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Mercedes-Benz Vito consumer car reviews

john roberts, Flintshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2003 - 2010

5 star review

operate a private hire company and one of the vehicles is a Vito with 448000 miles on the clock, only now thinking of replacing , gear box getting a bit tight when cold on gear selection, engine still very strong , only had injector issues, all runs well and still covers over 1000 mile per week, needless to say will be looking for another merc.

Submitted: 2017-04-08 | ID: 140486

Paul, Cork

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2003 - 2010

4 star review

We are new owners of an 05 crewcab 6 gear 6 seater and have no major priblems, bur spare tyre removal tool missing, had to cut out the bar wuth a grinder ! Windows are very fast up and down, very slight rust on the door edges, seems to lock us outoccasionally, front steering mechanism a bit clunky over uneven road at slow speed, good for high speed, turbo works fine, radio dodgy, cant extract cd. Brakes are a bit wavy slowing down , footbrake doesnt hold on a hill.Nice to drive on open road. Wipers not great, but all in all not a bad machine so far. It is ex English, well looked after. Will update on any future potential disasters !

Submitted: 2016-05-17 | ID: 131644

D Shepherd, City of Glasgow

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2010 - 2014

2 star review

2012 compact 116 ... Have to say this van is comfy quite quiet for a diesel and can shift ,probably best van of its size for blasting up and down motorway .. I've had Trafics, Vivaro and 140 Transit this is defo the quickest if that's your thing but in three years of owning the Transit it never let me down once but within four months of ownership of the Vito it's had brake pads, fan belt , two different electrical faults, drivers window won't close as of two days ago, a few bulbs gone already, side door doesn't stay shut sometimes and the pedals are set too high so not so good for driving around town defo better for motorways .. Any more faults and think I'll be selling it so fingers crossed

Submitted: 2015-12-31 | ID: 125351

chris, North Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2015 - 2017

2 star review

Nice van but badly let down by gearbox & MB workshops, van jams in first gear or cant get first without cycling through gears making van terrible to drive in traffic, dealers response is "we admit there is a problem but as van has just launched we dont know anything about them so let it develop, had last vito for 8 years but will get rid of this before warranty expires

Submitted: 2015-12-18 | ID: 124837

Janet, Derbyshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2003 - 2010

5 star review

I have a 8 seater vito and automatic gear box as gone body work not good on seals of doors is it worth mending

Submitted: 2015-09-10 | ID: 120989

Stoychev, Bulgaria

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2003 - 2010

3 star review

Hi, guys! I have a question,please help me. My friend told me that MB Vito 2006 115 cdi have engine problem which brake engine between 80k-120k and told me to sell my Vito. Did anyone had this problem?

Responses to this review

Hi there, just seen your post and can say your friend is very wrong. I have a 2001 110cdi Vito auto,have had it from new and is a wheelchair taxi and so far has covered 320,000 miles. The engine has only had 2 new injectors ( due to bad supermarket fuel ) damaging seals but is always serviced on time and only Mercedes oil used. Autobox rebuilt after 186,000 miles. Have recently bought a 2007 Viano V6 diesel which I am converting to wheelchair access. ( has a lot more toys as well )LOL. My local garage services at least 3 Vito vans that have covered at least 800,000 miles.Mercs are bulletproof. Hope this answers your ? - Brian DIxon from Hampshire

Submitted: 2015-09-03 | ID: 120717

Andy wood, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2003 - 2010

5 star review

After numerous transits, relays, and vivaro's, I bought my first Vito, a 115 x sport dualiner, what a van, now got 160 k on it, drives like it has 10k on it, solid, fast, quality build, use it for my work has a joiner, and it pulls our 4 berth caravan, have to check it's still on the back, it pulls like a train ! I get a buzz every time I get in it, without a doubt, the best van I have ever owned, highly reccomended

Submitted: 2015-03-13 | ID: 113286

Dave Jordan, Derbyshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2003 - 2010

5 star review

I bought this van from new, had it speced up the same as a 'C' Class, Air conditioning , electric everything, captain seat for comfort. Black body work, blacked out windows, three removable seats in the back so doubles up as a people carrier, when not doing contract fitting or courier work. Purchased July 2005, so have had it just nine years. Coming up to 320,000 miles, and still returning, in excess of 50 m.p.g. and never gets serviced at Mercedes, I do all my own, except when it had to go in for an open non return valve on diesel tank which allowed for ingress of water , and caused failure of engine, which initially caused Mercedes to scratch their heads, until I explained, I couldn't fill the tank up to the brim, as it leaked out diesel so I thought, if diesel can escape, then maybe water can get into the tank, so this focused the guy's minds at Mercedes, and between us we resolved the problem. The only other was a funny knocking at about 2300 rpm which turned out to be the prop -shaft about to collapse.... So how to keep the mpg at 50+ follow the Super market wagons, they now do 50 mph, so my 115CDi is pottering along at 1800rpm, I have used one set of tyres this year doing 80,000 miles, as I said I do all my own servicing, changing my oil religiously every 10,000 miles. the oil and filter costs about £25.00 from Andrew Page.Not this new service interval of 25000 miles my mate does in his Sprinter......I'm expecting at least half a million miles out of this baby.

Responses to this review

Hi, I was reading you post regarding the mercy vito dualina, wow you got 300000 plus miles on it so amazing, you said you do all the service your self too, I have just looking to buy one myself and was wondering if you can list what sort of service you do to maintain the vehicle as like how often do you change the engine oil and gearbox oil, is yours manual or automatic, the one I'm looking at is automatic. Love to hear more from you soon Regards Shamshir - Shamshir shah from Middlesex

Submitted: 2014-06-13 | ID: 97582

Matt Smith, Somerset

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 cdi compact 2007

4 star review

Bought the van in 2010 off main dealer with 90k odd on it already. It was immaculate, inside and out. So far I’ve put 60K on it and loved every mile! Few small gripes though. Being a carpenter, the van gets hoofed up kerbs/rough ground occasionally, consequently I’m forever in need of adjustment. And it chews brake pads up - but I drive it fairly hard admittedly. So I will take some of the blame! Rust- no problem. It’s arse end even gets dipped in the sea occasionally! Comfy, torquey, reliable. Ticks all my box’s... still!!

Submitted: 2013-11-15 | ID: 43315

Oscar Lasheras, Spain

Mercedes-Benz Vito CDI 115 2008

2 star review

Hi, I drive a Vito cdi 115. Lots of problems regarding traction, wet conditions without any load (most of the times are pretty dangerous). Noticeable vibrations between 2500 and 2900 rpm, very disgusting. I used to drive a Vito 112 cdi, much better!!

Responses to this review

Hi Oscar, I have recently purchased a 2007 Vito CDI 115 Mini Bus, I find it to be a great little bus but I have the same problem as you vibrations at between 2500 and 2900 RPM especially when pulling in second gear as I carry on average six passengers and pull a luggage trailer, the vibration has become an embarrassment. I just wonder did you find a solution to your problem as I have tried various things here all to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Sam. South Africa. - from South Africa

could be the propshaft....had to have mine replaced on my 2007 111cdi last year (95000 miles) - from Somerset

Going to have prop shaft repaired will keep you posted if it solves the problem. Sam. - from South Africa

Problem solved, Sold the Vito, now looking for an automatic version as I believe they are much smoother while changing. - from South Africa

Submitted: 2013-09-13 | ID: 43314

Robert Morri, Sussex

Mercedes-Benz Vito 1998

1 star review

What can I say? It’s got the rust bug all over and it costs a fortune to keep on the road. The garage keep having it in for work; the injector seals are a problem. I think it will be a Transit for me soon. What can I get for scrap?!

Responses to this review

well said , I have a 2003 mercedes which is covrered inrust it is a discrace I had a 2003 vauxhall astra at the same time with no rust which had done 3 x more miles - from Bedfordshire

I have just bought the worlds rustiest vehicle - Vito 108D 1997 - nothing works properly and its as rusty as the Titanic underneath and all over, but it keeps on passing its MOT without advisories, just as well MB placed all of the load-bearing items well away from the renowned rust areas, so happy days at the moment. - Frank Delacoe from Hampshire

I have just bought the worlds rustiest vehicle - Vito 108D 1997 - nothing works properly and its as rusty as the Titanic underneath and all over, but it keeps on passing its MOT without advisories, just as well MB placed all of the load-bearing items well away from the renowned rust areas, so happy days at the moment. - Frank Delacoe from Hampshire

Submitted: 2013-07-08 | ID: 43313

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Eric Lucic, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Vito Extra Long 2008

4 star review

I had bought my first van a 109 extra long in 2004 and was ok with some small problems. It had 5 speed manual and had averaged 27 to 30 MGP, with 0 to 12L/100km. It was a bit slow but ecnomical and used for satellite and antenna installation with Rhino Rack ladder rack with extension and step ladder and several pipes on top. I followed a B-double semi around a rural road T intersection and could barely overtake the two long trailers; I always drove it hard to make it go as it appeared to be sluggish (underpowered). Traded it in on a new 2008 111cdi extra long now with automatic trans, which has much more go. I now drive this van easy and steady to help economy and speeding fines. I now get about 25 to 28 MPG, 11 to 13 l/100km and after four years I have had no real problems. For all the problems and solutions YOU MUST properly rotate all of your tyres in the one go at 10000km or sooner or you will wear out the front with bad scuffing on the insides and totally wreck them up before you get 30000km out of the whole set. I only use Michelin or Contenential. The 109 was hard shift into first, but was adjusted and a knock in the front suspension at the drivers side tyre was proved to be a tie rod. The ignition unscrewed and fell through the dash, but was retightened. The headliner was replaced along with tail gate struts. No major problems at all, BUT I have heard of many horror stories of other owners vans. My advice is to only buy new and look after it, driving hard off from traffic lights will only put unnecessary strain on the engine, transmission and on drive line. Maintenance at the dealership is expensive even for a basic service, so find elsewhere to go, get spares on line or at an auto part store such as Repco or Bursons. Find a good local mechanic . My extra long Vito is a great van with lots of room in the cab and in the back. I would buy another one again, but resale value is low because of all the cheaper Hyundai iLoads, which are selling compared with second hand Vitos.

Submitted: 2013-02-24 | ID: 43288

Andy MacDonald, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 cdi 2007

1 star review

Couldnt agree more with previous reviews. I’ve seen about 3/4 of the problems listed with my own van! Very depressing, I’ll never buy one again!

Submitted: 2012-12-26 | ID: 43291

Peter Abbott, Sussex

Mercedes-Benz Vito Luton 2007

5 star review

They are a working tool for most of us. Rust is an issue, but no more than any other make. If you ever have a windscreen changed watch how they take it out; ever wondered why there’s so much rust around the windscreen of the older Sprinters? (Screw drivers).

Responses to this review

I have a 06 XLWB Vito that rotted in front of my eyes. Purchased it when 4 years old with only 45k on the clock and was privately owned and had a small amount of rust around the rear wash wipe. Took it to Merc dealership in Osbaldwick York who where worse than useless, losing the information on paint thickness, my details, chassis nr etc 3 times and on the 4th visit they broke the bonnet catch and cobbled a repair which broke as soon as I checked the repair and lord knows why they needed to be under the bonnet. In the 4 months it took to get a response the rust has grown like a rash and holed the door with Merc saying it needs a new door! In the end got sickened off with their ridiculous excuses not to carry the repair under the bodywork warranty and paid for the repair myself. Some 2 years later it would be pebble dashed with rust spots if it wasn’t for the visits to the spray shop. It remains privately owned with only 67k on the clock. Great van apart from paintwork and mickey mouse Mrc dealership. Never again will I go to a Merc dealer!! - Carl Hallam from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2012-11-11 | ID: 43289

Michael McLinden, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Vito XLWB 2005

5 star review

I purchased my 115CDI New in 2005. I now have 387000+ Ks on it. In this time I have had to replace the rear wiper motor, both electric window runners, starter motor and the drivers seat due to the fabric wearing, and that’s about it. I am on my 3rd set of brake pads and 4th set of tyres. I gave up on trying to stop a knock in the front suspension, just couldn’t find what it was. I have changed the oil and filter every time it asked for it. Each year I think I going to update, but keep saying I will keep it for another year. I still get 850+ ks to a tank of diesel and for a Van it drives really well. I would buy another one any day of the week.

Responses to this review

Your front suspension knock is probably the torsion bar that needs its rubber mountings replaced. It shifts to one side when the rubber mounts are worn - and makes an annoying knock when going over speed bumps - Brad Smith from South Africa

The knock from the front of the Vito will be the anti roll bar. The Mercedes technicians never grease it properly and your roll bar tie rod ends will have worn as well. Grease, replace the ball jointed rods and the knocking noise should dissapear - Brendan Kehoe from Australia

Bought my 115 , a 2007 model in 2011. It had done 125k. It now stands on 524k and is going strong. Suspension is a little noisy but within limits. I only service every 30k but with the best fully synthetic oil. I have replaced the turbo at 320k but I am still on the first clutch. Would buy a Vito any day again. - Thorsten Biermann from South Africa

Submitted: 2012-09-05 | ID: 43302

Abel Kabar, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2005

5 star review

I have a new Mercedes-Benz Vito, but I am not totally satisfied with it. It’s a very expensive van, but some parts are not well done, for instance the electric windows and braking pads. It is still very good for long trips, but I hope the Mercedes Benz improve the service. Otherwise excellent.

Submitted: 2012-09-03 | ID: 43301

Michael Smith, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 dci 2009

2 star review

40,000 miles on the clock and the tyre wear is excessive. It has broken rear springs, turbo pipes blowing off, the tracking is never correct and the thing vibrates at 60 mph. Also the interior lights never work, the door locks jam so it has a permanently locked rear door, the gas struts fail and on and on..

Submitted: 2012-08-29 | ID: 43300

Scott, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111CDi 2005

1 star review

I have owned this van for 7 months and what a money pit/pile of junk it is. By far the worst vehicle I have ever bought. There was a problem with the gear linkages as we couldnt get 2nd gear and then the others stared to become hard/impossibe to get. The rust is ridiculous for a van that has only done 110k miles. Injector 1 then failed. The drivers electric window mechanism failed resulting in the window being stuck open during last winter. Now the flywheel has just failed. It knocks tyres out and eats brake pads quicker than a race car. Nearly £3k in repairs in 7 months. And do Merc dealerships want to know? Nope... The most unhelpful, underhand and expensive dealership I have ever had the isfortune of dealing with. I can’t wait to sell it and will definitely never buy a Merc van again. Lesson learned.

Responses to this review

Just get rid of it! We got one from new 2005, still got it and had nothing but problems from day one. All to do with bad suspension causing numerous other problems. Mercedes are a waste of time, no help. At the moment it still keeps going when the key is removed!! It will beat you! - Deniz Bagot from London

111 Auto long wheelbase Vito 2005 . Bought about 4 years ago at auction. Paid 6500 sterling. Now has 170K miles.Has all bells and whistles . 2 sets of tyres, front windows both sides have had repair kits to cure stuck windows. One full gearbox overhaul plus one selector plate / control unit replacement. Two sets brake pads - no discs yet but soon as on 80% front worn. Burns almost no oil - just a cupfull between services.Propshaft overhaul at 160K miles and new exhaust system. Electrics have been no problem at all and only 2 bulbs ( side light and number plate ) replaced. Used only privately but many trips UK to Spain at speed etc. Rust treated on rear door lock area where the Armor door lock system guys gouged the paint when fitting the security locks - rusted below the stainless steel plate!!.Cant blame Merc for that one can we?. However theres some bubbling now on the corners of the rear doors and side panels and ALL from the inside. All in all I like the van and thinking now to buy another one but may just run this till it craters and scrap it as its virtually worthless as a trade in. As fro Merc service garages?. Had no problems as I have an SLK too and the garage has been reasonable enough as far as charges go. I guess its just the luck of the draw when we buy anything -- touch wood my luck has held up with this buy.I would have another one but not at the stupid new prices they want. Buy from auction at much lower cost and risk a few repairs!!! - Tony Allen from England

Submitted: 2012-05-24 | ID: 43297

Mark Robinson, Northern Ireland

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 CDI Auto 2005

4 star review

Hi! I bought the van in 2008 with less than 10k miles. The auto gear box has given me some bother, but I now have 177k miles on the van and it’s going well. The mpg is not to bad if driven with manners, approx 25-30mpg. A good reliable van, which never misses a beat and the seats are very easy to lift in and out.

Responses to this review

Hi, now have 205k on this van, still going well, must admit the drop rod on the front needs replacing quite regularly - Mark Robinson from County Tyrone

Submitted: 2012-04-21 | ID: 43292

Rob S, Norfolk

Mercedes-Benz Vito Dualiner sport LWB 2008

4 star review

Very fond of my Vito after 4 years of trouble free driving. Granted I don’t do the mileage of a commercial Vito, but overall I’m pleased with it so far (only another 6yrs to go!). Pros: The seats are comfortable, it’s good to drive, relaxed cruising, like most vehicles if you thrash it the fuel gauge goes down rapidly, but with smooth handling a tank of fuel will last a considerable time. The paintwork is still bright and fresh although I have noticed some rust bubbles on one alloy and there are one or two stone chips on the bonnet. All the electronics are sound and nothing has fallen off. The wiper blades have been replaced once. The service interval is astonishing (once upon a time diesels were in every 6000 miles....) Cons: The front tyre wear; it needed a new set at 17k miles after experiencing vibration and pulling, apparently this is fairly typical especially if you take full advantage of its tight turning circle - the tyres get scrubbed good and proper. And you can’t fit just any old tyre either. It also doesn’t like being left sitting for days on end and has refused to start twice. The resale value is also an issue as you’d be lucky to get half what you paid after 3 years (2008 models seem to average around 11 - 13k at the moment).

Submitted: 2012-04-05 | ID: 43296

Joe Page, South Africa

Mercedes-Benz Vito Vito bus cdi 115 2005

5 star review

You can say what you want about any motor car, bus, SUV, but if you dont look after any motor car you will have problems. I got a Fiat Strada 1.6 EL 2006 model, which I was very  happy with. Then a VW Golf CTI 1.8 golf 1991mark 1 , with which I had no problems. Then I had a Vito bus cdi 115 2005, which I worked hard and travelled in a lot and got no problem! There are no bad machines on wheels, look after them and they will give you good service.

Responses to this review

I’m just reading some of the comments and find it hard to believe that Mercedes is that bad to some people. I was on my way to buy one of these vans. Please people cheer me up - Nolan Walters from Namibia

Submitted: 2012-03-28 | ID: 43294

Tony B, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 112 CDi 2002

5 star review

A great van with a great engine. Love my Vito!

Submitted: 2012-03-21 | ID: 43309

David Brown, Staffordshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2009

1 star review

This is the worst van that I have ever owned. The van has heavy oil consumption, 4.5 L before the first oil service, the dealer says that this is acceptable as there are designed to use 24 L in that period. The heater wasn’t blowing out any hot air in one of the coldest winters that we have had. We replaced the pollen filter under guarantee, but this had no effect whatsoever. After two attempts at the Mercedes dealer my local garage found an airlock. On the motorway I keep under 60 miles an hour due to the noise, although the dealer says this is normal. I would drive our Renault Master at 80 miles an hour all day. We average 34 miles to the gallon with the Renault but only 26 mpg with the Mercedes. most of the light bulbs in the Mercedes have all been replaced and the reverse light sensor has gone wrong twice. You can see daylight out of the rear doors and the paint is rubbing off.

Submitted: 2012-02-13 | ID: 43307

Wayne Appleton, Durham

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 ex long wheelbase 2004

1 star review

This is the worst van I have ever had, I wish I had stayed with my reliable galvanised Fiat Scudo. The rust is absolutely disgraceful and when I complained to Mercedes they sent out a professional bodywork guy who said it was all caused by stonechips. I didn’t know stone chips happen inside the doors, on the back and under the bonnet?! The springs snap (four times), the front struts collapse, the key lost its code costing me £2100 for a new key and recepticle. I can’t get any gears when its cold, it eats front tyres, and I am completely sick of it, but it is worth so little because of the rust that I can’t afford to get rid of it.

Submitted: 2012-01-24 | ID: 43308

Jay, Sussex

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 2007

1 star review

Well what can I say? lots actually and its mostly bad! Oh dear, oh dear, what a pile of junk these things are. It’s badly built, badly designed and badly finished. Bad, bad, bad, bad and expensive! I’ve had mine 5 years and the only redeeming feature is that so far it has proved mechanically quite reliable, but that’s it. There’s rust everywhere and I mean everywhere, the damn thing looks 20+ years old already. The driver’s window packed up 3 years ago. The fuel filler cover is so flimsy it keeps getting broken when people get out of the passenger side and catching it. The gearchange is dreadful, especially on winter mornings, the driving position is odd and uncomfortable and the front suspension knocks and rattles like an old barn door, and looking at the service history it always has! The door retaining straps have broken 3 times and now the bolts have shered off flush due to rust so I can’t change the drivers side anymore. The rear door resraints have never worked properly even when I replaced them! The paint is so so thin it’s ridiculous and chips off as soon as it touches anything. I could go on and on believe me, but I hope you get the message. If I could have left 0.5 stars I would..just! This van started its downward slope at 3 years old and gathered pace very quickly indeed. Shocking!!!

Responses to this review

Thank you for your feed back on the vito and I have found most of the comments entertaining and informative . Regards John butler - John butler from North Yorkshire

Submitted: 2012-01-19 | ID: 43312

Paul Spence, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109cdi 2007

1 star review

This is my third Vito, you would have thought I’d learnt my lesson!!! Every one I’ve owned has failed over and over again. One set on fire due to a seized power steering pulley. I’ve experienced: appalling delivery condition, failed steering lock/ignition, faulty reversing lights, tyres wearing, problem tracking and warning lights on the dash to match a Christmas tree! Now I feel like I’ve been duped, no sooner has the van been serviced and passed its second mot than it breaks down again with the alternator, this time. This is despite the warning light being present during the last two years services and mots and me asking for it to be resolved. The bill for replacing the alternator £825. Yes, you’ve read that correctly £825!! I’ve never received an invoice for the work, but have been threatened with credit control by the dealership manager. I can’t wait for Monday morning’s telephone call.

Submitted: 2011-12-07 | ID: 43310

Cliff, Sussex

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 cdi 2005

1 star review

My Vito is on long term lease and currently has 125,000 miles on it. Faults: Electric windows fail regularly, paintwork shoddy around doors, sides and rear. It had propshaft failure at 110,000 miles, with excessive vibration around 60+ mph for many miles before. The rear springs have broken twice, the tyres ware irregularily despite numerous tracking corrections and balancing. The accelerator pedal broke on the motorway and poor quality plastic materials have been used. It’s had three sets of discs, numerous pad changes and brake overhauls. It has wobbly electrics all round, with literally a dozen plus headlamp bulbs needed so far and rear bulbs blow on tailgate regularily. I suspect a poor power supply to electrical points throughout the van. The central locking is faulty and the alarm has a mind of it’s own in hot weather. The dash display lights up with warnings for no reason, sometimes all the lights come on for a while. The rear door latch fails at times - nothing like the tailgate opening at speed! There was an overheating problem early on and it has had a problem sticking in first gear from new; it pops out at the traffic lights as you engage and rev. The seat is also rigid and this makes it difficult to find a comfortable position with the bulkhead so close. The passenger seat is rigid and the middle seat is impossible to use unless you are from a circus act. The CD player is erratic at times, the n/s speaker works when it feels obliged to and the interior light refuses to go out from time to time. It uses a fair amount of oil for a six+ year old van, with fumes noticeable in the cab from cold. The SRS warning light fails to extinguish from time to time, the engine bay is excessively dirty due to poor shielding from splash/road dirt. The wishbone was replaced before the propshaft failed. There are various suspension knocks from cold and under load. The vehicle pulls to the left despite numerous corrections. The battery seems to struggle in cold weather and the reversing lights only work if reverse gear is engaged and held painfully slowly. The handbrake cable is like old knicker elastic and the spare wheel fixing was subject to a recall as it was known to fail and dump any cargo on the highway. It has poor overall mpg and poor performance under load. The vehicle dips and lurches on indifferent surfaces and there are traction problems in wet weather; antiskid device has its own agenda when negotiating roundabouts. The above list is not exhaustive; if you buy one of these lemons you will expect to see some/many of the above faults at any given time throughout the history of your bitter ownership. And don’t expect any help from Mercedes main dealerships; they are indifferent and aloof to the more obvious shortcomings of the above vehicle. Mercifully for me the vehicle is leased to a company who have very deep pockets indeed. Avoid at all costs. Seriously.

Responses to this review

Hi Cliff. I've had five merc vans. 307 , twin wheel Sprinter, 2001 Vito , 2004 Vito, 2006 Vito. I notice you're talking about a long term lease. You don't sound like you own this van. I hear you talking about Unknown knocks in the suspension. You don't take care of this van. Nobody wants to buy a van from you Cliff. The only van that might be safe to buy second hand is owner driven, Otherwise vans are commercial vehicles And finding a good second hand one should not be taken for granted. - from Ireland

Hi Cliff. I've had five merc vans. 307 , twin wheel Sprinter, 2001 Vito , 2004 Vito, 2006 Vito. I notice you're talking about a long term lease. You don't sound like you own this van. I hear you talking about Unknown knocks in the suspension. You don't take care of this van. Nobody wants to buy a van from you Cliff. The only van that might be safe to buy second hand is owner driven, Otherwise vans are commercial vehicles And finding a good second hand one should not be taken for granted. - from Ireland

Submitted: 2011-11-23 | ID: 43311

Neil, Durham

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 dualiner 2008

1 star review

The worst van I have ever owned. It has had about £7000 spent on it on warranty work and it’s still not right after 3 years. The regional dealer is an absolute joke. I paid £25,000 3 years ago and have been offered £7500 for part ex. Unfortunately Mercedes-Benz customer service back the dealer to the hilt. I have been told by the dealer to buy a VW. Enough said!

Responses to this review

I agree with you that Mercedes Benz UK will back the dealer even if they know the dealer is at fault, absolutley no point in contacting MB UK for results but still worth an email to tell how rubbish some of their dealers are like Nursling Southampton, the service manager is a complete a*se and his diagonostics guys are a joke. The better guys at this depot are sidelined as favoritism is rife. Even the directors do not care and cannot do anything - Shu’aib Afzal from Hampshire

Submitted: 2011-09-26 | ID: 43305

Edward Muench, Somerset

Mercedes-Benz Vito Compact 2005

4 star review

I bought this 2005 Vito three months ago. It started jumping out of first gear at 95k. It appears this is a common fault. It took 1 hr 10 mins to get the gearbox out. Dead easy. Took it in for an overhaul, which cost £780. Then another 2 hrs to refit. Luckily the DMF clutch had already been renewed or that would have taken the bill to around £1200. Beware of this problem if you intend buying. Otherwise a powerful, well designed and great to drive van.

Responses to this review

I did not get what exactly they had done with your gearbox. It seems the problem with the synchros, is not it? May I ask if you removed the gearbox by yourself or at a garage? Unfortunately, I have the same problem and now thinking if it is possible to make it by myself? - Greg Ignatchenko from Ukraine

Submitted: 2011-07-16 | ID: 43285

Chris, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111CDI 2005

1 star review

Had it from new, which is when the problems started. Where do I start! It’s had various ignition problems; after several visits to Mertucks, Leics they replaced the whole assembly. It’s had new rear springs (both sides), new rear brake assemblys (rusted away) and endless sets of pads, discs etc. Drinks diesel. It also had intermittent battery problems. Several visits to Mercedes later I think I have found the problem; the silly rocker switch on the dash that controls, (or doesn`t) all the interior lights. No one at Mercedes could tell me how it really works. In the end I just disconnected the rear interior light and bought a magnetic one off ebay. It’s plagued by rust and the clutch went yesterday! I wish I could afford to buy something else.

Submitted: 2011-07-08 | ID: 43287

David McKnight, County Down

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 cdi panel van 2007

1 star review

My Vito also had front tyre issues from 8k miles. At 30k front anti roll bar bushes replaced. At 51k new exhaust, anti roll bar bushes, power steering leak 3 times in to MB Nireland to get fixed, MB UK customer service don’t want to know about faults. Breaks sticking all the time, disks pads and calipers replaced; never replaced caliper in my life and I’ve done about a milllion miles. So far £700 bill. If I’d known the van was built in spain I wouldn’t have paid £19000. I had a VW lt35 before, a few problems with it, fixed fast a never any problem with Agenws Van Center or VW; they did say most of problems were with the Merc bits in the lt35. No rust on vito yet wash every week, but it’s jasper blue metalic paint seems to last better, it’s nearly 4 years old now and I will be getting a new VW next time or Toyota again, Hiace best van ever built only a wee bit hard on derv. Vito has 70k on it now, needs service, a bad vibration in drive train I think. It needs a new drive shaft. I wont be getting another one.

Responses to this review

Propshaft should make your eyes water, mine had one about 90,000 too, always VW Transporters before this, VW is light years ahead in quality - from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2011-05-29 | ID: 43274

Mike Wroth, Hampshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 230VL 1997

5 star review

Recently bought a Vito 7 seater on a P plate, has been converted to run on dual fuel, i.e Petrol and L.P.G. Having Shoguns and Pajero’s in the past I have instantly noticed the extra miles per litre and also how much room I now have! Also how well the Vito drives! I am very happy with my purchase.

Submitted: 2011-05-25 | ID: 43273

Julie Wilson, Spain

Mercedes-Benz Vito CDI 110 2003

4 star review

I bought this van to travel from the UK to the south of Spain and had to sell it a year later as still in Spain and the MOT had run out. I had a few minor problems with side door catches and things like that, plus one small problem with the electrics, but overall I considered it to be a good van. Reliable, fast and good on fuel. I didn’t want to sell it and I would definitely get one again. However, the van I purchased had belonged to the Police force, so obviously it had been serviced regularly

Submitted: 2011-05-13 | ID: 43278

Sheelan, Ireland

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI SWB 2003

4 star review

Has done just over 165,000 miles. Very fast and comfortable van. Not too bad on diesel. However, changing gears is like moving a crow bar in a bucket of stones and the rust is simply heart breaking. Bonnet is destroyed in rust. Mercedes won’t do anything about rust as service record is not from a Mercedes garage. One side door fell off at one stage. Electrics aren’t great either. Otherwise, it handles the abuse very well!!

Submitted: 2011-05-05 | ID: 43277

Bobby, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2006

4 star review

Had mine since 2006 and done 84k, no probs at all.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-04-25 | ID: 43276

Alan Gilmour, Lanarkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109cdi 2005

1 star review

Never buy one of these vans, it takes more cash than the wife: 2 x turbo, 3 x suspension, all round more electrical problems than I can remember brakes 4 times over ecu prob, drivers door and sliding door fell off, eats tyres, drinks diesel sub 20 mpg and not forgetting the rust everywhere and the steering aswell handles like a bag of spanners and the warranty’s not worth the paper it’s written on. Apart from those faults it’s fine for a 40k miles van. Thank goodness the hp is paid up soon I can then get rid!

Submitted: 2011-04-02 | ID: 43280

Darren Jackson, Kent

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2 litre TDi 2003

1 star review

A complete waste of money, the bodywork on the Vito is a joke, and to make it worse Mercedes even admitted so! Mercedes just don’t want to know once they’ve had your hard earned cash! I wrote to complain, and their answer was "buy another one from us"!!! Mercedes can take a running jump, £15,000 for a total rust bucket, it’s not even 8 years old yet, but it looks like it’s about 25 years old. Dreadful, avoid like the plague!!!

Responses to this review

Well what can i say i have had my automatic vito for ten years i bought this with 23k on the clock it has now got 90k in that time only one problem at 45k was injectors had to be replaced as for rust there is no more rust than any other car of this age but this has been looked after like a car this is the best trouble free vehicle i have ever had this is now 14 years old just over it is looking a bit tired now but i do not want to get rid of it its like my best friend so so good i would always buy mercedes if i need a van. The reason people say they are rust buckets is beacase it is a van used for carring things people seem to think they can smash the bodywork and it wont rust errr so it will get knocked about. But as proven with mine it has no more rust than any other 14 year old vehicle i could talk all day long and praise this machine. When its time for my freind to leave me there will be tears - gary ward from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2011-04-02 | ID: 43279

Paul Holland, Derbyshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 CDi 2007

2 star review

Vito bought new in Sept 2007. Within 8000 miles new front tyres were required due to scrubbing. Front suspension knocks. Front doors catch wings and pillars. Prop shaft had to be replaced. 1st & 2nd gears crunch when cold. Stereo and speaker problems. Anti roll bar bushes replaced. All this is a shame, the vehicle is great to drive and feels robust. I do hope Mercedes can bottom out all these problems?

Submitted: 2011-03-30 | ID: 43281

Nick, Lancashire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2004

1 star review

My 2004 Vito 111, milage 130000, has got many problems. Had to change the tailgate as it rusted so bad the number plate fell off the plinth, the light fell off and holes everywhere. I can’t get 1st gear, the brakes need sorting out, there are power steering faults,  both sliding doors have rust bubbles everywhere as do both front doors with additional rust along the trims. Also, both electric windows don’t work, the rear wiper motor isn’t working, which is the second one it’s had, the bracket that holds the back box steady has rusted off. The underneath of this van looks 20 years old not 6. It’s the first time I’ve owned a Vito and I’ve been well put off, the best thing is the 9 seats. Think I’ll go back to a Transit.

Submitted: 2011-01-23 | ID: 43282

Ovidiu, New Zealand

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2007

5 star review

I’ve had this van for 3.5 years now and I have done 200.000 km like a courier .Very good van and top marks from me for Mercedes and dealership Armstrong Prestige from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Submitted: 2011-01-08 | ID: 43284

Bengt Nygren, Sweden

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109CD 2010

5 star review

It’s my first MB vito 109CD and I am leasing it. I should had have taken 4W-drive because there’s lots of snow up here in Sweden. So far I’m pleased because the car before this one was a King cab 00 and it was full of rust but rather fun to drive. Happy new year!

Submitted: 2010-12-31 | ID: 43283

Huseyin Hasan, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2007

5 star review

I have had the vito since new , it now has 60,000 miles and is a real work-horse as I always carry a lot of weight in the back. The only real problem I have had was that the passenger tyre kept wearing out, but after 3 years I have found a garage that can track the wheels properly.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 43271

Steve Neary, Dumbartonshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2009

1 star review

I used to think Mercedes Benz and quality were a match made in heaven. How wrong was I? I would rate this van in reliabilty states as utter rubbish. The hand brake kept failing resulting in a van that could not park on a hill. The engine management system played up and I spent another day less revenue waiting for it to be fixed. The rear brakes and shoes were replaced after 20000 miles totally worn away and it’s only 14 months old. If it wasn’t on lease I’d ditch it tomorrow and buy something decent.

Submitted: 2010-12-01 | ID: 43272

Den Humphreys, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2005

1 star review

Nightmare since day one. 5 Years of moaning to Mercedes, problems too numerous to mention but all dealing with suspension, tyre wear, struts etc. only done 36,000miles. Still not right, drives like all the tyres are flat! Everything shakes, latest repair was new ignition barrel! Buy a Renault Trafic!!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-11-03 | ID: 43269

Andy Tamblin, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2005

1 star review

Please don’t buy this Spanish rot box, how dare Mercedes put their name on this vehicle. Overall poor finish, gearbox notchy. Body work warranty a joke.

Submitted: 2010-10-30 | ID: 43270

Andrew Jones, Warwickshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito Minibus 2009

1 star review

Bought new with 14miles on clock, 18 months later 42,000m timing chain snapped. Renault don’t want to know saying it’s out of warranty! How can this be? It’s under 2 years old and under 100,000 miles. What’s the point of the warranty then? They think I’ll buy another one? NOT LIKELY!

Responses to this review

Perhaps you might have had more luck getting warranty work done on your Vito if you had approached a Mercedes dealership (the manufacturer of the Vito) rather than going to a Renault dealership (who had nothing to do with manufacturing the Vito). - from Portugal

Submitted: 2010-10-13 | ID: 43268

Czar Brown, United States of America

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2005

3 star review

I dont want to get rude or anything about this, but this one is slow. Though I love the interior and some Mercedes Parts it really looks like a toy.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-10-13 | ID: 43267

Gary Shaw, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 CDI 2010

1 star review

I thought after producing 100,000 of these a year they would have sorted all the problems out and avoided the latest model ... please please I beg of you, do not buy a Vito. Delivered with faulty propshaft from the factory, paint rubbing off the doors because doors were out of alignment and "notchy gearbox", which after being at the dealers I have now been told "its a Vito and its the best the gearbox is going to get" Buy a T5, I had mine for 2 glorious years and 60,000 miles and all it needed was servicing and tyres before giving it a junior salesguy and buying the Vito (I’m seriousley thinking of pulling rank and getting my old T5 back and giving him the Vito, it’s really that bad) Mercedes Benz don’t want to know, the dealer does not want to know ... but I thought I would let you know.

Submitted: 2010-10-07 | ID: 43266

Nick, Cheshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 2010

1 star review

If you are anything near the height of 5’10ft do not ever get one of these!!! stupidly they have put a bulkhead in that actually stops the seat from moving backwards!?!? Its slow, absolutely horrible to drive and feels like a toy!! poorly made.

Submitted: 2010-08-11 | ID: 43256

Jeff Peters, County Antrim

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 lwb 2007

3 star review

Has anyone out there had problems with their vito constantly popping out of first gear? I have had this problem looked at under warranty 3 times now and still the problem persists. Not only is there a problem with the van but these so called specialised Mercedes mechanics are incompetent as well. I’m in need of hearing about any similar experiences and what the outcome was. I should demand that the dealership just replace the gearbox instead of constantly repairing it.

Responses to this review

This is a plastic bush that can go on the box cable. I had my veto fixed at a local garage in halifax and is now ok, beware though the cable can eventually snap - Eric Roberts from Yorkshire

Hello, I have this same problem. It’s booked into the local garage for the 22nd Oct. I would love it if Eric Roberts from Yorks could provide any further info that I could pass on to the garage when it goes in. Mine is about 2 months out warranty, nice. Cheers guys - Darren Snow from Hampshire

Hi Jeff, just having the same problems with my Vito 2007. Only 22,000 miles and it keeps popping out of 1st gear. How did you get on? - Steve Longmore from England

Submitted: 2010-08-05 | ID: 43262

Jason Tanner, Lancashire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 180d 1998

5 star review

I have a 180d vito it’s the best thing I have bought. 2x airbags, electric windows, central locking and electric mirrors and heated. It’s been all over no problem. It’s ten time better than a rusty transit that falls to bits if it rains. The Vito has rust on the bottom of doors but is easily sorted with a sand over the top and rust re paint and wax oil. No rust has come back in 12 months. Put in for mot and no problem at all. It’s good for a 12 year old van and it still pulls like a train and drives very well. If you’re buying a second-hand van choose a Vito or Sprinter not rusty Ford.

Submitted: 2010-07-18 | ID: 43261

Stuart Agars, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 Cdi 2006

4 star review

The vehicle has performed excellently for the 3.5 years I have driven it. The windows seem to go down or up when you press up or down! Otherwise excellent. Mercedes Commercial in York have always been excellent. The one time I was involved with Mercedes Leeds was not very good. Mercedes Harrogate once sold me oil unsuitable for the Euro4 engine (it was suitable for a petrol engine! - had I used it it could have ruined my catalytic converters). The front tyres are both showing wear to the outside edges & I am not sure why this is? All in all a very nice van - purchased because clients prefer them.

Responses to this review

We’ve had ours, long wheelbase, from new, - ’ours’ because I bought it as a company vehicle and any and all of our employees drive it depending on whether we have airport pick-ups, parts collections/deliveries, or rarely an engineer call-out. We have Toyota, Renault and Ford vans. This is the van they fight over, it’s Auto with A/C, like the Toyotas; of them all, it’s best on fuel. It has 160,000+ miles now and has never missed a beat. Don’t recognise the ’rust’ problems reported elsewhere. Ours still looks and works like new. It’s outside my house now because I’m taking the kids on holiday in it because I can get all six in it, the car seats five. Our experience is that the Vito is a treat to drive. After 160K, it still looks, drives and feels like new and gives better fuel economy than any car in our fleet. Where’s the problem? - from England

Your problem is camber, you need an alignment done. Cheers - Daniel Saus from France

In response to you not getting rust on yours that will probably be because you’re talking about the people carrier which is galvanised before paint. The vans don’t get this treatment or at least the early ones don’t. Not sure what Merc are up to these days, it’s a shame that Mercedes don’t give a monkey’s about us van owners and as others have reported, the warranty isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. My ’05 van has rust breaking out all round the bottoms of doors and sills but not as bad as the ’04 model I had which when I went there to get them to sort out the problems I was told it’s because of stone chips even on the back doors. Well, all I can say is I’ve owned other vans which get stone chips and they’re not rust buckets (except Ford, of course it’s a given with them) - Oliver Burton from England

Submitted: 2010-07-15 | ID: 43257

Oliver, Dorset

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 cdi 2005

3 star review

Well I’m now on the second van as I had an earlier 2004 model and guess what? That one was very rusty and I got no joy out of Merc dealers about it, which when I asked them about the rust they just said "oh that’s stone chips, not our problem" I think they all could do with a kick up the arse as their customer care is atrocious, but all that said my 2005 model has only had one spot of rust on it so far, where the paint has chipped on the bottom of the drivers door. Other than that I love my van, it’s nice to drive, solid handling and powerful. The 115 is probably more economical than the 111 if you drive fully or part loaded all the time, just try not to have a heavy right foot. Looks the part as far as styling is concerned, it needs a lot of love to keep it in good condition, i.e. wash and wax and religious stone chip repairing, not that it is of any use around trims. Mercedes really have completely let customers down on this issue, considering other vans I’ve owned, like Peugot Expert and Toyota, which were much older with dents and stone chips in them and not a spot of rust to be found. As far as build quality goes, I’ve had things like sliding doors fall off because the bolts weren’t done up tight, left wondering why the heating doesn’t work only to find out the controller wasn’t attached to anything inside the dash, doors popping on the wings, the list goes on. I think Mercedes have shot themselves in the foot because no one wants to spend this kind of money on a van that will depreciate that badly, so my advice for people looking for a second hand bargain get one that’s three years old, check for rust on the bottom of doors around trims and wheel arches, if there isn’t any bubbling yet then it’s a good one. Also, check the ride over speed bumps for knocks in the suspension and check all the electrics, the engines are generally pretty solid so no real worries there. Check the service history although I’d personally rate my local independant against a Mercedes main dealer, I loathe taking mine to them.

Responses to this review

Where was it made ? I understand the Spanish ones made for the UK are particularly bad. (Clue:- the plate under the bonnet says "Made in Spain") - from Dorset

Well another year on and sadly the rust is creeping in faster now, not as bad as the ’04 model I had but still poor really. I also had the prop shaft bearing go which I didn’t know what the hell it was. I was initially told ’oh that sounds expensive and like gearbox problems’ - from Dorset

Submitted: 2010-07-02 | ID: 43248

Amon, Somerset

Mercedes-Benz Vito 108 110 111 115 2010

5 star review

I collect my next Vito tomorrow after having 4 previously and hand on heart I have never had to return to the garage except for routine servicing, but I do go through a set of tyres per year (10000). They are now offering 5 years free serving and warranty. I have owned transits and vulgaros but they dont hold their money and look like council vans in comparison.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-06-27 | ID: 43247

Janice Smith, Middlesex

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2007

3 star review

Tyre wearing on front now have just bin told bushes gone, changed 4 times since brought new 2007.

Responses to this review

We had same problem, the fault with steering rack. Mercedes know about this problem, and after we pushed they fitted a new steering rack under warranty at Western Commercial in Glasgow. If you want to quote our reg and the history of our van comes up on their data base. Good luck and keep hassleing your dealership - John Findlay from Scotland, 0141578608

I have a 07 Vito and have done 32k: no weight, leisure only. The tyres on front last 8,000 miles, for a year and a half the tyres are scrubbing off, it’s been back twice they, had it for a month, it came back the same and told me it’s not anything to bother about and inherent in the model. I respond that it wasn’t like that it when I purchased it, it is now back there and I won’t collect it. Am keeping their customer courtesy Vito that doesn’t have steering problem until I get some joy - Peter Lane from England

Submitted: 2010-06-05 | ID: 43244

Ian Rustyvan, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109cdi swb 2004

1 star review

I bought this van a few months ago after deciding I deserved a nicer van then my 51 plate transit. The Vito is uncomfortable to drive, seat is like stone, stiff to get into gear when cold, the steering is clonky and notchy, power windows only go up 2 inches at a time, rust coming up everywhere and they eat brake pads. Under the bonnet the van looks like it’s 35 years old, rust everywhere. I can only say that I’m so disappointed with Mercedes, they call themselves a quality vehicle maker. The van is supposed to do good mpg, I think not, it costs £20 to do 100 miles, about 22 miles to the gallon. You but one of these vans because you think they are luxury, I wouldnt buy another one. Buy a transit, they are bigger and much nicer to drive, if i could buy my old one back I would.

Responses to this review

Totally disagree. The Mercedes is nice to drive, comfortable and quick. The Transit is an old workhorse that always looks dated, rusts like mad, eats diesel, poor pedal position, uncomfortable seats and always associated with cowboys looking to make a fast buck. All my customers are complimentary on my Vito and see it as a sign of success in business due to its prestige heritage. TRANSIT? RUBBISH! BETTER A THREE POINTED STAR ON YOUR CUSTOMERS DRIVEWAY THAN A C**PPY FORD BADGE - Stu Lee from Durham

I have a Vito 111 2005 model. Mercedes main dealer service is deplorable. I was charged for work that had not been done. Took it back for them to sort out. I was given a free service next time around. When that was due, I took it back. Driving home on the way back, the high oil level light came on. I drained it myself when I got home. Talk about dealer history. Mercedes should be embarrassed. The paintwork is rusting all over. Mercedes backheeled it under warranty. It is not used as a business vehicle. It’s done 65,000 miles. Near side door window mech failed/s door electric mirror & rear wiper motor failed. Offside rear spring snapped. It is a nice vehicle to drive & comfortable. The front brake pads lasted 64,000 miles front tyres 20,000 miles. All said and done, it looks the part but Mercedes will not get me back as a customer. Three pointed star. I notice there is only on the bonnet. It would be better it if it had five - from Durham

Submitted: 2010-05-31 | ID: 43237

Rustu Koseoglu, Turkey

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2.2 CDI 2005

3 star review

2.2 CDI Engine is noisy and not smooth. Very good handling and brakes. Low trim workmanship against material quality. Not well as engineered as Mercedes cars. Road and tyre noise heard inside the cabin. Power windows failed within the first 15,000 km, twice. Excessive oil consumption when the engine is new. Low sound quality of radio.

Responses to this review

More comments after seven years using 2005 Viano below. Only 33.000 km on clock 03/2012. Ceiling trim rattles making the driver crazy. Good fuel economy 7.7 l/100 km on highway at average speed of 110 kmh. Average paint quality. Functional but heavy (to be portable) seats. Sway bar bushing needs to be replaced due to squeak. Disturbing noise and rattle from all trim componets including driver seat. Powerful engine. No temperature indicator and spare tire. Difficult to use clock settings. Still a commercial vehicle - Rustu Koseoglu from Turkey

Submitted: 2010-05-30 | ID: 43235

William Peel, Northumberland

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2009

1 star review

My front tyres are like slicks on the outer edge. And the engine has used 8 litres of oil, and its only done 9000 miles. It has real bad clutch judder and it’s had the front anti roll bar bushes replaced. It grinds into second gear and drinks diesel like a 44ton artic. Just wish I had got another Iveco instead.

Responses to this review

It’s funny william, I convinced my brother to buy a Vito 109 it drinks the fuel and uses oil same as yours! - Steven Bell from Northumberland

Sorry, but if your vito is drinking diesel you must be thrashing it. My vito beats any van on the market and my colleagues vans on fuel consumption. Had the van re-mapped and get even better fuel consumption. Keep your foot off the throttle and benefit from the vans torque to pull you along equally without the high fuel consumption - Stu Lee from Durham

I don’t think image is the issue here... I have the 109 Vito and to be honest, it is one of the most uncomfortable, slow, clunky vans I have ever driven. saying that though my old van was a Fiat Ducato MAXI with the 3.0 turbo Iveco engine! The word monster comes to mind! Now that was a van, I could load it up with a good 3tonne and still beat anything else out there... EVEN if they were empty. It drank the diesel like there was no tomorrow but my god I loved it :) If you can afford it get it! You need it in your life! - from Cheshire

Submitted: 2010-05-28 | ID: 43240

Gareth Williams, Perthshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 cdi long 2006

5 star review

Had this van for 4 years since new and done 150k and it hasn’t had a single day off the road due to breakdowns or problems. As for tyre wear it’s on its fourth set which for the mileage is excellent I think. There’s no rust anywhere and still looks fresh. The only issue I’ve had was the anti roll bar bushes that needed replacing for its last MoT but again for the mileage this is nothing. Driving it is effortless and eats up the miles fully laiden or towing, which I do every day.

Submitted: 2010-05-12 | ID: 43231

Jaime Turner, Dorset

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111cdi Compact 2004

5 star review

Bought mine from a friend who had it from new. It had 124k and some minor rust bubbles. I cannot emphasise how much I rate this van, it’s fully loaded, cruise, air con, bulkhead, alloys etc., etc. It is fast, reliable, economical and serves every purpose it was designed for. Yes it is now rustier and has 156k but Merc have just approved the rust under the 14 year paint warranty so new door, bonnet etc., coming soon. I service every 10k and it has never ever failed to start, only had to replace brakes and antiroll bar bushes!! I`m going to order a new 115cdi Sport Dualiner next month!!

Submitted: 2010-05-09 | ID: 43230

Tony, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 sport 2009

1 star review

Looks good but thats it. 3 months down the line suspension/steering knocking, electric windows failed, ignition failed, starter failed, bonnet catch holder failed, under seat locker failed, gearbox crashed into 2nd and 3rd, stiff to change from cold, no power at set off and kept stalling. 12 months later jacking point failed, spare wheel ratchet/sticker faulty, front tyres completely bald on outside edges at 10,000 miles. MPG 21 locally 28 motorway Merc said everything seems to be ok. rev it more. dont quick shift. It’s had a recall, "Inflate the tyres more". "Swap the tyres from front to back". "We can set the camber but you will have to pay for it". More excuses from the dealership...... Just a point, did Mercedes advertise this van with low life cycle costs?

Responses to this review

I couldn’t agree more. Purchased 115 lwb in 2004. Been complete load of crap. Let my list the problems: Tyre wear, Rust, 1st and 2nd gear selection a nightmare, new rear shocks, new engine management, new disks all round, suspension knocks over bumps. Within the first year of purchase spent a total of eight weeks in the garage. Only 37.5k on the clock, diesel comsumption terrrible. Jack collapsed changing the tyre when the van was virtually empty. Electric window stick going up and down. On top of that Mercedes UK arrogant b’strds - Mark Henden from England

This review echoes my experience with a 2008 150 Sport. The connet catch/mechanism failed, electric windows (both sides) failed - replaced, air conditioning gurgles - various components failed, passenger door never shuts, gearbox won’t engage first from cold - two sets of synchro gears, front tyre wear on inner edge diagnosed as camber - fixed at a price, radio swallowed a CD - replaced. Looks fast and is fast but cough, cough, cough... - Pained Oxford from Oxfordshire

Submitted: 2010-05-05 | ID: 43232

Justin Neal, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 Cdi 2005

2 star review

As with some of the other comments that people have left, I too went for the Vito thinking quality and value for money. Its now May 2010 and I brought it Nov 2005. I have only just covered 31K, Yes, 31K and I have replaced all tyers at least twice now, I think more if I went back through my recepts. Electric window up and down, up and down faults. They looked at this under warranty and just replaced the switch and not the winding gear, which was really at fault. The stereo often doesn’t work correctly. I was suffering from leaks from the roof where my local dealership fitted my roofbars. Rusting on all the corners is now a joke given the age of the van. I have just had a new drivers door handle replaced. For what they are the vans are expensive as it is. I think that dealerships/ makers think that as we are using vans to make money they can up the price on what really should be something cheaper considering it has only a few seats and storage space. Another Vito? Oh look a flying pig!! Won’t be going there again

Submitted: 2010-05-01 | ID: 43227

Chris Huckle, Devon

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2009

1 star review

Lovely to drive when its going or not in the garage or being fixed. Tracking problems within 5000 miles doors not fitting and catching on bodywork, sliding doors falling off, rust within 2 years now rust all over, roll bar bushes 5 sets, drive shafts replaced, head gone. All in all the biggest heap of rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to own. I recommend all who ask to avoid the Vito and buy something else.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-05-01 | ID: 43228

Dan, Middlesex

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2008

1 star review

This van was a disgrace it broke down too many times and hit a car twice in a year. Not pleased the price was awful. To be honest any Mercedes vans aren’t good to buy or drive. Never buying a Mercedes, I just wasted a load of money aswell. Never buyin one again NEVER!!!! This car deserves minuses! The fifth gear changed to 1st gear and windows got stuck!!!!

Responses to this review

Can you clarify why it's the van's fault that you crashed into two cars within a year? - from Portugal

Submitted: 2010-04-22 | ID: 43229

Brian Payne, Cornwall

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 sport compact 2009

4 star review

This is my second Vito and the Sport 115 is worth the extra money for the comfortable options included. The engine over my previous 111cdi is not only more powerful, but more efficient in overall daily terms of both fuel economy and performance. A Vito van is a quality product with a great cabin and driver appeal that swallows up the miles with ease. For a van I feel it has the edge over the Transporter, its immediate competitor, and I will buy another model when or if it becomes facelifted without hesitation. Residule values are excellent also.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-11 | ID: 43255

Mike Wilkinson, Lancashire

Mercedes-Benz Vito travelliner xlwb 2004

1 star review

I bought my Vito 115 9 seater minibus in June 2004. The first few months I had little in the way of problems. Then it all kicked off. Near side electric window packed in, rust from nearly every joint,turbo blew. I had three intercoolers, sliding doors would not unlock in cold weather, front suspension collapsed on both sides in a matter of months. The onboard computer was hideously optimistic about the fuel consumption .I could go on....I now have a Vivaro 2 litre diesel, which may be a bit slower, but it handles much better, is much more refined, and uses about 20% less fuel, and was about 60% of the price.

Submitted: 2010-03-22 | ID: 43254

Daniel Caulfield, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 lwb 2007

4 star review

I’ve owned my Vito for a month now, it’s 3 years old and covered 104000 miles. So far the only problem I’ve had is an eratic drivers window that goes up and down on its own when you first start it, after that it’s ok and the lower gears are stiff and notchy until the engine heats up. My favourite part is the cab, which looks impressive, it has a reasonable surge of torque and accelerates quickly, although quite noisy when pushed. Being rear wheel drive it can be quite tail happy, I’ve felt the rear of the van begin to swing out before the ASP kicked in a few times but it’s a lot more at home on the motorway; doesn’t seem to be trying too hard at all at 80mph plus. There isn’t any sign of rust anywhere even under close examination, you’re bound to get the odd van that hasn’t been painted as well as the others, most I’ve seen don’t have any rust. Over all, so far I’m happy with the Vito, miles better than the Vivaro/Trafics, which are too common now and although transits are ultra reliable they have a scrap metal collecters image.

Submitted: 2010-02-25 | ID: 43253

Dave Jones, Flintshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito CDI 111 2006

1 star review

If this vehicle could get a minus it deserves it. As noted by other drivers I drive one through work; it’s really is awful. The electric windows play up and get stuck, the switchgear fails, it has more tin worm than any other vehicle of its age. It drinks oil and fuel, the steering clunks and knocks with the vehicle pitching and rolling around. The electrics are a disaster and the seats are unsupportive. A gutted fish has more go in it. There are plenty of better vans on the road and I still think the Transit is king. This was the first Mercedes product I have driven - never again.

Submitted: 2010-02-14 | ID: 43251

Ivor, County Antrim

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2008

1 star review

Easily the worst van on the market! After the first year it could be best described as a rust bucket. Being a locksmith, the van has to carry a large weight of key blanks, locks, tools etc. but even accounting for that it drinks diesel at a powerful rate. Both electric windows gave up after the second year. The drivers door catches on the wing. A set of tyres every 15000 miles. Grrrrr I could go on. Please do not buy one of these tubs. You’ll regret it.

Submitted: 2010-02-13 | ID: 43252

David Douglas, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2010

1 star review

Thanks everyone !! I was about to buy a used Vito, but rust seems to be a very common complaint. I have a 2000 Merc 320E class estate and you’ve guessed it.. it’s full of rust. The blisters started to appear shortly after I bought the car in 2005. Apart from this a fantastic car to drive. Come on Mercedes, you can do better !!<br /><br />

Responses to this review

It would have been useful if you had said how old the van was that you nearly bought...- Matt Baker from England - from

Submitted: 2010-01-25 | ID: 43211

Shaun, Sussex

Mercedes-Benz Vito vito 111 cdi 2004

1 star review

Rusty back wheel arches, tailgate, drivers door. Electrical problems include key/ignition,window sensors replaced 3 times. Random locking/unlocking. thirsty. very disappointed, don’t buy one buy a vw transporter.

Submitted: 2010-01-24 | ID: 43210

Michael Wiseby, London

Mercedes-Benz Vito vito duialiner cdi110 2002

3 star review

I got this van new in 2002 had very few problems, ’til now. Rust, rust, rust, central locking not working, alarm packed up, engine sound like a bag of nails, it seems to be falling apart. I paid £19000 can’t get £2000 now against a new van. Not old enough for the scrapage deal, has done 150000 mls don’t know what to buy to replace, any ideas?

Responses to this review

Hi mate,I have a Vito and am sick to the back teeth of it,it has had all sorts of problems and the Merc dealers are arrogant, ignorant, unhelpful people to whom customer service is an alien concept. My mate has just got himself a 1 yr. old VW Transporter 2.5 and it is fantastic to drive and feels solid and generally built better (not thrown together in Spain like the Merc) If you’re looking to get shut of your Vito you can’t go wrong with a VW ,they might not be cheap but they are certainly cheerful,and I’m getting one when the Vito dies - Adrian Rigby from Lancashire

Look at the Toyota Hiace van reviews, best van ever, made in japan super reliable. My old man got one, the engineering quality in it is suberb - Thomas Stevens from Ayrshire

Only just discovered this site and posted reply to another contributor. I don’t know whether Hyundai are shipping their i-Load van to the UK but it is fast becoming the van of choice on the east coast of Australia. Why ? Probably because they have ’nailed it’ by standing behind their product with proper warranties on vehicles that are not laced with options (like MB Vito) that should be included as standard. The price tag (here) is $A 12,000 less than the Vito - Leslie Howard from Australia

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 43206

Adam Semper, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2005

2 star review

I paid £18500 for my Vito only for it to start to fade from red to pink in about 18 months and then the rust spots started to appear MB said I didn’t wash and polish it enough, that’s why it faded and it would cost me £1200 for a respray. This is the last time I will buy a Vito.

Submitted: 2010-01-13 | ID: 43213

Colin Taylor, Cardiff

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111cdi 2005

1 star review

The Mercedes reputation as a reliable vehicle was enough for me to pay 19,000 pounds of very hard earnt cash. Expecting reliability was a formality, so I supposed. I have encountered a catalogue of faults, far to many to list, hey but lets give it a try anyway: side sliding door issues, hinge and runner problems, electric window problems, electric window button problems, inside door panel electric window runner problems, reverse light problems,new clutch needed,tyres wearing very quickly on front, too many bulb replacements to mention, RUST! I did not expect RUST on a 4 year old vehicle. These failures are all within the warranty period. But it doesn’t stop there. Now, after the warranty period: the sliding door runners are playing up again, the reverse lights are not working, need I go on? DONT BUY ONE OF THESE. I have spoken to customer services and they "sympathise."

Responses to this review

Mate, Same here, I went mad with these, I paid a lot of money aswell and sold it for nothing, Mercedes has let me down. Never buying one again - from England

I wish I could turn back the clock. I wouldn’t have bought mine, it’s terrible and I know I am going to lose thousands. It has already given me all these problems you have mentioned, I am going to try and sell it - Chris Sweeney from England

Submitted: 2009-11-27 | ID: 43216

Nigel, Northern Ireland

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 long wheel base 2005

5 star review

I have owned 4 Vitos in my time and I think they’re easily the best van on the road. They look the part, are very comfortable, easy on diesel and are so reliable; it’s a real go anywhere without trouble van. People who go on about rust on their vans should look after them a bit better, then they would have no trouble. Great van.

Responses to this review

Look after them a bit better? Rusting on the inside of the roof! Spider like webs appearing all over the body! No stone chips. Washed every week. Wish people like you would think before they write. Love the van to drive but the rusttttttttttt - from England

Submitted: 2009-11-26 | ID: 43214

Richard Donaldson, Scotland

Mercedes-Benz Vito 115 CDI Crew Bus 2004

3 star review

The vehicle is generally very light on fuel, powerfull and a pleasure to drive. The biggest problems that I could not solve thus far is a power train vibration that is most noticeable under hard eccelaration between 2500 rpm and 2900 rpm. There is also a clunking noise comming from the steering when turning full lock.

Submitted: 2009-11-02 | ID: 43219

Ginner, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

2 star review

My van bobs ’n’ weaves but I can’t find the problem. It drinks diesel and has more rust spots than you can possibly imagine. I took the wipers off the back doors before they fell off. I’ve had two sets of window motors. What a pile! I had an earlier version once and I think it was a much better van.

Submitted: 2009-10-16 | ID: 43222

Mike, Gloucestershire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

3 star review

Have to say I agree with the comments about rust; mine is a great van except for the fact that around most of the trims, including the rear door handle, there are bubbles of rust appearing.

Responses to this review

What year is your Vito? I’m thinking about getting a Dualiner but am put off by the talk of rust - from England

Submitted: 2009-10-09 | ID: 43220

Ray Smith, Perthshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 2005

1 star review

I purchased the vehicle new in Nov 05. I had nothing but problems (approx 12 weeks off road) with it from doors falling off, radio faults, ignition faults, power faults, wearing steering wheel, replacement tyres and various other faults but most of all the rust problems. The vehicle has been looked after and has only 74k on the clock, despite this I have numerous bubbles around trim areas but most worring is the hole that I now have through the roof of the van along with many other rust patches internally due to the roof rack holes. It is a real shame that mb are producing a potentialy great van with so many basic problems. It will take a monumental effort from mb customer care services to persuade me to buy another Vito.

Responses to this review

Sorry but with all your vans problems, it certainly has not been looked after. You have probably bought a van that has been thrashed around and possibly had mileage adjustment. Definitely a bummer - Stu Lee from Durham

Stu, have you read the other reviews? - from England

Submitted: 2009-09-04 | ID: 43224

Terry Hayter, Perthshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito Vito Traveliner 2005

2 star review

I wish I hadn’t bought it. Rust is the main problem. Mercedes make all the excuses in the world so they do not have to repair it. The gear change is stiff whe cold, it eats tyres, there is a knocking noise which can’t be found. Really poor build quality (made in Spain) amd turbo whistles extremely loudly. This was purchased with low miles and with a full history.

Submitted: 2009-08-10 | ID: 43223

Stephen Cheal, Durham

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

4 star review

Hi, update of my rusting Vito, I got word back from MB Milton Keynes; basically they will give me a sum of money and a good deal against a second hand or new Vito. I will keep you all posted to see how it pans out. Fingers crossed.

Submitted: 2009-07-22 | ID: 43321

Michael Rust, Lincolnshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

1 star review

Got the paint report back from Mercedes and they agree to repair the corroded areas as long as I pay 60% of the repair. This is on a 5 year old vehicle with a supposed 12 year paint and bodywork warranty. Some warranty.

Submitted: 2009-07-21 | ID: 43320

Michael Rust, Lincolnshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito Manual 2008

1 star review

I have the same problem with paintwork, going to the dealer today hopefully will get some satisfaction. Also have problem with gearchange when engine is cold - never have got that sorted, I got fed up taking it back and it being no better, and trim parts keep falling off and I have given up putting them back on. Poor build quality in my opinion.

Responses to this review

Ended up paying for the respray myself as Merc would not move on their offer, very much doubt whether I would recommend or buy another Mercedes, they look the part but that’s as far as it goes - Michael Rust from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2009-07-14 | ID: 43322

Stephen Cheal, Durham

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

3 star review

I have 2004 Vito from new; the only thing holding it together is all the rust! I’ve got the paint report back from Mercedes and they are willing to repair certain areas... as long as I contribute towards it. What the hell is the point of given a 12 year paint warranty???? And I have been told that some of the 04 models missed the galv coating - going to take this a lot further even if it means parking the piece of s**t on there forecourt to show all new customers what they will own in 5 years time. A rust bucket with no trade in value - but apart from that the van is sweet as a nut; still going strong with 170k miles. Ps If it keeps rusting I will have a convertible Vito!!

Submitted: 2009-06-23 | ID: 43319

Darren Reeve, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

1 star review

Had this van from new - has only done 52,000 miles and for the past two years I have done nothing but pay for new parts on the engine and electrical areas. New steering rack, new high pressure pump, two new alternators, new computer, new wiring, new electrical window motors the list goes on. I have had two dangerous situations which nearly caused a major accident.. The first was on a motor way and the passenger inner wing panel popped off at 60miles an hour and then went under the front wheel locking the wheel up and causing the van to nearly spin out of control. Then today, driving down a main road, some parts just flew out of the underside of the engine and nearly took out a motorcyclist - this was a plastic pulley that the engine belt runs round... not happy! I am going to take this further as the van is dangerous.

Submitted: 2009-06-05 | ID: 43318

Peter Heffernan, Warwickshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2005

2 star review

Hi this van has only 30,000 miles from new. I’m on the third set of tyres because of the wheels scrubbing, the two sliding doors continually come loose. The indicator stick is also loose and there is vibration in the cabin. The heater was permanently on, the passenger window has fallen out . The electric windows stick; this is my first and last Mercedes Vito. I expected far better build quality from the badge. It is not in the same league as a Ford Transit.

Submitted: 2009-04-22 | ID: 43329

Ashley Morgan, Swansea

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2004

1 star review

I would not buy another 1 I have a realy bad rust problem which in NOT down to stone chips and Mercedes keep throwing my case out and saying they are not paying for it even though the van has full Mercedes service history but they do not want to know!!!!!

Responses to this review

Ha ha... stone chips they say. Tiny pin prick of rust and what looks like spiders legs under the paint, especially on the roof but what looks like a vertical impact. Only Merc manage this if not dealt with ends up with large blisters. 18 yrs as a car painter, in my view the WORST manufacturer for rust faults. I once listed 14 items of rust for a customer on a £45k +S class that was 4 years old. Vans are even worse. The biggest piles of s**t ever. I'm self employed and refuse to do rust work on the heaps regardless of how much work I have on... total c**p and Merc know it. It's all a manufacturing defect and then they try to get a contribution from the customer. I think their body department is run by 1970s Lancia staff - Jase the Painter from Yorkshire

I had problem with rust on bonnet and vairous other places. Mercedes said the bonnet was down to stone chips. The trick is to look on the underside of bonnet, around the frame work. If there is rust there they have to replace bonnet because they can’t get access to remove rust in this area. Having said that they gave it to the cheapest back street bodger. It took 4 attemps until I gave up with them and it’s still s**t - from Sussex

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 43326

Nick Gannon, Oxfordshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 111 LWB 2007

1 star review

I purchased this van in May 2007, I has been effected by intermittent electrical faults since July 2007, Mercedes service engineers cannot fix it. It has 17,000 mile on the clock and is currently off the road! It has been a disaster for my business, the after-sales service is poor at best.

Submitted: 2009-03-30 | ID: 43330

Ricco Black, Derbyshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 120cdi 2007

5 star review

I’ve had this van for 2 years now and have done 30k. It has had 1 service at £220 and a new set of tyres at 21k (these were changed early because I ran over some metal debris and punctured three tyres, wrecking two, having to drive on them to get to a safe area to park). They were worn but there was some life left in them. The 120cdi has has a few teething problems with the engine management system software but this has been resolved with a firmware update and component changes. Apart from this I cannot fault this vehicle. It is very powerful and a pleasure to drive. Everyone who has driven it or has been a passenger has commented on the build, quietness, drive ability and performance. The 0- 60 sixty for a van is unusual to say the least and it will drink fuel if you drive it hard. However a very respectable 37 to the gallon is achieved if you set the cruise control to stick with the wagons on the motorway. With careful driving around town it is generally 26 to the gallon; I’m sure most vans get the same. This vehicle for me still has that novelty feeling even after 2 years so I think that says something. Top marks from me for Mercedes and the dealership in Sheffield.

Submitted: 2009-02-16 | ID: 43324

Jim Crossley, England

Mercedes-Benz Vito 150 2005

4 star review

Done 115K in it now and no real problems. Great to drive and always gets the job done. Only problems are a few rust spots, drivers door catches on front wing when open and poor cab quality. A shortage of cup holders and the double seat isn’t great for a long trip.

Submitted: 2009-01-07 | ID: 43325

Rory Peterson, Hampshire

Mercedes-Benz Vito 109 CDI 2.8t Compact 2006

5 star review

I own this and a 2007 Sprinter. Mercedes Benz vans, I believe, are the safest to drive and as it is my staff who drive these I need to have the best. I wouldn’t trust any other make. The Vito is a nifty little compact van and very drivable indeed. If you want something that will protect your cargo as well as the driver then this is a very good van to go for.

Responses to this review

I purchased a Vito 120cdi in 2008. I have driven all the other manufacturer’s in that class and the Vito comes top. you have to drive one to understand how good they are. Upon renewal I will always buy a Vito - Junior Morris from London

Submitted: 2007-11-26 | ID: 43316

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