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Fiat Fiorino consumer car reviews and road tests

3 stars - average customer rating
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Fiat Fiorino consumer car reviews

f s leister, Yorkshire

Fiat Fiorino 2008 - 2016

5 star review

This is now my 3rd of these vans I had a Citroen Nemo then a fiorino and then 3 years ago I bought my first brand new fiorino in the 3 years it's covered 61,000 miles a mix of mainly city but a reasonable bit of motorway too, genuinely this one has been fantastic, only 2 x repairs , front wheel bearing, and a key repaired due to central locking issue turned out to be key , cost £28 to sort, very good on fuel well over 55mpg around town, I have the full bulkhead so is very quiet when driven, nice stereo , responsive engine, really can't fault , for any potential buyers a couple of bits of advice, service the engine every 10,000mls, and when you change the oil use engine flush it's brilliant for keeping oil pump and turbo clean efficient and trouble free, also once a year put some dpf cleaner and injector cleaner through the fuel tank, again keeps the whole fuel and engine system clean and trouble free, I have done it on this van and it's a great thing to do prevention is better than later problems, finally go for the model above the base model wind up windows are a pain , sidd loading door a must, make sure once a year you lubricate all doors and runners. On a whole highly recommend I will keep this one 1 more year at which it will have done 80,000 miles then happily get another new one.

Submitted: 2017-04-15 | ID: 140651

Sailesh Panchal, Bedfordshire

Fiat Fiorino Sx 2008

4 star review

I’ve covered 110,000 miles in mine with lots of town driving. Average fuel consumption 47 mpg. Issues: clutch problems, heater matrix just been replaced, spare wheel carrier been replaced twice. Lousy dealer service!

Submitted: 2013-06-09 | ID: 38986

Martin, Somerset

Fiat Fiorino 1.3 multijet combi 2009

3 star review

Have now chalked up 35000 miles and am still to achieve anything near the stated fuel economy. I do a range of trips but mainly long runs sat on the motorway @ approx 60-70. It makes little difference how I vary my driving style I still only obtain 42 mpg. I have full Fiat service history which only adds to my amazement as the second service was not cheap. In truth the main reason for my purchase was the reported fuel economy, however I can achieve better in my petrol 2007 Vectra Sri (44 mpg). Mechanically I have broken-down twice after filling up the tank and on each occasion no fault could be found by the dealer. Have also had the complete wiper arm assembly replace due to rust fatigue (I have a alarming amount of rust around the vehicle). Rear doors have rust bubbling from beneath the paint surface.

Submitted: 2011-05-11 | ID: 38984

John, West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)

Fiat Fiorino van 1.3 multijet 2008

1 star review

32000 MILES, great fuel consumption,5 0 mpg in town. No customer service from Arnold Clark. Has had thrust bearing, gear linkages,drive shaft snap at gearbox and now gearbox needs replaced. Needless to say now out of warranty. Only my oppinion but beware. Now stuck with big repair bill and fiat say "TOUGH" out of warranty

Submitted: 2011-03-26 | ID: 38985

Philip Swan, Ireland

Fiat Fiorino duologic 2009

4 star review

Got this van in July 2009, the duologic version. 2 issues so far, but I’m not worried about them. 1st issue was during the snow the nut that connects wiper arm to the wiper motor fell of and I had no wipers. brought it to a Fiat dealer (not the one I bought if from as he’s was too far away) and they had it sorted in 15mins and put it down on the warranty even though it wasn’t covered. 2nd issue which has been in it since day one, is a noise that happens when I’m at 1700 rpm and the engine is put under stress, such as going up a hill. The dealer has told me that it is not a common problem, but it is the inner coupling on the half shaft and he has ordered two up to be fitted in the next few weeks. so once that is sorted i’ll be happy. In terms of fuel ecomny it is very difficult to achieve the figures quoted unless your happy to have an old lady in a micra over take you. However, I mainly to 50 town 50 motor way and even though I’m not getting what I though I’d get I am still very happy getting around 50 - 55 mpg. In terms of speed I think she is a little rocket. Ok getting out of first can be slow but once you hit the kick down in second and look in your rear view mirror the other cars are still at the lights. I was even racing a little boy racer last night who I knew was surprised that the little van could stay on his tail without having two no. 4inch diameter exhausts hanging out the rear. Comfort wise, very good easily go 200 miles and you feel fine after your journey. Space wise very good aswell, especially with the drop down passinger seat when carring 8ft lenghts. Rear doors nead a good bang to close properly however the auto locks are a nice touch. Coffee cup location is c**p it should be mounted on the dash. Drivers adjustable position very good. you can go for low down or hign in the sky which makes me feel I’m back in my old 4x4 but without the fuel bills. The lack of floor mats suppplied with it was, I felt a bit mean. I’ve had 360 kg in the back and she loved it fuel economy went up a little, but you would expect that. So after doing 26000km in 8 months and driving it like I robbed it I would have to say I’m very pleased with my Florino. So much so I’m thinking of getting the Qubo as a family car.

Submitted: 2011-02-23 | ID: 38983

Pete Foster, England

Fiat Fiorino Cargo Base 2008

4 star review

Bought in May ’08’ with 23 miles on the clock, base model - didn’t want any toys!! Just turned 85000 miles which is 50/50 town and motorway. I am getting in excess of 70mpg if I can be bothered to sit at 55-65mph on the motorway, but am returning an average of 55mpg (1248cc diesel) overall!! I change oil and filter every 10000miles regardless and have no problems sourcing the right oil etc.. Gearchange not the greatest, Fiat dealer said quadrant was seized (after inspection), but I removed and greased now fine!! Trip computer does flash occasionally, but this occurs when operator a bit hasty with the ignition, turn off and back on after warning lamps extinguish solves, no problem! Fuel consumption does plummet when racing Porsches, but this is a little van and for me it does the job no complaints!!

Submitted: 2010-09-20 | ID: 38982

Dave Chambers, England

Fiat Fiorino 2008

1 star review

Positves: Good trim and controls, engine responsive, load area surprisingly large. Negatives: Economy no where near the claimed 70mpg more like 45 even on long runs. Do Not Purchase this van if you need to leave anything of any value in it. It has been borcken into twice costing £1300.00 in tools the first time and £760.00 the second time, even after a market stainless steel back plate was fitted to the rear door handle /lock. Fiat not interested so be warned DO NOT BUY

Submitted: 2010-01-23 | ID: 38981

Paul Whyman, Sussex

Fiat Fiorino 2008

2 star review

Collected my Fiorino van in Aug ’08, 4 miles on the clock. Drive mainly motorway miles and have done 11,500 miles. Poor dealer service as they are unable to source the oil as quoted in the handbook for any top ups stating that they would just put the oil that is in the drum in the workshop. Rear door hinges are showing some corrosion, been back to the dealer but have not heard from them in a week. Mileage flashes sometimes on the dash and the gearbox is now so notchy it will not go into gear, due back at the dealer on 26/01/09 for a test drive. Shame as van is good with 58mpg etc but the biggest issue I have is the reluctance of the dealers to offer any customer service.

Responses to this review

What is the purpose in stating fuel consumption obtained without stating engine type/size/fuel? Sounds more like a whinge than useful opinion... - from Hampshire

Submitted: 2009-01-27 | ID: 38987

James Maslen, Fife and Kinross Shires

Fiat Fiorino 1.3 turbodiesel 2008

4 star review

I work for Fiat and have taken the Fiorino for a brief test drive. It is a well-thought out subcompact that should be very economic - the 1.3 engine also only emits 119g/km, thus avoiding the congestion charge and helping the environment at the same time. I think that this will be a hit in the commercial sector.

Responses to this review

It MAY have low emission figures around town; but when you have to take it on Motorways you need your foot to the floor so as not to be booked for loitering! - Chris Jordan from Hampshire

Submitted: 2008-04-25 | ID: 38989

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