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Honda CR-V consumer car reviews


Honda CR-V 2005 - 2006

2 star review


Submitted: 2016-02-27 | ID: 128231

Adrian Giddins, Berkshire

Honda CR-V petrol - auto 2007

3 star review

I exchanged my earlier 2005 diesel CR-V for this auto petrol vehicle owing to a medical condition with my left leg. Big mistake! The general quality and handling is the same, but the auto gearbox is not good, still drives you forward firmly at low speed although everything is set correctly....can be scary! The fuel consumption is awful let alone with the A/C on! 20 -25 mpg and I feel I am light on my right foot! I believe it has a warped disc but the dealer disagrees. It is serviced regularly and is very reliable. I would have another Honda, but can’t wait to get rid of this one.

Submitted: 2013-08-28 | ID: 41030

Stan Pyne, England

Honda CR-V 2.2 diesel automatic 2010

5 star review

I’ve had 4 Hondas then bought a Ford, but found it poor compared to my previous Honda cars, so after a short ownership I changed it for a Honda CR-V again. This time I bought a 2.2 diesel again, but opted for the automatic. I’ve had it now for just over a month and am totally pleased with it. The auto box decision is the best choice ever as it is really smooth that you hardly know when it changes gears.

Submitted: 2013-04-28 | ID: 41006

Rob Baker, Devon

Honda CR-V Auto Diesel EX 2012

5 star review

I bought the auto diesel EX model to replace my 2010 model and I have to say its more refined, more economical and gives a smoother drive. It’s a fantastic car and hopefully will be as bullet proof in reliability as my old one.

Submitted: 2013-03-24 | ID: 41026

Keith Edwards, Sussex

Honda CR-V 2012

5 star review

A great vehicle!

Submitted: 2013-01-13 | ID: 41025

Anthony Davies, Derbyshire

Honda CR-V CTDi Executive 2006

5 star review

I bought my 2006 CTDi Exec from an acquaintance 2 years ago with 41,000 mls on the clock. I love it to bits, but agree that the seats could be more comfortable. It has now done 52,000 mls and has recently developed the squeaky clutch pedal problem. My local dealer said that it would be the clutch master cylinder - without looking, but I’ve just been trying to put some petroleum jelly around the pedal pivot and the rod that goes through the bulkhead. It appears to have quietened it for now. Fingers crossed. Totally agree with earlier contributor who said he prefers the older shape CR-V. On one trip I managed to get an average of 54mpg, but on motorways at 70mph, it’s more like 40 - 45mpg.

Responses to this review

My 2008 CR-V had the same problem. The master cylinder was replaced no squeak (tried wd40 and other stuff). Change the cylinder. - Paul Guy from Worcestershire

Submitted: 2012-10-22 | ID: 41027

Trygve H Christensen, Norway

Honda CR-V 2.0 Automatic 2012

4 star review

I have had the car for 6 months now. The car is comfortable and drives well. The fuel consumption is about 7.2 litre/100 km.

Submitted: 2012-10-22 | ID: 41029

Simon Richardson, England

Honda CR-V i ctdi 2005

3 star review

I bought this car with only 13,000 miles on the clock - it now has 21,000. I really want to like it, but I find the diesel engine very noisy. I get a loud engine rattle (like pinking) at 2000rpm, and the clutch squeaks horribly when you let it out. Grease applied to the pedal only provides a couple of weeks respite. I like the space and practicality of the car, and fuel consumption at around 34 mpg is OK. Having had Ford ctdi diesels in the past, I don’t think the Honda unit comes close for refinement.

Submitted: 2012-08-29 | ID: 41022

Malcolm Kempster, Hertfordshire

Honda CR-V Diesel 2007

3 star review

I also had a squeaking clutch pedal when depressed. I solved it by putting vaseline around the clevis pin and m-cylinder rod and it has been squeak free for over a year!

Submitted: 2012-07-17 | ID: 41024

Stuart Thomas, Flintshire

Honda CR-V 2.0 iVTEC manual 2012

5 star review

Only had this car for about 5 weeks and up till now very pleased. Last two cars have been diesel; the Freelander 2 was very good then I changed it for a BMW X1 two wheel drive, but after only 3 months could no longer stand the noisy diesel engine so changed it for the CRV 2.0 iVTEC. It’s so smooth and quiet. My wife has a Honda Jazz also with a iVTEC engine and it’s so quiet you sometimes think you have stalled the car. My one concern with the CRV 2.0 iVTEC was all the reports about poor fuel consumption being around 25 MPG, but that’s not what I have found. Yes, you must have a light foot, but I get mid 30s local and mid 40s on a good run. And it’s like sitting in an arm chair. Only time will tell if I continue to be happy with it, but up till now it’s great. No way would I go back to BMW.

Submitted: 2012-07-10 | ID: 41023

Allison Maxwell, Worcestershire

Honda CR-V 2005

1 star review

Be aware that the oil warning lights do not warn you if you are low in oil!!!! On boxing day our engine blew up while driving along a busy dual carriage way in Sussex with two small children, a dog and all our Christmas gifts. The bill is £3600 for a refurbished engine and turbo. Surely with such a normally great car, they should have warning lights when the oil is low?

Responses to this review

You should never rely on your oil light to tell you when your oil is low, far too trusting. It would have taken you a couple of minutes to check the level on the stick before you left and saved you a ton of money - Pietro Montatore from Italy

How about check your oil more than once a year - Baz Mc Baz from Scotland

Happened to me too. crv are useless! - Nick Anderson from England

Same thing just happened to us. No warning light! New engine and turbo needed - from Surrey

If your oil was changed regularly and the level is also checked there should be no problems. I have a CR-V ex and have done 50,000 mlles - Paul Guy from Warwickshire

You cannot blame Honda or the CRV for this issue, their oil light like most cars is an oil pressure light - If it comes on it means you might have enough time to get to the side of the road - you need to check using the dipstick - from Cheshire

I would say you are a dipstick for not checking the oil but you obviously don't know what a dipstick is. - from Portugal

Submitted: 2012-01-13 | ID: 41007

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Nigel Robinson, Derbyshire

Honda CR-V 2000

5 star review

The car was bought a week before my son was born in March 2004, we are now looking to change after 8 years due to the fact we need a larger vehicle and its age. We would have no hesitation in buying another C-RV as we have had no issues with reliability and other than general wear and tear no major repair bills. When we first bought it a friend said the engines were "bomb proof" this I have to agree. I would definitely recommend Hondas to anyone. If there is a small complaint it would be the noise generated at high speed, but other than that it’s been a dream to own and will be sadly missed.

Responses to this review

I agree. This CV-R model has been a dream to drive. I am in the process of replacing it with the version currently available now (new model coming in the Autumn I believe). Am only parting with it due to age. I had it protected with Supaguard which paid off, the metallic paintwork still sparkles and the interior remained like new although I have to admit few passengers travelled in it. I am really sad about parting with it. I shall miss the picnic table and the coolbox, its boxy appearance. The only problems I had was with jealousy from those who hadn’t got one and hated 4x4s, which seems to have made Honda change the design to look more like a car - from Sussex

Are you still selling your CRV? I would be interested - Nigel Reading from Oxfordshire

Submitted: 2012-01-04 | ID: 41013

Rob, Worcestershire

Honda CR-V ES 2010

5 star review

This is a great vehicle! Practicality: In normal use, that is with the back seats up it has the biggest boot in class and with the sliding rear bench it’s easy to add a few inches to it when you need a bit more. Performance: I don’t know what people expect, automatics are always slower unless it’s an expensive multiclutch job. Get a manual and enjoy what is actually quite a brisk driver’s car. Tip: The Dunlop tyres Honda supply on the car are rubbish. Put Continentals on the car and enjoy the well controlled suspension and good turn in it releases. Value: The ES is a great spec, all you need is a decent TomTom sat nav. The 2010 interior fabrics, heated seats, upgraded USB music system, climate control, folding mirrors, headlight washers, 18" alloys etc., ect. It’s really all you need and the car looks chunkier, SUV-like with black lower trim instead of the excessive colour coded bits on the EX IMHO. Off Road: I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was wrong. No it won’t go up Snowdon, but it easily coped with the terrible Winter last year enabling me to travel at will with impunity. I even took it to North Wales in a blizzard and got a long way into the hills before knee high snow caused to to struggle. It’s very versatile for a car that you can chuck about happily the rest of the year-round too. I had an Accord before and I far prefer my CRV. Faults? The seats are not as comfortable as they should be and stupid gadgets like an electronic dipping rear view mirror are pointless on a high seated car with tinted glass. The gear change economy light annoyed me for a long time, but I learnt to ignore it. The boot hatch drips rain water down the back of your neck as you step under, but other than these points there’s not a lot else wrong.

Submitted: 2011-12-20 | ID: 41018

Peter Hicks, England

Honda CR-V ex 2.2 diesel 2007

5 star review

Well it’s been a few momths now from my last review of this grest SUV. I can still say everything is fine with 95,000 miles on the clock. It tows my caravan very well. I do agree that the plastics in the cabin can be easely marked, but with care they should be fine. It delivers good mpg around 35-42. Yes, it’s not perfect, but what car is, but for a SUV it’s hard to find better in terms of reliability, build and comfort. I can recommend the CR-V as a great bit of auto engineering. Like I said before, it’s a Honda.

Submitted: 2011-12-14 | ID: 41019

Brian, Ireland

Honda CR-V ctdi se 2005

4 star review

I bought my CR-V at 3 years old and it is now coming up to 7 years, with 110,000 miles on the clock. A supremely reliable machine with good mpg, 35 to 40 and powerful enough for all round driving. Road noise is pretty bad on rough surfaces, but it is a small price to pay. I highly recommended this as a reasonably priced (second-hand) reliable family car. 4wd gives it some (limited) ability on rough tracks and gives added confidence in winter snow and ice.

Submitted: 2011-12-09 | ID: 41017

Allen Greenwood, Lancashire

Honda CR-V CDTi 2.2 ES 2007

4 star review

I’m just coming up to 50,000 miles and the only non-routine maintenance has been an oil change on the rear diff due to juddering when reversing on full lock; this was done free by the local dealer, but note some dealers want to charge for this warranty work. The car has been extremely reliable and is economical for such a big bus, achieving over 40 mpg easily. The snow and ice over the last two winters never fazed the car; 4WD just cut in when needed. Niggles with this car are few and are minor: The clutch has started squeaking intermittently, some interior plastics can scratch easily, the centre arm rests are uncomfortable, but can be folded out of the way and you can get wind noise from front windows when there is a stong cross wind. The front windscreen glass is soft and scratches easily, mine has actually chipped, but this is a problem not just restricted to Hondas. Overall, this is a great car with decent performance. Based on my experience I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this car.

Submitted: 2011-11-29 | ID: 41016

Onur Arikan, Turkey

Honda CR-V 2.0 Executive 2007

5 star review

I drove 3.5 years about 75.000 km.s. Very well built car. Lots of space, good vision, very comfortable and secure. The consumption is normal (not more than some of the other sedan cars). The performance is worse when compared to 2.2 litre diesel but satisfactory if you are not a fan of sport driving. Road noise can be heard but it is not very disturbing. The inside mirror helps a lot to follow the children at the rear seats. As a result, we were very happy with our car and decided to buy another CR-V. Only difference is the color!

Submitted: 2011-11-18 | ID: 41020

Mick Shaw, Yorkshire

Honda CR-V 2.0 EX 2007

3 star review

Owned 3 CRVs, and this was the first of a ’new’ shape. Plenty of space, good on fuel, but hated the ride. Honda had tried to make CRV handle more like a car than previous model and lowered ride height and stiffened springs, completely ruined ride quality so bad that I sold the car after 7 months.

Submitted: 2011-08-23 | ID: 41021

Paul Smith, Nottinghamshire

Honda CR-V 2.2 iDTEC 2010

4 star review

This is our second diesel CR-V and we’re generally pleased with the ride, comfort and performance etc, but are suffering with a vibration at approx 1500rpm and noisy brakes. The dealer cannot detect any faults yet the one they loan us doesn’t have the same issues.

Submitted: 2011-05-17 | ID: 40984

Trevor, Yorkshire

Honda CR-V CDTi executive 2005

4 star review

Bought the car new, was really impressed with the comfort and refinement. Had a few warranty issues, flat battery, air conditioning unit faulty, warped front discs, rear axle needing a double oil change. But that apart love the car, good MPG (36 average), great handling and prefer this model to the new one. Like the wet boot area, plus good for our dog. Had to have the clutch replaced at 48k due to the pressure plate being faulty. It’s a known fault. Car still looks and drives like new, will be keeping it for a while longer.

Submitted: 2011-03-08 | ID: 40987

Gordon Cooper, Hampshire

Honda CR-V 2ltr petrol 2006

4 star review

We’ve owned our 56 plate 2.0 petrol CVR since 2008 and it’s now covered 33k miles. The car fits all our needs with two young children, so plenty of storage space for weekends away. Very pleased with build quality and I’m convinced that the CVR is bomb proof. Even main dealer servicing is reasonable. Our only concerns are the cars complete lack of power when laiden with wife, two kids and luggage. On long journey’s the CVR averages anywhere between 23/25 mpg, this despite cruising at no more than 75mph. Other than the above, we’d certainly consider another CRV when a replacement is warranted, though a diesel is most likely.

Submitted: 2011-03-02 | ID: 40986

Roy Dutton, Cheshire

Honda CR-V ES 2007

5 star review

Bought my car new (57 plate), it has now done 30000 miles on the same set of tyres which have 4mm left on them. I get 40mpg driving 7 miles to work and back, and 44 mpg on an uninterrupted motorway run. Towing my 1300kg caravan, it returns 30 mpg at 50mph and 28 mpg at 60mph. It is comfortable, good to drive and has only been back to the garage for a service. I have considered exchanging it for the new one but as there is nothing wrong with it, my wife thinks it would be a waste of money and I think that she is right. Next year perhaps!

Submitted: 2011-01-14 | ID: 40985

Joseph Roberts, Lancashire

Honda CR-V 2006

5 star review

No complaints so far, 36,000 miles plus on the clock. Do not want to change. Smooth and reliable, summer mpg 40, winter mpg 35.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Super vehicle but fuel a disaster - lucky to get 25 mpg and thats ex urban. Auto petrol but garage said 32 mpg on average. Is this normal? - Christine Hill from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-12-18 | ID: 41002

Alan Wingrove, Lancashire

Honda CR-V ES 2010

2 star review

Here we are 7 months into ownership and unfortunately all I can say regarding this car (which I have tried to get used to) is that it’s certainly not gone up in my estimations. Just been out, cleaned the windscreen with the wipers and now have 2 very nice scratched arcs right across the drivers side!. This is the 2nd time the windsreen has been scratched in the normal day to day running. Anyone else having problems with a "fragile" screen....certainly never had this problem with the old HRV in 11 years. Goodness knows what state the screen would be in if I had scraped it with an ice scraper the other week, luckily I’m retired and don’t need to get out early anymore. I can only say maybe the figures speak for themselves when I say 7 months on and I haven’t even done 4000 yet...it may clock that up taking it back to the dealer for a trade in. Very dissappointed in the CRV. I mean you should’nt be nervous to put the wipers on with a nearly £25k car should you? Because after tonight I certainly will! Nor trying to overtake something on the motorway...see earlier review.

Responses to this review

OK... OK I know this is the 3rd time I’ve been here in this "love - hate " relationship with the CRV!! So I now have a new windscreen fitted... a superb job I may add. I am using this "milestone" as a complete new beginning with the car... This w/end a good friend of mine maybe hit the nail on the head! He said "you were in love with the HRV... you had it for 11 years!" His take on the CRV was yes absolutely being an auto it did seem slower and much heavier BUT safer. When you do boot it it does overtake confidently, so now that he agree’s my original point in that it’s slower (as did another reviewer here regards acceleration). I am happy that the CRV is a different animal from the HRV and therefore am willing to call a truce and call the CRV (in his words) a mini Limo... I now have to start enjoying the car instead of comparing it. So if you are thinking of getting a CRV don’t please take my previous postings as a review... it was me going through a period of adjustment. I think me and the CRV may get on after all!! - Alan Wingrove from Lancashire

Agreed - I’ve got a 2007 2.2 diesel CRV and am also very disappointed with the fuel consumption. The car is driven daily on dual carriage ways for approx 20 miles but I’m barely getting 34mpg, whereas I should be getting towards 50mpg. The dealers are not interested. I would not advise anybody to buy a CRV if they are seeking economical driving. Any suggestions on why the consumption is poor would be gratefully received! - from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2010-12-15 | ID: 40999

Michael Gower, Bedfordshire

Honda CR-V EX 2.2 manual Diesel 2008

2 star review

This could be a superb car for the family and in particular for towing a Caravan. I purchased My 2.2 manual Diesel 2nd hand from an employee at the main dealers here with 16K on the clock, full service history and 2 years left on the warranty. The engine knocks like a bag of nails first thing in the morning and is also noisy during low gear work in the town. The MPG is a joke... they claim 50+ for extra urban. All I get is 35 if I’m lucky and less than 20mpg when towing our small van! The Dealer will not do anything to help and I’m going to have another go today. The knocking sounds very mechanical to me as it does reduce as the engine warms up. I’ve been in engineering long enough to know when something doesn’t fit. But the dealer says it is a "characteristic" of the engine. I’ve yet to come across anyone else with the same problem. Anyone out there got the same problem?? The rest of the car is good particularly the satnav which navigated us around France this year with no problems. But I agree with others, the voice recognition system for the phone is real pain. There are quite a few pages of commands to remember to operate the thing.... you would need a photographic memory to remember them all. As I said at the beginning... It COULD be a good car!!

Submitted: 2010-12-07 | ID: 40998

Scott Stevenson, Angus (Forfarshire)

Honda CR-V 2010

2 star review

This is my second manual CRV, the previous one being a 2007 EX diesel. It has improved a bit with regards cabin noise and looks. Some small changes inside as well are welcomed. Hopefully the plastics inside will wear better. The new diesel is smoother and doesn’t seem to mind what diesel it gets as it doesn’t knock the same as the old one. My big gripe is that the handling is now awful. It has been softened and sits about 2 inches higher than the 2007 model. It rolls into bends and under steers due to the soft suspension. On undulating roads the motion is very annoying, like being on a gently rolling boat. This really spoils it for me. I cant wait to get shot of it, a real shame as in every other way its better than my 2007 model. It has lost the car handling and is now more like a freelander or discovery. Ive had a few quality issues, the paint on the B pillars was poor, the external door trims sat out about 7mm and at 2500miles it has a clutch judder. After 13 Hondas this one is poor. Dealer back up has as always been very good, but should not be needed for a 4 month old car.

Submitted: 2010-11-01 | ID: 41004

Andrew, Perthshire

Honda CR-V 2.2 i-CTDi EX Auto 2010

4 star review

I have had the CRV for about 2 months now and I can say that it is OK. It isn’t exactly brilliant but, I’ve driven worse. It is a little bit slower than the Accord that I’ve replaced but, as a result, it is slightly more economical than the Accord. I agree with the other reviews about the automatic transmission, it is a little bit sluggish to respond to the ’kickdown’ but pressing the sport button on the shifter actually solves this problem (to a degree). By doing this, the mileage can and probably will drop from 48 mpg to about 25 mpg (20-22 mpg if you are very vigourous with the loud-pedal). My only real issue with the car is the high ride height; it is very disturbing when there is a slight crosswind as it feels as though the car may roll over at any given moment. All-in-all, it is a good car but it has its issues. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap 4x4. But, in my opinion, if you want a real 4x4 it is probably best if you bought a BMW X5, an Audi Q7 or (if your budget will allow it) a Land Rover.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-10-12 | ID: 41005

David Stockport, England

Honda CR-V 2.2CDTI ES Nav 2009

2 star review

Bought CRV 2.2CDTI new in Oct 09 and am generally very satisfied with the vast majority of equipment, quality and operation of the car. BUT why does no-one ever mention the flaws of the car? There may only be a couple of issues but they are both infuriating. The first is the the voice recognition software which operates the hands-free phone, satnav, radio, heating and climate control in the car. Voice recognition - thats a laugh - you might as well try speaking in Esperanto as it will probably recognise this better than English. OK so with all the peripherals the answer is easy - just don’t use it and resort to pushing buttons or touchscreen but you simply can’t do that with the telephone. Unlike some systems which will display the telephone’s phonebook on a touch screen the CRV doesn’t so it’s voicedial or nothing. After about ten attempts to get the system to recognise a name or number it is usually much safer and easier to pull up at the side of the road to make the call. The system is so frustrtaing it can distract you and be downright dangerous. My wife has just spent £100 on having a Bury bluetooth system fitted to her car and it shows up what a joke system the Honda is! The second issue is why on earth has Honda allowed the car to go to markert with a clear design fault. Anyone thinking of buying a crv should make sure they take a test drive on a wet day. You will soon find that the design of the plastic door bottoms and cill covers in the front doors is such that road mud and debris is drawn into the gap and gathers on a ledge in the cill in such a way that it is nigh on impossible to get in or out of the car without getting trousers filthy.

Submitted: 2010-08-26 | ID: 40990

David Yates, Lothians

Honda CR-V 2007

4 star review

I have just purchased a Honda CR-V 2007 and await with great enthusiasim for the results of the next month or so. I will keep my comments updated. I am an experienced Honda user.

Responses to this review

Hi there, I too have just got my first CRV a 2007 ex 2.2 diesel. It has 90,000 on the clock but drives like new. I saved nearly £4,000 having 60,000 miles extra but it’s a Honda so no worries - Peter Hicks from England

Submitted: 2010-08-15 | ID: 40988

Julie Thomas, Blaenau Gwent

Honda CR-V Diesel 2005

3 star review

My Honda CR-V diesel had a new turbo after 50,000 miles, the problem I have now is it is smoking on start up, any other Honda owners have the same problem? Went into local Honda dealer to have turbo fitted and told them of the smoking problem, they said it was not smoking; believe you and me it is, when on holiday people commented on the smoke! No Honda I am not telling lies! Anyone with any idea of the problem please let me know, it has been on a diagnostic machine when the turbo was under investigation.

Responses to this review

Not sure if your car has the same engine as mine (see review below Honda CR-V Honda CR-V 2.2 iCTDi 140 EX 2008 Peter Smith) but after my turbo exploded I had blue smoking problems on cold start and hard motorway acceleration, after 4 trips to Honda for them to say "NO Fault Found Sir" I left he car with them for the night in December, took the keys home so they couldn’t move it returning the next morning at 08:00 and asked the Service Manager and "Master" Diagnostic Technician (Master Fitter more like!) to stand at the back of the car when I started it up.............I’m please to say they became completely Engulfed in BLUE OIL smoke, that much so the Service Manager’s eyes started to run..result!!!!!!! After the engine was stripped it became apparent all four set of valve stem seals had been damaged when the turbo failed thus allowing oil to leak into the chambers under extreme load and shut down...! I had the car back after two week’s once Honda managed to fly some replacement seals in from Holland. These main dealers think they know everything and try to bully you into believing there’s nothing wrong with the car until its out of warranty, this way they can charge you full price £100.00 per hour as apposed to Honda Dealer warranty rate of £34.50 per hour........huge profit differences when your talking 15+ hours to remove and re-fit a cylinder head. Push your dealer hard, once they know you’re not a push over you’ll be surprised what you can get done. Hope this helps - Peter Smith from Worcestershire

My 03/2005 CRV 2.2 140 HP Diesel started to blow blue smoke at cold start at about 45,000km. It has lost some power and made a strange sound when going off the accelerator during gearshift. Honda-dealer never located the problem, but I did. It turned out to be a fault on the turbo (small oil-leakage into the turbo). Bought a brand new Garret turbo through STK TurboTechnic, Altenkirchen - Germany. Delivered at my doorstep by UPS at a price all-in of EUR 810!!!!!! - Bjorn Amundsen from Norway

Submitted: 2010-07-24 | ID: 40991

Ian Pollard, Cheshire

Honda CR-V 2007

4 star review

This car was second hand when we got it 12 months old and only 12000 miles on the clock. It drove fine and the all-round visibility was good. The diesel engine is a lot better than the petrol. Legroom front and back is great even with the front seats pushed all the way back. I have removed the parcel shelf and the plastic is of poor quality. Mine is red and we had great difficulty getting hold of paint that matched. Tyre wear is my biggest gripe I have now done 22400 miles and will be looking for new tyres all-round FRONT WHEEL TRACKING MUST BE CHECKED EVERY 6 MONTHS AND TYRE PRESURE EVERY WEEK. Would still recommend this car to anyone. Dealer servicing is too expensive and I change air oil and fuel filter every 6000 miles or 6 months and use top grade oil, this I can do for under £100 over £200 cheaper than a dealer. Great car and good mpg for a 4x4.

Responses to this review

What is it about main dealers these days? Are they all tarred with the same brush? Are they all out to fleece their customers? My one wanted to change my disc pads, 6 months ago! He quoted some fantastic price. I took it to my local so called "back street garage" who checked the discs and said the dealer was telling porkies, there was nothing wrong with them! I have got an extra 4000 miles from them to date. Incidentally, I would trust my back street garage any day before the local Honda main dealer. The main dealer wanted to charge me £260 to change the oil! Local garage, just £60 with top spec synth oil included! Is this just the so called "British Rip Off" culture I wonder - Peter Hartingdon from England

Submitted: 2010-07-20 | ID: 40996

Alan Wingrove, Lancashire

Honda CR-V ES 2010

2 star review

This is my 5th Honda....bought on the past knowledge of how reliable Honda’s are. I have had the CRV 6 weeks.....and am beginning to realise that the 11 year old HRV (132000 miles) was a better car. I find the CRV to be very sluggish on joining the motorway...OK you "Kickdown" to get the thing moving from 50mph, all it seems to do is rev right round to 7000 then just as you ease off thinking nothing is going to happen it decides "Oh you want to go faster".....great when a BMW (or White Van man is powering towards the rear). This in my view is dangerous. I realise that you are not going to get great economy and power but this car is really underpowered for motorway work and hills too. We can all see that it’s not designed for out and out speed. Having said that though the car does feel solid and with all the plastic wheel arch liners I wouldn’t think rust in the future will be a problem..it seems built to last. One last annoying point it the shelf in the boot...when the tonneau cover is fitted (and retracted) the shelf when folded up doesn’t stay up! This is the first Honda I shan’t be sorry to see the back of.....a missed opportunity Honda!<br /><br />

Responses to this review

UPDATE: Just to say that here we are a few months on from my original review, I am now of the view that I was unfair to the CRV. Having now got used to the auto transmission (and making allowances) the issues of accellaration are not such a problem. The car is giving a good 400 to a tankful (Petrol) and that is mainly A road driving, it is effortless on the motorway. So all in all a great safe car...wiping egg of my face as I write this! - Alan Wingrove from Lancashire

Submitted: 2010-07-19 | ID: 40994

Peter Smith, Worcestershire

Honda CR-V Honda CR-V 2.2 iCTDi 140 EX 2008

3 star review

Car registered in June 2008, now covered 91’000 miles! In my view the CR-V is best suited as a typical family car doing 10-15K per anum max, not a high mileage sales reps car like the Accord. I’m very disapointed as my 05 plate Accord traveled 158’000 in 3yrs with nothing more that a replacment turbo at just short of 100’000 miles. I’m on first name terms with the Service team at Avondale Honda (Solihull) as the CR-V has been back and forth that many times excluding sevices, current replacments components are as follows : - 1) Radio (CD Rotation Motor Burt Out) 2) Front Subframe Bushes (Worn out at 40K again at 83K!) 3) N/S/F CV Joint (Knocking when turning Left) 4) Altenator Failure 5) Air Conditioning Relay (Burnt Out, causing flat battery) 6) O/S/R Wheel Bearing (whining) 7) Turbo Failure (Internals Exploded) 8) Drivers Seat Chassis (Runners Failed) 9) Top Coolant Hose Burst (Core Chamber Blockage) 10) O/S/F Headlight Failure (Seal Failed letting in Water) 11) Rear Wash Wipe Failer (filled Boot With Water!!!!) I can’t wait to get rid of this car in another 12 months, however I’m hoping the gearbox or engine blows up so the lease company are forced to take it back prematurely as the warranty has now expired, saying that the only thing I will miss when I change the car is the coffee machine at my local dealer!!! All in all, my view of Honda has changed, if you want a reliable Honda Rep car, buy / lease an Accord or go back to the BMW / VAG or Mercedes dealership. Try again Honda, perhaps send some of your engineers from Swindon to Solihull, this way they can find out how to build a real 4X4!

Responses to this review

Your lucky if you can operate that damn coffee machine in Avondale! I am an engineer and it’s to tricky for me. You have filled me with joy as my Accord is about to be replaced with a CRV that will be looked after at Solihull! Honda HQ used to phone me for feedback but not lately, guess they don’t care any more. That said, - service at Solihull for me hasn’t been bad but not 50% as from Worcestershire

Submitted: 2010-06-08 | ID: 40980

Peter Smith, Worcestershire

Honda CR-V 2.2 iCTDi 140 EX 2008

3 star review

The car was registered in June 2008 and has now covered 91,000 miles! In my view the CR-V is best suited as a typical family car doing 10-15K per anum max, not a high mileage sales reps car like the Accord. I’m very disappointed as my 05 plate Accord travel’ed 158,000 in 3yrs with nothing more that a replacment turbo at just short of 100,000 miles. I’m on first name terms with the Service team at Avondale Honda (Solihull) as the CR-V has been back and forth that many times excluding sevices. Current replacement components are as follows : - 1) Radio (CD Rotation Motor Burt Out) 2) Front Subframe Bushes (worn out at 40K again at 83K!) 3) N/S/F CV Joint (Knocking when turning Left) 4) Altenator Failure 5) Air Conditioning Relay (Burnt Out, causing flat battery) 6) O/S/R Wheel Bearing (whining) 7) Turbo Failure (Internals Exploded) 8) Drivers Seat Chassis (Runners Failed) 9) Top Coolant Hose Burst (Core Chamber Blockage) 10) O/S/F Headlight Failure (Seal Failed letting in Water) 11) Rear Wash Wipe Failer (filled Boot With Water!!!!) I cant wait to get rid of this car in another 12 months, however I’m hoping the gearbox or engine blows up so the lease company are forced to take it back prematurely as the warranty has now expired. Saying that, the only thing I will miss when I change the car is the coffee machine at my local dealer!!! All in all, my view of Honda has changed, if you want a reliable Honda Rep car, buy / lease an Accord or go back to the BMW / VAG or Mercedes dealership. Try again Honda, perhaps send some of your engineers from Swindon to Solihull, this way they can find out how to build a real 4X4!

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15/01/2011 - The car has just been in for its 137500 service and been condemned/de-fleeted by the lease company once they received the quote for the work required - I’m absolutely ecstatic, that was the best news’s I’ve ever received from the Dealer!!!!! Front & Rear brake pads and discs, 4 tyres, set of glow plugs, what’s more, on top of these routine replacement components, - I’ve been complaining of poor starting in the cold and from the gearbox for months. The dealer mechanics said

Submitted: 2010-06-08 | ID: 40982

Bruce, Hertfordshire

Honda CR-V Ex diesel auto 2009

5 star review

Rated 5 because the car is still brand new and I am thoroughly enjoying it, model EX diesel auto. Small niggle: The upper cargo shelf rear half does not stay up when loading the floor of the boot so the exercise becomes a bit like loading large items through a deep letterbox or holding the shelf up with the top of ones head! I have overcome this by using a 1 foot long thin metal/plastic rod which lodges between the female part of the catch and a hole in the underside of the shelf, but this Heath Robinson device would not be necessary if the bar holding the tonneau cover was an inch or two further forward. I also had to pay over £300 to have door rubbing strips fitted, as I could envisage other drivers in the car park opening their doors onto the protruding crease on the metal part of my car doors. I would have thought that, especially on the up-market version that I have, the strips, which I reckon both enhance and protect the doors, should have been standard fitments?? Just one more niggle: I feel that the automatic windscreen wipers are lacking an intermittent wipe setting, the auto wipe is not really up to the job of reliably clearing the very misty light rain that an intermittent wipe would easily take care of. I am very pleased with my purchase so far. FYI., you might be interested to hear that I chose this car because it is possible for the driver to exit the vehicle via the front passenger door and vice versa. A very important factor if one is involved in an accident situation where the driver’s door is jammed and/or blocked and even more so, if fire is starting. Also very useful in tight parking or garaging situations. The centre console that most modern cars have fitted seem to me to invite a dangerous or even deadly situation occurring. Finally, will Paul Cook from Warwickshire please answer the question (see 26.11.2008 above) about which brand (s) of diesel he finds give (s) the best results - many thanks. Also, if anyone has any comment to make about bio-diesel, it would also be very interesting. Thanks.

Responses to this review

Update: Disappointed that answer to questions about type/brand of diesel not yet forthcoming, but I live in hope! Going back to the boot situation, I have made a modification to the upper shelf by screwing a black painted aluminium strip to the leading edge of the shelf, so that it projects above the shelf, thereby preventing items from sliding forward and down into the lower boot or under the backs of the rear seats when braking. It looks pretty professional (modesty !!) - the edge of the shelf took the self tapping screws well and the srews do not show. Hope that idea might help someone, or even Honda, if they read this, to do something similar to new CRV’s!! - Bruce Chanter from Hertfordshire

Hello Bruce! Sorry for the late reply (2yrs isn’t that bad!!) I am now on my second CRV, having been made an offer I couldn’t refuse on my first one. The comments I made concerning diesel qualities are, however, relevant to both my old and new CRV. Yes, what make of fuel you put in the tank does make a difference. I zero the fuel computer at each fill, so I can keep a regular check on average fuel consumption. I have done this over the last five and a half years on my two CRVs. People have said and will say that it doesn’t make any difference what diesel you use, but I can only say what I have found. Two consecutive top ups with Shell diesel will return up to 48mpg mixed driving conditions Two consecutive tops ups at the local supermarket give me 36 to 40mpg mixed conditions. I no longer buy petrol from supermarkets. It’s only a few pence more to visit my local Shell Station. On a motorway journey, by keeping at 70mph or below, my tank of Shell returned 56mpg on a 100mile trip. These results are consistent in both summer and winter. I mentioned this to a friend of mine who drives an Audi A6. He has had the same experience. I have no intention of naming the supermarket(s) involved. Hope this helps. Let’s see how long it takes before someone says they have seen Shell lorries loading up storage tanks at supermarkets! - Paul Cooke from Warwickshire

Submitted: 2010-02-13 | ID: 40977

Peter Hartingdon, Yorkshire

Honda CR-V ES 2008

4 star review

Hi. Done 33,000 in mine. Turbo is noisy, can sound like a passing police car with its siren on! Dealer says it is acceptable. Had issues with no electric, flat battery. AA had to lift car and deliver to the dealer (Stratstone) The AA man said a recall had been initiated as the battery was not up to the job and needed replacing. But he did not think that this was the problem. Before he lifted onto the flatbed, he did get it restarted, but the belt ceased with much screaching and smoke, obviously NOT the battery then, but something more serious. I had some issues previously with the aircon, all this information was provided to the dealer, and the car was left with them for 2 days. On collection they had replaced the battery and nothing else, this despite my and the AA man strongly suggesting that this was NOT the issue. After a week the same thing happened again, AA called out, CRV lifted onto flatbed and taken to the same unfortunate dealer, who still did not beleive either me ot the AA man as to the trouble. After nearly a week they evetually conceded that the Aircon was the culprit, and they apologised to me! Out of interest, I was looking to obtain one for my wife, and emailed 3 seperate Stratstone dealers for details of used vehicles I had seen on the Honda/Dealer web site, none of them returned my emails, address not known, and this was via their own email enquiry card! I still love the CRV and would/will get another, but the Dealers, oh dear, they do not do themselves any favours.

Responses to this review

Same happened to my late 2007 2.2D ES. Broke down needing AA a few times. Dealer changed battery, broke down again. Dealer then incorrectly blamed towbar electrics until I insisted they went around the car with a tooth comb and uncovered shot aircon contactor, apparently a known CR-V problem (along with the IMRC valve) - Anthony Hall from Derbyshire

I had battery problems when my 2.2 CRV (207) was a couple of years old. Stratstone in Leeds knew what the problem was and upgraded the software, it seems ’something’ was not completely switching off and the upgrade fixed it; took about an hour while I waited - John Thompson from Yorkshire

I have a 2007 CRV 2.2 i-CTDI 140 EX and it’s a lovely car but it doesn’t live up to Honda’s excellent reliabity record, in my opinion. I put my car in my garage one night and everything was switched off, but the next morning I went back out to it and the battery was dead, so I got it pushed out and hooked up to my sons Peugeot 407 and then it started. Also in the cold morning I could hear a whine coming from the igniton when accelerating, I told my Honda dealer about this but they refused to believe me! More recently the whole Sat Nav/ Radio/ CD player screen has been freezing on me... I had a older CRV before this and it was an amzing car! Overall its OK but not the best effort from Honda - Cilian Sleeth from County Tyrone

After 60000 miles we decided to get a new one. Got one of the last 2.2 diesel versions before the new engines kicked in, I wasn't convinced there would be enough umph in the 1.6 for the size of car. Ours has far too many electronic gizmos fitted, the only feature I like is the ability to plug in a 32gig flash card full of my own music,, all the other fancy features, frankly do not impress me at all. I hate not having a key, don't like the stop start feature, pointless hard drive and the ability to rip any CDs. And don't talk to me about the quality! It bangs and rattles so much, it reminds me of the old Leyland EA van I used to drive. Just coming up to 4500 miles and the first service. I will keep it, just until the warranty expires, then move on with something different, this CRV has been a great disappointment, although I had a couple of issues with my previous one, it was built far, far better then this one. Hey ho, such fun! - from West Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-01-23 | ID: 40973

Pat Maguire, County Down

Honda CR-V 2.2 iCTDi 140 EX CMBS 2007

4 star review

This is a car that’s very hard to fault, Yes the Tiguan, Kuga etc., is better looking and the Freelander wins off road but for everyday use ( Shopping, School run, Family days out etc...) the crv makes the most sense!! Its got the huge and practical cabin to hold all your parifinalia and has got the power to a our huge caravan no matter how big the hills are. Its also got the most room inside for all of these small urban SUVs and it has all the others trumped for build quality and reliability because its a HONDA!! I looked at all the sensible alternatives and the Jeep car that came close was the Peugeot 4007 2.2 HDI GT. Only reason I didnt buy the 4007 was because you cannot fault a Honda for reliability. The 4007 was really quick (0-60Mph, 9.7 Seconds) and felt more refined/ car like to drive but you cannot beat A Honda!

Submitted: 2010-01-22 | ID: 40972

Henry, Ayrshire

Honda CR-V 2008

3 star review

Is it me??? This would be a great car which ticks a lot of boxes. It is a very comfortable ride, with tight suspension and low engine noise, well laid out with lots of bells and whistles (2009 ES model). A 6th gear and cruise control with good torque. However, the car I test drove had quite audible wind noise on driver’s side, some of the plasticky bits were very plasticky looking, road noise was greater than my 2003 RAV4 and amazingly the gear change was clunky. Help, I really wanted to but this one.

Submitted: 2009-03-09 | ID: 41046

Paul Cooke, Warwickshire

Honda CR-V 2.2CDi 2008

5 star review

Something was lost in my review... For 80000 read 8000 What a difference a 0 makes!! Still a good car though. I will write again when it reaches 80000 (2018 I reckon).

Submitted: 2008-11-28 | ID: 41032

Paul Cooke, Warwickshire

Honda CR-V CTDi 2.2 2007

5 star review

Now 11 months old with 80000mls on the clock. No complaints at all except perhaps the position of the odd control button or two. One observation however... The engine is very sensitive to different makes of diesel. This sounds odd, but through experience I have found that certain makes of fuel can lower mpg by up to 20%. Engine noise also varies according to fuel, especially at low revs. I have spoken to other CR-V owners, and they agree with my observations... So shop around and see which compromise you prefer. My car is returning an average over 11 months of 43 mpg... not bad for mostly short trips in city. I would recommend the CR-V without reservation.

Responses to this review

I would be interested to know which brand of fuel was found to be the best - John Davenport from England

The quality standards on diesel are very lax compared with those of petrol grades. The same problem can occur with all diesel engines depending on the load of fuel. I fill up 99% of the time at the same pumps and can always tell when its a dodgy fill. Today it’s very good - John Thompson from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2008-11-26 | ID: 41033

Arthur Hamilton, Renfrewshire

Honda CR-V CRV ES Auto 2007

4 star review

I’ve had this car for nearly 2 years and overall it has been a happy experience. The handling on this vehicle is excellent, much more car like than most 4x4’s. I read a comment about the performance from the petrol/auto combination and can only conclude that the author must have been carrying lead bars as it is more than adequate for all situations. My previous cars include a Volvo V70 R and a BMW 750i and whilst it clearly doesn’t match these 2 it has never been found wanting. My only criticism is that the interior plastics could be of a higher standard, they are relatively hard and cheap to the touch.

Submitted: 2008-11-25 | ID: 41036

George Lyon, Yorkshire

Honda CR-V good 2008

3 star review

Noise, turbo. my new Honda CR-V diesel has only done 4100 miles and is on its third turbo and this one is even noisier than the last one but I can not fault my CR-V apart from the turbo. Is this a one off?

Submitted: 2008-10-20 | ID: 41037

Adrian Giddins, Berkshire

Honda CR-V CTDI 2005

4 star review

This is my second Honda but first CR-V. I decided on a diesel and CR-V having read many of the reviews on this and other sites. It was a fairly high mileage example and was not cheap having the leather upholstery, but the body work and interior was in very good condition. I’m afraid I don’t like the look of the new version. I find it a quiet car, particularly on motorways with plenty of power for normal driving. All the controls fall easily to hand and the handling on winding roads perfectly acceptable with plenty of interior space although I agree it is very "plasticy". The only downside is on the front passenger foot well where it is not possible for an average height person to sit normally with their legs out and heels resting on the carpet, an intrusion onto the well forces anybody but the smallest to bend their knees and keep their feet flat on the floor. So far I get reasonable fuel consumption and am perfectly happy with the car although am about to have the clutch master cylinder replaced as it squeaks like mad. My dealer informs me this is a known problem.

Submitted: 2008-09-09 | ID: 41038

Keith New, Yorkshire

Honda CR-V EX 2008

2 star review

Was really looking forward to test-driving this vehicle after reading the brochures and what was said about it in reviews. What a great let-down. Tested the EX automatic petrol. Ride was very shuddery on small bumps, more than anything else I have tested - the Tiguan, X-Trail and the Rav4. Build quality is very good. The automatic gearbox was smooth but coupled to the petrol engine made the car utterly pedantic. With 3 passengers on board it struggled to accellerate at all. Honda need to do a big rethink on this engine/gearbox combination, it is not up to the job. The boot annoyed me because there is nowhere to stow the removable upper deck inside the boot, access to the lower deck is impossible with the tonneau cover in place and the upper deck installed. If you want to remove the tonneau cover, it is quite aukward to get out of the car; if you want to stow it away in the car, it’s too long to be put anywhere without getting in the way. The dashboard is easy on the eye and a plus point. In the cabin, rear passengers were not very complimentary about the back seats. The sunroof does not open but consists of two large windows with an electric blind which winds into the central roof bulk head, so retracting the blind opens both front and back blinds equally. This should be independent. Overall, I was not impressed.

Submitted: 2008-05-20 | ID: 41031

Guy Young, Scotland

Honda CR-V 2.0 i-VTEC ES 2007

5 star review

Best SUV on the market. I’d have to say that the CR-V really belongs on-road. Everything about the CR-V is well laid out and I really like this as I’d class myself as a neat and orderly and it makes me feel really comfortable and at ease when driving. Honda have made a really safe and handsome car that is reasonably priced.

Submitted: 2007-11-09 | ID: 41044

Joanne McKillip, Herefordshire

Honda CR-V 2.0 i-CTDi ES 2007

5 star review

This is the most comfortable 4x4 in the UK! Visibility is great and there is ample space for both my family and any luggage we need to carry. I feel extremely safe in the CR-V and the reliability has so far not been called into question. I firmly believe that the CR-V is the best in its class and perfect for families of all sizes.

Submitted: 2007-10-24 | ID: 41045

William Duncan, Fife and Kinross Shires

Honda CR-V CDTi EX 2007

5 star review

Very pleased with this car. Used as towcar for caravan. Powerful and stable with good fuel consumption. Reversing camera brilliant for hitching up caravan. Voice control satnav/radio is a bit gimicky, most functions will never be used. Seating comfortable and nicely elevated. Bags of room especially in the boot, although shelf can’t be folded in half when tonneau cover fitted.

Submitted: 2007-09-27 | ID: 41043

Mike Coles, Gloucestershire

Honda CR-V 2007

5 star review

This is our second CRV and we are very pleased with it so far, only had it for 4 days. Like the speech commands system and the handsfree for the phone. Love the shape as well, and hope it proves more economical than our previous petrol model.

Responses to this review

Now that you have had your CRV for quite a while are you still as enthusiastic as you were after 4 days? I am thinking of buying a petrol automatic and want to know what the fuel consumption is like and whether or not it powerful enough an engine for an auto gearbox? Thanks - Nick Gras from Sussex

Submitted: 2007-09-05 | ID: 41041

Tom Elliott, Lancashire

Honda CR-V 2.0 VTEC SE 2007

4 star review

This is my second CRV, and again Honda have done an excellent job, smooth ride, quite economical and plenty of space. Only downside I can see so far is that the interior is still a bit plasticy!!

Submitted: 2007-08-23 | ID: 41039

Ken Whittle, Cumbria

Honda CR-V Honda CR-V 22i-CTDi 2007

4 star review

Very comfortable car and extremely enjoyable to drive, the engine is very quiet for a diesel, just like they say, and fuel consumption so far is good for an engine of this size. Not had it for long so we’ll see how it goes but confident it will continue to please.

Submitted: 2007-08-10 | ID: 41040

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2.2 CDTi - The vehicle we tested was the 2.2 CDTi which makes up the majority of the CR-V sales for Honda in the UK.

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