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Kia Ceed consumer car reviews

Gary Davis, United States of America

Kia Ceed 2009

3 star review

Make sure you change the timing belt. It cost me $1700.00 after the belt broke and it has done some kind of damage. The car has 80k on the clock.

Submitted: 2013-06-30 | ID: 41954

John Bracken, Ireland

Kia Ceed 1.6 diesel 2012

1 star review

If there was a zero rating it’d get it for worst customer service ever! Bought my brand new Ceed on 8 May 2013 and the brakes failed within 3 weeks. I phoned Kia assist who towed the car gave us a hire car and so the nightmare began. No one at Kia would talk to us every time we called the customer helpline and the person we needed to talk to was on leave away from his desk etc. The car hire was extended on a daily basis, but no one at Kia or the dealer would inform car hire so they’d be calling us to get the car back. Two weeks later the dealer couldn’t find fault, the Kia engineer who came from Dublin also couldn’t find fault, so they decided to insist we take car back after fixing zero. I wouldn’t put anyone in this death trap, the problem is intermittent, but when it happens you have NO brakes at all. I insisted that they sign off on it if they deemed it safe and surprise, surprise neither dealer nor Kia would. They cancelled the car hire and we’ve had to get a solicitor and private accessor with over €600 spent already. We paid €25000 after trading a car worth €11500 and paying another €1000 so paid for half and financed the rest. We have no car and still have to make payments or we will get black listed, a pure nightmare. We never once asked for refund just a car that’s brakes worked, what would we benefit from making up a problem like this? We are already seriously out of pocket! KIA 7 day warranty not 7 year warranty, a total disgrace! Do not buy a Kia under any circumstances.

Submitted: 2013-05-25 | ID: 41953

Trudi Starling, Sussex

Kia Ceed CRDi 2011

5 star review

Love my Kia! I needed to change my car quite quicky, but determined to keep a car for longer than my usual year or two this time. Test drove VW Polo, Toyota Yaris Spirit and was going to test Mazda 3 when a mechanic friend said to try the Kia Ceed. Birchwood Kia at Washington (West Sussex) was my nearest so I booked a test drive there. While on the phone, the salesman mentioned a Diesel Automatic that had just come in and that it may be of interest to me so off I went in that one. What a delight in all ways. I was allowed to take the car out on my own (they feel that you will get a better feel for the car without them in the passenger seat) and as soon as I drove onto the A24 I loved the car. By the time I got to the A27 I was totally at home in it. It’s fast, responsive, quiet, easy to handle and had all the extras that my previous cars had had plus the added benefits of tinted glass in the rear. Great car

Submitted: 2012-06-09 | ID: 41950

Thomas De Giorgio, Malta

Kia Ceed 2009

4 star review

I Bought the Kia Ceed SW 1.4 and overall I am very impressed and proud of this car except for two issues I encountered: Three months ago I had an annoying squeak coming fom the engine compartment and after a couple of visits to the dealership they thought it was coming from the thrust. The noise could be heard either when using the engine brake or occasionally when left idle. They decided it was best to change the whole clutch kit since it is under warranty. Three months down the line and the noise has returned. Any ideas? The other problem is that I am noticing the first traces of rust on the roof railing. They serviced the railings but the "bubbles" have returned!

Responses to this review

Hi Thomas, did you solve the problem in the end? What was your year of manufacture? - Carl Camilleri from Malta

Submitted: 2011-12-19 | ID: 41951

John Snelson, England

Kia Ceed sd 1.6 diesel 2009

3 star review

I had the car from new, 18 months ago I had a bit of a problem with the driver’s door when cold. The worst problem is mph, 38 around town. The dealer has asked me to fill the car then run ’til nearly empty and taking a note of the mileage at the start and finish. I don’t think I should have the problem of sorting the fault out for them, they shoud sort it for me. I will not be having another one. PS. The car drives really well.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-01-19 | ID: 41948

Louis Celine, England

Kia Ceed 2.0 sport 2009

4 star review

Bought this with delivery mileage for 10k in Feb, no issues accept the mp3 player freezing every now and then, simple to fix (just reseat the fuse and device comes back fine). Was getting around 46-48mpg around town then got it serviced at Arnold Clarke (200 quid was very steep for an oil change and fuel filter, but you must do this to keep your 7 year warranty) and this has dropped to 40mpg. Whether this is because of the ice and snow I am not sure. One caveat with Arnold Clark (in my experience) is that there mechanics are NOT competent, the service staff are also very poor, ensure you get them to check all your tyres BEFORE you leave your vehicle as they tend to drive your car alot further than needs be and as it is not their car they drive it like they stole it.

Submitted: 2010-12-29 | ID: 41949

Jim Phillips, England

Kia Ceed 3 2009

5 star review

Bought a 10 month old cee’d 3 when my Saab 9:3, which was just over 5 years old developed another expensive fault. What a good decision. Great service from the dealer, Perry’s in Preston, both before and after sale, full 7 year warranty even though car is "pre owned". I agree with all the positive comments - cheap to insure, tax and run, nippy but quiet, lots of toys, gadgets and features and something else no one has mentioned- good looks. Mine’s silver with fab alloys and looks great from every angle. Personally I enjoy being an individual and owning a car that shows you don’t have to have the usual BMW, Merc, Ford or whatever. I think KIA offers quality and cost effectiveness. So shake off your prejudices and preconceptions and buy one before everyone realises how good they are.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 41947

Tony, England

Kia Ceed 3 2010

5 star review

The first time I drove a Kia Ceed was in March 2010. It was the limited edition strike model with the 1.4 89bhp petrol engine and I bought it. What a nice, smooth, refined engine it has, and what a nice car it is to drive. I had no problems with it from day one. The quality and kit you get for the money over and above the class leaders is a reason to own one in itself. However, I did decide to change it recently for a different car simply because I’d found another bargain . My new car is ........ Another Kia Ceed . The difference is that I have now bought the 1.6 CRDI Ceed 3 model, and what a car this one is. The fuel economy is brilliant, it’s fast, it’s very responsive and the road tax is only £30 a year! How’s that for value? The best thing, however, is what I paid for this six month old car with only 11,995 miles on the clock. All I will say is that a pound a mile isn’t bad value now is it? A differently badged car would of cost me around £14,995 in slightly lower spec and probably have 40,000 miles on the clock. Look no further eh? Only my opinion of course.

Responses to this review

Was this a reps car? - Geoff milles in 6 months] Geoff from England

No, not a reps car, but it probably had lots of drivers because it belonged to Hertz car rental. The mileage of 12,000 has no relevance to the Ceed as it comes with a 100,000 mile or seven year warranty. With the car being six months old, the warranty is topped back up to seven years and as I don’t see myself doing that sort of mileage within the seven years then I rest my case. Oh by the way Geoff, it is now March and i’ve had the car six months and guess what? I haven’t had to go back to the dealer at all for anything - from England

Still have a Kia Ceed. 50,000 miles on the clock. Happy smiling mouth on my clock . HOW NICE. - from Yorkshire

I previously worked for a company who ran a fleet of five Kia Ceeds that their reps ran around in. I was one of those reps. During my time with this company nothing went wrong with any of the Ceeds they ran at all, not even a blown bulb. The cars were routinely changed at 100,000 miles for another Ceed and I worked for them for five years getting through two Ceeds in that period. In my opinion the Ceed is quite simply the best car in its sector, it drives well, is extremely well made and the reliability is astonishing. I am now self employed so have bought myself a second hand Ceed with 50k miles on the clock. It is six years old and I have added another 20k onto it with not a hint of trouble. - from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 2010-11-01 | ID: 41942

Mike Smithson, Bedfordshire

Kia Ceed Ceed 3 CRDI automatic 2010

5 star review

There is only one problem with the Kia Ceed and that is the badge on the front. The firm has yet to build up a brand reputation but this model will go a long way towards meeting that goal. Three months ago I had no idea what a Kia Ceed was and had no intention of changing my four year Mercedes A160 even though I found the seats to be exceedingly uncomfortable. Then, with just 51,000 miles on the clock the fuel pump failed. The cost of fixing it was £1,200. Holding onto the car as it got older looked like an expensive proposition. My search for a new vehicle covered first the Citroen C4 but I found that exceedingly difficult to get in and out of. Then there was the Ford Focus which was ruled out for the same reason. The Peugeot 308 seemed fine but my local dealer could not get me an automatic diesel for me to test drive. What attracted me to Kia was the seven year warranty which would provide considerable peace of mind. At that stage I had no appreciation of how good a car it was. With lumbar support and lots of seat steering wheel adjustment options I quickly found a comfortable driving position. I could drive without back pain. The car is extraordinarily spacious for the driver and both front and rear passengers. The really amazing factor is the overall feeling of quality you get from the moment you close the doors with a satisfactory "thunk". The steering wheel and all the controls just feel right and I like the subdued but functional dashboard design. There is an old true-ism "you only get one chance to make a first impression" and that seems to have been central to Kia’s German design team when they were developing the vehicle. The immediate impact is great - it feels right. My previous cars have included two Audis, a BMW and two Mercedes A-classes. The Kia Ceed beats the lot of them. I love driving it and I have not had that feeling about a vehicle since I got my first car more than forty years ago.

Submitted: 2010-10-07 | ID: 41941

Craig Street, Hertfordshire

Kia Ceed 1.4 S 2009

2 star review

Very average car. Poorly made compared to my previous Skoda Octavia. Steering wheel has made a cheap plastic squeaking noise since new and now the clutch is squeaking as well. 7 year warranty is a very good buying point but the product itself is not that good. It will probably last 7 years but I get the feeling the warranty will be well used during that 7 years. Paint is crap and appears to mark if you so much as fart at it. You could chuck bricks at my previous Skoda and the paint would barely mark. I seriously think it will fall apart 1 day after the warranty expires. Where as I would buy another Skoda tomorrow, I will not buy another Kia. It is a shame because Kia has the basis for a very good car, they just need to make sure it is put together properly.

Responses to this review

Well Craig... I’ve never heard so much rubbish in my life. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but I think you have gone a bit too far in your review of this car. First of all I have had a Skoda Octavia and what a very good car it is. Secondly, I am now in possession of a 1.4 Kia cee’d strike and I have never driven a petrol car with such a smooth and refined engine as this one - compared to other cars with a similar or slightly larger engine than this. As far as the paintwork goes there is nothing any different to the Kia over the Skoda, beleive me I know, I’ve had stone chips on both. Most of all though is the outstanding value for money the Kia cee’d is... You can’t beat it - from Yorkshire

Agree with your impression. I also had an 2005 Octavia and I regret I switched it for the Kia. My kia has squeaking/rattle from steering wheel, dash board, left door and also somewhere in the back, which I can not locate. Further, the tyre noise suddenly spikes at 130 km/t (80 Mph) (is has factory 17 inch wheels). Sure the car gets me from A to B and has a long warranty, but I am going to trade it in, as soon as I can afford it - Kia ceed from Denmark

I’ve had 2005 Skoda octavia and thought it was a good car too, but... alas... not free from creaks or rattles... nor was my 04 Golf or my 01 Toyota corolla or my Ford Mondeo or my Ford Focus C-Max, nor was my Astra or my 08 Corsa... my 54 plate SEAT Altea or my Suzuki Grand vitara on a 55 plate. Should i go on... NO car is free of rattles or sqeakes. NO car is perfect... no matter what you pay for it. I do enjoy my Kia ceed 3 1.6 CRDI though, even though it rattles somewhere... It doesn’t rattle my pocket... How nice is that? - from Yorkshire

My Kia has been fine until recently, first the CD player was playing up (which apparently is quite common) and the back light had water in it. Kia were very prompt in helping us fix this issue, so we weren’t too fussed. However, recently I broke down and had to be towed back. The cars electrics and fuel gage have so far have packed up, we aren’t sure what else is broken yet. Kia’s service this time has been very disappointing, the customer ’care’ team have basically told us "it isn’t their problem" that they can’t provide a courtesy car and have been very uncaring towards us. It is a pity, because I had really high expectations with this car after reading the reviews. It might just be that we picked one of those cars and it might be just us, so I don’t want to put anyone else off, but we won’t be having another Kia after this one. If you do decide to get one - check the warrantee and make sure you know what you are getting - from England

It’s been a while since I have commented on this site. I still own my Kia Ceed and am still happy with my car. Lei, I really do feel from what you say that the problems you are having or have had are from the customer service from your supplying dealer. I have had some issues with the CD and as you say is a common fault. My supplying dealer like your’s changed this without a problem. Any fault electrical or otherwise should be investigated by your dealer before they say it is not their problem. I suggest you find another Kia dealer willing to give a second opinion on the condition of your vehicle. If the other dealer try to help you solve this problem then switch from the supplying dealer to this dealer. I still say that if the problem is with the car then the dealer should resolve it. Shame we do not live in a perfect world though - from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-10-01 | ID: 41935

Jon de Quincy, Shropshire

Kia Ceed 1.6 grdi auto spec 3 2010

5 star review

In May my 1.8 Astra auto estate, low miles came up to 3 yrs old and it was end of lease and time to look. I started with Renault, I liked Megan coupe style but on close inspection found its bulky boxey design and interior not great and the garage poor so legged it to VW. There met with a problem, no stock for 14 weeks, also expensive. I felt for what you get up specs very over priced indeed, so on to Ford who are processing brand new Focus range to fight with new Astras’, Golfs’ etc. The dealership, Furrows of Shrewsbury had very pleasant sales dept. Immediate offer to try 1.6 Kia grd sw 6 speed sw , totally impressed , i signed up order there and then. I found the gearbox lovely as well as the clutch, steering bang on, specification frankly huge on the 3 spec, quality inside out truly amazing. I picked up my new car 31/5/10, I paid extra and had dynobrite paint and fabric upholstery protection, guaranteed product, helps if the car has to face acid rain sits outside, stands parked more these days, so made sense. My Kia arrived as promised, turnout was impressive, sales helpful. I speak as I find; the issues as opposed to my Astra one gets much more for much less money. Drive excellent; prefer manual but clutch difficult due to leg problems, the auto box is great refined smooth generally, low mile user, but thus far totally taken with high quality. Driveability, functions, brakes, steering etc., great. Does not suffer huge buttons like new Astra, very clever car. Kia intent on transforming their sales. Problem: Unless you drive one, you will not appreciate just what a cracking car this model is. For great deals, specs, choice, I recommend you visit a Kia dealer and check out this new Ceed. Driving is sure-footed performance, obviously nursing it in gently but delightful for new car in price range. Simply stuffs Astras, VWs and the Peugeot, lots of real space, fantastic. However, fuel won’t be great for 10k miles, bear in mind new, tight auto averaging locally 37/38 mpg in town, I’m yet to enjoy a long journey, but that 7 yrs warranty shouts confidence in this product. These cars as cheap as 15k on net new from main dealer. My early impressions cannot but say winner throughout, pity about name perhaps, however, I can give it 5 out of 5 and predict these cars will soon be on a waiting list. Best new car to date, wish I had found tried it years ago. Just experience one you will truly be amazed. Quality, door shuts, even rear door, quietly. As good as BMW sends Merc to shame, try it and you like me will order, no hesitation, guaranteed winner.

Submitted: 2010-08-08 | ID: 41934

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Jay, Nottinghamshire

Kia Ceed Strike 2010

5 star review

Took delivery 5th March from Draycotts Kia. Everything works fine, good drive, good mileage, comfortable, pleased as punch.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-07-23 | ID: 41933

Michelle, England

Kia Ceed Strike 2010

1 star review

Kia Ceed Strike purchased from Clarks of Kidderminster. Two days after I purchased I tried the cd player and it did not work correctly, it has a crackling noise when original cds are played. After promises from Kia help line and Kia head office we eventually had the car booked in at the garage to replace the cd unit only for it not to turn up on the parts order and the thoughtful member of staff at Clarks did not have the decency to advise me of the back up plan ie a new strike in the showroom which was to be a doner got delivered the day before we were booked in. We are now reaching 3 months from the date of purchase and no sign of a new one. The after sales service is totally unacceptable and for this reason I would not touch another Kia car, which is a great shame as other aspects of the car have been well thought out and it drives nice. The worrying aspect is if anything major went wrong how long would that take????

Responses to this review

It’s a shame that the dealer has let you down and not the manufacturer of the car . I myself have had no problems with the Kia Cee’d Strike and have yet to undergo the dealer-customer relationship which may or may not be satisfactory if and when I do have a problem. However, I do think that the 7 year warranty and the cost of this vehicle far outweighs the worry of having a bad dealer sell you the car in the first place , especially when you have such a broad dealer network to go to if anything does go wrong. I would like to think the dealer who sold me the car will look after myself and the car or I take my business elsewhere. It would not put me off buying another Kia - from Yorkshire

I fail to see how you can say the 7 year warranty is good, when the original reviewer says that their car has not been fixed for 3 months. What is the worth of a warranty that does nothing? I would recommend legal advice - from Kent

Sorry Alan from Kent, but I disagree with your point about the warranty issue. Trust me, under the terms and conditions of the manufacturer warranty Michelle’s fault on the Kia Car will be addressed. It is not the whole car that is at fault but the CD unit. I think the dealer may be at fault here for not contacting the customer with any follow up calls. The best course of action would be to ring Kia motors and ask why this problem hasn’t been addressed. I have a Kia and many people I know have them too. All are happy with them - from Yorkshire

Hi I have looked on this site for reviews on this car and this is really no help. Okay so the CD player was a problem but what about the car? You know the expensive stuff like engine, gearbox etc? How does it drive? Is it economical? Is the boot space of a good size? This is what is important in a car not the CD player surely? - from Kent

Does Tony from Yorkshire work for Kia? There is no need to defend them like they are your own family. It is only a business and only a car! You must be great fun in the pub, my own opinion about this car is it is cheap. It is Korean, there are going to be some problems you just have to decide what is more important to you, money or service, if service is more important then buy an Audi or BMW - from Durham

No, Tony does not work for Kia and I am great fun in a pub, but like all of you I just put my honest and truthful opinion across to those who are interested in buying a Kia, NOT an Audi or BMW. All I am stating is that I have not had a problem with my Kia. What makes you think that you get better service from Audi or BMW? It is the individual dealer that gives you service NOT the manufacturer of the car. Nobody is perfect are they Col from Durham? Only MY opinion of course - from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-06-06 | ID: 41916

Paul Williams, Buckinghamshire

Kia Ceed SR 1.6 Auto 2010

4 star review

Lovely car, with only a few minor problems. It goes through tyres quickly, there is a knocking from the steering head, flap won’t easily open due to linkage wear in the petrol cap control, driver seat clonks into position when breaking after adjusting to rear position, 31mpg around town.

Submitted: 2010-06-04 | ID: 41923

Rob Bruty, Kent

Kia Ceed 1.4 2010

4 star review

Have had my Ceed about 2 months. The remote central locking has packed up and waiting for the garage to contact me when they have obtained the spare part. Bit alarmed that other Ceed customers have had problems with the central locking jamming up in freezing conditions. Nice smooth ride when driven at normal speeds but not so when pushed. Have given the car 4 stars on proviso I have no further problems.

Submitted: 2010-05-13 | ID: 41914

Andy Jones, Hertfordshire

Kia Ceed SR7 2009

5 star review

Bought this car from new after driving Peugeot cars for many years. It is a lot bigger and more comfortable and has good handling and MPG. Took me a while to get used to the reverse gear, but after some advice from someone on the Kia forum have had no more problems. Would recommend this car to anyone.

Submitted: 2010-05-05 | ID: 41915

Pete, England

Kia Ceed 2009

4 star review

I’ve owned the car from new Dec 09, outside temp gauge is eratic mostly 40 below been back in dealers three times from Jan without luck. I have now been waiting five weeks from 15 feb for another new part so they can try again.

Submitted: 2010-03-26 | ID: 41924

Ray Brooke, Lancashire

Kia Ceed 2009

2 star review

Would have given a higher rating if we had picked the car up in the summer. Thought it was great when we picked it up, everything the road tests had remarked on were true until we had the first frost 3 weeks from new ( feb 3rd 2010 ), the driver’s door wouldn’t open either with central locking or key, it has been the same every time it gets below freezing. My wife got the car through a disability scheme but luckily I drive the car for her although she can drive as well, you have to climb across from the passenger seat and it takes over 1/2 an hour to right itself. If I wasn’t around my wife couldn’t use the car in any cold snap, what about the disabled who are not lucky to have somebody who can climb over? Also if you have an accident where you are hurt during this lock out how could you get across to the passenger seat? I rang the dealer on the first occasion and was told if you can’t wait to book it in call the RAC assist they may be able to sort it out sooner, yet when you look at the manual it says and I quote "In cold and wet climates door lock and door mechanisms may not work properly due to freezing conditions." The Nissan Note always opened with central locking even when it was minus 8, surely the car is not fit for any country where it may dip below freezing? I think it’s going to be a long 3 year lease.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I have been fortunate with my SR7 1.4 Ceed this winter. It has been kept outdoors all the time, and have driven it frequently in below zero temperatures. I’ve had no problems at all with frozen locks. Sorry I can’t help, I haven’t done anything special - Nicholas Brown from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 2010-02-22 | ID: 41925

Steve Harris, Caerphilly

Kia Ceed 2009

3 star review

I’ve owned the car from new and so far had two faults: The car sometimes cuts out when stopped. I have tried to pull off only for the engine to cut out on numerous occasions. (Yes I am an experienced driver.) It was frosty one morning and the driver’s door would not open, even after driving 15 miles. It opened eventually. I took the car back to manufacturers but they can’t find any problems yet. Very frustrating for a new car

Responses to this review

I have one of the problems with my car; the driver’s door will not open in cold weather. It seems the locking mechanism inside the door freezes and the door will not unlock. Yesterday it took 1.5hours to unlock through a combination of de-icer, hot air and swearwords. According to our dealer, they have exactly the same problem with the cars on their forecourt. This is extremely annoying for a brand new (less than two months old) car - from Yorkshire

There appears to be a definite problem with the central locking mechanism freezing up at when the temperature only dips below freezing by a couple of degrees. From my dealings with Kia so far, they don’t appear to see this as a problem but as ’normal’. I would suggest that Kia should get this faulty part rectified and issue a recall. The more people that complain to them, the better - Dave Rooney from Lancashire

Hi Steve, I purchased my Kia ce’ed SR7 1.4 in June and up until the cold spell I have been singing its praises to anyone that would listen. Now I am having trouble getting into my car because the doors are frozen solid. We did manage to get the front passenger door open, I had to climb over into the driver’s seat. But when we got to our destination neither myself nor my hubby could open our doors. He had to climb in the back and get out that way. His door then opened from the outside but mine was still shut solid. I rang the main office to complain as surely this must be a fault and its dangerous only to be told next time to call out Kia assist or take it to your nearsest Kia dealership which is about 40 miles away. I hope someone out there from Kia is reading this because I won’t be recommending one of there cars until I get some answers - Jane Roberts from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2009-12-07 | ID: 41928

Nicholas, Hertfordshire

Kia Ceed 1.4 SR 2009

5 star review

I’ve owned the car for 7 months. I’m very impressed all round. The doors shut with a solid thunk, it’s well built. It has plenty of space and is the interior is well designed and comfortable. The sound system is fine and I particularly like the USB connection, enabling you to have access to several albums on a standard memory stick. The engine is very quiet and revs smoothly. It may be only be a 1.4 but you can make quick progress, though mpg suffers. I can get approaching 50 mpg on a long run if I drive gently. What I particularly like about the engine is its flexibility, enabling you to drive it happily and economically in top gear in a 30 mph zone. To sum up, a good looking medium hatchback which is very well equipped, handles really well and of course has that reassuring 7 year warranty. It’s a pity that servicing costs at Kia garages seem to be rather high on a car which was so keenly priced.

Submitted: 2009-11-30 | ID: 41932

David Henderson, Northumberland

Kia Ceed pro ceed xr7 2009

5 star review

Excellent so far. Very reliable, lovely quiet smooth 1.4 engine, quite lively and economical - 43 mpg Ride - slightly harsh. Best looker in its class.

Submitted: 2009-10-30 | ID: 41927

Ozer Unsal, England

Kia Ceed 1.6 D VGT 2009

5 star review

It is incredible... I also fell in love with my c’eed 90 HP manual version I’ll recommend it to everybody who wants quality, economy and performance.

Submitted: 2009-06-16 | ID: 41955

Mile Mile, Swansea

Kia Ceed 1.4 2008

5 star review

OK!Design and performance are really great!

Submitted: 2008-05-16 | ID: 41956

Shelley Briers, Essex

Kia Ceed 1.6 D 109 TS2 2007

5 star review

A worthy contender to the best hatchback crown. Great performance from the 1.6 engine and fantastic fuel economy. Spacious, safe and good value for money.

Submitted: 2007-11-06 | ID: 41957

Jim Greek, England

Kia Ceed 2007

5 star review

I have my Kia Ceed for 4 months now... it’s even better than it looks...

Submitted: 2007-10-26 | ID: 41958

Celia Fyldes, Berkshire

Kia Ceed 1.4 GS 5dr 2007

5 star review

I have just ordered my Kia Ceed in arctic white and can’t wait for it to be delivered. Fell in love with it as soon as I sat in it. Brilliant fun to drive and looks great. Really excited!

Responses to this review

Be careful!!! Liked the car like you. Bought it and had Kia Ceed 1.6 ls 113 bhp since April 2010 and had problems only! Kia Benfield does not want to fix it. Going to take legal advice, official opinion of independent garage and take legal action against Kia! Got no other choice now. Got faulty car, faulty gear box, but recieved letter that thay will not fix gear box till 10,000 miles on the clock. After 1 month of driving a courtesy car I got my back still with the crunchy gear box, plus metal clicking of shufts or sinchromeze... Kia representative came to Newcastle and said that Kia will spend no more money on it! Wish you a good luck - from England

Submitted: 2007-09-26 | ID: 41959

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Kia Ceed

1.6 CRDI LS - For the money, with the Cee’d you’re in for a Brucey Bonus. Kia has come on in leaps and bounds over the past 10 years.

Road Test Reports Says 4 star ratingFull Report
An image of the Kia Ceed 1.6 CRDI LS

Kia Ceed

2.0 CRDi Sport - The 2.0-litre diesel engine offers superb performance but it is in the quality of the build that Kia has surpassed itself. The 7-year, 100,000 mile warranty is the best in Europe.

Road Test Reports Says 4.5 star ratingFull Report
An image of the Kia Ceed 2.0 CRDi Sport

Kia Ceed

1.6 CRDi GLS - The Kia Cee’d’s ability as a dependable transport and motorway cruiser makes the car a worthy choice when you are going to buy or lease your next car. The Cee’d excels at the simple things it is very practical and easy to live with because it’s so comfortable and user-friendly.

Road Test Reports Says 4 star ratingFull Report
An image of the Kia Ceed 1.6 CRDi GLS

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