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Ford Transit Connect consumer car reviews

Dave T, Derbyshire

Ford Transit Connect 2005 - 2009

5 star review

Had my connect for just over 2 years. It had 48k on the click when I bought it, it's now done 209k and still going strong, I use it for courier workI recently had the brake vac pump replaced as I had oil leaking from it quite badly and before the alternator. Aside from that I have an oil and filter change every 15k along with the air filter and it goes as well as it did when I first bought it. Would definitely recommend.

Submitted: 2017-01-21 | ID: 138294

hughie, Armagh

Ford Transit Connect 2002 - 2009

4 star review

bought 2005 ford connect 3 months ago 167 k on clock cant beleive how well the van is driv ing do a lot of garden ing work with this van .has ent give me any bother what so ever .go ing to get full service done on van next couple of weeks .maybe get a bit more poke out of it..other than that great wee van to buy

Submitted: 2016-08-18 | ID: 134462

Richard Smith, Warwickshire

Ford Transit Connect 2013 - 2017

3 star review

Ford Transit Connect 240 115ps L2 2016 Review I was looking for a comprehensive review of this van some months ago but could not find one, so I have had a go myself. I am no writer so please allow for my lack of grace and punctuation. This review comes from having a 2007 Ford S-Max Zetec auto for two years previously. I found the transit connect very lacking in thought and quality. First of all are the seats that are hard and not grabbing at all and you find yourself shifting in your seat whilst driving around windy country lanes adjusting yourself to the position you entered the corner in on your way out. The design of the interior has been done with very little thought regarding storage space as the under middle seat storage is only big enough for small items and the usb in it is a pain to access all the time so the dangling of a phone lead is a must as the Bluetooth connection of my I phone is not compatible to play any music playlists. The side door pockets are smaller that most vehicles and are not much good as a bin once a bottle of drink is put in. The centre seat is of no use to anyone fortunate enough to have legs as the gear shifter is too low to allow its use. The plastic of the interior looks to be solid enough to withstand most things but it would seem it is not, as after brushing against it with a cigarette I found the marks do not come out, so what happens when some real dirt such as plasterboard hits it. The rear load carrying space has a plastic liner over the wheel arches which does not get covered when purchasing the ply lining so you may want to cover them yourself unless you are a flower delivery driver. The van does tend to stray when driving on A roads with any undulation but this may be due to the hard ride suspension, I don’t know. The ride is hard all the time even when it is laden with about 450kg which is all I have tried. The gearing of the gearbox means the cruising speed of 4th is around 45, of 5th is around 55mph and 6th is 65mph so on a country run when laden the changing of gears is almost constant. On the motorway it runs nicely at 70mph but a change down is required to accelerate from 60mph unless you are going downhill. The inbuilt device that tells you when to change gear is just annoying as it would rather you change gear whenever the revs are between 1500 and 2000 rpm. The average fuel efficiency I have got so far is 45 MPG after 850 miles around country lanes and about 200 on motorways. The strange shape of the bulkhead seems to compromise the possible storage of paperwork behind the seats for a slightly larger cargo area which means you will have to buy a bombproof paperwork box for paperwork storage. The area above your head in the front is not as big as first thought due to excessive area given over to the electrics of the lights. The glove box is a far size though. Why anyone would want to leave a petrol card or credit card on show in the dashboard is beyond me and there is no ashtray or compartment for storing change for parking either. The radio is good but nothing special. The stowage above the drivers dash is quite small and not much use for anything more than a phone and the visible tray on top of the passenger dash area is just not reachable without undoing the seat belt. For some reason the lights come on when any door is opened, I have yet to figure out how to turn this off. The space under the seats has not been thought about or used at all so some whittling of a draw may be required if you want to use this. The cab area gets very hot with a little sun so don’t keep your chocolate lunch in it. The climate control is not as good as a car and my feet seem to be cold all time, the changing of the switches every 40 mins seems to sort this but hardly automatic control, maybe there are not enough sensors for it to know the variable temps in the cab.? There is no global closing available apparently,? Why on earth not, its standard on most other brands and only a software tweak you would think. As you may be able to tell I am not very impressed with my new van and am annoyed to see that so little thought has been put into a vehicle designed for constant use, when a car has all this sorted. Is it because most of the people buying a van are not the ones that drive it. With the self-employed sector growing I would suggest ford get their act together, which may take some time, but as long as its done by the time I get my next van because I won’t be putting up with this cop out again. Having had several vans from new I know that things are getting better for the van driver but cannot find the justification for the price in the product itself.

Submitted: 2016-06-06 | ID: 132397

Andy, Isle of Anglesey

Ford Transit Connect 2009 - 2013

3 star review

Wel well my vans warranty has ran out types have been replaced 3 times on the front only done 43 k they only last an average 10k to 12 k.fuel injection major fault common fault FORD deny it,clutch went at 43 k also all the other vans we have are constantly innand out of the ford dealer ship for now ,until the warranty runs out.then our own company mechanics will have to repair maintain these very poor sluggish unfit for purpose rubbish FIX OR REPAIR DAILY very disappointed german or japaneese makes next time defo:-(

Submitted: 2015-11-18 | ID: 123657

Phil dunn, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect 2002 - 2009

4 star review

Bought a 2005 Connect 5 years ago, always passed MOT no problems, just hope the fuel pump does not pack in, it costs 1500 to replace! Anyway, that done it`s still going strong, 160,000 miles on the clock, still looks good and drives like new, best small van on the market in my opinion.

Responses to this review

to open bonnet use door key turn key left then back to right opens bonnet - from Armagh

Submitted: 2015-05-14 | ID: 116038

Mike Woolley, South Yorkshire

Ford Transit Connect 2009 - 2013

4 star review

I have been looking at getting a Ford Transit Connect 230 LWB H/R for a few years and took the plunge 2 weeks ago selling a Range Rover P38 to get the Transit Connect due to me now needing to use a mobility scooter to get around, firstly it has given me my wife and our Terrier a new lease of life as we can all go out together and I can join the misses and our dog on walks well they walk I zoom past on the mobility scooter, ha ha, but joking aside it as made things so much easier for us all to spend days out together, plus I'm in shock with the fuel economy as the van cost me £55 to fill up instead of £110 with the RR P38 and I've already done 150 miles in the van and it hasn't yet used half a tank of diesel, where's with the RR P38 I was getting 15 MPG so that in itself has took a massive financial strain off us and the parts and service prices are half what the Range Rover cost us, after purchasing the van and realising there was a problem starting the van from cold and a plume of white smoke when it eventually did start I then realised there was something not right, I narrowed it down to a glow plug problem which turned out to be correct and as well as reading up on forums and then lifting the bonnet to check the glow plug wiring and tracing it to a plastic fitting with a bolt through it to a nut connection realised that the wiring was burnt out and the glow plug wire had been pushed into the plastic connector to look okay when it was all broke off and rusted so the glow plugs weren't getting no power so they wasn't working correctly, a bit of a £451 costly mistake I made not knowing to check before making the purchase but I've had all the glow plugs changed and the re wiring for all the burnt out stuff and all the glow plug wiring replaced with new wiring it starts perfect every time now so all good, it's the new face lift version I own on a 10 plate with full ford service history and I must say it runs sweet as a nut and I'm still getting used to the acceleration on the van to the side of a 2 1/2 ton lump of a Range Rover P38, I love it that much that me and the wife have decided already to start saving up so we can re new it when the time comes for the brand new version of the transit connect but with all the toys but in automatic and cruise control for long motorway journeys, I must admit the misses was a little sceptical at first when I mentioned getting a van so on our first run out she got togged up with coat, scarf, gloves the lot, I looked and said what your doing it has heaters in the van it will get warm even though it's minus 3 you know, well 50 miles down the road I had to pull up so she could take her coat, hat, gloves and scarf off, I gave the look like us guys do when it's I TOLD YOU SO, ha ha, but anyone thinking of getting a Ford Transit Connect you won't be disappointed they are a truly lovely van, I have the 230 LWB High Roof version but it's not got heated front screen or heated electric mirrors or cruise control which I would have liked but we couldn't afford the LX version at present otherwise I'd have loved the LX version but I'm aiming to get the top of the range new version transit connect in a couple of years or so when I look at changing my connect but I still love this van even though it only has electric windows and remote central locking as standard, the only other thing I didn't realise before purchasing this base model was the overhead storage above the driver and passengers head as my van doesn't have it fitted so I'm struggling for proper storage places to be honest but other than that and a engine cover to stop the engine and glow plugs getting rusted it's a great van, I can't believe that the van doesn't have a engine cover though as it would help prevent the rusting on the engine and even worse the glow plug area as I would imagine if left for any real length of time without changing the glow plugs it could risk snapping one in the port due to rusting then it's the big job of cylinder head off and drilling out the snapped glow plug then head back on and head gasket done just for the sake of being able to fit a engine cover to keep the weather out.

Submitted: 2015-02-07 | ID: 111069

Keith Mossop, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect L200 2004

5 star review

Our company has bought 7 of these over the last 10 years, we are currently running 6 of them and most have over 200k on the clock. If they are well looked after servicing wise, they will go for years. Ok, usual problems with alternator looms, starter motors and vac pumps ,boost pipes leaking but no major engine surgery or transplant, not even a clutch on any of them. Just yesterday we bought 2 more with 100k on the clock each, both feel like new to drive.

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Wot did you do about the loom my light stays on my connect - from Worcestershire

I'm a courier and I have two vans,I have 2011 Ford connect van and a 2012 Peugeot Bipper...the ford is my favorite van it is a versatile reliable workhorse it will pull a full load to London and if you take it steady say 60-65mph it will return nearly 50mpg I service it regular every 10k with oil and filter changes,the only problems I've had with it are the usual alternator wiring and the bleed off pipes leaking,it has covered 98k and I have done 50k in it in the last year with no problems some days it is used all day non stop 24 hours as I have a mate who also drives for day it went from Cornwall to Glasgow and back to London,I would recommend these vans,but you do need to look after them and change the oil and filters regularly especially the fuel filter,if you buy a secondhand van change the alternator wiring loom for the up graded one as a matter of course before you use it.the Bipper is good economical little van I'm 6 foot 5 tall and I find the Bipper a bit cramped compared to the Connect but the Bipper will do nearly 65mpg on a steady run but its a bit like go-cart on the motorways... - Tom Fletcher from South Yorkshire

I'm a courier and I have two vans,I have 2011 Ford connect van and a 2012 Peugeot Bipper...the ford is my favorite van it is a versatile reliable workhorse it will pull a full load to London and if you take it steady say 60-65mph it will return nearly 50mpg I service it regular every 10k with oil and filter changes,the only problems I've had with it are the usual alternator wiring and the bleed off pipes leaking,it has covered 98k and I have done 50k in it in the last year with no problems some days it is used all day non stop 24 hours as I have a mate who also drives for day it went from Cornwall to Glasgow and back to London,I would recommend these vans,but you do need to look after them and change the oil and filters regularly especially the fuel filter,if you buy a secondhand van change the alternator wiring loom for the up graded one as a matter of course before you use it.the Bipper is good economical little van I'm 6 foot 5 tall and I find the Bipper a bit cramped compared to the Connect but the Bipper will do nearly 65mpg on a steady run but its a bit like go-cart on the motorways... - Tom Fletcher from South Yorkshire

Submitted: 2014-01-11 | ID: 40855

Richard Skinner, Surrey

Ford Transit Connect T200 2002

4 star review

I’ve had this Van since Sept 2006. Purchased from Ford Dealer and was ex BT. Full bulk head, roof rack/tube and hazard beacon. Also a safe, bins and rack system fitted. 23800 miles on the Clock. I have just put it through a cam belt change and Mot at 51300 miles and passed again without issue. Only ever had one advisory note which was inner face of discs corroding (lack of use). Replaced these, along with fluid change. In the time I had this van, it only failed to start immediately on the key once (3 months ago), which I found to be the original battery getting tired and the earth connection needing a clean. Smoke tests always passed and well down. Still a very clean van, I prefer to drive this rather than a car. It goes where you point it, ok , it’s down on gradient power (75ps) and is the old Endura engine, but giving it fresh oil and filters every 18 months (average 4000miles) seems to have kept it happy. Maybe I’ve been lucky, and I’m going to miss it as I no longer have a need for it. The only reason I didn’t mark it as 5 stars is the power output.

Submitted: 2013-09-14 | ID: 40856

Paul The Plumber Hicks, Leicestershire

Ford Transit Connect tdci 110 2007

5 star review

Hi! I’ve had four of these vans and with the exception of regularly servicing I’ve never had any trouble at all. I don’t spend a fortune buying a van, I just make sure it’s the tdci model, has a full service history and hasn’t been a ex-rental. I used to run Ford Escorts before the Connect, but I think the Connect is a much better van...just buy wisely.

Submitted: 2013-07-29 | ID: 40857

Ian Hyde, England

Ford Transit Connect 2011

3 star review

I bought mine at 28k,it was fantastic though suffered the alternator loom problem. I was actually conned into buying a new alternator. The big problem you will all face is the rubbish injection system, Delphi, not good mine went down at 100k and the vehicle is now scrap as £2000 to replace pump, injectors/ring. Ford let themselves down in my opinion here. I would never buy another connect!

Submitted: 2013-04-24 | ID: 40837

Matjaz Ucman, Slovenia

Ford Transit Connect 2004

4 star review

I have had it now for 6 months and I am impressed at how much I can load in it. It’s very good that I can take the rear seats out easily when I need to. It has 135000 kms on the clock and I’ve had to change the alternator and clutch. It would be better if it wasn’t so noisy. Also it has very bad front seats, a very bad sound system and a little trouble with rust, but it looks so much better than the Kangoo, Caddy, Berlingo, Partner, Combo or Scudo, that I can forgive the bad points. I fully intend to change the front seats and sound system.

Submitted: 2013-04-02 | ID: 40838

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Austin Brady, Ireland

Ford Transit Connect 2007

1 star review

I bought my junker from new and serviced it regularly, but at less than 60,000 klms the big end packed in and I had to pay over €3000 on a rebuild. One week after that the power steering hose burst. Also the clutch and gloplugs went and its also on its 4th battery. Heap of rubbish!

Submitted: 2013-02-10 | ID: 40839

Gavin Pownell, England

Ford Transit Connect 1.9 2004

5 star review

I got my Connect BK in May last year. It’s a good van. I paid £2K for it and it’s well worth every penny. I put dead locks on every door as my mate’s a lock smith an he said Transits vans and Connect vans are so easy to get in to and as I carry my tools for work in it I got the locks. I also bought a new battery as there was an egg smell in the cabin from the old battery, however, the battery light stays on all the time and I don’t know why that is? I must say it’s slow up a hill down hill I get 100 out of it. As it’s a van it’s slow, but who wants a fast van? 

Submitted: 2012-12-12 | ID: 40840

Owen Saer, Cardiff

Ford Transit Connect LWB 2002

3 star review

I bought it in 2006 with 70K miles on the clock and it’s been mostly trouble free, driving about 10k miles/year with very light load. I found it really great to drive. Last week I took it for its annual service, no big probs. Today, suddenly the battery dies on me. I’ve taken the van into the garage and they say the alternator’s gone, but after further testing they say the front gasket’s gone etc. It’ll cost so much to repair it’s not worth it. Dead. Seems not to have lasted as much as a Connect normally would. :(

Submitted: 2012-10-07 | ID: 40841

Andrew Coxhead, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect T220 LWB High Roof 2003

4 star review

I bought my van a few months ago as my trusty Escort van (that I got just sort of 700 miles to a tank) let me down for the MoT (it needed a lot of weilding on the rear ). I saw this on the auto trader and after a good look round I bought it. It has 171000 mls and 2 week after I bought it the hydrlic clutch needed changing costing £450. Then a few weeks ago an oil leak appeared, the sump pan started to leak which cost £20 from the local scrappy. I’m getting 40.9 mpg around town, so not bad. The big test will be on a long run to see if it gets the same miles as my old Escort then i’ll be happy. I do think the engine is a little down on power for the size (75 bhp), but it’s ok. In a morning it does take a few turns of the key to wake the glow pugs (think they need changing), but above all I would recommend one to anyone as I think, bar the litte problems, they are a cracking litte big van.

Submitted: 2012-05-30 | ID: 40842

Jo Jones, Ireland

Ford Transit Connect lwb high top high spec 2007

1 star review

This is the worst van ever. I bought mine in 2007. It had water leaking into the front floor well, so I went back and forth to the dealer who couldn’t solve it. The dealer exchanged it for a basic model after 6 months haggle, but this one is even worse and has the same leak. The dash has had to be replaced, the front tyres need replacing every 8-10,000 miles and it’s heavy on diesel. It loses power and sometimes cuts out, I can’t find out why. I’d never buy one again.

Submitted: 2012-04-16 | ID: 40843

David Carter, Derbyshire

Ford Transit Connect 2005

5 star review

I have a Transit Connect as I run a small courier business and I only have the one van. As thay say one man and van! I can tell all of you out there that I have had no problems with this transit van; it runs well, drives well and it has done 171467 miles. I’m very, very impressed with it. I wish I could afford a new one, but the credit crunch is holding me back.

Responses to this review

Please can David Carter from Derbyshire or anyone who owns a Ford Transit Connect 2005, advise us where the catch is to open the bonnet. We have just purchased ours second hand and can’t find how to open the bonnet - Lorenzo Scaccia from Northamptonshire

The bonnet on my sons 2006 connect opens using the door key in the bonnet lock which is located just beneath the centre of the bonnet at the front of the van. Hope this isnt to late for you! - Alec Davies from Gloucestershire

Submitted: 2012-02-13 | ID: 40844

Dean Andrews, England

Ford Transit Connect 230 trend 2010

5 star review

This is my third Connect having had four Transits before. Pound for pound you won’t find better than Ford vans, no surprise really though, look how many are on roads. These vans are far superior to flimsy French or Italian vans. I know that as I’ve tried those aswell!

Submitted: 2012-02-10 | ID: 40847

Bob Carter, Nottinghamshire

Ford Transit Connect t220 high roof 2003

1 star review

Ok, I may be spoiled or biased, but I have always had a proper sized van for doing my work as a service engineer since I was a third year apprentice at 18. I have started with a new company and have been landed with a Connect 75 hp, horrible old thing, as a supposed temp van, but it has been 3 months now. I hate it! The engine is really old school with poor low down torque and high vibration to the point either the gearbox or clutch has a terrible rattle that I have noticed on a lot of Connect vans filtering in traffic, so it must be a common issue. The back door lock and solenoid totally wore out and siezed and the garage had to knock door hinges out and get a stihl saw into the lock to open and remove the back doors. A new lock has been fitted, but it’s not working with the keyfob now and only the key and the doors are now a mess from being pryed open and the hinges are loose causing the doors to drop. The side door doesn’t have an external key barrel and can’t be opened via the keyfob, it has just a manual twist knob on the inside, which is a joke. The front tyres wore down quick. Bits of plastic fall off e.g. window winders/bumper corners and side door blanking. The plug performance is rubbish, but I’m fully loaded and I suppose 35 mpg is pretty decent, not that I care as my company pays for the fuel. The bonnet lock siezed and it was a mission to open the bonnet the first time. The heatshield has fallen onto exhaust and is also squeaking and catching speed bumps etc., but my heart is not in it and I can’t be bothered even going under van for a look. Rust patches make the van look tatty above and around the windscreen, under the rear light clusters, at rear of side ribs and under the drivers door as does the stone chips on the bonnet and the mangled back door that resembles a pringle. I suppose this has been neglected as it is an old spare company van, but I hate it and I’m thinking of packing in my job and moving on it’s that bad as I am emptying the thing to find a part or consumable several times a day. Rant over and I feel better. I have had several vans over the years including a Hiace, which does the job, but is a bit bland. Transits including the current version 115 lx have a nice interior and exterior, but constant need warranty work including egr valves, stereo replacement (cd wouldnt work when cold), wiring harness problems, fuel senders not reading accurate and running out of fuel showing quarter tank, gear selector dropping and not being able to select gear, constant gear cable adjustment etc., etc. I’m not a fan of Fords now, but I loved the smiley faces I used to run. The Vauxhall Vivaro was a good compromise and never had any reliability issues and looked decent enough and I’m sure had a galvanised body that had never seen any rust over the years even from small parking scratches or stone chips.

Responses to this review

Third gear popping out, I think the synchro is gone. Intermittent charge light fault and battery charging at over 15v - garage said it was the wrong battery fitted and fitted a silver calcium battery at a cost of £170 (to my work) - not sorted the problem, I could have told them it was wiring at alternator or alternator as I think it must have smart charge hence the silver calcium battery fitted, but I’m not giving a damn what do I now. You try give a mechanic a clue and help him out but he makes out he knows it all. After all he did mot the pile of scrap. Sump is porous van has developed a serious drop in power probably limp mode but no engine management light. More paint falling off, gave it a token service and brake pads van now at 111k and is a bag of nails neglected but not abused and I wish it would blow up but it starts and gets me there every time arghh - Bob Carter from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2012-02-08 | ID: 40848

Martin, Ireland

Ford Transit Connect 75 PS LWB 2007

4 star review

My Dad had Transits, then a Connect LWB 75 bhp and he was well happy. So I purchased an 18month old one, with 23K miles on the clock from a dealer 160miles away!! I’ve never had to bother them. Only minor issues emerged after 70K miles or so, but my local Advance Pitstop know these vans inside out and Ford parts are reasonable. It’s had two biggish jobs done so far: A charging failure required a new wiring loom, which was done at a Ford dealer for £350; a gearbox rattle due to the clutch release bearing at 115K miles meant a new clutch assy needed to be fitted costing £600. These vans are rock solid load carriers. Mine is stuffed with shelving/parts/tools and carries 350KG approx every day. I do 500miles a week covering a sparsley populated area of West Ireland and half of the roads I travel are pathetic, and I’m not a slow driver! My van only sees a motorway about once a year, but of all the vans I’ve had this has the best for road-holding and comfort, delivers 35MPG and has needed the least suspension linkages changed ( Ford suspension links are dirt cheap ). However, due to 120K on poor roads, I must upgrade to a newer van and give it an easier life in its middle/old age. It will be well up to moving a few sheep around for a local farmer!! I need something slightly bigger this time so I’m hoping a Peugeot Expert is as tough.

Submitted: 2012-01-31 | ID: 40851

Andy, Essex

Ford Transit Connect 220 1.8d Panel van 2004

5 star review

I Bought this pre-registered 54 plate at 6 months old and with 80 miles on the clock for £9600 inc VAT. It’s now done 104,000. I bought a metal bulkhead and wolf alarm (which is specifically designed to just plug into existing wiring loom and utilise the existing remote fob. Excellent recommended!). Mine is used as a mobile car accessory sales and fitting van, covering a 50 mile radius of from base. It does plenty of town and motorway work, with economy being around 35mpg on average. Being as critical as I can and apart from servicing and a belt change at 90k it has so far needed: New exhaust at 50k (around 3yrs), a repair to faulty alternator wiring at 52k, a new ’fly by wire’ throttle peddle at 63k (cost £65.00, whatever happened to cables at around £12.00??). The front tyres last around 25k, the rear around 40k. The front discs last for around 75k. The gearbox started to get a little noisy at 50k, but it is still going strong and the noise hasn’t got any worse. The front pads average around 20k and mine is still on the original rear shoes!! The handbrake has always been spot on. The clock loses around 1 min every 15 days. There are no rust bubbles yet, but the paint finish on the roof is very thin. I am very impressed with how reliable this van is; I rely on it to run my business, which has a demanding schedule. It gets driven hard, but not abused too often and still feels like new to drive. It’s basically a Focus engined van, although because of the tools and stock I carry it doesn’t give me Focus economy :-(. I have been lucky so far! I would buy one again.

Submitted: 2012-01-30 | ID: 40850

Ricky Chadwick, England

Ford Transit Connect 2005

3 star review

The negative things: The plastic bumpers fall off, it has sluggish acceleration, but solid torque if you know what I mean. The front tyres and break pads wear quickly and turbo hose splits. The alternator suddenly goes, but the van still drives you to a garage just make sure you don’t stall at the lights lol! The positive things are this is the most solid small van I have ever driven and feels like a big Transit when you drive it; I would feel safe in it even if it had a little knock with another vehicle.

Submitted: 2011-11-09 | ID: 40852

Ben Baxter, England

Ford Transit Connect l220 Lwb 75 2003

5 star review

I’ve had Combo’s, full size Duratorq Transits and now this the Connect and I don’t know why I’ve driven anything else for all those miles. I love this van. It has the relaxed spacious, mile munching drive-ability of the larger big brother Transit and the fuel economy of a Combo. I do miss the power from my common rail diesels, but the reliability from the low tech turbo DI is outstanding, even 220,000 miles later! Well its’ a Transit at the end of the day; the back bone off Britain.

Submitted: 2011-10-31 | ID: 40853

Paul Yearling, England

Ford Transit Connect 1.8 tddi 2006

5 star review

I’ve done 89k so far and serviced the van every 5k. It is the best van I’ve ever had; Kangoo, Combo this Connect beats them all. I will never buy anything else again. It’s on the road every day and starts first time no problems.

Submitted: 2011-10-12 | ID: 40854

Ricardo Fangachu, Isle of Anglesey

Ford Transit Connect 210 Lpg 2006

1 star review

Amazing van does an amazing 25 to the gallon even better on lpg approx 20 if lucky. BAG OF C**P!

Responses to this review

You bought the petrol engine version? Why? Petrol engines are always a bad thing in vans....that’s why everybody buys the diesel! Even the Ford handbook only claims 20mpg round town for the petrol version. My Transit Connect TDCi achieves 38mpg in stop-start town driving. Sell it and buy the diesel - Martin Oliver from Cheshire

Submitted: 2011-05-05 | ID: 40821

Dave Merrin, Suffolk

Ford Transit Connect 200 tdci 2007

1 star review

I bought this Connect to replace my aging diesel Escort van, wich never let me down. Ever. The Connect came from the John Grose dealership and was an ex rental van for them and had 7000 on the clock. The first thing that struck me was the appalling fuel consumption compared to the Escort....I can get it down to 27mpg if on the motorways at a steady 70! (Its the 75hp version) It has no go at all. Original battery lasted 1 year The build quality is nothing short of rubbish; bits drop off, the paint is falling off, plastic bumpers crack, tyre wear on the front is reasonable. I had to replace the alternator wiring at 55,000 as it gave out and was overcharging the battery yet the warning light was on. cold weather, the van is hard to start, it starts for a few seconds and then stops, new fuel filter is £42.00 from Ford dealer! Made no difference. Windscreens go, and generally it’s the worst van I have ever bought. I have allways had Fords but now I’m looking at other stuff. Van has 56500 miles on it and I have had it up to here with it.

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I am thinking of purchasing a Transit Connect Trend Model... 110 BHP. I have been looking around various dealerships. I have noticed that their seems to be lots of these vans forsale... I have read your blog, and decided to ask you this, but has an opinion... Thanks for reading. Cheers - John B from Derbyshire

Submitted: 2011-03-13 | ID: 40819

David Emberton, England

Ford Transit Connect 2007

2 star review

Overall quite a good van, Plus points: Strong quiet engine Very reliable Comfortable driving position Negative points; Very poor fuel consumption Front wheel bearings only lasted 25K miles, eats front tyres. Van is driven sensibly.

Submitted: 2011-02-06 | ID: 40824

David Anderson, United States of America

Ford Transit Connect 2006

2 star review

Our company has 6 of these vehicles. We have one that has been having right rear tyre issues. The right rear tyre is being shredded. The vehicle has 46000 miles and this is the second tyre it has gone through.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-01-20 | ID: 40823

James Thompson, Warwickshire

Ford Transit Connect 2006

5 star review

Bought my Connect in June 2010, 106K on clock, 75 hp version. Didn’t really need it but had a lot of moving to do so it came in handy. Now I find it invaluable. Good in the snow, (My big BMW is virtually grounded) but can get anywhere in the van and don’t worry too much if I get a ding; Haven’t yet. Its comfortable, cosy, drives a bit like a car and with the passanger seat down I can get lengthy stuff in. About 43 mpg so that’s not bad. OK the power is down but it’s a Van, so what do you expect? I know when I get in I am going to get there, it’s very reassuring to drive. For me I think it’s great and I will keep it as a runaround. I’ve done 10k in it already and it hasn’t missed a beat. Recommended.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-12-27 | ID: 40830

Howard Dexter, Nottinghamshire

Ford Transit Connect T220Tddi Lwb 2002

5 star review

Just bought my Connect T220Tddi Lwb 47000 miles on the clock. I’ve now done 1000 miles in it and now getting a whirring noise in second and third gears. Other gears are as sweet as a nut, sounds like a noisey bearing. Other than that she drives like a new ’un.

Submitted: 2010-11-23 | ID: 40829

Dave Mitchell, Derbyshire

Ford Transit Connect lwb tddi 2003

4 star review

I bought this van 2 years ago at auction for 2k with 100k on the clock, one previous owner and fsh. I reckon if I sold it today I would get my money back. Used for business and pleasure I’ve added 25k. In the 2 years I have it I had to replace the horn, the starter motor, light bulbs and a couple of tyres. Plus services. I also had the radiator bracket replaced as I noticed it was quite rusty when I was replacing the horn. I am 18 stone and 6 foot 2 and I find the driving position very comfortable. Even on regular non stop trips from Derbyshire to South Devon.. I like the fact that the passenger seat folds flat and allows you to carry items almost 3m long. I also like the car like driving experience and the mpg. (around 40 - 45’ish including motorways). Insurance is about £175 fully comp and tax is £200ish. My brother in law who is a plumber had a New Vivaro around the same time and that has been to back the garage more times than I have with my old Connect. As long as I don’t need a bigger van I will definitely buy another Connect lwb next time around. The only other van I may consider is the Toyota Hiace but the low mpg puts me off..<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-11-16 | ID: 40828

Geoff Hinton, England

Ford Transit Connect tdci 2005

4 star review

Hi owned my van for 5 years done 170,000 miles going strong never missed a beat always loaded as still pulls like a train . Gearbox was starting to get noisy a bit and thought whilst I was on holiday I would have the clutch done (all of it, clutch cylinder etc.) Surely it must wear out soon I thought, I would have a rebuild gearbox from Ford put back in whilst they’re at it. They sorted my air con as well as it needed a gas and replaced discs and pads whilst it was there I supplied the brake parts, cost £1500 plus vat in total, didn’t think it was too bad, I change oil and filters every 10,000 can’t really complain, however, our Astra has cost a fortune to keep going compared to the Ford, guess that’s the way it sometimes goes. I’ve got one complaint; it eats tyres on the front could be the way I drive? Lol! It’s a swb low roof 90 Bhp, we also tow a lot as well a 10x 5 trailer easily.

Submitted: 2010-10-25 | ID: 40827

Chris Court, Essex

Ford Transit Connect 2003

4 star review

I had my Transit Connect from new, the best van I’ve ever had. I put 166000 miles on this van and the only time it went to the garage was for services!!! I kept the oil changed every 10000 miles, just kept going and going!!! Shame I sold it, now got a c**p Nissan Primasta, just got 1000k on it, soon be going.

Submitted: 2010-10-06 | ID: 40826

J Doyle, Ireland

Ford Transit Connect t75 200 2010

1 star review

Absolutely and utterly disappointed with this shining example of frill-less mediocrity will just sap the life out of you. From the utterly lifeless engine to the wind tunnel sound effects on the motorway, I dont even want to mention the radio as the mere thought of the dingy tinny sound makes me want to cry. Do youself a favour and steer clear of this one.

Submitted: 2010-09-25 | ID: 40825

Jamie O Hanlon, Warwickshire

Ford Transit Connect 220L 2007

5 star review

This is currently my second connect first was 90p.s LX swb, sold it with 90k no problems except crack in power steering pipe but didn’t keep van off road ! Swapped it for 110 p.s 220L swb, the van is very nippy and pull’s like a train even when loaded. I Find it very comfortable long or short journeys, test drove caddy seats like ’concrete’and felt cramped in comparison both in cab and load area. I like the fact Ford don’t crucify you on the goodies such as heated screen/washer jets absolute must! And steering wheel mounted audio controls are excellent. Only a couple of problems, a faulty coolant sensor and an injector seat seal,all done under warranty and no lost time.Definitley the best van on the road build quality excellent nothing falls off in your hand and ultra reliable,just done 95k averages 39-42mpg even when driven hard drives as new. Going for a new connect soon. Highly recommended, built for a tough life.<br /><br />

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Hi, I just wondered if you could help. My 2007 Connect has been suffering from some sort of pressure build up in the cooling system. I noticed it when my top hose sprung a leak, I replaced it and it happened again. Then I noticed the heater only blew cold air. The matrix and the egr value (I think) were replaced. Now I have light brown coloured water and the the heater sometimes blows hot. They now are going to replace the main rad, any ideas? Thanks, - Dean Farrer from London

I had exactly the same, it got worse over three weeks & it was the head gasket - Nick Hutchison from England

Submitted: 2010-09-12 | ID: 40831

Andy Taylor, Dorset

Ford Transit Connect l220d 2006

3 star review

I have driven a lot of vans in my 44 years on the road but the blind spot caused by the front window pilars on the Connect caused me constant worry.

Submitted: 2010-08-23 | ID: 40834

Ray Ryan, Merthyr Tydfil

Ford Transit Connect lwb 220l 75hp 2003

5 star review

This is my 2nd transit connect van,the first was a 2003 swb got it with 47000,miles on it, added 80,000 more in about 2 years, great van just needed general maint, tyres, new battery, brakes, oil changes etc, found it to be reliable, comfortable and economical. I now have a lwb 220l 75hp again ditto, don’t even get tyre problems as other people seem to have. I would highly recommend these vans.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-08-06 | ID: 40836

Dave Harding, Nottinghamshire

Ford Transit Connect 230 LX High roof LWB 2007

1 star review

When I bought my Connect I complained that the tracking was out only to be told that it was ok. 9k miles later and the tyres were bald on the inside. I checked the web, downloaded a copy of a report from Royal Mail and one from BT then showed them to Sandicliffe Ford dealers. The reports both warned drivers to check the tyres at 7k for signs of uneven wear. This was because nearly half of their combined fleets of 37000 Connects had worn to metal by the time that they had covered 9k miles. They stopped debating the issue and fitted 2 new tyres and paid for the re-tracking. This just goes to prove that if you do a bit of homework before you complain, it pays dividends. All in all, I think the Connect is a gutless wonder with the finesse of a 1974 escort van. My van has had 5 new windscreens, (heater element problems), a new battery, a new handbrake cable, (old one snapped), the brakes failed, a rear light filled up with water and was replaced and the wheels rusted so were replaced under warranty. My old escort van had 1 day a year in the garage for service and MOT, this bag of s**t has been off the road for 21 days in the first year! The only good thing about Connects’ is that the resale value is very good, (Thank God for small mercies). You have been warned!

Submitted: 2010-07-18 | ID: 40835

Carl White, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect tdci 2008

5 star review

I set up a courier business and bought an 18 months old bog standard tdci from motorpoint. What an amazing van, I can carry loads of stuff. I take pallets down to London every week you don’t know they’re on board. At a steady 60 and no blistering accelleration it does 48mpg, roughly 10p per mile on supermarket fuel. I’ve done 53000 mile in 7 months, replaced front tyres and had 2 services and it has never missed a beat. The sound system is brilliant all you need for 12 hours a day on your own. I also do multi dropping and looked at the items to go in and thought no way, got them all in with space to spare. If you want a cheap reliable van buy one of these vans. I fully expect to do 350000 miles in mine, then I will buy another if I need to.

Responses to this review

Hi Carl, I’ve just read your comments ref; the Ford Connect van as I’m looking to go into the courier business myself. I will certainly be booking a test drive - what model/spec would you recommend? Please advise. PS. Any good information/guidance on how to get started on the courier business would also be great - Bob Sargent from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2010-06-27 | ID: 40815

Mike Morris, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect 2006

4 star review

I’ve got a t200 short wheelbase with 166000 miles it’s been a good van the only problems are a noisey cluch and it’s not very good on power. Still very clean, well looked after, it’s been used for courier work, starts well and overall I’ve been pleased.

Submitted: 2010-06-10 | ID: 40817

Steve Cooper, Derbyshire

Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDDi LWB 2007

2 star review

This van has been more trouble than its worth.It doesn’t run for longer than 3 months before a problem arises. When I purchased the van I had it serviced, it had a new alternator and timing belt fitted. It ran OK for a while until the clutch went. I had to have a new one and a master cylinder fitted. The next thing to go wrong was the alternator which has beeen a complete pain over the last few months, I have had 3 since September. Luckily the first 2 were under warranty. I would not advise buying a Connect of this age - if you do expect problems because you will encounter some!! The van is a good size and quite versatile but the engine is basically rubbish!

Submitted: 2010-06-04 | ID: 40818

Tony Herbert, England

Ford Transit Connect LWB 2003

2 star review

For many years I’ve run Escort vans and have been delighted with their service. When I initially bought the Connect with 23,000 miles on the clock I was quite impressed and prepared to overlook the fairly poor mpg. It had been regularly serviced and I continued to keep it that way. BUT with just over 60,000 miles covered the transmission let go with no warning! Get it repaired... nope, Ford just flog you a new (sorry rebuilt) transmission. No such rubbish with the Escorts!! Since then there have been expensive brake and fuel issues and now at 107,000 miles it’s developed a major oil leak which is about to be invested. Thankfully I’ve kept one of my Escorts which, with a mere 125,000 miles on the clock runs like a Swiss watch. Why do Ford take a backward step each time they release a new model? You folk that still love them... you have been warned!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 40814

Ron Simpson, Yorkshire

Ford Transit Connect 2009

3 star review

Hi! Just taken delivery of this Ford Connect van today. I went out tonight to fill it up and I have never come accross anything like it. I had to fill it at a slow trickle rate, I was there ages. If I squeezed the trigger any faster the fuel just backed up out of the filler hole. It was dark and I couldn’t see that well but, it looked as if there was a black plastic gate covering the filler hole. I tried positioning the nozzle at different angles but it made no difference. Am I missing something here, or just loosing the plot? Any help would be most gratefully recieved.<br /><br />

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I had the same problem. Open the petrol tank flap and you will see a small hole above the filler neck. I went to a garage and we blasted compressed air down the smaller hole and this cured the problem - Andy Robertshaw from Kent

I had the same with the Mondeo ... it has some wierd kind of fuel stop safety device fitted, you need to push the filler nozzle all the way in and let it fall down so that the nozzle is pushed up. Then it will allow the fuel to flow in - Another Driver from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-03-31 | ID: 40807

Chris Wright, Derbyshire

Ford Transit Connect t200 90 ps swb 2003

5 star review

As a plasterer this van has been a real asset to me. I have had this van for nearly 6 years now and it has broke down once in this time, cam censor failed! In the process of turning it into a sport model, I have fitted a stainless steel exhaust with sport back box sounds awsone and a kn air filter. The van responds well to these mods. At 43000 so far she still going strong. I have had tyre wear on the front, just replaced, the control arms seems to solve problem otherwise no other major faults.

Submitted: 2010-03-25 | ID: 40810

James Baker, England

Ford Transit Connect 2004

3 star review

Its compact, economical, but a complete heap of ’poop’. It spends more time in the garage than out, and sometimes if I’m lucky it just turns off whilst I’m driving. Putting all that aside though, it is a real beaut.

Submitted: 2010-03-22 | ID: 40813

Kevin Elsey, Swansea

Ford Transit Connect TDI 2003

5 star review

I’ve just bought my first ever transit connect 2003 tdi. I must say it is brilliant, especially the road handling and is extremely economical. No problems whatsoever and I have been told that these go on forever and a day when reguarly serviced.

Responses to this review

What are you getting MPG? - Adruan Tunnicliffe from Cheshire

Submitted: 2010-03-20 | ID: 40811

Dale Draper, Lincolnshire

Ford Transit Connect 1.8 TDi 2004

4 star review

I’ve owned my Transit Connect for a year or so now and found it to be a good strong work horse. It has sufficient room in the back and plenty of room in the front when driving. The only mechanical problem I’ve had so far with it has happened in this last week, the alternater has packed up. The wiring looms to the alternater are also prome to failure as I understand, just something for you to bare in mind. The only reason I’ve given it 4 stars and not 5 is because I feel Ford’s service is poor. I have yet to find a Ford dealership garage in Lincolnshire that can go to the effort of being helpful. If only Vauxhall could make a van to the same strength.

Submitted: 2010-02-26 | ID: 40806

Chris Colby, England

Ford Transit Connect Tornio 2010

2 star review

Hi folks just took delivery of a Tornio and fitted alloy wheels when the Ford dealer spotted that the back axle was out of centre. This meant that the off side back wheel was 20mm further out than the near side. Ford says this is ok but in my opinion is it not and the dealers agree, but Ford still says it is ok. Have any of you folks hade a good look at your axle to check if it is central? It may be a contributing factor to tyre wear? Apart from that the Tornio is superb, its a pity that Ford has such a poor attitude in correcting this manufacturing over site. I would like to hear feed-back.

Responses to this review

This has been a problem with Connects for years. I had my tyres wear out, down to metal on the inside of the tread, within 8000 miles. Having previously said to Ford that I had thought there was a problem with alignment, I was assured that it was all covered by the 3 year warranty. This warranty only covers tyres for 10000 miles though so make sure that you check them before 10k. I took my van to another garage to get it repaired and the tyres replaced, then gave the bill to Sandicliffe Ford. After a heated debate, they paid out - from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2010-02-05 | ID: 40804

Chris Richmond, Norfolk

Ford Transit Connect T200 2005

4 star review

Let’s start with the good points: The driving position is nice and high, with a short bonnet which makes it easy to manouvre into tight spaces, the ride quality is also good. There are very basic features - nothing fancy to distract you, and not a lot to go wrong with it, and the styling is up-to-date. The gearbox is almost silent - especially in reverse due to the stronger MTX-75 Mondeo gearbox with syncromesh reverse. The engine (mine being a TDdi) sounds very smooth - none of that diesel clatter like the Escort diesel, and none of the fiddly bits like a TDCI. The lighting is slightly intelligent, so that you can still see what you’re doing in the dark when the doors are closed, but lights go off when you start the engine. The central locking is also very handy. There is plenty of room in the back due to it’s cube-style shape and it’s nice to have the height without having to compromise on width and weight limits of a bigger van. The engine is pokey for only 75 horsepower and the turbo is quiet. The large and wide-angle mirrors are a brilliant idea. The rear bumper is solid which means there’s hardly any damage to the van if you back into anything. You can’t fault the handling in ice and show - she handles perfectly! (watch those poor Vauxhall Combos struggle!!! hehehe) But now for the faults... Interior is made out of cheap plastic which scratches easily, exterior plastic colour fades quickly and is hard to bring back to colour. The alternator wiring loom is too short and prone to breaking and chafing, causing the battery light to come on when it finally breaks. The sound system isn’t anything special. The clock slows down 1 minute every 3 weeks. Passenger seat isn’t comfortable at all. Should have come with a 6-speed box, or higher ratio 5th gear for motorway journeys. Apart from the above, I am happy with it. I’d only replace it for the newer 2009-10 version, as the styling is nicer :-)

Responses to this review

I have 2004 Connect TDDI, done 47k in 06 when I got it, now done 164k. Engine just keeps going - although totally gutless. Build quality is typical Ford - sh*te, body work is going rusty - again typical Ford. No under tray to protect engine from water etc - typical Ford, gearbox rubbish. Good size inside, good driving position. If you buy one keep an eye on body work, keep tyres checked for wear as I go through plenty, keep it serviced regularly and it should keep going. Plastic body trim fades badly, windscreens always gets chips - I have 3 a year!! (must be the angle of it to keep getting chipped as I don’t hug no-ones bumper. Get TDCI engine as 75bhp tddi is sh*te. I am looking for bigger van - Transporter, Trafic, Scudo etc but all have bad reviews, as do other vans including this? Someone told be once that all cars/vans are crap - some are more crapper than others. How true is that? - from Norfolk

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 40788

Arnold Guild, Scotland

Ford Transit Connect T220 2009

1 star review

Absolutlely rubbish, Bought T220 new few months ago and was told it goes like **** and that i would have no bother reaching top speeds of 120mph, Not that i want to ever drive that speed but its good to know its got some punch. Can only get 80mph max out of it and its acceleration is non existent, Another problem is that the Multifunction Warning light kept coming on when it heated up, took to ford garage where I bought it and they supposedly fixed it, it goes even slower now than it did before. Ford say there is nothing wrong with it and that’s the performance I should expect. If anybody can let me know how to make it go faster with more acceleration please let me know.

Responses to this review

I don’t own one of these vans but am about to buy one, an LX one, it’s the 90 horse power one same as yours I think and that was well quick with good pick up. Does it have a restrictor on it? Also had a vauxhall combo and much slower but found that main dealers never do a proper job, you might be better taking it to another garage - Sam Findlay from Wales

I have had the same problem, no power and no exceleration. My van is 09 model and is rubbish on the motorway. I took it to Ford who are trying to sort out the problem, apparently it is the fuel injectors not working properly and also the compression settings are wrong. I personally think that Transit Connects are a waste of space mine, is only 4 months old and has been in the garage 3 times, they are ok for in the city but if you have to go on the motorway forget it. They are very poor in performance - D Williams from England

Submitted: 2009-12-31 | ID: 40790

David Haigh, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect T 200 L 2005

1 star review

I bought mine 14 months ago and had usual tracking and tyre problems etc. Overall I’m very disappointed with the vehicle and was planning to sell until last week when it decided to start shaking and juddering between 45 and 70 mph. After having new gearbox mountings, followed last Monday by new engine mountings I am now told that it looks like being the flywheel. I’ve been told this will cost around £800, but no guarantees of course !! I wouldn’t have another one given me right now. Anyone else had the same problems and can you offer any advice?? Dave 07973 131467

Responses to this review

I’ve got the same problem, did you get yours sorted and what was it? - Keith Bird from Northumberland

Submitted: 2009-11-27 | ID: 40794

Dan Brown, Devon

Ford Transit Connect 2007

1 star review

I dont have much time for this van, even to review it. The seats are horrible, the engine is gutless, slow and uneconomical, bits of the bumper fall off for no reason, the gearchange is horrible, its equipped how you’d expect to buy a van 10 or 15 years ago and I now hope I never have the sadness of having to drive a Ford vehicle ever again!

Submitted: 2009-11-24 | ID: 40793

John, Yorkshire

Ford Transit Connect lwb 1.8 T210 2003

4 star review

I’ve just purchased my Transit Connect its a lwb 1.8 T210 and runs on LPG. It used to belong to the Humberside Police Force. Early indications are very good with 69000mls on the clock and a full history. The van feels fresh with excellent brakes, good handling and adequate performance, however, fuel consumption is disappointing only averaging in the low to mid twenty’s mpg and thats with a light right foot.

Responses to this review

Just a quick footnote; Experience with a Combo on LPG shows that with LPG cars there is a rise in fuel consumption, but overall the vehicle is cheaper to run than an equivalent petrol version as the cost per litre is lower. - Bloody government taxes..- Rod from England

Submitted: 2009-11-14 | ID: 40797

David Gilburt, Cheshire

Ford Transit Connect 200 swb L 2006

2 star review

Had it one week engine and the engine has seized. I swear on my life. I pulled over from the motorway as soon as possible but when RAC came and turned engine over again it seized. Oil leak from the filter... Anyway, thank god I leased it. I found the seat very hard and uncomfortable. Cabin noisy and everything squeaks and rattles etc... Very slow, I had the 75 bhp. Turning circle good, steering excellent if a little heavy. Needs a sixth gear for motorways. My advise is if you want it for same day courier work, for example, long journeys... DON’T GET IT. Pretty poor fuel consumption and the clutch I found to be heavy. Plus it is very ugly.

Submitted: 2009-10-20 | ID: 40796

Steve Lowe, England

Ford Transit Connect 2009

1 star review

Exactly the same problem but here in France - 2 front tyres bald after 13,500 KM’s. Had to pay for 2 new tyres and alignment in full before dealer would release van back to us. Ford France told us to get lost re paying for all but 50 per cent of new tyre cost - unreal! I wonder if its an all too common story? How many others have been delivered without front wheel alignment set correctly?

Responses to this review

What is it with these Connects? Mine has covered 8,500 miles and the tyres are bald on the inside edge. How can Ford produce such a good product that is sold to the public so badly prepared? Just no pride in their work - Gordon Roberts from Inverness-shire

Just took delivery of a Tourneo Connect and the garage found that the back axle was 20mm out to the of side this means that you probably will not be able to do 4 wheel alignment? check your back axle - Chris Colby from England

Submitted: 2009-09-15 | ID: 40799

Alan Bartlett, Nottinghamshire

Ford Transit Connect 2006

5 star review

Bought this van 2nd hand - 1 previous owner and 40,000 miles - to start up a courier business, in preference to others due to load capacity and even though I have previously steered well clear of Ford! Have to say I find most of these reports staggering - I have nothing but praise for it and it returns an average 44 mpg on Tesco bog standard diesel - the only time this faltered was after I inadvertently put a tank full of BP’s ULTIMATE in after which consumption dropped by 4.5 mpg - still waiting for BP’s answer on that! It is comfortable, has all the bits I need, relatively quiet for a van, and the air con is tremendous - just a pity there’s so little need for it in the UK! I still believe that much of what Ford turn out, particularly in terms of family cars, is crap - but in this they have a winner.

Responses to this review

Did you get an answer from BP. I did the same as you and have the same problem. I can’t explain to myself the reason behind this othervise I am happy with it - from London

Submitted: 2009-08-28 | ID: 40802

Allan Moncrieff, Fife and Kinross Shires

Ford Transit Connect T230 LX 2009

5 star review

The connect has been a good van to us; now nearly 6 years old, 54,000 miles and only really had servicing as per book, apart from the problem with the charging light staying on. Had new battery fitted after 5 years and the light stayed on - problem with wiring I am told but it is charging the battery. It does wear the front tyres on the inside but I put that down to all the speed bumps we have around here. We have since bought 2 other Connects (1 written-off ) and a Astra sportive but I like the Connect and the local Lambert’s Ford Garage for service.

Submitted: 2009-07-27 | ID: 40859

Karen Varey, England

Ford Transit Connect 2006

2 star review

We have had continuous problems with the tracking of the front wheels, causing us to buy numerous tyres.

Submitted: 2009-07-14 | ID: 40858

Dave Williams, Herefordshire

Ford Transit Connect Tourneo. 2008

2 star review

Buying my van has been an abortion from day one. The Ford dealer knew nothing about disabled drivers benefits and had to be nursed through procedure. This including me having to arrange a local engineer to fit wheelchair clamps. At this point they refused my previously agreed finance saying my wife must have finance as she is the disabled person. So my van sat on forecourt taxed and insured and I couldnt have it until I paid the balance ( £6,000 ). I had already paid half down and wanted rest on finance, but had to pay full amount to get my van. They did lend me a car to get about in until I found the money but it had £1000 excess so I was scared to drive it unless I really had to ... When I did get the van ,the drivers door did not fit and was out of line, the steering wheel was out of line ( I asked them to check tracking after reading this page!!) The van also had the wrong tyre pressures, low engine oil, number plates out of line and well on the lash they took it in and sorted some probs but damaged my door, then painted it wrong shade, then took whole thing to proper paint shop who did a good job making it look new, but the drivers door now needs to be slammed or it doesn’t close properly and they ground 10mm off the rubber bumpstop to make door fit. So something is 10 mm out of whack ..the door panels ..and I mean all of them rattle and groan as do all the doors anything over 45 mph there is so much wind noise it sounds like the window is open !! And it only has 800 miles on the clock .. yes 800 case you are thinking "it cant be that bad" I am a recently retired time served mechainic who ran my own garage for 25 years and have been in the motor trade since 1975. So I know what I`m talking about ..On the plus side, its nice to drive,nippy around town good on M ways and returns fantastic milege, really ,really fantastic milage. Sometimes I think the gauge has stopped working its so good ..pity the build quality and local dealer abilities are so piss poor. i am now in process of trying to get Ford head office to send an engineer to find out if it is within manufacturers specs or not. If I get a refund I will be buying a well made vehicle ie a Volkswagen. Fed up with Ford.

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 40861

Robert Hughes, Gwynedd

Ford Transit Connect 200 2003

1 star review

Our Connect is a total lemon. Loads of trouble from new which the local Ford agent often struggled to sort out. First fault was it stopped on the dual carriageway & had to be recovered when only a few days old. Front tyres wear out on one side & the tracking has been checked & checked & checked - was doing this while under warranty but the Ford garage wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do anything about it. I’ve heard since that some of then were not aligned properly when being manufactured & there’s nothing to be done about it. The Ford garage denies this. Repetitive fault with the windscreen wiper linkage falling apart. Repetitive fault with the alternator. Massive engine oil leak which cost £800 to fix. Had to have a new gearbox at about 100,000 miles - conveniently just out of warranty. Now it’s had to be towed into the Ford garage again & they say it needs a new engine (135,000 miles with mostly main dealer service history) which will cost £2000 & it’s going to the auction - good riddance! Never again!

Submitted: 2009-02-17 | ID: 40860

Phil Bennett, Oxfordshire

Ford Transit Connect 220 SWB LX 2004

5 star review

I’ve been the only driver since new - it’s my only van, and used for my work as a carpenter. I ordered the van to my spec for my particular needs, and has virtually everything - even the ’no glass tailgate special order’. I have to say that it has been very reliable (now 60,000 miles) and the only problems have been (ongoing) unreliable aircon and that the clock seems to loose time (quite a common problem it seems). Van is used 3/4 loaded most of the time, although it only returns a regular average of 38 - 41 mpg. Mind you the engine is a ’tweaked and tweaked’ version of the doggy Ford diesel of old - must be about time Ford called it a day and fitted something better like the French do in their vans. It is comfortable to drive, can motor well when needed, load area is nice and ’square’ and will carry nigh on 800kg. Would recommend the Connect, but if a better engine is in the offering, wait for that.

Submitted: 2008-05-28 | ID: 40865

Patrick Higginbottom, Lancashire

Ford Transit Connect 210 LX 2007

1 star review

Well, where do I start? Having run 4 Escort vans for years, some with over 350,000 miles for each van. I made the decision to try the new Transit Connect 210 LX with all the extras. On collection we were very pleased with our new cash purchase. However at approx 7,500 miles I noticed that the front two tyres had gone completely bald so I took it back to the main dealer to be checked assuming that as the van was just three months old that all would be sorted out under warranty. This turned out not to be the case and we had to pay for the new tyres and tracking. The dealer was not able to obtain any factory test certificates to confirm if the vehicle had ever been tracked correctly and this is not carried out as part of the pre-sale check. It is my opinion that the van had been delivered to us with the tracking out of alignment. At approx 13,000 miles I noticed that the engine had a flat spot at approx 3000 RPM so I again took the van to the main dealer who carried out tests but were unable to find the fault. I was informed that I would have to wait until the van broke down or that the fault was persistent. I carried on driving the van for a further 4,000 miles and took the van to the main again and demonstrated the fault. It turned out to be the turbo that had blown and there followed another week off the road with a new van at six months old. The van has been fine for the last six months but this week as I was driving down the motorway the engine lost partial power and I thought that it was a repeat of the turbo fault so I telephoned Ford for assistance and that turns out to be the AA and nothing to do with Ford and the service was excellent. I telephoned Evans Halshaw in Preston (the dealer where I purchased the van from) and was told be their service manager that the soonest that they could investigate the problem was 2/3 weeks. I called Ford Customer Care to see if they could help and was told that they could send me a list of telephone numbers of other dealers and I should ring round and see if any of them could get the van in any quicker and they would not provide any hire vehicle. This van is still under 12 months old and have just been informed that it now requires a new engine and waiting to hear if it is going to be covered under warranty. The moral of this sorry story if you rely on your van for business do go near a Ford Transit Connect.

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Hi, I was just reading your review on the Ford van. At the moment we are having a problem with our van, ie the turbo has gone and the dealers are blaming this on ourselves and that we over filled with oil. This is not the case, but I was just wondering if you heard of any other people who had trouble with this engine. I hope you will be able to assist us. Thank you - Dolores Fealy from Ireland

I have had two Connects. The first one did 130,000 with no problems at all. The second one, a 2007, which has now done 117,000 in just over 3 years has had a couple of problems. First one was tracking as mentioned, kept wearing nearside rear tyre. This was rectified by replacing the axle, which was done under warranty, the mileage at that time was 25,000. The other problem which most mechanics I have talked to say is common on the Connect is the cable between the alternator and the wiring loom. It first started with the charging light coming on saying no charge. I replaced the alternator to find I still had the problem. I had my old one refitted and the van carried on for about 6 months with no problem all but it was still indicating not charging. Then it boiled the battery and I had to get it towed home. Now that the cable has been replaced we are back to normal and am keeping fingers crossed. I hope this will help anyone else that has the same problem - Tony Roberts from Denbighshire

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Rodney Stone, Surrey

Ford Transit Connect swb 90 lx 2006

5 star review

Not a great deal to be said here, really. Awesome van, quick, quiet, and very very comfortable. Spacious load area due to square shape, reliable (29k in 3 months, no breakdowns). LX pack a real addition, heated windscreen great in cold weather, armrest nice in traffic, driving position and view of road second only to full size transits. Surprisingly good handling, decent fuel economy (same on average as astravan 1.7cdti that replaced it). Only thing mine missed was air con, get that and you’ll grin for years. This van doesn’t get you to work, it helps you at work. Sounds odd, that. Truly capable vans and well worthy of the Transit badge. Definitive 5 stars.

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Everything's going for it, so why don't you go for it? It harvests the traditional sports car virtues without getting stuck in the rut of the past. It's as up to date as the date on today's calendar and has the charm and appeal to make everyday feel like that special holiday. There's all the dash and flair one could wish for without the flash of the exhibitionist - so if you could package fun in commonsense and splash it with a dash of sunshine, this treat would be hard to beat. We're talking glowingly about Mazda's latest MX5 - with origins back to 1989 - which continues the great sports car tradition that dashing young (and old) blades have known and loved for generations. Being a Mazda, It's as reliable as a banker's bonus; with a plus factor that prices haven't gone through the roof (Starting at £19345 for the Roadster Coupe tested, but Soft top MX5s start at just over £16000). This little Mazda is simply amazing and one wonders why everyone doesn't grab themselves a share. Delighted owners derive satisfaction from the fact that they're members of a very exclusive club. An exclusivity that doesn't depend on a bottomless wallet, but a reservoir of sense, spiced with a sense of fun - brrrm brrrm! zoom zoom! And fun is what this sporty Mazda is all about. Whether you're driving it or passing by you can't help but smile. Once the high revving 159bhp 2.0 litre engine (You can have a 1.8 litre124bhp version) is alive it breathes through an exhaust with a lovely sporty note; hinting at the fun to come. Settling into the comfortable hot seat you take in your surroundings and appreciate the practical cabin - with plenty of room for two and their bits and pieces - where everything combines to stir the emotions ready for that delectable sports car enjoyment. It's fitted with welcome features such as power windows, airbags and a jolly good quality stereo system. And, of course, if fresh air action is your thing, you just push a button and...Hey Presto! Electric power folds that metal roof away in seconds. Grasp the steering wheel, which fits snugly into you hands, snick the gearlever into the first of the six gears, blip the throttle to amplify the burbling exhaust and fuel the sense of exhilaration and you're ready to go. On the grimy streets of our decaying cities the MX5 shines like a neon as you elicit admiring glances and pointing fingers: the sculpted styling and curvaceous shape enhancing the considerable road presence. Impeccable manners born of responsive steering, astute brakes and well tuned suspension mean that smooth progress can be made even along streets deliberately fouled with humps, - ramps and tank traps by the overpaid zealots from the Ministry of Nastiness and Elimination of Fun.

Submitted: 2007-11-19 | ID: 40866

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  • Brian Young's question has been answered: "Could be the offside driveshaft bearing where it bolts to the engine these are common . About 20 quid on ebay or a shaft is more. - Garry from Devon' '..." (08/08/2017 09:54:51)
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