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Hyundai iLoad consumer car reviews and road tests

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Hyundai iLoad consumer reviews by year of make: 2011 

Hyundai iLoad consumer car reviews

Jenna Alon, United States of America

Hyundai iLoad 2011

1 star review

This is a horrible car. I was driving down the road after I bought it and the passenger door fell off, brand new.

Responses to this review

I have not bought an iload yet but Jenna’s report of a passenger door falling off has caused me to think carefully about keeping out of the way when she drives by - Colin Mclean from Lancashire

Sounds like the usual unsubstantiated scare story that often originates from Americans - funny how they seem to be the only people who ever have these problems with Asian-origin vehicles! - Brevet Cable from Wales

Other than this SILLY review which I won’t say anymore about, I’m sure we have all noticed the lack of bad reviews about the iLoad. I met a Taxi driver in Belfast who said the timing snapped after 2000 miles, it was all fixed under warranty. The 11 other iLoads in his taxi company had NO problems at all, he went on to tell me he and the boys loved their Hyundai iLoads. Mind you, it wouldn’t be hard for Hyundai to build a better van than the scrap we see on the roads today. VW Trans OVER PRICED unreliable . Merc MAJOR RUST BUKET. Toyota GREAT. All others - made with cheap parts - Michael Dickinson from County Antrim

Submitted: 2011-03-25 | ID: 41506

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