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Nissan Pathfinder consumer car reviews and road tests

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Nissan Pathfinder consumer car reviews

Steve Penfold, Cornwall

Nissan Pathfinder Tekna 2011

5 star review

We bought this car as a 6 month old demo, I have to say overall we love car car and have had great service from the dealer; the car was recalled to have the rear diff replaced. My only niggles are the tyres as they make a horrible droning noise at speed (I will not be getting Continentals again) and today, whilst getting kids in the car, the rear door handle broke off. I have spoken to the dealer and it going to be sorted under warranty. I’m very pleased with the car and the service.

Submitted: 2012-12-02 | ID: 44073

Eddie Reed, Lothians

Nissan Pathfinder aventura auto 2011

5 star review

This is my second Pathfinder, my first was the sport, the problem was the pdf filter light on dashboard. This Ventura model is the best so far and the pdf filter is now explained when it comes on while driving in town, give the vehicle a blast on motorway of speeds over 50mph until you drive the light off and this clears the clogged filter and that is that. If you take it to a garage they charge you £150 to £200 pounds; they put spt or redex petrol cleaner in the tank and take it on a run as I have said above. If you just take it a run when light comes on then you don’t need to spend the cash. Your choice. I hope this info is helpful as this is the only problem have ever had.

Submitted: 2012-04-21 | ID: 44072

Pat Gammell, Cambridgeshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2010

5 star review

One of the best cars of Nissan.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-10-26 | ID: 44076

MC W, England

Nissan Pathfinder Tekna 2010

2 star review

Hi! I bought a new Tekna in June 2010 as I needed a reliable 4x4 with 7 seats. I absolutely loved the car, it’s so nice to drive, with excellent space for the family and enough room in the boot for a pushchair and shopping with 7 seats out. Then in May this year it made a clonking noise and stopped moving. The local dealer took it in and said there had been a major fault with the rear differential, which needed replacing which was done under the warranty. It had its annual service a month later where they told me they had found a severe leak (sorry can’t remember the details), so it went in and was fixed under the warranty again. Since the rear differential was ’fixed’ I had noticed that when setting off from standstill and going up hills the car would shudder a little until it moved into a different gear. When one of the rear door handle hinges broke last week I rang up the dealership and explained to them about the door handle and the shuddering. The car went in today and I was told that the front differential has now gone and that the engineer had reported it looked like ’driver abuse’ !!! The service rep first asked me if I was the only driver of the car, which I am apart from occasionally when my husband drives it, but he only ever really drives it when the whole family are in it. I asked the service rep what would constitute driver abuse, he replied driving really fast, wheel spinning and driving it like a rally car. I am a housewife who does the school run, pops to the shops etc. I am no rally driver! The service rep knows me from my very many dealings with him in the past and he said that he had told the engineer that I wasn’t ’the type’! He also asked if I always used it in 4x4. I leave it in Auto, which the salesman told me to do as the car should change automatically from 2-4wd depending on the terrain etc. - Is that right? So they have sent the details to Nissan to approve the warranty. What concerns me is if the engineer has written - looks like driver abuse, then they may try to get out of covering it. I’ve searched the internet for similar experiences of the 2010 model, but haven’t found anything yet. And even if they do fix it for free how many more problems will I face? Why have I had so many problems? I know that you get ’niggles’ with new cars - fair enough, but these are major faults and I really don’t want to be acussed of wrecking what should be a pretty robust car. The trouble is that I researched buying this car so thoroughly, it was the best car for us and I would be reluctant to buy a different make, but I’m thinking that maybe the best option in the near future. I’m Gutted!

Responses to this review

Hi, I have recently bough a 2006 R51 pathfinder and noticed that when 'auto' is selected, there is a judder when setting off in first gear. It goes once moving. I reported this to the dealer and they said that this was normal as the car was working out where the best grip was. This is whilst driving on dry tarmac roads. They told me that I need to be driving the car in 2wd when on the roads (contary to the drivers manual which say keeping it in auto). I have now noticed the same thing happening in 2wd so might have a problem here aswell. Will keep you posted..Does anyone else have the same problem and am I getting told the right info? - Richard Birdsall from Cumbria

Submitted: 2011-10-19 | ID: 44075

Jonathan Collis, England

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 DCI 2007

5 star review

I have a 2007 Nissan pathfinder 2.5 DCI. It’s fantastic. There is nothing I can’t throw at this car that it can’t handle. It’s so practical. Ok so it drives like an old school 4x4 but it’s so simple and reliable. I bought it second hand over two years ago and I have not had any problems with it. I don’t use Nissan for service, I use an independent 4x4 specialist. I’m not keen on the £460 road tax and the fuel consumption is a bit poor, around 26 mpg on short journeys and 28.5 on a run. I would like to see 30 mpg but hey, it’s a big old truck. My mate’s Disco 4 only gets 25 mpg at best so I don’t feel too hard done by. At least my Pathy does not spend half it’s life at the dealer like my mate’s Disco does. His Discovery might be a nicer drive, but it’s not without it’s problems. In fact he told me the only way to own a Disco is to change it every three years and not let it go out of warranty or you’ll need to sell your house to keep it on the road! The Pathfinder is simple and reliable and massively practical, you’ll do well to find a better package for the money!

Submitted: 2011-10-17 | ID: 44074

C W, Uganda

Nissan Pathfinder Commercial 2011

5 star review

I had the manual and works very good!

Submitted: 2011-06-13 | ID: 44060

Robert Whelan, Australia

Nissan Pathfinder narvara d40 2007

4 star review

I have a 2007 D40 navara ute, at 50,000 km was told injectors need to be replaced and front brake rotors, cost to me $4,600. After two meetings at Nissan head office Australia, these repairs are being done by Nissan no cost to me. As for fuel use, 10 litres per 100km dry and 14 litres per 100km towing my caravan - weight is 1800 kg. I will not say a bad thing about the Nissan.

Submitted: 2011-06-01 | ID: 44059

Paul Goldring, Sussex

Nissan Pathfinder aventura 2007

4 star review

I bought my Nissan Pathfinder Aventura in 2007 from new. I have owned several 4 x 4s, from a Range Rover / Land Rover 90, Mitsubishi Shogun, and the Pathfinder has been very reliable, have had no problems with the vehicle, the downside is the fuel consumption, with the ever increasing price on diesel, I average around 26. I have found that the Nissan Dealers are only interested in a sale and the after care is poor, this was testament when we had a paint problem on the boot around the chrome fitting, which started to rust after just 1 year. Its been very good in the snow, had no problems with clutch and gear box and tows very well. I have had the car for 4 years and won’t be looking to change just yet.

Submitted: 2011-04-13 | ID: 44064

Alex Cochrane, Wales

Nissan Pathfinder Aventura 2007

2 star review

My first shock was when I checked the tax disc and found I had to pay £435 as the 05 model is only £270 a year. The alternator had to be replaced 3 months after I bought it. The next thing that went wrong was the engine management light kept coming on every time I pulled my caravan. The garage man said it’s the EGS unit which would cost £600 to replace. Now the cruise control is on the blink. This car is costing me a fortune to keep on the road. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to buy one of these.

Responses to this review

I agree, I have one at the minute, Pathfinders are by far the biggest heap of junk I have ever driven - Joe Doyle from Ireland

2007 model. 67K miles EGR failure, 670 euro plus labour for replacement. Flimsy rear door handles replaced twice. Driver’s door lock and handle failure. Power steering issues. Not to mention 1000 euro road tax and 11L/100km fuel habit. Not a great car. - Donal Hoban from Ireland

Submitted: 2011-03-13 | ID: 44061

David Smith, Lincolnshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2011

1 star review

I bought the car new in 2008, had it a month and realised I had made a huge mistake! The car has no refinement, very noisy, generally poor quality, horrendous fuel consumption and overall very poorly finished off for a car costing £31k! I fully agree with other comments about Crystal Nissan of Lincolnshire - a nightmare to deal with!

Submitted: 2011-03-07 | ID: 44057

Paul Cooke, England

Nissan Pathfinder SE 2004

5 star review

I’ve owned this car from new and never had a problem - Oops - a side lamp bulb failed last year. And that’s it. Most brilliant vehicle I’ve ever owned.

Submitted: 2011-03-05 | ID: 44058

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Peter Taylor, Stirlingshire

Nissan Pathfinder aventura 2008

2 star review

Had car since brand new, endless problems, noisy engine, masses of exhaust smoke, engine oil leak, air con leak, washer hose burst twice, broken rear heater switch, car has done 14,000 miles and requires another clutch (this will be clutch number three.)

Submitted: 2011-01-16 | ID: 44056

Kyle, England

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 Diesel Aventura 2007

1 star review

This car looked great, handled well and had some pretty good torque (when it was roadworthy), but was useless on fuel economy, returning at best 28 mpg on a long run and an average of 24mpg combined. I bought the vehicle directly from Nissan Aldershot when it was 1 year old with 9k on the clock. After just a couple of thousand miles I had to have a new dual mass flywheel and clutch fitted, pedal assembly and the interior 4x4 switch. After they did this and downloaded new software to the ecu the fuel economy went down to an average of 20 mpg! Nissan weren’t interested in this when I told them about it. Not only that, but the new clutch set up had an obvious fault (juddering in first and second gear) Again Nissan weren’t interested and tried to blame me on my driving style at first, but then after much persistence told me that it was a characteristic of the dual mass flywheel installation??!!!!! Why anyone would want to own or drive a car with a problem like this that Nissan say is normal is beyond me! West way Nissan were terrible, the after sales was a joke. I gave up counting the amount of times I had taken the car into them to sort this and all the other problems out that I had with this car which seemed like most of the time I owned it and when you are paying £400 a year in road tax you want to be driving it on the road and not having it sat in Nissan’s workshops while their so called master tech ponders over what to do with it!! Suffice to say I sold the pathfinder and although I accept that you can have problems even with a new car, its because of the poor customer service from West way Aldershot that I will never buy another Nissan again...

Submitted: 2010-12-29 | ID: 44065

Phil, England

Nissan Pathfinder T-Spec 2005

3 star review

I am a fan of this car, it does do an awful lot, however, I recently discovered another fault that they don’t tell you about. I took the car in to the dealer as it was not running correctly at either idle or in top gear. Turns out the head gasket had blown as there was only 1/3 the coolant there should have been (should have checked after a local non-Nissan service ...taking that on the chin, not my whinge) BUT the temperature gauge was still registering normal, i.e. enough coolant to keep the gauge normal but not enough to stop the head gasket blowing! That then cracked the head which added another £800 to a £2000 bill! Having to take it back in tomorrow as 4WD keeps malfunctioning - not good in 6 inches of snow. Love the car but not sure if would buy another one after this experience ...

Submitted: 2010-12-23 | ID: 44066

Paul Wood, Staffordshire

Nissan Pathfinder Aventura 2009

3 star review

I ran a Discovery 3 for three years before replacing it with a new Pathfinder 18 months ago and I have regretted it ever since. The Discovery gave me 3 years trouble free motoring and was replaced on cost grounds but the extra money spent would have been worth it. I consider my Pathfinder to have a dangerous fault which the dealers and Nissan refuse to acknowledge because the system has not "logged" it. And in a catch 22 situation if they have no record of a fault they will not investigate it, therefore new faults are not investigated as there is no previous record of them. The fault I have with my Pathfinder is that the auto box changes down into 3rd at specific speeds on declines, the most alarming example being at about 65mph when it suddenly downshifts to 3rd when you feather the throttle or just touch the brake to regulate the speed. The effect is a violently over revving engine and the only way to stop it is to accelerate and get the box to change up, great when you are going down a hill! It won’t do it at 60 or 70 or if the hill is to shallow or steep but basically it is dangerous especially on bends. Nissan will not investigate it. Nissan also say the car should return 23 - 38mpg, average 33 which is why I bought it. Mine does 21 but they say they don’t expect it to do anymore and it is within spec, they have no integrity or customer care and I am counting the days to dropping it. The Sat Nav is also rubbish.

Submitted: 2010-09-20 | ID: 44069

Martin Wade, Yorkshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2006

5 star review

Hi, just bought the Nissan Pathfinder 2006, pick up tomorrow evening. I have read the reviews and am a little optimistic. We took it for a test drive etc, and really do like the car, it’s in very good condition and we got 2 years warranty with it for peace of mind. I like the toys in it and obviously the DVD for the kids so all I can say is I will update, maybe in a few months time to let you know how its going, so fingers crossed!!! Obviously my rating doesn’t justify as yet.

Responses to this review

Hi there. I am going to lookat a PF tomorrow and was wondering what your first impressions are. Thanks in advance - from Blaenau Gwent

Submitted: 2010-09-01 | ID: 44070

Alastair, Kent

Nissan Pathfinder Sport 2009

4 star review

Had it about a year now, does everything I want and no problems yet. Only complaint is take a map with you as the Sat Nav does try to lead you astray sometimes! Took out the middle seat as I only needed 6, and this allows kids with longer legs to sit comfortably in the back and get in and out without having to tip the middle seats which have car seats fitted on them. Fuel consumption about 26-27mpg.

Submitted: 2010-08-30 | ID: 44068

Alex Smith, Lanarkshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2009

4 star review

The car has been great. All through the winter my wife and kids never got stuck or had to stay in once and we live on quite a bad hill. The extra little touches like the wing mirrors adjusting when reversing is great. The rear parking camera is very helpful. And the load bay is very versatile. I have two small complaints. Even for a 4x4 the body roll is quite bad and we also have had a couple of problems with the electrics. The door locks have been playing up (sometimes the intelligent key is dumb) and the driver’s seat has gone all the way back on its own.

Submitted: 2010-07-28 | ID: 44067

Steve, Yorkshire

Nissan Pathfinder Sport with Teck Pack 2006

4 star review

I needed a 7 seater that could tow a 1.5 tonne caravan long distance on a limited budget and the pathfinder looked like it fitted the bill. It drives reasonably well, engine is a little noisy but willing and the gear stick has a long throw other than that it is a good long distance cruiser. The layout is very functional not made for luxury but it has all the toy’s I wanted as standard. I love the keyless entry and the sat nav is the best I have used in any car; postcode is a minor omission but I normally have the address. I bought the car in December 2006 from Moss rose motors (I would use again) for 23k with 3k discount and free tech pack and low rate finance. I have had the car 3.5 years now and have done 75k miles and it’s bearing up pretty well. Just two faults so far, gearbox seal replaced under warranty and I have just changed the clutch and flywheel, (ouch!! £1250 at Mr clutch, great service will use again) not faulty but started to slip occasionally and I needed it right before towing my caravan up to Inverness, 450 miles. No handles required yet and the interior looks unmarked. Oh, I forgot to mention the obligutory rear door handle mod and paint job. Costs so far have been very good apart from the clutch, but I knew that was coming. Dual mass flywheels and towing do not go together... MPG = 35 on the run to work and 25’ish when towing depending if I stay below 65mph. I not had any pads or discs yet but I guess that will be the next job. 18k service interval is great and no cambelt to change. That keeps the service costs down, (put it towards that new clutch if you tow.) Overall I am really pleased with the Pathfinder it looks almost as good now as it did when new and it would have got 5 stars if it wasn’t for the weak clutch. I would recommend to friends but I would warn about it’s achilies heal, the weak clutch.

Submitted: 2010-06-06 | ID: 44055

Jerry Hill, Somerset

Nissan Pathfinder t spec auto 2008

5 star review

Excellent to drive found to be very reliable goes everywhere I have asked it to. very comfortable on longer journeys my only gripes are the door locks, each door has had a problem except n/s/r. The tailgate is starting to rust again around chrome trim despite Nissan ’curing it’.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Hi, have you had any luck getting this fixed again as we have the same problem but want to know if it is covered by the 6 year corrosion warranty - Rusty Tailgate from Lancashire

I had the same problem, had my Pathfinder from 2005 but noticed some time later that rusting was occuring on the tailgate, Apparently this is a common problem but after 3 years it is not covered under the normal body warranty. I argued but they still refused to do it. That’s what I call good customer care - Ray Porter from England

My tailgate is terrible. I took it to Crystals in Lincoln. The woman who deals with warranties in there said it was a stone chip! So a week later I found another 5-6 "stone chips" so I took it back today and again saw the warranty lady. No its definately stone chips and Nissan wont cover this as it’s a paint defect even though anyone with common sense knows that rust always comes from inside and blows the paint outwards so although I haven’t been travelling backwards at speed, I have a tailgate covered in stone chips. One quick trip to Brooklands about 100yds down the road and the man in there said "Oh yeah, we’ve done two of these already from Crystals and they know there is a problem and this was by far the worst. He phoned Mrs Warranty Woman and hey presto, I’m now having it fixed. He believes the only way to fix it is having a new tailgate and not a repair again. I love the car, it’s excellent at what it does. The aftersales man at Crystals, Simon, is superb and is a credit to them as for the rest, forget it - Steve Trevor from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2010-04-26 | ID: 44050

Daniel Bartlett, Hertfordshire

Nissan Pathfinder sport technology pack 2006

5 star review

I can honestly say the best car I have ever owned. fuel consumption rarely dips below 30 mpg and it carries my wife and five kids all day long uncomplaining. Truely tough motor and love the gadgets. I would recommend one to anyone with a big family looking for a solid all round motor.

Submitted: 2010-04-22 | ID: 44054

Paul, Northamptonshire

Nissan Pathfinder T-Spec 2005

1 star review

I now regret buying the Pathfinder and would SERIOUSLY warn others from buying one of these due to a design fault that Nissan will not rectify. Basically the pipes that run to the rear heater are badly positioned and corrode through allowing coolant to drain out. To replace the pipes it is necessary to remove the body from the chassis which I find totally ridiculous! Price to repair £1,750 plus!!!!!!! My T-Spec has done less than 50,000 miles and to face a bill like that is ludicrous. The pipes run from the front bulkhead right to the rear of the car in one piece so it is not possible to replace just the rotten section. To check it on your car take off the rear offside wheel and you will see the two aluminium pipes tucked up under the suspension mounting bracket. The corrosion takes place where the binders keeping the two pipes in place are fitted. A natural trap for salty water that when heated and cooled eats through the aluminium. Be aware if buying second hand that it is very likely to happen to this model or any other Pathfinder with a rear heater fitted!! In a car that costs topside of 30 grand it is a disgrace!!

Responses to this review

I too had this fault, found it when the rear aircon feed pipe leaked and stopped the whole aircon system working. The coolant pipe leak is an easy fix if your aircon pipes are ok; cut the two pipes either side of the corrosion and bridge the gap with reniforced heater hose. An hour of DIY and £1.75 as opposed to £1750 dealer fix. Had two Pathys; first had piston slap and a new engine after 10k miles, second has done 95k with no probs except for the one described. I’d certainly buy another! Oh, and Smiths Nissan of Peterborough? Brilliant aftercare while they looked after it - John Walton from Norfolk

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 44048

Mark Baldwin, England

Nissan Pathfinder 2006

3 star review

I’ve had a few problems: Rear washer motor replaced, door lock replaced, folding mirror replaced, door trim fell off had the struts on boot replaced. Small problems but would have cost a fortune without a warranty also I had a problem with the clutch, apparently it was the selecta switch which was replaced. I’ve done 15000 miles in 3 years, my warranty has now expired, they offered me another year for a cost of just over 500 pounds but I declined. As for the drive, I do find it noisy but overall a good car and love the gadgets.

Submitted: 2010-01-25 | ID: 44047

John Hession, Staffordshire

Nissan Pathfinder Aventura 2006

5 star review

I have owned my Pathfinder for 20 months now, having owned a Terrano for 4 years previously, and can honestly say that it is the best vehicle I have ever owned. Never get less than 30 mpg and the spec is awsome. Rear camera, Birdseye Sat Nav, Voice Command, Keyless entry and go, Memory heated Leather seats, Blue tooth, etc. Bought it with 2,000 on the clock (ex demo). Now got 20,000 on the clock. Only been back to nissan Garage once (when the phone stopped working) and they replaced a very expensive bluetooth management system under warranty (£4,000). Having the option to take it out of 4 wheel drive is important to me. I drive it in 2 wheel drive most of the time, but occasionally the ’AUTO’ mode is required (where the vehicle thinks for you and selects 4 wheel drive, if it is required. ie snow heavy rain) I will buy another one when it is time to change.

Submitted: 2009-12-31 | ID: 44046

Gareth Jones, Buckinghamshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2005

1 star review

Please do not buy this 4x4, buyers beware if your clutch goes and it will you will be looking at a replacement bill of £1K plus. Nissan dealers are a joke!!! Also the rear door handles will break more than once, I replaced ours 3 times. I’m pleased to say this car is now history Part-X for Discovery 3, no comparison.

Responses to this review

You’ve obviously not looked into the reliability of other discoverys, (which is very poor), I would say you have been unlucky with your Pathfinder. Regards - Dave Stoddard from Durham

Gareth, Sorry to hear you had problems with your Pathfinder and of course you have the right to air them. The Discovery 3 is a great vehicle but certainly not problem free. My brother owned a Disco 3 and had to spend £650 on replacing rear discs and pads within the first year of ownership and had issues with this audio head unit (which LR had to send away leaving him without one!). I do not believe there is a single car out there of which you will not find a bad review or disgruntled former owner. The Pathfinder seems to be fairing above average! - I’m still thinking of buying one..- Stephen Ratskin from Hampshire

Hi, where did you get you door handles from and how much? Mine have just broken for the 1st time... Thanks - Kev Hardy from Derbyshire

Submitted: 2009-12-31 | ID: 44042

Steve Trevor, England

Nissan Pathfinder Aventura 2007

5 star review

A brilliant car but dogged by silly problems. I agree with the chap about Crystals - I got mine from Lincoln: flat tyre on front and covered in scratches and no service completed, low fluid levels, not even wiper wash fluid. The car (now fixed all under warranty with new clutch and flywheel and injectors) after 20000 miles is superb. The lack of service and help from Nissan GB is unbelievable but the car is robust inside and very comfy. I don’t get brilliant mpg, about 26-27, but am looking at a chip mod to see how it goes. The district manager at Crystals was ineffective and rude. If you have a problem like I did go straight to the managing director. I did ask them a week ago for some information about the TMC system but as usual I should have spoken to the wall - it would have been more effective. Don’t be put off with this car though, it’s brilliant, it’s just the Nissan support that’s c**p.

Responses to this review

Hi Steve, I am the Guy who wrote about Crystals. I won’t go into any more Crystal bashing as I made my views clear at the time. However the commercial director based at their HQ at Boston gave me a cheque for £500 costs and all the tyres we renewed and the service sorted out. However due to the fact that their was never a 18.000 miles service in the warranty book Crystals put a dealership warranty on it. The lesson to be learn’t here is find out the history of the car. Mine was a cheap buy from Enterprise car hire but on the log book it showed the parent company name. Thus hidding it’s true identity. I was told by the salesman from Grantham it was a 1 owner company vehicle that is renown for looking after it’s vehicles. In fact it was a thrashed beaten up donkey with 36.000 miles on the clock and purchased for about the 8K mark and priced to sell. The fact that it was given to me in a dangerous condition goes without saying. But they are not alone in their poor service. I have been dealing with WLMG Shepperton branch and on 3 of the 7y times I have taken a vehicle for warranty work it has been returned with a employee generated problem. (C**k up) of duff information by poorly trained service staff. Regards - Peter Andrews from England

Submitted: 2009-07-16 | ID: 44095

Gaynor Peters, Essex

Nissan Pathfinder 2007

1 star review

Bought my Nissan Pathfinder in 2007 brand new after looking at the Land Rover Discovery. Decided against my worst judgement to go for the Nissan. However was not impressed with the first service... couldn’t believe what is not covered... have previously owned a Land Rover; who are excellent at keeping their word by the way. Anyway here I sit with my Pathfinder in the garage; clutch has gone at 31,000 miles and Nissan probably wont cover it, they say it’s wear & tear. I am disgusted with them; I mean the door handles (made from plastic by the way) came off 1 yr after i bought it and... surprise surprise, they’re not covered either. Anyway the moral of my story is never buy a Nissan; give me back my Land Rover Discovery any day.

Submitted: 2009-06-10 | ID: 44094

Graham Inglis, Renfrewshire

Nissan Pathfinder Aventura 2007

1 star review

Probably the worst car I have ever owned! Sounded like a tractor and drove like one. Six speed manual clumsy to operate and the fuel consumption averaged 24mpg. Rear view camera and keyless open/start were useless gimmicks... sat nav was nowhere as good as portable Tom Tom. A very disappointing experience which I am glad to say is now over.

Submitted: 2009-04-20 | ID: 44093

Trevor Dunne, Northumberland

Nissan Pathfinder 2007

5 star review

Best equipped 7 seater 4x4 available! Every mechanic warned me to stay away from Landrover and so I did! The Pathfinder is a workhorse and has every extra you could imagine. Great car - would highly recommend!

Submitted: 2009-03-09 | ID: 44092

Mark Bland, Swansea

Nissan Pathfinder Aventura 2006

5 star review

Which eBay tuning chip did you get? (Re: Peter Andrews, England) I am wondering which product you had off eBay as I am not getting too many mpg with my Pathfinder: less than 30.

Submitted: 2009-03-09 | ID: 44091

Peter Andrews, England

Nissan Pathfinder Adventura 2007

4 star review

I bought this vehicle as I suffer from arthritis of the spine and my Patrol 30 gr was a little bumpy. What a difference the pathfinder is - 34 mpg on motorway and 25 in town. However I put a plug and play tuning box from Ebay at £80 and now the BHP is up from 171 to 206. Torque is way up so is top end. But most of all I did a complete circle of the m25 with the cruise controll on 60mph and got 46.5 mpg. I now get 30+ Urban (when it’s warmed up). I love the car but you only have to look at the bodywork and a scratch or chip will appear. Water based paint is soft . I think as the Patrol was 7 years old and never showed any signes of scratches. My biggest disapointment was the dealership. Crystals of Grantham; there after-care is a disgrace. The car was presented to me with the nearside front tyre on the limit. The spare bald with a 2" split. Wipper blades worn out. No service or fluids topped up. A busted rear light cluster. The rear bumper was the wrong colour and the car had clearly had a rear end shunt. One of the backs of the seats had torn away from the leather and the sun glasses box in the roof is busted and keeps coming down and covering the interior mirror. The car is on Motorbility HP. What a disgusting way to treat a disabled person. They boast that they cannot be matched on customer care or presentation and that there vehicles go through a 94 (I think) point check etc. I keep being given the brush off as I live in Staines they think that I am to far away to do anything. I have gone to Nissan GB as well. So folks if you want a Pathfinder then go for it and fit a tuning box. But do not, under any circumstances, purchase it from Crystals of Grantham, Lincoln or Boston. Do so at your peril...

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Hi Peter, I’m hoping you might be able to help me. I bought my Pathfinder last June when I bought a caravan and wanted something more robust for towing it safely. I love my Pathfinder but I have been having real problems with the fuel economy and my Nissan dealership keep telling me that they’ve run the diagnostics and there is nothing wrong. I too have been plagued with silly little faults, the most annoying being the DVD player hasn’t worked for 6 months which is frustrating going long distance with the caravan and children and not being able to use it! I really don’t know where to go next re the fuel economy though. Using the old fashioned method of running it from a full tank and tracking mileage I am getting 19mpg. On reading everyone elses reviews they all seem to be getting so much more. We have a 2008 model with an automatic gearbox, which I thought would make a big difference on fuel economy but the official figures show that it should only lower it by 1 mpg. I just dont want to run it at this cost. Could you advise if you can on: a). Whether this seems realistic? b). Who I should go to next to get if fixed? c). What type of plug-in you used to improve yours? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks - Sarah Raeburn from Fife and Kinross Shires

I’m only getting 20 mpg urban from my automatic Pathfinder. Could you please tell me which tuning chip you purchased from ebay? Thank you - from Lincolnshire

Could you guide me on the tunning box you fitted in your car as I am looking for a good one - Sree Amar from Cheshire

Chaps, I’m looking at a Pathfinder SVE tomorrow (11th Sept). I previously had a VW Bora TDI150 remapped via the OBD port (direct to ECU - not chip or box) by Celtic Tuning and boy what a transformation. I mean seriously torquey and that’s coming from someone who’d owned a 300bhp Scooby just beforehand. For sure I will use them again on the Pathfinder (if I get it). They’re about £360 and quote improved figures of 212bhp and 355lbft (481Nm) for the 171bhp Pathy. I’ll post here if this all transpires as planned - from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2009-02-03 | ID: 44083

Louis Pasquale, Lanarkshire

Nissan Pathfinder SVE 2006

2 star review

Nightmare!! Do not buy one and never use Parks Motor Group of East Kilbride!! I bought this car when it was just over a year old, with 11k on the dial. In the 18 months that I’ve owned it, it has been into the dealership 15 or 16 times (I’ve lost count!) for a variety of issues. Several of the visits were rework as a result of the ineptitude of the local Nissan Dealership from whom I purchased the car (Parks Motor Group in East Kilbride) being unable to resolve problems without 2, sometimes 3 or 4 visits!! The most concerning of these is that the electronic ABS, ESP and 4X4 systems frequently display faults, meaning I lose all of these aids whilst driving, so compromising the safety of my family. Despite several visits on this matter alone, the dealership don’t care as they keep claiming that the system hasn’t "logged" a fault and will not, despite evidence of the problem provided by me, investigate any further. I have contacted Nissan Motors GB directly, and they have attempted to wash their hands of the affair, blaming the dealership despite the series of flaws I have encountered with the product they manufactured. I so wanted to like this car, but it has been a major disappointment and, more importantly, a serious concern as regards safety since I took ownership. Warranty expires in a few months and I think I’ll need to P/X the car, as I don’t think I can afford to repair it at the rate at which it is failing.

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I have this ABS fault & lose all other safety devices. What was the outcome of your problem? My Nissan garage said it was osf wheel bearing assembly, which was replaced at £360. But fault still there! - Andy Ramsay from England

Now they say its the rear sensor at another £380!!! - Andy Ramsay from England

Submitted: 2008-12-30 | ID: 44088

Ian, Cambridgeshire

Nissan Pathfinder SE 25dCi 2005

2 star review

Not as tough as they look.... I ran a pathfinder for 2 and a half years and 55,000 miles (it was 6 months old when we got it and had done 5000 miles). I’ve just p/x’d it as I couldn’t risk owning it out of warranty. In the last 6 months I owned it it spent 4 weeks at the dealer and I had to drive a Micra - not very useful if you have a large family. Things to watch - on a manual the clutch is suspect and early ones had problems with the flywheel (ours was replaced - clutch and flywheel - at 54,000 miles - paid for by Nissan). At 50,000 miles the the fuel plump, rails and injectors had to be replaced/refurbished (took garage 3 and a half weeks to sort) - this is also a common problem and damned expensive if out of cover. The other thing was that part of the exhaust system needed replacing and ATS etc can’t get parts so you have to buy the official Nissan bits (a 2 foot front pipe was £275!) a full system is around a grand. The alternator was replaced at 7,000 miles. Must say all claims were sorted by Nissan without question - so I have few complaints at all other than the time some repairs took. Really enjoyed driving it though - when it was working it was excellent - also towed our large caravan very well (which may not have helped the clutch).

Submitted: 2008-09-26 | ID: 44079

Paul Downing, Lancashire

Nissan Pathfinder Adventurer Auto 2.5 DCi 2007

5 star review

What a great car! I waited until I had a good number of miles under the car before posting. This car does just about everything. It seats seven, with the two rear most seats suitable for children (or small adults!). The boot space is massive with the third row seats folded (into the floor). It tows our caravan with such utter ease, that you can forget it’s on! We went for the Adventurer Auto, and the spec list is endless. While i wouldn’t describe the Pathfinder as a luxury vehicle, I would say you get practical luxury. The surfaces and colours are designed to stand up to real world use. This is ideal if you have a "real" family, as you won’t spend all day worrying about marking the interior. It’s not the quietest at very low speeds, but soon settles into a hushed cruiser. Fuel economy can vary greatly depending on type of use etc. Short brisk trips to the shops for example can see the needle dip. However, longer steady runs can see well over 30 mpg. This seems in keeping with most similar 4x4s. The Adventurer competes with all the other luxury 4x4s on spec list, yet cost so much less. Add the fact that it also retains its resale value makes it almost a non brainer for the cost conscious. We will buy again, with only two things on the future wish list. Better fuel economy (in light of the ever rising fuel prices!), and electronic suspension control to allow comfort when cruising and firmness when towing/off roading.

Submitted: 2008-09-03 | ID: 44080

Niall OConnor, Cheshire

Nissan Pathfinder 3.0 Di Aventura 2006

5 star review

This car was built to go up mountains, great big muddy ones at that! Fabulous off roader - if you’re looking for a 4x4 to dop the kids off at school then give this one a miss as ou’d be completely missing the point of this car. Amazing torque and can tow a house! Brilliant work horse and very comfortable interior with masses of space.

Submitted: 2008-04-24 | ID: 44082

Jason Anderson, Huntingdonshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 Trek 5dr 2007

4 star review

I find this a very capable vehicle. It has off-road abilities but is just as nice to drive around winding lanes and suburban roads. Running costs are reasonable for a car of it’s size and the price for new is well priced. Comes well equipped and gives plenty of comfort and space for both driver and passengers. Highly recommended.

Submitted: 2008-04-22 | ID: 44081

Susan Weaver, Aberdeenshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi 5st 2007

4 star review

A good off-roader, it has coped for me with the rough terrain on my farm. It was a cheap alternative to the Land Rover Discovery and I’m pleased with it.

Submitted: 2007-11-22 | ID: 44077

Bill Leggott, Lincolnshire

Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 dCi Sport 5dr 2006

4 star review

Excellent 4x4. Proper off roader, grips well and handles brilliantly. Good solid, safe car and very flexible seating. Excellent value for money.

Submitted: 2007-11-20 | ID: 44078

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