April 2010 and already needed 2 fanbelts and 1 new alternator, now I have no compression and a price tag of around £500. That makes a total of £900 so far and it not worth much more than that now. Will not have another one - Dave Smith from Warwickshire

Submitted: 2010-04-26 | ID: 46443

Victoria, England

Renault Scenic 2007

1 star review

THE worst car I have ever owned. Bought second hand nearly 3 yrs old. Shortly after buying it the electric windows broke in the back, then the ones in the front went. We have a leak in the passenger footwell and have no idea where it is coming from. The coils have gone, the battery has gone 2x, the fan has broken only works on setting no.3, the handbrake only engages when the car is switched off. The dashboard has broken, oh and our most recent fault (today) the keys don’t work. Either of them. I have googled it and seems yet ANOTHER common fault with these cars. I have £2,500 left to pay on it yet we are getting rid of it as soon as possible, at a loss to us, what with the things we have paid to be fixed, the loan and now another car we will have to buy. Renault UK are useless when you go to them with complaints, obviously they see this all the time, yet as another person said they FIB (putting it VERY mildly) and told me to get most of my repairs done, just to make it driveable would cost over a £1000 - this is of course not including things like leaks, broken fans, and windows etc. I will NEVER buy another Renault so long as I live. FACT. Like others I will tell everyone I know not to purchase a Renault either!!!! Awful service, awful cars.

Submitted: 2010-04-21 | ID: 46448

C, England

Renault Scenic 2008

1 star review

A good sized car but when things go wrong they’re a nightmare to put right. Biggest problem so far are the electric windows - so far 3 have failed, each having a mind of their own, appears that this is a very common problem. Spent 300 quid on replacing a motor in one of the doors and just yesterday, 2 other windows have since failed. Then there was the transmission failure…Very disappointed with everything Renault, but a valuable lesson learned - never be touching one again.

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 46431

Mark Gosden, Kent

Renault Scenic 2005

3 star review

I am just about to purchase a Megane CC even after looking at the Megane Coupe-Cabriolet reviews. I think I need to tell all of you that I had a 2005 Grand Scenic and whilst driving home from hospital with my wife in the passenger seat (on a breathing machine) there was an almighty bang and the whole glass roof shattered. This went everywhere and also cut my head. When I took it to Renault they said this was most unusual and couldn’t understand why it had happened. It seems to me now that Renault may be less than truthful to their customers. PS I still fancy the Megane CC, so i think I will only be able to use it on sunny days with the roof off!

Responses to this review

I own a Grand Scenic 2006 and this week, my sunroof did the same - like a firework right over our heads, all over myself and my toddler. All I can say is I am glad he was sleeping when it happened as he had shards of glass all over his face and God forbid it had gone in his eyes. I had a few cuts and grazes and shards of glass stuck in my hand. <br />The insurance company was a nightmare in figuring out how to deal with it and in response, Renault have had no knowledge of this ever happening before! There really should be something done about this, it is so dangerous. Even just a layer of plastic on the inside to protect us from the shattered glass may well have left me feeling not quite so frightened. Surely in a collision, this could quite literally be fatal - Kate Hudson from Worcestershire

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 46432

Rita Mitchell, Hampshire

Renault Scenic Diesel 2005

4 star review

I bought my Renault at 18 months old, it is my 2nd one because generally I love them. HOWEVER, having only done 30,000 miles I have had to replace two window electric motors in three last year costing me nearly £800. I agree with others about the expensive costs with dealers for work and parts and servicing, far too expensive! The window problem has put me off buying another Renault.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-10 | ID: 46430

Lisa Burtenshaw, Kent

Renault Scenic 2005

3 star review

This is my second Scenic and third Renault and will def be my last. I had a ’Check Emissions’ appear on my dash a couple of months ago, I called the RAC who informed me it sounded like the CAT was on its way out. I got it booked into my local Renault dealer who advised that yes the CAT had been smashed to bits due to a faulty Oxygen Sensor (thats what the garage told me), I was told by them that a Renault part had to be fitted otherwise it would cause problems in the future and the total cost is £1069. I called Renault UK head office to ask about goodwill as my car had only done 28,000 miles, which they agreed to go half with me. The car was booked in on the 11th February and that is where it is now still not fixed, the problem the CAT is on back order with France. Yes I have been give a hire car, although this was after a week of trying to organise one, but the customer service is S**T. I have not heard from the garage in over a week, not even a courtesy call. If anyone has had a similar problem I would love to hear from you.

Responses to this review

We had that a few days ago actually and the car struggling to start at first, it was like it was on kangaroo juice, it then packed up all together. We took it to a garage and the coils had gone, cost us £170 to replace 4 coils,labour and new spark plugs. Renault wanted to charge us £190 just to replace 2 coils, now this is the first day back so not sure if its resolved... - Helen Wallace from Lancashire

Submitted: 2010-03-10 | ID: 46428

Ian McQueen, Rutland

Renault Scenic PRIVILEGE 2004

4 star review

I have owned my French wheelie bin (Renault Scenic) for over 4 years now. It is certainly very good when you want to shift stuff and junk, and also good for carrying 3 adults in the back. Plenty of room in the boot for the mother in law, which is very spacious. The downsides to owning a French car is the cost of work and repairs as the car gets older, I recently had a hi pressure diesel pump changed and this set me back a grand! That is why I have only given the rating 4 stars instead of 5. I have carried all sorts of stuff in the back, all my work kit, a huge double bed from Ikea, which was flat packed but the chunky mattress wasn’t. All in all a great car.

Responses to this review

I love the tag 'French Wheelie bin' :) Rear windows 'failed' Handbrake constantly keeps my local garage in the black...say no more - Kevin O'Reilly from West Yorkshire

I love the tag 'French Wheelie bin' :) Rear windows 'failed' Handbrake constantly keeps my local garage in the black...say no more - Kevin O'Reilly from West Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-02-27 | ID: 46420

Glyn Whitehouse, Warwickshire

Renault Scenic 2005

1 star review

If i could mark the pile of junk with minus 5 stars then I would. We have owned this car since the summer of 2009 and my wife uses it for work daily, about a 20 mile journey. First of all it was leaking water every time it rained and then the heater blew which has cost me well over £700, then the dash board packed in so I had to replace that at a cost of £631. Now the alarm goes of if you go within 10 foot of the useless piece of junk and  to top it all of both the windows (drivers side and passenger side) have decided to die . I HATE THE CAR, DO NOT BUY RENAULT EVER.

Responses to this review

I have owned my renault scenic 54 plate for one year. I have never owned a Renault before and I certainly won’t be buying one again. Mine has been in two garages in 4 weeks and is still there, they said I needed a new engine costing £1150. The car was lacking power and ’check emmisions’ light on, also making a tapping noise. By the way car has done 33000 on the clock so I said go a head, they have taken the engine apart no problems put engine back they are still trying to find problem. I HAVE JUST PHONED TO SEE WHAT’S GOING ON; they don’t know. This is the first time I have ever written and moaned about anything. IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE DO NOT BUY A RENAULT EVERTHING COSTS OVER £700 TO REPLACE! Sorry Glyn, just leting off a bit of steam, I’m so fed up. The only good thing is lots of leg room. Nice looking car that’s it. This car will bleed you dry. Thanks - Lorraine Sweeney from Lancashire

I agree, DO NOT BUY A RENAULT SCENIC!! Am in the middle of yet another drama with mine; all I want is to be able to run the kids from A to B without and major hassles and break downs and apparently it’s not to be. Paid over £700 for a service at my local Renault dealer in December, only to have (apparently) my big end bearing go last week, they’ve quoted me £3000 for a new engine!!! Am currently researching it a bit more and checking out my options but can’t afford to do that so it looks like my 6 year old diesel with average mileage may have come to the end of its short life already! AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!! - Georgia Macleod from Ross and Cromarty Shires

I completely agree Glyn and can’t wait to get rid. I just wish I’d come across this web site before i’d bought mine, it’s put me off Renaults for life! - Rachel Derby from England

Hi, we had same light come on as you, check emissions, took it to garage and the fault was a faulty sensor. Cost less than 100 pounds to fix including going on diagnostic machine. They did phone Renault and it’s a common fault on Renaults of a certain couple of years - from Derbyshire

Submitted: 2010-02-24 | ID: 46421

Richard Carney, Ireland

Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.6 petrol 2005

5 star review

The 2005 model is our fourth Scenic. We have had very little trouble with it, it is comfortable, roomy, pleasant to drive and swallows up almost any amount of cargo. After 5 years it has recently developed a few rattles, but still starts and goes every time. We will buy a diesel next time because the tax regime in Ireland has changed, favouring low CO2 engines.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-02-18 | ID: 46427

George, Cambridgeshire

Renault Scenic Expression 2004

3 star review

I bought this car second-hand at the 3 year point but thankfully I had paid to have an extended 3 year AA warranty included in the price. This more than paid for itself within the first year after 2 trips back to the garage to replace the coils and more recently to have the drivers electric window mechanism replaced, a commonality with these cars it seems. I would advise to steer clear of servicing at Renault garages as not only are their services over priced, but I’ve checked before and after the work is carried out and found that they haven’t even done what is stated on the service sheet, so it’s no wonder faults continue to develop on them. Otherwise, it has been a fantastic family car proving reliable day in and out on the daily chores and being a comfortable ride on longer holiday trips. You pay for what you get though, and you have to remember that aftersales service is just a big a money maker for the car industry these days! Bon voyage ;D<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-02-17 | ID: 46426

Julie Starrs, Ireland

Renault Scenic 1.5dci80 2004

1 star review

I’m having major problems with this car. First of all the heater broke. Got that fixed then the 2 key cards stopped working; got messages on the screen saying card not detected.Cost £260 for 2 new key cards; had them ordered and paid for through my Renault dealer on the Tuesday, then on the Wednesday the car halts whilst I’m driving it and says injection failure. I had to have the car towed to my parents house and it’s been sat there ever since. My mechanic has been up to look at it and he said just to scrap it ’cos it’s not worth fixing; there goes £4500. Have just rang Renault and have been told that to fix the problem it could cost anything up to £3000!!! So now I’m sitting with a car that won’t drive and 2 new keys waiting to be programmed to the car. We bought the car Sept 2008 and it’s only really been used for school runs and shopping, just general usage. NEVER, EVER WILL I BUY A RENAULT AGAIN!!

Submitted: 2010-02-03 | ID: 46419

Diane Brisbane, Scotland

Renault Scenic Fidji 2003

3 star review

This was my first brand new car and if you asked me face to face I’d say its been a great car to own and drive. For interior comfort and spaciousness it ticks all the boxes. It’s taken us all around the country including a holiday to Ireland However when I actually think about it after only 6 years its had 3 new exhausts, a new catalytic converter, a new alternator, new brake discs, and just recently a new battery and now the prop shaft has gone. That doesn’t include all the small service type things that needed attended to. Funnily enough no major electrical problems. Now I’ve found out it’s only worth around £2000 after costing around £17000. My psychic told me to avoid the metallic blue car but did I listen?! Would I buy renault again..maybe. I had a laguna before the fidji with no major problems except the exhausts again.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Diane, You have selected you wish to enter the Parrot RKi8400 competition we’re running but haven’t left your email address. Please send it in to us if you still wish to enter. Thanks, Roadtestreports.co.uk - from

Submitted: 2010-01-28 | ID: 46404

Eric Lees, Lancashire

Renault Scenic 1.4 Dynamique 2004

1 star review

The worst car I have ever owned. It’s just done 50000 miles, I bought it at 14000 miles - just at the end of the 3 year warnnty. It’s had reversing light problems which would not work, bulbs ok, new switch fuse ok, but cost £56 to fix, said it was a wiring problem; new water pump £250 - was leaking; new passenger electric window unit £300; now it looks like it needs a new head gasket heater blower resistor pack needed replacing £399.

Responses to this review

Where is the head gasket heater blower resistor pack located? - from Dumfriesshire

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 46406

Peter, County Londonderry

Renault Scenic 1.9 dci Privilege 2004

1 star review

Bought this car when it was about a year old, and loved it, very little problems for the first few years, but as other people have reported at 5 years it just seems to fall apart. Heater not working properly, sunroof not working, keyless entry not working properly, clutch has gone, £1000 drive shaft gone, £300 aircon doesn’t work... and the list grows, don’t buy one more than 3 years old, that’s for sure.

Submitted: 2010-01-20 | ID: 46408

Steve Clark, Northamptonshire

Renault Scenic 1.4 Authantique 2004

4 star review

I purchased this car from new mainly due to its spacious size and safety rating. I have covered 25000 miles with no major problems apart from a set of ignition coils that cost me £38 a set and I fitted myself with ease. The fuel economy ranges from 33 to 45 miles per gallon and if careful up to 50 can be achieved. The car is easy to do oil change etc for the diy person. I find there is ample power when there is 2 in the car and motorway driving is good as the car is very stable and can cruise at over 80mph all day. My only gripes are the passenger seat doesn’t recline fully to accomodate long loads and the centre gear change housing can make the left leg feel restricted. With the rear seats fully removed this car carries as much as a small van so is ideal for many uses.

Submitted: 2009-12-27 | ID: 46416

Lindie Kapp, Kent

Renault Scenic 1.9 DCi 2009

1 star review

I won’t buy a Renault Scenic again I have a 1.9DCI, the diesel gives lots of problems. Also the parts are very expensive especially in a country like South Africa. It is cheaper to maintain a Toyota or a Volkswagen, many mechanics are familiar with them, but many mechanics are scared to work on a Renault. And not even Renault are always familiar with the faults on their own cars.

Responses to this review

Have to agree. Bought Renault scenic for my wife, ideal for kids to school etc., but out of warranty, and now everything starts caving. Parts not available, and after several complaints to Renault and advise leaving us with top gasket and cylinder head problems due bad service from dealers. When specific parts are needed, they try to sell you parts not needed, and even emergency spares not available. Promises and no delivery. Found it cheaper to maintain my Volvo S40 t4. Wont buy Renault again - Peter Steyn from South Africa

Submitted: 2009-12-26 | ID: 46417

Ben Hoffman, Kent

Renault Scenic privilage 2004

1 star review

I bought this car from new. In the last year I have had nothing but electrical problems. I will never buy a Renault care ever again and I strongly advise all people to take heed. Last summer BOTH of my front electric windows failed and I had to replace their motors. One went then a month later the other . 720 pounds. then we had a little wire in the dash which operated the Air Conditioning and that caused smoking and burnt out. 526 pounds. Now my dashboard has completely died and I got conned into the 100 pound inherent problem that Watchdog found and Renault are not admitting to. Renault UK was not helpful at all. DONT BUY RENAULTS.

Submitted: 2009-12-17 | ID: 46415

Peter Hill, Lancashire

Renault Scenic 1998

4 star review

I have had my scenic 1.6 for 8 years and am close to covering 154000 miles. It had done 44000 when I got it. I have found the car to be reliable, though I service it myself. I have had to change the cylinder head gasket twice in that time but I consider that to be expected for such mileage! I must agree that Renault garages vary immensely when it comes to helpful knowledge, but in defense of the car I find it the most comfortable car I have ever driven! I too have had to fix things like coils,rear bearings, brakes front and rear, cat three times, etc. But the strangest thing...the electrics have always worked fine!! O-Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. In all honesty I would buy another one, though I have heard too many disturbing reports about the new electrical problems. Regards to all, and happy driving.

Submitted: 2009-12-11 | ID: 46414

Tim, England

Renault Scenic 2004

1 star review

I am sat here writing this because the battery on my renault has failed again... This is the fifth time in two weeks. I won’t bother with listing the other problems I’ve had with it. I have always driven a renault but this is the worst car I have ever had the misfortune to own and along with almost everyone else on this site will never go near one again. Damned shame because they are great family cars in so many other ways.

Submitted: 2009-12-08 | ID: 46413

Louise Collings, Lothians

Renault Scenic 2004

1 star review

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy a Renault. Everyone I know with a Scenic has electrical problems amongst a long list of other items! My car has been stalling regularly. The garage couldn’t find what was causing it, having replaced the battery and given it a service. The car started stalling again a day after leaving the garage and is now on my drive and won’t start. The electric roof hasn’t worked for 4 years, one of the rear seats won’t go down. I hate it and can’t wait to get another non-french car.

Responses to this review

Hiya, I had the same problem and took it to an electrician that I use, he told me it wasn’t electrical but a rubber pipe on the engine managment system, which he changed and it runs great now. This pipe is situated under the top right hand side of the engine compartment - from Lancashire

Submitted: 2009-12-05 | ID: 46411

Andy Barber, Norfolk

Renault Scenic 1.9 diesel 1998

1 star review

This is a 160,000 mile car bought by my stepson for 890 quid and I have had the dubious pleasure of trying to fix the heater, which does not work. I’ve fitted a new thermostat with no luck. I’ve given it a flush through with no Luck. I’ve checked for air locks with no luck. I guess it’s the matrix, and that will be a pig of a job. Working on this car is a nightmare, you can’t get to anything and you just feel that whatever you do will probably just cause a mirriad of other problems. Buy a Toyota or if thats too boring for you buy a classic car that you can fix yourself!

Responses to this review

Hi Andy, try taking out the dashboard heater control panel, it is not much of a hassle, just a couple of screws and remove the ash tray. If it has one for access to these screws (phillips head) then gently pull it forwards, check the wire on the heater control knob, it is a piano type wire that has a tendency to bend back on its self instead of operating the heater valve. If this is the case you can straighten it with a pair of long nose pliers (very carefully) then put some grease on it, work it into the outer cable with the control knob. Job done. There is no need to disconnect the outer cable from the panel as this can be done in-situ. I did mine with the same problem (no heat). But I must tell you that I was a mechanic for forty years. Hope this helps, let me know - Jim Rawlinson from Lancashire

Submitted: 2009-11-30 | ID: 46409

Ruth Macauley, County Armagh

Renault Scenic 2007

1 star review

I have bought a Renault Scenic in January 2008 from a local garage in Northern Ireland. My first problem came in September 2008 and I have had problems ever since. I am annoyed and do not know who to turn to. Can you assist me and tell me were I can report to with my complaint. My email is ruth15455@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 2009-10-16 | ID: 46391

Mac, Norfolk

Renault Scenic Fidji 1.9dci 2002

4 star review

Excellent small (?) car with plenty of storage lockers and loads of space (with or without the rear seats in place. Very economical whether solo (50mpg average) or towing our 1000kg caravan around Italy, France and Spain (around 30mpg). The high profile of the Scenic allows excellent views of the surrounding countryside as well as helping the aero-dynamics of car and caravan. Take care to remember you’ve got a caravan behind you when you’re breezing along. Apart from that "dodgy supermarket diesel" causing a £200 breakdown on the M25 and an annoying seatbelt sensor wire we have been pleased with its reliability. Couple of niggles. The steel spare wheel became loose several times!!! (studs supplied are for alloy wheels and steel wheels have a different profile). The ride we’d describe as too firm for Norfolk’s poorly maintained pot holes.

Submitted: 2009-10-09 | ID: 46390

Dave, Staffordshire

Renault Scenic 1.5 DCi 2004

5 star review

Bought the car second-hand 2 years ago. I can’t fault it. Comfortable, spacious and very economical (averages around 56 mpg). Whilst I would much prefer to buy a British car, sadly this is no longer possible. Of all the imported cars I would certainly buy another Scenic. Top marks.

Responses to this review

I take it that you work for Renault? I bought a 04 megane 2 years ago and have spent some serious money on a bundle of scrap !!! NEVER BUY RENAULT AGAIN - Ian Rolleston from County Down

Submitted: 2009-09-14 | ID: 46399

DCAM, England

Renault Scenic 2004

1 star review

RENAULT SCENIC II 1.6 authentic comf 5 door 2004 faulty? Check emmisions fault plus motor symbol and odometer reading extra kilometers now instrument panel is dead and car is cutting out when idling. This is the worst car I have purchased in my life and will never ever buy a French car again and will be certainly telling everyone I know about the problems I’ve had.

Responses to this review

I agree entirely. I have a 54 Scenic 1.6 VVT - pile of c**p that is always going wrong with electrical faults. Wish I bought a C-Max! - from Devon

I totally agree with you guys. I bought my 54-plate 1.6 Scenic Rush VVT in February 09. It was trouble free until October 09 then required: a new battery, new coils and now....apparently the motorized throttle Pot is going to cost me 350 pounds to replace as the without this the pile of rubbish will keep cutting out!! I wish I’d kept my Focus! - John Love from Lanarkshire

I’ve got a 2005 model, which I’ve had for 5 months and already I’ve had to replace the dashboard electrics due to it going dead with only 14k on the clock. Now the check emmisions warning has come on. What the hell’s this for? Told by Renault they would do a diagonostic check for £20 and then tell me how much it will cost to repair; they already know the fault!! I had a ford galaxy for 7 years and never had a problem. - This is the first and last Renault!- Craig from Staffordshire

I’m in the same boat and have spend hundreds and still no closer to finding the fault. My car will not idle - from Essex

Submitted: 2009-08-28 | ID: 46394

Steve, Northamptonshire

Renault Scenic 1.9dci 2004

1 star review

I feel very disappointed in my Scenic 1.9dci. I have had this vehcle from new. It has had a few problems with the electrics but the car has been quite reliable up until 3 months ago when I had a major rattle in the engine. I then had to pay £82 for the privelege for the dealer to tell me that the bearings on the crankshaft are going and with 62,000 miles on the clock and being only four and a half years old, I feel this is a major fault on the engine and have heard of other vehicles having this same problem. A big thumbs down for Renault reliability!!!!!!!!!! Both dealer and Renault are not interested in helping me. A car that doesn’t last as long as my kettle!!

Responses to this review

I’m thinking I may have the same issue with my car, a 06 model 70k. Does it make a thumping noise while turning or bearing right? what happens when they do go? - from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2009-08-26 | ID: 46392

Pamela McCartney, County Antrim

Renault Scenic Scenic Fidji 1.6 2002

1 star review

Absolutely hate my Scenic; it’s just a big money box. Drove a Mazda 323 for 13 years with no problems whatsoever except the usual servicing/tyre replacement etc... Previous to that, I had a Honda, also a great car. Then I changed last October to this piece of crap as I needed more room for kids etc... Love the interior space but in the few months I have owned it, I have had to replace all the coils, water pump, cam belt and possibly now the head gasket as it is in again for repair after breaking down 5 times... Once on the motorway. When it is driveable again, I will be putting it up for sale and going back to a more reliable make of car.

Responses to this review

I totally agree with your report; we too had a Scenic and I got so fed up with the unscheduled visits to the Renault dealer that we traded it in for a Toyota Verso. No regrets on that deal! Toyota has been 100% reliable. I too will never, ever buy another Renault (or a French car for that matter!) - Murray King from Wiltshire

Never buy a 1600 renault Secnic 2002/3 as head gaskets give nothing but trouble. always go diesel 1-9dti or dci. Great miles and trust worthy all the way to 300,000 mile with regular servicing - David Mc Dowell from County Antrim

Submitted: 2009-08-03 | ID: 46401

Brian Matthews, Northern Ireland

Renault Scenic 1.4 Dynamique 2004

1 star review

The worst car I have ever owned, and I once owned a Datsun Cherry. My car has about 60,000 miles on and already a rear window motor has gone (400 Euro’s), the other one is about to go (another 400 Euro’s), a rear wheel bearing has gone (200 Euro’s), the sunroof no longer works (probably the motor, 400 Euro’s) and the driver door check strap has gone (400 Euro’s). I am trying to ignore the noise from the front wheel or suspension when I go over a bump as I’m sure it will cost big. I also own a 9 year old Saab 9-3 which has never given any trouble. It was obviously built to last. Renault shouldn’t be allowed to make and sell cars and I will strongly advise anyone I know not to go near any Renault model.

Responses to this review

Did you find out what was causing the noise? Mine is also making a noise, especially when going over bumps. Have had it in at 3 garages, and nobody can find the problem - Sharon Garside from England

I have had 2 Laguna’s with that problem, it turned out to be the shocker top mounts. Don’t take it to Renault - John Hall from Northumberland

In reply to the question about the noise, I did find out what it was. Amazingly it was something minor, a loose bolt somewhere under the engine. It only cost a few quid to have someone locate the problem and tighten it. However, since I wrote the review the other rear window motor has gone, I’m not bothering to get it fixed. Also the automatic handbrake packed in, which cost 730 euros to replace. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS. (My 10 year old Saab 9-3 is still going like a dream) - Brian Matthews from Ireland

Still have this car. Now front passenger window motor is kaput. Haven’t bothered replacing it. Replaced the 2nd rear window motor with a non-Renault part for a quarter of the price, works fine. Also the dashboard display is gone, the clock, fuel consumption, trip mileage etc. reset every time the key card is taken out and the speedo cannot now be set to read in kilometers. Please do not buy one of these or any Renault - Brian Matthews from Ireland

Submitted: 2009-07-22 | ID: 46542

Richard Wright, Yorkshire

Renault Scenic 1.5 DCI Expression. 2004

1 star review

Nothing but problems with this car as soon as the 12 mnth dealers warranty ran out (Renault dealer). Had it just over 18 mnths, had a new EGR valve (diagnosed by renault), new mass airflow sensor, another new sensor (cant remeber what and still hasn’t solved the problem (engine under load, injection light and no power) My local garage sick of seeing me (every 2 weeks) then to top it off failure of slave cylinder in clutch which results in a complete gearbox disassembly just to get to and repair, boot catch refuses to release or lock depending on its mood. Needless to say wont touch French cars with a barge pole now, clutch repaired (and off to part ex it for summat more reliable). Steer well clear if you can. On the flip side, I had a good garage who didn’t rip me off unlike Renault who charged me £85 to diagnose the issue grrr.

Submitted: 2009-07-08 | ID: 46541

Ross, Surrey

Renault Scenic 1.6 Auto Dynamique (Petrol) 2005

1 star review

From the very first day of owning this vehicle we have experienced nothing but problems. 4 x Breakdowns / Injection coils x 4 have all failed individually and been replaced approx £150 each time via Renault. Stalling problems - camshaft sensors failed x 2 types and been replaced. Very noisy clacking on starting due to camshaft dephaser - needs replacing (approx £700). Auto Gearbox failure - New gearbox required (Renaults advise) at approx. £3,000 / we opted for a repair to part of the gearbox by a specialist at £1,000. We have finally given up on this car following many heated conversations with Renault, but do they really care!?!? At face value these cars appear to be good value, but on hindsight if we had spent more money initially on buying a more premium quality car e.g. Toyota / Honda, we would be much better off in the pocket and a great deal happier. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR !!!

Responses to this review

Hi Ross, I can sympathise with you! We had the same faults as yourself... but Renault did all the work for free!! It’s a common design fault apparently, so as an act of goodwill they did all the work for nothing. Arnold clark also deserve praise for pressing Renault to get the jobs done!!! - Dave Westhead from Lancashire

Submitted: 2009-06-18 | ID: 46550

Adrian, Isle of Anglesey

Renault Scenic 1.9dti sport 1999

1 star review

This is the worst car we have had, and I have had it a year. It was in garage for 7 months of that; head gasket went, it came back and wouldn’t start; gasket went again, still no good; had new fuel pump, crankshaft, speed sensor, injector fuel filter, set plugs x 3, alternator, battery, sunroof leaked. In the end we traded it in as we couldn’t trust it. I lost a lot of money we didn’t have in just 13 months.

Submitted: 2009-06-17 | ID: 46549

Julie Holland, Cheshire

Renault Scenic Grand Dymanique 2004

1 star review

Giving a star rating of 1 for this car is being very generous. We have had a ridiculous amount of problems with this it ending in it needing a new engine and so I am at last getting rid! We have a number of friends who also have a Grand Scenic and all but one have also had problems. When it is working it is great but this is sadly very rare! I will NEVER buy another Renault. Bought from Arnold Clarke in Warrington, never again!!!

Submitted: 2009-05-18 | ID: 46548

Roy Tustin, Gloucestershire

Renault Scenic 2000T 2005

3 star review

Car has a lot going for it, lovely car to drive, roomy, comfy, plenty of power even in sixth gear and controls are well placed and easy to operate (my wife loves driving it). Even though it is a big car it is still easy to park. The down side is the high petrol consumption, only 20 mpg in town and 42 to 45 for motorway driving when you can stay in sixth gear. It really is a car for long distance driving, although it is great for the big supermarket shopping trip!! The big shock was when I came to replace a tyre; they are 205/55R17V. Choice is limited to about three manufacturers and they are all the top end of the market. The cheapest I could find was £120 each tyre and that is a Dunlop Fastresponse. Looking at reviews on other websites, until recently, Continental were the only suppliers of this size of tyre and of course, loaded the cost of their tyres. As usual Renault have little interest in after sale support - why? They make some super cars why spoil it by poor support? I shall buy a Japanese car next time, friends tell me they get superb support and no nasty surprises. PS When I read the reviews on the Renault Scenic not one mentioned the tyre problem, hence the reason for my review.

Submitted: 2009-05-06 | ID: 46547

Ruth, England

Renault Scenic 2005

2 star review

I have had my Renault Scenic for three months and in that time it has never started first time, it’s terrible. I have taken it to two garages and they say it has no problems. It’s now with the company I bought it from they said its OK too, we told them to keep it till it goes wrong so they can fix it. Gone off it a bit because of this can’t afford to change it, not sure what to do, the whole thing is very stressful and I feel like ramming it up a wall.

Responses to this review

Try using your spare key instead...might work? - Denny Jones from Northern Ireland

I have a 2005 dcI Scenic and Im having the same problem with it not starting first time I’ve only had the car 5 days and its done it from day 1! Does anybody know a possible cause for this? Also, my preheating/ignition warning light has never come on - Amanda Gorton from Cheshire

I have a 54 plate 1.5 dci that won’t start first time, and the ignition coil light comes on very rarely. Anyone know what I should expect on the bill if I took it in? - from Norfolk

Submitted: 2009-04-21 | ID: 46559

Nick Schemanoff, England

Renault Scenic Expression dci80 2004

4 star review

Well... Don’t believe all that Renault and their dealers say as they fib (to put it mildly). I bought my Scenic last October to save some money on fuel... It’s averaged around 55 mpg which I’m delighted with... my BIG problem came when I pulled out of my supermarket car park and lots of alarm bells and flashing lights told me I had a parking brake problem (now is this a case of Renault overcoming a problem that never existed or what!!!... an automatic hand brake)... I took it to my main dealer who told me the motor unit was sealed (first fib) and it needed replacing at a cost of £370 for the unit (plus VAT) plus fitting (another £200 quid)... I asked my dealer in Plymouth if I could get a refurbished one or one from a breaker... The answer was no as it needed to be programmed to my car and it was a one-off system that couldn’t be reprogrammed (second fib). I wasn’t happy with that so I called Renault... they said the same (third fib)... I tried the dealer in Saltash... same answer (fourth fib). I then by chance ended up at a Renault specialist in Exmouth (Carlton Garage... excellent guys). I asked them if I could use a part from a breaker... they said no problem; they’ve done a few... I got one for £40 and they reprogrammed and fitted it for £80... Problem solved... apart from that the cars excellent, very reliable, comfortable and cheap to run.

Responses to this review

My hand brake got stuck in the on position so I pulled the release rope. Renault then told me it was the motor and it had packed in. The new hand brake system required was £750 from Renault so I got a local garage to fit a new one for £300 less - Gutted Very from Leicestershire

I do have the same problem with my Scenic and Renault doesn’t want to know. They said it was the motor on the hand brake that was faulty and nothin to do with them - David Irvine from Northern Ireland

I have had the same problem with Renault. When I went to the dealers about the parking brake fault they said it would cost roughly £650 and £75 per hour to fix it that only a Renault dealer could fix it. I wasn’t happy with this so went to try to find someone else to help me, in the mean time Renault contacted me by letter to ask me to bring in my scenic as there was a fault with the parking brake only for them to tell me when I went over that I would have to pay to have it fixed (same old same). Then I went to an auto spark who said it was a fault with the circuit board and it was up to Renault to fix it as this shouldn’t happen. Could you tell me the name of the part you got? Thanks - Dee Irvine from County Antrim

Submitted: 2009-04-21 | ID: 46555

Ady Wood, Kent

Renault Scenic 1600 petrol 2002

1 star review

I will never even drive one again or think of buying one again, this was the worst car ever with ongoing faults that Renault cant even sort. I bought the car with low miles and it needed a cat which Renault say should last at least 5 years but won’t except any of it, it needed a clutch, the dash stopped working, Renault couldn’t fix that. You can’t change the headlight bulbs, Renault have to do it coz you need to remove front panel seats which become very loose. The key packs up the stereo controls. The paint comes off, the dash boot is always loose, ignition coils go every winter and Renault still says there is no problem. They have had the most recalls of any, these cars are terrible- all this happened within 6 months and Renault will not help you or accept any liability. Mine was 2 years old and they classed it as usual wear. Also they loose alot of money-you can actually get an new shape 53 reg for less than an old shape 02 so that says it all. Forgot to mention the stupid handbrake that only works when it wants to and does not understand hills. Please don’t bother buying one, I’ve now got a CRV, same sort of money and twice the car. I would stay away from all Renault vehicles until they decide that all there fancy electrics just don’t work.

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 46554

William Mitchell, Lanarkshire

Renault Scenic 1.6 RT 2008

5 star review

Hi I just bought my blue Renault Scenic 1.6 RT last week. I was just about to tax my car today from my post office. The post office said that the car is still under a disabled class and has to be changed over to private class. Its a 1997 model. Very nice car to drive well untill I get it changed over to private class as the post office said that when they change it over I can taxed it from the DVLA office in glasgow.

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 46552

Martin Hargreaves, Suffolk

Renault Scenic Expression 2005

3 star review

The Grand Scenic is a lovely sized car , with 3 good separate seats in the rear (all separately removable). The rear most 2 fold flat seats are for children only. Good front seats & plenty of under seat & floor storage bins. Door pockets (front) have blocked access when doors are shut... very poor. Overall, for car size, the Grand Scenic is really spacious, cannot find any better elsewhere for the price. I have the 1.9 litre 120DCi Engine, non particulate filter version. Over 50 mpg & a low CO2 thus about £140 tax. BUT HEY, there are faults & plenty of them... I have had 2 engine mounts snap & replaced & I drive relaxed, cruiser style. I have had the glow plugs fail & replaced, oil leaks, electronic faults with front & rear washers, headlamp bulbs fail (needing the car to go into garage as, cannot access headlamp without removal of front panels, big job and costing over 100 pounds !!!!!). Rear light letting in water, manufacture fault etc... Now just to help you out there. Look at getting your extended warranty with www.warrantydirect.co.uk as they are far the best, covering wear & tear , MOT failure parts, labour etc... look on-line for peace of mind & a good price. Using the Renault or AA or others are not so good. Please note the newer Scenic use the DCi130 engine and although better, they use the particulate filter which has to be replaced every 9,000 miles - this is a pain as you still have to come in for those services to engine later . Worth looking into. WELL THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!

Submitted: 2009-03-23 | ID: 46553

John Tennant, Lancashire

Renault Scenic 2005

5 star review

Very comfortable, good on fuel; an excellent car. Always said I would have another Renault Scenic after owning one for three years; great to drive and spacious.

Submitted: 2009-02-18 | ID: 46563

Eileen Breeze, Sussex

Renault Scenic 2.0 Dynamique petrol 2001

3 star review

Great car! I have an Auto Scenic 2.0 Dynamique petrol which is average of 30mpg. Great car have had 2 in 5 years but prefer the old shape. There is a drive shaft problem with the autos - it pulls to the right when I accelerate, anyone else have this issue? Lots of space for 3 kids and the dog! The auto gearbox can be a bit juddery when accelerating up hill, but great on flat. I have 2 sun roofs which work well and all over vision means I do not miss anyone on the road. Secret compartments in passenger seats great for the kids junk. I have driven through France last year with great ease. Seats are so comfortable that after 3 hours driving I did not ache when getting out like lower model cars. Excellent safety features with air bags in crucial sites, making me feel safe when travelling with the whole family in tow. Air con works efficiently and clears the screen in seconds on cold days. Mine has only done 53K so am waiting for the services to be expensive. One issue is when the coils went all four had to be replaced and not just a pair which happened in my old Y reg one. A good all round family car with enough storage and comfort and extras for any family whatever their ages. Might switch to a diesel for economics looking at other reports for this car.

Submitted: 2008-10-29 | ID: 46577

Karen Walker, Staffordshire

Renault Scenic Dynamique 2.0 VVT 2006

4 star review

Second Scenic, had a old shape automatic, which was suppose to be troublesome. Mine was great, the only thing that went was the auto gearbox sensor inside the car, which wasn’t expensive. I love my newer one, great drive, and spacious. It does have the usual FRENCH electrics niggles, but hey ho, every one of the 5 or so Renault’s I have had, also did. I find Renaults have a fit one day, and then behave for months after, got a mind of their own. I owned a lot of Ford Granada’s previously, and they were quite troublesome, engines, head gaskets, oil burners. Cars aren’t perfect, but I would have another Scenic tomorrow.

Submitted: 2008-10-21 | ID: 46578

Graham Gilbert, Neath Port Talbot

Renault Scenic 1.5 diesel 2004

1 star review

I have a fault in the braking system. I have got about an inch of play in the pedal and then the brake bites making the car tilt forward. I have tried a neighbours scenic and the pedal goes down smoothly.

Submitted: 2008-10-14 | ID: 46576

June Heayes, Dorset

Renault Scenic Expression + 2003

2 star review

My first MPV Renault. A lovely car to drive and lots of space. Unfortunately comes with lots of problems, I had to have the coils (all 4) replaced 3 times, I have spent £1000 on repairs in 3 months, cam belt, water pump, drive shaft, constant problems since it was 2 years old. I won’t buy another - I don’t like the new shape anyway.

Submitted: 2008-07-02 | ID: 46574

Stephen Honeyball, Essex

Renault Scenic 1.6 Fidji 2003

3 star review

Last of the old shape, bought new. Nice & roomy, lots of little useless storage. Finish & trim cheap & cheerful, some bits like washer bottle broke/release lever for middle rear seat broke/ dodgy rear wiper in 1st couple of years Renault unable to fix under warranty, just put up with them now. Half suede trim does not wear at all well, driver's seat wrecked. Engine management trouble twice - once fixed under warranty, once £200 to fix. Overall OK but wouldn't buy another.

Submitted: 2008-06-26 | ID: 46573

Peter Evans, Kent

Renault Scenic 2004

1 star review

Since my last report it has had another electrical fault which stopped it in its tracks, discs and pads, and clutch replaced and now two weeks ago it dropped out of 6th gear on the motorway a couple of times and has now had a brand new gearbox fitted! Total bill for repairs since the warranty ran out is about 15k! Thank God I am not the lease company...

Submitted: 2008-05-16 | ID: 46575

Sally Goldsmith, Hampshire

Renault Scenic 1.9 dCi 130 Conquest 2007

5 star review

This is the best MPV, I did a lot of research before parting with my hard-earned money and it was all worth it. The space is very impressive and it can seat 5 adults and still be comfortable. Luggage and storage options cannot be faulted. I have never really been impressed by Renault or by French cars in general but the Scenic has, without doubt, changed my opinion somewhat. There is a feeling of quality that surrounds both the interior and the exterior, the optional parking sensors are recommended as they make parking on supermarket bays a doddle. Then we have the safety aspect, possible the most important factor in my opinion - front, side and full-length window airbags come as standard and the Scenic received the full 4 star EuroNCAP rating. This was the deal clincher. I have now done 10,000 trouble free miles safe in the knowledge that myself and my family are a safe as is possible. Good fuel economy and reasonable insurance costs plus a competitive purchase price make this a no-brainer when choosing a multi person vehicle. The 1.9 litre diesel gives great performance and the Scenic grips the road well. THE best MPV.

Submitted: 2008-05-08 | ID: 46571

Simon Dixon, Hampshire

Renault Scenic 1.6 WT Expression 5dr 2006

5 star review

Great family car, bags of space and comes with a good level of kit Ours has taken us to France and back twice and in the 2 years we’ve owned it has given us nothing but trouble free driving. Very reasonable to run and very good safety features. Can’t fault it.

Submitted: 2008-04-24 | ID: 46572

William Forsyth, Surrey

Renault Scenic Monaco 1999

1 star review

Very juicy on petrol; only getting 21 miles per gallon.

Submitted: 2008-04-03 | ID: 46570

Peter Evans, Kent

Renault Scenic Grande Scenic 2004

1 star review

Got a top spec 2004 Grande Scenic on a lease which whilst the most practical, economical, child friendly and comfy car I have ever had has today broken down for the sixth time in a year. Since the warranty ran out last May the lease company (thank god I took the maintenance package out!!!) have spent �8,600 on repairs. These have been to date Oil pump and turbo (�2,000), complete engine 3 months later due to oil starvation (�5,000), discs, pads, batttery and clutch (�1,600) and today its died again. Its done 80,000 easy motorway cruising miles and hasn’t been thrashed or abused. I am on first name terms with the Renault garage staff and most of the AA in Kent! How can Renault produce cars like this?

Responses to this review

Many of the correspondents are commenting on cars which are fairly old, i.e. 2001/3/4, and often have covered many miles. Surely it is a fact that well worn mass produced cars break, and the scenic was somewhat infamous for this in its earlier incarnations? Can we have any comments on 2009/2010 models? - Duncan Morrison from England<br />

Submitted: 2008-03-25 | ID: 46568

Keith Wanless, Hampshire

Renault Scenic 2002

5 star review

We bought the top of the range diesel scenic and love it. Although we have only done 48000 miles which is silly for a six year old diesel we would be looking to buy a new one, however we just don’t like the new shape, shame. It is constantly reliable and roomy, easily big enough for five even on a long journey. The seats come out if you need more boot space no problem, mpg is good and overall we can’t fault it.

Submitted: 2008-02-28 | ID: 46567

Denise Foster, Surrey

Renault Scenic 1998

5 star review

I have had my Renault Scenic for 4 years now and I love everything about it. It is spacious, it is high up with clear all round views, it is comfortable and easily seats 5 adults. I have never had any problems with it and I am 100% sure that my next car will also be a Renault Scenic. It even has little picnic tables for the rear passengers and the seats fold up to make a really spacious luggage/parcel storage department. I would recommend this car to anyone who wants to have stress free motoring.

Submitted: 2008-01-28 | ID: 46565

Pete Warren, Staffordshire

Renault Scenic 1.5dci Dynamique 2005

5 star review

This is the Third Scenic to date and possible the best in both comfort and economy, the previous two one was a 1.9 dt and the last one a 1.6 16v ,although both had there good points this series 2 ,has now made a very good motor even better, economy and speed, masses of pull with the small 106 engine and around fifty five to the gallon, only one fault is the design of the tailgate if you open this in the rain prepare for a wet boot, so beware, also the roof line being narrower than the doors also tends to let the rain into the door switches and the front foot wells, apart from these small problems a very good all round vehicle.

Submitted: 2008-01-28 | ID: 46566

Roger Anderson, Derbyshire

Renault Scenic 2.0 dCi diesel 2007

5 star review

Bought the Scenic brand new a few months ago. Chuffed to bits with it, nippy, spacious, safe and good value for money. The Scenic is based on the Megane and is very economical, doing about 50 miles to the gallon. Both myself and my wife feel extremely safe in the Scenic, a full complement of air bags and anti-lock brakes. A EuroNCap rating of 5 stars confirms this feeling. If you are looking for a family car then you should look no further than the Renault Scenic,, it ticks all the boxes for us as a family.

Submitted: 2007-10-30 | ID: 46564

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Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

2.5 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 86 reviews )

Ford Focus C-Max

2.5 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 77 reviews )

Mazda 5

2.5 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 61 reviews )

Citroen Xsara Picasso

4 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 50 reviews )

Volkswagen Touran

3 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 36 reviews )

Citroen C4 Picasso

3 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 31 reviews )

Fiat Croma

3.5 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 25 reviews )

Kia Carens

4.5 stars - average customer rating
Average driver rating ( based on 25 reviews )