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Mazda BT-50 consumer reviews by year of make: 2006  2007  2008  2009 

Mazda BT-50 consumer car reviews

Brian Tarran, Durham

Mazda BT-50 Double Cab TS 2007

5 star review

I bought my BT50 new in May 2007. The discount was massive and compared to the price of Nissan’s, Toyota’s and Mitsubishi’s the choice was easy as the drive is exellent. The only faults have been service items, battery, front shock and EGR valve clean. With all the money saved I got new 17 inch alloy wheels and tyres, a spray on bedliner (brilliant product), truck top and tinted windows. I’ve now done 57000 miles and need to replace my rear tyres; General Grabber’s last forever. This has been the best vehicle I’ve owned, great in the winter and so much storage available in the summer (camping etc.). In 2007 it was very easy for people to pay twice as much as I did for other pick-ups. Well chuffed.

Submitted: 2012-03-21 | ID: 42764

Ally Main, Moray (Elgin) and Nairn Shire

Mazda BT-50 2008

5 star review

I have owned this truck from new (4 years) and I cannot think of anything to grumble about with it, I have had no problems whatsoever. The original Bridgestone Dueller tyres were terrible and made the truck skittish at roundabouts etc. Once changed to Vredesteins the truck is now very sure footed. I have driven all other popular trucks and can honestly say I wouldn’t have any of them over my Mazda. I have used it daily doing anything from heavy towing, round town and long distance high speed driving and nothing is a problem. Great motor!!

Submitted: 2012-03-19 | ID: 42763

Tim Harris, Dumfriesshire

Mazda BT-50 2008

1 star review

We bought three of these Pick-ups and mine has the lowest mileage of the three, but has had new injectors at 12000 miles. I have just had its two year service and it’s packed up on the main road with an engine fault again, just when I need it the most. All the comments made about it are true it has space nice to drive and a good price, but when the weather gets cold it packs up. I have to drive in difficult conditions in the North of Scotland and at this moment would I trust the BT50? Simple answer, no!

Submitted: 2010-12-07 | ID: 42760

Jim Ryan, Kent

Mazda BT-50 TS2 2009

5 star review

Love, love love this truck. I bought it from new as the discount was great and have honestly enjoyed every driving minute since. I bought it new in Feb’ 09 and have covered 21,000 miles. It’s never so much as sneezed and always starts first time. The engine is a gem and is both powerful and ecomomical. You feel that the TS2 will last forever and will go anywhere. The truck feels solid and has a presence on the road other lesser cars lack. Visibility is brill’ both front and back and as you sit high up, you see further ahead so it’s safer too. Downside? Rear access is tight and the truck is skittish in the wet as the rear wheels scrabble for grip, especially when turning at speed, but don’t let these put you off as the pleasure of driving and owning this vehcle will exceed all your expectations. Go on, get yourself one and see what your missing.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-09-09 | ID: 42762

Victor, Costa Rica

Mazda BT-50 3000cc 2009

5 star review

Excellent overall car. I’m at 12000km and so far so good. My only complaint is that the rear suspension is a tad too harsh (nothing Old Man Emu can’t fix) and makes speed bumps and other road irregularities quite noticeable. The 3000cc engine is very good, has a nice grunt to it (much more than the 2.5 variant (on newer ones) and its fuel efficient, although if you step on it (like I usually do) don’t expect more than 450-500 kms per tank (you probably can get much more, it’s just that I enjoy overtaking lesser cars and I’m always late so...). It’s an amazing off-roader (once you put proper tires to it, the one’s that came stock with mine are quite flimsy for off-roading) and there’s nothing like the good old 4H-L stick; it NEVER fails and unlike the Navara or the Hilux getting to 4L when you really need it is effortless. The top speed (somewhere around 165-170 kph) isn’t much but it gets there rather fast. It’s got lots of accessories available which is always good.

Submitted: 2010-08-16 | ID: 42761

Spence, Kent

Mazda BT-50 2009

5 star review

I have owned this truck for 6 months now and am truly delighted with it. It does everything, loaded or unloaded and is sensational off road. Would buy again over all the competition and fuel is amazing, regularly getting 35+. If your looking for a workhorse that drives like a car, look no further, 5stars, six if it was an option.

Submitted: 2009-12-12 | ID: 42759

Andy Cameron, Yorkshire

Mazda BT-50 4x2 Single Cab 2007

5 star review

This is an excellent truck! Fast,powerfull and utterly reliable. A real joy to own. I would recommend this vehicle without hesitation to anyone and it is so much cheaper than the equivilant Hilux/Nissans, etc. I’ve owned mine from new with no major problems and it’s now covered 50,000 miles with the only slight problem being a faulty ignition switch, which was replaced without quibble by the local Mazda dealer. I Would definately buy another!

Submitted: 2009-11-16 | ID: 42758

Jason, Devon

Mazda BT-50 Single Cab 2007

5 star review

I've driven most truck models out there. Nissan Navara's, L200's, Hilux's, Rangers, both new and old and I can honestly say that the Mazda BT50 is in a league of its own. Pulls great, very capable off road, handles like a car, great price from garage and the fuel is amazing. After test driving most models I decided on the Mazda over them all. I've owned one for 6 months now and my MPG range (recorded an average of 20 times) Min - Max has been 30-44 MPG. I don't drive crazy speeds under 70mph, you can put it in 5th at 35mph and the truck just does the rest effortlessly, empty or loaded, caravan or trailer. The price is also a bonus, being ££1,000s cheaper than the competition. I had lots of change spare to spend on accessories.

Submitted: 2008-02-27 | ID: 42766

Dino Abercrombie, Dumbartonshire

Mazda BT-50 2.5TD Double Cab 4x4 TS 2006

4 star review

Excellent all terraine vehicle, whether hauling, towing or unloaded. Very well equipped as standard. Good responsive steering and nice bit of grunt from the engine. A substantial pick up that offers a lot.

Submitted: 2007-11-19 | ID: 42765

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