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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter consumer car reviews

Sue Wilkinson, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2007 - 2013

2 star review

I have bought a converted ambulance- camper van 2007 model. I have this unusual beeping sound that comes out from behind the dash. It seems to be related to the locking system/the seat belts/hand brake. It is random, starts sometimes from when the key is put in the ignition. May stop, beep constantly/ just occasionally. Any advice would be wonderful!

Submitted: 2017-09-13 | ID: 143601

John Easter, Oxfordshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

3 star review

Many things about Sprinters make them good vans. They do high miles with good powerful engines. But why oh why did Mercedes put the indicator on the tip of the wing mirror? It is so vulnerable there. The cynical side of me thinks it is to insure after sales. Our 07 Luton is part of a fleet, so it's driven by half a dozen regular drivers. The nearside mirror only needs to clip a bit of hedge and it's broken. Sometimes you can cannibalize old mirrors but usually the whole casing breaks. The old long arm mirrors were better but they did weaken over time and they got to the point where they couldn't be tightened up any more. This problem must have a solution. Please put the indicator back on the wing and rubberize the rim of the mirror so it stands half a chance of surviving an impact. Come on Mercedes, you can do better.

Submitted: 2017-06-12 | ID: 141870

Nicholas, Shropshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

1 star review

Hi I own a 2005 Mercedes sprinter 311 cdi it won't run .after it slowly came to a Holt on the road with the EDG light lit up on the dash.a man came out with a laptop it's the hi pressure valve on the rail so I replaced it after bleeding the system the van ran for about one hour on the drive then stopped and would not start again.I range him again this time it's the low pressure sensor switch I replaced it but no I bought another low profile switch thinking I had a faulty one.still no joy he came back out with his laptop plugged it in would me there no faults.Buy now I'm almost five hundred pounds down . thinking it's a fuel problem still I tried bleeding it again and it started and stopped after about five seconds I eventually got it to run with one of the injectors slightly cracked off .I did this one by one with all of the injectors and it will run ..the light is still on the dash is it possible to have to much pressure and if so what would it be... please help iv bin out of work for a month now it's my work van ..THANKS FOR LOOKING... NICK...

Submitted: 2016-10-04 | ID: 135706

Sam James, South Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2006 - 2013

5 star review

I hired this van out for my band for a small tour, we travelled to London, Sheffield and Manchester over one weekend and it was fantastic. The van was very spacious which saved us so much time, it was very stable on the roads - All around great van!

Submitted: 2015-12-17 | ID: 124789

Tom, West Midlands

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

5 star review

I am the proud owner of a mega mileage Mercedes-Benz Sprinter! This van has been serviced by my local main dealer since I purchased it used at 18 months old and has never ever let me down. Other than mileage related wear and tear, there are no issues to report. I'm a builder by trade and the van works really hard every day and takes all forms of punishment like regular maximum acceleration, hard braking and carrying lots of weight. The thing I love the most is the ride and the engine at motorway cruising speeds, both of which are smoother than Barry White so I can turn up to my next job as stress free as when I started! The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is quite simply the best van on the market, NO CONTEST!

Submitted: 2015-09-27 | ID: 121709

Ken, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

1 star review

Had enough of Benz's diognostics. Fitting 3.8 Holden v6 auto. Anyone done this as advice would be great? Need a van to drive anywhere and stress about it

Submitted: 2015-04-09 | ID: 114481

Valdiney Depaula , United States of America

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2013 - 2016

1 star review

Hello guys... I am having the worst experience of my life with MB USA. I bought a brand new Sprinter cargo 3500 170 high roof and the van started to have problems at 8500 miles. The van has lost power completely, couldn't go over 35 MPH. I called to MB Dealership right away, I brought it to the dealer and they did something quickly and after two weeks the van has exactly the same problem and MB USA aren't helping in anything with the vehicle under warranty, they are pushing, pushing and pushing. So I got the lawyer and we are fighting because I need a van for my business and that happened exactly 90 days ago. Now I'm paying for a rental van if my package because MB USA didn't gave me anything to drive and I don't want the van anymore because I didn't pay over $50,000 to have a Van with complete engine damage with only 10,000 miles. Here is my advice.... don't trust in MB USA, they promise the world and by the end if you need assistance they hide behind the door. Mercedes Benz USA the worst experience of my life. Think twice before you buy an MB Sprinter

Submitted: 2014-06-21 | ID: 98163

Marius Chitez, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2012

1 star review

I have to say this is my second mistake I made to buy Mercedes Sprinter van again. I had a 316cdi before and after 9000km my warranty expired and both the turbo blew up and I had to spend 12500$ for a new turbo. I called Mercedes and they didn’t want to help with anything, worst response ever. After the turbo, the computer went off and I had to spend another 4500$. What a nightmare??? I didn’t learn my lesson and purchased another Sprinter 416cdi this time. I have driven 204000 km and the injectors are gone. The clutch has gone and so have other things. I don’t know what to do. I have called Mercedes Australia for some support and the same thing has happened and they have hung up on me. Their response was that I have driven 200000 km and it is normal for the van to breakdown. We pay 64000$ for a van to drive only 200000km. What a mistake!

Submitted: 2014-03-31 | ID: 93547

David Green, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2.2 cdi 2010

3 star review

This vehicle has had an oil leak since new. Travelling Australia and have now clocked up 30,000 Kms. The leak is getting progressively worse as the crankcase pressure increases. (blowby). Don’t you love it when they say "let us just do your overpriced service and we will have a LOOK at it next time".

Submitted: 2013-11-11 | ID: 43181

Wilson Gracey, Canada

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2008

1 star review

I got a 208 Sprinter van, it is a USA one but so what, it is the worst van I ever had. It had 12,000 mile on it like new when I got it. When it runs it is nice, however it a big pice of junk!!! Part after part has been changed at $800 -$1800 per part. I had to pay for everything, nothing cover by warrantee. Never, never buy a SPRINTER VAN it cost me about $1000 per month to the trash running.

Responses to this review

169% agree with you! Mercedes are total and utter crap! They rust to dust. The electrics are designed and assembled by Stephen Hawking (yes, I did say assembled too!). If the piece of shit manages to get above 50 mph it will only be for half an hour, then back to limp mode. Anyone who says "German quality" to me gets a smack in the face. "Made in Germany = TOTAL SHYTE" as far as I am concerned. Buy American! - Angry Anders from Sweden

169% agree with you! Mercedes are total and utter rubbish! They rust to dust. The electrics are designed and assembled by an individual with a condition prohibiting mobility (yes, I did say assembled too!). If the piece of excrement manages to get above 50 mph it will only be for half an hour, then back to limp mode. Anyone who says "German quality" to me gets a smack in the face. "Made in Germany = TOTAL REFUSE" as far as I am concerned. Buy American! - Angry Anders from Sweden

Submitted: 2013-09-30 | ID: 43182

Gez Wheeler, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2004

1 star review

Ok, I started as a contract courier and so bought a 2004 Sprinter 313 Cdi. It’s a money pit! I got it in July 2012 and I have run it for 5 months and 80,000 klm and its been serviced every 10,000. So far it’s had a new turbo at a cost of $1000 imported from the UK as they are $4600 here in Oz and now it’s burnt a hole in piston 3 and cracked piston 4! A total bag of rubbish! I’ve spent $5000 since purchasing it from a Sydney Parramatta rd dealership and now I’m looking at another bill of $10,000 for a bottom end engine. Totally fed up . Thing is I bought a new 2012 long wheelbase Sprinter too, but the build quality is very poor, the panels don’t line up leaving door gaps, and it is now very slow. Another 313cdi with blue Eco technology talk about ripped off! Do not buy Mercedes!

Responses to this review

My friend I totally agree with you, crap at its best. I replaced my engine with a Toyota Lexus V8 and boy, what a pleasure. Paying school fees as I did the conversion myself, but do not mind to share trade secrets. Replacement engine now only about R5500 about $950 US - Peter Hattingh from South Africa

Hi Peter, I shall appreciate your advice on swapping the Merc engine with the Lexus. Please sms your contact number to + 27827803902. Thx. - from South Africa

Hi Peter, I shall appreciate your advice on swapping the Merc engine with the Lexus. Please sms your contact number to + 27827803902. Thx. - from South Africa

Submitted: 2013-01-12 | ID: 43172

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Mr Mizen, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311cdi 2008

5 star review

Bought this 311cdi brand new in 2008, and can honestly say its been the best van we’ve owned by far. Great to drive in town and long journeys, it’s far superior to our previous Renault master with the only issue I have being that I should have gone for a larger engine/power; because the van carries a lot of weight and gets used for towing and at times could do with extra power/torque. Highly recommend Mercedes commercial vehicles to anyone.

Responses to this review

If you have power issues, you could consider getting it remapped or chipped. This will improve power, torque and MPG. Best wishes, - Matt Natt from England

Ok, update. It appears the two new injectors I had fitted in July and August are faulty, they have holed piston 3 and cracked piston 4 warranty claim approved however hunter star mercedes in bennets green Nsw have lied and messed me about since the 11.12.12 only picked up the van 4.3.13 after engine and head replaced under warranty hunter star mercedes claimed no engines in Australia hence the wait. Complete bull my usual guys Lismore mercedes tell me they confirmed engines in stock in jan for the claim they approved. Now the clutch has issues due to the oil sprayed over it when engine compressed and poured our dipstick and the new turbo I fitted has blade damage due to the melted piston had the van looked at yesterday by Lismore who advised these items should be replaced under warranty off to hunter star for more bullshot today, they even pulled the wires out the UHF radio antenna and destroyed it and didn’t connect spot lights after the last work. Bloody worst dealer in Australia - Gez Wheeler from Australia

My 2008 Sprinter got 487K miles. I love my truck - Alain Babru Team from United States of America

Submitted: 2012-12-02 | ID: 43177

Wayne Ellis, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB high roof 2004

1 star review

Updating my first report over my Sprinter. Having now had three engines fitted, a new turbo and a new intercooler, which has blown up again I am now fed up to back teeth of this van and have decided enough is enough! I’m scrapping the van and starting again. When these go wrong they’re a money pit I think a different van this time!

Submitted: 2012-10-22 | ID: 43176

Tristan, Oxfordshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316cdi 2010

5 star review

I’ve read positives and negatives with regards to Sprinters. This is my second Sprinter, the first was a 1998 310d LWB which I clocked up 290k with just regular servicing and replacment of clutch slave. Currently I have a new shape 316 cdi. I think this van is brilliant. Never purchased these vans from new, but I’ve always been a second owner. I am a careful driver and don’t really put the vans through abuse, however, would I ever purchase a Transit, Renault or other budget van.? Hell no! Sprinters are the King of vans. UPS, DPD, Interlink and other major fleets don’t have these vans to waste money, but to have a van that will endure the requirements of a commercial vehicle and stand having different drivers handle and abuse them. Any vehicle will go faulty if mis-used. If you look after it they will go on and on. Its like a Merc c class or a Mondeo. You definitely feel and see the difference of the build and engineering. Sprinters all day long.

Responses to this review

Well, I feel I must take issue with your remarks re quality of Mercedes v Mondeo! I run a C class estate and clock up approx 8000 miles per year. It has a full annual service every June and a further oil change in between every January. At two years and fifty weeks old (two weeks inside the three year warranty) the gear box failed (an automatic one).This was replaced with a new box sent from Germany which I was then told had a warranty of two weeks, although being a brand new box, fantastic! Although it was a warranty job I still received an invoice showing the price to dealer of £3,640 being the TRADE price being paid for by Mercedes. The day I collected car from dealer I was present when another chap appeared at reception with the same complaint, tinkling sound from underneath the car on start up, when I told him I was collecting my car which had had the same symptom and had to have new box he nearly fainted, his car was not under warranty! The paintwork on new Mercedes is wafer thin, unlike my old 190 Mercedes which was like enamel! I have a friend who runs petrol Mondeo`s as his taxi fleet and as a matter of course replaces each vehicle when they reach 300,000 miles. They all seem to achieve this without any major problems, and body work is still always good, to be fair they are all put through car wash at the end of every shift. So, do not try to tell me that Mercedes are the "ultimate" when choosing a new car, they are living on their past glory days and are in fact no better than any other more "mundane" make of car. This current C class Mercedes will definitely be the last one that I ever purchase - Michael Spendelow from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2012-10-15 | ID: 43174

Mark Nelson, Kent

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter sprintshift 2002

1 star review

Hi! Never ever buy one of these Sprintshift models. Here is a story to beat all.. We aquired the vehicle for our roofing company only 4 weeks ago, we picked it up and drove it back on the motorway. What a truck! We had it in A mode doing 100 mph easy and so smooth, drove it for work for a week with no problems and purring like a tiger. Now here it all goes wrong. It had a small service; new air, fuel and oil change, I drove it a couple days later and it started to lose power and the shiftsprint would change from A to 4th on its own and sometimes put its self in N. I took it to a 40 year Merc veteran who spent a bit of time on it and replaced some fault codes on the star machine, after which it drove ok. When I picked it up it did the same again, so took it to Mercedes-Benz and they put a brand new vacuum transducer on it. It drove like the old truck I’d bought then a mile up the road it had the same problem. I took it straight back to MB and they put it on the computer, but there were no fault codes showing, so I took the truck home. I went to work the next day and the truck was still rubbish. Then all of a sudden the wiring under the drivers dash board went up in smoke! I had to call fire brigade and now the insurance company has towed it 80 miles from where I live with all my tools in it, so I have to go and get them myself. I can’t belive a vehicle can go wrong so quickly and no one could find a fault. This has cost my business £,000s in lost work. Avoid these at your peril!

Responses to this review

Hi, I have read your thread with a little worry!! I am in the proces of buying a Sprinter 208cdi year 2002 that has only done 90,000 km. I am new to the Sprinter market but my understanding is that you can have many problems with the ’sprintshift’ models. Please can you confirm whether your van has 5 or 6 gears because I am being told that it’s only the 6 speed versions that have sprintshift but I’m not sure! Thanks - Lee Chappell from Spain

"We had it in A mode doing 100 mph easy". It’s a van, not a racing car. 100 mph on its first run - haven’t you heard of ’running in’ - no wonder it’s knackered!! - Barry Wycherley from Gloucestershire

Your talking about a 10 year old van? - Mark Johnson from England

well had a 316 sprintshift needed new clutch and flywheel cost £500 did multi dropping in it for 3 years + courier work, + towing car trailers 380,000 miles later sold it as body was rusted through still rinning sweet as a nut,lot better van than my 311 that i have now - from Wiltshire

well had a 316 sprintshift needed new clutch and flywheel cost £500 did multi dropping in it for 3 years + courier work, + towing car trailers 380,000 miles later sold it as body was rusted through still rinning sweet as a nut,lot better van than my 311 that i have now - from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2012-02-13 | ID: 43152

William McInnes, Ayrshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416cdi minibus 2001

4 star review

I got my 416cdi Sprinter minibus about two years ago. It has a very powerful engine 2.7D which I had a few problems with at the beginning. Also the gear leaver snapped, the flywheel was replaced, the ABS pump and ECU unite cost a fortune to replace, but needed doing. I am happy with the way its running today. They do rust, but that’s just because we live in a very wet country.

Submitted: 2011-12-09 | ID: 43151

Robert Adshead, Berkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 312TD LWB Hi-Roof 2002

5 star review

Absolutely brilliant van. I have had it for six years without any significant problems. It was run hard by its previous owner, but had no expense spared on it if something needed doing and was maintaned by Mercedes. Plenty of power at 122 BHP for the load rating, even when loaded. Indeed I can’t see why I woud need more. Mine has ABS and traction control, which I think was an option, and is useful;I’ve found it really hard to get it into a slight skid on snow at safe driving speed. There are some minor areas of surface rust on the sills and at the bottom of a couple of the doors and although I plan to paint these areas, regular grease and WD40 has kept the rust from getting out of control. Minor maintenance includes using Havoline 5W 30 fully synthetic oil (cheap at circa £38 for 10 litres at Morrisons) and changing it annually has made a difference in terms of getting full-power on start-up on cold mornings without having to wait for the oil to warm up and no doubt better fuel economy to boot. Also changing of break pads, brake-load sensor that rusted. The 2.9 five-cylinder engine sounds smooth compared to some diesels that rattle. A comfortable ride with loads of space that I highly recommend.

Responses to this review

I bought a new ’59 plate V6 Sprinter 319 MWB panel van, put the extras on it. To date, I have done 102,555 miles and the only issue was a faulty ERG valve, replaced under warranty. I drive to Bavaria once a week and do local work when possible, so a mixture of conditions. I also pull a one ton curtain side trailer and fully use the 5.5GTW. I have to say I’m extremely happy with the van and with the service and supplier. Looking to upgrade to a 7.5t and will more than likely go the Mercedes route - Ray Cotton from England

Submitted: 2011-11-14 | ID: 43156

Hamilton M, Leicestershire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 cdi 2004

3 star review

I was self employed courier and bought two 311 cdi sprinters in 2007. No problems at all, I exported them both to Africa in 2010. Great vans.

Responses to this review

So why just 3 stars then? - Mat Trib from Hampshire

Submitted: 2011-09-16 | ID: 43158

Andrew Palmer, Lancashire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2.1 2009

5 star review

I have a 59 plate Sprinter via motability that has lift on the rear, an electric side door, cruise control as well as many extra’s. It’s a 2.1 auto and has only 14000 miles from new. It’s got loads of room and has chairs that can fold up or down as needed. I find that the 2.1 is under powered as trying to maintain 70 mph can be a bit of a struggle, but then again it’s a van not a car and wasn’t built for speed. Would I recommend this van? Well yes I would as I haven’t had any problems with the van what so ever and I am getting around at 30 to 35 mpg on a diesel, so again value for money. My friend has the 2.5 Renualt Master and he hates it as it’s so heavy on fuel and wants to change it for a Sprinter. As I am tall sat in a wheelchair the Sprinter was the only option for me.

Responses to this review

If you’re struggling to get more than 70mph, then take it back to the dealer. The Sprinter is so named for one very good reason, it’s a very fast van, and should be "capable" of very high speeds even when fully loaded. Incidentally, I ran two Sprinters as a courier and sold them both with over 750k on them, the only problems I had were gear box, flywheel, and ball joints, engines were and are usually bullet proof, I only used full synthetic oil in them. I’m currently looking for a low mileage LWB Sprinter to convert into a motorhome - Kev B from England

Had Mercedes look at it and now it’s run in it breezes at 70mph with no problems. That was until December 2011 when the gearbox decided to go to safe mode and only do up to 2nd gear. Mercedes Stockport had it for two weeks to be told that it was low oil in the transmission. Okay, got it back and no problems till beginning of April when same problem happened again and the RAC came out and said low tyre pressure and it seemed to sort out until last week when it did it again but this time the RAC said solenoid on gear box had gone so now it’s back in Mercedes and its only got 20,000 miles on it, but besides that it’s still a good van lol - Andrew Palmer from England

Well it’s almost 3 yrs old in October 2012 and all I can say is CRAP I’ve had 31 breakdowns that needed the RAC and since Christmas 2011 it’s the gear box has gone 6 times, yes that’s right 6 times, Mercedes Stockport have had this in for a total of 4 weeks in all with gear box sensors and valves and whatever, as being a wheelchair user I need this van and have got so fed up with it that motability have cancelled the 5 yr contract early so I am looking at a smaller van, but never again a Mercedes Sprinter. There are 2 more guys where I live who have this same van as they too use wheelchairs and they have had problems with their vans and are looking at terminating the contract. Mercedes haven’t even replied back to me, no sorry or anything. I am still paying £200.00 per mth till it goes back in October and my advice is don’t get an automatic get a manual - Andrew Palmer from England

Submitted: 2011-08-22 | ID: 43160

Colin Rossiter, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2010

1 star review

I having been looking to replace my Master van with a new shape Merc Sprinter. To date I have viewed three, all with 19 to 25000 miles on the clock and priced at £12000 to £15500 plus vat (yrs 2008 311 and 2010 313). I have been astounded by the fact all three have had excessive oil leaking from the bottom of the engine/sump areas coating the front axles. Is this an inherent problem for such new’ish vans? Also they showed early signs of rust in areas ie side door rail and had mirrors that don’t fold back. My expectations of owning a quality/prestige van with the circle badge have been disappionting and made me look elsewhere. I have driven vans all my life and looked after each one, although I do realise all vans have faults. 

Responses to this review

What sort of review is this? You don’t even own one! A joke! - Steve Hassalman from Australia

Hi, I have the 315 on an 09 plate, 70k and ongoing, please be aware of where you are buying from, these vans are very very good, but there are people that buy these vans and use them primarliy for EU courier driving work. They will run up a hell of a lot of mileage in a short time and then be sold on, sometimes without the history of what it has actually done. I love my van (value for money, economic) cause it’s not in the garage being repaired after yet another 800 mile round trip from Germany for instance. Go with your gut instincts, pay a little more from a dealer, or a private seller who has owned it from new. If the owner has looked after it and is upgrading for a newer one, you could be on for a good deal long time. I had a Fiat Ducato lwb ’06 before this van which had a great engine but you felt it was wrapped in tin foil, body and fittings very poor quality. Hope you get the right one. If you do, it will pay for itself in the long run - Colin Wilson from Kent

Submitted: 2011-08-14 | ID: 43164

Warren Gardner, Ayrshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2008

1 star review

Hi! I bought a Sprinter from new in 2008. The first problem was when the steering lock jammed, then it had oil sensor problems; both these problems are well known to mechanics. I then had various problems with the electric windows. I Had the van booked in for the steering lock fault and drove 50 miles to the garage only to be told they didn’t know anything about the problem and was sent on my way; I also had a another van behind to take me home, as they don’t do courtesy vans at Western Commercial in Glasgow. Their customer service is awful. I was told by the manager after I phoned to complain that he would find out why this happened and phone me back. He never did. Sprinter are good vans. Mercedes customer service is bad.

Responses to this review

Is this Warren that worked in Mimtec? - from Renfrewshire

My steering on 07 Sprinter is jammed - can you help? - Farah Omer from England

I bought a 208 sprinter and it is a big pice of junk. Every thing stopped working, steering locked $600 to fix, Egr Vale went $800. for new one, alternator $1300. Discount one dealer price $1800 a $4000. part that runs fuel sytem. Side door broken $100’s to fix it. Any other parts also at $1000’s of dollors per part. This all happened before I got 150,000 miles on it. The fun starts at about 50,000 miles with no warranty at all. These vans are total trash. Never, never, never ever go near one! - Wilson Gracey from Canada

Submitted: 2011-08-14 | ID: 43167

Raj, Shropshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MWB 311CDI 2008

4 star review

Recently purchased a Sprinter 311 CDI MWB Automatic Travelliner, which has done 276,000 miles. It came with a full main dealer service history, it does not blow any smoke and everything works well, even the gearchange is smooth. Fuel consumption is about a £6.00 more on a run than than our Vito Travelliner. So far so good!

Submitted: 2011-08-08 | ID: 43171

Andy, Renfrewshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2006

3 star review

My Sprinter is just coming to the end of a 5 year lease. It starts every single time and has had only one major problem with a new gearbox needed after 44,000 mls. Maybe it’s the stop/start nature of my job as a milkman? I spoke to the company that fixed the gearbox and they agreed, as they get lots of Asda vans with the same problem. Apart from that a good van. I still can’t decide whether to go back to Merc or get a transit this time?

Submitted: 2011-07-16 | ID: 43150

Kev, Cheshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Panel Van 2002

5 star review

Hello out there! I’ve got a Sprinter 316cdi, 243000 miles 6.3 gtw. Still pulls up Keele Bank on M6 in top gear, weighing off at 6280kg. Tremendous van!

Responses to this review

So does my 115 hp Transit pulling a trailer with 2 cars on grossing 6 ton. In fact, it goes all the way to Glasgow in top gear, Keel Bank is nothing - Cliff Jones from Warwickshire

Mr Jones, you fail to say what mileage your Transit has done plus 300kg less gtw - Kevin Worthington from Cheshire

Submitted: 2011-05-25 | ID: 43129

Simon Genner, Wales

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316cdi 2010

4 star review

Picked up my 2010 316cdi today, it’s a replacement for a 2005 316cdi full automatic with air con. So far I’ve realised it hasn’t got the full suspension my old van had and the driving position is very different with the steering wheel leaned over like a car and the seat lower. Managed to get comfortable and link my phone while driving, so can’t be that hard. The new van has the command ntg 2.5, which seems wicked so far and the hands free quality at 70-80mph is very good because the van is so quiet. I thought it seemed a bit slow considering it was empty so we did an acceleration test off the Severn Bridge tolls with an automatic 130bhp VW Transporter, the VW is much smaller and has a sports mode but the Merc did it. We’ll see how the fuel economy goes, it’s down to 27mpg so far and thats empty, fingers crossed a few runs will get it up. The toys it has got are excellent. Whoever spec’ed this van was nuts, I was pressing buttons on the way home and set the extra water heater to start at 6am, it wasn’t even advertised as having one! Will report back as the miles stack up.

Responses to this review

Top gear in a Transit is like third gear in a Sprinter - from Durham

Well it’s been nearly 3 years and the van is now on 152000 miles, it has been without doubt the best van I have ever had, everything I have asked of it is has done, even with an A6 Audi all road on a car trailer over 200 miles it still did 25mpg cruising at 65mph. Iin the snow with winter tyres and concrete in the back it never got stuck, if you keep the speed to 65mph I have averaged 33mpg even with automatic. If you drive like you stole it and try to hit 100mph it didn’t go below 24mpg. Listening to dvd’s on the command ntg 2.5 has kept me sane and the quiet cabin has been good enough to have hands free convo’s at 70mph. Over that time it has had a steering rack and air con radiator under warranty, 2 free services I didn’t realise we paid for, front and rear discs and pads x 2. Tyres can easily last 40,000 and more if you’re good. I have abused this van getting it stuck in mud a few times with the resulting abuse to get it out and it justs begs for more. Time for a new one now, going to have the same with the 7gtronic hopefully, have a few 30k a year quotes for £550 a month with the necessary toys (parking distance, lights in mirrors rock), driver’s comfort seat, air con and sat nav) ideally fog lights and alloys like I have but we’ll see! - Simon Genner from Blaenau Gwent

Submitted: 2011-03-08 | ID: 43125

Eugene Hughes, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 2010

4 star review

I am an ice cream man and have had many Sprinters. But this is the first of the new shape ones. Although this is a 313, my ’chipped’ 208 was faster and had more torque, even though the bhp was higher! But the most annoying thing about the later Sprinters is when I pull away after working on tick over at my pitch for a day. The plumes of smoke are amazing and probably illegal. I have spoken to other ice creamers with the new Sprinter and they experience the same (all older shaped sprinters have never smoked, and all were cdi.) My MD can’t understand it.

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Our 311 CDI is a 2009 plate. The billowing smoke is due to the faulty DPF design, unless the van is regularly driven up and down the motorway for long stretches, the DPF will not regenerate and you end up with the symptoms of diesel mixing with the engine oil eventaully causing a high oil warning light and a smoky exhaust. This van is okay for people who always drive up and down the motorway but we only really used it for short stretches. So beware if you do short journeys that you will get problems, but all vans could now have DPFs but Mercedes are very disappointing because there must be a technical way around this problem other than driving on the motorway. Mercedes were very slow to pick up on this, I had to find the answer on these types of forum then the Mercedes garage saw it on their own database. Mercedes customer service is really poor - Bobby Gill from Cambridgeshire

We run a small fleet of Sprinters each doing up to 70,000 miles a year. We bought two of the new shape when they were first released in December 2006. Even at these high mileages each time we go to London, or get stuck in traffic they smoke terribly, and our local Merc dealers have been unable to diagnose the fault. We are voting with our feet, and have been using Relays for the last three years - capital outlay and cost per mile are both lower - Bob Hilliard from Leicestershire

Renault have a peogram built into the ecu that when the dpf needs clearing out it advances the injection and fueling to burn hotter thus clearing out the filter. I run a Trafic 115 euro 5 and it has a gear shift up and down light to change up if reving unnecessarily in a low gear and to change down if too high a gear selected which in 6th gear comes on at 50 mph so I do 52 @ 1600 rpm get 44 mpg av but have had 49 mt following wind etc, such a quiet van too - Stuart Bold from England

Submitted: 2011-02-22 | ID: 43119

Lee Hemming, Shropshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 automatic 2008

3 star review

This is my second sprinter. First was a 311 manual and this one is a 311 automatic. The automatic is smooth but lacks response on kick down. As with other reviews both my Sprinters have shown signs of rust after 18 months, glad I only keep them for 3 years as I’d dread to think what they’d look like. I have broke down three times. 1 Oil filler cap left of after service by MB main dealer, 2, Fuel leak from filter housing as it was damaged during service again at MB dealer, 3 dpf filter and diesel sensors failed on the M6 at 6am at -12c. Don’t use Mercedes24 breakdown they take far too long to respond. The Sprinter is a good van but not great for the money, poor dealer network, heavy ob pads and disks and have a habit of brake caliper seizure. Going to try the new Renault Master next, cheaper to lease, far better fuel consumption and with it being French you expect it to breakdown!!!

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Hello, what MPG do you get from your 311 Auto? I get 25, no more - Trevor Clegg from Cheshire

Submitted: 2011-02-12 | ID: 43123

John, Fife and Kinross Shires

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2007

3 star review

I bought this van from a Merc Dealer and had nothing but problems for the first 3 months. They have rectified most of the faults, but I have noticed all these yellow rust marks coming through, not just in one area but everywere. I have spoken to a few other owners, who all have the same problems, the dealer says it’s wear and tear, (basically, go away). I have had Vivaros previously, brilliant vans, never had any serious problems with them. I think this will be the last Merc commercial I buy, rust bucket. I have a Merc sports car, which is top of the range and perfect.

Submitted: 2011-01-31 | ID: 43128

Peter Robinson, County Tyrone

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 mwb 2010

2 star review

What a heap! After getting my 2007 model replaced due to rust, after a long fight, I have the some problem again! Again I am having the same problem with the service dept, they won’t get back to me with a solution, but they will, trust me!<br />

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Hello Peter, I bought a new white 516 in May 2011 and have noticed small rust marks at high level on the sides. When I reported it to Merc at Mallusk on the first service they came back to me with a stone chips story and are doing nothing about it (it is not stone chips). There is also bubbled paint work on the rear doors which they claim is an over spray problem at the factory and are willing to supply me with a product which will buff the problem away !!! Could you please let me know how you sorted your problems out with Merc - Richard Hogg from County Down

Submitted: 2010-12-23 | ID: 43134

Tobias, Cumberland

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 413 2010

4 star review

Bought new, 130 bhp twin wheel model. 300,000 trouble free motoring. Just bought 311. Hope it’s as good.

Submitted: 2010-11-18 | ID: 43132

Garry Fraser, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311cdi 2006

5 star review

Bought 2 years ago with 100,000 miles, done another 90,000miles with few problems; 1) Wiring loom wear on engine mounting cut engine solved with piece of hose taped round. Look out for this, inspect near engine mounts. 2) Passengers feet kicked eng management wire out of connector, easily solved. 3) New water pump. Otherwise this van is superb. For 190,000miles it still drives as new, fingers crossed another 200,000miles.

Submitted: 2010-11-14 | ID: 43133

Graeme, Durham

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB 2009

3 star review

My 09 sprinter has 35k on the clock and going from 1st to 2nd gear feels stiff and has a slight crunch feel and on starting the van every now and again the dash and the whole van shakes as if it has snapped its engine mounts. Had a service done at Merc dealer 4 weeks ago still waiting for them to get back to me they seem to be saying it’s wear and tear!! Surely this should be covered by warranty?

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Just sold my 2008 315 LWB Sprinter which I had from new. It was fantastic, and the computer asked for its first service at 31,000 miles which was paid for in the cost of the van. Sold it at 50,000 trouble free miles as you would expect, and took delivery of a brand new 316 crew cab MWB pick up with standard cruise control, intergrated telephone kit, and then AC as an extra. It can tow legally 3.5 tons, has blue metalic paint and a lovely chome grill... Until today I thought this had to be the best van on the planet until its engine blew up today at 6,000 miles!!! YES ONLY 6K! I am so angry! My truck is my livelyhood! Can’t get another just like that with seven seats and fit in my work crew either, while towing a big trailer. What do I do now Mr. Mercedes? Wait for a new engine for how long? I bought new to stop this kind of crap! Help! - Rodger Harrison from England

Submitted: 2010-10-09 | ID: 43136

Peter, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2008

1 star review

Bought this because it has a Merc badge on it, must be good then? Not sure if it would have rotted away by the time I come to sell it next year. Lousy after service and a bit agricultural for the 21st century. Not really cutting edge is it?

Submitted: 2010-10-02 | ID: 43138

John Scotland, Ayrshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 309 swb 2007

5 star review

Best van ever, I don’t know why people rave about transits, they are too cramped in the cab, too thirsty and after 60k miles they start going wrong. The Sprinter is none of these things, handed back to leasing company 4 months ago with 197000 trouble free miles on the clock the only criticism is that it was sluggish on the hills with full payload, but otherwise a joy to drive. So much so that I took delivery of a brand new 2010 plate 310 cdi which has already covered 45k in 4 months and the standard equipment on it is unreal; cruise control, trip computer, multi function steering wheel and integrated hands free bluetooth telephone, compared to a transit in which you dont even get electric windows as standard! As long as Mercedes keep making Spriters I will keeping getting them. Brilliant vans.

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All Ford Transits come with electric windows now. Also, when I looked at buying a Sprinter, cruise was an option along with bluetooth. Personal preference. My 08 plate Jumbo has covered 165,000 and I’ll pass Sprinters coming up the Brenner heading home to UK day and night... Bye Bye... whoosh... OK, on the flat but the torque is virtually non existent... - Nick Kirby from Devon

I have 2 vans on the road, a Mercedes Sprinter 313 and a Jumbo Transit 2.4tdci, and the Transit wins hands down. I’m just hitting 300,000k, not a day off the road, the only thing replaced so far was the fuel pump and erg valve. The sprinter has 220,000k and already has had a new engine fitted and looks like cr*p with rust spots forming all over it. If you want a pure work horse the Transit wins, no contest - from Ireland

Transit vans are, as they always have been, pikey vans. You must be working for Ford or something, there is no way any Ford anywhere has ever seen 300k - Mark Hughes from England

300k in a Ford van? Do you write the jokes for Lee Evans? - David Bell from Leicestershire

Just done 165k in a Mercedes 309 2007 Automatic and had no problems whatsoever. No rust as mentioned by others. It’s been so good that I have just ordered a new 313 LWB Crew cab with rear aircon. I traded my new Renault Master in 2007 for the Sprinter after two years and 85k. What a disgraceful van, it was off the road 30 days a year on average. Never again French vans - from Australia

This is definitely a joke! You will never get them miles from a late Transit! The old ones would do it but the new ones will have the dual mass flywheel climbing out at 80k, injectors will need constantly replacing... all sorts of electrical problems! I will keep buying the Sprinters thanks... you can stick the Transits!!! - Gary Wood from England

Well chaps, I cannot comment on Sprinter vans but can on Mercedes compared to Ford with some authority! My own experience with a C class estate, new gear box at 20,000 miles (2yrs 50wks old ) Admittedly under warranty, good job, it was £3,640 (at trade price!). My friend runs petrol Mondeo`s for taxi business and as a matter of course renews them at £00,000 miles which EVERY single one of them has done with out fail. Now I do not profess to be a mechanic but on those facts alone, which make of car would anyone buy? Which make do you think I will be buying next time!! It really is a no brainer!! - Michael Spendelow from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-10-02 | ID: 43139

Mark Brumwell, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 208d 1997

5 star review

I have just purchase a 04 ford luton, in two weeks it has cost me £800, duel flywheel prob and vaccum hose. I also have a P reg 308d XLWB, which I have to sell to fix the ford :( .. In 4 yrs I have changed the brakes once, and the exhaust on the Sprinter, easily the best van ever made, that’s why they cost so much 2nd hand. A little slow on hills but very durable and totally reliable. I miss mine already and it’s only been away 1 day. I hope I haven’t made an expensive mistake...

Submitted: 2010-08-11 | ID: 43147

Roberto Stansbury, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MWB 2005

4 star review

I bought my Sprinter MWB van with 100,000 miles on, two years ago. It has been a dream, serviced twice a year, not a thing bad to say mechanically about it. Would not hesitate in buying another. The body work as a few rust spots here and there, which is not good for a 55plate van. In my opinion the best van on the road.

Submitted: 2010-07-13 | ID: 43148

Sandra Heeney, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2007

2 star review

Bought this vehicle 6 months ago. Sailed through it’s first MOT. However, I am NOT happy with the bodywork. I was warned they rust but typical female, I wanted a Merc so that’s what I got! Rust spots all over it and... the handbrake is too low down to reach. Wiper blades run out rapidly, interior lighting is rubbish. It is quite pleasant to drive especially at speed but country lane driving is a chore. Tight turning in is nigh impossible and reversing not easy (even with reversing sensors). Ok, I am a woman, I know!

Submitted: 2010-07-13 | ID: 43149

Derek Hayes, Buckinghamshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 208D 1998

5 star review

Bought this van for £1000 in May 2010. Still very presentable apart from a few bits of rust around the edges - nothing that couldn’t be dealt with on a Saturday morning. Van has done 135,000 miles and I reckon is good for at least another 135,000. Still drives superbly apart from being a bit on sluggish side. Cruises at 65-70 most of the time on the motorway unless terrain is very hilly! Real old school Mercedes 2.3d non turbo engine means less to go wrong in my book. I’ve just done a 1000+ mile round trip to south of France fully loaded and with 3 up front. Didn’t miss a beat and returned around 30mpg. I bought this to do 3 delivery trips to France as it worked out cheaper than hiring. I planned to sell it at the end of the summer but now I think I’ll hold on to it as tax and insurance is cheap enough and it’s just such a reliable work-horse. I can’t believe an old van could be this good!

Responses to this review

Just been offered a 1999 208d mwb 1 owner full history, only 50,000 miles warranted, all old MOTs to prove body is immaculate, no filler or new paint long MOT and tax its £2,500 o.n.o. Is that good, bad or about right? I’m replacing my ’99 Transit which is totally reliable but it’s simply fallen to bits bodywise. I need a van that is fully reliable full stop, are these Sprinters any good? - Michael wood from City of Nottingham

Submitted: 2010-06-08 | ID: 43115

Ruarie Andeson, Hebrides

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 208d 1993

5 star review

I purchased a van with 298000 miles on it and have done another 20000 with it no problem. The person I bought it from had another one that had 533000 miles on it and it had never let him down.

Submitted: 2010-05-20 | ID: 43117

Giles Herbert, Vale of Glamorgan

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 208d 2003

5 star review

Got a 53 plate swb Mercedes Sprinter 208D. A little bit slow but what a fantastic van, done over 126k miles and still drives like a dream. The seat is a little uncomfortable but as for reliability and cost to run you will not get anything better. This is my second van and will keep it till over 200k miles and bet I won’t have any problems. Also I carry loads of stuff around and had it on its limit of suspension a few times but still drives well. Suggets you put the bigger 225 tyres on and stick with a good make like continentals, they’re bit more to buy but last forever and handles better. What more to say? Great, great, great!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-29 | ID: 43118

Sami, Finland

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI Middle length 9-person 2003

5 star review

Bought this van used, it was a taxi before us, only one owner before us. It’s regularly maintenanced. Now it has almost 600.000km behind it, still going smooth and strong. There are few places where I need to repair paint, but otherweise this van looks great! It’s has a pegabus interior, electric door, rst-steel made iron bar front for extra lights etc. Now it is transporting our 5-person family with a little extra luxury where we want to go :) and if needed room for 4 more people with us.

Submitted: 2010-03-31 | ID: 43109

Wayne Ellis, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter LWB high roof 2004

5 star review

Have had my 04 lwb high roof now for 2 years and it has done 250k. I am a transport company to and from spain, it’s never broke down. I’ve spent in 2 years £400 mainly on servicing, it’s had new discs and pads and thats it. Looking to buy a newer model but def sticking with Merc as absolutely brilliant. Oh forgot, I also tow a 20 ft trailer every where as well no probs.

Responses to this review

I am interested that you tow a trailer with your Sprinter, which engine do you have in it? Is it the 2148cc / 109bhp? I gather this is the most common engine fitted. I run a gardening company and I’m thinking of buying a sprinter may need to tow a trailer about 1.5 / 2t gross, will it cope? Please let me know, thanks - Steve Pennells from Cheshire

I take it you have a tacho fitted??? - El-shifter espania from Leicestershire

Do you have the auto or manual? Also what mpg are you getting? - James Powell from Yorkshire

I am looking to buy a Mercedes Benz Sprinter like yours. How much are selling it for? - Tim Chikwama from Newport

Submitted: 2010-02-14 | ID: 43110

Peter James, Lanarkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2005

4 star review

The van is ok but if you have the box van it’s not good! I mean for (1. I have a turbo problem (2. It’s limited to 80mph not like its going to go that fast. Make sure you get the twin wheel sprinter P reg to 01 plate, far better vans. Could anyone tell me why my turbo isn’t working? Please get back to me.

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I run a Sprinter 311cdi and also had a turbo problem. Usually the turbo is ok, but the problem occurs if you lose pressure in the ’blown’ section. This can be caused by loose pipes or a cracked intercooler matrix or split rubber tubes. I hope this helps - Roger Abrahams from Norfolk

I have a 2000 lwb 311cdi had turbo problems there is a electrical vac valve under the air filter costs about £80.00 from Merc, need to remove grill and light to change fix problem straight away. Prior to this engine would only rev to 3000rpm with no faults or lights showing up on scan, as this is a mechanical fault there will be no codes shown up - Arvi Singh from England

Hi, I have a Luton 311 CDI and I had problems with lack of power, I changed the boost pressure valve under the airfilter box and it is now back to full power, I hope this helps - Andrew Roberts from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 43095

Andrew Taylor, Kent

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311 CDI 2001

5 star review

I first had a 308 sprinter for 3 years and it covered 277000 thousand miles and went bang, purchased a breakers yard low milage engine and away I went again, I always found it slow and gutless so sold it to a friend and it is still going strong with no problems with a further 100000 miles on the clock. I then purchased a 311cdi 01 reg with 96000 on the clock in super condition and what a van. I am a carpenter and locksmith and carry loads of heavy stuff about but this van goes like a racing car and all sprinters are made to last, just feel the weight of the doors and lift the bonnet and you can see what quality is. It has now covered 157000 with no problems to the engine or gearbox and still drives like new, the only problem is the security on these vans are c**p. I fitted deadlocks to all the doors of my van and it is not sign written but they still put a hole under every handle in seconds to get in and try and rob the contentsof my job. A must for the sprinter is a set of armour plate lock guards to all doors and deadlocks and then the burglars will leave it alone, deadlocks are not enough on their own. If you want a real tough, heavy duty van then this is for you with a super drive and loads of power, even when fully loaded. My next van will be a sprinter.

Responses to this review

Andrew, could you please tell me which engine you have in your sprinter? Is it the 2148cc / 109bhp? I am thinking of buying a sprinter and I gather this is the most common engine. I run a gardening business and will may need to tow a trailer, about 1.5 - 2t gross will it cope? Please let me know, thanks - Steve Pennells from Cheshire

Submitted: 2010-01-08 | ID: 43093

Christopher, Ayrshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 CDI 2009

5 star review

This is by far the very best van you could buy. It has never let me down and I do nearly 40,000 P/A (and I ain’t even a courier). I only keep vans for three years (max) and I’ve had numberous other Sprinters before this one with the previous model a latest generation 56reg which was exceptional. I must admitt I was a bit worried about the inital costs so I waited for a second hand one to come onto the market, yet it was only two months old and still on a 59 Reg, so overall I’m delighted. The van is very comfortable for long journeys, good MPG, decent handling for a van and goes like stink if you really floor it...which I do. Am I going to buy one next time, YES!

Submitted: 2009-12-26 | ID: 43099

Ricky K, London

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316cdi 2009

5 star review

This is the third Sprinter I’ve had and I would never consider any other van. It may be initally expensive to buy but it’s worth every penny!! My old one was a 313 and in 5 years covered 290k miles, trouble free. My new one has 5 years free service as well. The new shape has more cubic volume space and is much more faster and comfortable, also it has an auto gearbox which makes it more of a dream!

Submitted: 2009-11-23 | ID: 43100

Dan Woods, Lincolnshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311CDI LWB 2006

5 star review

This is my 3rd Sprinter as it is by far the best van you can buy. My first one did 630,000 miles and was in such good condition it just had the engine replaced as is still around today 6 years later. It was bought at the same time as a Peugeot Boxer which only lasted 2 years and 170k. Recently I had a transit which was a big mistake as it rusted within 1 year. The Sprinter is such a good drive I no longer have a car. Get the 316 if you can find one but don’t try to reach its top speed as it’s been known to flip at 120mph.

Submitted: 2009-11-08 | ID: 43108

Chris, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2001

5 star review

Great van. The diesel high pressure pump packed in at 80000 miles. Watch out for your licence, it goes like a rocket!

Submitted: 2009-09-21 | ID: 43101

John Jones, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 515 LWB Luton 2009

1 star review

I have a Mercedes Sprinter 515 LWB Luton with a 2.2 engine and an auto box. It’s doing only 15.9 mpg, my other Sprinter would give a return of 21 mpg. Do not buy the new model, low emissions, poor to the gallon.

Responses to this review

That’s really odd, I have a 2007 218 V6 cdi fully loaded will do 120mph at 30mpg average. It’s an auto, has done 50k a year no faults and Mercedes service excellent. I have not seen another with this engine - from England

Your post is absolute rubbish, they are all limited to 165km/h (about 101mph) and certainly don’t return 30mpg especially at that speed. You obviously don’t even own one if you are sprouting this unhelpful crap! - from England

Submitted: 2009-09-10 | ID: 43102

Gez Wheeler, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 30d long wheelbase hi top 1996

5 star review

Sold my Transit lwb and purchased a 308 d lwb hitop 1996 from a customer of mine. I work with no limits track days - I provide the on board video service and carry bikes and equipment all around the UK race tracks, my now friend had owned this van for 6 years and had no major problems with it, just a glow plug and rear discs replaced in this time. I have had this van since April 09 and have now covered 12,500 miles in it. It’s good on fuel, around 30-40 mpg depending on how you drive. I got 31.6 mpg on a 260 mile trip fully loaded driving at 70-75 all the way. Comfort good, style good, load space great, handles well but not the fastest uphill; needs a run up as there is no turbo but otherwise quick enough. It uses no oil or water and has now covered 162,000 miles from new. I’d recommend the older Sprinter to anyone so long as its been looked after by its previous owner and you service it it will give many miles of use, rust is a bit of a pain though only minor; keep on top of it and you wil be OK. There is now slight rust on lower rear and side door only. Well worth the £1,200 I paid for it.

Responses to this review

Fair play Gez, anything has to be better than that old rust bucket transit you had.. As for the Merc’s performance, you have not told anybody your towing a 18ft 1978 Sprite Musketeer!! See you trackside in spring time mate - Paul Rennie from England

Submitted: 2009-08-14 | ID: 43105

Sean Sharp, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 lwb panel van 2003

5 star review

Ordered new with all the gear including sprintshift. What a van! Now coverd 270,000 miles without missing a beat. This has never let us down and been worked very hard. I think I will keep her forever; wife now drives it every day and it still makes her smile that’s good enough for me.

Submitted: 2009-08-04 | ID: 43107

MIchael Wills, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sprinter LWB 311 2009

3 star review

This is the second Sprinter we have bought in two years. We courier around Europe and cover around 120,000 KL per year. The first sprinter has now covered 120,000 klm’s during which time we have had to have the rear wheel bearings replaced, the hydrolic power steering pump. The sliding door handle broke off and it has been back to the garage three times to have the fuel gauge replaced. The second Sprinter purchased in Jan 2009 has covered 34,000 klms and although driven by a careful driver the engine oil needs refilling every 11,000 klms. According to Mercedes this is within the normal expected operating limits of the van. They are nice vans to drive, a bit revy but don’t think because it has the star on the front they are free from problems.

Submitted: 2009-06-08 | ID: 43194

Simon, Leicestershire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416CDI 2000

5 star review

I imported my 416 CDI myself into the UK from Belgium in 2000. Back then that was before people had really begun to see how much the UK was being ripped off by vehicle manufacturers (I saved £8,000 - even my local main dealer couldn’t believe it). Since then I’ve done 786,000 kilometres in it, or almost 500,000 miles. The only stuff which has needed replacing has been what I regard as consumable given use: 3 sets pads, 2 sets brake discs, 3 turbos, 3 clutches and flywheels, a couple of injectors. It has been totally reliable with only one breakdown that has left me immobile in nine years (and that happened outside the house!). It has special order paint applied in the factory which still looks good today (people never believe how old it is or how many miles its travelled). It is so comfortable, you can do 1,000 miles in 24hrs in it. If you think this sounds unusual it isn’t: I’ve got two mates who have both done over 600,000 miles in theirs. My previous 410D did 450,000 miles. Nothing else on the market lives as long. People are quick to criticise the new model’s economy, but this looks to be in hand with the Euro5 ’09 face lift: revised gearing through model specific gearbox. It’s hard to imagine me moving away from Mercedes-Benz.

Submitted: 2009-04-20 | ID: 43184

Char Font, Lancashire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2008

5 star review

I have two new model lwb and 5 face lift cdi mileage ranging from 35 to 354 in daily use. You pay for what you get, these are the vans for the serious user only!!

Submitted: 2009-04-15 | ID: 43190

Mike Cambell, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2009

1 star review

Not a good van, gear box went on the motorway, if you want a good point of advice don’t buy one. It is the best way to save money, need to pay 2k to get it fixed again

Responses to this review

A 2009 will still be under warranty so won’t cost you anything - Mike Knight from Surrey

I think you were just very unlucky, we have 3 new Sprinters and have no problems, we are doing 250+ miles per day. I can’t fault the van but the service from Merc is shocking at times - from Warwickshire

My 4 Sprinters have been bomb proof, most people agree here judging by all the 4 or 5 stars. Maybe the best way you could save money would be by walking everywhere and not wrecking gearboxes - from Hampshire

I buy and sell these vans and they really are amazing vehicles. Sometimes this reliability works against them because owners fail to service or look after them. When they go wrong, they moan and whinge but it’s because they havn’t spent a penny on them for years then blame everyone else but themselves. Builders are the worst for this. Give them an oil change now and again and they’ll look after you. Tightwads - Jason Mickton from London

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 43185

Ruben Pereira, England

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter lwb h/r 311cdi 2006

5 star review

Bought it 6 months ago. I’m a self employed courier so I start stop any van I use 120 times a day easily. I bought it because my 02 plate 311cdi gave me a lot of problems; these had resulted from poor maintenance levels from last owner. My new version has just under 70k on clock and touch wood, not a single problem, not one. Snow, rain, thunder - it just keeps on going. Thinking of buying a new or 2nd hand van? Then do your self a favour and save a few bob. Buy a 1 year old one which still has 2 years totally unlimited, and they really mean unlimited mileage warranty, but you don’t have to fork out 23k plus VAT. I’ve done it and I will will keep buying them every 250k as they do this mileage and a lot more. Just buy a Sprinter, trust me. Any more reasons? Well, they’re network is absolutely awesome too. Once my water pump was gone at 4pm on my 02 plate, the AA took it to they’re garage and it was ready for me again at 5:30am next morning and once my old Sprinter’s fan belt had snapped 45mls away from home, I phoned the Mercedes network and although the van was out of warranty, which costed me a few bob, in 35 minutes they were at the spot, and in total, 2 hours later I was back on the road. Ask RAC or the AA to beat that fellas!

Submitted: 2009-03-16 | ID: 43183

Nick McNally, Ceredigion

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 316 2006

5 star review

In 2006 I bought my 3rd Mercedes Sprinter 316. The 316 has the emergency services engine and is very quick. It will out-accelerate most ordinary cars if I am in a hurry but if I take it easy it gives me 32mpg. That is carrying a weight close to that of a small family car. In April, it will have its 3rd birthday and it is on 176,000 miles. It is still under warranty and the only thing that has been done under warranty is a new washer pump (which still worked fine but the computer said NO). I bought an extra warranty so have 5 years cover and unlimited mileage full European cover. Today I met the owner of my old Sprinter - nearly 270,000 miles still no problems. The dealer who sold it to me maintains it and is open for maintenance 24 hours, 6 days per week. What can I say? Turn the key it goes, tomorrow I’m in Barcelona no doubts or worries. Oh and it runs for about 25,000 miles between services which can cost below £150. Beat that!

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Another 2,500 miles and she will be on 300,000. So far since the last report, I’ve had a new dual mass flywheel/clutch - under warranty - and new front spring. The dealer denied that I had booked an extra two years warranty even though I paid an extra £1,100 pounds for it. Note to self: don’t trust people, get things in writing. It also has had a new hydraulic pump for sprintshift gear box. Everything else has been normal wear and tear. New stainless exhaust £295 inc fitting and VAT from a manufacturer in Birmingham. Passed its first two MOTs without any problems and took me to 17 different countries last year including Norway, the Arctic Circle in winter, Turkey and Northern Cyprus later in the year which was the opposite extreme temperature wise. It has a small water pump leak that means it needs water every 2,500 miles but I can live with that. Rust is a bit of an issue with it and it is starting to look a bit old now but I think I will keep hold of it - two rides on the back of a breakdown truck in nearly 300,000 miles is acceptable. It has slowed down a bit because of fuel prices and getting about 32mpg as an average but last week, took my time on a trip to Kassell in North East Germany and got 36.2. Not bad for a 2.7 litre 5 cyl old engine. If I remember, I will give a heads-up at 500,000 - I think the engine will be fine but I may need to replace the body! Best regards to all - Nick McNally (Mid Wales Freight) from Ceredigion

7th Jan 2015 Just coming up to 499,000 miles and is still going. Had it resprayed as it was starting to look fairly shappy but still performing. Had the engine rebuilt with new pistons etc two years ago and it still earns money every day its out there. Now its been to twenty or so countries and acquitted itself admirably. It smokes a bit and I worry about the MOT test each year but perhaps I am a bit too sensitive. Last MOT it failed on the hand brake and the one before a headlight bulb was out. Not too bad really. Oil changes with fully synthetic oil and an air filter change every 25,000 miles. Last year in an effort to get rid of the smoke I had 2 recon injectors but it made absolutely no difference so 3 of the injectors are now pushing 500,000 miles not bad and a testament to my staying away from cheap fuel. Still taking it easy with the accelerator pedal and still able to get 32 mpg Injectors aren't cheap so I am using injector cleaner - no discernible difference to smoke but it makes a big difference to fuel economy. In 2013 in an effort to keep the mileage on the Sprinter down I bought a Mercedes Citan lets hope it follows in its big brothers footsteps ! - Nick McNally from Ceredigion

7th Jan 2015 Just coming up to 499,000 miles and is still going. Had it resprayed as it was starting to look fairly shabby but still performing. Had the engine rebuilt with new pistons etc two years ago and it still earns money every day its out there. Now its been to twenty or so countries and acquitted itself admirably. It smokes a bit and I worry about the MOT test each year but perhaps I am a bit too sensitive. Last MOT it failed on the hand brake and the one before a headlight bulb was out. Not too bad really. Oil changes with fully synthetic oil and an air filter change every 25,000 miles. Last year in an effort to get rid of the smoke I had 2 recon injectors but it made absolutely no difference so 3 of the injectors are now pushing 500,000 miles not bad and a testament to my staying away from cheap fuel. Still taking it easy with the accelerator pedal and still able to get 32 mpg Injectors aren't cheap so I am using injector cleaner - no discernible difference to smoke but it makes a big difference to fuel economy. In 2013 in an effort to keep the mileage on the Sprinter down I bought a Mercedes Citan lets hope it follows in its big brothers footsteps ! - Nick McNally from Ceredigion

Submitted: 2009-03-06 | ID: 43192

Darren Stansfield, Essex

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2002

3 star review

Great van, I’ve had a few problems with injectors but it has done 225,000 miles. The only real problem I found with the Sprinter is that the door locks and how easy it is for people to break into, even with armour plates.

Submitted: 2009-01-12 | ID: 43191

Mr Grocer, London

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2008

5 star review

What a superb van, you pay more but the extra goes a long way. I do 50,000 miles a year and this van is made for it... I had a Vito 111 Extra Long, I did 160,000 miles with no faults at all. I’ve also got a Peugeot Boxer 07 plate, never again......

Submitted: 2008-10-21 | ID: 43195

Martin, Staffordshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313cdi 2007

5 star review

I’ve had my van just over 1 year now and have done 120,000 - I’m a courier for Europe. This is the best van on the market by far, pay the extra and have no worries, this is my 4th Merc now and no problems. I will continue to only buy Merc vans.

Submitted: 2008-06-09 | ID: 43196

Colin Threape, Middlesex

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 209CDI swb s/r 3.0t 2007

5 star review

The safest and best on the market, still! I have just invested in this latest van for my furniture company’s deliveries and it is suited perfectly to the job. The Sprinter comes with everything but the kitchen sink,ABS and ESP fitted as standard, and cuts a dashing figure on the road. Nothing else really touches it.

Submitted: 2007-11-26 | ID: 43197

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