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22 September 2017


LDV Convoy consumer car reviews and road tests

4 stars - average customer rating
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LDV Convoy consumer reviews by year of make: 1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001  2002  2003  2004  2005 

LDV Convoy consumer car reviews

1888, East Lothian

LDV Convoy 1996 - 2005

5 star review

Love my bus. Had it only a few month and fixed all leaks and rust and converting to camper. Not the fastest van in the world but with car seats its taking me from A to B quite comfortably. MPG is around 28-30 yet to work it out now all the heavy seats are gone and it got the Transit 2.4 engine

Submitted: 2017-05-16 | ID: 141323

Jon, Essex

LDV Convoy 1996 - 2005

4 star review

Would transit seats go straight in my convoy as they are so uncomfortable standard

Submitted: 2014-11-29 | ID: 107066

Jon, Essex

LDV Convoy 1996 - 2005

4 star review

Bought mine off gumtree 2 weeks ago sailed through mot. Done 2000 miles in 2 weeks up and down uk lovely van .

Submitted: 2014-11-29 | ID: 107065

Dave Love, Warwickshire

LDV Convoy 2.5d lwb hi top 1999

5 star review

I’ve had LDV’s forthe past 18 years and they have been so reliable. This 1999 I’ve had since 6 months old and has done 333,654 miles and is still on the original engine and gearbox. Has had a diff last year at 297,257 has oil and filters done at every 5,000 miles. Wouldn’t change it for the world and dread the day I have to...

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How fast can these vans go o n motorway.70 80 90 how fast please - from Stockton-on-Tees

How fast can these vans go o n motorway.70 80 90 how fast please - from Stockton-on-Tees

I've got the 16v 2ltr petrol and it has done 95 - from South Lanarkshire

Submitted: 2014-02-10 | ID: 42340

Savannah W, Cambridgeshire

LDV Convoy 17 seat minibus converted to camper/day van 2001

5 star review

Totally brilliant! Why would anyone even consider anything else? Totally reliable, very economical, absolutely huge (I’ve got the LWB Hi loader twin wheel 3.5 ton with the 2.5di). She’s big enough for everything, comfortable, extremely reliable, wonderful to drive and competent. She feels very well built, solid and I can go everywhere in her. I totally, honestly recommend a Convoy to anyone who wants a big reliable van. Much much, much better than anything else out there. Dreadful rust bucket Sprinters. Transits that fall to bits and never out the repair shop for new axles, diffs, gearboxes, dual mass flywheels. Ivecos? Not even worth considering and let’s not even look at those awful French offerings. The LDV Convoy outlasts, outshines and outperforms anything else in its class. A truly brilliant van. Simple mechanics, easy to work on and maintain. A masterpiece of British workmanship. A great van. My family love travelling in her and I love driving her. I am a very, very proud and privileged owner.

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How fast would these vans go on motorway 70 80 90 how fast please - from Stockton-on-Tees

Submitted: 2013-10-20 | ID: 42337

Andy Roadwolf, Lancashire

LDV Convoy lwb hi loader twin wheeler crew van. 2001

5 star review

I absolutely "LOVE" my LDV Convoy! I would never be parted from her. She’s my best friend. The second Convoy I’ve owned and I love everything about them. Never gonna set the world on fire with speed, but that doesn’t Interest me. I’m self employed and my van is my living. Simple to work on and my 51 reg 2.5Di banana engined Convoy is 100000% reliable no matter what the weather.I can’t understand why people buy anything other than a Convoy to be quite honest. They’re huge, mega reliable, they look superb and hold the road like they’re on tracks, economical, comfortable, solid and strong and everything a van should be. And they were built with pride and passion in England. Yet another huge own goal and massive cock up for the British government! I absolutely adore my beloved LDV Convoy. Like anything else if you look after it it’ll look after you. Personally I wouldn’t have a Transit or rubbish rot box Sprinter given me. Over rated garbage! Long live the best van ever built...the LDV Convoy. Solid, rugged, reliable and guaranteed to get the job done. I totally love them. Can’t praise them highly enough. I’m self employed and use mine 7 days a week. I don’t own a car either ’cos I just use my van as my personal transport, big and comfortable, great driving position and fantastic to drive, I will have my Convoy forever! 1000000000% recommend them to anyone. Forget Merc Sprinter and Iveco Daily, Transit and other over rated crap! Buy an LDV Convoy and I promise you won’t regret it. Best van ever built.

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How fast can these vans go - 60, 70, 80? How fast? - from Stockton-on-Tees

How fast do they go - from Stockton-on-Tees

Submitted: 2013-08-28 | ID: 42339

Russ Hubber, Derbyshire

LDV Convoy 2005

4 star review

Just bought ’05 high top 2.4 Transit engined diesel minibus (ex council), just 40k on clock and converting it into camper/day van leaving 6 seats in. Bit scruffy on paint, but local guy doing it up for £300. I’m getting 30mpg on local driving and on 67mph cruise up to North East and back. I love it and don’t want journeys to end!! Drives spot on! It’s a bit bouncy on rear due to twin axle and reduced weight with seats and bulkhead removed. I’m having two broad stripes painted down each side to try to soften its plain box look (I think a child drew original concept!). Yes, up to now I’m very happy with it, especially having paid just £2500 for it and can convert it for £1000! Show me where you can get an 05 40k mileage camper for under £4000!!

Responses to this review

Hi i am doing same as you converting my to camper what mpg did you say you are getting please - from Stoke-on-Trent

Hi i am doing same as you converting mine to camper, what mpg did you say you are getting please? - from Stoke-on-Trent

i bought last year a 98 convoy for £2000 with27000 genuine miles.Included was a wabasto heater/ marine spec,worth 1700 quid ,suck my dust daddio!! - Tommy g starfire from Wiltshire

i bought last year a 98 convoy for £2000 with27000 genuine miles.Included was a wabasto heater/ marine spec,worth 1700 quid ,suck my dust daddio!! - Tommy g starfire from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2013-08-07 | ID: 42338

Paul Crazy Legs Owen, Lancashire

LDV Convoy Tipper 2004

4 star review

I love her!

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Well in the eighties I was a supervisor, building body sides/front ends for welding to the chassis. In the nineties I was a national fleet performance manager at Royal Mail. And now nearing retiremen I’ve just bought a Convoy to convert to a motorhome, here in the outer Hebrides. Do I think it’s a good van built with a workforce? Heart and soul. Run with the toughest all round fleet operating cycles and now retired to a second life. Show me the Transits/Mercs over 20 yrs old with that pedigree!! Long live Sherpa/LDV if all you want is the job done, not a couch potato palace! Best to you all, bring your convoys/400’etc. to the Hebrides and a real welcome! - Mike Cowsill from Hebrides.

Could you tell me how fast these vans go on motorways don't want to be stuck behind everything ,thanks - from Stockton-on-Tees

Could you tell me how fast these vans go on motorways don't want to be stuck behind everything ,thanks - from Stockton-on-Tees

Submitted: 2013-04-24 | ID: 42335

Jon, County Down

LDV Convoy 2005

1 star review

Never, ever again! A bigger pile of dung I have never driven. A terrible drive, poor seat comfort and feels as dead as a dodo. It handles very badly and you feel every bump in the road. Just a very poor van. My old Fiat would destroy it!

Submitted: 2012-04-23 | ID: 42328

Simon H, Essex

LDV Convoy Ex Police 2001

4 star review

I bought this about a year ago to prepare for Motorcycle track days. It was hardly used last year (pennies too tight to play!), but sailed through its MoT and has just done 250 miles to help a friend move home. No issues. Love it! Now looking forward to planning some fun at the track this summer!

Submitted: 2012-03-28 | ID: 42329

Mark, Cornwall

LDV Convoy LWB High Top 1999

5 star review

I bought mine two years ago from Chepstow in Wales (eBay) for £725. It’s a 1999 T Reg 2.5TD Ford engine with 96k on the clock. It now has 109,000 on the clock and it’s just coming up for it’s MOT. I love this van even though it drives like an old tractor. In fact going up steep hills, I’ve even had a tractor or two get impatient with me and lol overtaken me, but I don’t care, I just love it. Like British Seagull outboards (and yes I’ve got one of those in the back too), it has no frills, it just ’quietly’ does what it’s supposed to. It has excellent load carrying ability, sticks to the road like glue, has a good heater in mine and returns approximately 32mpg. Well, I do cruise in neutral given the slightest opportunity. If you keep on top of the maintenance these engines will just keep going and going and going. It’s not going to win any prizes in the looks department, a bit like me, but whatever you throw at it she just keeps going. Of course she (Tom) has the usual wooly steering, the odd rattles from here and there and a few of it’s own unique quirks, but it’s comfortable and dare I say it, when you wind her up on a long journey seems to lap up the miles fairly effortlessly. Plenty of low end grunt, it actually turns heads when climbing up a steep hill lol. Got mine converted into a stealth camper. Pine bed in the back elevated on 4, 4" oak posts, living room is downstairs, the loo in it’s own separate room at the back, a kitchen and of course a woodburning stove for warmth. Tickety boo, it’s bloody lovely! Wouldn’t swap it for the world. The last full tank of fuel I put in (£105) was good for 775 miles (with a lot of coasting in neutral). It’s MOT is coming up late December 2011. It needs a new windscreen, having that done on Thursday. The kingpins might need greasing up. The power steering belt needs tightening. It needs two new tyres and the handbrake needs adjusting. Simple jobs. Think that’s about it. It’s had in the last 2 years: A new timing belt, new tyres, new front pads, new rear shoes, oil changes etc (never burns any oil) - I’m just so impressed with it. In fact she’s beautiful and I thoroughly recommend them to anyone. Come January, this one is heading off around Europe for a good 10,000 mile drive and I’ve got complete trust in her ability to deliver. At 6’6" tall even I can stand up straight (almost) in the back and driving? Plenty of legroom. Perfect. 10/10. Jeremy Clarkson eat your heart out lol.

Responses to this review

Hi, have you got a Ldv 400 d Ugv? - Dean Boland from Hampshire

15,000 later, she’s still going strong. Sailed through the last MOT in January 2013. A few niggles here and there but she is now 14 years old so to be expected. The engine though is as strong as ever and without fail she just never lets me down. In fact on a recent round trip to Scotland where I covered over 3,000 miles she didn’t miss a heart beat and on the way back, I gave a full tank of diesel some 50 miles north of Inverness and this full tank got me back home to west Cornwall. Cruising steadily all day for approximately 16 hours at 52mph non-stop she returned 48mpg! - from Cornwall

How fast do these vans go? - from Stockton-on-Tees

Submitted: 2011-12-01 | ID: 42330

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Dean Bpland, Hampshire

LDV Convoy 400D UGV 1999

5 star review

My LDV 400D UDV has been converted to a motorhome and I love it to bits. It has a Ford 2.5T running gear, it does 50 miles an hour down hill, up hill, all day long and runs with no problems. It also has air suspension and loads of room. It’s British, has no fancy toys and is very reliable.

Submitted: 2011-11-23 | ID: 42333

Graham Handley, Cheshire

LDV Convoy Hi Top SWB Van 1996

4 star review

We have driven an LDV Convoy from the UK to Bulgaria and back a number of times. Its 2,000 miles each way and the van was fully laden on the way out. This particular van has the Peugeot engine, which whilst not having startling performance does have the virtue of just going on for ever. Loaded or empty, short or long journies the MPG does not vary much being 27 point something all the time. Three up in the cab is a bit snug but not uncomfortable even for those of generous proportions. Long days were no problem. People have said "You would not do that again would you?" Well yes we would. Indeed another LDV van (1999 Banana engined version) is due to make the trip within the next couple of months. We love ’em!

Submitted: 2011-09-06 | ID: 42334

George Berrill, England

LDV Convoy LWB/HR 400 2.5 Di (Banana) 1998

4 star review

Having seen LDV’s in the service of the Post Office and Royal Mail in UK, I got to drive my first 400 in Munich, Germany. There they are loathed, preferring (naturally) their own Mercedes Sprinter, which is considerably faster, quieter, more comfortable, better built, more refined, and two or three times as expensive. I drove my first ’wide’ LDV from Munich to Berlin to Hamburg to Munich, round trip approx 1000 miles. At first I really didn’t fancy the trip in this vehicle, I doubted it would make it back as it was far from new! Anyway, fully loaded and dragging a twin axle trailer I set off. Immediately I knew it wasn’t going to break any land speed records but it didn’t seem to lack in the grunt department. Loaded, it was comfortable, in a basic sort of way. The basic radio/cassette kept me ’entertained’. (the speakers need better quality - mine were very tinny). It settled down to a steady 50 mph, (the German Police - the B.R.G. are very hot on truck speeds so you don’t push your luck). Even over the really big hills on the way to Berlin the LDV showed lots of effort, but that growl from the 2.5 Di is pain. Economically though, I was pleasantly surprised, the same trip a week earlier in a Sprinter returned approx 18-20 mpg, the LDV returned 24, not much to write home about but over a thousand miles thats a big saving. I had a full bulkhead so draughts were not a problem, those vans with half or no bulkhead can be very cold and the heater is pathetic. After a few years experience there are a few points worth mentioning: Maintenance is everything, especially with LDV’s, neglect it at your cost, keep it maintained and it will serve you well. 1, The steering is c**p, it wanders around with a mind of its own, and it has never improved on any 400 that I have driven. 2, The brakes are not the best, they will stop you, but you need a good heart and plenty of boot. (on a trip to Piacenza, Italy over Europa Brucke and down the massive pass to Bolzano I thought a few toilet rolls would have been a good addition to my overnight bag!) 3, The 2.5Di (Banana) engine is a good reliable lump, keep it well maintained and it will do a million miles, and never let you down, fast it ain’t, but it’s bullet proof. Pity it didn’t have a turbo. 4, L.D.V. stands for Lousy Dented Van - according to my German friends, can you imagine the look on their faces when their broken down Sprinters were dragged home by my van? LOL, it was a joy to behold. 5, If its cold outside, dress well, the heater is next to useless. 6, A bigger fuel tank would have been useful. 7, The LDV is a working van, it’s robust, has no frills, bells or whistles, it will serve you well if you take care of it. I am happy to say my workhorse is a ’W reg’ LDV 400. I wouldn’t change it for anything. And BROWN needs shooting for killing the company.

Submitted: 2011-03-04 | ID: 42322

Caven, Wiltshire

LDV Convoy LWB 2003

5 star review

Ibought my 03 LDV Convoy LWB a couple of months ago off eBay. The only complaint I have is that the steering is a bit sloppy, other than that it is a really good van. I admit it can be a bone shaker, like the LDV Pilot I had a few years before but as it goes for value for money and reliabilty it is worth every penny. Avoid like the plague the Citroen Relay and its evil cousins, they will bankrupt you!!!

Responses to this review

Just greased the kingpins using some NUCLEAR grease ... super slippy silver grey stuff. The steering had so much free play anything over 40 mph was taking your life in your hands. Initially I adjusted the square ended adjuster after slackening off the 3/4 af. locking nut. That removed almost all of the slop and free play ... but it was not comfortable to drive ... the steering was slightly sticky. I decided to have another go at getting the free play adjustment better. So here goes. Holding the square adustment bolt from turning. Slacken off the locking nut a couple of turns . Clamp a pair of molegrips onto the steering column shaft on the universal joint and rotate the steering column shaft a few degrees each way whilst applying very slight pressure on a 7mm 3 inch long spanner on the adjusting square ended bolt. If any resistance is felt simply slacken the adjustment off and readjust while continuing to rock the steering box input shaft. Finally tighten the locking nut whilst making sure the square ended adjustment bolt is prevented from turning - Richard Wallinger from Portugal

Submitted: 2010-09-22 | ID: 42323

James Webb, Argyllshire

LDV Convoy 2003

2 star review

Steering very sloppy and very rough brakes, quite a basic van otherwise good tough machine.

Submitted: 2010-08-15 | ID: 42325

David Pears, England

LDV Convoy 9 Seater Crew Cab / Splitter 2000

5 star review

Company vehicle used for touring bands - have previously used Merc’s, Transits, VW’s - all ridiculously expensive. This was a genius buy. Picked her up 2nd hand for £2.5k - Only ever had one problem with it since new (in 3 years) fan/alternator belt thing went - RAC fixed it in 30 mins - cost: £20.00 Have travelled the length and breadth of Europe in this, carrying up to 9 people at a time plus a shed load of amps, drum equipment etc. Never skipped a beat. Yes - it’s not the most comfortable bus in the world but dirt cheap to run, hi top so doesn’t feel claustrophobic - deals with the hard life of a band van and all the knocks - built like a tank. Occasionally need to re tighten a few screws on the doors etc, as it rattles it’self loose. but for this kind of money - well - you can see why the army, air force, police and postal service use them.

Submitted: 2010-08-03 | ID: 42326

Nick The Greek, England

LDV Convoy 1999

4 star review

LDV Tipper, one word, LOVELY!

Submitted: 2010-08-01 | ID: 42327

Stephen Perkins, Lancashire

LDV Convoy 2002

4 star review

I purchased a convoy ex military 3 years ago, it’s part crew cab van, the LDV bit is fine, bit dated, I couldn’t say the same for the Transit bits though. It’s had a new duel mass clutch at 101 thou miles, then blew the seals out of the slave cylinder when clutch was being bled costing 500 quid. Occasionally goes through the heater plugs on while we’re moving making it stunt stop, have to restart the engine to get going again. It’s had two alternator belts and the belt tensioner bearings are showing signs of wear. Also had a recon steering box fitted as the old one was weeping oil, but it failed mot for it. The steering pin doesn’t last if you don’t keep it greased. It tows a ifor williams trailer easy. It’s my second Convoy, my last one had the Peugeot turbo, that one was fine but steering box went on that one too, that’s why I got this one, you have too take engine out to get box out. I love the LDV, it’s a proper work horse, I’ve had 6 including the 200 models and I’d have another. Thanks alot brown for stuffing LDV, i’ll always hate you.

Submitted: 2009-12-31 | ID: 42320

Gerald Wilson, Cardiff

LDV Convoy LWB high roof 2002

5 star review

Hi all, I bought a brand new 2007 transit that suffered over 50 breakdowns in 2 years [11,347 miles] and is now dead!! So I bought an LDV convoy 2002 3,5ton to replace it and I have to say what a great van. My mate serviced it and it cost £20 for genuine air, oil and fuel filters. I have beefed up all the doors with extra chubb locks, fitted a tracker and a 5,000watt inverter. The LDV is not a racing van but is happy to plod along in the pace of todays drivers. I would recommend an LDV to anyone as mine does over 350 miles to a tank of diesel. The transit was a woefull 24MPG. I would buy a new LDV today!

Submitted: 2009-11-29 | ID: 42321

Martin Jenkins, England

LDV Convoy 2.8 low roof 2000

4 star review

Bought the van in June 07 for a little over £1000, so a great deal cheaper than other makes. This has the Transit running gear which has always worked fine and never let me down yet. On buying the van I let my local garage replace the cam belt, flush out the rad, service, pads etc. The starter motor packed up in France in October 07 (bump start at the port); this was replaced on return with a Ford one (not the Korean one that LDV use). It is now just under 2 years old with MOT next week the paintwork/body are starting to look a little worn/rust spots but as its a builders van it does have a hard life. It has taken me and my tools to my house in Brittany many times fully loaded and still does 70 -75 on the motorway with tow bar fitted (bought for £60 on eBay, brand new) - tows fine as said before. It is a little dated but at least you can still work on it without the need for a laptop. I can say that I am pretty happy with the van but have been thinking of changing for the Maxus but will wait to see if LDV survive their current cash crisis (or us!)

Submitted: 2009-05-07 | ID: 42341

Danny Mc, England

LDV Convoy Convoy 2003

4 star review

I have quiet a few Convoy minibuses; the early ones (1996) run the Peugeot engine. I have one with 200k on it, still going great but maybe a little tired. A bit later, in 1998, they run the Ford DI; a great engine and coupled to the MT75 gearbox, simple and reliable. In 2001 the Ford Dura engine has a few faults but the same drivetrain as a transit for little money. Unlike some people I have not hired one of these for a day - I have worked and used them for 12 years. My opinion is that it is a good twin wheel reliable workhorse with no frills but do the work you bought them for if maintained. MY OPINION IF LDV HAD CONTINUED MAKING THEM ALONGSIDE THE MAXUS (YUK) THEY WOULD NOT BE IN THE TROUBLE THEY ARE NOW . I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE AND SO WOULD HAVE MANY PEOPLE I KNOW WITHIN THE BUS INDUSTRY, AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

Responses to this review

Hi, I also have an LDV Convoy mini bus for a school contract. I am thinking of buying a younger minibus, what do you think of the LDV Maxus? - Eliz Ramsay from Dumfriesshire

Hi, you seem to be good at the Convoy stuff... Just got a 2.5 D 400 minibus 1998 S reg and wondering if it is a cam belt or cam chain? Any idea? Cheers - Steve Sanders from England

Submitted: 2009-03-13 | ID: 42342

David Jones, England

LDV Convoy Convoy LWB Hi-top 2002

2 star review

Having made a last-minute ebay purchase on EBAY i was left requiring a van to move some large furniture from the New Forest up to Bath. A local hire company soon furnished me with a van, which turned out to be a 5 year old LDV convoy. Getting into the convoy is like climbing into a tardis in two ways. firstly, the cab is extremely spacious - due to the convoy’s large width compared to similar vans. Secondly you travel back in time to the 1970s when you settle into the basic interior. The controls, all large simple buttons, and the basic dashboard with very few dials and lights, are like something from another era. On starting the engine all those features which would be quite useful to remain still, such as the (manually adjusted) wingmirrors and gearstick, begin to vibrate. On depressing the accelerator the engine emits a roar which sounds like its in severe need of a packet of soothers. However, this does transmit to good power on the road, and, even unladen, the convoy holds the road as if its stuck there with glue. Acceleration when empty was good, and the convoy coped with all the hills i threw at it. The (loosely fitted) plywood bulkhead didnt fill me with confidence when the back was full of furniture, especially as there seemed to be little to tie it to! However, the chances of stuff moving around when breaking with the convoy’s pathetic brakes were fairly low! All in all an uninspiring vehicle to drive, but an experience for anyone who wants to make their own car or van seem like a luxury model!

Responses to this review

Exactly mate,makes a car seem like luxury!! I’ve had a ’99 convoy with a luton body and something goes on it every month or so, bloody pathetic, time to sell - Mike Roden from England

Submitted: 2008-01-02 | ID: 42345

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