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Hyundai i40 Tourer consumer car reviews and road tests

4 stars - average customer rating
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Hyundai i40 Tourer consumer reviews by year of make: 2011  2012 

Hyundai i40 Tourer consumer car reviews

Allan Ford, Warwickshire

Hyundai i40 Tourer i40 Tourer 2012

3 star review

Got this as a company car in July 12, it’s only the base model so no satnav, parking aids, tinted glass. Been locked out maybe four times now (just pop the cover off the door handle and use the key) and the handbrake has refused to release 5 times. We have 4 so far in the fleet and they all do it! The only option is to turn off and start the engine again. Mine went in for 20,000 service in March and no fault codes were found. As soon as outside ambient temp reaches about 15 degree’s I am greeted by aircon on and the fans come on full when starting the engine. It’s ’Nanny State’ gone mad! I can’t get the handbrake to release if a door or tailgate is not properly shut and can’t move it without clipping belt across the seat. On the plus side it does a consistent 46 to the gallon on mixed roads and high motorway speeds.(boot is fully loaded with about 120kg of parts and tools). The lower part of the tailgate is plastic and somebody has clipped the bumper and put a 3" split in the lower tailgate. Some people have satnav, if using the phone the sat nav screen goes off/quiet and they miss their junction. The satnav really needs its own speaker. Hands free does not seem compatible with some of my phones - there is loads of background noise and little voice. There is lots of room in the back, but stuff will wander from side to side because the floor is flat. The cargo cover seems a little short and people can see into the boot area. It seems the tyres can be difficult to get on the day/next day. If you use the auto hold it leaves the brake lights on until you release or pull away. Mine pulls to left all the time, the dealer has suggested I loosen the engine mounts to see if that helps. The lease company won’t pay for laser tracking. It’s not a bad pull, but it does make my hands hurt on longer drives of 200 miles or more. It will be interesting to see if it can take the pace over 3 years 100,000 miles. The auto start stop is inconsistent and scary when it starts on its own. Eco mode is turned off as it seemed gutless with it on. I keep shutting my seatbelt buckle in the door because it doesn’t always retract and the passengers is the same, it seems a bit weak. Would I have another one? Watch this space.

Submitted: 2013-04-28 | ID: 41503

Sara T, Berkshire

Hyundai i40 Tourer 2012

4 star review

This was delieverd to me as my company car, on 28th May. I love this car and all the extras and I was very impressed, but today I went to an appointment and came out and the key fob would not work so I couldn’t get into the car. I had to call my husband out, who was asleep from a night shift so was not impressed! While I was waiting for him I called Hyundai who told me how to get into the car without the key fob - the hole for the key is hidden, so I managed to get home. The key fob and the spare won’t work, though only the drivers door won’t open so it’s a mystery as to why, so the car is usable if I open the drivers door from the passenger side. It’s going in to the garage on Monday, so I am disappointed as I love this car, it’s easy to drive and smooth on the road. I hope they will sort my key fob out.

Submitted: 2012-06-11 | ID: 41498

David Lomas, Norfolk

Hyundai i40 Tourer 1.7 Diesel 136bhp Blue Drive 2011

4 star review

I had this delivered as a company car in January 2012 and so far I’m very impressed. It’s a large car, but parking is easy as it has excellent parking sensors front and rear, as well as a super rear view camera. The steering is feather light, with a good turning circle. The engine must be one of the smoothest and quietest diesels I’ve ever driven. Even on a cold frosty morning, the engine is almost rattle free when cold, which is very impressive. The performance and flexibility of the engine is top class. It pulls hard in every gear and is so flexible it’s possible to get down to a walking pace in fourth and fifth gear and still pull away without the engine protesting. I tested a Vauxhall Insignia Tourer before choosing this and that was the complete opposite! It had a coarse gruff engine, was very highly geared, and it was most unpleasant to drive at low speed in traffic. The i40 gearbox is excellent, almost up to Mondeo standards, with a smooth light and positive shift. Combined with a light and smooth clutch and nice brakes the whole driving experience is one of being in an expensive luxury car. The electronic handbrake took some getting used to, but the "autohold" feature is one I use all the time, making the handbrake redundant. Great for busy traffic and hillstarts. There are too many gadgets to list here, but there are some negative comments I want to make. Firstly the Sat Nav only does a 5 digit postcode search, not a 6 digit one, so it’s not as accurate as my Garmin, but it does have a big screen and lots of other features so it’s not too bad. The clock is only visible when the radio is on certain screens, so if you need to keep an eye on the time when using the Sat Nav for instance you have to press a clock button to display it for 5 seconds, which is a pain. Hyundai claim they are aiming this car at the fleet market (thats me!), but when eating my sarnies in a layby at lunchtime, the radio shuts off after 10 minutes telling me I have to start the engine, so the battery doesn’t go flat. Do me a favour Hyundai, since when will a radio flatten the battery after 10 minutes? Its a big 70 amp/hour battery! All my previous cars timed out after an hour. Front door pockets are too small to be of any use and there is no sunglasses holder. There is also no ashtray. I don’t smoke but have always used the ashtray as a waste bin for my rubbish and sweet papers, so where am I supposed to put my rubbish now? Back to the good stuff now, the rear leg and headroom is exceptional. I’m fairly tall, but even with my seat well back there is acres of leg room for rear seat passengers. Boot space is as good as the Mondeo Estate, with pockets in the side and a lift up floor panel with more storage underneath and the space saver spare wheel underneath that. The rear seats do not fold completely flat though. Fuel consumption so far has been brilliant. The first week I had it I was driving it very gently and had 62 mpg on the computer. Now up to 3000 miles on the clock, it has dropped as I’m doing higher speeds and a lot of town work, but today on a 120 mile run of mixed driving, it was 53 mpg, which is very good for a large car. Combined with its stunning design and 5 year unlimited mileage warranty, this really is a remarkable car. Apart from the few niggles, which I’ve mentioned, I can highly recommend this car as it’s just so enjoyable to drive.

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I bought the same model Nov 2012 and am really now growing into the car which I really love, it’s a nice car to drive once you get used to all the gadgetry and it looks and performs better than most in it’s class. I agree with most of your comments and would also like the clock easily visible all of the time. The sat nav could be better as it takes me round the houses sometimes and occasionally takes me where i know i should not be going. However, it always gets you there in the end. I still don’t really trust the parking sensors and the camera, which easily gets dirty, but perhaps this is not a bad thing after a lifetime of looking over my shoulder - but they do work. The MPG is much better than my previous Santa Fe but not as good as you are getting. I get steady 47 average in varied conditions and about 56 when i really try, using the real time consumption indicator. Maybe i will get more when the car is ’run in’. I had real issues with the stop/go facility at the start and the car was with the dealer for 3 days until they rectified the fault. There is a long criteria which must be met before this stop/go will actually function but the problem turned out to be that the battery was not properly charged before i took delivery. The car had been in the showroom for a while and the dealer had eventually to get a special charger from Hyundai for this this type of battery and every time they disconnect the battery they have to wait up to 6 hours with the doors unlocked for the system to re-arm! It can also be startling when the car suddenly starts on its own when sitting stationery in traffic. This is because for the system to work the battery has to be almost completely fully charged and the engine will start when it dips below this level. Perhaps Hyundai need to look at a more powerful battery or tweak the system to allow more flexibility. The car is very smooth and quiet but i do find the gear shift a bit clunky with the clutch pedal having to be almost fully depressed. All in all i would say buy it you won’t get better for your money - Jim Smith from County Antrim

Submitted: 2012-02-22 | ID: 41499

Richard Wollaston, Staffordshire

Hyundai i40 Tourer 2011

4 star review

I received the car on the 9th December 2011. I have to say the Car is fantastic to drive, steering is light and it is very comfortable. I opted for the 1.7 Style Blue Drive Diesel. Power wise, I have not noticed much difference to my previous VW Passat 2.0TDI. I have a Caravan, which I have yet to tow, so I will add a comment on that at a later date. Spec wise, the car has all the extras and more I would want, trumping many of it’s rivals on spec V’s price. I have however a couple of niggles. The first was down to poor PDI/Valet - the engine bay looked as if it had stood in a deserted salvage yard for a number of years. However, all credit to the dealership as the problem was quickly rectified with professional response. The second, more serious complaint is colour match!! I have chosen the White - on my car the bumpers front and rear, mirrors and tailgate panel (plastic parts) are a completely different shade to the car body - they are cream instead of white. I’m not sure how such a difference passed the Koreans strict QA procedures. The Dealer is now investigating and it looks like I will lose the car to the paint shop for a week or so. I will let you know once I have got to this point.

Responses to this review

Having just taken delivery of an i40 Tourer as a company car, I’ll be interested in your views of it as a towcar, Richard. Perhaps you could post a report after you have tried it. What weight is your caravan? If it tows well, I may consider offering to buy the car from the company when I retire in a couple of years, if it tows well! - David Lomas from Norfolk

Submitted: 2011-12-22 | ID: 41501

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