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Lexus IS consumer car reviews and road tests

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Lexus IS consumer car reviews

Matthew Brazier, Buckinghamshire

Lexus IS 220D MultiMedia 2007

2 star review

Bought my Lexus 220D, 3 months ago and has been with Lexus for one month. The car has full Lexus full service history and all the toys. The first month I was pleased as punch, a nice rear wheel drive car and what I though was good value for money. So when it broke down on the 2nd month I was upset. I was even more upset when Lexus phoned me to say it needed an engine replacement. Lexus do not advertise this but their Diesel 2.2 engine is the most Unrealible engine they do and makes up most of their business for repair. One month later with a new engine, a new fuel pump and a major transition leak repaired I got my car back. Lexus were quick to replace the engine free of charge. The reason being: To anyone looking to buy a Diesel Lexus make sure it is under 7 years old and has less than 111,000 miles on the clock as this is where Lexus goodwill will end. Even the service engineer recommend I sell and buy a petrol as they are more reliable.

Responses to this review

Hi there, we have a Lexus it’s 54 plate but 2006, 102 on the clock. Could I take it back to local Lexus? How do you get them to look at it for free if they are aware of any problems with their Diesel engines? - S Kau from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2013-11-30 | ID: 42445

Marc Crawford, England

Lexus IS 220D 2006

5 star review

I traded in an Audi A4 2.0 FSI petrol car for my first deisel and Lexus car and what an amazing car it is... It’s beautiful to drive and pulls like a train... It has the Audi beat on performance by a long long way... I’m avaraging 45mpg but can easily get 55mpg on a motorway run... The car cruises effortlessly at 70mph in 6th gear doing just 1600rpm... All these people that say you need to be doing 85mph to use 6th gear need to get their cars looked at... I’m doing 50mpg in 6th doing 70mph... The Lexus IS220D is beautifully made, stunning to drive, fast as he’ll for a deisel and I will deffo be buying another one when the time comes to go up a few reg’s... Super Super Car "5 Stars".... Ohhhh yeah, nothing has EVER gone wrong with it... The most reliable car I’ve ever owned... Respect Lexus Respect... Keep up the good work....

Submitted: 2013-11-15 | ID: 42447

William Clark, Nottinghamshire

Lexus IS petrol - auto 2003

5 star review

My Lexus IS 200 SE is nearly eleven years old and it still drives like new. As I am in my eighties I have had a lot of cars in my motoring life, but I am convinced this is by far the best car I have ever owned. I shall not buy another because I know this one is still so good I shall wear out long before my beautiful Car does.

Responses to this review

I agree with you William [ Yet another one ] , I have the IS 200 SE, which I cannot fault. It has over 105.000 miles on it, and no rust. The only "Major Fault", was my own. The battery had to be replaced by the AA, because of my long periods of not using it for short journeys. When I start it up, heads turn, listening to the sweet, yet gentle initial throaty roar from my exhaust. Like the other William before me, I am also a pensioner [ 73 ], but I have a very satisfied smirk when I effortlessly purr past the "Go Fast " boys in my quiet V6. Just to finish, I was told that if you could hear the engine of an IS 200 SE from just 3 yards away, then there must be something wrong with it. - William Marshall from City of Glasgow

Submitted: 2013-10-09 | ID: 42448

Pete Wilkinson, Lancashire

Lexus IS 220 d sei 2010

5 star review

A great car with lots of toys. I previously had a BMW M sport 20 D. The Lexus is smooth and great to drive. My son is 7 and he thinks it’s the best car we have ever had! 10 out of 10!

Submitted: 2013-03-31 | ID: 42443

Martin Broome, Rutland

Lexus IS 220 Sport 2006

4 star review

This is my first Lexus. I really wanted an automatic and test drove an IS 250, but it under performed compared to the diesel. My only issues have been fuel economy (34 mpg overall and trip), and lack of grip in snow, but that is only a few days a year. Also, the alloys look awful, but I can get them refurbed. Overall a brilliant car; looks good, handles well and can still turn heads after 7 years and just short of 60,000 miles.

Submitted: 2013-03-02 | ID: 42442

Charles Shaw, Scotland

Lexus IS 220 2008

1 star review

My Lexus is a 220. This car has been back to Lexus twice after going into take home mode. They said they’d stripped down the engine and sorted the problem, but sorry, the same problem is back! The car has had all its services from Lexus. This car is costing me a fortune!

Submitted: 2013-02-18 | ID: 42444

Andi T, England

Lexus IS Is f sport 200d 2012

4 star review

Having owned a BMW 320d M Sport previous to my IS I must say how much better in every way the Lexus is compared to the BMW, (aside from fuel economy). The build quality is superb, gadgets are plentiful and relevant to the type of car and the overall look of the car eclipses that of the BMW. Having the F-Sport variant obviously loads the car with all the goodies, but BMWs answer in the M-Sport, which I have just got rid of, is pitiful on kit by comparison. Handling is good on the twisty B roads and straight line performance is a hoot, I have to admit 6th gear for show only if your not doing a fair amount above UK limits, but hey, our government might decide to get us moving in the future and raise our limits to reflect modern vehicle performance and safety equipment and then it would become relevant! Boot space is limited, but would get a set of golf clubs in at a push and the fit and finish is better than any other car I have owned, which includes Fords and Toyotas. The car magazines bang on about BMW, but slate the IS badly, this is in my opinion totally unfair and unjustified. If you drive both you experience different types of power delivery; Lexus is smooth and refined, BMW is full of torque and neck jerking take offs, but for an all round good looking reliable, and comfortable ride without the condition based service nightmare that BMW expect ’go Lexus’.

Responses to this review

I've driven a lot of cars and I'm sorry to say that the Lexus doesn't hold a candle to the BMW. Lexus is noisy by comparison and doesn't have that style that the German car does. In the wet the Lexus truly shows its colours - even shod with top quality rubber it is twitchy and doesn't impress. - Dave Edwards from Dorset

I've driven a lot of cars and I'm sorry to say that the Lexus doesn't hold a candle to the BMW. Lexus is noisy by comparison and doesn't have that style that the German car does. In the wet the Lexus truly shows its colours - even shod with top quality rubber it is twitchy and doesn't impress. - Dave Edwards from Dorset

Submitted: 2012-12-26 | ID: 42441

Tony Ryan, Ireland

Lexus IS Exec 2009

2 star review

I went from a Honda Accord to the Lexus expecting great things. I’m now back in an Accord again thankfully! The Lexus had terrible fuel economy, poor gear change, bad take off in first gear and a useless 6th gear.

Submitted: 2012-09-10 | ID: 42439

Lesley Hughes, Cheshire

Lexus IS 220d 2007

1 star review

I have nothing but trouble with my Lexus Is220d. It has had about 5 recalls and the gator has come away, which apparently is a common problem. Lexus say they can fix, but it must be paid for. My wheels look as if I have had paint remover on them. Lexus are not prepared to do anything about it and said it is now out of the warrenty, even though this problem was pointed out at all services! Never, ever would I consider another Lexus car! :(

Responses to this review

About the wheels problem which i must say is hardly a lexus fault because most car valeting or car wash companys us an acid cleaner to remove break dust from wheels i know this decause ive worked as a valetor for several years with a bmw dealership it can damage the paint on the wheels by causing blistering under the paint resulting in paint flaking and alloy corriousion this is often the result of to frequent a use or poor mixtue ratio on the chemical and use of it while cleaning the car. This is simply avoided by not using acid based cleaners suitable wheele cleaners are available in most motorfactors that can be used safely and effectivly with a bit of elbow grease. - chris mepham from Galway

Submitted: 2012-08-11 | ID: 42440

Wesley Scott, Renfrewshire

Lexus IS is220d 2007

2 star review

If you can get one with the Levinson stereo then that will be the best thing about the car. I’ve owned my 07 is220d for about 8 months now and it’s been the worst experience of owning a car I have encountered so far! (My previous list of cars - for comparison, are: Ford sierra 1.6/ Peugeot 306 1.9d/ Mazda MX5/ Toyota MR2/ Toyota Supra MK3/ Toyota Celica VVTi) Having bought the car pre owned from Lexus hedge End, I’ve had nothing but problems. I bought a Lexus because I’m a Toyota fan and because they won manufacturer of the decade for various reasons. So far in 8 months my car has had the following work carried out: I reported a knock on full steering lock and Lexus Carlisle, decided to replace my rear calipers and tell me there was nothing wrong with my steering setup. I reported the same problem with the steering to Glasgow Lexus, and eventually, after 2 visits this was actioned but they were very vague and distant when I asked what the problem was in the first place! (Subsequently as Carlisle failed to notice the problem I had to buy new front tyres as my tracking was off by a mile and scrubbed my tyres. Thanks Carlisle!) A leaking water pump, which was eventually replaced at Glasgow, but it took ages to get them to do it under my extended warranty... still smells like burning now and then! Never made an effort to clean the crystalised coolant that had built up under the bonnet. Levinson rear subwoofer blown, which took me 4 weeks to convince Lexus it had blown. Lexus Glasgow, wanted me to pay £72 for a diagnostic check when they could have just used their ears for! Lexus tried to order me a new rear windscreen to fix a blown subwoofer and it took for me to go to the dealership and isolate individual speakers in a courtesy car and then compare them to individual speakers in my own car using a frequency range tester to prove they were wrong and should have listened to me! I’m still waiting for this subwoofer to be replaced after almost 2 months! After my is220d was serviced by Lexus Glasgow, my fuel economy dipped. I confronted Lexus about this and they have offered me no explanation except for ’the car has a very effecient cooling system, so the engine needs 9 minutes to warm properly’. I suggested it would maybe be the EGR, but it fell on deaf ears. So I’m sat here with terrible fuel economy, a blown subwoofer, a service record in which Lexus indicate I am running 44.8mpg (I saw that figure and before starting the car proved they were blatently lying to me with that figure- talk about red faced!) and a free pen and tin of sweets. This is the worst driving experience I have ever had and when the finance has run its course I will not be returning to Lexus. Absolutely abysmal!

Submitted: 2012-05-18 | ID: 42438

Dan P, Nottinghamshire

Lexus IS Is200 2001

5 star review

Ok, if you want M3 performance, then go ahead an buy a BMW, but otherwise, let’s face it, most BMW 3 series owners would be better off with with a Lexus. I’ve had one for 7 years. Rock solid. Over steers the way you like it. Bit sluggish off the line, but pulls nice on the open road. I may get a Beemer next time, if the engine capacity is 3 litres or more. But if I can’t stretch to that capacity, I’ll stick to a Lexus. <br /><br />

Submitted: 2012-03-27 | ID: 42437

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Syed Badshah, England

Lexus IS TD SE - SATNAV, Media Pack 2007

5 star review

I feel that Lexus is not a brand well known by most in Europe. In the middle east and states it is a Niche Car to own and Lexus owners impose their staus by putting their keys on the table at a party etc.. Hehe. I have driven many cars including BMW, Mercs, Audi not forgetting Honda accord and Toyota. Lexus IS is a driving sensation. Handling: - Very good Comfort - Very Good, Luxury - Very Good, Performance - Very Good, and fuel economy very good as well on average give about 38 - 43 MPG and I am someone who is a performance driver. I have read many negative reviews. If you buy a car from new then complain if it doesn’t deliver. Making an opinion after buying a second hand car isn’t fair ’cos there may be many small technical issues which may vey well be overlooked. In general The EGR valve are faulty in the Lexus causing delayed turbo set in and a discomforting gear box. Get the egr valve checked out if that is okay with the injectors then no problems.

Submitted: 2011-02-21 | ID: 42433

David, France

Lexus IS IS220d 2007

3 star review

Just jumped out of my 180,000km 2006 BMW 530d into the 40,000km Lexus for a test drive and what a disappointment. No go at low revs. Clutch not nice at all and gearbox not slick. ’A’ pillar in my face. No reversing sensors. No folding rear seats. Is it just me??? Otherwise good. Pleased to get back into my BMW for the 400km drive home.

Submitted: 2011-01-06 | ID: 42434

Seb, Berkshire

Lexus IS IS 220 SE-L Multimedia 2008

4 star review

I’ve done the 3 top marques Audi, BMW, Mercedes and even an X-type Jag. I was going to go back to a 3 series when I read an article on a IS 2nd Gen. I remember thinking at the time the IS first came out that design really should be what the new 3 series should have looked like. I saw an ad for a SE-L with multimedia and that was it!! I love my gadgets and this had them coming out of its ears (or doors) Mark Levinson 15 speaker sound system 300 watts (5.1 Surround Sound DVD) reversing camera with park assist, voice activation (not as good as Jaguars’) cooled seats , auto rear sunblind the list is endless. The car itself does the job adequately, the weak points are really poor fuel economy my 220 cdi AUTO Merc got 10 MPG more on combined, although the 0-60 makes up for it being 2 seconds quicker, but again pulling away in 1st is a no goer until the turbo kicks in. Handling and ride are good, but not superb, build quality good but some poor design faults. I have to keep this car for two years before looking at changing it, I think that in that time I will enjoy it and it won’t let me down (touch wood) but it won’t inspire me, what the journalists have written is right, it’s an almost ran very close to the 3 Series but just no cigar.

Submitted: 2010-09-09 | ID: 42436

Steve Ireland, Wiltshire

Lexus IS SE 2006

3 star review

Looking to replace my car with a Lexus, love its looks, lots of road presence. Fabulous dash but what a disapointment to drive! Sluggish acceleration with horrible turbo lag, 6th gear is a joke as when in it and you put your foot down the car vibrates horribly and speed goes up not at all. On the plus side roadholding good, in fact everything about this car is great except for the engine and gearbox! I’m afraid I’ll be sticking with the Jaguar x Type for now as its far more responsive and you can accelerate in any gear immediately!

Submitted: 2010-08-23 | ID: 42435

Gordon Cook, Stirlingshire

Lexus IS 220 SE Nav 2009

4 star review

Plenty of grunt from the engine but not as much as you’d expect from nearly 180bhp and I’d prefer a little stiffer suspension but that’s my choice and you cannot deny that it’s comfortable to drive. Fuel economy is typically about 32 mpg for rural driving which I think is poor and with really careful driving you can only get that to about 36 and I’m in the IAM if that convinces anyone I’m not a boy racer. AS for 6th gear you’ll need to be doing 70 before going for it as the gearing is all wrong. (Why have a car that can only go into top gear when at the legal speed limit?) The boot space is poor, to the point of one large suitcase and that’s about it - you will NOT be getting two cases in it, but that’s mainly due to the low lid and had they made a hatchback this would have been resolved. This car with a couple of tweeks could be very good, but until they sort the bootlid and fuel economy I won’t be getting another one.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-10 | ID: 42429

Lar Howes, Northumberland

Lexus IS 2.2td 2010

5 star review

Just bought the car, fantastic drive. Traded in an Audi A4 tdi. It handles great fuel econ fine, head turner, loads of power, loads of fun, total comfort on long journeys, leaves the old Audi for dust, the boot is small but hey how often do you fill a boot? Insurance group fine for type of car. No complaints.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-03-22 | ID: 42428

Albert Holehouse, England

Lexus IS 2006

3 star review

The IS 220d se is my first diesel car I have owned, it’s only done 30 000 miles and it blows out blue smoke intermittently. Lexus put piston rings in and it is still doing it, now they say it could be the 5 injectors.

Submitted: 2010-03-04 | ID: 42430

Danyal Rana, England

Lexus IS 2008

4 star review

Well, if you’re looking for an automatic Lexus IS 250 - here it is. All you need to do is keep the keys in your pocket and drive it! And also the person who has the keys can only open the doors and boot. It includes vents at back and front, also the seats are so cormfortable. It even has 8 speakers, air conditioning and a sat nav; not forgetting the radio!!!

Submitted: 2009-08-27 | ID: 42432

Bilal Rana, Hampshire

Lexus IS ss 2008

4 star review

I absolutely love this car.

Submitted: 2009-08-21 | ID: 42431

Graham Daniels, England

Lexus IS 220 SE 2008

3 star review

If you want a car with a real quality fit and finish that looks good this car is for you. If you want a drivers car, forget it. When you need to pull away from rest quickly it takes an eternity until the turbo comes in. It is soggy around twisty roads and we cannot get near the MPG quoted whereas we can with our Audi. I had to get the RAC out when it the turbo pipe fell off and the dealer has still has not replied as to why it was not spotted during the service.

Submitted: 2009-03-23 | ID: 42458

Linda Riches, Nottinghamshire

Lexus IS 2006

5 star review

Wonderful car to drive - holds the road as if it were on tracks. Great acceleration; very responsive, no worry when overtaking. Have done over 30K in two years and it has never let me down.

Submitted: 2008-12-30 | ID: 42457

Phil, Leicestershire

Lexus IS IS220D 2006

3 star review

My first diesel and first Lexus. I’ll own another diesel but never another Lexus. Dealership issues aside, the car has proved to be woeful in terms of boot space, (worsened by the lack of split fold rear seats), and mediocre fuel economy. When the IS250 Auto performs virtually identically, why bother with expensive diesel? The car has plenty of gadgets to keep you occupied, but then so does every other car these days. What matters is the relationship between the owner and the dealer. That has been found wanting in so many ways for me; from the day it was collected and hadn’t been valeted with chewing gum stuck on the ashtray and reluctance to admit the problem with the 5th injector. If Lexus want to win their share of the quality compac exec market, they need to work a damn sight harder at it, because I’m going back to one of the big four.

Submitted: 2008-07-31 | ID: 42456

Chris Tavare, Norfolk

Lexus IS 2.2 IS 220d SE-L 2007

3 star review

This is an attractive and well constructed car. It handles very well. The driving position is excellent and there is a definite feel of "quality" that surrounds the IS. There is a sixth gear available but it is ineffectual at under 85 miles per hour so there are few (legal) occasions on which it can be used. The minus points of the IS include the small boot and the lack of legroom for passengers in the back seats. The fuel economy also leaves a lot be desired, I am getting around 30 miles to the gallon when I expected 40 plus.

Submitted: 2008-05-01 | ID: 42455

Bob Hyde, Devon

Lexus IS 220D SE 2006

5 star review

The IS220D SE is my first Lexus and it definitely won't be my last. This car is simply superb. Motorway cruising is effortless and the six speed gear box delivers super low revs at high speeds. The motor magazines are just wrong in their reviews about this car. Buy one!

Submitted: 2008-02-25 | ID: 42449

Olu Sokoya, Buckinghamshire

Lexus IS SE Sport 2007

5 star review

Classy, understated, professional and clearly exemplary up-market image. Gearing and driving needs to be appreciated in a slghtly different way. More powerful, luxurious, comfortable and reliable than all established european rivals. Had a 54 reg Honda Accord before and this car eclipses it effotlessly. Only those in denial of real quality and impressive road manners would ignore the Lexus IS. It is a gem on the road, a beauty to behold, graceful to the eye and an awesome competitor to all rivals. It’s looks says it all - "Bring it on...Europe..Ha"

Submitted: 2008-01-02 | ID: 42450

Simon Young, Essex

Lexus IS 220 SE 2007

5 star review

Beats the boring BMW hands down and is more than capable of beating of Mercedes, Audi ect without too much of a fight. The only things i would have liked is reversing Sensors as standard on this spec as the boot is high and the rear window small.

Submitted: 2007-11-23 | ID: 42451

Donald Thompson, Lancashire

Lexus IS 220D SE 2007

5 star review

Best car I have driven for a long time, so effortless, but could be geared better. Travel at 70MPH and revs are 1600. It even has air conditioned seats as standard. The instrumentation is really snazzy. Best of all, long journeys are effortless. The front seats are huge. Down side, not a lot of room in the rear. Test drive one and you wont be disappointed.

Submitted: 2007-10-22 | ID: 42454

Neil Robinson, Surrey

Lexus IS SE 2007

5 star review

Don’t believe what they say in the magazines, drive one of these cars before taking anything else. Smooth powerful diesel, superb quality and service that the others would do well to try and emulate. I have really enjoyed my IS and would not want to change. SO nice not having to pay for lots of options too!!!

Submitted: 2007-10-04 | ID: 42452

Nigel Moore, East Anglia

Lexus IS Lexus IS 250 2007

4 star review

Having previously had 3 Audi’s before purchasing my Lexus I have to say I don’t think I will ever buy any other make of car again. The drive is smooth, the interior comfortable and it’s so much more fun to drive. Definitely a good buy.

Submitted: 2007-08-07 | ID: 42453

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F - As reported elsewhere on this site, the IS competes with the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Merc C Class, while this top-of-the-range IS-F competes with musclecars like the RS4, M3 and C63 AMG. But is the ‘F’ hard enough to lock horns with those beasties? You bet it is.

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Lexus IS

The new Lexus IS will be looking to compete with the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4. It’s not quite up there on the same level but the high build quality plus excellent equipment levels and powerful performance will appeal to many executives.

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