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Peugeot 5008

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Peugeot 5008 consumer car reviews

Peter, Norfolk

Peugeot 5008 2013 - 2015

1 star review

Hi all we have a 2013 I.6 HDI active manual which has been perfect and done 14k miles but then we bought a 2014 1.6 HDI Active with the EGC gearbox and it's been a nightmare and only done 4k miles. Constantly has engine management light coming on, ASR, auto handbrake not working.Been to main dealer four times and needs to go back again now.

Submitted: 2015-04-24 | ID: 115189

Tariq Shoebridge, Bedfordshire

Peugeot 5008 1.6 HDI Exclusive 2011

1 star review

I was delighted with the car, it being well built, good to drive, well equipped and reasonably economical (though not as economical as claimed!) until, after four months and 3800 miles the "engine Fault" and "ESR" warning lights came on while driving to work one frosty morning. After being treated very unhelpfully by my two nearest dealers I had the car collected from work by the AA (via Peugeot Assist) and taken to the dealer. They advised me that it was a fuel fault, the fuel having waxed due to low temperatures. I simply do not accept this as other cars, including my own Renault, that had been fuelled at the same time and place, were not disabled by this. I have been driving diesels for 23 years and have never encountered this. The dealer admits to having had several other 5008’s in with the same problem so clearly there is an issue. Meanwhile I am stuck with a car that cannot be used in freezing conditions and Peugeot are refusing to address the issue.

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Hello There, We have a 2012 Peugeot 5008 which has been in our local garage for a week now, This was due to the car coming to a very slow halt, and then stalling, We have the 1.6eHDI Model, with the Auto box, The fault showing up was gearbox fault, and the car would NOT move. This has happened several times to us, and had it back into the garage, However it’s NEVER diagnosed with anything, They just keep telling us that nothing has shown up. So we yet again have the car back with the fault, Just waiting for it to happen yet again, Peugeot have NOT been very helpful with this problem at all, We have owned 12 Peugeots over the years all new, however, NEVER AGAIN. They have lost one of their faithful customers. By the way, we have a wonderful Peugeot 5008 for sale, if interested inbox me. lol - Rupert Rimms from England

Submitted: 2012-02-19 | ID: 45400

Graham Williams, England

Peugeot 5008 1.6 HDI 2010

5 star review

I am 65 and having bought and sold cars over many years, I can say that this is the best new car I have ever purchased. No faults have appeared so far (a rare thing with new cars) and I have come to love the driving experience. The car is very quiet and confortable. The seats and fabric are first class. The spec is very high and the design of the cabin first rate. There are plenty of electronic aids to provide information and to control safety and comfort. The head-up display is particularly helpful, providing info on speed, cruise control and speed limiter settings and distance from the car in front. It ensures you never have to take your eyes off the road. The loading capacity is huge and as a DIY enthusiast, the fact that a 2.4m length of wood can be accommodated, is a boon! On the down side, the large central console virtually prevents sliding across to the passenger side or vice versa, which can be a problem in some tight parking situations. The back adjustment on the rear seats is impossible to operate when on the move, which means having to pull over if a passenger needs to adjust the backrest. I can’t think of anything else to criticise though. If you need a larger vehicle for carrying kids with a large loading capacity for things like camping equipment, then this a great car! Enjoy!

Responses to this review

I’m amazed when I hear comments like "it’s rare to buy a new car that does not have faults". No it isn’t, I’ve had a new car every 2-3 years for the last 30 years and have had one fault in all that time and that was paint. Lucky? I don’t think so, just stayed away from French and Italian - Tim Sheppard from Hampshire

Must agree with everything Graham says, excellent car. Great to drive but have had my first problem after 16 months, was out today and airbag Warning light came on! Has anyone else had this problem? - Peter Goy from Lothians

Give it a couple of years and it will be one problem after another probably. I own a 407 but after many years of owning Peugeots, the latest cars are poorly made and unreliable. It’s German or Jap for me from now on! - Tony Brace from Neath Port Talbot

Tim, In response to the negative comments referring to French cars, I have had German, Japanese & French cars over the years but the only ones that have developed serious & costly problems for me was 1x German & 2x Japanese cars so I find this attitude from people who have never actually owned one quite annoying to say the least ! My current car is the 5008's very close cousin from Citroen and after 5 years has never let me down, best car I have ever owned. - Dave Swift from Warwickshire

Submitted: 2011-04-02 | ID: 45396

Ciaran, County Armagh

Peugeot 5008 2.0 HDi 150 Exclusive 2009

5 star review

WOWWWWWW!! I can’t believe it’s a Peugeot, it’s so lovely built, beautiful to drive and the engine is a cracker. So you can imagine why I had no trouble deciding whether I should trade in my c**p, unreliable, cheaply made Ford S Max 2.0 TDCi Zetec. The 5008 is worth twice of the SMAX because the Ford is awful. Top Gear reckon the Smax is an MPV that can be seen in, but you would be lucky if you were seen in it at all because it’s so unreliable! The Peugeot is like a Rolls Royce of the people carriers, the Ford is the Lada of the people carriers. I can recommend this to anyone without even doubting it for one minute.

Responses to this review

I can’t agree enough with you. I have ordered my 5008 and I’m also trading in a SMax Zetec 1.8 TDCi and to be honest I cannot wait to see the back of it because it is rubbish. I have read that for a good driving MPV to stick with the SMax but trust me, DON’T. It isnt overly fuel efficient of comfortable, The electrics suffer from glitched were the lights and radio will cut out and the boot lid handle, which is electronic sometimes does not open. Also the 3 rows of seats are cramped and there’s no head room, it’s no wonder the magazine ’which car’ reveled that the Galaxy and SMax were the two worst MPVs on the market. The new 5008 is strange because you sit really high up but the classy centre console sits up high so you actually feel like you are in a sports car. I could only afford the 1.6 HDI 110 Sport and the engine provides great pull when wanting to overtake and it is very smooth with excellent refinement. No wonder it won What Car MPV of the year 2010. Peugeot are onto a winner along with the striking 3008 - Ryan Johnston from Essex

We bought a 5008 on launch and it’s been the worst car I have ever owned. On delivery day we couldn’t take it from the dealer as there was a general safety recal but they would not tell us what for. It took 3 weeks to find out. On delivery we immediately complained about the rattling and buzzing coming from the front window area. The dealer couldn’t hear it for the first 4 months - now it’s so loud they say it needs a whole front dash. They have had the car for 2 weeks but cannot do nothing as part is not available and they can’t provide us with  a 7 seater for the grandkid’s school runs. The first time we used the middle seat it wouldn’t re-lock to floor - it needed new seats - took 3 weeks to obtain from France. I couldn’t use seat or access rear seats because it was dangerous. In fact, any spare seems to takes 3 weeks to obtain which is rubbish. I wish we had kept to the Vauxhall Zafira which was totally relable and parts avaiable the same day or next day - Pat Wright from Northamptonshire

I picked up my new 5008 in April ’10 and now 6,000 miles later I’m having trouble with the manual gearbox. I’m having difficulty with 1st, 2nd and reverse gears, it popped out of 2nd gear when going round a roundabout and getting it in 2nd to go round corners is a struggle. I took it back to the main dealer who agreed there was a problem, but said they could not adjust gear linkage as they did not have the "special tool". To obtain this tool from Peugeot, we would have to wait 3 weeks. Our main dealer finally managed to locate the "special tool" in Romford and had the car in to adjust gear linkage cables. This improved it slightly but I was still not happy so off it went again, this time to have gear linkage cables replaced. This improved the 1st, 2nd and reverse but finding 4th was awful. It’s currently in a garage being worked on yet again. I managed to get courtesy car this time as they want to work on it for a week. We were told the gears are not smooth as the gear linkage cables are long in 5008. Utter nonsense, wish I had never got rid of my Renault Scenic, £22,000 down the drain! - Allison Blackley from Kent

Submitted: 2010-02-10 | ID: 45392

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Road tests

Peugeot 5008

2.0 HDi 150 Exclusive - The start of the new decade sees Peugeot with a revised corporate logo and the new 5008 on sale in the UK. As a compact MPV, this 7-seater goes head-to-head with the already established Picasso, Grand Scenic, Zafira and many, many others. Stiff competition, but it’s up for a fight.

Road Test Reports Says 4.5 star ratingFull Report
An image of the Peugeot 5008 2.0 HDi 150 Exclusive

Peugeot 5008

Peugeot has pitched the prices of the 5008 keenly against its rivals, so it should be on compact MPV buyers’ shopping lists. It’s also likely to hold its value as well as a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, which is above average for this class thanks to the versatility of the car and some fine diesel engin [...]

Road Test Reports Says 4 star ratingFull Report
An image of the Peugeot 5008

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