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Peugeot 307 consumer car reviews and road tests

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Peugeot 307 consumer car reviews

john jordan, Essex

Peugeot 307 2005 - 2008

5 star review

Hi, I had a problem that when I switched the lights on the rear near side along with the number plate light did not work. I called out an auto leki, he disconnected the battery, re-connected after a couple of minutes and it rebooted itself. Cost me £40 for something as stupid as that. So don`t go thinking it`s a fuse gone or a broken wire.

Submitted: 2015-04-01 | ID: 114166

Toni Bedford, South Yorkshire

Peugeot 307 2005 - 2008

1 star review

Purchased the Peugeot 307 Coupe Cabriolet HDI Sport 2d last year for the wife. To be fair the car had plenty of extras (leather interior, cruise control, air con, CD etc) and was very stylish and nice to look at. The boot is impressive in size and when the roof is down it's still reasonable. BUT THAT'S THE ONLY POSITIVES about this car. We had nothing but problems with this vehicle. There were problems with the airbag light being constantly on! The drivers window did not retract sufficiently to open the door and everytime you opened it the top of the glass window 'catches' on the rubber seal around the room causing it to erode. Another fault that developed was the drivers electric window once opened went back up at a snails pace. More issues with all the windows not closing automatically once the roof was closed. Had to take the car into the Peugeot dealership as on closing the roof the boot raised up ready for the roof to fold back and it just stayed stuck up and wouldn't budge. An error message popped up "roof malfunction" if the problem persists seek attention. As the heavens had opened up I had to drive the car to the nearest Peugeot dealership which was through the local town center with the roof half up/half down with people looking and laughing! I felt like a right knob to say the least!!!!!! The visibility is very poor. On the car there were reversing censors fitted which was a good job as the wide pillars simply block your vision. The dynamics of the car had not been thought through by Peugeot. When it rains and you open the door, water 'puthers' over the front seats/into the car. The cabin trim is very poor. A piece of trim came loose and dropped off under the dash board on the passengers side. This caused a wire to dangle down. The ESP functioning fault kept flashing. The car due to being quite heavy isn't great on miles per gallon either. This has got to be one of worst cars I have had the misfortune to purchase. I wouldn't advise my arch enemy to purchase a Peugeot 307 cc. Go for a VW or Audi they may be more expensive initially but in my experience so much more reliable.

Submitted: 2014-05-31 | ID: 96584

Kim Horsnell, Australia

Peugeot 307 XSE 2L auto 2007

4 star review

We have just traded our 307 (purchased 11/2007) on a demo 508. The 307 gave us trouble free motoring. It was mainly a city car (Adelaide) and over the last 3 years averaged less than 10L/100km (or just better than 30 mpg). Handled well in the hills. Main gripe was having to spend AUD $1,200 (about GBP650) 12 months ago for timing belt change, as well as water pump and major service. Also 4 speed auto gearbox was a couple of speeds short. The HDI model had 6 speed auto, but we were advised that unless we were going to do lots of miles, the petrol would be more suited. This from the dealer. I’m in the local French Car Club, but the only member with a 508. Our club has lots of 404’s and a couple of 406’s. This Pug was extremely comfortable, my wife loved it but I wanted the 508. Not many around in our city - seem to be lots more 308/307’s. Would recommend - maybe we were lucky but after a manual 406 did not want to go for another make.

Submitted: 2014-02-10 | ID: 45114

Kenny Fraser, Northamptonshire

Peugeot 307 2.0 hdi rapier 2002

3 star review

The 307 Peugeot was bought because the Focus 1.8 I had was a bit greedy on petrol, and the Peugeot is miles better being diesel. For its age this car is amazingly cheap to run, it’s tax band E, and insurance group 6, and pretty comfortable doing long journeys; I have done Aberdeen and back a couple of times in it. This is the 90 bhp model, however, so it’s not the fastest vehicle on the planet as the body is quite heavy, but it will cruise at reasonable speed and it’s not exactly a snail either, though I find I do have to use the gearbox to get the best from it, although that is no real chore as its not a bad gearbox. On the debit side, however, the fit and finish while reasonable is nothing to write home about and inferior to the Ford’s, although later Peugeots have improved and the electrics can have funny turns in very cold weather. In fairness though the car has never let me down, even starting first time with temps at -8c. I would say that a well maintained 5 door model would be the one to go for, you will find that you have comfortable, decent handling, relaxing to drive car with cheap running costs, which is good for the kind of second-hand prices these go for.

Submitted: 2013-04-28 | ID: 45113

Chris Barrett, Kent

Peugeot 307 2004

1 star review

Only positive thing, cheap insurance for a sporty looking car. To many negatives to list. Do yourself a favour, and avoid. Buy cheap, buy twice!!

Submitted: 2012-04-16 | ID: 45104

Jonathan Hart, Suffolk

Peugeot 307 2002

5 star review

For me this car is great, I have had no problems other than normal wear and tear. I would recommend it to anyone.

Submitted: 2012-02-13 | ID: 45112

Fiona Leonard, Northern Ireland

Peugeot 307 1.6 HDi 110 Sport 2007

5 star review

As I am a driving instructor I wanted a solid, reliable, cheap to run and comfortable car. I had previously had a 206 1.4 HDi which was a fantastic little car, clocked up 160k on the clock and required little attention. The 307 is another fantastic car, as it stands today 20/08/11 there is 136,561 miles on the clock and it’s still as tight as a bolt. The only complaint I have is the dual mass clutch; they only last 30k, but I am gratefull because another driving instructor I know needs a new clutch in his Mark 6 Golf TDi every 18k, as do the Leon’s! I paid £17k for my 307, with that there was full leather interior, 4 electric windows, cd changer, climate control, electric folding mirrors, cruise control and speed limiter etc. I am now in a position where I want a new car, but to get one to the same spec as my 307 it would take £24k. I think I’ll stick to my 307! I go through £40 of diesel per day, and I do that 6 days a week for the past 4 years, that’s a hell of a lot of driving and it never stops going at all. Highly recommended!

Responses to this review

Hi, I am considering this car and only have an average mileage of under £12K annual. I have heard that stop/start motoring (school runs mainly plus few extra 30 mile round trips weekly) can cause problems with particulate filters. Any feedback welcome on this model? - Jo Thompson from Oxfordshire

Hi Joe, I have had the Anti Pollution light appear on my car on a few occasions but nothing has ever happened in terms of the engine stopping on me. I am a driving instructor and the car never leaves the town unless I am driving home which takes about 15 minutes on a dual carriageway so I’m assuming that’s what cleans out the FAP filter. But I definitely recommend these cars, mine is a 2007 1.6 HDi 110 Sport and the equipment level is superb as is the running costs. I looked at a few cars to replace the 307 but cannot find one which I’d be prepared to the the 307 up for, it’s that good! Currently got 150,000 miles and it’s going great. Hope that helps - from Northern Ireland

Submitted: 2011-08-30 | ID: 45109

Tanya Johnson, England

Peugeot 307 2008

1 star review

This car does not even deserve 1 star!!!! I have been a rep for years and have run diesels up to 150,000 miles with no problems. I brought this car from a local dealer and it has caused me nothing but issues and money. Like one of the previous reviews my car completely lost power just as I was joining the M25 and refused to come back to life. The garage had it for over a week and I was just fed stories about ’forced regenerations’ and ’changing the glow plugs’, which I am now led to believe wouldn’t cause an issue like that in this country. The anti-polloution light comes on at random, but eventually it won’t go away, which most likely means you will need your Particle Filter changed at a cost of £600.00, but not before topping it up with diesel additive at £160.00 and if you are really unlucky you will need a new tank as the sensor in the additive tank gets stuck at the bottom so will cost you another £280.00. The latest issue I am faced with after just recently dealing with these issues is the EGR valve needs to replaced at a cost of £500.00. I will never buy a Peugeot again. I have only had the car 6 months, it has done 81,000 when I got it which I do not believe is a lot for a diesel and it should not be costing this much. All this for the sake of cutting emmisions?! This is the worse designed car I have ever had. I wish I had got a Ford.

Responses to this review

I think you have either bought a spud or your garage are having your pants down. None of the problems you stated are common to 307’s, instead of blaming Peugeot maybe you should be blaming yourself for buying a spud or being nieve in the face of mechanics - Jeremy Hunts from England

Contrary to what has been said it is not safe to say that any given problem is not 'common to 307's' since it is a Peugeot and by definition most problems that can occur with a motor car will occur given enough examples of this half baked vehicle on the road. There is an element of luck involved with buying a Peugeot, or indeed a Citroen or Renault- there are good ones and bad ones, and it has to be said that a few are bad straight from the factory. The whole concept of an engine management system and peripheral systems interface based on digital processing causes massive problems if the algorithms can't be relied on due to badly thought out programming, or the wiring loom chafes, or the processes get corrupted by a trivial operation like disconnecting the battery without following a dubious 10 stage reprogramming procedure. Specifically on Peugeots there are very many of these problems occurring, and fault tracing is very difficult since incorrect or spurious fault codes can be generated by the on-board systems, and certain failures will not reliably trigger the correct fault code. In bad cases you would have more luck interrogating the fault diagnostics using a Ouija board. I don't believe you were excessively naive in getting this car. Just bad luck. - d philpott from Essex

Submitted: 2011-08-14 | ID: 45105

Andrew, Perthshire

Peugeot 307 Sport 2010

5 star review

I’ve had the car just over a year and covered approx 25,000 miles, in which time we have had the worst winter for years. The car had no issues, starting and running at -20 for a prolonged period. It’s comfortable, easy and a pleasure to drive. With the 2.0L engine this car combines the ability to be an easy going car to one that can really move and take the corners under "spirited" driving conditions! It’s well equipped with cruise control/speed limiter, 5 disc changer, auto-dimming rear view mirror, auto lights, auto wipers, follow me home lights, electric folding mirrors, dual zone climate control, leather seats and the list goes on!! I fully intend to replace the 307 with a 308 when the time comes, I love this car!

Submitted: 2011-08-03 | ID: 45107

Iain Williams, England

Peugeot 307 HDI 110S 2004

1 star review

I went for a Peugeot diesel specifically because Peugeot were well known for building pretty bulletproof engines, but the 307 is a complete dog. In 18 months I have had to have a new flywheel, new clutch and new clutch release bearing, all at a cost of £900. There is a very annoying anti-pollution warning that comes on at random and limits the car to 2500RPM and nobody, even Peugeot can resolve it. The electrics are terrible. Things come on and off at random as if possessed by demons! The display for the clock/radio fades when it’s sunny and the wipers often get stuck in an upright condition and can only be moved by either disconnecting the battery or main fuse. Peugeot invented a rather silly economy mode that I guess is supposed to preserve the life of the battery. If you sit in the car for 10 minutes ’Economy Mode Activated’ flashes on the display (if it’s not sunny and you can read it) and turns off all electrical systems. Including the hazard lights as I found out on Saturday when I was broke down on the side of the A380 because the turbo decided to implode and squirt sump oil into the combustion chamber of the engine. Needless to say I am rather unhappy with the 307 and will be holding a sacrificial burning ceremony at the weekend to finish it off once and for all.

Submitted: 2011-07-26 | ID: 45108

Fehmi Ilijazi, Albania

Peugeot 307 1.4 2007

5 star review

The Peugeot 307 is a great car with enough space for 5 persons and the car doesn’t have any problems. I recommend for anyone to buy it, but I prefer the HDi becuse the 1.4 petrol engine drinks too much petrol, spend around 9 litre/100 km in city.

Responses to this review

Are you crazy or what? How can it consume 9l/100km and it has only a 1.4 Diesel motor? Max it could go to 6 and 6.5. Go home, you are drunk - Adi A from Albania

Submitted: 2011-05-29 | ID: 45098

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Thomas G, County Armagh

Peugeot 307 2.0 HDi 90 Rapier 2002

5 star review

Bought my 307 in June 2002 after the engine in my 99 Focus TDDi blew up. I was going to sell the car in January 2007 for a new car but ended up keeping it and buying a new 308 2.0 HDi 140 . To this day I still have the 307 with 189,000 Miles on it and it is still tight as the day I got her. In its earlier days I had a few minor electrical problems such as the electic boot release and the horn playing up. Mechanically the car is bomb proof. I rarely drive the 308 because my wife uses it alot, but she loves it too. Overall a good sturdy, reliabily nice driving motor.

Submitted: 2011-05-03 | ID: 45100

Paul Johnson, Oxfordshire

Peugeot 307 hdi 2005

1 star review

Absolute c**p, the most unreliable and expensive car I have ever had. Buy one and you need to be committed!!!! You have been warned.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-04-19 | ID: 45101

Joel Dobie, Hampshire

Peugeot 307 2.0 hdi 2005

2 star review

Bought this car of a neighbour who was going to scrap it, clutch had gone. Luckily my dad is a mechanic, he had the clutch changed quickly, he said the release bearing had blown up and it looked like it had been made out of a coke can and it was a terrible design. Cuts out going through puddles, the door leaks, water drips on your head, the list goes on. Electrics are c**p, my dad says buy Ford, he has no problems.

Submitted: 2011-02-27 | ID: 45102

Adrian Hopkins, Carmarthenshire

Peugeot 307 2.0 hdi xsi 2004

5 star review

All in all a good car with a good fuel consumption if you drive tidy. I’ve had the car for three yrs with no probs and it will keep up with the other diesel cars if not pass them on the motorway. All you have to do is regularly service. Peugeot, the drive of your life........<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-01-17 | ID: 45103

Shaun Callaghan, Lancashire

Peugeot 307 1.4S 2007

3 star review

Got this car from new on motability for my wife. We decided on this car because at the time my wife could drive and it had enough room for 3 kids in the back but 3yrs down the line kids have grown so need bigger car now. Had trouble with the radio/cd system cds kept jamming inside and radio wouldn’t pick up the stations properly took it back to dealers and they said it needed a new program, which was done and hey presto an hour after leaving the dealers it went back to jamming cds. So when it was due for its sevice I mentioned the cds again and they said it needed a new cd/ radio which was replaced. And guess what this new one has the same problems. Also got a squeaking noise everytime I turn left but they can’t find a fault with it, been back 2 times but they reckon I needed new tyres on the front but that has not fixed it either. Overall as a car for driving it has been a good vehicle but not great on fuel around town but pretty good on motorways, getting a diesel next an mpv.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 45091

Kevin ORourke, Ireland

Peugeot 307 1.4 2007

4 star review

Peugeot 307 1.4 petrol 2007 I bought from main dealer in Galway, and like all dealers, the aftersales is rubbish. The car itself is a good motor, which I mind and service at regular times myself and now with over 100,000km on the clock I am well pleased with this car. Would like the hand book to explain more about servicing the car and any tips on maintance would be welcome from Peugeot.

Submitted: 2010-10-19 | ID: 45093

Philip Collins, England

Peugeot 307 1.6 HDi 90s 2007

5 star review

I bought this car in December 2008 as an ex-lease with 27k on the clock as I needed a new car quick. This car was 1 year old and £10,000 cheaper than when new. Bargain I thought!! and so far I have been right (currently 50k miles). I have had no problems with this car, I drive it daily up and down the motorway and it never skips a beat, the only issue I have had is that when one of the rear bulbs goes it seems to knock about 3 more out with it!! Other than that the car is good, the engine seems strong and I drive my cars hard! In the past I have killed Fords and a Vauxhall due to my driving style but 2 years on this one and it is still going strong. So the car is good but as for the dealers... they are some of the worst I have come across. I work in the motor trade and was frankly shocked when I took my car in there for a recall on the lights, they could not get their computer to work with the car and then tried blaming me for doing something to the car. Once they got it working one of the tech’s sat in my car with his foot buried to the floor with the engine revving its little heart out, they said they were de-stressing it?!?!? The service advisors were rude and I hear cleaner language from the blokes down the pub on a Saturday night than I did from them! Then it came to service time, I phoned and asked for a quote, got told a price before he even asked what car I had then would not tell me what was involved and said "Do you want to book in or not?" So I went elsewhere, to a local garage who were more than polite, used all genuine parts, explained everything that they did to the car. So overall the car has been great and puts up with all of the abuse I give it but stay well clear of the dealers!!

Submitted: 2010-09-30 | ID: 45092

Anonis, Greece

Peugeot 307 1600cc 110hp 2002

5 star review

Hi I would like to say my opinion about my 307 1600cc 110hp. Very good car. I have this car 8 years. I am very haappy and for right now I do not want to sell it. When new it had some small problems but the Peugoet company fix them with no argument. My opinion? If you find this car buy it.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-09-19 | ID: 45096

Les Doug, Lancashire

Peugeot 307 2003

1 star review

From 1800 miles back in 2003 this Pud has spent a total of 147 days with a main dealer who till cannot find why this car has been in limp mode for 70% of its existence. Is it the car or the mechanics?!

Responses to this review

My Peugeot has been in limp mode for 14 months with the dpf sign on the dash board, abs, esp, so many electrical problems. I have spent £500, replaced egr valves, removed dpf and cleaned it up and it`s got worse. I can`t even use it. It started smoking like mad and is the worse car I ever had. I will never buy Peugeot again, - keep away – Alex Begg from London

Submitted: 2010-08-11 | ID: 45094

Sheila Powell, Essex

Peugeot 307 2005

1 star review

Had so many problems with this car, bought from new, problems with ecu switch, air condit unit now radiator with only 25000 miles on the clock. I would never buy this make again all you do is pay out on it big time.

Submitted: 2010-07-13 | ID: 45097

Kenneth Weston, Lancashire

Peugeot 307 S 2004

2 star review

Bought the car in 2006 from a Peugeot dealer have had trouble free motoring since then. Comfortable drive. Big problem with the bodywork; bonnet is actually bubbling with rust. I have never seen a modern car rust like this. Peugeot dealer not interested.

Submitted: 2010-06-17 | ID: 45085

Aaron Browning, Hampshire

Peugeot 307 1.6 HDi 2008

1 star review

Do not buy this car. I had two Diesel Rovers prior to this, between them covered 260,000 miles without major incident. I bought this car as an approved used car from a Peugeot garage, mistake No.1. Within the first two weeks the anti-pollution message came up and it went into limp mode, whilst driving, nice one Peugeot! The car had done 18,500 miles at the time and the car salesman tried to tell me this was a lot of mileage, that’s a trip to Australia and back he tried to tell me. When I told him that 18.5k was not high mileage, 186,000 miles was a lot which my Rover 25 TD covered without major fault he tried to claim that someone else must have had issues with it (I had it from new!). Rear disc brakes needed replacing at £350ish because the disc are integral to the bearings! What manufacturer would design a car such that replacement of a wear and tear item would be so expensive? Peugeot! Every year the anti-pollution light has come on. Last year a local garage solved the issue by topping up the Deisel additive. This year has been a barrel of laughs. My clutch finally went this year about March time, at about 106,000 miles, no problem I thought, I had one replaced on my rover for about £400ish. I had this replaced, needed a new fly wheel, total £1152. On the plus side the garage who did it found that a suspension link arm needed replacing and did that for me (included in the £1152), for the first time since I have owned the car (just over three years) there is not a knocking noise when a drive the car( bear in mind the car was like this when I picked it up from Peugeot as an approved used car). For the first time the diesel additive minimum level message has come up, and the anti-pollution light has come up, again, there is a smell and a sucking blowing noise. My local dealer quoted £2235 to fix. which included fuel filler cap sensor, glow plugs, injectors seals, EGR valve, particulate filter replacement. The guy at the dealer told me that the particulate filter is scheduled for replacement every 72,000 miles at a cost of £740, the service book just says maintain particulate filter. He said they usually recommed leaving it until it fails. I asked why I wasn’t told about this when I bought the car (I cover 72k in a 2 to 3 years), the guy just shrugged his shoulders. If i had known about this when I was buying the car I definately wouldn’t have bought it! I went to an approved Peugeot repair centre and they recommended replacing the fuel filler cap sensor and the injector seals. Ok, done that and had an MOT at the same time. Car seems better at starting but now, Diesel additive message is not on and anti-pollution light has only come on once, however, it now lacks power and smoke is coming from my turbo unit, BL**DY HELL! So, to sum up, I hate this car! When the knocking noise went I started to think that maybe this could be a good car. I even looked foward to driving a car that didn’t smell after having the injector seals done and imagined actually that i would be reservedly happy with the car, but I can’t now. This car has been a nightmare, I have never spent so much on a car in my driving life. services are expensive! A minor service, at Peugeot, costs £214 and all they do is replace the oil and filter and do some checks!!!! I feel that Peugoet have a place in the market that they do not deserve and would never buy another french car again. I get the impression that most, if not all, modern Diesel car are fitted with a particulate filter which will need replacing at an exhorbitant cost. If your going to buy one I would recommend asking how much to replace and when it is scheduled for replacement. If Rover were still around I would have bought another one and now I am considering going back to Ford, who were always reliable. If there was an option to give this a no star rating I would have done so!<br /><br />

Responses to this review

If you buy a ford tdci chances are it’s a Peugeot engine in it too! I’ve had my 55plate 307s 1.6 hdi 90 bhp and for 2 years now the only trouble I’ve had is the front discs and pads. Had changed for £80, the main dealer wanted £170 just for the parts! Buy all my service parts on ebay and all the parts have been genuine pug parts and half the cost; my local grease monkey fits it for me and I only pay for labour. Full service and all filters air, oil, and fuel for £75 with labour! My mate got the same car but a 110bhp and has had nothing but trouble new gear box flywheel clutch £1600 ouch! New sump, new head gasket £400 and now needs hid fap topped up. So he’s in the same boat as you, sorry -  Rob Lloyd from England

Hi there, first let me tell you I’m a mechanic, and I drive and work with a lot of different makes. I know cars are getting complicated with all these sub sytems, computers at the end all due to emissions. Is very hard and mega expensive to design and produce a car just to be rubbish don’t you think?, on these days nearly all are good, I know in the past you could get them running again after just checking, points, carburettor, coil and plugs, all you needed was just with a screwdriver and a set of pliers that’s all. But I remember also becoming a kind of car mind reader at the time of staring it on the cold mornings, too much choke will be flooded, then the battery will die and you will ending giving a big push down the road to get it going again, my wife never could use the choke properly back then she heated them cars!. On these days you just jump in and go very simple and your ecu will do all for you! Easy for the normal user, a bit harder to the mechanic, but if you keep up with the technology and constant changes you will be ok. of course you have to know from were the car is coming when buying and if is being serviced properly using the original service schedule and tools, (being working in several main dealers and there is just few people who knows and do things as they should, 60% of the times your car is half done by an apprentice and because they are on time bonus they omit some of the items to do to save time and earn a bit more, if don believe me go to any dealer and check they tools boxes they are all full of spares they don’t fit. When I saw this I left and started working at my own! I own one of these Peugeot, I bought second hand from a genuine source with 170K on the clock yes 170.000 miles!!, replaced cambelt, w/pump and I gave it a good service, I always change the oil and filter twice a year and I’m use Castrol or similar on it, two years on and done 190K! Still going ok, not a single problem apart of the A/C in need of a recharge. is good to give some gas to them in order to keep things hot and burning as they should be, short trips are not good, and you could have loads of problems all just due to carbon build up every were!. And at last knowing cars inside out for the last 20 years, I can tell without being a fan of any particular brand! What I look in a brand is a car which evolved, a car which is being the evolution of years of customer feed back and reliability. some brands are using the same engine and power train, with some modifications and upgrades based again on reliability, I don’t like brands doing radical changes they don’t know how they will be, Of course if you spend 20k on a BMW you might have less problems, but you are paying for the engineering a BMW wheel bearing is designed to last almost for ever, and when you look at the they are oversized, wile on a Renault Clio they are like bicycle ones and they last around 40k, but the whole car is around 8k new!. Then you have British cars for example Rovers they are a big mix, nearly all are based on Hondas, chassis, dashboard, suspensions etc, apart from the engine, petrol ones they always goes on the cylinder head gasket!, I think they are terrific engines, but again, because they are a mix, the cooling hoses ,and radiators are badly arranged ,so is likely to go wrong just for having the coolant level low, or a hose to be over cooked for being too near of the exhaust (Freelanders etc) diesel are better because they use on some cars BMW engines, but again what fail is always the weakest point of the mixture, could be driveshaft, clutch, gearbox etc they are conversions not genuine makes, Jaguar the same used to be nice, now they use ford gear, You just need to go under on and You will see all the ford stamps on gearbox, engine, switches knobs etc. the diesel X-type uses a transit engine! Clutch and gearboxes and on the mix again something will fail! Citroen and Peugeot they use they own gear which is being in an constant evolution, but apart of all if you buy a new car and you stick to the service schedule done in a garage which does what is charging, you treat your car right (not driving like mad when cold and giving some motorway time to time) you will be ok. I’m think you bought a problem instead a car, the main dealer was the responsible, who knows from were the car was and the true history, some of them buys cars from auctions in which they estate "the mileage could be incorrect on they description. So don’t give up to a nice car just spend more time when buying and making sure they are 100% genuine. Before I go a little example: I have a customer, she bought BMW mini, from a main dealer, and she paid extra to have a year free service and extended warranty. It was looking good and done only 30K from new, so on one of the "free services" they advised about a power steering pipe leaking fluid, and despite the extended warranty they quoted £400 to fix it. So she contacted me to have a second opinion, and I did, looking at it on the ramp, I found no leak, just some oil spill from the oil filter which is on the upper portion of the engine, and on these days is hard to replace without spilling, they are a cartridge type and difficult to do, anyway, the fluid on the power steering pipe was that not steering fluid and after cleaning and testing no leak was found. But after letting the car go, I checked the oil level and It was half way down, removed the air filter and was all black, full of leafs and flys and dust, even contaminated with some oil!. So ordered an air filter, and I topped the oil level up, when she came to collect it I asked her, when was the last "free service done" and she said just 2 days ago!! And it was stamped on the book! By a BMW respectable dealer!! she was very upset, I gave her the old filter and now she is trying to get some money back from them, what they done was just give a good wash she said!. So please be aware they don’t do all what they charge! is impossible to have running a big business just charging like they advertise on the TV (MOT and Annual service for just £99) at the time of buying an car or service ask around ask friends and family and go for the honest garages which are recommended by real people no computer search engines!! - from England

Submitted: 2010-05-04 | ID: 45086

Steve Ross, Nottinghamshire

Peugeot 307 307 sw 2005

2 star review

Peugeot 307sw 1.6 110 Bought car from 2nd hand dealear and it broke down next day. Turbo inlet pipes and air filters apparently loose. Peugeot garage replaced turbo sensor and fuel cap sensor but anti-pollution light came back the following day and usual, brilliant power still seems lacking. Chap at 2nd hand garage awesome so far, paid repair(?!) bills and apologetically even suggested we had our old car back (p.exchanged it) but we dont want to as love the 307, if only it sodding worked right! Apparently the glow plugs also b*lls up the ECU and how it runs?! Doesn’t seem to make sense though, despite what Peugeot say as glow plugs simply assist cold-starts?! Any ideas?! Help!

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Glow plugs on modern diesels do much more than just assist cold starts. They perform ’post heat’ which means individual plugs can operate at any time on one or more cylinders to help combustion and improve idle and ultimately, emissions - Bill Mason from England

Submitted: 2010-03-26 | ID: 45083

Clio White, Scotland

Peugeot 307 HDi 110 s 2009

1 star review

It was fine at first, drives great nice and powerful even with a full load. After a year it all went wrong: Turbo packed in Rear wheel bearing, another rear wheel bearing, front wheel bearing, full set of brake pads, EGR valve, fuel cap, sensor, battery, new rear discs and pads, very expensive, full hub bearing, front spring snapped, anti-pollution light coming on intermittantly, needs tyres and pretty sure turbo on way out again. In 8 months!! Too much, should have listened, don’t buy French cars!!

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Whilst taking my grandaughter to Derby, the heater packed up. Got several quotes - £500 for new air con, £700-800 to fit. Found a local lad, he changed a fuse with a bright blue top fixed no prob 7.99 for fuse - Jock Keily from Staffordshire

Submitted: 2010-03-24 | ID: 45081

Brigitte Hunt, Kent

Peugeot 307 1.4 petrol 2007

4 star review

Purchased when 13 months old and it seemed like brand new! It’s been very reliable and a pleasure to drive.. obviously not a ’boy racer’ type car but not sluggish either! Passengers also seem surprised at the space inside the car and comment on the good leg room in the back. We’ve been very pleased with our choice of our Peugeot car and I love the Cruise Control and Speed Limiter...very useful around town and with all the speed cameras that have appeared over the years!!

Submitted: 2010-02-03 | ID: 45080

Myles, Perthshire

Peugeot 307 HDI 2003

3 star review

I have had my Peugeot for about three months, and I have already had to repair the horn, front passenger window switch and the indicator stalk. It seems to be all electrical stuff that goes wrong and maybe I need to be a bit more gentle with these things. As far as driving goes, it it a great car to drive. Sticks to the road beautifully and performs in all situations. I can change down a gear and put my foot down and she moves. Im pretty happy with her so far, but hope there is no more electrical ’issues’ with her. I think the fuel efficiency is great for a car of this size and stature.

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I had to get the horn replaced in my old 2002 307 HDi Rapier. My local Peugeot delealership told me it was something to do with a matrix, whatever that is? Also expect trouble from the electronic boot switch/ handle, it gave me lots of trouble and so did the automatic wipers and lights. The lights would switch themselves off when I was driving in the dark sometimes. Good luck - from County Armagh

Submitted: 2009-12-21 | ID: 45089

Francois Villawar, London

Peugeot 307 2004

1 star review

F***! We’re on our way to office, we are lucky because I drop my wife off at her office first... while I was driving on my way to work I’m on the motorway they called "killer highway" and my engine stops in the middle of this highway... I bought this car one day ago from an auto market, after one day she almost put my life in danger... I called recovery for me to go direct to the garage for checking on what exactly the problem and I was not able to report on duty because of that incident. After one week of waiting they found out that the problem is the timing belt - they changed everything - then they fixed it and the car is ready to pick up... When I checked it out, I found out that the brakes are not working... what to do? I want to be out of this problem.. I spoke to the car dealer in order to return or change the car but there is still no response.

Submitted: 2009-05-27 | ID: 45115

Jim Gibson, Ayrshire

Peugeot 307 1.6 Sport 2006

2 star review

After weeks in the garage the steering problem has not been rectified. The garage says it is something to do with the size of the wheels (17" alloys) and that it is fine with smaller wheels. Any reasonable size bump in the road results in the steering jumping to accommodate the bump (I never have this problem with my bog standard NHS Corsa). The steering also feels as if it wants to follow the contour of the road. I have little or no faith left in the car. Anyone else experienced similar problems? BEWARE....DON’T BUY

Submitted: 2009-03-19 | ID: 45116

Jason, England

Peugeot 307 1.4 HDi 2002

4 star review

Maybe I was lucky, but bought this in 2004 with no experience or preconceptions of Pugs at all, & am happy to say it’s been an almost trouble free nearly 5 years. Only problem has been the dreaded anti-pollution fault which went on for a fortnight. This was where I encountered my main gripe - the Peugeot dealer. I paid £80 for their all singing all dancing diagnostic test, to be told that half the fuel system was contaminated with the dodgy biodiesel I had been using & would need replacing at the princely cost of £1200!! However, on seeking a third & fourth opinion, the problem was actually confined to the fuel filter at only £120 - 3 years later, the allegedly ruined fuel system is still going strong. The car has buckets of room in the boot & the rear passenger seat. It’s £35 a year to tax, & the fuel economy is still impressive at nearly 90000 miles. It’s far more zippy on the motorway than a 1.4 diesel engine has any right to be. Common problem seems to be the indicator stalk sometimes not cancelling & the odd part of the carpeting working loose from under the seals - but quite frankly these are fairly minor gripes for what has been a damn good car to own. I would happily recommend a 307 to anyone, especially the diesel.

Submitted: 2009-01-07 | ID: 45117

Tracey King, Dorset

Peugeot 307 2004

1 star review

After a year of problems with air pollution warning light coming on, losing power etc. The dealer garage that were so friendly when they sold me the car now treating me as though I am mad! Never again.

Submitted: 2008-11-05 | ID: 45120

Chris Lord, Wiltshire

Peugeot 307 110bhp Rapier 2002

1 star review

Avoid Pug like the plague - nothing but problems from buying. Where to start with the faults?? Bought it on the Friday and on the proceeding Monday I had NO SPEEDO ELECTRICS ETC. Six months later "anti-pollution fault", limp mode mmmmmm aren’t we all happy with that Peugeot gem!! Be aware that all 2.0l diesel pugs have an additive that reduces the emissions and this is a wonder £400 to fill +VAT!!! They don’t tell you that when you buy it!!!! Buy at your own risk, Service and customer relations are SH1TE to say the least.

Submitted: 2008-10-20 | ID: 45121

Marc Smith, England

Peugeot 307 xsi 2004

1 star review

Piece of sh*t!! Do not buy one - so many problems. Here’s a few - air-bag light is on constantly, pollen-filter warning comes on when the car wants and does not drive properly when it is on, CD changer is a joke and works when it feels like it, folding mirrors sometimes don’t work, passenger window works when it wants to and dealers are sh*t as well - never had a courtesy car no matter how much in advance you book - prices are a joke. NEVER BUY A PEUGEOT - NEVER BUY FRENCH - I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT A FORD FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Responses to this review

YOU SHOULD NOT BY A FOCUS. My aunt had a 2007 1.8 TDCi 125 Zetec S and it gave her tremendous trouble. Electrics gave woefull trouble and gearbox, clutch and flywheel had to be replaced after 33500 miles, They are not the car they are supposed to be - from Cheshire

Submitted: 2008-10-17 | ID: 45118

Glenn Murray, Cumberland

Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 110 2007

4 star review

As you would expect from Peugeot this car delivers an excellent ride without the hard jarring 'sports' suspension of it's German counterparts. The diesel is the one to have as it is torquey and keen to accelerate whilst the petrol engines tend to be thrashy and feel a little underpowered lower down the rev range. High quality feel to the cabin too!

Submitted: 2007-09-04 | ID: 45122

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