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Fiat Ducato consumer car reviews

alan wolf, Bulgaria

Fiat Ducato 1994 - 2002

4 star review

I have a 1995 Motorhome with Ducato 2.5 tdi motor. purchased van in Bulgaria last April 2016 and had cambelt, filters and oil serviced straight away. We have since done 2 return trips from Bulgaria to Scotland plus a trip to Athens. Motor has been v good with no problems and uses v little oil. I also have had a 1989 Ducato with 2.0 petrol engine which I had lpg added. This motor has done 6 return trips Bulgaria to Uk plus Greece and Turkey. Only problems were 2 wheel bearings. Never had a newer Fiat Ducato but recommend older motors. Alan. AWW

Submitted: 2017-04-03 | ID: 140391

Ricky jones, Carmarthenshire

Fiat Ducato 2002 - 2006

3 star review

Hi Everyone, Hope someone can help me!! I first of all had a clicking noise from behind the radio, which i think as led to a loss of main beam lights, Hazards, Air Con and demister. Have checked the fuses for the lights and they seem ok. Could the relay be at fault (click clicking?). Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Rick Model is 2004 Fiat Ducato JTD 2.8 5 Speed.

Submitted: 2017-03-04 | ID: 139461

keith lines, New Zealand

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2011

4 star review

buzzing sound from l headlight, when light switched on,could be auto headlight adjuster motor built into headlight ???any ideas

Submitted: 2016-10-28 | ID: 136302

Kim Nichols, West Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2014

3 star review

I have a Motorhome built on the 130 hp multijet Ducato . 09 plate 20k miles . had egr problems last year it cleared itself with running . However this year after winter hibernation I took it for a run . It ran ruff . Put diagnostic on it and it came up egr valve problem . To cut a long story short I eventually got the egr off . it was sticking . I intended replacing it with new . Could not get one anywhere . Even Fiat can not get them ! what on earth is going on ! I had to put old one back after cleaning . Its still not running right . Replaced Throttle body as I had old one off to check it . it appeared ok but thought a new one wouldn't go a miss . The vehicle does not throw any problems up on diagnostic . My garage and I are scratching our heads . We have checked all we can . Last resort I will have to take it into main Fait dealer . Other wise 'touch wood' the vehicle has plenty of power and am satisfied . Does anybody have any ideas ??

Responses to this review

Yes had exactly same problem on my 2007 3l 160multijet motorhome Replace the erg valve as I did the same thing with cleaning and replacing but probs returned This was at 50000kms It also does have clutch shudder probs on the manual but I simply adjusted driving to suit the car and Don't ride the clutch just give it a moderate kick and let go It's real good since and pulls lick hell Some also have warning light issues I've got lights fail on right side with all working Was reset wen this happened previously and reoccurred a the computer was reset - Peter damiani from Australia

Submitted: 2016-06-10 | ID: 132520

Victor, Antrim

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2014

2 star review

Is there a built in battery char her in a fiat ducato Carioca 693 2008

Submitted: 2016-01-07 | ID: 125700

jason, Dorset

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2011

1 star review

have a problem with lack of power , will suddenly loose power and will not respond to accelerator , after switching of and on returns to normal for a bit

Responses to this review

Mine has the same fault. It cuts out I pull over wait for 5 mins and then it starts. Can go for hundreds of miles before it happens again or just a few. Nothing shows up on the diagnostics. It does seem to happen more often when it is damp. It's very frustrating. - Tom Robinson from Cheshire

Did you ever receive a diagnosis for this fault? Purchased a Swift motorhome 3 months ago and we have this problem. Fiat replaced lower fuel pump but still the same. Like you, no fault shows on diagnostic check. Not experienced damp weather really whilst owning ours, just hope it doesn't make it worse! - from Shropshire

i just had exact same problem all be it on my mondeo but i thought i would chime in , i had an intermittent electric fault on one injector keept kicking it in to engine save mode but if your flying when it happens it some times restores before the fault shows up and almost always cannot be detected at a garage unless you have the diagnostic on the vehicle at the time of it happening . - lyndon evans from Powys

Submitted: 2015-07-25 | ID: 118883

Darren, Berkshire

Fiat Ducato 2011 - 2014

1 star review

Fiat Ducato review warning - Cam chain failure / snapped on low mileage 12 plate Fiat Ducato Van with full service history! Only 28 days out of the three year warranty and the Cam chain failed / broke on my 3 year old, 49,000 mile Fiat Ducato H1L1 Panel van. Main dealer has said cost of repair will be a staggering £2041 and as yet no indication of any goodwill gesture towards that amount from Fiat UK. Very, very, very disappointed.

Submitted: 2015-05-09 | ID: 115781

calloway, Hertfordshire

Fiat Ducato 2002 - 2006

1 star review

Two years ago I bought a Fiat Ducato motorhome 8 years old 17000 miles on the clock. When I got it home I noticed when getting up on the roof that the paint was flaking. I did not think to check the roof when I bought it and Fiat did not want to know. I have been patching up the paintwork on the roof at regular 3 monthly periods. Despite keeping the vehicle clean and polished the paint has started flaking off the body work. Paintwork should not break down on a vehicle of this age especially when kept clean and polished. Fiat as I said did not want to know. I would advise anyone buying a Fiat to take note of my experience

Submitted: 2015-04-21 | ID: 115007

TJ, Middlesex

Fiat Ducato 2002 - 2006

3 star review

Rust question.... I am in the process of purchasing a motorhome on a 2005 Ducato chassis. There seems to be more than a fair share of rust behind the front wheels under the driver and passenger floors and on the adjoining chassis. the vehicle has done 56k miles. Anyone else seen much rust here or is this just a poor example or is it endemic to this van ? Any help would be appreciated before I part with my cash.

Submitted: 2015-04-03 | ID: 114259

derek, Essex

Fiat Ducato 2011 - 2014

1 star review

hi have just been on to fiat regarding the water into the engine bay after a good 15 minuites a guy in costomer relations slowly admitted that ther was a fault he said take iot to afiat dealer sorry to say the dealer to me is over 49 miles round journey phoned the dealer in wheeley in Essex hje replies that there are no fixes for this problem fiat know but they are not going to do anything about it that confirms rip of britian sorry I mean rip of Italy I have sealed mine as best you can with tubnes of siliconlike to use one on the managing director of fiat I must agree they are a heap of junkcost us a lot of dough £35000 the back swift end is no better if no one bought them they would have to improve will not hold my breath regards pam del c

Submitted: 2014-12-06 | ID: 107481

Andy, Greater Manchester

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2011

1 star review

Hi, I purchased a Ducato 120 Multijet MWB back in 2009. It has only done 70,000 miles since new. It recently developed an oil leak & on taking it to the garage I've been informed that the sump has rotted. I now have oil dripping out all over my drive. The question I would like the answer to is " Should it have rotted so soon"?

Responses to this review

Hi bought my ducato new in July 2007 so far the spare wheel has fallen of on the m5 , the EGR valve has been replaced, the lumber support on the drivers seat collapsed within days of delivery, the steering rack has been replaced, the windscreen wiper motor replaced, it has been in the garage numerous times for engine management faults just ignore the warning light now, replaced the clutch cannot reverse uphill while towing, the bonnet release hasn't worked from new, the back door release buttons fell of the first week, the back doors are on the verge of falling of, can't lock any of the doors due to faulty connector on the side door and on Friday driving down the M6 it emptied the entire contents of the sump onto the road and it has only done 65000 miles I have had enough of this van but unlike Fiat would not wish it on anyone else so stuck with it - Martyn Goodrick from Cheshire

Hi bought my ducato new in July 2007 so far the spare wheel has fallen of on the m5 , the EGR valve has been replaced, the lumber support on the drivers seat collapsed within days of delivery, the steering rack has been replaced, the windscreen wiper motor replaced, it has been in the garage numerous times for engine management faults just ignore the warning light now, replaced the clutch cannot reverse uphill while towing, the bonnet release hasn't worked from new, the back door release buttons fell of the first week, the back doors are on the verge of falling of, can't lock any of the doors due to faulty connector on the side door and on Friday driving down the M6 it emptied the entire contents of the sump onto the road and it has only done 65000 miles I have had enough of this van but unlike Fiat would not wish it on anyone else so stuck with it - Martyn Goodrick from Cheshire

Submitted: 2014-08-18 | ID: 101717

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Dave, Greater Manchester

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2014

5 star review

I bought this 3rd hand in 2011, it done 60k when I purchased off fleabay for 3k, I bought knowing there was a annoying tapping coming from the engine . Short end bearings the seller had been informed was the problem. I drove back to Manchester from s/wales 280 mls half expecting the thing to seize ,but it never missed a beat, The short end caps theory was receding fast ,tappets I thought myself, so I run it into the local fiat dealer for a looksee, A mechanic looked and stated its got the ford puma code engine in it take it there as they would only contract it out ,at ford garage another mechanic stated it sounds like a noisy injector ignore it until a fault develops. That was 30k miles and 3 years ago, it still sounds like a Cortina that needs a cam change, I did look under the bonnet last month as a plastic bag had lodged under the driveshaft melting, it was full of cobwebs testament to the fact ive never had reason to lift it, and I cannot believe I only payed 3k

Responses to this review

Check the can chain and tensioner, my 08 Ducato had that rattle in it when I bought it , I found out the hard way, tensioner had failed then the chain snapped, not sure how much damage is done yet I'll keep you posted. - big Mo from Ireland

Submitted: 2014-08-09 | ID: 101210

terry howe, Bridgend

Fiat Ducato 2006 - 2011

1 star review

the van has done 70,ooon on start up very rattly until warm could anyone tell me if this is normal the van is on a 10 plate justn paid 8 grand for this piece of sh.t

Submitted: 2014-06-01 | ID: 96642

Tony, New Zealand

Fiat Ducato 1985 - 1989

5 star review

We own a 1996 Elnagh Magnum4 on a Ducato 2.5 TDI diesel vehicle. Done 48000 miles all on NZ roads. NZ roads are not as smooth as in UK or Europe and we have even travelled on forestry dirt, gravel roads. Very bumpy. Only problem ever encountered was when we replaced the cam belt (which it turned out was okay, but we did replace), the pulley disintegrated when installing the new cam belt. Other than that and regular 5000km filter and oil changes, the vehicle has performed beautifully. Very quiet engine, smooth gear box. Wouldn't swap our home away from home for anything newer or different.

Responses to this review

Similar experience. I have a 1995 Fiat Hymer B564 A Class on a Ducato chassis with the SOFIM 2.5 TD engine. Got it at 18000 km from Germany in 2000 and it now has 220,000 km on it. Apart from changing the 5th Gear (easy job) after it started to drop out about 10,000 km ago, it has had no work except regular Cambelt and oil, oil/air filter changes, and runs like a dream, performing better on a rolling road than the 'as new' spec, and using less than a litre of oil between oil changes. We also wouldnt swop our 'home from home'. - Tony Oliver from Spain

Similar experience. I have a 1995 Fiat Hymer B564 A Class on a Ducato chassis with the SOFIM 2.5 TD engine. Got it at 18,000 km from Germany in 2000 and it now has 220,000 km on it. Apart from changing the 5th gear (easy job) after it started to drop out about 10,000 km ago, it has had no work except regular cambelt and oil, oil/air filter changes and runs like a dream, performing better on a rolling road than the 'as new' spec, and using less than a litre of oil between oil changes. We also wouldn`t swap our 'home from home'. - Tony Oliver from Spain

Submitted: 2014-04-20 | ID: 94458

Peter Watts, Scotland

Fiat Ducato 2004

1 star review

I have had the van from new and had it serviced every year. It’s used only for work, so short trips. The mileage is still only 48000 miles. This van has cost me a small fortune and still is. My local garage love me as it has given them a regular income for years as it has had just about every thing I can think of replaced apart from the engine and gearbox. Off the road again the nearside wheel bearing was replaced 8 months ago and has just gone again, this will make it my forth one on the front plus many ball joints. In its eighth year, while still under body warranty, my mot man put his hand through the sills and floor pan he could not believe how much rust he had found on a cared for van. I started a claim with Fiat HQ who gave me a case number. Two months later when I phoned to check on progress they said they didn’t want to know. Fiat do not have a clue how to treat customers. I had all the welding work carried out, which I paid for and the paint is coming off in handfulls (steel grey). This van is a van that just loves to keep giving you problem after problem. My advice is do not spend your hard earned cash on a Fiat Ducato because they are total rubbish. Buy a Sprinter instead! I hope this may save someone from wasting their money.

Responses to this review

I bought from new 2004 Fiat Ducato Camper van. I am having problems with the Windscreen Wipers, they WON'T TURN OFF and also the ENGINE LIGHT is on and this is the 2nd time this has occurred with the Engine Light? Had is checked the 1st time and nothing found. ? it did go off eventually but now it's on again. Only done 4,800 miles. - Jessie Day from Yorkshire

With regards to the wipers not turning off did you ever find a fix? I have the same problem and managed to reset the BSI computer (Body System Interface (I think thats what it means)) and the engine warning light went out but the wipers wont turn off, they stay on intermittent even in the off position. Thanks, Stefan - from Milton Keynes

Submitted: 2014-01-02 | ID: 38882

Robert Hodgkinson, Cheshire

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 2012

1 star review

Have had this van new since 06/2013 the 2.3 150bhp. It won’t always start, turns over but won’t fire. 4 times I’ve had the roadside assistance out, The RAC on 2 occasions. They put on diagnostic test, but no fault found. First time it failed 3 mechanics on it all day, but no joy taken on a low loader from Oban to Glasgow. Just as it’s been taken off they get it to start. Latest episode at dealers I purchased from said we can’t start it. They had an auto electrician onto it and mucked about for a couple of hours. They couldn’t find a fault but got it going. Dread going out in it case it happens again. Anybody got an idea to the problem? By the way this has the water ingress problem still. The scuttle below the windscreen is just as bad as the older models. It might just as well not be there. The designers at Fiat want the sack! Unfortunately the majority of motorhome makers use Fiat.

Responses to this review

I bought my 120 multijet in 2008. It has had 6 wing mirrors (electric ones), 5 starter motors, two front discs and callipers, under warranty, no fourth gear and not covered under warranty, roof leak, rear suspension, side door rollers replaced three times and paint falling off around door pillars and Fiat hq has now washed their hands of it. Sadly I can not afford to replace it as I have spent most of any money I have earned over the last 5 years repairing it. As far as non starting issue I found that it was the flywheel sensor filling up with swarf/metal powder, probably from the starter motor and therefore telling the engine management system the wrong things. Generally the whole workings and mechanical design of the Fiat Ducato is shameful! - Rupert Peters from England

Submitted: 2013-12-16 | ID: 38880

John McCutcheon, Scotland

Fiat Ducato 2000

4 star review

Some niggles, but overall a great van for the money. I have taken it on many trips through Europe with no problems. Now on 100,000 miles and it will need a clutch soon - my fault as I pulled a knackered trailer off an autobahn. Mind you that was four years ago!

Submitted: 2013-02-26 | ID: 38853

Barry Core, Suffolk

Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet 2010

1 star review

Mine is a second-hand Ducato, 137k 2.3 multijet mwb van. Problems so far: Water running onto the injectors and engine from front windscreen seal; four days of ownership the diesel was leaking from the engine and it will not start, no one can find a fault, there’s no compression so its going in for rebuild; judderey reverse gear; flimsy doors; water in both headlights; hard to open doors; peeling paintwork. Do not buy a Fiat Ducato ever!

Submitted: 2013-02-10 | ID: 38852

Brian Smith, Herefordshire

Fiat Ducato Swift Suntor 630 Motorhome 2004

3 star review

The 2.8 Jtd engine pulls ok in 4th, but loses a bit of power up hill in 5th. Cruises 55-60mph. Quiet and a good ride with no judders as yet. Averages 26-31MPG. I think it is too heavy for single rear tyres though as 3850KGS and taxed private HGV. The nearside door won’t open on key and the interior light flashes while driving. Also, I tried to start the engine as normal, all lights working OK etc, and all the power went off including lights. I took the fuses out under the bonnet one by one to check and all were Ok. I tried to start again and everything came back on and started OK. Also, o/s brake light stopped working no power in the end ran wire from N/S brake light. I’ve had a rear tyre blow out (slow speed thank God) and the tyre man said they were old tyres and had been standing, even though they had loads of tread; I bought the Fiat second hand at 44K miles only, so I put new tyres on. Quality of fixings in the motorhome is a bit disappointing for a £38k van when new. Also the water pump in the van makes a noise.

Submitted: 2013-01-01 | ID: 38854

Dean Andrews, Worcestershire

Fiat Ducato Swift motorhome 2010

1 star review

Vehicle has covered 1800 miles and began making a loud engine noise at 2000rpm. The dealer could not fix, so a Fiat technician looked at the vehicle after a ten day wait! He said it was characteristic of vehicle!?? If that’s true why does it take 1800 miles to appear? Absolute rubbish! Fiat don’t send out technicians only loss adjusters to save them money. The most unhelpful manufacturer I’ve ever dealt with! Junk, but that’s why in the van world Transits far outnumber Fiats; most companies would bankrupt themselves if they relied on Fiats!I would never buy a Fiat again.

Responses to this review

Interested in your comments. Own a Fiat Ducato 3L turbo Swift motorhome. Noise at 2500 km. Was the dual flywheel. Replaced ($4500). Again same problem at 6000Km. Then warning light at 8000Km re fuel injector. Ordered a new??? ECU. Not impressed with Fiat. Have a letter from Fiat stating "there is no such thing as goodwill with Fiat" I am keeping that for the future - John Shortland from New Zealand

Peugeot diesel engine, boring but totally brilliant, you bought a pup - Miles Baker from Berkshire

Submitted: 2012-12-04 | ID: 38855

Stewart Willmott, England

Fiat Ducato 33 mwb 2007

5 star review

I bought my mwb standard panel March 2007 and have now done 92000 miles. It hasn’t used a drop of oiland there are no leaks anywhere. I replaced the front tyres at 62000 miles with the rear tyres still the original from new. A great van where the only cost has been £160 a year for independant servicing from a local mechanic. It’s now 5 1/2 years old and its still as good as new. I’ve been very lucky judging by all the negative commets on this site.

Submitted: 2012-11-17 | ID: 38858

Anthony Flynn, Lincolnshire

Fiat Ducato Rollerteam Motorhome 2011

5 star review

After friends raved about Rollerteam Motorhomes built on a Fiat Chassis we took the plunge and purchased a demonstrator (with Comfortmatic Auto Box and the 160 hp 3 litre Power Engine). We got a very good deal on the vehicle as it had less than 2200 miles and was less than 12 months old. We’ve now pushed the mileage to over 5000 in less than 6 weeks and have to say the wife and I are very impressed. Its easy to drive the Autobox seems to work well and on a run to Scotland we averaged 29 mpg. Its quiet and drives l;ike a car. I know that Fiat gets a bad press sometimes but we’ve had 2 Fiat cars previously (both autos...as we prefer them) and they’ve both been excellent (sold both when they passed the 50k mark). A mechanic friend has told us to make sure we get a good garage to service the vehicle on a regular basis and it should prove reliable ...so fingers crossed.

Submitted: 2012-09-05 | ID: 38850

David Evans, England

Fiat Ducato 2003

1 star review

The biggest piece of scrap I have ever owned!

Submitted: 2012-08-11 | ID: 38851

Alan Milsom, England

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

Hi I purchased a Fiat Ducato 120 multi jet for work in 2007, which was the worst mistake I ever made due to the fact that this vehicle is now going to have its sixth clutch fitted. As expected, Desira who I purchased the vehicle From claimed at first I had ridden the clutch, my reply to to their statement is not printable! The works were carried under warranty for all the repairs. Fiat UK are in full denial for any faults to the Ducato vehicles. I spoke to someone at Fiat UK today and all they say it’s a dealer problem not Fiat UK as they sold all the vehicles to the dealerships. Someone must be responsible under the sale of faulty goods act? Trading standards should step in to take this up and all the Fiat Ducato owners should all get together and force Fiat UK to stand up and have the balls to admit that this vehicle is a rather large pink elephant with issues that need to be resolved, not at our cost, but at the cost to Fiat UK . When I purchased my vehicle I struck a deal with the area manager from Desira called Richard Farrier for free servicing and 25 per cent discount on parts if I advertised on the the vehicle, but they have not honoured this gentleman’s agreement and have basically sold me down the river.

Responses to this review

I too have a Fiat Ducat Maxi 2007 but it’s a Jayco Motorhome. It has been a nightmare since before I took ownership when undisclosed repairs to the drivers side lock were identified during Australias consumer court I have taken my Motorhome through. I have written a brief account of a lot of what has occurred at the Fiatforum.com I have been trying to copy the following link from that forum made in your country in 2007 and called the Motorhomers chanel. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-TWjrqpO4rI. My Ducato with my Jayco house forming a Motorhome is an absolute disaster. I have been ripped off by the manufacturer and seller I have been refused warranty work, I have been defamed by the Fiat service rep Ram Gounder South Coffs that was recorded on my ’SOS’ file for Fiat customer sevice. Its a very expensive lesson I didn’t expect to learn purchasing a New product. My thread is at Fiatforum.com under Australian Fiat Ducato Water Ingress by IvaFiatNightmare - Iva FiatNightmare from Australia

I too fell for a Fiat 120 mwb on a 56 plate. Biggest mistake of my life. Nearly all the faults that everyone else has listed plus the fuel filter housing decided to split for no reason. It drives fine when it’s ok but at the first opportunity (money permitting) it’s going - Andy Beckett from Yorkshire

I bought a Fiat Ducato in 2007 from brand new. This vehicle has done 430,000 miles, the only thing I’ve replaced is one set of discs and pads, it’s a 3.0 litre multijet 160, still in the original clutch, would recommend this vehicle to anybody - superb!!! - Dave Picko from England

Submitted: 2012-05-30 | ID: 38846

Victor Jones, Surrey

Fiat Ducato 100 mulitjet 2.2D SWB 2007

1 star review

I bought this New Ducato van in Feb 2007 from Wilsons in Epsom. The salesman did not have any product knowledge and was fibbing all the way. Since purchased this van had been nothing than trouble. It seem that the van was made on a Saturday afternoon by engineers too busy watching the football! Not only is the van is of poor quality, but the service and warranty provided by the Fiat Company as well the dealer is the worst in the whole industry. I can not mention the list of faults and aggravation I have had since acquiring this van, but my advice would be to never buy a Fiat vehicle, especially a Ducato van!

Responses to this review

I agree with you. I too bought a new Ducato van late 2007. Since then, I have had a dew engine after 7,000 miles, a new wiring loom (water ingress) 2 new head lamps (water ingress) 2 new heater motors (?) lumber support went (never repaired) These were all done under warranty. Then after 37,000 miles the "new" engine went!! Fiat would not replace it under warranty as it was one month out of warranty. 37,000miles! Then 3rd and 4th gear went. I am still fighting Fiat for payment for the engine (I have had a new one put in, otherwise it was worthless) I am contacting Watchdog, Which, BBC, etc etc etc, I will NOT give in. Poor customer care - Trevor Graham from Norfolk

I bought mine from Wilson’s, Epsom too and had exactly the same problems. In fact after leaving a deposit and contacting them back two months later they had forgotten to order it! So I eventually got it and paid £22.000 cash in Feb 2009 and got a 2008 registered piece of rubbish! They should be shut down by the Trading Standards! - Rupert Peters from England

hi trvor graham and Rupert peters ihave like you had mulipul problems with my fiat swift escape 624 2011 model they have fitted 5 new tyres all split in the tread have had it 3 yeays now so out of warranty have a great fitter to do my van now but see on bbc that the Renault van has leaking problems around the sc reen me and my wife paid out £35000 for a pile ojunk the swift part is no better now fiat refuse to put this cover for the screen to stop the water going over why sdo we not all get to gether and thrash this company once and for all they reallt take the pi--ss regards del c - from Essex

hi trvor graham and Rupert peters ihave like you had mulipul problems with my fiat swift escape 624 2011 model they have fitted 5 new tyres all split in the tread have had it 3 yeays now so out of warranty have a great fitter to do my van now but see on bbc that the Renault van has leaking problems around the sc reen me and my wife paid out £35000 for a pile ojunk the swift part is no better now fiat refuse to put this cover for the screen to stop the water going over why sdo we not all get to gether and thrash this company once and for all they reallt take the pi--ss regards del c - from Essex

Submitted: 2012-03-02 | ID: 38870

Jason Acreman, Ireland

Fiat Ducato 2009

2 star review

The EGR valve went after a couple of weeks when new, then a few months later the crank oil seal went losing all the engine oil. That was repaired under warranty, but since the van came back it just drinks diesel and drives like a rocket. Also, when in sixth gear the clutch pedal falls to the floor and the inside of my driver’s door gets black from the exhaust.

Submitted: 2012-02-24 | ID: 38869

Karlos, Leicestershire

Fiat Ducato 2.3ltr 150mj 2011

1 star review

The Fiat engine is in the Swift Kon Tiki 649. It is slow, lacks power and has fuel economy to match a V8 Landrover. Pants! A total mis-match conversion.

Responses to this review

Likewise, its cr*p too, worst engine config ever - from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2012-01-28 | ID: 38873

Chris Brown, Surrey

Fiat Ducato 2011

5 star review

I currently have a Fiat Ducato 3.0 Litre Conversion. I must say since I bought it in Nov, it’s been so far so good. The handling is excellent and it drives brilliantly. I forget I am in a Fiat Ducato sometimes. The fuel efficiency is okay and it looks fantastic.

Responses to this review

3.0ltr vs 2.3ltr, our old Euro4 was 3.0L lovely engine - from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2012-01-16 | ID: 38875

George Raffan, England

Fiat Ducato Maxi 2006

5 star review

The best van I have ever owned. I’m a builder and the van often tows my twin axel trailer with a mini digger. The only fault I have had since I bought it new was the rear brakes binding. This van has given us 50 thousand of the best miles we have ever travelled.

Submitted: 2012-01-02 | ID: 38877

Darren Leach, Nottinghamshire

Fiat Ducato 2006

1 star review

Hi, Back again with another update!! Had the EGR valve replaced in September this year (2011) now I’m having to do it AGAIN!! I don’t know how much more I can take of this damn van?! Also this year I’ve had to have the airflow sensor cleaned due to a build up. The back doors are getting worse, and my side door’s running gear decided to fall apart! This has cost me £45 from a Fiat dealer (fitted myself). My advice regarding side door rollers is grease them now or pay for it later (all three rust on the bearings). How many of you knew it’s a Ford engine in your Fiat? Happy driving.

Responses to this review

EGR problems - chuck some Winns injector cleaner in the fuel tank or any other decoke/injector cleaner, it seems to ungum the EGR valve for about 5-7k then when it starts playing up, do it again! A lot cheaper than to and fro from the garage. I’ve been playing this game for about 17k now and it still works fine. Mind you, I haven’t worked out what the belt squeal is - might be pump but someone suggested a pulley - Roland Oldson from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2011-12-22 | ID: 38878

Rob Hollywood, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato 2007

5 star review

A good sized van, even the swb puts the Transit to shame. The drive is good and the 2.2 td works well with loads of pull, even with a heavy load. This is my second Ducato and if I had listened to all the negitive reviews I saw on line I would have got something else. Good vans at a good price.

Responses to this review

Oh you must have "the good Fiat". I believe they did make one. Seriously, all the best with it, hope you don’t get any warranty issues as they are so awkward to deal with. There’s a reason why Transits far far outnumber Ducatos! - Dean Andrews from Worcestershire

Submitted: 2011-11-14 | ID: 38867

Pete, England

Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD 1998

4 star review

I purchased my Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD in 2008 from Newcastle Australia with 247000km’s on it at the time. I have covered 588000km’s on it at the moment and it still pulls hard. No smoke no hesitation of power. Since then: Fuel pump reconditioned at 390000 km’s; Turbo reconditioned at 450000 km’s; Gearbox replaced at 500000 km’s ( not bad considering it’s towing a 2.5T trailer). The front 3 radiators has been replaced at 515000 together with everything front and around them. The reason? A wombat wasn’t fast enough crossing the Great Western Highway (destroyed the whole front end!) Now the fan switch has gone and the airconditioning is leaking slightly so in about 3 months it needs a regas. The front shock absorbers are gone due all those country roads in QLD. Otherwise I’m very happy with the van. It needs an upgrade soon though.

Submitted: 2011-09-12 | ID: 38864

Hugh Seery, Ireland

Fiat Ducato 120 Multijet Maxi LWB 2008

5 star review

I bought the van new and have had no problems apart from a leak in an aircon hose, which Lee Garage, Cork fixed immediately without any quibble. 120,000 km done and it feels well capable of doubling that without any trouble. Fuel consumption varies from 39.7 mpg on an intentional 600 km economy trip down to 26 mpg on multi-drop work in the city. Its my second Ducato and I see no reason why there won’t be a third.

Submitted: 2011-09-11 | ID: 38863

Fiat Ducato, Lanarkshire

Fiat Ducato 2008

3 star review

I am a delivery driver and cover up to 100 to 150 miles per day, and I have to say the Fiat Ducato I drive is amazing. It’s good on fuel and speed and don’t have much bother with it at all - apart from the shuddering in reverse, which is not good! All in all great handling, great seating positions and great for deliveries.

Submitted: 2011-08-30 | ID: 38865

Warren Bromfield, Australia

Fiat Ducato 120 multijet 2.3 LWB 2007

2 star review

I purchased my 120 multijet 2.3 LWB van in July 2007 and had many problems under warranty. The first was a broken connection to the fuel filter, which caused diesel to spew over the entire engine. Next was the steering wheel which, jammed on a roundabout, the cause of which was a broken steering linkeage. Then I was left with no acceleration on a freeway caused by a split turbo hose. Then again on a freeway the clutch went completely; a total rebuild was required of which Fiat would only pay half of the $2800 cost. The air conditioning hose needed replacing, which Fiat were reluctant over. The most dangerous fault happened as I turned left in slow traffic when the front right wheel snapped from the drive shaft, this could have been fatal had I been travelling at high speed. I try to earn a living driving this van but it costs me dearly. Stay away from Fiat!

Submitted: 2011-08-22 | ID: 38866

David Hosea, Northamptonshire

Fiat Ducato SWB 2.2 Multijet 2006

3 star review

I’ve had my SWB 2.2 Multijet from new and apart from (early on) a problem with the fuel injection it’s been great.That is until 2 weeks ago when the engine seized after 63,000 miles, even though it has a full service history. The engine has been rebuilt, along with a new crank at the cost of £3,500 and is now back on the road. I have been in touch with Fiat head office and I am now waiting to hear back.

Responses to this review

Had a phone call back from their head office in Slough and basically they are not interested in a van over 4 years old. Secondly, it has done 3,000 more miles than their cut-off line of 60,000. I explained it had a full service history and basically it’s not fit for purpose. All he could say was ’sorry but this, and but that’. Had an answer for everything. Won’t buy Fiat again - David Hosea from Northamptonshire

I have a 2007 Fiat Ducato van. After 80,000 miles, the engine was rattling so badly they HAD to put a new engine in it. Luckily it was within the three years JUST! I think with 3,000 miles over and a full service history they SHOULD have done something for you if only as goodwill. I would point out that I have had a new loom, new headlamps, new washer motor, and new heater motor(twice)! Grrrr! Generally, the van has been good, but I have no real confidence in it. BUT, I have had two of tyres on it from new 120,000 miles and STILL legal! I am sorry about your engine - Trevor Graham from Yorkshire

Well, the second engine is now in dispute with Fiat and the dealer! 40,000 miles and it is BUSTED!! I am disgusted with Fiat and their response, but am not taking no for an answer and have now got the lawyers and press on to this case. What a shame to have to end up like this over a stupid vehicle. Life is too short, but money is too tight - Trevor Graham from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2011-07-29 | ID: 38859

M Adris Khan, Lancashire

Fiat Ducato fireanza 2.8cc motorhome 2010

2 star review

Bought motorhome in March, parked up, ran it every other day 5600 mles on the clock with service history. like John from Berkshire said it gets 75mpg and it does exactly the same. Still at the garage now for diagnostics.

Responses to this review

Hi, how can you possibly get 75mpg, a Smart car only does 60mpg? - Roger Hunt from Denbighshire

Submitted: 2011-05-29 | ID: 38840

Tony Williams, Cheshire

Fiat Ducato bessacar 625 1999

4 star review

This is my 3rd 2.5tdi powered m/home, the Kontiki gave up to 30mpg in good conditions, the Bessy lighter is so well suited to the 2.5 gives up to 33 mpg, of course this is 60mph cruise only as faster gets too noisy. Never had a problem with this motor,I’m a diesel fitter ex. Simple to maintain motor covered lots of miles never had a prob with 5th gear or reverse shudder, super campers.

Responses to this review

Well, you won’t get the juddering problem on that model. It is the new shape van with all the problems. Lovely van to drive though shame about the reliability. They had loads of problems with old model 1994 onwards but slowly cured them. By 2006, it was an excellent van so in their wisdom, they brought a new model out - Phil Nicholson from Derbyshire

Submitted: 2011-05-25 | ID: 38842

Albert Gomberts, Belgium

Fiat Ducato 11JTD double cab 2003

4 star review

We bought this van secondhand because we had to make regular 1000 mile trips with bulky loads and several people. It is fitted with a custom double cab and the 11JTD engine. The turbo was whistling like a banshee when we purchased, but Fiat replaced it under the 2 year guarantee without any quibbles. Since then we have had no serious problems at all with it. Minor complaints are the lack of power (not a problem in flat country, but annoying in mountains), wind noise at speeds over 65 mph (especially with cross winds), and frequent bulb failure in the headlights. Virtues are the excellent driving position and ergonomic driving seat, excellent visibility when manoeuvering and reliability. Now she’s 8 years old and has 160k on the clock she’s showing signs of dowdiness and must be replaced. I hope we can find a suitable replacement.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I have had my van for 2 years with no problems. The only thing is I am only getting 60 miles every 3 gallons of diesel, that`s 20 miles for £6.70. The handbook says I should get 36 miles. I think I am losing 15 miles per gallon, am I correct? Can anyone shine a light on this problem? Okay, I have some tools in my van when driving, but not to lose 15 miles per gallon. How many miles a gallon does your van do? - Put in 20 on low red and see – Chris Edwards from England

Submitted: 2011-05-16 | ID: 38838

Mike Dentton, England

Fiat Ducato 2.2 swb 2007

4 star review

Bought the van in late 2008, only had 6k miles on the clock, genuine reason why so low, not the van’s fault! Now has 31k on the. After 12k had the usual problem with the EGR valve sticking. Dealer was incompetent but eventually fixed/replaced it. Also put on engine cover to stop the water damaging the injectors etc, then rang to say that this was not a warranty repair on the van, only the motorhome variants!!! The rear door extension opening buttons have dropped out and various torx fixings have needed tightening. That said, it has turned out to be a reliable and economical van. It is a pleasure to drive and often has a 700 mile journey abroad and I find the driving position and comfort excellent. Has carried all sorts of loads and is still pretty respectable. Would I buy another? Probably No because the overall image of these vans is so poor and must affect resale. Having said that, what else is better for the money especially if you cannot afford a VW or Merc?

Submitted: 2011-03-27 | ID: 38845

Tim Cooper, Nottinghamshire

Fiat Ducato XL Maxi 2010

2 star review

We purchased 2 of these new from a minibus conversion specialist, both have had gearbox and clutch problems on several occasions, and unlimited numbers of electrical faults and trim falling off, failing etc, worse than an 80’s Lada, rubbish, will never buy another Fiat product!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-03-20 | ID: 38844

Chris Day, England

Fiat Ducato 1996

5 star review

Got my Ducato in may last year, just because it was cheap and I really didn’t intend on a LWB for my first van and 2 years driving experience. She’s a star, runs on a thimble, takes loads of knocks and hardly a scratch and is so easy to fix it’s silly and as a fairly new driver I have backed into a few fences/posts but not a ding on the van!. I recently had to use a 2/4 to prop the gearbox back in, but that was nothing a couple of cabinet braces couldn’t fix. I was in a band for 5 years touring in the back of an 05 reg, never ever let us down either. When this old bus dies it’s definitely another Ducato for me.

Submitted: 2011-02-19 | ID: 38832

Andrew, England

Fiat Ducato 2006

1 star review

Hello, I know there is a design flaw in the new Fiat Ducato windscreen wiper moter linkage as the large arm on my van bent, (very weak and only flat 50mm metal), it was during the frost, the wipers got stuck to the windscreen, the arm by the motor got bent and I had to bend it back in to shape but was never the same and broke completly soon after. Ordered a used part, it was bent in the same place! They refunded the money no problem and the breaker said that as soon as this linkage comes in from vans that have been in the breakers they go straight out so there’s a high demand. Dear Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, It’s a flaw in the design!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-02-17 | ID: 38831

J B, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato jtd swb 2005

5 star review

Bought a 55 plate Ducato 2.0 jtd swb, second hand, a year ago. Handles brill, sailed through MOT. Just waiting to hear from the garage if a coil spring has gone....first time I’ve had to have it in the garage other than for service/MOT/routine stuff. An excellent build...unlike some reviewers I have no problems with door seals, draughts etc. When making the decision to buy this one, we looked at a whole range of similar age/newer vans, the worst being the transit, which for 2 years newer was rusting from the inside out! My only fault with this one..the colour! It’s white!

Submitted: 2011-02-17 | ID: 38827

Paul C, England

Fiat Ducato MWB 1997

5 star review

My 1997 2.5 TDI camper has never missed a beat. Apart from servicing and a few consumables I have not really spent on it. I used to be a car trader and I am convinced that cars made in the mid 90’s seem to be decent quality. As the years have moved on manufacturers have cut cost by using cheap parts. And this shows as the later Ducatos seems to be riddled with problems. Of course this is just my opinion

Responses to this review

We have just bought a 1997 Ducato and were wondering is it normal for the fan to take three hours to stop after a long drive? - Pearl Gibson from Northern Ireland

My 1998 Ducato Maxi campervan has been amazing, it’s done 197,000 miles and still pulls like a ox. It’s been to Spain, France and Poland without a hitch. I have had it four years and it’s been serviced 3 times; there’s a bit of weldind on sills, but no major expense. Deffo the ninties vehices are made of better stuff! I once did a straight 200 mile drive and the fan kept turning for 30 min when stopped. - Robert Meade from England

Submitted: 2011-02-17 | ID: 38828

Darren Leach, Nottinghamshire

Fiat Ducato 30swb Multijet 2.2 100BH from new 2007

1 star review

Where can I start with this; I will never while I can make choices buy another Fiat as long as a live!! I bought my Fiat ducato 30swb Multijet 2.2 100BH from new, and I’ve lived to regret doing that everyday. Within in one year it had been in for 12 recalls. From the wiper motor to rusting injectors (£200 each), also the jet washers they blow out once every year I now have to superglue them in! I have had one new complete engine wiring loop, and just today after only 33k a brand new clutch £420. The EGR valve is now playing up £300 to replace. The side door does not lock properly without having to push the top right hand corner to make it click, also the back left door has to be slammed to make that shut at the top. The glove box has broken at the bottom due to it coming open on it’s own while driving, the CD player broke. The bonnet does not open properly, the left hand corner hits the wiper arm and takes the paint off. The back door hinges are becoming difficult to open due to the spacers wearing out. IF YOU BUY A FIAT DUCATO YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT!

Responses to this review

Hi just read your post and was wondering if you have managed to get all these problems fixed. Our company bought three of these vans brand new the same year. We have experienced the exact same problems as yourself, mostly which we have had to pay at the expense of ourselves. Contacted Fiat regarding these faults and got nowhere basically told us these are wear and tear and not covered. We are still paying finance for these! I contacted Watchdog but heard no response. I was wondering if you have done anything regarding your van, and if we all get together and complain about same faults, surely they will have to do something. Thanks - Mandy Ure from Aberdeenshire

Hi Mandy, I’m paying for all these faults myself, the last one to be done free was the loom! Now the EGR Valve is really bad, all I can say is get rid soon as you can! - Darren Leach from Nottinghamshire

I am all for going to Watchdog. My vehicle has had a new engine, new loom, new headlamps (water ingress) two new heater motors etc etc etc. I was always told "this is the first time we have had this happen". Bullsh*t! Let’s go for it! - Graham Brown from Norfolk

Submitted: 2011-02-11 | ID: 38823

M Hussain, Scotland

Fiat Ducato 2.8 jtd 2005

5 star review

I bought a six berth suntor a year ago, aprox 25-28mpg, sometimes worried about getting done for over speeding! Service it every year or six thousand mls, no problem at all, very happy.

Submitted: 2011-02-06 | ID: 38836

Michael Bethwaite, Cumberland

Fiat Ducato motorhome 130 multijet 2007

1 star review

This van is totally rubbish. Do not buy one!

Submitted: 2011-01-19 | ID: 38837

David Culshaw, Lancashire

Fiat Ducato 2.2 multijet SWB 2007

1 star review

We own 5 fiat vans, in a few weeks or months we will own none. They are the c**ppiest vans you can waste your hard earned money on. Don’t fall for the cheap price trick, it costs you dearly. Downtime = lost time + no income... it’s a no brainer DO NOT BUY ONE EVER.

Submitted: 2011-01-12 | ID: 38833

Mike Cuthbert, Sussex

Fiat Ducato 2.2 multijet van 2007

1 star review

This van brought new in 2007 is the most APPALLING excuse for a van ever produced by a totally rubbish excuse for a vehicle manufacturer. I am nearing retirement and purchased this van to see me through to the end of my working life, air conditioning didn’t work, state of the art blue and me now broken, rear doors both fallen off, exhaust flexible connection replaced, broken again, but that is nothing compared to the engine management problems, every 3 months a new problem exists. And back to the garage on a low loader for another egr valve /wiring loom, 3 now in total. I have given up and just let the pile of crap rev its guts out. I have owned Ford, Nissan, Renault, and regret the day that I was enticed into buying this Junk. Do not ever consider this van, you WILL REGRET IT!

Submitted: 2011-01-07 | ID: 38834

Martin Hodgson, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato 2006

4 star review

We have a Ducato swb van and for the money, it’s been pretty good. It’s done 98,000 miles. We bought it new and quickly found the Fiat dealer to be very, very poor. Instead we had all service work done by our local garage. The only faults have been a front wheel bearing. This was changed by Fiat under warranty but was not much better, I got the local garage to sort it and all is now well. At 80,000 miles we had new glow plugs and have just put a new battery on last week. Have fitted deadlocks and an alarm as Fiat security and door locks are no good at all. The van is good on fuel and handles well. We also have a 2007 ci motorbike based on the 2.3jtd Fiat. It’s done 15,000 miles and seems fine so far. It did have a new battery before we bought it. It drives very well and does well on fuel. I will not let Fiat near it and all repairs will be done by the guy who looks after our other van. The vans are certainly no worse than other makes I have had in the past. You have to remember they are cheap to buy.

Submitted: 2011-01-04 | ID: 38835

Peter Traill, England

Fiat Ducato 130 based motorhome 2007

2 star review

I own a Fiat Ducato 130 based motorhome. The brand name being Caravan International. Last September I was travelling to The Czech Republic, passing through Germany, when the rear nearside wheel bearing collapsed, causing extensive damage to the hub assembly and the brake-system. All in all the cost of repairs was some £1,150.00. The vehicle at the time of the incident was 2 years and 34 days old. Yes, you’ve got it, Fiat have just dug their heels in and refuse to consider any form of help, I have spoken with technical advisors from the RAC and the Caraven Club, and a comapny of bearing manufacturers who express surprise at a wheel bearing giving up the ghost after such a short time, the recorded mileage at the time of repair was 19323. Fiat are a poor example when it comes to customer care, however I have to say that the dealership in Germany was first class and they had me back on the raod within 24 hours. I also have nothing but praise for the dealership in the uk that services my vehicle (Stoneacre of Wrexham) The are very good and helpful, they in fact suggested I should register the vehicle to have the gear box modified to overcome the judder which is so common on this vehicle. It was registed and the job completed within two weeks with only two days off the road. Judder now extinct. So Fiat themselves leave a lot to be desired, their agencies appear to be carrying the burden of a poor parent company.

Submitted: 2010-11-27 | ID: 38810

Ivor Treaise, Devon

Fiat Ducato 2.8 2001

1 star review

Our van had one owner, 5000 miles, been a big load of c**p, in garage for gearbox but no parts available.

Submitted: 2010-11-06 | ID: 38816

Jeff Goodrich, Hertfordshire

Fiat Ducato 2010

1 star review

An absolute pile of s**t! I don’t have the time to write a list of faults. Palmers in Watford my local Fiat dealer are as unhelpful as it is possible to be. Never again will I get any Fiat.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

I was thinking at buying a Ducato. Not now - from Ireland

Completely agree with you, my list is huge too - Mark Sainsbury from Hampshire

Submitted: 2010-10-21 | ID: 38812

Andy, Cheshire

Fiat Ducato 3.0 Power Comfortmatic LWB Chassis Cab 2010

4 star review

Just bought, supplied with factory air suspension. First trip resulted in a twisted airbag on the rear and it is now back with Fiat...

Submitted: 2010-10-20 | ID: 38811

Perica, Zaire

Fiat Ducato L2H1 3.0 2010

5 star review

I bought a Citroen Jumper (Fiat Ducato) 3.0 160KS. The engine is a Iveco, towing 1000 rpm to 4000 rpm. Van goes 200 km/h at 3400 rpm, and consumption ranges from 6.5 l/100km to 9.5 l/100km. The engine is very quiet, the road speed of 180 km/h runs at 3000 rpm, This is definitely the best combination in history. I have already done 100,000 km, 3.0 and 2.3 is the best engine for the van. The suspension is very stiff and holds corners like hell. With the chip reaches an impressive 200 hp. Conclusion: It is an attractive (robust) design. I have nothing but praise.

Submitted: 2010-10-17 | ID: 38815

Brett Tolhurst, England

Fiat Ducato 2.2 multijet diesel 2005

1 star review

Avoid, has been broken for two years off and on, now dead! Will start and drive until you slow down and cuts out. Had 3 egr valves, 1 airflow meter, 1 fuel pressure regulator, 1 ecu upgrade and 100’s of trips to the garage. Now nothing and a few grand later. Hiring a van and am skint! What now? Any ideas???<br /><br />

Responses to this review

It sounds like your vacuum pipe is on the wrong way round - Tony Bevan from Essex

I’ve had the same problem, try taking fuel cap off everytime you use it, fixed my problem. I’ve now got a new problem, hard to start in cold mornings; once started will start all day long. They are crap vans - Lionel Currie from Buckinghamshire

Submitted: 2010-09-07 | ID: 38820

Ivor Problem, England

Fiat Ducato 2.2 multijet diesel 2007

1 star review

Purchased van new in May 2007. I have to agree with pretty much every previous writer - great purchase price but boy-o-boy do you pay for it in the long run. Here’s a short list of problems; Engine management light on - water in fuel injectors. New EGR valve. Lumbar support in drivers seat broke in a matter of days. Misted up nearside headlight. C.D. player broken Rear door release buttons popped out 1st time used. New fuse box. Engine stalling whilst idling. Nothing covered on 3rd year of warranty. Local Fiat dealer a joke (a bad one). I’ve been out today a ordered a new V.W. van, pity the poor bloke who buys my trade in.

Submitted: 2010-08-21 | ID: 38819

Phil Roberts, Essex

Fiat Ducato 2006

4 star review

We purchased a New Fiat Ducato 160 Maxi extra long and high van with the Comfortmatic gearbox that we had converted into a motorhome of our design. We did have a few teething problems however the problems where promptly rectified under the warranty by a Iveco/Fiat dealer in Hildenbourgh, Kent. The dealer went out of the way to accommodate us and even lent us a small van! We have now covered almost 20k miles travelling around Europe and the vehicle has performed faultlessly. In my opinion a lot of the problems reported especially with motorhomes is because of the low vehicle specification of the base chassis. We ordered our vehicle on a 4 ton chassis with the 160 engine, self levelling air suspension, extra large wheels & increased load index tyres, climate control, light & rain sensor engine sump shield etc etc. As with most motorhomes on the road they are overweight, we had to have the GVW increased and re-taxed as a private HGV because of the fully laden weight. The vehicle is very stable on the road even with high crosswinds on motorways, in fact I now prefer to drive this rather than our car due to the ride, seats and the higher driving position. If you are buying a motorhome based on any vehicle manufactures chassis make sure that you go for the highest specification possible, you are asking for trouble with a small engine and standard suspension otherwise you are just asking for trouble. Also bear in mind 80% of motorhomes are built on a Fiat chassis therefore you are going to have a lot more feedback than for other manufactures.

Responses to this review

Fiat commercial vehicles are quite good value for money. I have had a Doblo for 4 years now and it’s the best car I’ve ever had, being utterly useful and also great in town. Sliding back doors, easy access, great turning circle, economical diesel engine and fantastic visibility - Ana Cuellar from United States of America

Submitted: 2010-07-20 | ID: 38817

Si Ki, England

Fiat Ducato 9 seater combi van 2006

1 star review

I bought this vehicle to do airport transfers, 300 miles ex demo and 8 month old, now done 70,000 miles, out of warranty, engine has gone bang and dual mass fly wheel u/s what a nightmare. Get your money out! Lost an absolute fortune in business, parts very expensive , will have to sell it asap once completed repair. Don’t buy a Fiat, they look good, drive good, but when they go wrong don’t bother repairing.

Submitted: 2010-06-29 | ID: 38760

Tex Gowing, France

Fiat Ducato 130 multijet 2008

3 star review

Hi to all. My wife and I purchased our Mc Louis Motor home 9 months ago and had a similar problem to some of the writers of these reviews in that the starter battery drained without cause. Being an old diesel fitter, I took both the battery assemblies apart cleaned them replaced the fuse in the battery then put everything back together. I trickle charged the starter battery over night, cleaned the solar pannel and have not had to touch it again since. That was January. As for the loose fitting negative junction on the starter battery, a simple way to improve it is to put one or two bits of soldering wire down the length of the terminal or even one piece that folds over the top, then put the assembly over the whole thing. When you tighten it up it makes a firm fit as soldering wire will flatten out under pressure, you can even tap it with a small hammer before introducing it to the terminal. That was a cracking tip about the radio by the way to change over the wires. There is no doubt if left in, even though turned off, the radio will drain the battery, we have also experienced that situation. Apart from the things I have mentioned there has been no problems, (touch wood) with our Fiat engine or gear box, just lucky I guess judging by the reviews.

Submitted: 2010-06-28 | ID: 38761

Nev Ayrton, Lancashire

Fiat Ducato Hymer 534 motorhome 1993

1 star review

I bought a Hymer 534 motorhome on a Fiat Ducato chassis. I had previously had a coachbuilt motorhome on the same chassis but with a 2.5 turbo diesel that had been fitted, after the previous owner found that the 2.0 petrol engine was useless. The turbo diesel wasn’t much better, and the gearbox was particularly bad changing down from 3rd to 2nd despite having had all the linkages renewed, a new clutch, and the synchro on 2nd gear replaced. It was a nightmare to drive, and particularly noisy despite being "soundproofed" The second time it was used the alternator packed up on the way home leaving us with no lights or windscreen wipers. Having sold this van for a massive financial loss, I recently bought the Hymer thinking that Fiat would have improved over the years. No such luck! On the way home from buying the van I encountered the Fiat judder when reversing out of a parking space. The engine was so noisy with tapett noise that I was deaf on reaching home. Not good I thought. On the first outing, having invested in an engine blanket to slightly minimise the racket of the engine, I stopped for diesel and found the engine wouldn’t start, as the battery was totally flat despite having driven for 90K when by rights the battery should have been fully charged. Deja Vu I thought. Thanks to some kind-hearted lads that gave me a push start I managed to make it home, but as soon as I switched off the engine it wouldn’t restart. I tried charging the battery, and it managed to start OK so I made arrangements to take it to a local garage the following day, but to my horror, the following morning the battery was again completely flat, so it would now appear to be either the battery or the alternator, or both that are defective, which seems rather unlikely that both would fail together. Having read some of the posts on here I am no nearer finding out what the problem is. I used the van over a 3 day camping weekend stopping and starting, using the 12 volt systems and also the 240v hook up with no problems whatsoever. I am wondering if it could be something to do with the relay switch over from the leisure battery as it shows as fully charged on the dial on the zig unit. Unfortunately there is very little information with the van, which is a German import. All the documentation is in German, and there is a very basic English instruction book which is pretty useless as what information it contains is stating the bleedin’ obvious! Has anyone any idea where I could possibly obtain an English translation for the vehicles mechanical and habitation instructions without it costing a fortune from Hymer, or being totally useless as the 6 page document I got with the van. It would appear that Fiat doesn’t really have a customer service follow-up and the same mistakes appear to occur with monotonous regularity.

Responses to this review

Had a simular problem, turned out to be an earth strap from the chassis to engine. There was bad contact on chassis. I cleaned it up and fitted it back. everything is ok now - Keith Neighbour from Cardiff

For translation into any language you can try Google translator.German to English. You may have to laboriously type it out but once it is done it is done - David Lamb from Isle of Anglesey

Submitted: 2010-06-05 | ID: 38757

Martin Drought, Australia

Fiat Ducato 3.0 turbo diesel motor home 2007

3 star review

We bought the 3.0 litre turbo Ducato diesel motor home 2 years ago. We have loved it until the water pump died at 16,000k’s while on holiday, 1600k’s from home. The judder has always been an issue but we try not to use reverse when possible. To their credit the Australian dealer has done all possible to take care of the problem while the Fiat roadside assist people made sure we were taken care of. As I type this we are waiting for a water pump to arrive from Italy and then be fitted. We hope the good service continues.

Submitted: 2010-05-27 | ID: 38752

Tony Farrow, Norfolk

Fiat Ducato 3.0 power curtainsider 2010

4 star review

I Work for a local haulage company in Norfolk and they have recently purchased a Ducato power with 3.0litre engine in. One of the best vans I have driven in my driving career. The company own a second hand ’V’ reg Ford Transit and that was a heap of c**p. The Ducato is a big step up from the Ford in every factor. The bhp and torque in it is on top of the job. The only downside to this van was at 12,000miles the clutchplate shattered and required a whole new one. It would be nice to hear from other owners of this type of model and their experiences.

Responses to this review

I bought a Ducato 160 3ltr Eura Mobile motor home in November 2008. I asked before I paid for it if the clutch juddered in reverse. The sales person confirmed that it did not. I had not left their premises before most of the fillings in my teeth fell out because of the reverse gear vibration! The dealers told me to contact Fiat, which I did, and almost two years on, despite talking to any number of people on their staff nothing has been done to correct the problem. I have been told that there is a modification to the gearbox available for the smaller engined vehicles, but not the 3 ltr. It has now covered 9,000 miles. It is fantastic to drive forwards. Smooth and very powerful. It flys up steep mountain roads and returns 24 mpg. It is on a 4.25 tonne Alko chassis. This vehicle would be perfect if I could back the thing up. Trying to reverse into a tight camping bay is a nightmare - Rob Earl from Kent

Be very aware that you WILL experience a fuel related problem at some stage. We have a 2008/58 3L motorhome and on our recent holiday to France, the vehicle cost us £1,000 before we left the country. An injector had failed and due to the earl under bonnet water ingress problems that Fiat had and carried out a recall on, retaining bolts and injectors seize in the head, the bolts shear off and create a lot of extra labour. Further on our holiday in France the injection system failed again and required the vehicle to be recovered to the UK for repair as no Fiat dealer in France would even look at it. We are now facing astronomical bills to have this fixed. How can Fiat stand back and do nothing with a vehicle that’s not three years old and only covered 22,000 miles with regular services! - Colin Anderson from Devon

Submitted: 2010-05-20 | ID: 38754

AirandPort Transfers, Devon

Fiat Ducato 8 seater airport bus 2005

5 star review

750,000 miles, four sets of wheel bearings on the front. 15 brake sets on the front. Apart from tyres that is it. Awesome vehicle, passengers love it, top class all the way around. No other problems, will write again on its 1,000,000 Birthday

Submitted: 2010-05-13 | ID: 38753

Sarah Heads, Wiltshire

Fiat Ducato 1.3 1985

1 star review

Hi, I bought a Fiat Ducato 1.3 1985 in March. The first time I was going to take it out it wouldn’t start. I thought it was the battery, but it turned out to be something different. I have had the spark plugs replaced (which is cheap) and now it starts no problem.

Submitted: 2010-05-05 | ID: 38746

HME Ltd Leeds, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato swb 2.0 jtd 2005

5 star review

Our company purchased a Fiat Ducato 2.0 jtd swb in march 05,and it’s been a great van; alternator replaced 3 times, new diesel pump fitted at 117000 miles, apart from that never had any bother with it. The van is currently on 133000 miles, runs great, serviced every 10000 miles and compared to the Ford Transits of the same age it has no rust at all. It is now due for renewal but seeing what other vans are available and the amount of problems they suffer, i’ll be sad to see the trusty Ducato get traded in as it has been the best works van I’ve ever had in the 20 years I’ve had one.

Responses to this review

What mileage to the gallon do you get with this van? Thanks - Hugh Torley from East Lothian (Haddingtonshire)

Submitted: 2010-05-02 | ID: 38744

Shaun Mc gilloway, County Londonderry

Fiat Ducato 2.3 diesel 2007

1 star review

Purchased van new in May 07 from a main dealer in Coleraine who no longer is the Fiat dealer and who washed their hands of the third year warranty. Nice van to drive, when not in the garage being repaired! Lots of problems; heater replacements, gearbox issues, towbar lights(which they fitted) and engine management and other issues. DO NOT BUY A FIAT DUCATO, MINE IS STILL UNDER THE THIRD YEAR WARRANTY AND I JUST PAID 840 QUID TO HAVE IT REPAIRED INDEPENDENTLY.THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS RUBBISH!!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-24 | ID: 38749

Ash Pocock, Hampshire

Fiat Ducato Maxi 3.0 Auto - Burstner Argos 2008

3 star review

Bought the Motohome from Southdowns in October 2008. Prior to delivery test drove a manual variant and experienced the reverse juddering and clutch problem, but was assured that this problem did manifest itself on the ’auto’. Not the case, judders just as badly on the auto! Registered a case number with Fiat and dealer, but have never been offered any corrective work. Having read about the problems with Fiat dealerships and warranty and reluctant to have the vehicle ’messed about with’, have been gingerly driving around UK and Europe, avoiding reversing. So far no other problems have materialised, so keeping fingers crossed that I don’t have a ’friday’ vehicle. Concerned that Fiat have really not fixed this problem, but am running out of warranty, so may have to bite the bullet and face the aggro with Fiat.

Responses to this review

I have a Rapido 7090+ with a manual gearbox 3 litre Fiat Ducato 160 engine which I bought new in July 2008. Reverse judder has recently started at about 7500 miles. The verbal recommendation I received from FIAT Custmer Service was to reverse at no less than 2000rpm. I got my FIAT commercial dealer to complete a road test and file a report with FIAT Technical which has confirmed that providing 2000rpm is maintained there is no judder. FIAT have now confirmed in writing that this now indicates there is no fault present with my vehicle. Have asked that they provide an extended warranty for the clutch which they have refused. I am now in the situation that I try to avoid reversing unless it is downhill. Does anyone with the same problem have any recommendation on how to get FIAT to do something? - John Ellison from Gloucestershire

Submitted: 2010-04-24 | ID: 38747

Dave Roberts, Hampshire

Fiat Ducato 2009

2 star review

I have had my Ducato 2.3 for just 1 year and only covered 4000 miles. It has had the ’B’ modification to the gear box but is still juddering in reverse. Despite many phone calls to Fiats, so called, Customer Relations, that’s a joke, I am still no further forward. I have been told that I can take it to the local dealer but should they find it to be in order then I will be charged for any investigative work carried out. Also as it is a motorhome and I can walk through between the front seats, the floor has split, but I am now told that my local agent will not undertake the work as Fiat will not pay them for the amount of hours it takes to remove and refit a new floor. I am still waiting for Fiats response to this after now having 3 different case numbers given to me and making 8 phone calls and pushed around to untold office workers. This is my third Ducato and I have always praised them up until now, but I think it will be going very soon and I will be looking for something very different<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-23 | ID: 38750

Ronald Allsopp, Warwickshire

Fiat Ducato 1.3t 1985

3 star review

Me and my wife bought a Fiat Ducato 1.3t 1985 plate, we had it now for just over 8 months. I have tried to jump start it but it will not have it. This is all new to me and my wife so we don’t know if there is a certain way you have to charge the battery? If there is anybody who knows it would be good.

Submitted: 2010-04-20 | ID: 38751

Chris Lewis, Cornwall

Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet engine 2008

2 star review

Purchased our Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet engine new in Nov. 2008, with a Swift Lifestyle body layout. While trying to contend with the multi defects contributed by Swift, we then turned our attentions towards the reverse gear vibration. Fiat have tried for months to bury their heads in the sand, just hoping that we would all go away. They have stayed in denial for quite some time, hoping that our collective van problems would dissapear. Well they have not. I have had their Phase:1 stronger more robust engine/gearbox mountings fitted. Also Phase:2 a replacement (slightly ) lower reverse gear fitted. All to no avail as the vehicle responds just the same. The Fiat Dealership and their mechanics are in full agreement with me, that the fault remains, and they consider Fiat’s mechanical interventions to be worthless. Fiat as a company are treating us all as irrelevant, now that we have purchased their unroadworthy expensive vehicles. I have spent a life time on the spanners having been a garage proprietor, class 1 driver and an advanced driver, so I believe that I have enough experience to know a dodgy vehicle once driven. Fiat when asked, will not extend the warranty on our vehicle for another 3 years, about the time we would be changing it. If they are not willing to do this, then that says a lot about their faith in their so called remedy work. We should all get together and fight them en masse, then and then only may they eventually listen to their so called ’valued customers’ instead of trying to pick us off, one at a time until we give up. The press need such a story badly, any takers? Regards and Good Luck! chrislewis5626@googlemail.com<br /><br />

Responses to this review

We have recently purchased a 2008 Mobilvetta Topdriver 2.3 Fiat Multijet 6 speed gearbox. We cannot get 4th gear and are at a loss as what to do. After reading several reviews, we realise that there is obviously a gearbox problem with Fiat. We have been in touch with Fiat, who advised us to contact TJ Vickers. They advised that the vehicle was too big for them to investigate & have told us to contact Guest Trucks, wolverhampton. Who will we be passed onto next? Fiat need to address the problem! - Pete Griffiths from Powys

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 38762

Philip Nicholson, Derbyshire

Fiat Ducato Trigano Tribute 2009

1 star review

Used it for one continental holiday, 6000 miles, nice to drive on the road but no need for 6 speed box,5 speed would be better. Lets its self down when you reverse, judders badly unless you slip the clutch, which because of dual mass flywheel will cost an arm and leg to replace. I THINK MOTORHOME MANUFACTURERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES BUILDING ON THIS CHASSIS. Sold mine, I can sleep at night now. LONG LIVE THE FORD TRANSIT.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-07 | ID: 38764

Paddy Winter, Ireland

Fiat Ducato Ducato 14, 2.8D 2002

4 star review

I bought my 2002 Fiat Ducaton 14 Long Wheel Base/High Roof from a private seller in Belfast in 2009. It is the 2.8D non-turbo version. It has a mileage of less than 70,000 and had two previous owners. I converted it to a camper for which it is really suitable. I managed to squeeze a shower/toilet, fridge; couch which folds into a double bed, cooker etc and lots of overhead storage. I removed the bulkhead panel between the cab and interior and installed two swivel seats. One of the great things about the Ducato is that it is widely used for this purpose and parts are easily obtainable. The engine is strong but slow. I took it to Cornwall last year and the long hauls on the hills there were a nightmare. Given a second chance I’d insist on a turbo diesel version. The Ducato drives easily, gear changes are smooth and steering very comfortable by virtue of the large steering wheel. Being a car driver I had no problem manouvring the Ducato in any car park I encountered with the extra length never being an issue. The big door mirrors give an excellent view and reversing is easy. I’ve read of complaints of "juddering" when reversing up an incline but to be honest I’ve not experienced any of this. There is a small stain of water appearing in the passenger footwell but without taking off the dashboard I can’t ascertain whether its rainwater or a leak somewhere in the heater matrix assembly. It is small an irritating but the water level in the system seems to be unaffected. The van is basic having no electric windows, cruise control, air conditioning but to be honest it gives less to worry about malfunctioning particularly in an old van. A frined of mine recently replace the electric window switch on her Toyota Avensis at a cost in excess of ?300! God bless the simple window winders in the Ducato, 8 years old and still working. The body work still holds it’s own in that the only signs of rust (and only surface rust at that) are on the underside of the steel crossmembers under the van, due I imagine to the salting of the roads of Northern Ireland due to their colder climate than here in the "deep south" of Wexford in the Sunny South East. In conclusion have a good look before you buy but be confident that the Fiat Dealerships in Ireland are very helpful, even to DIY mechanics :)

Responses to this review

I bought a New Fiat motorhome 3 Litre in 2008. Approx 10 days after purchasing it I found that it would not reverse without shaking violently, I reported this to Dethleff and Fiat and the seller. Two years on I am no further forward other than having to instigate legal proceedings. I personally would not recommend Fiat as a company to even people whom I’m not fond of. They are dismissive and unwilling to accept the obvious that this thing burns the clutch and shakes in reverse. Of course it will not shake if you’re willing to get it up to 5pmh + in reverse but who is willing to risk that one! - Gerard Moyn from Ireland

I bought a new Fiat Ducato motorhome in 07. Only got 8000 miles on it and the water pump went. You are all right about Fiat. They did not want to know. Would never recommend them to anyone. They would not even make a comment about the water pump failing with such a low mileage. What about the water in the engine compartment? They have acknowledged this as a big problem but three years on now and still no solution - from Hampshire

Submitted: 2010-01-27 | ID: 38765

George Mangan, Bedfordshire

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

I’ve owned this van for 20 months from new. It is a 120 2.3 SWB Ducato, it has less than 25K on it with 3 faults to date: Fan heater only works on speed 4, has been in twice for this but it still is not fixed; Judder in reverse, I reported this on the last service but nothing has been done and now the clutch is staying down. Otherwise fine, but will now sell before it goes wrong after reading all the reports. No service has been good from Fiat don’t buy one. I am scared to keep it in case I get stuck with repairs in the future.

Responses to this review

The fan speed problem is just a dodgy connector at the fan in the passanger footwell - from Dumbartonshire

Same here, fan working intermittently. Reported three times while under warranty and told each time no problem. My van was three years old in September and a connection under the glove box caught fire on Friday. Took it to Fiat to be told that it’s nothing to do with them and they are prepared to pay nothing to getting it fixed. Speechless but I shouldn’t be as when I bought the van, I had the blue and me system fitted which never worked. After 100 calls to customer service and countless hours on the phone, I gave up. My company has grown over the last three years and we will be running four vans next year. Guess how many of them will be Fiats... - Rick Allen from England

Submitted: 2010-01-08 | ID: 38768

Richard Wilkinson, Warwickshire

Fiat Ducato Trigano Tribute 2006

5 star review

BRAKE FAILURE!?! I have owned my 2.3JTD 110hp since new in Mar’06, it is the last of the Mk3’s before the latest ’ugly model’. Mine runs a Spider Tuning Box at 156bhp (Dyno’d!) and I have to say that overall it has been just great with problems whatsoever until now! I’ve done a bit of web surfing lookong for an answer but it doesn’t seem to be a issue: I last used the van yesterday morning and all was okay; tonight there is -8 degrees of frost outside and I just tried to use it and the brakes don’t work at all. There is no resistance in the peddle which can be pushed to the floor. I can pump up pressure but afterwards the peddle goes back to no resistance. I checked to fluid resovior and the brake fluid level is as it should be so what’s happening?

Responses to this review

UPDATE: Now the freezing weather and all the snow has all gone I finally got around to having a good close look at the van; particularly because I was facing a £200 tow-in charge. Firstly, what a stupid shape the brake fluid resovior is: The portion you readily see at the front with the filling cap is filled with brake fluid and when you take the cap off it’s full! However look more closely around the side, under the bulk towards the back and it’s virtually empty! Stange thing is I did a full visual inspection of all the brake and clutch lines and the brakes themselves and could find no evidence of a leak whatsoever. I filled up the reservoir with new fluid and bled the brakes through in the normal way which seems to have cured the problem. The brake pedal is now rock hard and the brakes are sharp and much better than they were before so I can only imagine the brake fluid level has been low since it was new. And all this despite the van going through 3 annual services at a Fiat Main Dealer Garage. I usually do my own servicing so I know it’s been done right but this van was under warranty from new, however now that’s expired I’ll be doing my own servicing from now on - Richard Wilkinson from Warwickshire

May be leaking into the servo? - from Ireland

Could have been empty since new, and when experienced 8 degree of frost the seals hardened and fluid bypassed them, pedal going to floor - Chris Hardy from England

The problem will probably be the slave cylinder on the peddle - John Smith from England

Hi I own a 2006 Fiat 2.8 jtd six wheeler, it seems that the brakes sometimes go straight to the floor. Can somebody advise what can cause this, is it a recall or just rear brakes may require adjusting? - Peter Spence from England

Submitted: 2009-12-23 | ID: 38776

Adrian Smith, Hampshire

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

I bought a ducato van in July ’07, it has a ’shudder’ problem. Fiat UK has told me they have no part for this van to stop the shudder in reverse gear. This is a load c**p because they have it for their motorhome model and it is the same make of van. What a load of C**P.

Responses to this review

It’s not C**P, it’s true! There is no cure available, both vans & motorhomes with the smaller 2 & 2.2 ltr engine and manual box have the problem of shuddering when reversing up hill. Fiat’s advice is to avoid having to do it! Source: Motorhome Monthly Magazine. The larger 3ltr engine and Smaller Engines fitted with Automatic Gear Boxes don’t have the problem, these are more popular amongst Motorhome Makers so perhaps that’s what you are thinking of - Richard Wilkinson from Warwickshire

The motorhome gearbox is not the same as the normal van - Kev Roberts from Yorkshire

My 2007 motorhome was taken to the garage in November, 2009 to rectify the juddering. Fitted new clutch, engine mounts and reduced ratio reverse gear. Came back not a lot better. Customer relations lady reply to this was that it will never be a 100%. Motorhome currently back in garage (now in third week) as it wouldn’t start and they have said the timing has jumped and guess what the third year warranty doesn’t cover timing belts etc. My vehicle has done a mere 8000 miles. Hope you get rid soon, seems I’ll be stuck with mine - Caroline Harkness from Dumfriesshire

Hi, guess what? I have a 3.0L Auto Ducato Maxi Motorhome, and YES, it does judder/burn clutch in reverse! Also proved this to be the case when I test drove a manual version. Fiat have acknowledged the problem, but no recall or fix that seems to work. Opinion is that the reverse gear ratio is too high, so without a gearbox mod’ there is little chance of fix. Apart from the judder the vehicled has been fine, and the auto complements the 156hp very well, with the only annoyance being cruise control which tends to hunt from gear to gear or drop 2 gears rather than one on slight inclines - Ash Pocock from Hampshire

Submitted: 2009-12-10 | ID: 38771

M Ben, Lanarkshire

Fiat Ducato 2.8jtd 2000

5 star review

I bought a six berth motorhome last summer. I can cruise at 75 mph all day with no problem and lots of power. No problem with the g/box. Very happy with it.

Responses to this review

I bought a 2004 Motorhome 2.8jtd and I’m worried about getting done for overspeeding. I have to keep eyes on the speedometer but it’s an excellent runner. No problem whatsoever - M Mansha from Scotland

I bought a motorhome from UK, a Fiat Ducato Swift Sundance year 2000. Last week a storm with snowhail dented the roof and side. Do you have an idea how to fix it, was thinking to cove the roof with fiber or zinc. Also I need to buy spare keys, especially the ignition key as it has a mobilizer. Thanking you, regards - Victor Zahra from Malta

Submitted: 2009-12-03 | ID: 38785

Rich, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato 2.2 100hp 2007

1 star review

I got the Fiat Ducato 2.2 100hp van in 2007 absolutley brand new. After approx 7000 miles it was in the garage with an engine management problem. Fiat sent out a ’specialist’ to diagnose the problem, which took over 2 weeks. Luckily the dealer lent us a fiat doblo replacement vehicle with no first gear selection, and had to fight to get third gear! A couple of months later the van was back in the garage for another 2 weeks, this time it had many problems, e.g catalyst cracked, new turbo, oil leaks, in total this van has had 3 new turbos in less than 2 years. The van has had a problem with the tick over since day one, which has been attempted to be fixed but never lasts more than one day, then the tick over is faulty again and the van just cuts out. This van has been in the garage that many times I have honestly lost count, but we have averaged it’s every 8-12 weeks that it has to go back in. The van is knackered again and cut out on me on a busy road. It can’t stay running on idle or low revs, it just cuts out. We have rung Fiat many times and they offer NO help or advice what so ever, and will not admit to any fault of their own! The van has only done 40,000 miles and sounds like a bag of knackers. Also worth mentioning: the wipers have broken due to no fault of mine, both headlight motors have blown, both headlights hold water and are now mouldy inside, we have had the floor replaced in the cab due to a big hole appearing after 7000 miles. DO NOT BUY A FIAT, SERIOUSLY. NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT ALL. USELESS

Responses to this review

I have a similar engine problem with my 2.3 multijet 120bhp, it will not start. 2 weeks at dealer and now Fiat tech guy is coming to look 2moz. Hope he finds something... - Jason Trevor from Flintshire

Submitted: 2009-11-30 | ID: 38788

Simon Potts, England

Fiat Ducato 2.3 motorhome 2007

2 star review

I’ve had the camper for just under 2 years now. I’m currently on my 3rd engine battery.

Responses to this review

Basically my advice to you sir is to buy a Solar Panel Trikle Charger from Maplins that sits on the dashboard and plugs into the accessory socket. Then all you need to do is ignor people whose main purpose in life is to sell new batteries to gullible people who don’t need them. You cannot possibly need to be on your third battery, charge it up if you can’t use the vehicle more to keep it charged - Richard Wilkinson from Warwickshire

I highly recommend this as I fitted one to my camper and a bigger one to my caravan which is all 12v lighting and have had no problems with battery. Great advice, take it - Ronnie Watson from Scotland

Submitted: 2009-11-27 | ID: 38782

Charlton, Durham

Fiat Ducato 2005

5 star review

I took a chance back in 2005 and bought a new Fiat Ducato. The van gets serviced every 15000 miles and is a diesel. 60 000 miles with no breakdowns and still going strong.

Submitted: 2009-11-17 | ID: 38796

Stu Brookes, Suffolk

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

Good van BUT Fiat Warranty & Customer Service is without doubt the worst I’ve ever seen. The 3rd year warranty covers nothing! I bought 3 years cove new in 2007, wish I had gone to Ford as the Warranty is a true 3 year no quibble cover!

Submitted: 2009-11-10 | ID: 38795

Richard Lewis, Devon

Fiat Ducato multijet lwb 2007

1 star review

What a disappointment this van is! The mpg is worse than the old model. The clutch and gearbox never felt right from new, the shuddering is awful in reverse but fiat told me this is not a common complaint but it obviously is. After 12 months the rear doors have split where the hinge bolts to the inner skin (check these out before your doors fall off.) The replacement doors lasted 9 months then the same thing occurred but Fiat then washed there hands of this problem so this is going to cost me lots of money. The doors are generally flimsy and squeak and rattle so bad that it drives me mad!! It’s going to be a sprinter for me next time!!

Responses to this review

There have been numerous reports about reversing (mainly uphill) from a lot of motorhome owners and Fiat now do accept it is a fault, as they have tried various repairs, new clutch, modified rev gear (original fit too high), new engine mounts to name a few. Some have been modified with sucess. Read problems in the MMM motorcaravan mag - Miguel Bottle from Kent

I am trying to get my 2008 auto-trail 2.3 diesel 6 speed gear box, which has reverse gear judder, (the judder is caused by the reverse gear having a higher gear ratio I’m told) to have the modification as suggested by Fiat (new stiffer eng mounting and re map reverse gear), then if that cures the judder, Fiat will go no further. This probably will cure the judder, but not the problem. When you think they allowed these vehicles onto the market 2/3 years ago without understanding the problems, what chance do we have trying to make them understand how dangerous this can be? - John Mackay from Somerset

Might help if this Citroen/Peugeot/Fiat had a proper gearbox in it for a start with a PROPER reverse gear (syncromesh, like the Ford and Merc). At least you’d be able to back up silently without people turning heads to wonder where the hell that invisible whiny, backwarding-car-noise is coming from... As for the shudder, wouldn’t that be something to do with the suspension and the fact it’s a long wheelbase? I had similar problems with the old Renault Master - C R from Norfolk

I have just bought a 2007 Auto Trail Cheyenne 632 Fiat with 2.3 D 130bhp and 6 speed GB with cruise control and am finding it dificult to find anybody to give me a rough MPG for this 35000kg campervan. Could you help me in this matter and e-mail me on peafaulk@btinternet.com Thanks. - Peter Faulkner from Norfolk

Submitted: 2009-11-08 | ID: 38790

John, Berkshire

Fiat Ducato 2005

1 star review

I saved hard to buy this motorhome. I think I get about 75mpg as it spends most of its time on a breakdown truck. I’ve been to 2 Fiat garages now and can do a journey of about 200 miles before the AA comes out.

Submitted: 2009-10-22 | ID: 38797

Barbara Caine, Dorset

Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet maxi 2007

3 star review

I have had no problems, one recall upgrade on fuse wires. I love the van, but... as a courier this van, although there is no denying that it works hard, in the first 6 months had a recall and I also reported a problem with check strap on the driver door. There was no problem, they replaced it. At the time I also pointed out rear driver door had dent coming out from inside van door. Van had first year service with Fiat, no problems. Now, after 8 months I have taken it back to report fault with rear doors not closing properly and that the top hinges on both doors the metal underneath has started to break open. In my disgust they said I had waited too long and that the check strap was broken and this caused the CONSEQUENTIAL damage to the top hinges of the rear door and this is not covered by warranty. So I took it a little further to Fiat customer service and they have returned an offer of £100 towards repair work and that I have to pay for the rest. As I feel ripped off due to the fact the warranty manager and Fiat customer services have made this decision on photos I do not feel that this is a fair warranty decision or customer care. I will not purchase another, cheers Fiat. This van has 3 years warranty and there is nowhere in the warranty manual does it say consequential damage is not covered or that you have to be a vehicle expert to notice damage being caused to your van so you can report it quicker. I have the van since Dec 07.

Submitted: 2009-10-13 | ID: 38800

Mary Morton, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato Ci Carioca 705 motorhome 2008

1 star review

13 months ago we bought a Ci Carioca 705 motorhome with a 2.3 multijet diesel 6 speed mounted garbox. We have 2,000 miles on the clock and a serious reverse gear judder problem - daren’t even reverse onto the levelling blocks! Fiat have done 2 modifications. Sent up their technical man to test drive it. Judder is just as bad, but they say they have done everything they intend to do and that it is within normal limits. Our life savings and retirement dreams stand abandoned in the drive - we just cannot risk the expense of having to replace a burnt out clutch not covered under warranty. Our advice - DON’T TOUCH A FIAT WITH A BARGEPOLE. THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LITTLE MAN.

Responses to this review

I had to reverse up a hill in Spain coming back from Morroco. The engine and gearbox lept all over the place even when slipping the clutch, which I nearly burnt out. When I came back to the UK and took it to my local Fiat commercial garage, Fish Brothers in Swindon. Fiat fitted a new bigger engine and gearbox mountings and said to try it again,which I did but it was still the same (reverse gear was too high, about the same as 2nd foreward) I complained to Fiat HQ in Slough and to Fiat in Milan and they sent a new clutch and new gearbox with a lower reverse gear, which Fish Brothers have fitted. This seems to have cured the problem. P.S. Chelston Motorhomes at Wellinton have fitted loads of new gearboxes to some of their customers 2 year old'ish motorhomes anymore info required phone me on 01993 843310 as i came across this site by accident and would not know how to get back to it - Pete Ranger from Oxfordshire

Submitted: 2009-10-13 | ID: 38798

Mervyn Hardingham, Norfolk

Fiat Ducato swb 2008

1 star review

The van had to have a new starter motor with less than 10 miles on clock. It has been back twice for gearbox judder and vibration, the dealer confirms there is a problem. A Fiat technician road tested the vehicle and does not agree. Fiat will not give me the technician’s report. I just hate reversing uphill and I will never buy another Fiat comercial vehicle.

Responses to this review

Hi Mervyn. Sorry to contact you this way but this is the only site I could find you on I am researching my late fathers family Ivan Culley Ivan had a sister Dorothy Evelyn Culley born in Lowestoft Suffolk in 1932 and married Kenneth J Harding ham in 1950 is this your parents? We would love to contact you as I never knew my father Ivan as he died just before I was born hope you receive this OK. - Suzanne Lee from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2009-10-09 | ID: 38801

Elle DeLacy, Lancashire

Fiat Ducato 2009

5 star review

The 5 stars on this report are nothing to do with a Ducato... they are for the people who have written reviews on here. We saw a Ducato on the road and liked the look of it so we went to a few dealers and looked them over. Naturally the dealers told us just what wonderful vehicles they are and very nearly talked us into putting down a deposit there and then. Because its a lot of money we decided to come home, think about it and then make our decision but I know my husband had already made up his mind to buy one and was just humouring me. I decided to look online for some reviews/opinions/etc to make up my mind one way or another .... I found this site and I am soooooooooooo grateful for the honesty of all the contributors. We will NOT be buying one. Thank you all for not letting me waste my money.

Responses to this review

Hi just read your review I am sorry that you have been put off the Ducato by negative feedback. In my view the problem is that most motorhomes are overweight and are built on a basic chassis with a small engine. If you are still looking for motorhome make sure it has the 160 engine if based on the Fiat Ducato and it has air suspension, if not have the air suspension fitted as an aftermarket accessory, this applies to any make not just Fiat. I have just left feedback on the web site and reads as follows; We purchased a New Fiat Ducato 160 Maxi extra long and high van with the Comfortmatic gearbox that we had converted into a motorhome of our design. We did have a few teething problems however the problems where promptly rectified under the warranty by a Iveco/Fiat dealer in Hildenbourgh, Kent. The dealer went out of the way to accommodate us and even lent us a small van! We have now covered almost 20k miles travelling around Europe and the vehicle has performed faultlessly. In my opinion a lot of the problems reported especially with motorhomes is because of the low vehicle specification of the base chassis. We ordered our vehicle on a 4 ton chassis with the 160 engine, self levelling air suspension, extra large wheels & increased load index tyres, climate control, light & rain sensor engine sump shield etc etc. As with most motorhomes on the road they are overweight, we had to have the GVW increased and re-taxed as a private HGV because of the fully laden weight. The vehicle is very stable on the road even with high crosswinds on motorways; in fact I now prefer to drive this rather than our car due to the ride, seats and the higher driving position. If you are buying a motorhome based on any vehicle manufactures chassis make sure that you go for the highest specification possible, you are asking for trouble with a small engine and standard suspension otherwise you are just asking for trouble. Also bear in mind 80% of motorhomes are built on a Fiat chassis therefore you are going to have a lot more feedback than for other manufactures - Phil Roberts from England

I bought my Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet 2009 model and as of today I have driven 122,000km as a courier vehicle and so far no problems. I think people using these vehicles are not maintaining on time or they are mishandling. This is the only reason they have problems. As driving in courier line, I think I give my van a tough time but so far it is all right - Wagendra Reddy from New Zealand

Submitted: 2009-09-28 | ID: 38803

Philip Doonan, County Down

Fiat Ducato 20 MultiJet MWB 2007

1 star review

This van was easily the worst purchase we ever made. In the first week the heap wouldn’t start due to an engine management problem. The dealership put it down to jump starting!!! A week old van??? After this the gear box rattled like a bag of spanners and had to be completely replaced. To continue the windscreen washers failed for the first time and the entire door trim came off in my hand when closing the door. The central glove box then opened on its own and cracked itself nicely - it now has to be permanently locked to keep it in one piece. Next the windscreen washers failed again and had to be replaced. On came the engine warning light again and the van would stall on motorways losing all power for braking, steering and lights - nice... Now the side door decided to pop off - got that fixed but the closing sensor on the door then developed a problem and we had to disable the buzzer as it was driving us mental. The washers failed again and the drivers mirror has turned into a lettuce leaf - flapping in the wind and cannot be adjusted - the only alternative is a complete replacement at �400 plus vat. As i write we’ve been to the dealer again to have the windscreen washers replaced again and the door sensor repaired again. Nightmare - looks good, loads of room so one star but what a heap - do not buy this poor mans van!!!!!

Responses to this review

Could you please tell us how to disable the buzzer? It is driving us crazy also. Thanks - Chris Lloyd from England

Submitted: 2009-09-10 | ID: 38807

Steve Lane, Worcestershire

Fiat Ducato 2-litre petrol 1996

5 star review

I bought my campervan in June 2009. It’s petrol but nicer to drive than a deisel. I’ve been all over the place in it and think it’s great. I bought it from Highbridge, near Brean; two brothers have a small garage with abought 12 on the front. They told me people are getting trouble with the new Fiat Ducato’s but the older ones seem better.

Submitted: 2009-09-08 | ID: 38809

Colin Floyd, England

Fiat Ducato motorhome 2008

1 star review

Rubbish. Bought new from dealer 6 weeks ago. Broke down twice as we attempted to go on summer holiday. Has been in a FIAT garage in Redon, Brittany for 8 days now waiting a replacement part. Fiat Assistance are useless and there is no customer service. DO NOT BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted: 2009-08-13 | ID: 38806

Nigel Bidle, Sussex

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 2007

1 star review

Motorhome with reverse vibration over last two years. Just had work done with Fiat dealership, still have same problem. Fiat can not do any other repairs, they suggest replacing gearbox at my cost. Customer care is c**p. I will never buy any other car or van from Fiat.

Submitted: 2009-07-13 | ID: 38902

Lesley Edgar, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato 1996

4 star review

I have a problem with my 1996 Ducato. The engine cuts out when the indicator is switched on or the headlamps are flashed. It is a very intermitent fault. Has this happened to anyone else?

Responses to this review

I’ve had an intermittent fault, which caused the same problem,after investigation I found the ignition feed multiplug under the dash was not correctly pushed together. The problem had only occured 6 or 7 times in 3 or 4 years, but has been fine since - from Derbyshire

Submitted: 2009-07-08 | ID: 38903

William Harrison, England

Fiat Ducato Moncayo Mediteranneo 2008

1 star review

We purchased a brand new Fiat Ducato Motorhome and broke down on our first outing with the loss of most of the engine coolant due to a faulty inboard heating unit. On the second outing we had to terminate our holiday early as the inboard battery became flat due to a faulty charger and an audio signal loudly emitted a bleeping signal which we thought would be audible outside the van as it was late at night. We have also experienced judder in reverse which we are about to register with Fiat. We are losing faith in this vehicle as we have experienced many teething problems.

Submitted: 2009-06-19 | ID: 38901

Phil Coles, Bedfordshire

Fiat Ducato 2.2 2009

2 star review

Good van to drive but like a lot of others has EGR valve problems & it is a nightmare getting Fiat to fix it. Has any one else noticed the spot welds cracking & breaking free on the lower rear door hinge stiffening plates? Open the doors & look- my right hand one has bust & fiat just don’t want to know. My mates Maxi is starting to get the same on 08 plate (mines 07). Be interested to hear of any more.

Submitted: 2009-06-15 | ID: 38900

Ted Short, Cumberland

Fiat Ducato 2006

1 star review

I have had a 06 new shape Ducato from new. And have had nothing but bother with it as already mentioned; glove box is flimsy and was broken within a week, all the plastics on the van are prone to damage. Water pump went after less than 30,000 miles the sliding door has never worked or locked without pushing it with your shoulder despite being looked at three times. Now after only 40,000 miles the clutch slave cylinder has gone and it is inside the gearbox will cost me over £1,000 as Fiat say it isn’t covered by the final year drive only warranty. The van drives well apart from when in reverse and it judders like hell. My advice is do not buy a Fiat. Nearly forgot the spare tyre holder had to be cut to get the tyre out as it did not work - only six months old.

Submitted: 2009-06-04 | ID: 38899

Ian Barker, Yorkshire

Fiat Ducato 2.5 Tdi diesel motorhome 1998

4 star review

I am reasonably happy with my Ducato, it is after all ten years old. I was surprised to find that it is not wax injected on production. I wish to comment on Rich Davenport’s problem ie. the discharging vehicle battery. I had a similar fault which turned out to be the split charge unit. One of the relay contacts had stuck leaving the lesure battery permanently connected across the vehicle battery. This had resulted in the lesure batteries fuse blowing when I started the van and the vehicle battery being connected to the habitation 12 volt system whilst the lesure battery was disconnected by the blown fuse. Hence the vehicle battery was feeding the various devices that I leave on when I park up the van and loosing it’s charge. Hope this helps, Ian Barker.

Responses to this review

Can you help me? I have just bought a Fiat Ducato Euromobil Motorhome 1998 but I do not have a users manual.Can you tell me where to get one from? - James Pitkeathly from Lanarkshire

pirate bay - from Ireland

Submitted: 2009-06-01 | ID: 38897

Rich Davenport, Gloucestershire

Fiat Ducato 2008

1 star review

Does anyone on here have battery problems? I bought my new CI Mizar Elite motor home on a Ducato base last October and within a couple of days the battery needed a jump start. We took it beck to the dealer who in fairness fitted a new battery without any quibble but since then, I’ve started the Ducato no less than 5 times since using jump leads because there was insufficient power in the battery to even turn the engine over. Of course, when you talk to Fiat they just shrug their shoulders and tell you that it must be driven regularly in order to maintain the battery. But for anyone else with the same problem, I suggest (and it probably won’t make a lot of difference anyway) that you have a look at the ’arrangement’ Fiat use on the negative side of the underfloor battery. I think I’m right in assuming that battery terminals should be "Tight" but the connection that Fiat use on their latest Ducato does seem to leave a lot to be desired as there is no way that it can be tightened sufficiently unless like me you release the connection and try to get it farther down the negative pillar, thus making a tighter connection. Although the connection on my battery is a ’tad’ tighter than before, the battery still loses all its power over the course of a week or so, and then I have to resort to jump leads again.

Responses to this review

I had the same problem. It was the radio draining the battery although it was switched off; there are two wires going to the radio that have to be changed over, i.e. red to blue, blue to red then you can have the radio on without having to turn on the ignition but it switches it’s self off after 20 minutes. Better than a flat battery every 14 days. Barrons that was, fixed mine - from Durham

Submitted: 2009-05-29 | ID: 38893

Andrew Andrew, Durham

Fiat Ducato 2.3 2006

5 star review

We run 6 vans in all and our two Fiat’s are the only vans that we have had no problems with in 3 years. The rest are Ford’s and they are never out of the dealers.

Submitted: 2009-05-13 | ID: 38896

John Davis, Warwickshire

Fiat Ducato Hobby 725 2.8JTD 146BHP 2006

5 star review

Purchased new in Germany in January 2006; face lifted mark 2, LHD 4,500 kilo ALKO chassis, tag axle Hobby 725 motorhome with 146 bhp engine [uprated engine only available in lhd]. Drives superbly, pulls like a train, will cruise all day at 80mph, plenty of poke for overtaking. Fuel consumption 21 - 27 mpg. Mileage 35,000 kms (date now; 06/05/09); nothing has gone wrong/fallen off, nothing has been replaced (which is more than can be said for the motorhome conversion). Came with cruise control, twin airbags, cab air con, elec. mirrors, CD player. Good van, well pleased.

Submitted: 2009-05-07 | ID: 38895

Sajjid Khan, England

Fiat Ducato 2007

5 star review

I had bought a Fiat van in march 2007 as a Trigano Tribute camper. I have had no problems with the van as it is now known for practicality. After common problems with clutch Fiat had started to resolve these issues in 2006. I now have no fear whilst touring Europe. An excellent van and motorhome to buy. Well done Fiat, nice one.

Submitted: 2009-04-21 | ID: 38892

Callum Macleod, Nottinghamshire

Fiat Ducato 20jtd 2008

5 star review

Had my van for 1 year - no problems, starts first time. There was a problem with the fan switch and found a brake pad stuck on so mpg not so good until that was fixed. Other than that no complaints, a good cheap van.

Submitted: 2009-04-14 | ID: 38891

David, Renfrewshire

Fiat Ducato Hymer 574 2006

1 star review

Re: FIAT Ducato problems: Gerard Moyne, Northern Ireland Fiat Ducato 2008: I need people to contact me re: the difficulty with Fiat Ducato Motorhomes Vans! My 2008 4.5 tonne motorhome is shuddering in reverse gear and the clutch is burning when trying to reverse due to a problem known by Fiat to exist. I am looking at taking a class action re: this problem and need anyone who has a problem to contact me. moyne@gpsi.ie Reply: I bought a new French Hymer 574 - 2006 model, put on the road Jan. 2007 - nothing but problems! Investigation shows that our chassis left Italy for Hymer Germany autumn 2005, so it hung around until we bought the vehicle end of 2006. As to the Fiat Ducato chassis. I have the Iveco 2.8 engine - fine. Chassis: front wheel bearings failed, replaced in Paris free of charge last September, but took 3 days as the part numbers with ABS & without ABS are the same, but some bits that were required are different - the told me. Failure of Ducato front wheel bearings is a well know weakness. Reversing on a slope: bad clutch judder as the ratio is too high - a well know problem which I have and Fiat don’t want to know about. Fiat France tell me there is a ’short gearbox’ with a lower gear ratio that can be fitted at customer’s expense. HYMER should have not built a 3.5 vehicle on this chassis. Speedo was for the usual 16 inch wheels, but Hymer used a series of special chassis with 15 inch wheels (cheaper for them). Took a year for the complete speedo assembly to be replaced under guarantee by approved Fiat (Iveco) dealer here in France Hand break failed several times causing two accidents. Re-tensioning by Fiat dealers failed to overcome the problem. Explanation: this is caused when the rear break assembly is hot. When the hand brake is first fully applied to maximum, it works. BUT, as the mechanism cools, the breaks soon began contract, slowly relaxing the grip thus allowing the vehicle to move if on a slope. No remedy for this, block in first gear, I am told. As to the Hymer problems, too long to explain here, but we have had to resort to legal assistance to try to have outstanding faults repaired and still await parts to arrive from Germany. And as a journalist, in direct contact with the director of Hymer France, who I meet each year at the big exhibition in Le Bourget - Paris, I still can’t get anywhere! Basic problem is the motorhome constructors have had such a demand in recent years for their products, they just don’t care when their dealer has our money. Also, the Ducato van chassis is not designed to be permanently loaded to 3.5 ton, I am told. And under your UK regulations there is the C1 category of 3.5 ton un-laden, up to 7.5 ton maximum weight (which does not exist in France, but in Germany they drive 3.8 ton on a car licence). Many motorhomes are too heavy for the commercial van chassis they are frequently built on.

Responses to this review

We have just bought a Fiat motorhome and it’s the biggest load of cr*p, it’s never been right from the day I put the key in it. An abundance of gear box problems: 1st and 2nd gear, then 5th and 6th went; the clutch stinks, and reverse gear is far too high for the vehicle. What a nightmare! It’s been in the garage for well over a month and Fiat customer service is appalling; a word that sums up Fiat in a nutshell. I’ve no confidence in the vehicle, just a mountain of stress - Mike Palmer from Cardiff

I bought 4.5 tonne Burstner motorhome Dec 08, which was pre-owned. First reg July 2007. I have had problems with reverse judder then had to replace the clutch after 15,000 miles, the gearbox has now let go giving no drive. There is 16,000 miles on the engine, the Fiat agent can’t tell me whether there is warranty on this vehicle as it is a motorhome. I have been driving for 36 years and haven’t ever replaced a clutch nor gearbox in any other vehicle, on top of these problems I have had several breakdowns due to corrosion of earthstraps etc. This is not good enough for 70,000 pound vans. I will never have another Fiat but who will buy this one? - Kerry McLernon from County Down

The paint on my van is badly flaking on the bonnet and roof - from England

Submitted: 2009-03-23 | ID: 38887

Glyn Thomas, England

Fiat Ducato MWB 2.3 2007

1 star review

I purchased a van on 22/09/07 from a local Fiat dealer. Faulty back light replaced 3 times. Fuel pump failed off road for 2 weeks. Back doors wouldn’t stay open. It is now been off the road for another week + waiting for passenger door mirror after someone knocked it off. I am not happy. I am changing van this week as the local dealer is useless. I hope I get better service with the new LDV. Was thinking of buying a new Fiat Panda for my wife but going to by Daihatsu now. I would like to warn other people not to buy a Fiat van or anything to do with Fiat. Lovely van let down by local dealers and Fiat’s attitude. The van is badged as professional but it doesn’t do what is says, it’s second rate. If you would like to phone me on this matter my number is 07968134260.

Submitted: 2009-02-09 | ID: 38884

Frank Gilmore, County Armagh

Fiat Ducato 2003

1 star review

Clutch went twice... gear box went... faulty shocks...

Submitted: 2009-02-09 | ID: 38883

Red Neck, Leicestershire

Fiat Ducato 2.3 120 high roof panel van 2007

1 star review

I’ve had this van for 13months (58k) now and it’s been nothing but problems. I’ve lost count at how many time it been to dealer; so far it has had new gearbox, clutch, turbo relay, turbo engine management system, reversing lights relay and countless other tweaking. It’s now a week after the turbo intercooler pipe came off and was replaced it has broken down again this time with yet more gearbox problems. I came to a roundabout today and put the clutch in and that was it - back to the dealer on the back of a low loader. That means that in 13 months it will have been off the road for about 4 months. Oooh the joys of buying a Fiat...

Submitted: 2009-01-28 | ID: 38886

Frank Shaw, England

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

A customer of mine has just taken his Ducato into the dealers with a broken clutch; he bought the van 3 months ago second hand. Took gearbox out & dealers told him the clutch has exploded due to driver error & that it is the second clutch its had in 57000miles & there is no warranty on it so £800+ thank you very much! I personally saw the old clutch & the springs had tried shaking themselves free... this causes the judder which many are complaining about & eventually will explode. How can this be driver error when so many people are complaining of it? Are all the complaints from bad drivers? Come on Fiat... get a grip!!!!!!

Submitted: 2008-12-31 | ID: 38885

Frank Shaw, England

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

Customer of mine just taken his Ducato into dealers with a broken clutch - he bought the van 3 months ago second hand. Took gearbox out & dealers told him the clutch has exploded due to driver error & that it is the second clutch it’s had in 57000miles & there is no warranty on it so £800+ thank you very much! I personally saw the old clutch & the springs had tried shaking themselves free... this causes the judder which many are complaining about & eventually will explode. How can this be driver error when so many people are complaining of it? Are all the complaints from bad drivers? Come on Fiat... Get a grip!!!!!!

Submitted: 2008-12-19 | ID: 38922

Leslie Thorley, Isle of Anglesey

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 2008

2 star review

Hi everyone! Everything you read on the Fiat 2.3 multi jet is absolutely TRUE. I have owned every model of the Fiat since its first early model. Their latest model has not been tested fully. Otherwise why would these very basic problems exist. For example - water ingress and, very important, reverse vibration shaking the gearbox to pieces. If anyone says this vibration does not exist they are either doing what an ostrich does or they are a Motorhome salesman. If this vibration happened on one of their Ferrari’s then the problem would be cured in the pits, not in 2years. They know what this problem is but they are playing the numbers game. When they say their technical team are working on this problem, this is an insult to those very clever guys who built this otherwise good machine. I ask just how long have they been building commercials. Finally, if you have this van then you must get a case number for future reference.

Responses to this review

I have taken delivery of a new Fiat Ducato this April, and along with many other problems I am experiencing reverse judder on anything greater than a slight gradient. Can anyone advise me of where I obtain a case number for this problem and from whom? - William Harrison from England

Hi. I thought it only right to come back and report the final outcome of my reverse judder on my Fiat Ducato 2.3 on a 57 plate. On 18 Sept I had the second modification carried out and I’m pleased to report that all is now well. It’s taken nearly 2yrs to get the job done but they got there in the end. If you could lay your hands on a copy of the July edition of the Caravan Club Magazine there was a very informative article by Andy Stothert, a man who has worked very hard over the last 2yrs to get Fiat to come clean and admit that a fault did exist. Finally, I’m returning 30 mpg overall, the computer says a bit more, but tank to tank fillups show 30 mpg, not exceeding 60 mph. The van is 23 ft long and 3500 kg. If you need a case number Fiat UK will oblige. It’s all in your handbook, or phone 00800 34280000, your dealer will be your first point of call, he will test the van and take it from there. Good luck - Leslie Thorley from England

Submitted: 2008-12-10 | ID: 38915

Melvin Biggle, Staffordshire

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 2008

1 star review

I brought this Fiat based motorhome in May 2008. From day one we have experienced a severe judder. It only been back to the dealers 10 times; I say only because we have now abandoned this heap of junk on the drive, we are totally sick of it. On every occasion we reverse we end up back at the dealers for several hours. To date we have only done 2100 miles, approximately 500 of these have been done by Fiat. The dealer is useless.

Responses to this review

Our motor home is just 13 months old with 2,000 miles on the clock. It has had two modifications done and been inspected by a Fiat rep. The reverse judder is so bad we dare not reverse onto levelling blocks. Have today been told that they will do nothing morel!! Like yours, ours is in the drive - we daren't take it out for fear of burning out clutch, etc. - Mary Morton from Yorkshire

I'm considering buying a motorhome based on the Fiat Ducato and I've heard of this reverse judder. I've also heard that the more powerful engines suffer less. I have noticed that some lower-end coachbuilders offer an engine having only 100hp which strikes me as being far too small for such large vehicles. Many reviews report such reverse judder but I would very much like to know what the horsepower output their engine has. Please, any other reviewers, it could help if you also mentioned your engine's output - Philip Davies from Staffordshire

Hi! I’ve just got a Fiat ducato motorhome 09, and hey presto, at 2000 miles on the clock the 1st and 2nd gear went, then 5th 6th, then problems in reverse gear with huge shudderings and then a that clutch smells the street out. It’s done more miles on a back of a transporter! Fiat have been useless with the repairs, and it came up that there was 7 recalls on it. It’s been in the so called workshop for well over a month, with no estimate of when it’ll be ready. Stress? A mountain of it! Fiat customer service? I could right on the back of a postage stamp what they know about this, appalling. I wish I had bought a Mercedes - Michael Palmer from Rhondda Cynon Taff

Submitted: 2008-12-09 | ID: 38918

Ivan McGuinnes, County Armagh

Fiat Ducato 2.3 130 hp Motorhome 2008

4 star review

In April this year I bought a nice sunny new Fiat Ducato Base Motorhome; the 2.3 engine is very responsive and pulls well from low revs; the only problem I’ve had with the Fiat so far has been 2 duff batteries, 1 leisure and the engine battery. The dealer I bought it from replaced the leisure battery with no hesitation but it’s been a different story trying to get the engine battery replaced, the Fiat dealer has put up more fences than the grand national. I’ve contacted Fiat direct about it as I was worried about the service. It’s hard to get work done under warranty - what would the service be like to get an oil change? But I have to get it serviced by a Fiat dealer to keep the warranty active, they have informed me I can travel to Dublin to get this done! So, in conclusion, the main problem doesn’t lie with the Ducato but the dealers who service them. The first dealer I used even found a spare wheel on the van which was news to me as they don’t come with one! So that explains why I won’t be using them again. My Ducato has done over 5000 miles including a trip to Holland and many to the Republic of Ireland as well as England and I’ve had no problems with it so far (touch wood). One main note is to check the dealer service before you have any work done.

Submitted: 2008-11-12 | ID: 38910

Gerard Moyne, Northern Ireland

Fiat Ducato 2008

1 star review

I need people to contact me re: the difficulty with Fiat Ducato Motorhomes Vans! My 2008 4.5 tonne motorhome is shuddering in reverse gear and the clutch is burning when tryng to reverse due to a problem known by Fiat to exist. I am looking at taking a class action re: this problem and need anyone who has a problem to contact me. moyne@gpsi.ie

Responses to this review

Same situation as your self. 2 modifications done to 2.3 multijet gearbox. Reverse gear judder so bad daren’t use van. Today been told by Fiat that they won’t do anything else - Mary Morton from Yorkshire

I have a Bessacarr 2.2 Ducato, which I bought new in October 2007. I too have had to replace my engine battery, and on two occasions have had to jump start it. I have reported the reverse judder to Fiat in Italy. Their reply was, they are only carrying out modifications to the 2,3. What is it with Fiat? They know they have a serious problem with the reverse gear, yet they refuse to acknowledge it. My worse nightmare happened after filling up at a very busy service station. It just would not start, and the battery showed it was completely dead. I stripped the battery cover off, pulled and pushed the battery leads on the positive side, and with great relief, it started. I have checked and tightened all the leads and now intend to replace the five strip fuses on the positive connection to see if this will solve the problem. That’s when I can find a local supplier - John Maddison from England

Purchased a new 3L M/home and unit started selecting neutral (tiptronic gearbox). Had months of trouble. Turned out to be the loom wiring that Fiat did know about. Now have a 2008 ducato (3L) manual. Gearbox flywheel is dual and there was too much play. I have had it replaced at my expense $4,500. The van has only done 2600km. Swift UK were great. Fiat UK also great. Fiat International not so. I have a global Warranty that I had to create a paper trail from Italy to UK to NZ and then prove I was the first owner - John Shortland from New Zealand

Hello I have the same problem with my 2008 12000 mile Fiat Autotrail motorhome, judders in reverse and notice coming on the dashboard saying "Clutch"with the alarm going off, Any ideas anyone? Thanks - Steve Thomson from France

Submitted: 2008-11-10 | ID: 38905

J Blogs, England

Fiat Ducato 120 multi jet 2007

3 star review

Done 34000 miles had a problem with the clutch. Pedal stays down you and have to pump it to change gear. Been in five times, still waiting for them to take out the gear box to check. Now the brakes have gone faulty, it would not stop. Been told the brake cylinder & servo are faulty but I have to wait for the parts to arrive. I won’t hold my breathe!

Responses to this review

Did you ever resolve the clutch pedal problem? I’ve got a CI Motorhome (05) based on a Ducato and the same thing keeps happening to us. After about 20 mins the pedal becomes stiff and squeaks loudly (when pushed down - not when raised). It then stays down and has to be forced back up. A couple of tricky and quite scary situations have been the result. The AA attended and were mystified. Did you get it sorted? - Ian Wright from Staffordshire

Submitted: 2008-10-29 | ID: 38911

Brian M, Cheshire

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

Whatever you do - don’t buy a Fiat Ducato!!!!!! There are two very serious problems; one can kill you the other will kill your bank account. Fiat denies all responsibility and knowledge of course. 1. Steering mechanism where it leaves the cab has a rotating bolt that can catch on items - in our case the factory fitted carpet caught on it resulting in total seizure of the steering system, fortunately at low speed so we survived. Fiat’s response - not our problem! Checked other types of vehicles and these either have protection, bolt higher up out of harm’s way or no bolt protruding. 2. Judder on reverse - one burnt out clutch in 3000 miles. Lots of others Fiat owners appear to have this problem - Fiat say it’s within specification. In our view Fiat are both incompetent and acting in a criminally negligent way. They are producing vehicles they have serious defects and they know it. Whatever you do - DON’T BUY FIAT! Pity there isn’t a negative rating.

Responses to this review

Yes. I purchased a new Fiat Ducato diesel van 120 multi jet in 2007, which has given me nothing but problems. The engine, alternator, gearbox wiper motor have all experienced problems and have had parts replaced at my expense... bloody muppets FIAT SHOULD COMPENSATE EVERYONE FOR HAVING FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE PROBLEMS ON THIS MODEL IF NOT BEFORE THEY WENT ON THE MARKET... THEN THEY SHOULD LOOK AT THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE FROM THERE DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS - Archie Mathieson from Scotland

Submitted: 2008-10-28 | ID: 38913

Dwayne Stewart-Power, Berkshire

Fiat Ducato Maxi 2005

5 star review

We have 2 Ducato Maxis 51 plate 70k miles 06 20k miles, both 2.8 jtd - never had a problem... Fantastic - best van on the market to drive....Take loads of weight etc... We had an N plate 2.5 that was better & more reliable than the VW Transporters we have had & still have.... much cheaper too!...We have 3.0L extra long extra high on order... Hope its as good as the other 3... Ps My brother’s got an X plate as well & apart from 1 wheel bearing that’s been great to... Maybe we are easy drivers?

Submitted: 2008-09-23 | ID: 38924

Stephen Bond, County Down

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 1998

5 star review

I also run a Fiat Ducato 1998 motorhome which I have not had any problems with since I bought it in 1998.

Submitted: 2008-08-05 | ID: 38923

Jim Thompson, Berkshire

Fiat Ducato Adria Motorhome 2008

5 star review

I have had 3 Ducato’s since 2004 in motorhome form - a 2004 2.3l, 2006 2.3l and my current Multijet 2.2 100 dci. I am surprised at the low level of satisfaction of other owners on this site. I have to say that I have not encountered any problems with the Ducato and in fact find the unit a pleasure to drive and own.

Submitted: 2008-07-21 | ID: 38925

Andy Church, Fife and Kinross Shires

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 2005

1 star review

Bought new. Could never get to start first time, engine very noisey, took mechanics 2 yrs to find timing was out. Replaced:- electric window motor, part for horn, timing sensor, ignition key lock mechanism, part for heater,all within the first 10000 miles. Now the reverse gear has deveopled a problem and starts to burn when under any load such as going up hill. Huge gaps in cab doors, passenger always gets frozen. FIAT should stand for Fix It Again Tommorrow. Low intial cost but the maintenane and repairs will break you. Never again.

Submitted: 2008-07-08 | ID: 38927

Peter Hutchinson, Somerset

Fiat Ducato 3.0 160 2007

1 star review

I purchased the van in May 2007. I specified a multitude of extras at what appears to be a very reasonable cost compared with other makes. Problem No. 1 should have set alarm bells ringing. At 100 miles from new the van was in workshop having tow bar and roof rack fitted, when it was moved there appeared a large pool of oil on the floor. Local fiat dealer had van off road for over a week and reluctantly lent me a Citroen Berlingo whilst sourcing replacement oil seal from Italy (could have come from the most remote African state, the time it took!) To cut along story short the van is now in another Fiat dealer workshop and there it has been for the last 5wks whilst awaiting a new gearbox. Fiat have not got the 1st idea about customer relations. I managed to get the dealer to loan me their demo Ducato (a fact that they regret now) but this is no compensation for the inconvenience of not having my sign written fully racked out, kitted personal van. Not once has anybody from Fiat or the dealership contacted me - I’ve had to ring them every time (via Italy!!!) Look at the Fiat web site they proudly advertise the fact that they are aware how dificult it is to be without your van for even as little as half a day!!! As of today there is still no date when the van will be fixed. SAVE YOUR PENNIES AND BUY A BETTER VAN - FORGET FIAT!!.

Submitted: 2008-07-08 | ID: 38928

Alan Utteridge, Norfolk

Fiat Ducato 2.2TURBO DIESEL LWB 2007

1 star review

We purchased our Ducato van in July 2007. Since then it has been in and out of Fiat dealership constantly. The engine management light comes on it looses power (so called get home mode) and we have to park up lock /unlock many times for it to clear. This happens at least twice a day. Fiat have replaced many items on the engine management but to no avail, we are at our wits end. Our rating should be minus 5.

Submitted: 2008-07-02 | ID: 38926

Derek, Buckinghamshire

Fiat Ducato 160 Comformatic 2008

3 star review

I took delivery of a new motorhome with the powerful 160 engine on 02/06/2008. We decided to pay the additional �1400 and go for the Comformatic auto gearbox. On delivery the speedo trip read 48 miles, and at 139 miles (3 days later) the auto box died and we coasted to a halt. Selecting manual control made no difference, we had no drive at all. The motorhome was taken on a low loader to my nearest Fiat comercial dealer where it has undergone one and a half days examination with the computer attached to no evail. The dealer has been liasing with Fiat to resolve the problem but so far no joy, Fiat have now told them to remove the gearbox so they can examine it further. Am I alone here or are there others of you out there that are or have experienced the same problem?. Just one final note the dealer(who shall remain nameless at the moment) refused to take the vehicle back and told us in no uncertain terms that he would not allow the breakdown truck to off load this new motorhome on their sales forecourt. How about that for customer service!

Responses to this review

Having a fleet of swift manufactured motorhomes, all with the Fiat 3.0 litre turbo diesel automatic engine, we are now starting to hit transmission problems, One has been replaced along with the clutch under warranty at 14 months old 35000kms, and now they seem to be forming a queue to do the same. The actual repair under warranty alone took 6 weeks!! Three of those being Fiat deciding if it was a warranty issue. Anyone having similar problems? - Kay Slater from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2008-06-11 | ID: 38932

Martin, Staffordshire

Fiat Ducato 2007

5 star review

All I can say is, buy a Merc sprinter. I’m a courier done 120,000 in just over a year, Merc sprinter 313 cdi,and no faults at all. Buy a cheap van and you will always have problems.

Responses to this review

I totally agree with you, I had a sprinter for 8 years, let me down once when master cylinder packed up. I bought a Fiat Ducato 120 mwb with 5000 miles on the clock, the first week it stalled on motorway doing 70+ 4 times, now fixed but the juddering in reverse up a hill is unbelievable, feels like the box will explode! Now at 15000 miles it judders in first as well. Fiat�s answer was to put new gearbox mounts on, a waste of time. I asked the engineer to drive to a slope and reverse up it, he said no; we�ll just reverse with the handbrake on but did agreed there was a problem. I�ve been waiting 6 months for an answer, but have just been fobbed off when I phone. I think they are waiting for my warranty to run out in 1 year�s time. "Sprinter is King" - Waz G from England

Fair enough if you can afford it. I looked at one an equivalent size to my m100 Ducato and it would have cost an extra £7,000 plus vat for the same spec-aircon, parking sensors etc. Yes, mine was a pain up to 40k with EGR problems but the last 100k have been relatively painless. When I get the next one, it’ll be over 40k miles so someone else can sort out the problems - Roland Oldson from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2008-06-09 | ID: 38929

Keith Houghton, England

Fiat Ducato 2005

2 star review

Fiat Ducato 2.0jtd 55 plate. Dreadful van! Noisy back end sounds like suspension is about to fall off, handles dreadfully. Bald front tyres at 15,000 miles - 65 mph = 3200 rpm - 70 mph = 3600 rpm = bad fuel economy - uses diesel like its going out of fashion. Side loading door rubber seal falls off every time I open the door. I can see daylight through back doors when they are shut. I could go on for ever, this is my second Fiat and it will be my last. Trading it now for a Nissan Primestar. Not impressed at all. AVOID.........

Submitted: 2008-06-04 | ID: 38935

Len Digney, Perthshire

Fiat Ducato 2.2 100 Multijet Bessacarr Motorhome 2007

3 star review

I bought this Ducato based motorhome just over a year ago. It’s done nearly 7000 miles and has recently had its first service (a Fiat low mileage service) It’s great to drive, much better that my previous model Ducato with a 2.3 engine. The controls are all very light in comparison and you easily forget it weighs around 3 tonnes. Despite the low mileage, when it does get used it tends to be on 4 or 5 hour journeys and it is very comfortable over that period of time. I like its looks, handling, comfort and ability to haul around its permanent heavy load with relatively decent fuel economy. Problems? It’s had a recall done for an engine cover to prevent damage from water ingress. Another recall dealt with a steering rack issue. Separately from these recalls it’s currently on its third starter motor (including the one fitted at the factory) and the drivers side windscreen washer jet went phut. It was a bit juddery in first and reverse gear but that seems to have disappeared after it was serviced following a flash upgrade to its engine management computer. This also seems to have made it slightly more economical. I’m not impressed with my Fiat dealer though as they never seem able to fully deal with problems on a first visit.

Responses to this review

I have a Fiat Adria motorhome with a 2.2 100 multijet and have recently had engine management problems. The engine failed to start and some of the warning light symbols failed to show on the console. North East Van & Truck tested it with their computer and the computer print-out showed (among other unrelated items) a fault on the engine control unit (ecu). They deleted the error and the engine started but since then it has failed several times. Luckily, it has been at home when this happened. I couldn’t get the vehicle to the garage so I called out a mobile vehicle electrician from AP & P who has been indefatigable in trying to find the fault. It seems to lie in the area between the ecu (behind the fuse box under the bonnet) and the plug at the dashboard end (in the fuse compartment under the dash). The ignition key code is not being recognised intermittently. Moving the plugs about on either end of this cable cluster sometimes brings up the missing symbols and the vehicle will start. I wondered if a Flash upgrade is the answer? Fiat have not offered that to me so far - D.W Duckering from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2008-06-02 | ID: 38938

Nick Babs, Middlesex

Fiat Ducato 2007

1 star review

Purchased in June 2007. Engine management light always coming on. After 5,000 miles EGR valve went. No courtesy car from Desira, Southgate. Handbrake in a stupid position, cup holders useless, fag lighter doesn’t stay in, storage compartment falls open when going over bumps. GET THIS ALL YOU DUCATO OWNERS...... some crooks punch a hole under the rear handle, push a screwdriver up it and hey presto, opens the back. Lost £1,500 worth of tools, took the mechanism out, but they then done the drivers door. Heap of s***e. Learned my lesson - put in a little bit more money and buy something decent.

Submitted: 2008-06-02 | ID: 38937

Brian Hood, Perthshire

Fiat Ducato 2.3 120 Multijet 2007

5 star review

I have no problems with my Ducato Maxi. It’s done 10,000 trouble free miles, all the problems seem to be with the 2.2 100 hp engines. No leaks on my van either but I do have to agree - strong judder in reverse. It seems to be high geared, also best looking van on the market . This is my 2nd Ducato and the last one was no trouble neither.

Submitted: 2008-05-28 | ID: 38936

Kevin Ryan, County Antrim

Fiat Ducato 2.3 Multijet 2007

1 star review

I purchased a Swift Bolero in May 2008 with the Fiat 2.3 Multijet engine. When we arrived back in Northern Ireland the engine would not start and I was left until last so as a mechanic could jump start it. A brand new vehicle. How embarrassing is that? The battery was dead and had to be replaced. I believe this is quite common with this vehicle but Fiat will not accept any responsibility for any vehicles that have been around for a while waiting for conversion. The motorhome dealer had to replace the battery. On my first trip away the injector warning light came on and the engine cut out. I was lucky that I was able to freewheel off the road into a lay by. I restarted the vehicle but the warning light stayed on so I continued on to my destination. A few hours later I started the vehicle and the light went out. This happened again on the way back just as I was approaching a coned off area on the motorway and I just got pulled in where the hards houlder ended. Again it started first time but the light stayed on. As the vehicle was dangerous I immediately booked it into a local Fiat dealer. On leaving my house I let the handbrake off and the button flew out of the end of it. I was on a steep hill and had to temporarily fix it while still keeping my foot on the foot-brake. On the way to the dealers the glove box door dropped open and it appears that it is a very bad fitting. The dealer has now fixed these items but can’t be sure that they will not re-occur. How can I trust such a vehicle? I intended to go to France this June but I think I should give it a longer road test before I go. While it was at the dealer they also did other warranty work including the cover for the engine to stop the water ingress. One of the technicians said he didn’t think this was lasting solution. A motorhome channel on YouTube shows the problem - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TWjrqpO4rI

Submitted: 2008-05-28 | ID: 38940

John Scott, Shropshire

Fiat Ducato 130 MultiJet 2008

2 star review

I purchased the new Fiat 130 MultiJet. It has done 1,100 miles and I have dicovered a vibration on 1st and reverse gears. I have spoken to a local dealer about this problem where I was told that Fiat do not recognise this fault. Has anybody else had this problem?

Submitted: 2008-05-19 | ID: 38934

Mark Brown, Cheshire

Fiat Ducato 2.2 multijet 100bhp 2007

3 star review

Purchased this van Nov 2007, van is OK apart from some problems. Problem 1 - uses a lot of oil. Problem 2 - water ingress in the rear of the van, this has caused the wood paneling to go moldy (only happens when it rains). Problem 3 - speedo in not accurate 10mph out of sync . Problem 4 - syncromesh has gone on second gear. Problem 5 - to many recalls on this van even though the van gets sorted out free of charge this still costs me in lost business of up to £800 per day as Fiat do not provide a loan van. Apart from these problems the van is good and puts a good image on my business; also very comfy. I had a Peugeot Boxer for 5 years and never had a problem with this.

Submitted: 2008-04-23 | ID: 38943

Keith Phillips, Shropshire

Fiat Ducato 2.2 100bhp Multijet 2007

3 star review

I purchased the van last year as secondhand, with 4000 miles on the clock, August 2007. I have put another 14000 miles on the clock since, have encountered two faults: water ingress through the gap in the middle of the rain gutter below the windscreen, leaking onto the engine around the injectors and a warning light on the speedo to do with ignition/injection problem, went out after two days though. I tried to get the van in to have the warning lamp problem investigated, but could not get it seen to until over a week, by which time it had sorted itself. Van whent in for recalls at Guests Motors in Willenhall, could not see what they had done, as the gutter still leaks and no cover fitted to protect the engine from water ingress, just a smearing of some sort of gunk around the injectors. Van runs fine but seems to take a good while for the temperature gauge to rise to normal. Sometimes it idles a bit erratic when first startup then settles down once it has run. Glove box does not close tight and looks as though it is about to fall open when shut. No judder as yet on reversing. Don’t like the feel of the brake pedal when ABS is in use, feels like its running through grit. All said and done, I still prefer this van to my last one, Vauxhall Vivaro, nightmare on wheels!

Submitted: 2008-04-18 | ID: 38942

Leonard Smith, Shropshire

Fiat Ducato 3.0 2007

5 star review

Scuttle leaks apart , the van has performed very well. The reported shudder in reverse gear has not effected my vehicle to date and I have not gone out of my way to make it happen. All other recalls carried out with no problems. Len.

Submitted: 2008-03-25 | ID: 38941

Eugene Weaver, Norfolk

Fiat Ducato 2.2 TURBO DIESEL 2007

1 star review

We have had this van for 8 months done 36000 miles under duress egr valve faulty fiat will not change until "further tests have been done" van brakes down at least 5 times each journey due to valve. So far 7 recalls done more to be done. number plate lights corroded away and part of wiring loom too, drivers seat broke, door mirror glass fell out when door shut, new discs & pads fitted at 35000 ( last 2 vans did 100000 before new discs, same driver same job same everything ) pretty van but pretty poor.

Responses to this review

Hi. Eugene, I hope you dont mind me contacting you. You had 7 recalls, I’ve only had one for the computer, customer service didn’t give a monkeys. What were your recalls if you don’t mind me asking? I have a Fiat Ducato 2007 Turbo diesel, I bought it new and it’s only done 12500 miles. I did think that buying new would been better as the 3yr warranty would cover most of the problems - learnt my lesson with Fiat - Harry Butler from England

Submitted: 2008-02-28 | ID: 38945

Tony, Sussex

Fiat Ducato Motorhome 2007

1 star review

If using this site for advice before purchasing a motorhome of heavy use commercial van BE VERY CAREFUL, Take a look at http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=10368&posts=160 and http://www.outandaboutlive.co.uk/forums/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=10500&posts=50 Other motorhome forums and Fiat forums seem to carry similar information.

Submitted: 2008-02-18 | ID: 38947

Steve Cooper, Devon

Fiat Ducato 2006

1 star review

I purchased a Fiat Ducato 2.2 multijet 100bhp in March 2007, this vehicle was 6 months old and had been used as their demonstrator the mileage was 1130. I am on a 56 plate (new shape). Since i purchased this van i have had 3 new glove boxes because the catches kept on breaking and it would fall down whilst driving. I have had the air scoop on the bonnet replaced because when it rained the rain water would drip onto the engine because it was the one for the LHD model; i have had a new indicator stalk because of a fault with the indicators blowing fuses. I have had the electric door mirrors replaced. And to finalize in mid November 2007 on a Saturday morning on my way too London the engine management warning light came on. i tried to get it looked at whilst i was in London but i was told i would have to leave it with them for a week as they were too busy to look at it so i contacted fiat Exeter where i purchased the vehicle from. And limped home on reserve power and took the van in the next day, i was told the needed the van for 3 days as there was also 15 recalls on this model. The van is still at the dealership and i am driving around with a ford transit thrifty hire van. As fiat cannot get the parts needed to repair my van. It is now getting on to nearly 3 months. That is 3 months i have lost off the guarantee and the tax insurance i have been paying and 3 months of finance... has any one else had problems like these? The mileage is now at 18000.

Submitted: 2008-01-31 | ID: 38944

Richard Bull, Newport

Fiat Ducato 2.3 130 bhp 6 speed camper 2007

5 star review

In Feb 07 we bought a new motorhome on the new fiat platform Apart from a faulty cab aircon switch this has proved to a fabulous machine. It drives and corners so well you tend to forget you are driving a 3.5t vehicle It pulls from low revs in almost any gear and it will easily exceed the motorway speed limits At 70mph speeds will return 25mpg at a more leisurely 60mph 30mpg. If there is a complaint it would be reverse gear which tends to be geared to high

Submitted: 2007-12-06 | ID: 38948

Lewis Beattie, Mid-Lothian (Edinburghshire)

Fiat Ducato 2.2 Multijet Diesel Engine 2007

1 star review

We bought a Fiat Ducato/motorhome in May 2007. The engine has given us nothing but problems.The motorhome side of the vehicle is excellent with no problems. We had an oil leak so took it into the Fiat garage and they fixed it, we took it on our first intended two week holiday and had to return after two days with an oil leak, it went into the garage and it was fixed. We resumed our holiday and returned after three days another serious oil leak.The first two oil leaks were from the sump the next oil leak was from a seal behind the air filter?. We went off on holiday for a week and returned with an yellow light on the dashboard indicating ignition/injection problem. The garage said it was a clutch switch problem and tried to repair it but failed after two days, then the vehicle was recalled for FOUR recalls and the parts were fitted. We have not yet ventured out as the last part is being fitted at our house today, as not all the parts had been sent to the garage. Little faith in this engine.

Responses to this review

UPDATE: Nov 2010 - engine management system light on, so it is in the garage for repair instead of a computer reset. Part being fitted to clutch to stop judder. Hope to have issues resolved today. Arnold Clark ,Sighthill, Edinburgh looking after issues and so far are very helpful - Lewis Beattie from Lothians

Submitted: 2007-11-16 | ID: 38949

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