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Ford Mondeo Estate consumer car reviews

Andrew Roadwolf, Lancashire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0 Zetec 1999

5 star review

Absolutely amazing car. I don’t want my journeys to end. Looks amazing, drives superbly, quiet, comfortable, massive amounts of room, 10000% reliable no matter what the weather, economical, great levels of equipment, fantastic build quality, drives and handles absolutely spot on. I love it, I have to wonder why anybody would buy anything else to be honest. The Mondeo is all things to everyone. Reliable, smooth, confident ride and handling, great looks, great performance, why buy a BMW when you can have a Mondeo? The Mondeo outshines anything else in its class by a merry mile. Best car I have ever owned. Does everything asked of it and much, much more and I never tire of driving it. Always an absolute pleasure to drive and I feel proud and privileged to own my Mondeo. I would recommend the Mondeo to anyone who wants a superb, reliable, cheap and easy to maintain car that’ll be your best friend for a lifetime. Absolutely excellent! Long live the Mondeo!

Submitted: 2014-03-28 | ID: 93545

Nigel Short, Yorkshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2.5v6 ghia x 2003

4 star review

Bought at one year old and now has 140,245 miles on the clock and a couple of small dents due to people who cannot park. It has been very reliable and not too expensive to run. It’s never let me down, has great cargo space with the seats down and a great sounding engine. It also has great handling, even with a lot of weight in the back. This my first Ford and if the rest are as good as this I will buy another Mondeo estate.

Responses to this review

agree 100% - from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2012-10-22 | ID: 40378

Andrew Smith, Yorkshire

Ford Mondeo Estate Estate lx tdci 2006

4 star review

My second Mondeo estate of this spec. Bought with 103k on the clock and FSH. Average MPG 47+ and I don’t drive for economy. The car has been reliable over the 12000 miles I’ve added in 10 months. Front tyre wear is a little heavy, but then I do a lot of driving across Dales roads rather than motorway so I can accept it. Loads of leg room front and rear, controls fine, decent torque makes car surprisingly responsive. Have to look at Mk4 now, but either much more money or very high miles. Basic LX Mk3 model is very well equipped and cheap to buy. I would recommend.

Submitted: 2012-10-07 | ID: 40379

Dan Walk, Yorkshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2012

4 star review

Good to drive and looks nice as well.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2012-01-05 | ID: 40377

Frank Johnston, Yorkshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 1.8TCDI Econetic 2008

4 star review

Found this 1yr old as an ex demo vehicle and I have now had it for 2 years. It has 65k on the clock and it is running fine. A much heavier, but more stable handling car than the previous model Mondeo Estate, which bobbed around so much it was dangerous. Performance wise, for me it is great, although the higher geared box is not on optimised for super fast acceleration and is not up to sportier models, but who cares? I tend to drive carefully and within the speed limit, slowing down early etc. As a result I have averaged 57mpg for the last year (35k miles) which I think for such a large and heavy car is superb! I laugh at folk in their flash sports models and think of all the road tax they are paying. Fuel prices? I’m OK Jack and easily get more than 700 miles per tank fill. I loath paying company road tax and this car pays out less to HMG (141gCO2) than if I had a standard version and I believe the newer models are even better. I regulary carry up to 500Kg loads in the back without any problems. The only niggles are a big gap (too big) between 3rd and 4th as I have the early 5spd version, again the later 6spd box / 2L engine is supposed to be much better. The gearing at 30mph is either humping or running at 2000RPM when at 30mph, which is not ideal which means drivers will tend to go a little faster and risk either a ticket or an injury to someone. No reliability problems as far as I am aware of except cruise control kept switching off after 30 minutes, but this was sorted under guarantee. The cabin inside is good and looks cool, the seats are comfy too. I have driven nonstop from Yorkshire to Inverness and also Cornwall without any back problems at all. The voice controlled bluetooth radio and climate features system is an absolute joy; my blackberry syncs in and I am totally hands free, all I do is to call out the name of my client or friend and their name shows in the display! Also when they call you can even dial by calling out the numbers four or five at a time, how does it manage it? Will be getting another (hopefully even better) one next time.

Submitted: 2011-10-12 | ID: 40376

Ian, Worcestershire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0L Auto Diesel 2010

3 star review

I really like this car, but the auto box has a serious fault. If you start braking to slow down and then accelerate the car gets confused and does not select a gear and you can end up coasting into an intersection. if you hit the pedal the car will kick down, the revs shoot up and then the car engages gear with a bit of a thump. Ford are aware of thsk issue but refuse to rectify the problem as they say it is atrait of the car. There is no issue if using the Sport or manual mode. Shame really for a car that is superior in a lot of ways.

Submitted: 2011-03-14 | ID: 40374

Jay, Staffordshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2008

4 star review

Bought my Mondeo Estate 2008 with 12000 miles on the clock, it has now done 81000 in 18 months. A nice car and my 3rd Mondeo, the last ones both did 280000 before retirement. My mondeo estate is now being repaired as the fly wheel, which is costing me a grand to put right is apparently a common problem with 2008 models. Disappointed to say the least so buyers beware on this one

Submitted: 2011-01-12 | ID: 40375

Brian Grocock, Nottinghamshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2004

5 star review

The best car I have ever driven. Have had 2 years with no fuss and passed MoT twice. Serviced by Ford. Does what it says, cruise control from 30 upto 130+mph.

Submitted: 2010-12-18 | ID: 40373

Martyn, Yorkshire

Ford Mondeo Estate Zetec 2.0 TDCI 140 2008

5 star review

Just clock up 100K in just over two years my second Mondeo. First one did 156K in three years(old style) but the two cars are a world apart. Only problems I have had are seat lumber is broken and lower door strip is poorley fixed and came off in the first month so was fixed back on with sealant. Although the Bluetooth has just packed in and have this booked in for repair. The dealer has come across this before so not sure how common it is but still think the car drives like a dream and it always makes me smile when I see the Audi BMW lot with the ear piece on so the can have hands free.

Responses to this review

Have had three Mondeos and love them - seriously under rated and more of a match for Audi / BMW than any german car fan would admit! Haivng also had an Audi A4 and a BMW 3 series (How over rated can one car be!) I speak from experience: As one road tester stated at the Mondeo's launch in 1993 "If it had a BMW badge on it they'd all tell you it was the best family car in the world" - from

Submitted: 2010-10-29 | ID: 40372

Harry, Lincolnshire

Ford Mondeo Estate Zetec 2.0 TD 2009

5 star review

The car is one of the best I have owned, great to drive, good fuel consumption (average overall 50mpg), loads of space and some really useful accessories (cruise control, heated windscreen, etc). Only reservation I have is front tyre wear, seems to be high compared to previous cars, seems a common feature on the Mondeo.

Submitted: 2010-07-30 | ID: 40371

Hafi Ghafoor, United Arab Emirates

Ford Mondeo Estate Petrol 2008

3 star review

Have been using for 2 years, couldn’t find any problem compared to previous Ford Mondeo model 2004. Smooth handling, braking and very flexible to drive. Better pick up above 2000 revs. Sometimes engine jerking, it’s because of the the fuel line trialer so that fuel passes through the pump easily. Now done around 80000 kilometers in 2 years. Works fine but I recommend going for a MAZDA 6 station wagon, better than Ford.

Submitted: 2010-06-24 | ID: 40360

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Sam Davies, Worcestershire

Ford Mondeo Estate ghia 2005

5 star review

Had the car two months, love the luxury / comfort and esp the heated seats. Central heating broke down over Xmas so the family ended up sitting in the car in the superb heated leather seats (now how do I move them into the house??). Fuel not so hot - 43mph in mostly motorway work. Perfectly acceptable. Would I buy another? You bet!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-02-03 | ID: 40359

Stuart Winstanley, Lancashire

Ford Mondeo Estate Ghia X Tdci 2002

5 star review

I have had my mk3 Mondeo for around 7 years now. It has been a great car and I would recommend one to anybody. I have had only 3 major problems in the seven years of owning the car, besides the recent replacement of all 4 injectors at 56,000 the other problems have been a new clutch and flywheel. I used to get around 30/31 mpg towing a 1400kg single axle caravan but since I had the car chipped 3 years ago I now get 34/35 mpg which is quite a differenc and a power increase from 130bhp to 160bhp and the extra torque is superb. Overall the car is superb as a tow car or a family car. There is enough room in the rear for both my dogs to move around even with a dog guard in situ. Would I buy 1 again?..I certainly would, either a newer mk3 or a mk4. This is the first Ford diesel I have had and it certainly wont be the last!

Responses to this review

I have a Ford Mondeo saloon car, it starts but when I press the accelerator the engine stops, does anyone know why? - Isacc Osei from Ghana

No chance of towing in Australia with a car like this - caravan is too light to be of any good. We have twin axle and a good van comes in at around 2200kgs. Must have the weight to tow. And our fuel from the towing would be about 23lt per 100klm or about 15 miles to gallon. Input in power out - John Hibbert from Australia

Submitted: 2010-01-01 | ID: 40361

Peter Diet, Cardiff

Ford Mondeo Estate zetec manual 2008

5 star review

I’ve already been using 2 mk 4’s and they are up to 90k, just ordered another 2 to replace my mk 3’s, which are reaching their retirement age at 245k, they’ve been ideal.

Submitted: 2009-12-30 | ID: 40364

Karl Cannon, England

Ford Mondeo Estate Titanium X 2009

3 star review

Love the car but the drivers side footwells front and rear keep filling up with water. Any ideas?

Responses to this review

Buy a goldfish! - Nick Halliday from England

Just getting the same problem, does yours have a sunroof? - Ian Buckley from Cheshire

Submitted: 2009-10-30 | ID: 40368

Pete Diet, Cardiff

Ford Mondeo Estate 2-litre Diesel Zetec Estate 2008

5 star review

I’ve bought two for my business and have had them just over a year now. Both have done over 50 thousand miles each now. It is a huge car with plenty of room and we get 51 mpg plus it’s surpirisingly quick. Go for the 2-litre diesel as it gives the best of all worlds.

Responses to this review

I agree, the best car on the road - Brian Grocock from Nottinghamshire

Just taxed the car had it 18 months without any trouble GET A CAR FOR THIS PRICE(£****)(2004 GHIA ESTATE) YOU HAVE A EXEC,TO A MINI,DEPENDING ON YOU,YES YOU THE DRIVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUFF THE 1,000’s paid for B.M.W.’S ----SAABS’S-- MERC’S------- ETC. PAY A BIT GET VALUE 4 EVER. REMEMBER DRIVE WELL AND LOOK WELL AHEAD - from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2009-08-04 | ID: 40365

Chris Cornwell, Carmarthenshire

Ford Mondeo Estate Titanium 2.0 TDCi Auto 2009

1 star review

This car is a huge disappointment - Poor fuel consumption (15mpg less than my previous Vectra 150bhp auto diesel estate) Annoying vibration at low revs that dealer tells me they all have. After all the media hype saying the Mondeo compares with Audi’s, BMW’s and Mercedes. - I think Ford must have bribed all the road testers!

Responses to this review

Vibration at low revs? Sounds like you should be using you gearbox a bit more - Mally Robinson from London

Its an auto Mally! - from England

We run four 2.0 tdci 140psi (all 50K+ per year) and none of them suffer vibration a low revs. The best thing is the two managers drive passats and have both broken down with sensor faults - from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2009-06-22 | ID: 40380

Ben Griffiths, Banffshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 1.6 110 Edge 2007

5 star review

This is the best family estate by a country mile. The boot space is enormous but this is not at the expense of the passengers, there is also plenty of room for them too. The rear seats can be folder down and you could conceivably use the Mondeo Estate to move house! I bought the Mondeo Estate on the basis of the advice I had read in a Top Gear magazine, it was the Top Gear choice for family estates. I wish that I had paid a little extra and gone for the 2 litre diesel but the 1.6 gives you a very credible performance. This is a very big, very safe family estate. The best in the category by some distance. I would recommend the 2.0 diesel engine if you are thinking of buying one in the near future.

Submitted: 2007-11-07 | ID: 40385

Neil Ledstone, Warwickshire

Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0 TDCi 140 Zetec 5 dr 2007

5 star review

This car really does have it all. Very responsive drive; actually makes motorway driving enjoyable! Looks great too and a very comfortable interior. Well done Ford.

Submitted: 2007-09-05 | ID: 40384

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Ford Mondeo Estate

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