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Peugeot 207 consumer car reviews

Mark Rawling, Norfolk

Peugeot 207 2009 - 2013

3 star review

I have started to hear a slight ping when turning the steering wheel, it doesn't happen all the time and is very quiet? Does anybody have the same? Apart from this I`m very happy with the car.

Submitted: 2014-06-23 | ID: 98277

karly, Staffordshire

Peugeot 207 2007 - 2009

1 star review

I brought my 207cc (2009) in april,2012 and since then ive had problem after problem. First the tyre blew on the motorway and i skidded across the lanes (lucky im still alive) i was then driving along the motor way and my car over heated so i stopped for a while, i then thought id travel to the next junction and pull in at the services as i was coming off the slip road my breaks failed and i nearly crashed into the on coming traffic coming round the round about. i took my car for its yearly service to be told my exhaust was hanging off and would need a whole new exhaust system. I then went on a shopping trip and and the way back my car felt funny to drive upon returning home i realized my hand break had failed. i then took my car for an MOT at Peugeot which failed ( co2 to high / rear disks and pads and a bolt was twisted on something or another) to which i was told it would cost £180 per hour for someone to look at the car to tell me exactly what was wrong. i then took my car to Halfords auto center (who are a god send) who told me my disks and pads are find and they couldn't see any issue with a bolt, all it needed was some engine cleaner through it at 17.99 as i don't travel far all the rubbish wasn't coming out the exhaust properly. finally with the engine cleaner it passed. Other problems i have experienced with the car- boot constantly rattles, parking sensors advise they are not working on display screen but they do, door dropped and had to be tightened,used alot of oil, my car also cuts out a junctions and revs on its own when stationary. probelm after problem, i can not wait to get rid of this car!!!!!!!

Submitted: 2014-06-19 | ID: 98025

WATSON, Caerphilly

Peugeot 207 2009 - 2013

1 star review

My 207 is three years old this year. Had three battery change. Had the drive shaft, hub and joints changed Current condition : 1) Gear box failed 2) Overheating 3) Noise on airconditioner 4) Idling not consistent. Total cost to repair ; 3000 pounds!!!! Not covered under warranty. Mileage : 33,000 miles. Think carefully before you buy your next Peugeot. THE CAR IS BAD. THE SERVICE IS WORSE. AND THE WARRANTY WORST. NO MOTION : ONLY BAD EMOTIONS : THATS PEUGEOT

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Submitted: 2014-05-14 | ID: 95495

Gordon, Durham

Peugeot 207 2006 - 2009

4 star review

Hi,thought I'd share my experience of owning and buying my Peugeot 207,the model is the 1.6 vti (120bhp) petrol model,purchased from a branch of Stoneacre in Durham,tuck it for a test drive and loved it,the driver door card was a little loose but I was advised this would simply clip back on,so I signed my life away on finance,18,000 miles,3 years old,was due it's first m.o.t a month later and looking back now I should have got the dealer to throw it in with the sale,anyhow it passed with only 1 advisory of a corroded rear exhaust hangar bracket,all was well until 6 month later when it needed a new auxiliary drive belt and pulley at a cost of £256 from a local Peugeot dealer,the following year in the February I had to have the whole exhaust replaced at a cost of £550 again from the Peugeot dealer,I later found out I could of had a custom stainless steel one built at half the cost!! Made the mistake of fitting a k&n cold air induction filter and drove into a flooded road nearly destroying my engine! Luckily no damage but the cat did fail,managed to get a second hand replacement cheap,got a local mobile Mecanic to fit this time to fit as he had done previous service work,the gearbox them started to make a whining noise which later turned out to be a faulty differential,again source a replacement gear box and had a new clutch fitted by my local mobile Mecanic,the car does use a fair bit of oil,approx 1 litre every 1000 miles,car now has 44500 miles and is going well,plenty of power and a joy to drive and own,I do try and do some maintenance myself,getting 38 mpg around the doors and a recent trip to Manchester it showed 52mpg so quite happy,I would never return to a main dealer as they only interested in getting my cash and that's it!! I guess there's good and bad in all makes of cars

Submitted: 2014-04-19 | ID: 94434

Louise Rosewell, England

Peugeot 207 GT 2006

5 star review

Bought my 207 GT Feb 2012. I have had many a problem with this car, which could well be due to its age. I’ve had to replace the oil feeder pipe, solenoid valve and dump valve, along with regular maintenance. Cost me £2000 last year. The car has a real lagging with the turbo and likes to kangaroo from time to time. Thinking along the lines now as it’s always drank a lot of oil that there’s an under lying problem, with misuse to the engine maybe oil pump or something? It’s due to have a major service and emition flush shortly, so hopefully this will cure the problem along with burning too much oil.

Submitted: 2014-01-26 | ID: 44923

Steve Heppleston, Yorkshire

Peugeot 207 hdi 90 sport 2006

5 star review

Bought the car when 5 months old with 3,000 miles on clock. Now 73,000. A few problems, but only what can be expected for a 7 year old car. Anti-pollution light used to come on at various times, but I ignored it for about 6 months, no power loss. Eventually I had the EGR valve replaced and it’s been ok now for 2 years. Main dealer serviced until 60,000, but far too expensive, so I now use a local garage. Never need to top up oil, brilliant fuel consumption, ECU remapped by Celtic Tuning (now 118 bhp very quick car now), previously quite fast but not what you could call quick. Only ever used premium diesel fuel, expensive but worth it. This is my 4th Pug diesel and it’s quite brilliant. They have all been excellent cars, having driven over 500,000 miles in them up to now. You get bad examples of all cars, luck of the draw I guess.

Submitted: 2013-08-07 | ID: 44924

Lilian, Hertfordshire

Peugeot 207 2010

1 star review

I have named this car ’Christine’ after the Stephen King horror movie in which the car has a mind of it’s own and kills people. This car is dangerous and should be taken off the road. I purchased it 2 months ago with nearly 40.000 on the clock. The second time I drove it, the engine cut out with no warning and the ’Anti Pollution’ light came up on the dash. This happened several times more at random over the next couple of days. The car just rolls to a halt and there is nothing you can do about it. After an extremely near miss on the A303 at 60mph (three cars narrowly escaped ploughing in to the back of me) I took it to the garage and the diagnostic machine came up with a fault with the fuel pressure sensor, which was replaced, but two days later the car starting cutting out again, this time showing ’Anti-Pollution’ the first three times it cut out within 20 minutes and ’Oil Pressure’ on the fourth. I took it back to the garage, but this time no faults were recorded, even though it cut out whilst on the machine! I do not feel safe driving this car and will be getting rid of it straight away!

Submitted: 2013-07-25 | ID: 44925

John Maw, Durham

Peugeot 207 2010

1 star review

I have a Peugeot 207 SW with approx 38000 miles on the clock and was in warranty until 19 07 2013. The turbo suddenly cut in while entering a traffic roundabout causing me to swerve violently to avoid other traffic and ended with a collision with metal railings. I recovered the vehicle and returned to the dealership who did not give a damn! I am now informed that they have inspected the vehicle and found no fault, this car has a full service history by the dealership. I requested all the data printed during this examination and am still waiting.

Submitted: 2013-06-30 | ID: 44922

Neil McMayon, England

Peugeot 207 GTi 2007

1 star review

DO NOT BUY PEUGEOT. I have had numerous problems with this car, and am now taking the bus to get around whilst a £16,000 from new car just sits rusting on my driveway. I have had the car 5 years and it only has 28,000 miles on the clock. In this time I have had de-pollution faults, tyre pressure sensor faults and the dreaded esp/asr fault which will cost around £1200 to fix. I want to give this car to Top Gear to destroy. If I didn’t have a job I would sit outside Peugeot garages and warn people off from going in.

Responses to this review

I think the dealer has a moral duty to fix the problem you have. I am sorry, I would post my car on the web and place an ad highlighting the problem you have and complain to Trading Standards - Papa Louis from England

Submitted: 2013-05-18 | ID: 44919

Z Grundy, Torfaen

Peugeot 207 2006

1 star review

Bought our 207 in November 2011. 5 years old. Have now spent over £2000 on it. Head gasket gone twice. Constantly coming up with "de-pollution system faulty" warning lights. Very sluggish, judders and failed starts. A complete nightmare car. Previously had a 306 with no problems at all. This car is awful and I really wish I had never bought it!

Submitted: 2013-04-19 | ID: 44921

Pawan Chohan, Warwickshire

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

Absolutely rubbish! I bought this car one year ago then suddenly a message appeared on the dashboard about an abs fault, then break system faulty etc. The dealer’s asking for £1000 to repair what is apparently a common problem. Give your money to charity instead of buying this rubbish car.

Responses to this review

Had the same problem with faulty ABS and braking system warning lights etc - the car only has 33,700 miles on the clock now and I’ve only had it for about 3 months. Apparently it is the ECU unit which is now going to cost me over £500 - I previously had a 302 but never had problem - the used car dealer has been absolutely useless! - Kasey Cooper from Northumberland

Submitted: 2013-03-09 | ID: 44912

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James, Surrey

Peugeot 207 1.4 Vti Sport 95bhp 2008

4 star review

My first car so I’m bound to love it I guess. And I do, handles so so well! Brilliant mpg even with the way I drive it, people that say it’s sluggish are wrong, maybe it’s my engine bit if you work it it certainly is not sluggish. Makes a wonderful sound at high rev gear changes. Bought it from <a href="" target="_blank">Car Giant</a> for a bargain, think they wanted to get rid of it as they discounted it. As for Peugeot main dealers, I got an MOT and basic service for brilliant value and they gave it the best clean ever and a polish :) Interior is very nice in this car as well and you can play the radio/music loud without losing sound quality. The car looks brilliant in bright red too imo. The only problem I’ve had is the French electrics :P with the seat belt indicators going off without anyone in the seat but that seems to have gone away. Yes I do wish it was faster but it’s still fast and defo fast enough for a first car :) loving the Pug!<br />

Responses to this review

Hi there. I don’t know why everyone except one doesn’t like the 207. I bought a 207 Sport last November with 18500 mls on the clock and I love it to bits! I traded my Ford Mondeo Titanium X in for it. It has privacy glass/auto/tiptronic/sport/snow buttons. It has a really beefy noise in sports mode when overtaking and cruises effortlessly at 115mph, though I get scared of being poulled by the police, so I usually do about 85ish. The only issue is it does not have much space for all the things I used to carry around in the Mondeo and the glove compartment is a designer’s disaster! Love the car though, it has put the fun back into driving - Duncan Walsh from Lancashire

Submitted: 2012-08-02 | ID: 44914

Ralph, France

Peugeot 207 Le Mans Series 2010

5 star review

I own a 207 Le Mans Series which is 1 out of 2000 sur le monde. I had added a bigger intercooler and a special cold intake with a remap and I’m now getting 240 BHP which is 70 BHP more than before and torqe of 360 NM which is 100 NM more than Stock. Everything else is stock. The car like a rocket, I enjoy it more than my ex- Subaru which was 340+ BHP. Now I am looking to add camshafts as I can get 20 BHP more - Caprice SS is 260 BHP.

Submitted: 2012-06-04 | ID: 44918

Katie, Somerset

Peugeot 207 1.6 thp Sport XS (150bhp) 2008

4 star review

Bought my car in 2009 with 10,500 miles on the clock. Have to say sadly that I’ve had a couple issues with the car, but mainly the Peugeot dealers themselves. The car has had the timing done twice. The second time I went back I found that they only did half the job the first time! I told Peugeot to look at replacing my clutch as it revs and judders on pull away, which it’s still doing as they said that there is no fault with it and no adjustment that can be done. I’m having to replace the clutch for a different make myself. However other than these two issues, I love the car and plan on keeping it for a good while yet. The 1.6 Turbo is great fun (compared to the 1.4 90bhp i previously owned, which I had no problems with by the way. This was a very good car, but I just wanted a bit more power). The handling is good and it has always started first time, even in the freezing temps. I have also known other cars like Vauxhalls and Renaults to be much worse.

Submitted: 2012-05-28 | ID: 44917

Andrew Smith, Lincolnshire

Peugeot 207 1.4S 16V 90BHP 2006

1 star review

I have done 30000 miles and have recently had the following problems, which I believe are related: Car revving up and down when first pulling off in the morning; Stuttery performance when cold; Idles ok when not under load; Car under performing. The car should have 90BHP of power, but does not appear to have any performance any more. After reading lots of reviews I am of the opinion that it is time to sell. I have already been in the garage once and they could not find any problems with it. A lot of the reviews mention poor performance, I believe this is a fault. I’m never going to buy another Peugeot.

Submitted: 2012-04-26 | ID: 44916

Michael Snabel, England

Peugeot 207 1.4 Petrol 2007

1 star review

Well, I am disappointed. I purchased it at 22,000miles and have treated this car with love and respect. I practically live in it as I’m courier. I service it every 10-12,000 miles and I even take it through the expensive car wash (£5 a go). I have had the cam-belt and water pump replaced at the correct time and then, one day, it started mis-firing. Having checked a few things I found the injector on C4 needed replacing so after this was done all seemed well. A few weeks later it began mis-firing again, so I replaced the other three injectors. This seemed to fix the problem, but later that very same day, the mis-fire came back. This mis-leading "anti-pollution system faulty" error actually turned out to be faulty wiring on the engine. Also the lights on the centre console around the fan and heater intermittently come on and off, but mostly off. The notification screen flickers dim, the back seats belt alert doesn’t work and finally, today, 96,486.3 miles, the head gasket has died. This was probably caused by an air-lock in the poorly designed cooling system. The over-heating warning came on so I pulled over immediately and had it checked by the AA. The AA man put a pint of water in and all was good for around 5 hours, but then it started running rough and kicking out white smoke. This car sucks!

Submitted: 2012-02-22 | ID: 44906

Phill Robinson, Staffordshire

Peugeot 207 1.6 RSI 2008

5 star review

I have had no problems with mine. Yes, in reply to other reviews, they can blow bulbs but this only because the headlight rear entry gets loose and is a easy fix. 75,000 miles with no major problems, nippy, 56 mpg, what is there to complain about?<br /><br />

Submitted: 2012-02-22 | ID: 44905

Paul Woodhead, Yorkshire

Peugeot 207 GT 110 tdi 2007

1 star review

This is the worst car ever. It leaks water when it rains, which means stripping the front of car to fix it. The tyre sensors failed after about 1 month of purchase. It is sluggish and really heavy on fuel. It keeps blowing bulbs and throwing different problems up on the computer. I would not buy another Peugeot ever or recommend one to anyone.

Responses to this review

This car must have been in a crash. Currently driving a 2006 207 HDi 110 Sport with 130,000 miles and she has give me no bother at all. The light bulbs are an issue however, but I found that if I buy Hella lightbulbs at £8 a go they last so much longer since they are good quality! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with yours, but I love mine - from County Armagh

Submitted: 2012-01-09 | ID: 44900

Donald Coetzer, South Africa

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi 2006

1 star review

This is the first time ever that I have had to revert to info on a web site due to frustration and pure desperation. My Peugeot is the worst car I have ever owned in my entire life. From new I had a clutch screaming on loaded pull aways. I was told that it would go away. It’s still screaming like a cat after 188,000 unreliable KM’s. On 8000km the bi-climatic air conditioner stopped working. I spent a fortune taking it from one dealer to another as I lost my warranty because I went 1,800 km over the service, due to me not being able to get a booking within 2 weeks at an dealer/agent. I rep and do up to 1500 km on one trip along the West Coast in 2 days. Disgusting! The Fuel pollution indicator caused cutting out and had me replacing the diesel filter once a month to avoid continuing frustration. The cooling fan stopped working at 26’000 KM. This was replaced at the agents at a high cost. This original fan assembly seized at 37,000 Km. I replaced it with a used fan motor of BMW 320i at almost no cost, excluding mounting mod which was 3x flat washers to get the fan spaced back to miss sticking in the radiator. The car has now done another 155,00km on a perfectly working used fan motor from a scrapped BMW that had who knows what KM on it. The ignition failed at 180,000km, which was replaced at a big cost included reprogramming. All I now have to say is shame to all those positive stories about the nice 207!! This will be my last Peugeot ever! I have owned 4 BMW’s previously, with no problems. I really loved the beauty of the Peugeot and the wonderful drive and handling, but this has been my worst nightmare.

Submitted: 2012-01-08 | ID: 44902

Darshan Bahbra, Surrey

Peugeot 207 2006

1 star review

Unfortunately, this site does not allow users to rate a vehice with zero stars, which is a shame as it appears that many buyers would have done so, including me. My 207 has spent more time with mechanics in the last few years than I care to remember. In the last two months alone it has had a new ECU fitted and I had to return to the garage because the central locking system wasn’t working and caused a nightmare when all of the rear lights failed whilst I was driving at night on the motorway. Yesterday, after taking it in yet again as the power steering was very sluggish at low speed. The mechanics at the dealer told me that the powersteering rack needed to be replaced at a cost of 2 grand and the head gasket was leaking oil and needed to be replaced at a cost of a further thousand pounds. The car is five years old and I think I have spent more in repairs in those five years than I did on buying the stupid thing. Having previously owned three peugeot 206CCs, I am disgusted by the performance of this vehicle and I have to say that, not only would I never consider buying another Peugeot, I have advised all of my friends and family to steer clear of them too! Not only that, I have taken the car to a small, independent garage who have quoted me 650 pounds for the work which the dealer claimed could not be done for less than £3000!

Responses to this review

We have the same problem, the car is a 56 plate and leaking oil from the front drivers side corner of the head. Need to get some quotes or seek advise if it’s a known problem - Paul Grimes from England

Submitted: 2011-12-27 | ID: 44903

Matais, Argentina

Peugeot 207 GTi (GT) THP 156cv 2011

4 star review

Overall it’s a great car. I own the fully loaded six speed gearbox 207 GT THP 156 (badged GTi in my country, the real THP 175 GTi is badged RC here). My dad owns one as well and we’re more than satisfied with both of them. Driving it is overly fun and it’s more than just a warm hatch. My only complaint is the reduced legroom on both 2 door and 4 door hatch versions.

Submitted: 2011-11-07 | ID: 44907

Joan B, Dorset

Peugeot 207 1.4 petrol 90bhp sport 2007

3 star review

Bought this 2007 car with 27000 mls and two previous owners, four days ago from a dealership. This is my first Peugeot and it will probabley be my last! I have been driving for fifty years, mainly Renaults, without any problems, but thought I would have a change - fool that I am! The car appeared OK on the test run and had apparently a clear history. It also has a one year warranty. I am already have great difficuty getting into 1st gear from start up, which is aggravating in traffic, (the dealer suggested trying to go into 3rd gear first!!) I have tried depressing and releasing clutch. The 2nd gear is very notchy too. Tonight it took several attempts to get into reverse gear. The gear box is the worst I have ever had, my shoulder aches. I saw the dealer earlier, who said they will have car in next week as they "may be able to do something." I am a relaxed driver, but the suspension is awful on bumpy roads; it jars up through your spine and neck it feels like the car is being thrown around. The dealer says manufacturers have tightened up the suspension, but the springs break, (I thought that was due to speed humps), due to our bumpy roads. But others say not!! The dealer said the mechanic could loosen suspension a little. WATCH THIS SPACE 20.9.2011.

Submitted: 2011-09-20 | ID: 44908

Brian, England

Peugeot 207 SW 1.6 Hdi 2008

4 star review

My overall experience has been very good. Plenty of room excellent economy and a great drive. A bit of a hard ride if anything. Too many unlucky people buy cars, either used that have not been run in properly or buy new and do not run them in properly. All modern diesels have much more plumbing these days due to the emission components. My neighbour has had nothing but problems with his Golf Tdi. The trick is understand how it works and what to avoid. I am a Diesel engineer and follow some basic but important rules with when driving my turbo diesel. Let the engine idle for a while when just started and cold. Drive gently until the engine has fully warmed up otherwise you will just fill the intake and turbo with oil from the CCV (breather hose). NEVER switch off a hot engine straight away. Let it idle for 10-20 seconds to let the oil cool the turbo down. If you do a lot of short runs take it out on the open road once a week and clear the engine with some full throttle apllication. Depollution faults are caused by: 1). Blocked fuel filter (the one on the 207 is a bad design but cheap to replace) 2). EGR valve jamming 3). Air meter on left hand side of throttle body failing (cheap and easy to replace) 4). blocked FAP filter due to excessive cold short trips. Add Wynns (Cerium Based) Gold formula to fuel tank every 5000 miles to keep trouble away from the injectors and FAP filter. I have done 46K miles on mine and no faults. Yes a lot of Dealers are useless and sometimes make things worse. I have seen one 307 HDi where the dealer overfilled the oil at the service and it wrecked the enigne. Idiots!! Always check oil and fluid levels yourself. Insist that the dealer proves that the oil used is the correct and recommended grade. Some cheat and use a semi synthetic. You must use 5W-30 fully synthetic. Remember, the car will only be as good as the owner and servcie care.

Responses to this review

Well, like most of the people on here, I too am so so disappointed in the useless piece of french engineering. Some or most of you will not be as lucky as me because I’m getting another new engine. The first one gave up after 43,000 km. Luckily, it was still under warranty so now this new engine will be replaced after only doing 10,500 km. Same problems as with the other engine pollutions system. They will do all the tests. Replace all the parts which Peugeot say that have to be done and it starts all over again. I drive 207 Gti, which is apparently the same engine as the BMW 1 and the Mini Cooper S. I’ve spoke to some friends of mine who drive Minis and Beemers and they don’t have these problems then why do Peugeot and the moral of the story is don’t buy another Frencg car. I think i may return to buying OPEL - Rob Moore from Germany

I had the same engine depollution problem but when I stopped filling the car with supermarket fuel, the problem went away and it has been over two years since that happened - Andrew Lord from England

Submitted: 2011-09-11 | ID: 44909

Marion Carew, England

Peugeot 207 207 sw hdi 2010

1 star review

The star would be nil if you had one. I had an oil leak, the main dealers told me to get a service to see if that worked. The oil leak carried on so they said it needed a new turbo at £1000 plus, but they wouldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t break down again even after a few miles and the only option was a new engine. It’s only done 73k miles and they told me that they have the same car in the garage with the same fault and it’s only done 40k! Peugeot and the dealers don’t want to know, although Peugeot have admitted there is a fault with this model. I don’t know where to go from here.

Responses to this review

Sounds like my car at the moment, what happened in the end? - from France

Submitted: 2011-06-22 | ID: 44898

Barbara Honey, Cornwall

Peugeot 207 2009

3 star review

We have been delighted with our 09. 207 diesel car, bought a year ago. We had a service this week and were dumb struck to find the car needed new break pads and disc due to rust. The car has 21000 on the clock. We feel this is not the normal time span. £270 to replace.

Responses to this review

Weird as that’s exactly what happened to ours. Same time span 09 reg - two years old and our first service but had been serviced when we bought it. We also needed a new tyre. Total cost nearly £400. Shuddering now at 60mph and they balanced wheels but back again after two months. Now we are hearing a "ping" sound when turning the steering wheel. Anyone find that happening to them? Feel we have bought a duff car! - Ann Brand from Lothians

You will more than likely need a new steering rack. It took Peugeot four times to find the fault with my vehicle. Now it’s back again with similar faults and needs new drop links - from England

<p style="background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;"><span style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: Arial; color: #222222;">Barbara, get a male friend to change discs and brake pads, it is one of the easiest cars to do this work on and will take about an hour to do. Make sure you fit best quality discs and pads. It cost me under ninety pounds and you will have no problems for many years - Andrew Jackson from Lanarkshire</span>

Submitted: 2011-06-21 | ID: 44894

Clare S, Wales

Peugeot 207 GT CC 2007

2 star review

I purchased my 207GT cc 2nd hand in September 2010. Since then I have had no end of problems. It is very rattly from a cold start especially in the winter, Peugeot have told me this is just how the car is. I also suffer terrible with the car cutting out as you approach junctions or are coming to a stop, the rev counter goes up and the engine just cuts out when it drops. It is very sluggish when you 1st pull off then its like it gets a boost and pulls at propery speed. Peugoet have told me there are no faults and there is nothing wrong with the car. The rear parking sensors only work occasionally and again as no fault shows on the ems they say no fault. All in all I would never buy a Peugeot again as despite these problems being common amoung their cars they don’t seem to acknowledge the problem or want to help to repair.

Responses to this review

I had a very similar problem with a Renault Laguna - downright dangerous. The cure was to remove the throttle body and clean it out. Just used WD40 and a clean cloth and this fixed the problem. Needed doing again about 30,000 miles later - Paul Yates from Kent

My daughter has the 207cc on a 57 plate. She had the same cutting out problem. Took it to Toomey Peugeot dealers. They said this was a known fault and updated the software in the ecu which has fixed this problem. Over a year later, it’s still okay. Also agree with the sluggish pullaway. Doesn’t seem to really be a mechanical fault though. Apart from that, she’s had new rear screen because the heated window didn’t work. A dashboard panel replaced because a light wasn’t working. Aircon stopped working. Fortunately, all covered on the extended warranty. I also notice a petrol smell every now and again. Peugeot don’t seem to be very good cars! - Lee W from Essex

I have a Peugeot 207 on a ’56 plate. I have had the car for 3 years and the problems have started which you have experienced. I have been advised by Evans Halshaw to take the car to a dealer and have an update to the ecu system. It has cheered me up to know that the update worked on your car. I love my car. Is your car still running smoothly? - Janette Hill from Devon

The lack of power is caused by timing that is out and the rattley start is a faulty chain tensioner, these are well known problems! Easily fixed but pricey, don’t let Peugeot fob you off - from England

Difficult to be precise with fault diagnosis without having the car to look at but there are serious design faults with the BMW/PSA small petrol engine family. It’s a joint development engine and these issues affect BMW MINI, Peugeot, Citroen and Volvo models using the 1.4, 1.6 and 1.6 Turbo models, also engines with the Vanos VVT system. It cannot be diagnosed with the computer diagnostic system used by many repairers as it is a failure in the mechanical system that keeps the timing correct. Essentially the cam and crank sprockets loose their position due to a substandard parts and technique used during original manufacture. There are new parts and a revised setting to correct this. Symptoms can be varied but include, failure of parking sensors according to central info unit (bizarre but its French electrics remember!) "Depollution system fault" (most common), stalling, hesitation, misfire on tick over, excessive oil consumption, poor performance, no turbo boost (on THP/Cooper) noisy clattering on start up, and generally tapping noise from engine. Cure, we have repaired a number of cars fitted with these engines now after franchised dealers have either been unable to find the fault or just been over enthusiastic on pricing. It does require a special set of engine locking tools, some precision and care and a reasonable shopping basket of parts however it does cure the issue and prevent re-occurrence. As a guide price, we are a specialist motorsport engineering company rather than a main dealer and charge £550 including parts and VAT for this job with all work coming with 12mnth/15kmile warranty - Matt Stephens from Northamptonshire

Hi Matt, I’ve read your comments on the 207 issues, please let me know if you are still carrying out the work mentioned in you comments? My car is suffering with some of the faults mentioned. Many thanks, - Adam MCG from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2011-06-13 | ID: 44839

Davinder Sohal, London

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

If I could I would have crushed this car!!! I’ve NEVER had so many problems with a brand new car in my life. I had so many faults with it the list is endless. The one thing that happened was my car wouldn’t start so I had to have it towed to the Peugeot garage in Chiswick (worst place ever), they checked it and gave it back and I didn’t question it and on my way home a light flashed. I called them straight away and they told me bring it right back as it is dangerous to drive!!! I took it back 3 weeks later got it back. I was on a motor way to a friends wedding reception and my car switched off in the middle lane and the hazard lights stopped working! I could have lost my life. It was late and had a few people stop and push it off the road. I had it taken to Peugeot the next morning they kept my car for 3 MONTHS I got it back and 2 weeks later same thing but lucky it was on my road and again they had me pay for it to be towed to them and another 2 months they had it!!!! As I gave the car back I have a print out of all work done to the car it was 5 pages long and while printing the guy was in shock, as was I. This in only 2% of what I’ve been through with Peugeot I regret the day I got it.

Submitted: 2011-05-16 | ID: 44831

Nigel Parrett, Devon

Peugeot 207 Sport 2008

3 star review

My 207 has been fairly reliable up until two months ago. It was serviced by Peugot and they informed me that the Head Gasket had gone and quoted me nearly £700 to fix it. It was 3 months outside of warranty!! These 207’s have an issue with the head gasket or head and it leaks in the front right of the engine. Now the head cover (rocker cover) leaks and so far after 3 tries they have been unable to seal it. The saga continues....

Responses to this review

Hi Nigel, I have exact same issue, just wondering, did you manage to get to the bottom of the rocker cover problem? - Chris Gander from Buckinghamshire

Hi, there are a few reasons why these leak but replacing the rocker cover gasket won’t help. The rocker oil breather is the issue because when the turbo spools, it sucks oil from it into the turbo and leaks out under the black h-piece plastic boost hose running down the engine onto the alti. Also make sure your airfilter is new and replace the rubber O-ring where the turbo intake clips onto the breather. Like any turbo car, you shouldn’t have the pipe that close to the intake(bad design). I’d repipe it and run it away from the airbox altogether - Andy Oli from England

Submitted: 2011-05-16 | ID: 44832

D J, Dorset

Peugeot 207 1.4 2006

1 star review

Just had the dreaded abs ecu problem which affects power steering, speedometer, abs brakes, traction control and also puts depollution message up. Dealer says £560 to replace ecu, the car has done 27K miles in 4.5 years and is 56 reg. Evidently this is a very common fault. This is disgraceful and I will be getting rid of the car as soon as possible. We had a 206 before which was fine, the 207 is too complex and quality is not good enough, anyone who has had had a relaible on is either very lucky or living on borrowed time.

Responses to this review

Did you manage to resolve this issue or are you still getting a fault as I also am experiencing what sounds to be the same fault as you describe? - from England

I have just been reading reviews. I was thinking of buying a new Peugeot 207 as I have had a 106 which has been a brilliant car and I am reluctant to part with it. The only reason I am is because it is quite old now and I feel it is time for a new one. I might think about other makes as it sounds as if this is a manufacturer’s fault. I think I will keep the 106 as back up anyway - Becca Jones from Flintshire

Exactly what happened to my 56 reg 207, one month out of warranty and everything went wrong! Thought after spending hundreds of pounds that I best get rid, one month after selling it to a dealer the head gasket went! Lucky escape for me! Have always had Peugeot and Citroen and never had such problems. Needless to say I will NEVER buy or recommend a 207! - Kerry Horner from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2011-05-11 | ID: 44835

Jeni Scanlan, Cardiff

Peugeot 207 207

2 star review

I bought my 207 two and a half years ago and have had several problems with it. The problems and faults consisted of seals half hanging off the back doors, bulbs seem to constantly be going, I get one changed and then another goes. My most recent problem was misfiring, whilst pulling off from first my car would kangaroo hop which was a little embarrasing as if I was spotted by any blokes I think they thought it was my female driving! This cost me a fair bit to fix. It also caused my car to rev up slightly at intervals whilst I was stationary in traffic and sounded as if it would clap out at any minute. Also when I get to 60-70mph the car appears to vibrate a little which is off putting. Also when rolling at a roundabout it crunches when trying to put it into first gear which is highly annoying! Good points for me is that it looks quite nice and the dash and interior is attractive and chunky. Oh and the glove box it absolutely tiny!

Submitted: 2011-03-08 | ID: 44822

Tony Collins, Wales

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

Bought 207 April 2009. Nov 2010 required new clutch. Jan 2011 abs light came on, had new sensor fitted to right rear wheel.  Had back rear brake light fault on dash, took it back to garage, mechanic told me could be faulty bsi unit and the car has only done 22000 miles, what a heap of rubbish! I wouldn’t touch another Peugeot if it was given to me. I’m going to go back to a Chevvy from now on.

Submitted: 2011-03-01 | ID: 44823

Frank, Staffordshire

Peugeot 207 1.4 urban diesel 2009

1 star review

Nice car ’til you use it! Been back to dealers lot of times, 20,000 miles and you get gassed in the car at standstill! keep being told no problem found, they should try driving it for a while. Should have stuck with Fords!!

Responses to this review

Have been very disappointed with car. It’s a Peugeot 207 1.4 hdi. Very smoky fumes from exhaust, especially at night, was stopped by Police as they thought my car was on fire. Have had it at garage three times, they tell me nothing is wrong. The mechanic told me to give it a good thrashing every 100 miles as this seems to sort the car out until the next time. I am stuck with car due to finance - Keith Dixon from County Londonderry

Submitted: 2011-02-27 | ID: 44824

Mags, Lanarkshire

Peugeot 207 1.6 diesel 2008

2 star review

Bought this car brand new and thought I would also write a report based on what I’ve read on the site. Love this car for its torque its a 1.6 diesel a lot nippier than my previous 1.4 Fiesta however it has some faults in addition to what is mentioned above. After first service it changed, the air con is absolutely revolting you would think I lived on a farm! Constant squeak off the brakes, looked at like a stupid female driver by no less than three Peugeout dealers. Had new brake pads replaced at 12,000 and they still squeak regardless of the weather. Its a total embarressment. Yesterday was taking the third exit at an average size roundabout and the car nearly turned on itself, scariest moment ever. I am getting rid of it in April and I am counting down the days!! Only reason I gave it 2 stars is down to the look and speed that it has when tested apart from that doubt I’ll ever buy a Pug again especially when three dealerships cannot fix my problems.

Submitted: 2011-02-25 | ID: 44826

Mark Anthony, Yorkshire

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

Had this car 8 months, took it for first MoT main dealers wanted £1000 to pass it. Now Radiator leaking due to it being rusty, it’s only done 29,000. Don’t buy one, dealers are rubbish and of no help.

Submitted: 2011-02-04 | ID: 44830

Judith McKinney, County Down

Peugeot 207 1600cc HDi TD 110bhp SPORT 3dr 2006

5 star review

Personally I can’t fault the car at all! It’s been a loyal work horse, has covered 120k in just over 4 Years and hasn’t given me one bit of trouble. Build quality is superb, the engine goes like it only has 20k and not 120k on it, the seats are lovely and comfortable too. Overall, I’d buy another 207! And, I have recommended them to people before and they have bought one and to this day are still very pleased with it.

Responses to this review

I agree I have had a second hand 07 reg 207 for three months and it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s a nice car and I do around 150 miles per week if not more. People whining saying bulbs keep blowing, I have just changed two at 85p each and it took five mins. Also mine is a bit sluggish when first started but when left on for 20 seconds it drives fine. Might decide to get the ecu updated if it persists. Cars go wrong and need fixing; that’s life - Richard Baldwin from England

Submitted: 2011-01-29 | ID: 44828

K Molly, England

Peugeot 207 2007

2 star review

Also have fault on passenger airbag when weather hot. Dealer attributed it to sensor problems and replaced but the following summer problems reoccured and continue to do so. In addition have had to have the battery and alternator replaced at several hundred pounds cost. Had a 106 before this which was mega reliable, not sure i would buy 207 again, even though I love design and interior.

Submitted: 2011-01-16 | ID: 44827

Alan Davison, Northumberland

Peugeot 207 2010

3 star review

Three weeks ago when the cold weather hit, I started getting a (engine fault needs repair) light coming on, I reported to motability they advised I call out RAC. The RAC man duly turned up connected his diagnostic computer and reset the problem stating that it was a safety setting to protect the engine, it literally decreases the voltage throughout the car down to 6 volts so when your driving and ask the the car for the performance it is designed for it will only let you drive at approx 40 -50 mph. This happened again a week later where I returned the car to the dealership again having it reset and being told the problem was not the car but local garages selling (summer diesel), which is freezing. So here I sit on xmas morning after visiting local family expecting to drive south on boxing day to see family and don’t it happen again only this time the car has completely cut out in the middle of the motor way it has restarted and I did get home but I am currently awaiting the RAC again!

Responses to this review

My colleague and me both own Peugeot 207 1.4 hdi (diesel) cars, 61 plates (2011). My car has only done 6450 miles, my colleague 12300, within 4 weeks of each other both cars suffered the exact same fault, ENGINE FAILURE warning light came on, and the cars went into LIMP mode, where you can drive the car, but, with limited power, the Peugeot dealers in SUNDERLAND Tyne and Wear, asked us where we had bought the diesel fuel ,we both fuel up at Asda, the dealers told us they’ve had 20+ cases of the same problem in the last 6/8 weeks where CHEAP SUPERMARKET DIESEL was the problem, causing the fuel filters to clogg/plugg up. Their solution, drain the tank, replace fuel filter/fuel filter housing and to use branded fuel (BP or SHELL) however ASDA state their diesel conforms to standards!!!! Trading standards are looking at the case, BUT, why are Peugeot not informing customers to only use branded diesel when they’ve had so many cases of the same? Well at £432 a time to repair they probably don’t want to... A LOT OF LIONS ARE GETTING WOUNDED... leaving owners with NO "MOTION" and VERY NEGATIVE  EMOTIONS"... OR is this a recall fault? As we thought our cars had diesel heaters to prevent WAXING in the diesel!!! We are investigating the diesel/fuel filter by specialist engineers and look forward to hearing about any similar cases (Nov/Dec 2012) - Kevin Gallagher from Durham

Has there been any update on this? Boyfriend has had the same thing happen him today with Sainsbury’s diesel. He was told that they have been selling summer diesel which has frozen - Emmy Quinn from England

I have a 61 plate 207 Sportium which I bought new in November 2011. I have had exactly the same problem, ,light comes on saying engine needs repair and engine goes into limp mode. This has happened 3 times in under 2 years, the main dealer in Durham keeps changing the fuel filter and tells us not to use supermarket fuel. They will not do anything to actually cure the problem, it happened at 1300 miles, 6500 miles and 19500miles and no one at the dealership will speak to me about it. The way Peugeot treat customers is an absolute disgrace, I have contacted trading standards and told my story to what car, but alas no help from either. head office customer services gave me a refund of £103 for the last filter change and a free service but what good is that when my £14500 car keeps breaking down and will continue to do so. I believe that in the race to lower emissions and reduce road tax this engine has not been properly developed and will not run reliably on the fuel that is available. The government insist that 7% bio diesel is added to the forecourt product and I think that this is what is causing the problem in cold weather. There should be a law against selling defective goods but no one wants to help. There is a serious problem with the 1.6 hdi engine and this engine is fitted by other manufacturers such as Citroen, Ford and Volvo etc, if you want reliability I would advise you to stay well clear from this engine. In fact don't buy Peugeot because they are a terrible company to deal with when things go wrong and they do not know the meaning of customer satisfaction. - tom cook from Durham

I have a 61 plate 207 Sportium which I bought new in November 2011. I have had exactly the same problem, management light comes on saying engine needs repair and engine goes into limp mode. This has happened 3 times in under 2 years, the main dealer in Durham keeps changing the fuel filter and tells us not to use supermarket fuel. They will not do anything to actually cure the problem, it happened at 1300 miles, 6500 miles and 19500miles and no one at the dealership will speak to me about it. The way Peugeot treat customers is an absolute disgrace, I have contacted trading standards and told my story to what car, but alas no help from either. head office customer services gave me a refund of £103 for the last filter change and a free service but what good is that when my £14500 car keeps breaking down and will continue to do so. I believe that in the race to lower emissions and reduce road tax this engine has not been properly developed and will not run reliably on the fuel that is available. The government insist that 7% bio diesel is added to the forecourt product and I think that this is what is causing the problem in cold weather. There should be a law against selling defective goods but no one wants to help. There is a serious problem with the 1.6 Hdi engine and this engine is fitted by other manufacturers such as Citroen, Ford and Volvo etc, if you want reliability I would advise you to stay well clear from this engine. In fact don't buy Peugeot because they are a terrible company to deal with when things go wrong and they do not know the meaning of customer satisfaction. - tom cook from Durham

Submitted: 2010-12-27 | ID: 44869

John Wilson, Ayrshire

Peugeot 207 GTi 2008

4 star review

Now completed 14,000miles @ 37.5mpg. An amazing statistic for a car that does 0-100mph in under 20 seconds. Fantastic handling and incredible in-gear performance. However, and there are a few howevers: Dealer seems uninterested; Ride is bone-hard. Poor front tyre and brake wear. Can’t make my mind up about the seats - one minute I think they’re fine. the next I think they lack support and the side bolsters will wear. Finally (and because of this a Clio 200 is on the cards) the dreaded power-failure has started. Intermitently the car will go into limp-home mode; Dangerous and disconcerting. I wouldn’t like to own one without the manufacturers warranty, which is a shame because it’s almost (and no it can’t be compared to the 205 as it’s a modern car and the 205 was made from cigarette packets) a great car.

Submitted: 2010-11-27 | ID: 44881

L G, England

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

Would give it no stars if I could. Worst car I ever bought. Nothing but problems. Cam belt broke at 29000 miles, cutting the engine out in the fast lane of the motorway! Car less that 3 years old. Alternator has had to be replaced 3 times. Numerous other faults and now at 3 and a half years old the dreaded anti pollution light has come on! I think we should stick it on a tip, I would not inflict this car on anyone. DO NOT BUY A PEUGEOT - MOST UNRELIABLE CAR EVER!!!!<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Simply because you have have had a bad experience, doesn’t make all Peugeots bad cars. And I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s very silly to warn people against buying any of the range based on your own limited and very unlucky experience. I have a Peugeot and have NEVER had any trouble with it and love it. I also know various other people who love them. I have also bought brand new Mercs for the past 20 years and have had umpteen problems with my E-Class but would never be stupid enough to say they are rubbish cars because the figures speak for themselves! So let’s be realistic here, if Peugeot are rubbish, no-one would buy them and they wouldn’t be one of the most popular cars in the world would they? - Mike Collins from Dorset

I’d agree with LG England, I’ve had a 307 for just 7 months and had no end of problems with it, it’s only a few years old. Never experienced so many problems with any other car before. Now my catalytic converter has a fault after numerous other faults - also now getting the anti pollution message! - Liz R from Warwickshire

I have had my 207 m:play for four years and spent £2,700 on faults. The dealer was fresh out of school so he didn’t sell it very well. I got it cause I wanted it, now I just want to burn it out and call it a day. What a joke. Oh if you get one on finance, watch out for the ppi trap. It cost me £2000+ :( - Milk Milk from England

I do agree with these comments. I have owned five Peugeots before my 207 and would not give a single star, furthermore it will be my last. Problems after problems, brakes changed fully after three years, gearbox had to be reconditioned six months later, strong smell of fumes inside! I do not expect this after three years - Laurent Maresse from Warwickshire

My daughter bought a Peugeot 207 (2007 model) second hand from a local Peugeot agent three years ago. She was told it was a demo car. What a disaster, comedy of errors by the agent. They just don’t seem to bother about customer care. Problems with the cooling system, other problems & the latest was the timing chain that broke at 86,000 kms. Even then the agents were very sloppy. We had to resort to being insistent, aggressive and almost abusive language to get some reaction. After all this, they have now - after the car had been fixed & returned almost three weeks ago - not even bothered to inquire from the customer whether all was now going well. Although my dad, brother and I have driven several Peugeots since the 1980s, I will never touch or go near one again - from South Africa

My 207 has spent the last 18 months in and out of the dealership with the dreaded anti-pollution warning problem car just shuts down this also happened when it was three and half years old. They can’t fix it and this is obviously a common fault with this model as I have read numerous reviews, they should do a recall! - Charlotte Thomas from England

I’ve not owned one of these, and after my experience of hiring one whilst on holiday in Spain, I wouldn’t touch one with a barge pole. It was a small diesel, which would not pull your socks off. On mountain roads, I was constantly changing between first and second gear, struggling to keep up with my son-in-law driving a ten year old Ford Ka, which he said never dropped below third gear. It would not pull at anything below 1,800 rpm which meant that at roundabouts I had to change down into first gear despite the fact that I was still rolling. Coupled with the not very comfortable driving position I can honestly say this is the worst car I have EVER driven - from Hertfordshire

Oh my god! I totally agree with the comments made above, I bought my Peugeot 207 (June 07) on Christmas Eve 2008. Whilst driving up the motorway, the car made a horrendous bang and the engine management light appeared. It became apparent when the car was taken to the dealer where I purchased it from, that the water pump had gone causing the cam belt to snap and total engine failure! Like the person above, it happened at exactly 29,000 miles. Now at 45,000 miles, I’ve been told the gearbox needs replacing? I hasten to add I’ve been driving 20 years and never had this problem before with any other car. I will never buy another Peugeot clackety pile of rubbish! - from Kent

Submitted: 2010-11-24 | ID: 44872

Louise Smith, Staffordshire

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi 110 GT 3DR 2006

5 star review

A fantastic little car! Over 90,000 trouble free miles. On the road the engine is really responsive and I often get 60mpg from it on the motorways. Its extremely comfortable with the big sporty leather seats, also the sports suspension makes for some fun driving on the B roads.. I would recommend this car to anybody thinking of buying it because its a cracking wee car. Extremely reliable, comfy, nippy and cheap to run!

Responses to this review

That depends on whether the roof is up or down but probably not as the car doesn’t really have a big boot to begin with. With the roof down, you loose about half of your boot space - Stuart McMillan from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2010-11-05 | ID: 44887

Matt Taylor, Middlesex

Peugeot 207 1.6 GT 150 2007

3 star review

BEWARE!! Avoid the 207 and Peugeot if you can. Bought my 1.6 GT with 27,000 and one former owner. Great for first few months then problems started. Clutch failed at 31,000. Engine Mount bolt failed as well so engine was moving around. Break disks had to be replaced at 33,000. Squeaking noise when pulling away, had to have capillers aligned. Can’t change down to 1st gear from 2nd when slowing in traffic, told this a "part of the cars character". Oil leaks, engine fault lights, issue with drivers door list goes on. I am lucky that the original owner extended the 3 year warranty to 5 year with Peugeot otherwise I would have had a very expensive repair bill. I have to say that the Peugeot dealer near me have fixed everything and only tried to get out of fixing the clutch. Car has been fine now for last few months, touch wood. Will be selling after warranty expires in 2011 and never buy Peugeot again. If you have a 207 still in warranty, extend it. I gave this car 3 stars because it’s quick, cheap to run and insure and has lots of standard equipment. But a modern car should not have so many faults. My Clio 197 I had for 3 years and did 35,000 miles with no faults at all!!

Submitted: 2010-11-03 | ID: 44889

Dave, England

Peugeot 207 2003

1 star review

This car is the worst purchase I have ever made. If I could put no stars I would. If I had paid my finance off in full I would scrap this car as I would not wish it on anyone. I have had nothing but problems with this car since day one. Firstly the 5 disc super changer thing jammed and still has 5 of my CD’s stuck in it. No problem I thought, I’ll just get a new stereo more basic one, but no, it has to be the same one or I lose my digital display...£250. A few weeks later the clutch went. New fly wheel with fitting..£1000. I get the car back and it seems sluggish for a 2litre turbo. I took the car to a mechanic I know who informed me the turbo had been unplugged. I left it unplugged and took it to Peugeot who told me that I needed a new turbo. I went back to my friend who simply plugged the turbo back in and it worked again. Next the lights; I was driving down the motorway and a car behind was flashing me continually for around 5 miles. I pulled over on leaving the motorway at the services to find that both my rear lights and a sidelight had all gone together. I have changed all the lights numerous times since. No problems for two months and then the anti pollution fault started; the car lost power each time the light came on. I took it back to my friend the mechanic, he changed some of the filters and no further problem... for a while anyway. Next the boot catch went; I unlocked the car one day and the boot opened on it’s own, I tried to close it but it opened again. I now have to press my weight on the boot until it locks in to keep it closed and then to open it again I have to lock and unlock the car and go through the same routine again to close it. This happens each time I unlock the car. Also if I pick a friend up and the car is running the boot opens when they open the door and I have to get out and close it again. The next thing was the electric windows; when I open the passenger window using the control on the drivers side I can not get the window to go back up and have to lean over to the passenger side to fasten it. A few weeks ago having been on a night shift I turned the engine on and was greated by ABS fault, followed by ESP/ASR not working and finally ANTI POLLUTION FAULT again. I got the car home and when I used it later in the day, the lights had gone. A week later on the way to work, the ANTI POLLUTION light came on and the car lost all power slowly grinding to a halt. I waited 5 minutes and tried to start the car. It started. I took the car to a mechanic who said that he could not find anything wrong with the car and added some diesel additive and advised me to try going for a long run out. I did this and the light went. Now the ANTI POLLUTION FAULT is back with a vengance, my car now goes no more than a mile before cutting out thanks to the anti-pollution fault and I am up s**t street with no transport to work or to take my daughter to school... I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER BUY A PEUGEOT EVER AGAIN AND ADVISE ANYONE NOT TO EVEN ACCEPT ONE IF IT IS OFFERED TO YOU FOR FREE. I HATE THIS CAR AND PRAY EVERY NIGHT THAT AN ARTICULATED LORRY WILL HIT IT AND SMASH IT TO PIECES.

Responses to this review

Could not believe what he is writing. It seems that this is a fake review due to the fact that the peugeot 207 started in 2006 and this guy has a 2003 one... - Marc Surer from London

Hi Dave, in regards to the anti pollution fault, I have a 807 2.2 hdi which kept doing that. I have found a company that will deactivate all the relavent anti pollution rubbish, remap the car for more power and better fuel. I did my 807 and have never looked back. follow this link read the customer forums and see for yourself. Hope this helps you - John Wild from Lancashire

I can totaly agree with this person. I bought my Peugeot 207 m-play in 2007, I have had nothing but major problems with this car since day one. Dealers are bloody useless, quick enough to sell me the car brand new, but as soon as the problems start, they were useless. I’ve had to have thousands spent on this car, due to all its faults, luckily covered by the 3 year warranty. I broke down twice, Peugeot didn’t give a s**t, just said you’re on your own, just try to get the car to us. Yeah, big laugh, when the car dies on you. DO NOT TOUCH PEUGEOTS... Worst car ever. Sorry to burst your bubble - Debbie Cheese from Dorset

Did you ever get to the bottom of the depolution fault? I have exactly the same - James Dean from England

Submitted: 2010-10-13 | ID: 44882

Rob, Sussex

Peugeot 207 SW 1.6 HDI 90 S Estate Diesel 2008

4 star review

Hi All I bought my eco friendly 1.6 estate 6 months ago second hand. I’m getting 55+mpg out of it which is fairly impressive compared to my previous cars and this is one of the main reasons why I purchased it as the cost of fuel is only going up these days and need to get as much out of my fuel as pos. Tax is only £90 for a year too which is good. Ok its a bit sluggish at times but I put it down to it being the eco model and designed not to rev too high etc. Anyway its now done about 24,000 miles and my mechanic says my clutch is riding high as he serviced it for me the other day as I don’t trust peugeot doing it as had a few hick ups with them when i bought the car in the first place. Front brakes had to be replaced too which I wasn’t expecting after this amount of miles. Anyway does anyone know if the clutch is covered in the warrenty as I still have 6 months left. Should peugeot replace it free of charge? Also noticed some seals are perrishing too round the back window mainly but thats not so important. Was expecting to have very few bills in the first few years of owning this car as thats another main facter to why i bought it. Is this the beggining of the endless bills? Even though its still under warranty? I’m rating the car 4 stars but thats only after 6 months of owning it. What will rate it in 6 months time though? - incase anyone can help with the clutch warranty question above. As trying to do some homework before I confront my dealer. Regards.

Responses to this review

My clutch has just gone at 30,000 miles and it is not covered by warranty. The warranty only covers up to 6,000 which is ridiculous; after that it is considered wear and tear! I am a careful lady driver who mainly drives on motorways and dual carriageways. My previous car was a Volvo and had done 150,000 miles before the clutch went. I complained to the warranty department and all the way to customer care saying that although it was not covered by warranty it should be covered by consumer rights i.e. not fit for purpose. I considered it was not wear and tear. It was just a manufacturing fault or an inferior product. I got absolutely nowhere. It should have cost £771 at Perry’s to repair but I took it to a reputable clutch company who have charged me £236. Peugeot main dealers just seem to charge the earth the moon and the stars which is just another smack in the face for something I believe I should not have to pay a penny for in the first place. In addition to this, I have had to have my bluetooth unit changed twice in the first year of buying the car. Apart from that, I must admit I do love the car. I just hope that nothing else will go wrong with it. I bought a new car so that I had peace of mind, not to fork out money on things like this! - Wendy Hadaway from Buckinghamshire

You’re moaning about 150,000 miles on one clutch? I presume you felt hard done by when the tyres went bald too? - from London

No, I wasn’t moaning about 150,000 miles on my clutch. That was in relation to my Volvo which was great. I was moaning about only getting 30,000 miles from the clutch on my Peugeot 207. Maybe you should have read my review a little more carefully, ’Tim from London’! - Wendy Hadaway from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2010-10-04 | ID: 44890

Joanne Laverty, Northern Ireland

Peugeot 207 1.4 VTi 95 Sport 2007

5 star review

Hi, I bought my 207 brand new back in March 2007. It has been a fantastic wee car to own, never any problems except from the time it lost power and was in ’limp home mode’. But that still doesn’t stop me loving the car, it’s quite brisk out on the open roads and it certainly takes a good thrashing on the b-roads. I opted for the Sport because I felt the ’S’ specification wasn’t as nice as the Sport. For instance, my car has cool metallic inserts on the dash and along the radio and heater controls which was funky, also the seats in the Sport are far better as they are more sporty and comfortable. I used to drive a 1.6i 206 and my 207 is just as fast as the 206. I was going to buy the 1.4i 8v but it was very weedy and underpowered, then I looked at the 1.6 VTi which was superb but once I drove the 1.4 VTi I thought it was powerfull enough for me. Overall its a great wee car, has been a joy to own and drive.. 10/10 from me

Submitted: 2010-09-21 | ID: 44867

Lara Duarte, Portugal

Peugeot 207 2006

1 star review

Loved it until, after four hours in the sun (max temperature yesterday in my area: 28-30ºC - this is not even the height of summer), the dashboard melted. The plastic grew a "mountain" and a hole is now visible if you stand in front of the car and look in. Unbelievable, really. My car is not even 4 years old yet. They’re still refusing to admit it is a design flaw, though I know for a fact there have been more complaints like mine.

Submitted: 2010-09-21 | ID: 44868

Ann Todd, England

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi Sport 2008

1 star review

I have a 58 reg 207 1.6 HDi Sport that has done 10,600 miles of average driving and the clutch has gone. I am an experienced driver who has owned 10+ cars, some for 50K miles plus and never had a clutch problem. Is this a manufacturing problem?

Submitted: 2010-09-20 | ID: 44866

Colin Clark, Durham

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

Must be the biggest heap of rubbish I have driven in 30 year. Can’t get 1st gear on rolling stops at roundabouts traffic lights etc, just crunches. No power when overtaking. Had the car 5 months, 15,000 on the clock, thought I was getting a good buy NOT LIKELY. Just had it to the dealers today they said there was nowt wrong, picked it up at 5pm, within 300yards 1st gear still crunching goes back in tomorrow. Need help, it’s bought on finance. Give it 1 star, would have been 0 if possible.

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You put it in first while still moving! no wonder gearbox is complaining - Reg Molehusband from Cheshire

Submitted: 2010-09-07 | ID: 44864

Tom Carley, Ireland

Peugeot 207 2006

1 star review

Bought my 207 and am not very happy with it. It is sluggish and not responsive. Also the cooler fan has started recently to come on after minimum driving and takes about ten minutes to stop. I have brought it to several mechanics one of whom rang Peugeot because he himself thought it was wrong only to be told that it was normal and not to be worried about. I asked the Peugeot dealer would he guarantee it would not burn out my fan and he said no. Several people have commented on this "condition" of my fan. It adds an annoying vibration to the steering wheel when running, which at this stage seems to be most of the time. Also I find a lot of Blind spots on the vehicle and road holding seems not to be that great. This is not a high speeds either but on any heavy corner. Being average built just under 6 ft I also band my head from time to time off the handle at roof height by the drivers door. Who is going to need a handle there unless you want to limbo dance into the car. Bad fuel consumption also adds to my list of dislikes. Not too easy to get into reverse gear and a glove box which won’t hold more than gloves.

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I had the same problem under warranty. They had the car for 3 days and gave us a loner but the did fix it, fair do’s - from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-09-04 | ID: 44862

Bronagh Mc Loughlin, County Down

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi 110 SPORT 2008

5 star review

Hi, After owning a 1999 206 1.1 LX and a 2003 206 1.4 HDi 70 ’Look’ I thought Peugeot cannot possibly make a better small supermini. Then in Feb 09 I bought a 207 1.6 HDi 110 Sport, it was an Ex Peugeot UK Company car that my local dealer got shipped over to Northern Ireland for me, the car was registered on May 2008. My first impressions of the 207 were very, very high, and it has been a joy so far. I read these complaints that others are having and to be honest, you can get a bad car no matter what badge is on front, my nephew has a 2009 Golf 2.0 GT TDi and already he has had to replace the turbo and the Air Conditioning unit. Also bits of the interior trim has came loose or else fallen off. On the road the 207 is a huge improvement over the 206, and thats high praise because the 206 was great fun on the B roads! Inside the car, alot of high quality plastics are laid out and the white dials and silver surround on the air vents and along the centre console really brighten it up. The seats and seating position is fantastic, miles ahead of the old 206’s. In the back, the seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of knee room for my 6ft son. To this day, I still think there isn’t a supermini on the road as stylish and grown up looking as the 207. Really it boils down to what you want in a car, the 207 is very stylish, comfortable, nice to drive, nippy in town and on motorways, its great handling and fair enough it does cost a bit more than the likes of a Jazz or Polo. But on the other hand the Polo and Jazz are cheap, but thats because the are so awfully equipped and quite dull and uninspiring inside and out. Also the HDi 110 engine pulls really well, there is plenty of torque on tap and the engine is smooth. Overall I love my 207 to bits, in a few years time I hope to be buying a 208.

Submitted: 2010-08-30 | ID: 44855

Steve Boyes, England

Peugeot 207 2006

2 star review

Where do I start?.. Currently having issues with the antipollution alert and need to resolve this, I’m investigating. Always seem to have a light out either headlight taillight or other and am now carrying a full set of bulbs a first in 30 years of driving. Door trim hanging off, front trim under bumper always coming loose, and needs relocating. After owning a 206 for 4 years which turned out to be a superb car, the 207 is a huge disappointment!!!!!

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Steve - I see many owners complaining about bulbs blowing. I own a 207 1400cc HDi diesel (the 2006 model) and also experienced bulbs blowing regularly - left headlight and rear bulbs, until the dealership mechanic improved the ground circuit. I have not experienced the same problem since he did this - about 7 months ago now. However, I have just had the ’anti-pollution’ warning sign come up on the dash - Anthony Lavoipierre from South Africa

Submitted: 2010-08-28 | ID: 44853

Natalie, England

Peugeot 207 Sport 1.6 HDI 2007

5 star review

If you want a truly honest opinion on the Peugeot 207 then read on...I am extremely bad for writing "essays" but I do get the point across, so please don’t be daunted by the length of my review! I do think people are forgetting that you can easily get a "bad egg" with cars and that doesn’t necessarily mean the car is no good just because they got a dodgy one. I brought my 207 1.6 HDI Sport 6 months ago, upgrading from my little KA Luxury. I miss my KA a great deal; but the only thing I miss is the leather interior! The 207 drives really lovely, I find it a lot more smooth than my KA and even my boyfriend’s "old" (2005) Fiesta. Don’t get me wrong if you compare it to a more executive car like a Jaguar or Audi then yes it’s not as smooth. It is very powerful and nippy despite being a diesel and accelerates more like a petrol. I love the gear change of the car and the overall seating position is great. I love that I can move just about everything to get in the right seating position. It feels big and spacious but is very deceiving in its size when you park it. It has a 5* NCAP safety rating and isofix clips. I have had my baby niece in the car and it is extremely easy to get her seat in and out, with plenty of room for 2 other passengers in the rear, and plenty of boot space for her pushchair etc. The sports seats that come in the Sport and GT models are extremely comfortable. Again I would have loved to have kept my leather interior and really miss it. But if it is a must have then you should go for the GT version which is part leather, or just pay to have it recovered, which I will definitely be doing at some point! I get around 550 miles to a tank of diesel (I do drive like I’m a girl racer and have been told I drive more like a bloke (!). With "sensible" and economic driving you would easily be able to get 600 miles + to a tank) which with current fuel prices of £1.14 a litre costs around £50 to fill up. If you want to know the mpg then you can work out for yourself! (I’m a girl racer, not a mathematician!!) I was extremely surprised that despite it being a 1.6 and a Sport it is only a group 5 insurance so my premium is extremely cheap. Tax is only £35 a year for the diesel Sport as well so overall extremely cheap to run. If you do want the extra bhp and get the GT your tax will cost more for the year, but still cheaper than if you brought a petrol GTI. The only problem I have had with my car since I brought it was with the rear wiper motor not working which was done under the warranty. When I was looking at getting a Peugeot I was sceptical for it being a "French car" but have found mine reliable (I got a good egg!!). All the reviews I read before buying advised that the diesel engine seemed to be the more reliable car and a lot more efficient than the petrol. Overall I think it is a good reliable car and is cheap to run. My boyfriend loved driving mine so much when his Fiesta started going wrong all the time that he went and brought the GT version with glass panoramic roof and hasn’t looked back!!!

Responses to this review

I posted this review on my own car a good wee while ago... "I have had my 207 HDi Sport 90 for a year and two months now and I have to say it has been a credit to me. I do a lot of motorway miles and have covered over 20000 trouble free miles!!! I can honestly recommend this car to anybody who’s thinking of buying one. I am even getting 65mpg from a 1.6 Diesel and the £35 per year tax is a big bonus!! Peugeot have made a true star, a huge 5/5 from me."... Currently I now have 43k on the clock and it will be 3 years old next may. Still love this car to pieces, I totally can see where you are coming from because they are marvellous wee cars! - Ciaran M from Northern Ireland

Submitted: 2010-08-25 | ID: 44856

Simon Jones, Bridgend

Peugeot 207 1.4 sport 2006

1 star review

To be honest my mark2 Renault clio was better. I bought the car on finance where I was promised that the tax would be cheaper than my megane. It was not!! I told the person that the brakes were grinding and he fobbed me off with the fact the car had been on the forecourt for a month. Rubbish!! I had it checked out by a friend of mine who is a mechanic and he told me that whoever fitted the brakes did NOT use any copper grease so they have worn down like no tomorrow. Now that I’ve just hit 36000 miles it’s now missing and backfiring and it’s tapping even though there’s oil in the engine. A truly terrible car. I do not know what I was thinking when I bought it but I wish I hadn’t now!!<br /><br />

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I can’t see how copper grease affects brake wear! - Dennis Jones from Dorset

Submitted: 2010-08-21 | ID: 44851

Pat Baker, Cheshire

Peugeot 207 2007

2 star review

Pleased with my 207 however experiencing problems when going into first gear. As long as the car is fully stopped no problem selecting first gear. If however you are in traffic, which starts to move so you put the car into second gear, then suddenly the traffic ahead slows (roundabouts and traffic lights for example) so you are below the speed for 2nd gear and you try to slip into first gear, the gears crunch very loudly. Pointed this out last week when the car was serviced, response was they could find no problem and perhaps I wasn’t despressing the clutch sufficiently. Made a mental note to watch my driving style, however problem still occurring. I have asked two other people to try the car for me and they are experiencing the same problem. The car is still in warranty ’just’ and I’ve booked for it to go back in next week. I wondered if anyone else had experienced problems with first gear in a rolling stop situation?

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Yes having exactly the same problem rolling stop at traffic lights, roundabouts etc. Only way to hit 1st gear is to stop the car to sluggish to pull away in 2nd. Also finding reverse is hard to hit at times. My wife has had it to the dealers we bought it from today and they said it was alright nowt wrong. Just been on the phone 5 mins ago and she said within 300yards it was as bad, if not worse than ever. Cars 07 reg and honestly is the biggest heap of c**p I have ever had its going back in tomorrow - Colin Clark from Durham

I can’t believe you want to use first gear for more than just starting off, unbelievable! No wonder your car isn’t happy. Learn to drive properly - Good Driver from England

You must not, in any car, change down into first gear whilst on the move. Some older lower geared cars can handle this but I would not recommend doing it in any car - from Cornwall

Submitted: 2010-08-13 | ID: 44858

Howard Uttley, Yorkshire

Peugeot 207 Sport 2006

3 star review

I have just bought this lovely looking car but haven’t been able to use it properly yet as the speedo wont work, and abs and dpower steering warning lights keep coming on... and depollution lights. I’m waiting for a new computer or acu unit (coming from France). Peugeot say costs will be £1000. It has only done 22,000 miles - very disappointing.

Submitted: 2010-07-30 | ID: 44849

Joseph Maguire, Northern Ireland

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDI 110PS SPORT 2007

5 star review

I have a 2007 207 1.6 HDI 110 Sport with 67,000 miles on the clock and the car is perfect. I love to absolutely thrash it, it sticks to the road like glue, it handles really well, the steering is perfectly weighted, the chassis is smooth and quiet and the engine is superb. I get over 50mpg even when I’m driving it hard! It’s a fun little car to drive and I’m not telling lies when I say it’s almost as good as a MINI Cooper to drive! Inside the car is solidly built and the materials wouldn’t look out of place in a Jag or Merc. The seats have plenty of adjustment and they are excellent for hard cornering because the sides are very long and support you very well in your chair. The gearbox is very direct and easy to use, also its very smooth shifting... The steering wheel adjusts for reach and rake which is very handy! Overall this little car is fantastic! My wife owns a new Ford Fiesta and I’m not joking, the 3 year old Peugeot is a better car in nearly every area except for rear legroom, though im 6ft 5in and our son, who is also over 6ft, can sit comfortably behind me in the 207 when I’m in my driving position so it isn’t all that bad! I wouldn’t give this car up for the world!

Submitted: 2010-07-26 | ID: 44850

David, Staffordshire

Peugeot 207 2008

2 star review

Bought the car from local Peugeot dealer, just over a year old. It had 10,000 miles on the clock. After the first year had engine oil leak, followed by break lights failing and constant rattle in drivers door. The car looks good but is sluggish up hills and feels that it needs extra power. Not too impressed so far.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Hello, I have the same problem as you!! Did you get anywhere with solving these problems, I also have an issue with the fuse for the window wash pump keeps blowing!! I don’t even have to use it! As to the rattling noise in the door or fan? It drives me mad!!! The response I got from the Peugeot service team was to turn the radio up so I can’t hear it!! I look forward to your response! Thank you! - Ashley Murphy from England

Submitted: 2010-07-17 | ID: 44846

Kim, Hertfordshire

Peugeot 207 2007

2 star review

I bought my 207 cabriolet from a dealer in the summer of 2007. Within less than a year there was a fault in the driver’s front window; I had to argue with Peugeot to get them to realise it had to be a manufacture fault and they eventually honoured it. I took it for its first service and after a week it began to leak oil; the gear box seal had gone. Approx 8 weeks later another oil leak appeared, this time it was a rear seal of some description. More time in a courtesy car!! Over the last month or 2 I have also noticed an increase in ’creaking’ noises on the rear passenger side, I have now been told this is a weakness in the car. I love this car but I can’t help thinking it’s a pile of rubbish that is causing me a lot of stress, frustration and lost time, which is a real shame as it’s so asthetically pleasing and a joy to drive ..... when its not in the dealers being fixed.

Submitted: 2010-07-08 | ID: 44848

Sean Trainor, County Fermanagh

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi 110 Sport 2006

5 star review

I adored my 207.. Personally I think people are really just nit picking when they are bitching about their 207... I recently traded my July 06 207 1.6 HDI 110 Sport in for a new Volkswagen Polo 1.6 TDI 90 Moda.. The 207 had 105,000 miles on it and it NEVER once gave me any trouble. It was cheap to run, tax, insure and was very nippy... Also it was extremely comfortable. I want my 207 back because this new Polo isn’t near as good as the Peugeot.. The seats are rock solid, the engine is dead in comparisson to the 207, the dash is typically as bland as they come, my Moda model doesnt even have spotlights, the engine is as clattery when revved hard (It puts me in mind of the 1995 405 1.9 SRDT I used to own many years ago), the interior materials are bland, the rear leg room is almost non existant!

Submitted: 2010-07-04 | ID: 44775

Andy Uren, Cornwall

Peugeot 207 1.4 sport 90 2008

1 star review

What a pile of c**p, you would be better off walking. The Dealers are a waste of space as well. I’m only giving 1 star because I can not give no stars<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-07-03 | ID: 44776

Christine Rowe, Cornwall

Peugeot 207 2009

3 star review

<br />Purchased my new 207 in Sept 2009. From the start I’ve had a periodic problem with the engine stalling as I’ve slowed to a junction or pulling onto my drive or parking space. Taken back to dealership but their diagnostic computer is showing nothing wrong. They suggested I leave the car with them to drive around with the diagnositc computer onboard to see if it happens when they drive it, but it can go for weeks without happening. The battery light comes on as the engine stalls and if I catch it in time I can re-kick the engine before it actually stalls. Very disappointed - had a 106 for 8 years with not one single problem. Tied into their Passport deal for another 3 years but not likely to renew. There’s obviously a fault but I’m being made to believe it’s my imagination.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I had the same problem. I took my new 207 back to the dealer and they said I needed a download. Had to leave the car with them for a day as the engine had to be cold. Had no problem since - Carol Welch from Sussex

I bought my 58 plate 207 in June ’99. New pads and discs done as well. Now all rear seatbelt buckles are jammed and don’t work at all. Brake is grinding again, the list goes on and on. Never again Peugeot - David Fraser from Lothians

Submitted: 2010-07-01 | ID: 44772

Paul Ramsbottom, Cornwall

Peugeot 207 GT 2007

5 star review

I replaced a faulty 206cc (after a couple of brilliant 206’s D turbo’s) with my current 207 GT. It’s wonderful, easily the best car I’ve ever owned, great performance from the 1.6 Hdi engine and good economy too. Had a few minor niggles which were sorted under warranty. I plan to keep this one for a while as they’ve stopped doing the GT spec! Looks great in black 3 door and build quaility is up there with the Germans.

Submitted: 2010-06-30 | ID: 44777

Gina H, Devon

Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI 2009

1 star review

This car is Dangerous with a capital D. My car has completely cut out many times now, and each time the same "AntilPollution/oil pressure" warning is displayed and beeps! It happens at any speed and is seriously dangerous, I nearly caused a pile up on the way home the other day, doing 60mph, and then the engine just cuts out, leaving you to roll to a stop, and once it’s stopped it will let you restart it again, but it won’t let you restart it while its rolling, it has to stop! I have taken it to a main dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it, they say there is nothing recorded on the computer system or the BSI (whatever that is!). It’s even happened whilst reversing, there is something up with it, and it seems like this is quite a common problem. I think Peugeot should consider recalling these dangerous vehicles or atleast find a way to fix it!!!! Not impressed at all.

Responses to this review

The same has happened to me with the purchase of the car Less than 24 hr’s from the pick up!! the Anti polloutuon light keeps coming on and the car cuts out esp with the engine over heating. This is really unacceptable from a dealer. I’m disapointed and disgusted with this, however, I have taken it upon myself to get this sorted And I will be kicking some a** to get the response I want!! Esp under the warranty company - G Keller from Fife and Kinross Shires

Same problem with me, 2009 207 hdi, keeps coming up with ’anti-pollution’ and cutting out. Went to the main dealers and nothing found - since then it has done the same again and is back with them. I use this vehicle for work and it is a real problem - Phil Madge from Cambridgeshire

206, 2005 this happens to me too, it really is starting to scare me now, it cut out today in the middle of a busy roundabout. Peugeot said they want £72 just to put it on the diagnostics machine but doesn’t seem much point because looking at earlier posts, the machine doesn’t pick up on any faults! - Deanna Jackson from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2010-06-30 | ID: 44778

Bob Arkle, Northumberland

Peugeot 207 Sport 2009

3 star review

Had this car from new, loved it at first, hate the very Sight of it now. 1st Problem, ignition key would not enter. Car had to be uplifted to Peugeot Main Dealer. New set of locks and keys. 2nd problem, wind noise which ’appeared’ to come in through the drivers door. back to main dealer 4 times, adjusted doors and genrally messed around, no better. Back again, renewed seals around the small fixed windows in both front doors, no better, back in dealers again - now they say it’s ’normal’ with this model !! yeah right! You can even hear the front wheels splashing through surface water as though the windows were open, and they are telling me this is normal!!! This has not finished yet. Noisy brakes - sound quite rough and grinding when coming to a stop. Corrosion of disks according to main dealer @ 6000 miles?!! ’but it’s ok’ according to Richard Hardie in Ashington Fuel consumption - for a little 1.4 engine - RUBBISH!! All in all, very disppointed and although this is one of many Peugeots I’ve owned - it will definitely be my last.

Responses to this review

Update .. Well well well .... after numerous visits to the Pug main dealers and numeorus attempts to fix a fault which they claim doesn’t exist (if it didn’t exist then why didn’t they tell me to get lost instead of trying oodles of things to fix it ??) - they failed and until 3 days ago, I still had wind noise from the drivers side door / window area. Got sick and traded the car in! Now I know I said that I’d not have another Pug, but going against my better judgement and given that I’d driven lots of different courtesy cars (all 207’s) and found them to be OK, I’ve given the Lion another chance and, so far, I’m glad that I did. I now have a 207 1.6 HDI 90 Sport in Flamenco Red - loving the 30 quid per year road tax, loving the 50+ MPG Urban and the 70ish MPG on a long run .. Awesome!! Interior noise is acceptable for the marque and no wooshing from the drivers door thank the Lord! I lost about 5 grand and it cost me £1,700 quid to change for a car which is about 10 months older than the one I had (only 10k on the clock, so not bad for an 08) but it’s worth it not to have the constant aggro with Pug main dealers arguing the toss over a problem which they claim doesn’t exist - Bob Arkle from Northumberland

Submitted: 2010-06-08 | ID: 44770

John P, Kent

Peugeot 207 1.6 hdi s 2007

2 star review

Bought mine in Feb 2009. Spent the first three weeks back in the dealership arguing about the gearbox. Eventually, after a lot of back and forth a new gearbox was fitted under warranty as there is a design fault which has now been resolved. Keep arguing on that one is my advice. I now have the Anti Pollution fault and loss of power on the car at 60560 miles. A friend who works in the trade is going to link up the computer tomorrow and check the fault. He seems to think that he can run up the anti pollution filter to a high tampreture on the computer which clears it out and reset the computer. He has had a few of these and it seems to work okay after that. However, what he cannot understand is why the power drops when it’s only a warning. It would be far safer for a warning message but leave the power alone so you can get home. It’s the computer that shuts down the engine’s power and limits it to 2500 revs there about. I had to limp home 138 miles. I’ll post tomorrow with regards to the pollution fault if it clears once he has had a look. If anyone has any expereince of this fault and what they did to clear I would appreciate it.

Responses to this review

John, did you get the car sorted out? I’ve had the same problem with my 207, it cuts out then says low oil pressure or anti pollutant! And it cuts out at any speed, so very dangerous. I’ve been into the garage and,  because it’s a fault that can happen up to 8 times a day then can be fine for a few days - they can’t find the fault as everytime it’s been in its been OK. Hopefully hear from you soon, thanks, - Sinead Smith from England

Hi, unfortunately I have a 207 1.4 sport. I have had it since Nov 09. The oil light warning came on in April, filled it up but then it came on again two months later, now the anti pollution warning light is showing constantly. Peugeot are replacing the catalic converter on Thursday, they say it is ok to drive ’til then. I can’t see why it would need replacing after 20,000 miles? Also, my car now sounds quite noisey. Any advice on what to say to garage Thursday? I am worried that the converter will just go again if they dont know what caused the converter to go. The warranty runs out in September so I havent long - Jenny Hider from Surrey

Noisy engine on the BMW sourced 1.4 sport was a cam chain knackered @ 20k miles. Oil was disappearing too - probably clogging up the cat in the process - I`m going to get its first MOT before the Peugeot warranty runs out. Lambda sensor packed in (might have been Tesco fuel). Variable valve timing solenoids packed in, Water pump died. All in 3 years from new. NEVER AGAIN will I buy a Peugeot. I was seduced by the comfortable old 306 I used to run in the late 80`s - it was a reliable old banger. This 207 is a pile of c**p and has wasted thousands of my £s - John Trench from Sussex

Hi John, what was the design fault with the gearbox as our brand new sportium diesel has a fault that you can slip into the reverse gear position and grind your idler gear from 5th at any speed. Main dealer says this is how it is. I am a race mechanic not a fitter and all manual gearboxes have a physical lock to stop this from happening - Kirk Twyman from Kent

Submitted: 2010-06-07 | ID: 44765

Erik Schnack, Namibia

Peugeot 207 1.6 XSP 2008

1 star review

It is very disappointing to read all the responses on the Peugeot’s depollution systems going faulty. The 207 1.6 XSP which I bought in 2008, with a 35000km history, indicated a faulty depollution system today. The local dealer gave his assurance that it is safe to drive this vehicle until the 15th of June, which is the nearest booking I got to have this problem sorted. Amazing, isn’t it? I have to wait 13 days....!!!! Reviews clearly show that the Peugeot’s centralised alert system indicating ’depollution fault’ is common and hazardous to the safety of driver and passengers travelling in this vehicle. It is high time that Peugoet does something fast to assure the safety of its clients. I read in one review that a Peugeot dealer mentioned low milage as a cause for the depollution system going faulty. I have travelled very long distances since I have bought my Peugeot. I wonder what this dealer will say about my Peugeot’s depollution problem? Anyhow, I prefer traveling by taxi until the 15th rather than my head bashed by another car during a Peugeot’s engine and power steering lockdown during high traffic.

Submitted: 2010-06-04 | ID: 44764

Rob Walker, England

Peugeot 207 1.4 2007

3 star review

Bought mine new and am pleased with the comfort and design; I do mostly city driving for work. Within the first year the clutch began to judder badly when used for any time in city traffic, still juddering another 2.5 years later! There is an unresolved ignition problem which causes the engine to bog down when starting off or at slow engine speed, slipping the clutch with a lot of revs is the only solution. The main dealer is worse than useless. They could not identify the clutch judder, mainly because it only appears with prolonged use in traffic. The ignition problem still persists even thought they guaranteed to was the coil pack and replaced it. It is a VERY unpleasant car to drive in the city due to these two faults which Peugeot have failed to solve. I have decided to run this car into the ground as I also have use of other cars. I would be very reluctant to buy another one given what the other makers offer now.

Responses to this review

Have you found a cure yet? We have the same problem. RAC told us it`s the sensor no 2, I changed it and within 2 weeks it has come back - Alan John Clarke from Cardiff

Submitted: 2010-05-23 | ID: 44795

Steve Thomas, Monmouthshire

Peugeot 207 1.4Hdi Verve 2009

2 star review

This is my 2nd 207 as a driving school car. the 1st went lovely for 80000 miles with only regular serving, brake pads and tyres. No hesitation buying another. My current car has started cutting out on a completely random basis - no warning - just complete loss of power and steering. Junction approaches are a favourite but luckily I was driving when doing 70 along A449 and it just cut out! A bum twitching moment- and I should know! Anti pollution warnings and low oil pressure warnings are normal. Get your EGR or ERG valve cleaned or replaced and then sell it for the new Fiesta!

Responses to this review

UPDATE: Car spent all day in at dealership last friday. No faults found as engine management light doesn’t come on when it cuts out. Peugeot have recommended checking and possibly replacing the fuse box? Can anyone shed any light on this? This is last chance for Peugeot as it’s costing me driving lessons on a regular basis. Considering Fiesta or DS3. Watch this space !! - Steve Thomas from Monmouthshire

Thanks Steve, I’ve just read your review on your 207. I’m having exactly the same problem with mine, been in the garage and because it hasn’t done it while they’ve had it there’s nothing they can do. Im also an ADI - have a test today and another tomorrow so it’s just a case of keeping fingers crossed that it will be OK. I’m in the middle of talks with Peugeot to get a part ex, but it certainly will not be another Peugeot. I’ve had that many problems with this car it will be good ridance!! Thanks for your review! - Sinead Reale-Smith from England

Don’t bother with the Fiesta if you want good fuel economy, you get about 25% less than brochure. By the way it’s the same engine if you go for the diesel option. Currently fighting ford ref the fuel economy, will post more later. - Nick Smith from Staffordshire

Yep, I had the anti pollution message - now finally resolved. As the vehicle is under warranty the dealer followed the fault codes from the engine and Peugeot. They seem to follow a flow-chart so rather than go to an obvious fix. So over several trips to the dealer I’ve had: High Presure Pump replaced, Fuel filter, Fuse Box in engine bay. This contains the faulty BSI unit. Now fine - Nigel Rowe from Yorkshire

Update ! Eventual cure was to replace fuse box and contents off, relays, ECU and wiring loom! Fiesta is great. - Steve Thomas from Monmouthshire

Submitted: 2010-05-12 | ID: 44782

LD (Disgruntled), Derbyshire

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

If I could give this car zero stars I would!! It drinks petrol, worse fuel consumption that my previous car and that was a Rover automatic (I never thought Rovers could be beaten for poor performance and build, how wrong I was). Just hit 22K miles and the clutch has gone! Peugeot UK deny a fault and accused me of bad driving and causing the ’wear and tear’ as they phrase it. Bring on the lawyers Peugeot Uk I’m not backing down!!

Responses to this review

My 57 reg has recently had the clutch go, however, my garage can’t re-start the car. They have had the car a month and have no idea how to mend it. Ideas please? Also too I agree a clutch go in such a short time. Seems to be a design fault - Margaret Pernavas from Derbyshire

We to have got a PeUgeot 207 Diesel 57 plate and our clutch has gone at 23,000 miles. Same as you, Bristol Street Motors in Chesterfield in a round about way said it was "wear and tear" and that we hadn’t looked after the car. We have contacted Peugeot themselves, this has been going on now for more than 3 weeks, they keep saying "it’s under under investigation". We have had to pay out just under £500 for a new clutch which and we are hoping to get reimbursed for some of the money soon. This must be a fault on this particular model. Another problem we have had is the drivers side door - the hinge went after 6 months, after we had bought it. Luckily this was under warranty, not that it’s worth the paper it’s printed on!!!!!! On the whole the car is a very reliable car, brilliant on fuel, quite easy to do your own service once you have done the first one, don’t go paying dealership prices!! It is nippy, comfortable and quite jazzy inside. It’s just the after care from Peugeot that lets the whole thing down - Laura Nicholson from Derbyshire

This all makes for very interesting reading. I have a 207 GTI on a 57 plate, 25000 on the clock. I absolutely loved it from the start, it’s a gorgeous looking car and drives like a dream, but now the clutch has also gone on mine. I’ve got a mate who’s a mechanic sorting it and apparentely it’s a complete pig of a job. Interestingly he’s also doing another one at the moment on a 207 HDI with exactly the same problem. He phoned Peugeot and they said I was looking at at least £700 - £800 for them to sort it. What I’m getting at is that if this has happened to so many of us, surely it is a manufacturer’s fault and Peugeot should be footing the bill? Or is there fat chance of that happening?! I would be interested to hear from anyone who’s contacted Peugeot about this problem. - from Warwickshire

Had been delighted with my 207 1.6HDi110 sport for about 1 year then earlier this week the clutch started to make a noise and I got it towed to dealer. Car just over two years old 25K on clock and cluch release bearing gone. Wear and tear my a**e. Can the bearing wear out when the actual cluch is OK or have I got this wrong! Peugeot don’t want to know. The warrent would not cover clutch or gearbox wear and tear under any circumstances! Surely this is a fault or this makes the car not fit for purpose. They did say it could be my driving! My 4th diesel Peugeot - all went to more than 100K with no clutch problems. I’m very very disappointed with Peugeot. I’m going to fight Peugeot all the way on this! If anyone else want to tag along the company would be nice - Linda Petrie from Aberdeenshire

Interesting... my clutch has just gone on my 2007 207 - at 25k miles. Very annoying! Until now it’s been fine. I think I’ll contact Peugeot too - from Hertfordshire

Mmmmm seems like all these clutch failiures are from lady drivers! - Very interesting ;) -me you from England

Submitted: 2010-04-25 | ID: 44788

Brewis Dreadon, New Zealand

Peugeot 207 1.6 Sport Petrol 2008

4 star review

I bought this car new in 2008 and have travelled 19000 km. It goes well, very smooth and have had no problems but would be great with a 6speed auto instead of 4spd. Finish excellent.

Responses to this review

Hi. I have now had this Peugeot 207 Sport 1.6 5 years. And have travelled 55,000 kilometres. So far I have only replaced front brake pads, rear shock absorbers and a rear brake light bulb. It is a very nice car to drive and one of the best I have owned - Brewis Dreadon from New Zealand

Submitted: 2010-04-12 | ID: 44762

Alexandra, England

Peugeot 207 2009

5 star review

I have had a 207 for almost a year now and have had not a single problem with it. It’s very reliable and drives beautifully. Would highly recommend a 207 to anyone. Having had past problems with other cars before I feel that the 207 is a beautiful car that won’t let you down.

Responses to this review

Just wait until you get to two years! - from Bedfordshire

Submitted: 2010-03-24 | ID: 44757

Kimberley Game, Hertfordshire

Peugeot 207 2009

1 star review

I bought the 207 VERVE 1.4 5 door in September 2009. So far the vehicle has required a new suspension mount structure, bluetooth box and heating compartment fitted to it. I have been to my local dealer where I bought the car from in total 8 times!!!! The vehicle was then given back to me, only the next day the engine cut out with NO WARNING whilst slowing down to a roundabout. This has happened 4 times in total now, but the dealership are claiming they cannot find the fault and I am going through legal proceedings to get my money back. I feel completely let down and unsupported as a customer who has paid so much money to have a brand new reliable vehicle. Can anyone tell me if they have had any similar faults with their 207 Verve. Many thanks Kim<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Nope! I love my 207 VERVE! Fantastic little car, never had any problems with it. I’ve had it from July 2009 and it is great - Julie Mc Guigan from Northern Ireland

My 2007 registered 207 Urban has cut out at junctions since the day I bought it. Was scared to take it back to Peugeot as it was a replacement for a 206 (brand new ) which also cut out. I contacted previous owner who had not experienced problems and thought it was my driving style. To be fair I often " cruise" into junctions with clutch depressed fully. I thought it possible that I was depressing accelerator whilst clutch down and this might have caused cut out. Over last few days Engine Management System faulty error message has arisen with loss of power. Am still in warranty but getting worried about my purchase too - from Lanarkshire

Submitted: 2010-03-20 | ID: 44759

Paul Broome, Lancashire

Peugeot 207 2door 2006

2 star review

Bought this pile of junk new, numerous faults eventually cured by a dealer who couldn’t really care less. Comfortable but deadly slow and sluggish, just too heavy for a 1.4 engine. Steering was rubbish very hard to keep in a straight line. The dealer said no fault found. Eventually traded it in after 18 months for a Kia Rio, which is a much better car, at least it hasn’t broken down or had anything drop off.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-02-06 | ID: 44756

Kevin, County Londonderry

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi GT 110 FAP 2006

4 star review

Personally, I would recommend the 207 to anybody. Yes the Hondas and Toyotas are probably far more reliable but they are also as dreary and as boring as hell to look at, drive and sit in. My 207 will be 4 years old this July and I have had next to no problems, Yes there are little niggles that would drive you mad like the glove box is microscopic and sat nav systme remembers routes from months ago. Also the drop link arms have been replaced a few times due to the 8 ramps upto my housing estate. But this isnt enough to stop me thinking about buying the lastest model. Lastly the engine is as sweet as a nut even though i have covered over 120,000 Miles and all I have had to do is service it at its correct intervals and that’s it, perfect.

Submitted: 2010-01-16 | ID: 44814

Peter Moore, Essex

Peugeot 207 207CC 2007

1 star review

Car bought in 2007 and has done 16000 miles. Two weeks ago the anti pollution light came on, engine very rough and stalling . Garage said ok to drive(!). Not driven ’til booked into garage. Top half of engine stripped down, fault not found, complete engine strip down revealed loose pistons!!! Peugeot technical dept have agreed to a new engine, now waiting for confirmation from Peugeot head office. So if your anti-pollution light comes on beware!! Anyone else had this problem?

Responses to this review

I think I may have a similar problem. My antipollution light came on. Engine also lost power, was unable to overtake and slowed regularly all way home. The garage cleared the car computer and told me it was OK to drive and no faults were found. I got car delivered back and drove less than a mile before car cut out and stopped dead in traffic whilst driving along. It is in the garage now and I have been told the car computer is dead?? I was asked to pay for part but reminded garage that car less than 3 years old. I am now waiting. The car has been serviced as instructed and is very good. This is all very sudden and am concerned I may have the same problem - Marianne North from England

Oh dear, that light came on my (08 model) this morning, - but not loss of power or anything so far...- Jane from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2010-01-13 | ID: 44815

Margaret Nimmo, Ayrshire

Peugeot 207 GT 2008

5 star review

In the last 14 years I have bought 5 small Peugeots and they just get better and better!! My last one was a 206 XSi which I though would be hard to beat but my 207 GT has just pipped it. I love all this extra technology that even more expensive cars don’t have. Apart from servicing and tyres, non of my Peugeot babies have been in the garage for any faults. I do an average 25K miles per annum so it’s not because I don’t drive them, nor do I believe I’m just lucky. I’ll keep buying mini Peugeots until I get a bad one. Can’t recommend them enough!!

Submitted: 2010-01-12 | ID: 44821

Ahmed El-Ashmawy, Caithness

Peugeot 207 2008

4 star review

I have no worries with my car except lately the temperature gauge is always down apart from when I am standing in a signal or driving slowly before it indicates always near the 90C temp. Another issue, lately the indicator of depollution system failure and the engine indicator light up. If I stop the car for 10 minutes and restart the engine it disappears, is it a problem??

Responses to this review

My mum has a HDi Sport 90 207 and the light came on, it also disappeared by itself? We phoned our local Peugeot dealership, booked an appointment and it was sorted - from County Armagh

Hi, re my 207 1-6d, I have a warning and a bleep. Stop engine too hot, comes on after about 25min of driving, temp gauge reads about 90, normal, I replaced a sensor still no change. Will I damage the engine if i keep driving it? Seems to me that most french cars have a lot of electrical problems, warning lights etc. Advice Help - Nicholas Pauli from Kent

Submitted: 2010-01-08 | ID: 44818

Dominic Cooke, Berkshire

Peugeot 207 2008

1 star review

I have owned this car for 1 year with no problems ’til now. It has been in my local garage three times for wheel bearing noise, twice for steering problems and twice for pulling away problems. I have been told thay sorted it, b****ocks did they. They have no respect and they are full of s**t . I will now be seeking legal advice, see how they like it . DONT BUY A PEUGEOT IN READING! I WONT BE AGAIN THEY SUCK!

Submitted: 2009-12-07 | ID: 44813

Steve Garratt, Sussex

Peugeot 207 2009

1 star review

No, I have NOT bought a 207 and after reading all of the DREADFUL reviews I am SO glad that I have hung on to my nice simple, but reliable, purchased new, 1988 Peugeot 205 GRD Diesel! If and when I do move on to something new, it will NOT be a Peugeot 207.

Submitted: 2009-11-14 | ID: 44803

Glenn Widdowson, Scotland

Peugeot 207 1.4 HDi S 2007

1 star review

Very disappointed with poor reliability of this car. I have had two previous Peugeot’s with absolutely no problems. Not this one sadly, problems aggravated by unacceptably poor service from dealership. Four separate visits to cure rainwater leak to front driver side footwell. Then three further visits to mend oil leak. During the most recent visit they managed to damage the airfilter housing, causing it to be seated incorrectly- the resulting vibrations caused the electrical loom to break, which resulted in the car breaking down whilst on holiday in France!!!! Towed to Peugeot dealership in Brighton who wouldn’t honour the warranty - they didn’t believe me when I told them a Peugeot dealer had done the last repair, such was the poor standard of workmanship! I’ll be getting rid of this car before the warranty expires, never to touch a Peugeot again!

Responses to this review

Hi, can you tell me how the problem with the rain water in the drivers footwell was resolved? I have the same issue and every time I take the car into the Peugeot garage they tell me there is no fault - from Cardiff

Hi Glen, been having same issues with with a dealership and was wondering which dealership you were having these problems with??? Thanks in advance. My e-mail is - Phil Grist from Clackmannanshire

Hi, I do not understand why everyone complains about Peugeot dealerships. I have bought several Peugeot of both of my local Peugeot dealers in Armagh and Portadown and I cannot fault them at all. They are exceptionally helpful and would go 2 any length 2 make sure the customer gets what they deserve. Also they have clean modern up to date showrooms (here in Northern Ireland anyway) and are not in your face looking a sale. I cannot complain about them and they are quite cheap to get a service done and you always get a courtesy car, Also they always washed and valeted my cars when they were in for a service. 5 Stars. My dealerships are Howard Abraham Peugeot, Portadown and Roadside Motors Peugeot, Armagh - from County Armagh

Hi Glen, could you please tell me how the water in the drivers footwell problem was solved, as i have the same problem. Please email if you or anyone can help, thanks - Derek Lyall from Mid-Lothian (Edinburghshire)

Found the answer to the driver’s footwell carpet being soaking wet: Lift the bonnet up, on the far left and right hand side there are drain holes, you can see the one on the right easily, however the one on the left is hidden. Water comes down the windscreen and drains in to the plastic mesh and then out the drain holes. It’s the one on the left which is the problem, if it’s blocked then water builds up and eventually over flows into the filter compartment, down your steering wheel column and on to your drivers carpet,if you do nothing it eventually spreads to the passenger seat behind the driver. Ok what to do? Get into the left side, lift the mesh, remove the access panel to the filters if you have them (1.6hdi) get your hand in and try to find the drain hole; it’s at an angle, same size as the right side, the smaller your hands are the better the chance. Once you find it, use something like a plumers flexable rod or maybe even a wire coat hanger to clear the blockage. If more help needed email me at - Derek Lyall from Lothians

Submitted: 2009-10-12 | ID: 44807

Luke Hodges, Nottinghamshire

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

I got my 207 in March 07. Since then I’ve had problems with an anti-pollution system fault; the front seats have worked loose; I’ve needed new pads and discs plus a new exhaust system and 2 alternators. The hazzard lights come when I go over a bump.

Submitted: 2009-10-09 | ID: 44806

Charles Coleman, Lincolnshire

Peugeot 207 1.6 diesel 2007

2 star review

I purchased a NEW pug 207 1.6 diesel. Having had, between myself and wife, some 13 NEW cars in the last 15 yrs, this is undoubtably the WORST car we have ever owned. In the 1st year (under warranty) it needed the abs sytem sorting at a cost of £1,000 and it’s now in the garage as the n/s driver folding mirror has packed up working, the car has done 11,000 miles in 2 years, and upon inspection, the front discs on both sides are very heavily grooved. The dealer states they are OK, I DON’T AGREE, in my opinion it needs new discs and pads. It’s difficult to get into reverse gear most times - dealer states the car has no syncro on reverse gear, and it’s a well known fault, the warning light keeps coming on warning of pollution/ something or other. STEER clear of this model. It will definitely be going before it’s warranty runs out. FRENCH C**P AT IT’S BEST.

Responses to this review

Just picked up a 3.5 year old 207 from the dealer. Driving home I got ABS failure. It’s going into to be sorted tomorrow! Having read this lot, I’m tempted to get a refund on the damn thing! - from Norfolk

Submitted: 2009-09-28 | ID: 44804

Ciaran Magennis, County Armagh

Peugeot 207 1.6 HDi 90 Sport 2008

5 star review

I have had my 207 HDi Sport 90 for a year and two months now and I have to say it has been a credit to me. I do a lot of motorway miles and have covered over 20000 trouble free miles!!! I can honestly recommend this car to anybody who’s thinking of buying one. I am even getting 65mpg from a 1.6 Diesel and the £35 per year tax is a big bonus!! Peugeot have made a true star, a huge 5/5 from me.

Submitted: 2009-09-23 | ID: 44801

Donna, Peebles-shire

Peugeot 207 HDI S 2007

4 star review

I ’ve had my car for just over 4 wks, I have noticed that stereo switches from the cd to the radio as if I had selected it. Then today my son tried to open the passenger door and the handle came off in his hand!! My son is 8! I have contacted my dealer and booked it in to be looked at, but they are making noises, that it couldn’t possibly be a fault and that I will have to cover the cost. I find this terrible as the car is still under manufacter’s warranty and it’s clearly a fault. If anyone has any advice it would be most welcome.

Submitted: 2009-08-20 | ID: 44802

David Greenland, Essex

Peugeot 207 2007

5 star review

I have no problems with my 207 thp, a lovely car but what is the point of owing such a vehicle? As soon as anything goes wrong you are told you have to wait 28 days for delivery - If you can’t buy off the shelf. And this is from Peugeot, France. I think its a disgrace; so it might have to be a Focus ST.

Submitted: 2009-08-17 | ID: 44797

Coleen MacKenzie, Moray (Elgin) and Nairn Shire

Peugeot 207 2009

3 star review

I bought my new car in March this year and all was well to start off. I noticed that the car is sluggish when pulling out from junctions, trying to overtake and climbing any slight incline. I have had the air conditioning sorted as I was advised that was causing the problem. What a joke that was. Even I know that had nothing to do with it!!! The car has been in garage twice for a Diagnostics check and they have found nothing. Has anyone had the same problem ?

Responses to this review

Same problems - car sluggish in 1st and 2nd gear. The gear changes are rough and the car can only achieve 85 mph; bluetooth does not work. I am not happy am taking it back to be looked at - will keep you posted - Ian Rougvie from Northamptonshire

I have exactly the same problem. On top end the car is brill, 100mph plus, no problem but if you have to slow down on a duel carriage way to overtake etc and you drop you speed down, then you put your foot down again to overtake, there is no return at all, it takes ages for the car to resume the speed it was doing. We have had it back once, and they said it was a fault with the onboard computer, they had it for a few hours and then I got it back. At first I thought it was cured and now the problem is still there, it’s going back again. I will let you know what happens - Jenny Ward from Durham

Submitted: 2009-08-11 | ID: 44798

Roger Adam, Aberdeenshire

Peugeot 207 2006

1 star review

Absolute SH1tE !! 13 warranty returns, depollution fault! 1 full day to rewind brake calliper! 3 years old!!! Off the road over 8 months! STEER WELL CLEAR!!! Tyre sensors fail after 5 mins etc etc...

Submitted: 2009-07-14 | ID: 44955

George, Northumberland

Peugeot 207 2009

5 star review

Just purchased a new 207. I am very pleased with the car so far except that occasionally the water temperature gauge dose not move at all until I have travelled at least 5 or 6 miles. Another time it will move to normal straight away even though the outside temperature is the same. Is there anyone out there who has noticed the same thing? It would be nice to hear from you.

Responses to this review

Yes, the same thing happens to my 207, sometimes the temp gauge will work OK, the next time I drive it it will stay on the bottom and not move at all - Simon Butterfield from Durham

I have just bought a 207 1.6hdi brand new in December 2009. I noticed the same problem with the temperature guage. I was told by the dealer that this was because it was below freezing. The gauge would stay very low on short trips but on runs would read normal.This I found was correct but I’m not happy with the situation. Did you get any further? - Tony King from Cheshire

I have just purchased a 207 1.6 hdi se premium and love this little car. I traded in a Mazda 3 2.0 sport which could not even achieve 20 mpg and cost £215 a year road tax, now I am getting approx 58 mpg and only paying £30 annual road tax. The little pug has no problems so far except for the water temp gauge, which sometimes will not move even after driving 5 or 6 miles and the heater is belting out hot air. I can only assume the temp sensors are not suitable for this engine. Told the dealer and the stupid response was diesels take a long time to warm up. Remember these cars now have aluminium engine blocks, not cast iron - Andy Robertson from Lanarkshire

Yeah, same situation with my Peugeot 207 1.4. Check that the rad hoses top and bottom, check if they are both warm, if so, there is nothing wrong. It is not a bad car on the whole, I think the main dealers don’t help when things go wrong. Find a nice local helpful dealer, I did, much cheaper. Warning lights do come on sometimes, I had the seat belt warning light, also the steering warning light, also the air-bag warning light. I think these Peugeot’s have electrical issues, I have done 33,000 miles with this car and I am 50/50 about buying another as there are a lot of better cars around for the same money. It’s sad to see all these people with issues - Paul Lister from Hertfordshire

This has happened to me as well. The car just doesn’t seem to register a temperature. When it finally does the needle can swing up and down throughout the journey. Took it back to the dealer who said nothing was wrong after having it for nearly a week but changed the temperature gauge anyway. Now it has started happening again. Can’t wait for the excuses the dealership is going to come up with this time - from Essex

I’m having the very same fault you describe. It started last winter. I was driving along for about 6 miles and noticed that the water gauge had not moved. I also dipped the clutch to see if the car was revving slightly high as if it was in cold start mode. It was so the Ecu was getting wrong info and still putting the car in cold start mode. The next funny thing was that if I went completely round a round about the water gauge would start to rise to 90 but as I went down a straight bit of road it would fall back down to zero. Therefore I’m thinking water lock. Another strange thing is that the hoses to the rad are warm not hot. Internal matrix seemed to be blowing full heat. My plan is to bleed the cooling system the correct way by forcing water in to the system with the bleeds open. Can’t do it today as its snowing but will keep informed of progress - Reece Wolsey from England

Follow up to this fault: I have found that an air lock was in the system. As the Temp sender is the highest point of the engine I jacked the nearside of the car up removed the temp sender and and bled the system of air. Before doing it this way when the car was on the level I had removed the temp sender and noticed that there was considerable amounts of air presant in the thermostat housing. What threw me out on this fault was that the Temp gauge was not working and that the engine was still reving at 1200 rpm. The heater matrix was working inside and the rad stat would open eventually. I electrically checked the temp sender device by heating it up and cooling it down and that was working ok. Just as a note to check the temp sender device it reads 20k ohm when cold and 5k ohm when hot or lower. Looking into the temp sender mount I could see no water so I realeased the filler bottle cap to allow water to fill this void..Hope this helps. Looking at the water realated faults on these sites and the common fault of head gaskets I’m not supprised with an Inherant air lock possibility like this - Reece Wolsey from England

Submitted: 2009-06-08 | ID: 44947

David Walker, Cheshire

Peugeot 207 SE Premium 90 2007

4 star review

Had the car now for 18 months and very pleased with it. No faults to date other than a slightly juddering clutch when in 1st and the car is not warmed up. I suspect a minor fluid leak onto the clutch plate but have yet to present the fault to the dealer as it doesn’t affect the car much. Interior is well designed and very well put together although it does need some reading lights in the back. The glass roof is superb and really makes the car feel spacious and light. I’ve got the 1.4 90BHP engine which I find is strangely well suited to motorway use but really struggles to move the car around town (and sounds like its in real pain over 4,000 rpm!). Oh, and the glove box is useless! Trouble with the 207 is its not really a Peugeot; it’s too well built (!) and the ride/handling are far too ordinary. However, I would certainly consider another as long as it had a bigger engine.

Submitted: 2009-04-24 | ID: 44958

Liz Myhill, Buckinghamshire

Peugeot 207 1.4 207s. 2006

5 star review

I love my car... We bought it brand new a few weeks after the launch and I’ve never looked back. Yes, we have had a few minor problems with it (such as the anti-pollution fault, which was sorted out by Platts in High Wycome, by replacing the sensor), but all in all, its a great car. Someone else said it is sluggish, which is true, but if you have only bought a 1.4 what did you expect?!?!? It has a smooth drive, and I always feel very safe while I am driving. There is plenty of space (I have a 1 year old son, so I have plenty to haul around) and enough room in the back for 2 adults. I’m already looking forward to getting my new 207 in Septemeber... Variant: Year Of Make:

Responses to this review

My 207’s depolution filter faulty alarm is on all the time and engine is stuttery for the first few minutes in cold weather, could you tell me what sensor was replaced? Cheers - Duncan Kennedy from Inverness-shire

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 44956

Joanne, Nottinghamshire

Peugeot 207 GT 2006

1 star review

I have owned my 207 GT for 8 months now and it has been in the garage every single month in the last 8 months. Currently in the garage now for 2 weeks with the same re-occurring fault. Just seeking legal advice to get the car replaced!!!!!

Submitted: 2009-02-13 | ID: 44960

Jas Kaur, Kent

Peugeot 207 2007

1 star review

I have had a problem with the car door opening too wide unless you hold the door as you get out it swings wide open an has got damaged at the hinge. I would not recommend the 1.4 as it is very sluggish to drive doesn’t pick speed up moving off unless the gas pedal is down to the floor in which case you will only be doing about 18 miles to the gallon.

Submitted: 2009-02-12 | ID: 44959

Robert Fletcher, Essex

Peugeot 207 gt 2006

1 star review

My car hasn’t worked for 8 months now - been in Toomeys Southend - constant antipollution faults with many other issues. The bus is faster and more exciting! Never buy a Peugeot!

Submitted: 2009-02-10 | ID: 44961

Fayah, Northern Ireland

Peugeot 207 2007

4 star review

Does your 207 have any roll back problems? My car rolls back when it is stationary. Is this common?

Responses to this review

Not wishing to be sarky but are you using the handbrake? If so may need adjusting - Nigel Rowe from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2009-01-21 | ID: 44962

John Owen, Cheshire

Peugeot 207 1.4s 2006

2 star review

Owned this car for 18mths now - quite pleased with the equipment level and the interior space - not so with the bordering on dangerous gutless engine. Up-hills and pulling out at junctions are not to be taken with a pinch of salt. Just had the 20k service done at the main dealer which was cheaper than taking it to a normal garage’ then came the new brake pads £115, and the cv boot at £200 which I thought would be covered under the warranty but no, as 20000 miles seems a bit low for it to need replacing so got in touch with customer services who aren’t interested putting it down to ’wear and tear’, anybody else had the cv boot problem?

Submitted: 2008-11-05 | ID: 44946

Andrew Allison, Dumbartonshire

Peugeot 207 2007

4 star review

I bought a 1.4 207 sport almost 3 month ago it is my first car and is a great drive and also good on fuel. The stereo is great and the car looks great too. Recently, when I was out driving, a warning light came on saying de-pollution failure; the car has now become more sluggish and when I first start the engine it is bumpy until the engine heats up, could anybody tell me what is the cause of this and roughly how much it is to repair?

Responses to this review

I have had a 207 1.6 HDI, 90 bhp sport for about 18months. I was reading the manual because just had a service and had to have new brakes pads and discs on a 36k service! Not something I would have expected although I see it has happened to others. I noticed the comment about the pollen filter causing lumpy engine and have just seen reference to this in the manual. I also find the car door opens very wide, having said this it has excellent road holding, slides round corners, it’s solid and the doors feel solid. The excelleration is brilliant and it can hold its own against mini coopers, all this for an average 53 mpg in winter and 63 mpg in summer. I’ve had to drive a brand new Corsa the last couple of days, yuk, tinny, expensive to run and uncomfortable with no excelleration and sounds like a tank, i’ll take my 207 any day - Allen Griffiths from Kent

Submitted: 2008-10-17 | ID: 44940

Vickie, Cardiff

Peugeot 207 1.6 Sport 2006

3 star review

My car’s rev start shooting up and the car slows down if I try and go up hills. The dealer want to take out the gear box and examine the clutch. They say I will be liable and not the warranty if it turn out to be wear and and tear. However I have only driven 12,000 and never had any clutch problems with previous cars.

Responses to this review

Clutches come with a 20k / 3 year warranty, I believe - from England

Submitted: 2008-09-03 | ID: 44944

John Firth, Powys

Peugeot 207 1.4 S 90HP 2006

3 star review

Performance-wise up to the standard of my previous 206s if not slightly better but generally a poorly designed car from a visibility point of view. The front roof pillars can hide a car especially when you are waiting to turn right etc. The dashboard trim is an aluminium frame which reflects badly on the windscreen when driving into the sun as does anything else on the dashboard. The windscreen is too raked, this is what is the cause of the problem, similarly the demisters don’t clear the screen because of this. Below the bumper is a plastic trim which hangs too low, and comes adrift every time I try to drive up a reasonable inclined slope, particularly at the Peugeot dealer I have it serviced at!

Responses to this review

I must agree with John, my 207 is 3 years old have had the front breaks changed in Jan. Then the front abs sensor was faulty this was replaced but the problem was not solved.The car has been back to have have the new sensor replaced again which they think is faulty. This does not give you much faith in the make or parts. I also did not like the reflection from the dash board, and the plastic guard under the front bumper hits going up slopes in car parks.Now more warning lights have come up depolution ABS breaking failure and power steering, and engine diagnoistic. I also agree that it is sluggish like most other reports. I think i’ll trade it in as soon as possible! - Charlie Schwab from Cornwall

Submitted: 2008-08-26 | ID: 44942

Tassos Greece, County Down

Peugeot 207 1.4 Petrol 2006

4 star review

During hot days when ambient temperature exceeds approx. 23 C and car is parked outdoor in a way that sun heats passenger cabin the following happens: When the driver starts the engine a message pops up on the display : "Airbags(s) or pretensioner seat belt(s) faulty", at the same time the airbag symbol comes on. The indications above remain on until the cabin temperature falls so the next time the engine is started (and cabin temperature is low) no fault occurs. This fault is independent of the state of passenger airbag (on/off) by the key switch. They changed the multi-message LCD head up display but no luck, the problem persists when hot.

Submitted: 2008-07-21 | ID: 44934

Adrian Coleson, Derbyshire

Peugeot 207 207S 1.4 2008

1 star review

The car is great except for the performance. The car will not go up hills very well. If you are pulling off up even the slightest gradient, it goes fine in first gear but then slows down completely in second. It is very dangerous!! as I have already discovered. We may have to get rid of the car which is only 2 months old, what a waste of money. The performance is comparable to a old 1.1 Fiesta.

Submitted: 2008-07-08 | ID: 44935

Ben, England

Peugeot 207 GT 150 2008

5 star review

Car is great this is my second GT, I got the 1st GT on the road in the UK, glad to say was a mint ride, hence my second purchase a year later for the same thing *****

Submitted: 2008-05-20 | ID: 44936

Josie Vevers, Cumberland

Peugeot 207 2007

3 star review

I am inquiring if anyone has had problems with the driver’s door opening too far and that has damaged part of the car? (3 door)

Submitted: 2008-05-14 | ID: 44939

Steve Bradbury, Scotland

Peugeot 207 1.6 VTi 120 Sport 2007

1 star review

I purchased my new 207 in October with an additional body kit which I had seen in the showroom. I had no problems until 4 weeks ago when the car broke down on the motorway with an indication of low oil pressure. The oil was fine and I was towed to the dealers that I had purchased it from. One month later I still don’t have the car and they are replacing the engine after many promises to have it fixed earlier. The excuses have been varied. I am disappointed with the service given and yet to have my car back.

Responses to this review

I have been having the same problem with the warning coming on regularly to check engine oil although when checked manually it seems fine, but if I leave it without adding oil it says that the engine oil pressure is too low. A local garage seems to think the engine will need stripping to try and locate the fault. Did they ever find out why this message was appearing? - from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 2008-05-06 | ID: 44937

A Barrable, Kent

Peugeot 207 Sport 2007

2 star review

The turbo whistles like a police car when cold, normal I am told, and the boot lid has to be primed to open and close properly, normal I am told but the cuts and bruises on my head dont think so. Dealer is useless no enthusiasm, unless I pay!! Wanted a Clio but they stopped doing the colour I wanted, should have chosen another a colour. Had Clio for 4 years no problems whatsoever.

Submitted: 2008-03-17 | ID: 44928

C. Jackson, Suffolk

Peugeot 207 Sport 2007

1 star review

After purchasing a fine looking Peugeot 207 Sport from our local Peugeot dealer just a few weeks ago, I’m sad to say that with only 200 miles and 2 weeks motoring the car is back with the dealer & off the road. The fault appears as a pollution system error showing up via the cars management system which took the dealer 5 working days to admit they didn’t know what was going on & ended up down loading the data to Peugeot direct for their review- why not that do on the 1st day I wonder. The manufacturer’s response and the dealer’s constant excuses why the fault cannot be sorted are very unimpressive- so far. May be we should have stuck with a Clio!

Submitted: 2008-01-25 | ID: 44929

K P, Torfaen

Peugeot 207 1.4 Sport 2007

3 star review

I have had this car for 1 year now. The first fault that occurred was that the speedometer just stopped working and dropped to 0 as did the rev counter when I was doing around 70mph on a duel carriageway. This was down to the EMU which needed to be replaced. After much quarrelling with the dealership I had bought the car from just 3 weeks previously I manage to get a courtesy car for free rather than paying around £11 a day for it. This was a good thing because it took 5 weeks to fix it rather than the estimated 5 days. Then the seatbelt warning light would come on intermittently with a warning saying that there was an airbag/seat belt pretension system failure. 3 trips back to the dealership and (fingers crossed) the problem seems to be solved. Finding fuel economy quite poor although that could be due to my driving! Having said all that, I still love the car and am planning to get the 1.6HDi within the next 6 months.

Submitted: 2008-01-14 | ID: 44930

Lesley Roberts, Northamptonshire

Peugeot 207 2006

1 star review

The car is lovely and picks up speed well however there seems to be a fault with the lights - its far to easy to turn them off by accident when switching between dipped headlights and full beam, I found myself going 50mph on a dark country road at night with no lights on and so having to do an emergency stop, it has happened to me twice in 2 weeks and also twice to my husband, its very dangerous, I don�t recommend it to anyone.

Responses to this review

What on earth were you doing travelling at 50mph without the lights one and having to emergency stop? Why did you not notice that the lights were off in the first place. You said dark country road at 50mph with lights off... and you didn’t realise... I work for Peugeot and I will make a note though - Lisa Marsten from England

Submitted: 2008-01-02 | ID: 44926

Andrew Elliott, Hertfordshire

Peugeot 207 1.4 M Play 2007

5 star review

Picked up the car 2 weeks ago, and for the price it is a bargain. 1.4 engine pickes up well, great on fuel and also looks the part. Stereo system is great also and more importantly, feels safe to drive and easily fits 3 kids in the back.

Responses to this review

Hi. I am thinking of buying one of these, can you tell me if you have had any faults with yours? Thanks - Sarah Hopkins from England

Submitted: 2007-10-01 | ID: 44932

Marcus Reid, Shropshire

Peugeot 207 1.6T 150 GT 3 dr 2007

5 star review

I’ve only had my 207 for 2 months but I am more than happy with it’s performance. It’s a really smooth drive and very responsive. Looks really good too. Really pleased.

Submitted: 2007-09-05 | ID: 44931

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