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Nissan Cabstar consumer car reviews and road tests

Nissan Cabstar

2 stars - average customer rating
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Nissan Cabstar consumer car reviews

Steve Martin, Portsmouth

Nissan Cabstar 2007 - 2014

1 star review

I can go back to the 3410 wich would not go in second gear on cold days, went back 13 times under warranty ,in the end I had to part ex it back to nissan and buy a new one, I couldent bring myself to sell it to anyone. By the way i lost loads of cash on it.the new one is a57 plate bought new, great for the first three years, the cost to MOT it has risen each year by staggering amounts last year cost me over two thousand pounds previous year cost eleven hundred, this year had to have the floor and seat pan replaced under warranty, now the MOT has come in at seven hundred and eighty pounds. Lucky to get the welding done under warranty as I only had one month to go. Only done 70, 000 miles in seven years and not had a hard life, Not as good as the old cabstar, this is number six and there's not going to be a number seven.all in all poor vehicle and poor person if you buy one.

Submitted: 2014-11-14 | ID: 106214

Kevin bradley, Devon

Nissan Cabstar 2007 - 2014

1 star review

Don't ever go near a cabstar or dealership.absolute waste of time and hard earned money. Should have kept my p reg one. Very angry,dissatified and fed up owner.

Submitted: 2014-11-14 | ID: 106213

ROD, Herefordshire

Nissan Cabstar 2007 - 2014

1 star review

I bought a 2007 Cabstar Tipper new and thought it was great until a recent MOT found out severe rust under the driver`s seat, rear brakes need replacing due to rust. I was shocked to see just how bad the rust was under the driver`s seat. I could see the sponge of the seat through the wheel arch! I`m very disappointed as I can`t afford to replace it. The dealer says it`s out of warranty but I feel let down as it has only done 40,000 miles.

Responses to this review

try contacting nissan customer services or get your local nissan dealer to do it for you for a possible goodwill as this is a common problem with the f24 nissan cabstar the floor pan under drivers seat is replaced with modified part - from

try contacting nissan customer services or get your local nissan dealer to do it for you for a possible goodwill as this is a common problem with the f24 nissan cabstar the floor pan under drivers seat is replaced with modified part - from

had the same on a 58 nissan repaired this on the 12 year ant rust warranty - from Dorset

had the same on a 58 nissan tipper got this repaired this on the 12 year ant rust warranty - from Dorset

Submitted: 2014-07-09 | ID: 99343

Iain Carmichael, East Renfrewshire

Nissan Cabstar 2007 - 2014

1 star review

Nissan cabstar heap of junk! Bought brand new double cab from Nissan dealer. Despite assurances that fully covered with Nissan so-called warranty, have had on-going issues with; shock absorbers, exhaust falling off, headboard snapping, brakes falling, bushes failing and a major problem with rust after first couple of years. Paid for rust checks and were promised repairs would be carried out however constantly told waiting for parts, again paid for yearly rust checks and this went on for a period of approximately 3 years to then be told that Nissan Warranty no longer covering as hadn't been repaired in first year. Incredible as it sounds we were held responsible for not ensuring repairs were carried out despite the vehicle being booked in repeatedly to the Nissan Dealership on many occasions for so called repairs, ranging from days to at one point over 3 weeks. To top everything off, vehicle then refused to start. While being recovered to Nissan dealership on back of recovery vehicle, the cabstar spontaneously combusted. The issue we later discovered was due to wiring loom rubbing on chassis. Be aware all cabstar owners your wiring loom is rubbing on chassis at front grill. Once again the ever helpful Nissan Customer Care Team refused to deal with issue, refusing to visit or inspect vehicle, a technician merely looked at some photographs and in his opinion believed fire was caused by a mysterious cable tie that had somehow redirected the wiring loom. Nissan therefore stated they were not taking any responsibility for the fire.

Submitted: 2014-05-31 | ID: 96597

Steve Burton, West Yorkshire

Nissan Cabstar -1

1 star review

I purchased a short wheelbase dropside Cabstar Which was on the road on November 1st 2013. It seemed as good as the previous 10 Cabstars that I have owned but did use a little more diesel than I would have liked but was told, “the engine just needed bedding in”. On the 23rd December while on my way to work the engine went in to limp mode, I drove it the 10 minutes to my yard and called the RAC, who got me back on the road. Unfortunately, a week later in the same place the same thing happened and again I drove it to work and the RAC came out and it spent several days in the local Nissan dealership over the New Year. I got it back and it drove well until January 17th when again in exactly the same place the same thing happened and again I drove it to my yard and again the RAC came out, this time the RAC took it to the dealership from where I had purchased it from. They replaced the turbo and some of sensors, they kept it for 5 weeks to make sure the problem was solved. It drove a lot better and getting around 31 miles to the gallon I was feeling confident after 2 weeks of trouble free driving so I had it sign written in my company colours and logo however 2 days after that in exactly the same place on my way to work it happened again, at this point I had had enough and told the Dealership that I did not want it back. The dealership admitted that even though they had cleared the fault it had not been fixed and admitted it has an electrical fault which they could not locate and would initiate a “buy back” unfortunately Nissan will not agree to this and claim that with the Nissan Technical staff and the Dealership service they will fix my vehicle and return it to me. If this ever get sorted out – they supply me with a brand new Cabstar with a warranty starting from the date the new Cabstar is delivered, money for the sign writing and some recompense for the time wasted and inconvenience, I would never touch a Nissan product again !

Submitted: 2014-04-11 | ID: 94114

Colin Grevett, Northumberland

Nissan Cabstar drop side 34/11 2009

5 star review

Bought pick up 1 yr old off main dealer with 1,500 miles on clock, now done 29,000 miles. Jack was replaced under warranty apart from that no problems. I am a builder and it’s one of the best tools I ever had (35 yrs, you get less for muddar) visabilty and lock are fantastic. Pulls well even out out the quarry with 2.25 tonnes of sand on its back. Rides a bit choppy empty but a few bags of sand make it very comfortable. Gear change was a bit stiff at first but I always double the clutch (grew up with crash boxes). I think the fly wheel is too heavy but the change is very sweet now. I get 30- 33 miles to the gallon, not bad for the lumpy part of the Tyne valley. Buy one in red you will love it >

Submitted: 2013-09-30 | ID: 43813

Melanie, England

Nissan Cabstar 35.13 lwb crewcab 2008

1 star review

We have had two cabstars, old ones, and nothing went wrong with either of them. Then in 2008 we bought a brand new one from a Nissan dealer and had problem after problem. It broke down, last year the radiator went and last week the turbo went on it at only 40,000 miles. Today the diesel fitter came to take the turbo out and after he removed all the front seats the paint under the driver’s seat came off in his hand as it is full of corrosion. The metal bar underneath, which the seat screws into to, is held on by a tiny piece of metal I’m surprised the drivers seat hasn’t fallen through the floor. So tomorrow I will be taking photos and emailing them to Nissan because I am really angry. I feel like we bought a guinea pig of a van.

Responses to this review

I’ve got same problems, my cabstar is ’07 is rotten, my 1966 ford Bronco is in better condition. Will not be getting another one there junk. Nissan dealerships are a waste of space! - Dave Bartle from Yorkshire

Hi Just wondering if you got any satisfaction from Nissan as I now have the same problem of severe rust under the drivers seat of my 2008 Cabstar Nissan say I should have noticed it during annual checks but the corrosion seems to originate inside the vehicle under the carpet. Cheers john - john edgeworth from Ireland

Submitted: 2013-05-18 | ID: 43811

Gary Proctor, Yorkshire

Nissan Cabstar Tipper 2009

5 star review

My Cabstar is 4 years old today, it is the best vehicle I have ever bought and apart from a broken exhaust bracket, fixed under warranty, it has not been back to the dealer except for a service. It’s done 20k and drives like new, it has certainly made my business money and is very versatile being a tipper with good tow capacity. I would certainly have another.

Submitted: 2013-02-18 | ID: 43804

Alan Jenk, Cornwall

Nissan Cabstar 35:15 2008

1 star review

I had the old Cabstar in the past and decided to upgrade to a newer 2001 truck, big mistake! I spent £1000’s on it before deciding the new models must be better, how wrong was I?! I bought a 2008 truck and within a week the fuel pump went, then the following week the clutch went. Now 6 months on and over another £1000 spent on calipers, discs, bushes, exhaust, track rod ends, OMG these trucks are like toys! Do your research before you spend your hard earned cash! Wish I had bought an Isuzu Grafter, which will be my next truck without a doubt.

Submitted: 2012-10-29 | ID: 43803

Russell Lister, Yorkshire

Nissan Cabstar 2009

1 star review

Just an update: A rubbish truck. The exhaust was replaced in May 2011 as it had broken off at the manifold. Behold, one year later and exactly the same thing has happened again. Get a grip Nissan! You know about this problem so get it modified. On the plus side my local Nissan dealer Harratts of sheffield have been fantastic, pity I can’t say the same for the truck.

Submitted: 2012-08-11 | ID: 43805

Grahame Moorhouse, England

Nissan Cabstar p95 2011

3 star review

Gear cables broke at 15,00 miles, that for me is 300 days. The cost for repair and tow was £600 plus time lost, which works out at approx £4 per day/50 miles. Paint job on the dropside can be scraped off with your fingernail. The droptail bolts fell out leaving it hanging by the top pins. I repaired it myself, making two double tab washers to lock them in place. I travelled over some speed bumps and all four pins jumped out, the tail dropped onto the road, But I had travelled some distance before I realised it was missing.

Submitted: 2012-06-25 | ID: 43806

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Russel Lister, England

Nissan Cabstar 2009

2 star review

I’ve had nothing but trouble from the off; the brake calipers seized, then I experienced wiring and suspension problems. On the up side it’s a very nice to drive as long as you don’t do many stop starts as the engine revs as if the throttle is stuck. Another owner I spoke to told me his does the same. The final insult came when it failed its first MoT at just 21000 miles. Utter rubbish. Stick to the old ones or buy a Toyota Dyna.

Submitted: 2012-05-17 | ID: 43807

Rob Cooke, Oxfordshire

Nissan Cabstar 2005

1 star review

I’ve spent a fortune keeping this thing on the road especially the gear linkage connection. I’m really fed up with this piece of rubbish. My advice is to go for Ford or VW. Many thanks Nissan.

Responses to this review

Just got 2004 cabstar pickup same problem with gear linkage connection from first to second gear rubbish in fact I would say unsafe . - peter king from Northamptonshire

Just got 2004 cabstar pickup same problem with gear linkage connection from first to second gear rubbish in fact I would say unsafe . - peter king from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2012-02-24 | ID: 43809

Daniel Burfot, Hertfordshire

Nissan Cabstar 35.13 double cab 2010

5 star review

I have had these all my working life. This is my fifth and the new ones are a vast improvement. I’d not had any problems, until now. I have just discovered an oil leak. I have yet to contact my dealer, but you have to book it in to be looked at, then booked in to be fixed. I do not like the fact it comes with a rear heater, so I took it out. The truck itself other than the oil leak has been great. Yes it’s bumpy unladen, but what do you expect with a vehicle that can carry a 1.5tonne payload?? It won’t drive like a car! I love my truck, but hate the dealers. They never give you a courtesy van and yet they are supposed to if they are servicing them.

Submitted: 2012-02-10 | ID: 43810

Steve Marriot, Dorset

Nissan Cabstar 2010

1 star review

Awful! The worst driving experince of my life. I couldn’t drive it straight as it kept wondering all over the road and it just wouldn’t stop bouncing. The slightest touch of the steering wheel would make it swerve all over the place with it bouncing all the while. I had to drive this damn truck from Southampton to Poole on a very hot day; the heat from the engine was driving me mad and I’m still mad now 2 days later. Because the sun was out and I had forgoten my sun glasses I put the sun visor down, only to find my vision totaly blocked. I did however, catch a glimse of the road between bounces - did I mention that these trucks bounce a lot? I could have made a fortune if I’d charged poeple £5 a time for a bouncy castle ride! The sad thing is this is the 3rd one of these things our company has owned and everyone moans about them, perhaps if the boss had to drive it to and from work he would realise just how bad these things are, but I guess he’s fine in his BMW. If you do have to drive one to work I would suggest sitting in a darkend room for several hours afterwards to get over the shock.

Submitted: 2011-08-21 | ID: 43808

Paul Apthorpe, Cambridgeshire

Nissan Cabstar 34-11 dropside 2007

1 star review

I have had cabstars for 15 years and have had the misfortune to own a 2007 cabstar. The rear gyres went flat after 50 miles, battery failed after 6 months, then the exhaust failed, after 12 months rust started appearing everywhere on the underside of the truck, crunching gears which Nissan said they could not notice on a road test, front shock absorbers failed after two years, main wiring loom rotted through after two and a half years Nissan just repaired it. At the end of the third year I contacted my Nissan main dealer twice about the rust situation on both occasions they took pictures then I was ignored, now the ladder rack is cracked due to a stress fracture and now the rust under the drivers seat is that bad the brackets that hold the seat in place have rusted away and the seat moves about when you sit on it and the van has only done 47k. Finally the tailboard is falling off because the welds have rotted on the fixings, the brakes constantly squeak and now have trouble with the front wheel bearing.

Responses to this review

Exactly the same, failed front suspension, failed rear callipers and the front drivers seat is about to fall through the floor with rust. The van is a 57 plate with 23,000 miles. The main agent in Canterbury say my van is the first they have heard about all these faults - David Grieve from Kent

Hi, I’ve just come across your comments. We have the same problem on 08 cabstar only by chance we seen this due to the turbo going on it. How did you get on with Nissan about all the rust under the driver’s seat? Ours seems to missing a piece of poly carb or something, there is just a metal bar underneath the seat. I’ve emailed them today and pictures - Melanie Leyland from England

Submitted: 2011-06-13 | ID: 43799

Mark Cerrone, England

Nissan Cabstar 2007

1 star review

We have run Cabstars for 25 Years and have had good reliability in the past but the last two models have been nothing like the old ones. In fact nothing like Nissans. There was a dangerous fault with the tyres deflating on motorways which the dealer couldn’t find the cause of. We found it- faulty valves. The cab protector/ladder bar cracked right through from vibration metal fatigue. There was evidence of rust from new which the dealer failed to put right but he did take lots of photos which meant we were without it on two days. Now after only 60,000 miles and just outside the waranty, the timing chain had gone so sloppy it has jumped a tooth and damaged the sprockets etc. What is worse is Nissan want £430 for the chain alone! and nearly another £400 for the sprocket, and tensioner. This is gross overcharging for parts.

Submitted: 2010-10-19 | ID: 43802

Tony, Lancashire

Nissan Cabstar 3.5t tipper 130hp 2008

1 star review

Bought a new 2008 Cabstar 130 hp tipper from the Nissan main dealer. I also ordered a new tow bar to be fitted by the main dealer before collection of the vehicle, unfortunatly they fitted the wrong tow bar!!! SEVEN WEEKS later the correct bar was installed. Proud of my new truck I decided to treat the metal under parts to a wax sealant, when preparing to spray the wax, having lifted the tipping body for the first time I noticed numerous sections of the tipper chassis and tipper body suffering from serious corrosion (seven weeks old with 120 miles, yes one hundred and twenty miles only!). The cab also has areas of corrosion too, the gearbox is poor with a mix of crunching, stiffness and generally unwilling to actually slot into gear particually 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. the engine noise is terrible to the point you can’t even hear the radio and the alarm sounds for no reason. I took the truck to my local Nissan dealer and complained...their response after taking 3 days was "wear and tear Sir". nearly one year on none of the problems have been resolved. Buy a VW.

Submitted: 2010-01-28 | ID: 43795

Dave Thomas, Cornwall

Nissan Cabstar 34.11 SWB 2009

4 star review

I have 2 of these now. Lots of space inside cab for paperwork etc, gears have been smooth. Very comfortable to drive, I would say a bit thirsty on the diesel in my opinion. Only gripe is that the jack failed first time I used it so be careful. Nissan have replaced it though, so no problem.

Submitted: 2009-10-12 | ID: 43797

Steve Robson, England

Nissan Cabstar 34 11 2007

1 star review

Problem after problem: brakes, rear wheel bearings, oil seals, exhaust, Ariel body panels, seat cover, and foam electrics. Do not bother buying these trucks until Nissan have sorted them out maybe a few years how much has this cost me in time phone calls etc £100 and £100s...

Submitted: 2009-10-08 | ID: 43796

Jim Davies, Dorset

Nissan Cabstar 2008

3 star review

Good work horse and economical to run. Ideal truck for narrow lanes.

Submitted: 2009-08-24 | ID: 43798

Kevin Sheridan, England

Nissan Cabstar SWB 2008

3 star review

Bought one of these and I do like them... I have 7 of the old ones and they are bullet proof... .mine crunches gear from 1st-2nd also and I had a dealer respray which was very bad quality and front fogs fitted with badly drilled out cut outs. No problems as yet though but the only better things are the cab space and the power...

Submitted: 2009-03-23 | ID: 43817

Mark Wright, Cornwall

Nissan Cabstar 2004

1 star review

Drove off forecourt proud as punch with my new Cabstar but 1st to 2nd crunch and jam. Back up to their forecourt to be told gearbox will bed in,1 new gearbox and 2 new gear change cables later having covered 27000 very uncomfortable miles the truck's no better. Nissan should be sued for selling goods unfit for purpose at time. I didn't have enough money to take such a huge firm to court. Now what's the point as they appear to be going under… I wonder why! Their customer service is the worst I've ever come across and their trucks are even worse. I have had 2 older ones which were superb. I'd buy an Isuzu if I were you.

Submitted: 2009-03-13 | ID: 43818

Keith, Devon

Nissan Cabstar 2008

2 star review

Having owned Nissan Cabstars in the past, all purchased from new and had excellent, solid, reliable service from all of the models, my expectation of the latest version, 35.13 was high. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Yes, the cab is bigger and more plush , the service from the Nissan dealer was and still is awful. After a 20 mile trip on the M1 and stopping the vehicle, it then refused to start due to a faulty battery, half pressure tyres etc. Dealer told me to ring the RAC ( I’d owned the vehicle for an hour!!) as they appeared disinterested. Numerous problems later, including gears crunching, paint coming off and rust, with many calls to customer services have still not rectified these problems. In my opinion the new Cabstar isn’t a patch on the old. The engine is noisy in the cab, the gearbox is a bag of nails and it drinks fuel like an alcoholic!! WHAT A SHAME. In this day and age I think the vans competitors deserve to take the Cabstars market.

Submitted: 2009-02-18 | ID: 43819

Tony North, Surrey

Nissan Cabstar 2008

3 star review

I purchased a Cabstar at the end of September, at first I would say what a vast improvement on the older one. The cab has so much more space with compartments behind the seats and in the dash keeping paperwork and straps nice and tidy. The engine again so much more responsive than before. The driving position is more like a car and overall a vast improvement on the old one. The cab that now tips forward to get to the engine instead of having to hold the seat up. I must say the RAC man that I called out after having the vehicle for one day because the power steering hose came off found it of benefit which is the start of my negatives. From the first time I drove it the gearbox crunched in 2nd & 3rd gear, I put this down to a new vehicle needed a bit of time to wear in. Unfortunately after 1800 miles it was still doing it. A quick call to the local Nissan dealer to find out that there is only 25 Nissan dealers in the whole country from Scotland to Cornwall that has the ability to work on the new Cabstar, my nearest one happened to be 1hrs drive away! After getting it there and them having it for 2 days I get a phone call to say that there is nothing wrong with it!! A call to Nissan UK customer services and again they say its normal, that is how it is meant to be. WHAT!!!! I take it this is a safety feature so you know when you are entering 2nd or 3rd gear, doesn’t look like they are interested. Unfortunately they have now spoilt what I thought was going to be a very good vehicle but anyone in there right mind wouldn’t buy a brand new vehicle that has a gearbox that crunches in 2nd & 3rd gear. Would I buy another one, I REALLY DON’T THINK SO!!!

Submitted: 2008-11-25 | ID: 43815

Bob Stanley, England

Nissan Cabstar 130bhp dropside 2008

4 star review

New Nissan Cabstar 35.13 dropside 2008 model - really good truck, so far so good. Very bumpy on b roads when empty but stick some weight on the back and its like riding on a airbed. Very quick with lots and lots of power but engine has only done 60 miles. The computer reading is 28mpg running around with about 700kg on the back around town on short trips. It needs running in and I am expecting at least 30mpg....

Submitted: 2008-07-11 | ID: 43816

Mark Penford, Denbighshire

Nissan Cabstar 34.10 SWB Dropside 2005

4 star review

I drive this van for a local garden centre that I work for and find it a very reliable van. It certainly drives well and can shift when it needs to, even with a full load. I would say that it actually drives better when loaded as the front suspension can be a bit lively when unloaded. The cabin is basic but comfortable and overall it’s a good work van.

Submitted: 2007-11-19 | ID: 43814

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