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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport consumer car reviews and road tests

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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport consumer car reviews

Steve Mason, Somerset

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2002 - 2006

4 star review

Bought this in haste to replace my much loved Ford Explorer V6 4.0 , also with LPG, when the timing chain broke, 2 months ago Its a 2004 with 80k all the Warrior toys & the usual LPG problem of a tank that wont fill & lacquer is peeling on wheel arches ! Seems to have been a mums chelsea tractor that took dogs & kids to the beach, so not seen much mud, but been well looked after under the bonnet . I can recognise most of the positives & negatives from owners above . I've had manily 4.0 V8 RRs & other of similar capacity : For an apparently 170bhp V6 3.0 it seems underpowered (after the Ford v6 4.0 200bhp) & the Explorer was another 4 cwt (200kg) heavier too. So those sums don't add up. LPG does not affect performance that noticeably, in fact when running on LPG it sounds better & drives better all the time As a jap - its sort of too hard in the suspension & seats & too short of the acceleration curve. Its used as a works truck to haul tools timber & other stuff about, the back seats are always permanane,t down . it takes a 3mtr length of timber & will tow what I need it to . far more rewarding that driving a tranny ! Functional, but not special , is my take on it . I like vehicles with personality when it comes to cars , & japs always lack that , which I have to accept. Others rave about these sports : hate to think what they must have driven in the past ? I've driven a mates proper fullsized shogun & based this purchase on that - they are miles apart in everything , these sports are the poor cousin in that regard . But for reliability , japs , in general cannot be faulted - I also know that, as long as you service annnaully: & look after them - but that is the same for anything engineered &/or mecahnical . Most used buys that prove to be rubbish have usually been neglected

Submitted: 2017-03-07 | ID: 139601

ted, Neath Port Talbot

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2000 - 2006

1 star review

dont know where and what planet i have c reg and in and out of work shop than on road oil leak puly wheel altornater belts turbo gasget slow tyer whear out fast and for rust bad cheep metal ok look good 2.8 was far better for sport and pulling power

Responses to this review

What an odd review. You either have a personalised number plate, in which case why say "I have a c reg" or you don't actually have a Mitsubishi Shogun Sport. Why do I say this? Because 'C' registrations date from 1985 and the Shogun Sport wasn't available until 1996. - from Portugal

rubbish chines crap - from Neath Port Talbot

made of cheep metal a lot of rot no good on farm cow and horse pee wood rot it out in no time its just a load of cheep rubbish and costly to keep on the road - from Neath Port Talbot

should have been would insted of wood sorry very late here bad day showgun sport - from Neath Port Talbot

and the reg for every one isCF06KFE MILEAGE 86632 - from Neath Port Talbot

Concur with response from Portugal. Review does not make sense - very difficult to understand! - from Cambridgeshire

I am being quite honest the 2.5 is a load of crap, or should scrap in the last 5 weeks it has spent more times in garage than on the road.It hasent hit you people yet but when it gose wrong it just dose that take it truly from me it crap 2.800 was and is far better all round i know i had six of the and this 2.5 i drive it for a friend and the rac will tell you the sajme ring mikes garage he has to work on them and if you wont you can ring him and will let you know what to expect 01639 773334 that is in neath in wales,and you can tell him ted ask you to ring.NOW is the time to find out HONEST REGARD TED - from Neath Port Talbot

i have the lwb 2.5 d starter alornator 2 knew v belts pully battry break shose in front for mot know one has yet can sort out why the ABS gose out when you start off and with in ten mins of driving it comes on, pull over switch of start of again and the same thing - from Swansea

now has to end up at Celtic main Mitsubishi for £76 for diagnostics. test will be there all day spent £2,000 so far - from Swansea

Submitted: 2017-03-06 | ID: 139557

Ben Barton, Lincolnshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2000 - 2006

5 star review

Bought this black Shogun 'blind' off ebay ... looks the business, bull bars,spots, chrome running boards,tints along with power windows/roof, full leather, air con, auto box etc etc as standard. Been ultra reliable @ just 95000mls. Requires sourcing 18/20'' alloys to replace (still immaculate 16'') for a fatter look.

Submitted: 2015-11-15 | ID: 123524

Paul, Cambridgeshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2000 - 2006

5 star review

I've had a 2000 LWB 2.5TD GLS for 11 years now, and I could list many faults, including binding rear calipers, missing 6th gear, electrical problems and v expensive parts - but I'll stop right there! This vehicle has been the most reliable machine, out of the 20 or so cars I have had. It just keeps going - bought it when it was 4 years old with 90000 hard driven miles on the clock. From the rust and dents in the floor pans, it had been obviously been used off road - I bought it blind off of eBay! But it's been brilliant, it tows anything - even heavier 4x4's that get stuck! I have filled the entire car with firewood - it was on the stops! I've fitted 2 surf boards in the back and 4 on the roof for surfing holidays. We've had breakfast out of back at the beach, park, racetrack. It's carried 2 sets of ladders since i've had it - we have even slept in it! I really have tried my hardest to wear it out, but I can't! I've had no engine/gearbox/axle problems - just need to replace the front antiroll bar bushes every year! Cheap to insure as long as you are over 30. Yearly maintenance costs have averaged about £250, until recently, so for short journeys, it's been cheap to run, for what it does. In fact, I'm so impressed with this machine, I have bought an almost unblemished 2007 LWB Equippe, so I now have one for work and one for play!

Responses to this review

sorry hear but i know the feeling - from Neath Port Talbot

Submitted: 2015-06-20 | ID: 117453

john, Suffolk

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2000 - 2006

5 star review

Bought this 53 plate, had loads of trouble, not the car`s fault, dealer that sold it put cam kit on and broke the pulley, then the engine management light kept coming on. Took it to Mitsubishi, turn turbo up said all sorted, drove down the road 30 mins it came back on, read up said turbo goes between 80000 and 90000 miles. Took back and had new turbo on, it`s been fine since. Also brake problem... rear stops all due to the age and mileage of the car. Funny it went through MOT with all these problems but that's another story, worth the money I've paid out, love this 4x4

Submitted: 2015-04-21 | ID: 115023

jo, Bedfordshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2000 - 2006

5 star review

good car

Submitted: 2014-10-25 | ID: 105113

Richard G, Derbyshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2.5 D Sport 2005

4 star review

I have a 2.5 sport and it’s by far the best 4x4 I have owned. I must agree with other owners on the gear box, a 6th gear would make this the best 4x4 by far, just a slight lower revs to sit on long runs would be a blessing, but you don’t buy a workhorse for this. I get 30 mpg combined, so no complaints. I just need to sort the tyres pressures out; my book says 26 all round and I’m not towing, but I find that a bit soft. I can’t wait to put the caravan on the back.

Responses to this review

I have always kept mine at 30psi all round. Tyre wear has been even, and I swap front to back every year which sorts out uneven wear due to tracking/front suspension wear. My sport does very short journeys most of the time, so wear may be different for longer journeys. - from Cambridgeshire

Submitted: 2013-04-28 | ID: 43715

I Cluney, County Antrim

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2006

1 star review

I purchased my Mitsubishi from London last year. It was in mint condition inside and out for a second hand motor, then I noticed the steering was weird, but I put it down to the huge 22inch alloys on it. Well, I got it home and started to ask questions about the steering and found out all 2.5’s and 2.8’s had a recall on The pitman arm and brakes! Mitsubishi did not bother to contact the buyers and left it up to them to complain first then be told to leave it in to have the pitman arm and brakes fixed. The pitman arm was causing the steering to be all over the place it kept taking off to the right and left whilst steering straight and it’s dangerous, if it goes you are dead!Plus, the brakes would not stop you. They took it in and replaced it, but then put the wrong arm in! This caused damage to other parts. They then decided to give my 4x4 a wash, but they did not wash the cleaner off and left it on the whole weekend. It ate into the paint and destroyed it (as it worked as an acid), plus they destroyed my lovely alloys with the cleaner, which stripped all the lacquer off them. What did they do? Nothing! They admitted it alright, they took it back in replaced the arm to the right one and buffed the body with polish, but it did no good. They said they would replace the rubbers and seals around the windows etc., and sort the body out. They said plenty but did nothing! Then they threatened me and ordered me off their premises as other customers could hear the problems etc. I ended up going elsewhere to have it fixed then sold it in disgust! Mitsubishi headquarters is a disgrace they are rude ignorant and a waste of space. Same as their company Donnelly bros N.I. Great if you are buying, but don’t dare complain when they make mistakes as they don’t want to know!

Responses to this review

Largely irrelivant this review. Why mention the paint and the wheels etc that some no brained garage did to the Shogun? OK you had a mechanical problem with the car but it was fixed... but then you rant on about some retard who works in the carwash ruining your paintwork/wheels - from Yorkshire

I’d suggest an after-sales review for any manufacturer was very relevant, who wants to buy a car if only to have what would appear to be a very poor after-sales attitude from the manufacturer, especially when it was only in to fix a manufacturing fault and came out a visual and mechanical mess! - Prospective Buyer from England

Agree with prospective buyer, this review is useful, pity he did not mention garage name(name and shame). Response from Yorkshire is obviously from someone who cannot spell and has a chip on their shoulder JS - jack spratt from Greater London

A sorry tale indeed. Just a small but significant clarification: The pitman arm recall was an official recall on certain models, and letters were sent to all registered owners. Looks as if some owners chose to ignore the recall (your previous owner included). I know this because when I got my letter and took mine in to Peterborough, they ticked my Shogun off of a very long list. I asked how many pitman arm mods they had done so far, and the answer was 'about two and half thousand'. The story above doesn't shower Mitsubishi in glory, I'll agree, but I could tell you similar stories regarding Peugeot, Renault, Ford, Audi to name but a few. - from Cambridgeshire

Submitted: 2012-09-19 | ID: 43722

Dave Jackson, Denbighshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2003

5 star review

I like many others have driven lots of 4x4s, Discos etc., and for me this is by far the best of the bunch. It has been the best towing vehicle I have owned. We tow a 1400kg caravan and still the 2.5 diesel engine returns 30-33 mpg. Driving solo at 2.2thousand revs (55 mpg) it returns 40mpg!! In fact it’s due a service, but when it does 40 mpg, I`m reluctant to take it in for one in case they alter anything! My vehicle has 61000 genuine milage, we have had it for 2 months and are more than happy with this vehicle. My advice? Drive it conservatively and go out and buy one now.

Submitted: 2012-07-26 | ID: 43721

Slugger Brenton, England

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2.5 TD 2005

5 star review

I’m laughing at the comments from others re poor handling and slow performance. I’ve driven everything from skylines to scoobys to v8’s to turbo hayabusas/nitrous gixxers etc., a fair spectrum of vehicles basically. The Shogun Sport is just plain fantastic! It’s very, very easy to get another 30-40 bhp if required (for those wanting more grunt) and it is also very easy to adjust the wastegate on the turbo for less wastegate creep (keeps the power for further up the revs;) Handling? It’s ok, so it’s no sports car, but it’s no lorry either. Remember people, this is a 2 ton 4x4 tank, built to last and withstand proper work/offroading etc, and when you bare this in mind, it’s actually very accomplished and the mpg isnt too shabby either. Out of all the 4x4s this one wins hands down in terms of reliability versus price! Less whining, more enjoying! :)

Responses to this review

I have an immense amount of respect for this vehicle,it isn’t fair to label it as ’poor handling’. For heaven’s sake, it’s a high-riding 4x4 with long-travel suspension, how is it MEANT to handle like a car with all this off-road biased hardware to tote about?! People talk rubbish. It steers very nicely, the gearbox, though heavy-duty, and with a rather long gear-lever changes with lightning precision if you know what you’re doing. The brakes are quite good and I don’t think the fuel consumption is THAT bad. I suggest the people who think that it is should try a 4.6 litre Range Rover THEN come back and say the same thing! Been out in the deep Yorkshire snow this morning and she is as impressive as ever. If you want sports car-like handling and low fuel consumption, get a BMW 320d. I forgot to add though that these are totally undriveable in deep snow, no traction whatsoever, but each to their own... - Phillip Taylor from Yorkshire

i ask you why do thy call it a ruddy sporty nothing sporty about it - from Neath Port Talbot

Submitted: 2012-01-27 | ID: 43716

Geraint Morgan, Swansea

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Trojan 2006

5 star review

I have had mine for 2 years now, bought it to tow our caravan and use as a workhorse. Yes it is slow, but it’s a proper 4x4 not a wanabe. We had no problems in the snow of winter 2010/2011, in fact we went out looking for some to see how it perform on snow and ice covered mountain roads and passed with flying colours. We are thinking of taking it down to the Alps for a skiing trip. For much of winter it’s covered in thick mud outside and is not much better inside, but it always cleans up very nicely. I have put the Rally Art power upgrade in it and boy what a difference it makes; the power is up by over 30 bhp, mpg up by 20% and loads of torque. We’re thinking of selling the caravan and putting wheels on the house because I think it would tow it now! The service costs are not too bad as the local garage’s mechanic I use did his time with Mitsubishi so knows his stuff.

Responses to this review

Hi, what engine was the rallyart upgrade for and what was included in the kit? - Paul Healey from New Zealand

where are you coming from the sport is rubbish under power cheep metal and will rust out front and back in no time and when it gose wrong it will big time see what you have to say then in 4x4 couldnt pull me of a bit of grass - from Neath Port Talbot

Submitted: 2011-08-14 | ID: 43718

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Ron Mountford, Essex

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Trojan 2006

5 star review

In the winter of 2010 I became very tired of sliding about in my Mercedes 220 getting no where. On impulse I changed it for the Trojan. It was if there was no snow anymore and since then it has proved to be outstanding in all adverse conditions. I spent much of my younger life in Land Rovers on dirt roads overseas. This is at the top of its class. However, its off road excellence comes at a price and as a road vehicle it is slow and the suspension quite hard. You need to do your homework, but if you need a rugged dependable all terrain vehicle this could be the vehicle for you.

Submitted: 2011-08-09 | ID: 43720

Dave Betts, Lancashire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2005

4 star review

Replaced my ageing Disco very surprised with pulling power, plenty of room inside fuel cost hard to judge as derv prices have risen, solo in fifth gear still wants to pull, miss the size of the Landy but would recommend for caravaners.

Submitted: 2011-05-29 | ID: 43712

P Barn, Essex

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Warrior 2008

5 star review

I bought my Warrior diesel 2 years ago because I wanted a family tow car and in the winter months carry out field sports. With the correct off road tyres I have yet to find myself stuck whilst these so called off road Range Rovers slide around with no hope other than being pulled out by a 20 year old defender. Not the most economical car but it does what its supposed to do. A proper off roader not a pretender!

Responses to this review

You hit the nail right on the head when mentioning tyres,the standard issue Bridgestone Duellers are appalling off-road. I changed mine for some BF goodrich all-terrain tyres, the off-road traction is amazing. I have driven up sloping icy inclines that I couldn’t even walk up. The grip of this car is astonishing, it has never been found wanting. People who don’t know what they are talking about with reference to 4wd cars point out that it isn’t as good as some other 4wds because it hasn’t got a lockable differential?! Why would a part-time 4wd need one? It doesn’t have a differential that NEEDS locking! Whilst we are on the subject of traction, the sport does have a rear limited-slip differential, which in my book doesn’t just mean that it matches a Land Rover, which does have a lockable diff, it is actually BETTER because neither a Range Rover or Land Rover has one - Phillip Taylor from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2011-05-21 | ID: 43710

Andy Bottriel, Hampshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2.5td 2006

4 star review

I love it! I do miss the 300hp+ of my old Volvo 850 but I bought this as the family tow car. The miles per gallon are not great, but no worse than the old Volvo, and I don’t notice a great difference to the MPG when towing. The down side is the price of the tax disc (+£400 per year) but thats not Mitsubishi’s fault. The car has all the toys I need and a comfortable leather interior. AC works well as does the heater. I used to have a 2.8 Shogun; at 4500 miles between services it was ridiculous, but this being newer the interval is an acceptable 9000 and I have found servicing cost actually pretty reasonable. The car is absolutely bullet proof and handles it’s self very well for a truck. If your looking for more perfomance and handling don’t buy this car!! It does exactly what it is designed to do extremely well and reliably. Where would I criticise it: it desperatly needs a 6th gear when the caravan isn’t on the back. I would say as a tow car they don’t come any better, I’ve never had a car that is better with a load on the back than without. I looked at the Kia Sorento when buying this and it was a close run thing Mitsy won based on the badge, but I’m pleased I did as the Kia’s tow capacity has been reduced recently.

Submitted: 2011-01-16 | ID: 43709

Fred Horton, Worcestershire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Equippe 2004

5 star review

1st class car and tows my twin axle caravan like a dream. Certainly the best tow car I have owned. Fuel consumption is in the 30s and comfortable to drive. Looks good and does what it should. Performance from standstill wont take your breath away but once moving you will be surprised how well it picks up. Brakes responsive, and steering feels the same as any other 4x4 I have driven. Summary: a great car and one I am sure will stand the test of time.

Submitted: 2010-09-22 | ID: 43713

John Butchers, Derbyshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Warrior 2004

5 star review

I have had the Warrior now for three months and in that time the vehicle has matched my expectations of it, my previous vehicle being a Pajero which was also a good all rounder. This vehicle is well made, has excellent brakes, good steering and very very good road holding. It performs well both on and off road. I agree the suspension is hard but when off road over hard boulders etc., it really does come into its own. It is a vehicle not designed to be quick as it is low geared and ideal for towing just about anything. A previous reviewer remarks on the Freelander being the better option and that might be the case for him but the Freelander, in particular the later one comes at a very high premium. My weekly mpg is 26 to 27 mixed driving and on a long run at speeds not exceeding 70 mph it will return 31 mpg. To sum up I would not hesitate to recommend this vehicle to those who want a truck that will go anywhere and do anything and carry big loads. All round a good value for money vehicle!

Submitted: 2010-07-11 | ID: 43714

Tom Abbot Jordan, Norfolk

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Warrior 2010

5 star review

Bought my Shogun Sport Warrior 5 months ago and it’s the best money I have spent on a car in years. I agree that it’s a bit thirsty and slow, but I know being stuck 2500 meters up a snow covered mountain in Italy that I was glad I was in my Shogun Sport! If you’re thinking about buying one, don’t think just buy it!

Submitted: 2010-07-01 | ID: 43708

Tim Lediard, Surrey

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2009

1 star review

This vehicle has got to rank as the worst vehicle I have ever purchased and driven. The engine size is far too small for the body shell and whilst I know a lot of drivers love it’s truck like appearance and carrying capacity, but there is really no performance at all. The brakes are atrocious, the steering is hopeless and its ability to soak up bumps etc., leaves you reeling after a long journey. I have recently been out in a newish Freelander and whilst I know there is a great price difference, the Freelander is vastly superior in just about every facet of motoring.

Responses to this review

You obviously aren’t looking for a competent off road machine, your preference in the Freelander confirms this. I had a Freelander and got fed up with the 4wd system packing up... even when it was working right it was pathetic off road. The Challenger isn’t as competent off road as many other vehicles, and on road its manerisms are very agricultural... this is probably down to the separate chassis/body layout, but this also offers excellent rigidity and robustness (is this even a word??) for the rough stuff. My Challenger is the 2.8 td, with increased fuelling, bosst and uprated intercooler mounted on the front behind the bumper it has ample performance and doubles as a drift car in power mode with the overdrive off and in 2wd.. - Colin Scougal from Durham

Having previously owned two Freelanders, I agree the Freebie is more suitable for urban use, but both the TD4 and petrol versions that I had were hopless when it came to reliability, not to metion very expensive. It’s no good if doesn’t work. It also very much depends what you want to use your car for! - from Durham

Like I’ve mentioned before, I work in a garage and it is a fact that with a K-series petrol-powered Freelander, it isn’t so much IF the head gasket will go, but when. They are a bloody nightmare. I agree to some extent that the Shogun Sport isn’t particularly fast but I wouldn’t agree that the engine is too small. It may not hurl down the road with any great urgency but try pulling a long-wheelbase Transit up a sloping field in a foot of snow with your Freelander (no, on second thoughts, better not!). The Shogun Sport is a proper roader with limited-slip rear axle, low-range, and full under-body protection. I have never been in a situation where it has been defeated in the severe conditions we have up here. I have actually gone looking for trouble on some occasions, 1 in 3 snow-covered slopes and no detectable wheelspin. Not fast but like a mountain goat, awesome machine - Phillip Taylor from Yorkshire

I have a Freelander TD and tour carvans and horse boxes without ease! The Freelander (53 plate) struggles on hills and wet fields. Don’t try and reverse it will not do that task. The Freelander needs 2.5L and low ratio box. If it had this it would be very good, but alas it has not ans is not good for towing - Chris W from Cardiff

Submitted: 2010-06-20 | ID: 43703

James Barclay, County Down

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2007

4 star review

Before I purchased my Sport 8 months ago I read the reviews here, most of which were not very good. Am I glad I didn’t listen? I got an excellent car which looks a lot better than most of the more expensive 4x4s, yes it’s more expensive to run than the 320d BMW I traded in, but with 3 kids it has more than enough room for everyone along with a massive boot. I think it was great value for money, where else would you get a good size family car, only 2 years old with warranty for around 10k? I also agree that, coming after the BMW, its inside is pretty basic but all this means is that there is less to go wrong.

Submitted: 2009-10-09 | ID: 43701

Kai Cunliffe, England

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport GLS 2.5TD 1999

5 star review

I’ve now owned my Challenger for 3 months and I’m still in love with it! I usually change cars every 2 months or so out of boredom and I’ve had so many, but I’m sticking with this one until it goes pop, if it ever does. I’ve had 2 Pajeros in the past amongst others, and the Challenger feels similar to the LWB Pajero but with more of a modern edge. Even for a ten year old car (138,000 miles on the clock), the engine is as tight as a drum, it doesn’t burn any excess (if any at all) oil, it’s smooth, well kitted out, and looks awesome. I don’t know what the guy below is talking about with regard to servicing being a joke, if you service the things when you’re supposed to they’ll do over 250,000 miles! Mine has a full service history and will continue to do so, the service intervals are every 6 months but only cost around £80, and this will give you hundreds of thousands of miles of extra motoring... It’s a no-brainer. I’m not very mechanically minded so the service chaps will let me know IF anything will need to be done to it after changing oil/plugs and having a good look around, but so far there has been nothing major changed on it which is incredible. All in all, it’s as good for long distance touring - REALLY comfy and a great place to be on night drives - as it is for towing, and it is shorter on the overhangs than the Pajeros so it scales the dips better off road without risking bodywork damage, the speakers aren’t too bad, it brakes, corners and goes like a car half its size. The a/c is great, the heater is like an oven, it’s well insulated... I’m really glad I bought it, and I feel kinda sorry for the fella below who obviously has a bitter taste in his mouth but he’s the only person I’ve ever heard of who has had a bad experience with these cars. MPG isn’t bad, just don’t floor it everywhere! I’m averaging about 30 mpg. Can’t fault it. Touch wood ;o)

Responses to this review

I still stand by what I said about servicing Mitsubishis.I work in a garage so get to see what it costs in the way of parts etc. Mitsubishi spares are ESPECIALLY expensive, compared with almost ALL other cars (including BMW and Mercedes). My car is also the only car I know of that requires you to use only the Mitsubishi OBD when diagnosing faults. We are able to clear all engine codes and reset the engine management light on virtually every car, except mine! Still love my car though! - Phillip Taylor from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2009-10-05 | ID: 43699

Mags, Mid-Lothian (Edinburghshire)

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Warrior 2006

4 star review

I’m presently in the midst of purchasing a Warrior... and worried by your comments (Colin Scobbie, Inverness-shire). Are they really that bad?

Responses to this review

try asking rac about shogun sport you would be very surprised they get to see the break downs - from Neath Port Talbot

Submitted: 2009-08-10 | ID: 43702

Colin Scobbie, Inverness-shire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2008

2 star review

Hi, had my Shogun Sport for 7 months and never again will I buy another. It’s thirsty, expensive for parts and servicing is a joke. It drives like a box that’s all I can say apart from if you’re planning to buy one...DON’T.

Responses to this review

Cost, cost, cost. It’s the old "if you have to ask, you can’t afford it". It’s the price you pay for quality versatile motoring and even at that, it’s not that dear! Echoing Kai Cunliffe, England, if you regularly look after it and don’t drive it with a heavy right foot, costs can be kept down. The most expensive thing I found with it is the road tax, but hey, it’s a one-off payment a year, so save up! I think your comments are only relative to the vehicle you purchased as the rest of the comments people are leaving ,bar maybe one or two ,are positive. I had the pleasure of using the 3L V6 model of this truck when I was touring New Zealand, and if I was worried about paying the fuel bill or parts and sevicing costs, I wouldn’t have come home and bought one straight away, but I did and I love it! There may be a few wee chuckles had at your comment, I know I did. Sorry pal - Craig Lawrence from Stirlingshire

Is he driving a Land Rover? The seats are brill and like a box ridiculous services with Mitsubishi dealer. Fuel wise, it’s not as thirsty as most 4wd trucks. I have had two W-reg 3 into country and now a 2003 132.000 miles and have only replaced tyres once and 299.00 on disc pads in 2011 MOTs. Same exhaust odd bulb oil/filter and every winter, a new set of heater plugs. What a truck and I am out lamping twice a week and never got stuck. The toe bar socket hanging down is the worst thing that lets it down, steering circle is like a tank - Andrew Kirkland from Derbyshire

Colin, you speak the true. The 2.5 sport is crap, how it was ever allowed to be called a sport I don't know, anything but sporty.IT drags like a coffin as you said the cost of parts just a rip off by Mitsubishi - from Swansea

Submitted: 2009-04-03 | ID: 43732

Anthony White, Northamptonshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Equipe 2002

5 star review

I’ve had my 2.5td sport for 18 months now and it’s been an excellent vehicle, I’ve used it as a workhorse with the rear seats down to carry everything from doors to plumbing equipment, bags of sand and cement and everything in between without a single problem. I also use it to pull our twin-axle caravan at approx 1850kg with no complaints. If you can live with around 27-29 mpg and the service intervals this is a great family vehicle and a great workhorse.

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it haven't started to go wrong yet ???????//?/??/?/ - from Swansea

Submitted: 2009-01-16 | ID: 43731

Wayne, Yorkshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Trojan 2.5TD 2008

4 star review

I have just purchased a Shogun Sport Trojan and I am happy with it up to now. I like the space it offers inside and it does make a fantastic family car. The fuel consumption isn’t too good though! The car itself looks smart and was very good value for money. Titanium grey is a fantastic colour to choose as it shows the cars lines well and makes it look more bulky. Plus I haven’t seen many this colour on the road. I would like to see and have more gadgets inside as the ones it has are quite basic and flimsy. I have had a Toyota MR2 before and like how the Japanese build their engines.

Submitted: 2008-12-15 | ID: 43728

Mufftrix, Derbyshire

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport Trojan 2.5 2006

4 star review

Just swapped my Freelander td4 for this and up to now very happy! Fuel consumption not quite as good but the room more than makes up for it. I have 2 dogs and there is room a plenty for them to nosy about and lie down. Interior trim is basic after the Freelander (had heated seats windscreen etc) but at least all leather seats. summary great dog /family car with great looks (get a black one they look best!)

Submitted: 2008-10-15 | ID: 43730

Ryan, Scotland

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2007

5 star review

This car is amazing to drive and is great for space. You can fit 4 passengers and 4 dogs in the boot - you couldn’t ask for a better car for the money. It is also very good looking and stylish.

Submitted: 2008-09-24 | ID: 43729

Phillip Taylor, England

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2003

4 star review

I drive many different types of car for a living, but it is always a relief to get in my Shogun at the end of a long day. Never has a car seat and general driving position felt so right - and I truly mean this. It IS slow (well with only 114 bhp to pull 2 tonnes it was never going to be fast was it?), nevertheless I know that whatever the weather I WILL get home - its grip with ’proper’ tyres is amazing. True, it is very truck-like, but that is perhaps because it unashamedly IS a truck (with all the tough mechanicals that go into making one). I always get 30mpg if I’m careful to limit myself to a maximum 3000rpm, this gives me reasonable performance. You soon get used to it’s mammoth size and parking isn’t too bad. Of course, being a Mitsubishi it is reliable, but I do think what they expect you to pay for servicing it is a joke. Over all, it ’does what it says on the tin’ but if ever a car needed a six-speed gearbox this is it. I am forever going for the extra gear it so desperately needs! A good honest vehicle but definitely no dragster.

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I agree it could do with a 6th gear or an overdrive option. I had my Shogun Sport (53 plate) for 3 yrs, the only thing that went wrong was the alternator and the main crank pulley (rubber disintegrated) but it had done 178k by the time they went - Shaun Smith from Somerset

Submitted: 2008-07-22 | ID: 43726

Julie Meyers, Cornwall

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2007

4 star review

This car offers a lot of car for the money, but does not offer the same level of space, quality or image as more expensive rivals. Very good car though for only a snip over £20,000 new.

Submitted: 2007-10-26 | ID: 43725

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