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Citroen Relay consumer car reviews

tony marcell, Essex

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2011

1 star review

Hi brought this van new last year and done 18000 miles and had to put a new clutch which they blame me for bad driving charge £1900.never gave me a chance to bring vehicle else where just put a new clutch in.Now done another 34000 miles this time round clutch has gone again trying to blame me again. All together 52000 miles is this right?These vans are not fit for purpose. What can I do?

Submitted: 2017-08-06 | ID: 142956

David, Falkirk

Citroen Relay 2014 - 2017

1 star review

2 reviews Published 5 minutes ago I purchased a brand new citroen relay … I purchased a brand new citroen relay Enterprise just over a year ago from Robins & Day Glasgow. Within the first week the van was suffering from horrendous brake squeal. The van has been back to the dealership various times over the last year to get the brakes checked. Each time I have been told that brake dust is the culprit and nothing can be done about it. I find it hard to believe that a brand new vehicle should sound like a bag of nails when it comes to a stop. It's now at the stage where pedestrians will turn round and stare at the van when the brakes are applied. This is the first review that I have done for anything online, but the van does my head in every single day of the week and I have decided that any potential customers looking to buy a new citroen relay van should be aware of how noisy the brakes are!

Submitted: 2017-05-02 | ID: 141053

Brian, Greater Manchester

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2014

2 star review

2010 citroen relay How do you remove the heater and fan switch from the dashboard

Submitted: 2017-02-25 | ID: 139199

Paul singh, Greater London

Citroen Relay 2002 - 2006

1 star review

Since the day I bought this van. It has given me trouble.I bought it last year Year 2005.right now when u drive it goes for 500 meters and it stops. Again u can start it and. Another 200 meters and it stops.Trying to find the problem although I changed the injectors in December

Submitted: 2016-04-12 | ID: 130290

Andrew, Durham

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2014

1 star review

This is the worst van we have ever had . Constant problems with the gear linkages , gear box . Fan only works on 2 and 4 .oil lights , engine management light on and off at will . Starts poorly in the cold .and then theres the ejr valve when your driving along and black smoke is everywhere. If one person doesn't buy a Citroën based on this review it was worth doing. Got a wv crafter also .great vans !!

Submitted: 2015-11-17 | ID: 123616

Andy, South Yorkshire

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2009

2 star review

Did you get the wipers sorted? I've a similar problem and it's doing my head in. Wipers work fine, put dip beam on and all ok, turn dip off and lights and wipers trip out. Turn engine off and back on and all`s fine again till you turn lights off. I've changed stalk and wiper motor but still no joy?

Responses to this review

Check your so called waterproof blocks wire connectors that go onto your ECU... Citroen wanted £2'450 from me for a new ecu, wiring loom and labour. I drove it to another local garage and paid £100 to have it repaired and then I sold it to we buy any car. - from Staffordshire

Submitted: 2015-05-06 | ID: 115621

ron willets, Warwickshire

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2014

2 star review

Have had my 2008 Relay lwb hi roof for approaching 3 years with 95k on it when bought. Heater fan problem nothing on speed 4 but get the other speeds when it wants to give them. Front offside coil spring snapped. Rear nsd light cluster earth failure. And the most annoying of the lot - no wipers, just stopped working for no reason and spent £200 having new motor fitted. Thought that was it but no, a week later same thing - they work / don`t work at various times. Independent Citroen garage tell me stalk is ok but a lot of head scratching! If anyone can offer any thoughts I would like to hear them? Thanks in advance.

Responses to this review

its a common fault on 2000/2010 citroens and can be fixed by a dealer on computer .... we paid £50 to plug ours in for 2 mins!!!! - n preston from Northumberland

Submitted: 2015-02-03 | ID: 110784

Mike Sadler, Berkshire

Citroen Relay 2014 - 2017

2 star review

I purchased a new Citroen Relay Enterprise van Sept 2013. last week the oil warning light came on even though it was not needing oil. I phoned Citroen to tow me to the nearest Citroen dealer, they told me I was no longer covered for breakdown even though the van was still under warrenty, I would have to make my own way there which I did. I then had to hire a van as I am a self employed delivery driver. It has now been a week and it is still off the road waiting for Citroen to give the ok for a new engine to be fitted as the oil pump had disintigrated damaging the engine. The Citroen dealer has no replacement van I can use and Citroen don't want to know about covering the cost of a replacement van. In the past I have owned various vans and if I have had problems early on with them they have always supplied me with a replacement van while mine has been off the road. Why do they sell the larger vans when all they can offer you as a replacement is a Berlingo van? It is bad enough the engine going after a year and waiting while they decide what to do, it`s also costing a fortune to keep a hired van. Would I buy Citroen again? What do you think?

Responses to this review

Mate i have a 63 plate and citroen uk are blaggers ,nearly every week i have problems last week water leaking in the back doors ,the engine over runs when turned off and now the aircon has stopped working and they dont give too hoots its only got 8 000 on the clock so i no what your up against . - from Wiltshire

Submitted: 2014-10-17 | ID: 104766

Graham Willis, Devon

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2011

1 star review

I have a Citroen Relay 2007 model and I have trouble with the central locking system, it does not work even with a new battery inside the remote. Can anyone help me?

Responses to this review

if its just your central locking think yourself lucky and just use the key! - from Peterborough

Submitted: 2014-09-19 | ID: 103275

baz from Tarn, South Yorkshire

Citroen Relay 1994 - 2002

5 star review

I got a 2.5 relay non turbo Ive had it 4 years 76,000 miles been fantastic don't like hills but in the right gear it will pull forever, On the motorway could do with a 6 gear but cruises round anywhere flat in 5th gear really good van and reliable.

Submitted: 2014-08-23 | ID: 101974

trevor, Swindon

Citroen Relay 2006 - 2014

2 star review

Any one no why when my van is cold in the morning or if its been raining why it rattles for about 3 minets ,its been back to a garag but it never did it while they had it ,only just done 4500 miles from new .

Responses to this review

Sorted out the problem ,it was the trusted windscreen panel thats always been at fault ,so when it rained it went all over the engine ,total rubbish . - from Swindon

Submitted: 2014-06-18 | ID: 97982

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Ralph Richard Sadgrove, Suffolk

Citroen Relay 2005

4 star review

Our van broke down on our way to Devon. We had done 200 miles and we were brought back by AA Relay. We decided the next day to use the relay for the holiday. It was so good we are going on holiday next year in the Relay.

Submitted: 2013-08-10 | ID: 38373

Mark Robinson, County Tyrone

Citroen Relay 2004

1 star review

Hi! I have owned three Relay 2.2 lwb hi-roofs. When one has broken with a problem (gear box, electrics, engine) I have found the same problem in the others. In my view they are grand for a self-employed person, but they are not a work horse for employee’s to drive. Just my experience.

Responses to this review

I agree, I have a 2002 Relay 2.2l now on 158k. Did spend a couple of grand at 118k when an injector would not come out, changed clutch cam belts, water pump and tensioner as a precaution as everything accessible. If you own and treat carefully it’s been ok and will consider another. Not sure it would be as good if flogged by an employee - Paul Matthews from Monmouthshire

Submitted: 2013-04-28 | ID: 38371

Chris, England

Citroen Relay Luton 2008

1 star review

Awful van! I bought a 2008 Citroen Luton 2.2, which is a totally inadequate engine for the size of van. The engine wouldn’t pull your coat off! Don’t don’t buy one of these vans unless you want to join the AA and Rac both in one year as we ran out of times we could call out the AA so had to join the Rac and we have only had it 7 months. The van is just not fit to be called a van. Rubbish!

Submitted: 2013-01-13 | ID: 38363

John Pizzey, Essex

Citroen Relay 2.0hdi 2004

3 star review

I’ve just bought a 2.0hdi Relay from a salvage auction with 78k on the clock. The underneath of the van looks like it’s done 185k, bot no sign of serious rot, just rust on panel and chassis joints. I did not expect that! Driving home today the engine started making a noise like a bag of knifes and forks being shaken in a bag. I’ve just removed the engine pully, which has failed. This only after no more than 500miles of driving. I hope this van is not a pig! I’m also getting some serious banging from the front coil springs when turning.

Responses to this review

I bought mine 9 months ago. 60,000 on the clock. 2003/4. Bottom pully went within a month. os/f wheel bearing was next. Clutch bite is at the top, still the same today. Is a lot of banging rattling noise from front suspension when cornering tight at walking pace. Mechanics cannot find anything wrong. Hand brake difficult to reach. Will not hold on hills, a common problem with vans. I now have a cravely grinding noise from engine when accelerating off 1st/2nd/3rd. I would not buy another - Nigel Taylor from England

Submitted: 2012-08-11 | ID: 38366

Joe, Malta

Citroen Relay lwb hi-top 2003

5 star review

I bought my 03-reg 2.2 HDi van in April 2007 with 29k on the clock. It had been used as a mobile workshop by someone who refurbished alloy wheels. Lots of space and headroom inside; enough to turn it into a mobile home in fact. I drove it to Malta (through France, Switzerland and Italy) in 2007 heavily-loaded with all my worldly goods after some 18 years in UK. One of my sons relocated to Athens soon after I arrived and I loaded up all his household goods including his white goods and ferried to Pozzallo from where I drove to Brindisi (700 miles) in 12 hours. Ferried to Patras over-night and drove to Athens. Despite all the short journeys in Malta, I average 38MPG here as long as my tyres are kept at the recommended pressure of 65PSI; but drop that to 40PSI and my MPG drops to 30. It has now done 57k miles and all I’ve spent on it is one €250-service (including fully-synthetic oil) and a change of front brake pads and disks. Recently, I changed the original battery. It looked like it was the one from the factory. Oil and coolant have never needs topping up (I think I added 1-ltr of oil in all this time). Malta is reputed to have dirty diesel but this van emits no smoke and passes its emission tests without problems when it is VRT’d (MOT) it every year. I would say that is reliable so I don’t understand how so many people have given a thumbs-down to what I feel is a good work-horse that does not hang about. It is comfortable, feels robust and the cabin is quiet. Unfortunately it doesn’t have air conditioning. I would prefer it over any Transit, which I found to be noisy and lazy bone-shakers. My only problem is that the electric windows have stopped working and I don’t have the owner’s handbook so I can be sure I’ve located all the fuses and relays. I’ll try and trace the fault and hope it is something silly like a relay or a fuse, but there are so many of them and without the book, I can’t be sure that I’ve found and checked all of them. My Citroen Relay gets five stars from me.

Responses to this review

I messed around looking for relays and fuses when my windows stopped working and I was about to order a £45 regulator. but it ended up being the switch itself on the driver`s side door. Just take the switch out and clean/blow all the dust out and it should start working again! - Tony Brooks from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2012-06-30 | ID: 38364

Steve Davis, England

Citroen Relay 2005

4 star review

I had a 96 2.5 non turbo used for pleasure and mx racing. It sat around for years, but never really had a pro started to travel with it abroad, but way over loaded it and the front shocks went and a wheel bearing. Also a hand brake cable snapped and the heater only worked on full in 12 yrs, but that was all the problems I had with it. I then sold that and bought a 05 Relay 2.0tdi and had it fully serviced and fitted a new cam belt, pulley, filters the lot! For the most part it’s been exceptional. Drove it fot 14hrs from Poland to the UK, a total of 850 miles, on just over 2 tanks of fuel. Amazing. On the way back again the engine management system light kicked on and I was reduced to limp mode for 500 miles, although it did get me home. The next day I was due to head off to the garage to find out why this had happened and it started up like nothing had ever been wrong. It’s still fine now and I still don’t know why it ever happened, but that second trip took me 26 hours to get home instead of the 14 on the first. Other than that it has been a cracker. Just used for bikes and holidays though.

Submitted: 2012-06-10 | ID: 38369

Patrick Dune, Worcestershire

Citroen Relay 1.9 hdi 2002

1 star review

Bought this second hand with 70k on the clock and two previous owners. I don’t think it has as comfortable seating as a Transit and the arm rest is too high, but I bought it because it was the right price. The body work is fine and structurally it’s ok but the paintwork is peeling. Two months after purchasing this van the problems began; wheel bearings, heater rarely above warm, limp mode regularly, cost a bomb to fix (not sure, as I’ve never really fixed it at a Citroen garage), also fuel pump and ongoing problems with morning starts etc. I’d say the most problem van I’ve owned and expensive to repair. I’ll be going back to a Transit as soon as I can. I’m a builder and have been using vans for 25yrs.

Submitted: 2012-05-14 | ID: 38370

Chris Neave, Norfolk

Citroen Relay 1.9D 2000

5 star review

I bought it with 49K on the clock and it now has just under 100k after 8 years. The engine is a 1.9 diesel and the gearbox is low ratio so 3,000 rpm at 50 mph gives 30 mpg. It is a very reliable van, starting first time and runs very smoothly. I have had a second hand cross member fitted as the othe rusted away. It’s had the sills replaced and a few other rust spots repaired, but it is a great van and does what I want.

Submitted: 2012-04-09 | ID: 38368

Bill Brown, Hampshire

Citroen Relay 2008

2 star review

Hi! I have had a few things go wrong with my Relay. I can’t say I’m that pleased with it. I’ve lost count of the recalls, the last one was for the spare wheel fixings. I had a problem for ages that no one seemed to sort out. My Landrover mechanic found it in the end; it was the fuel regulator that would conk out at junctions and eventualy packed up completely. Although I am financialy forced to keep it I wouldn’t get another one. Someone said after I brought it that it would fall to bits bang on four years. How did they know that? My conclusion? Just modern day rubbish like every thing else.

Responses to this review

Can you confirm to me that you have had a recall on your van for spare wheel fixing. 01904448717 - Nicholas Vass from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2012-03-23 | ID: 38354

Paul Skeet, England

Citroen Relay 2.2 HDi, lwb, hi-top 2006

3 star review

Re: Fixing a problematic side door on a Relay van. I have an ’06 lwb hi-top van, which I was happy with until someone tried to break into it, damaging the central locking mechanism, and breaking the side door handle. It also shifted on its sliding tracks, due to a broken pair of uppers slider guides. I took the van in for repair under the insurance, but as parts were a) expensive, and b) time consuming to get hold of, decided to ask my brother to hep me fix the problem (he works in an engineering machine shop). As the side door slider hinge assembly was very sloppy and allowed the door to drop well out of alignment whenever it was opened, he decided to make up new rollers out of bronze and manufactured the central hinge bushes in bronze too instead of the useless nylon that previously existed. The result is perfection itself, proving that Citroens’ design of this item is useless for longevity. If anyone suffers a similar problem, they should not bother to replace the faulty part with another of the same. These are heavy doors, and the standard arrangement is not well designed to take the load. PS. I find that the heater is useless unless its on speed 3+, but then it’s a lot of van space to heat up! It’s poor for heat around your legs on a cold morning! PS #2. They take ages to warm up, so I made up some black plastic blank panels and stuck them to the front bumper with double-sided velcro strips, this reduces the cold air intake and allows the engine to warm up much quicker on those really cold days. PS #3. I took out an extended warranty insurance through my insurance company, even though I bought it second hand with about 46k on the clock, so at least I have 12 months peace of mind. If these vans have a bit of a reputation, of unreliability, then I would also suggest that any owner makes sure he’s also in the AA or RAC!

Responses to this review

Hey Paul, interesting point on the side door, having a similar problems with mine, lower roller collapsed, don’t suppose your mate could machine me a replacement?... for a price of course - Dave Moseley from Gwynedd

Submitted: 2012-03-15 | ID: 38356

Ryan Smith, Lancashire

Citroen Relay 2008

1 star review

DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE VANS!! I’ve given it a 1 star rating because I can’t give it zero! I bought a second hand 08 plate in February last year with 64k miles on the clock. The vehicle came with a full service history and I had the vehicle serviced when I bought it. The van ran fine for approx 6 weeks and then out of the blue after one run it started to make a very loud banging noise from the engine. To cut a long story short I had the vehcile towed to a garage , the garage carried out a full forensic strip down of the engine and found the cause to be failure of the little end bearing in no.3 cyclinder. As the failure was proven to be mechanical failure I approched Citroen UK as the vehicle was still under the 100k mileage warranty. In summary Citroen refused to offer any contribution towards the repair as it was out of warranty by 6 weeks! Their customer service team were arrogant and completely not interested and the same applies for their dealership, Walker Farrimond in Nelson. In the end the van had an engine rebuild which has cost me £2500. I’d like to hear from any Citroen owners who have had similar problems.

Responses to this review

Rubbish review, I want to know about the van not the fact you’re moaning about getting no compensation for something that is out of warranty! Joker. Say if you sold me a second hand tv for £250 and it went wrong after 6 weeks you would contribute towards a repair? Hmmm - from Norfolk

I agree, do not buy a Relay! My Citroen Relay only had 94k on clock when camshaft went despite regular servicing, costing over £1,200 to fix. Also problems with heater system & fan switch costing £400. I previously had two Ford Transits with moon miles on them & no such hassles. Would never buy a Relay again! With respect Micky from Norfolk, if I sold you a van for £8k and 6 weeks later you had to spend £2500 on it then you’d be fine with that - you wouldn’t phone me complaining? Hmmmm - from Fife and Kinross Shires

We run a hire fleet and we run about six Relays. Every one of them have gave us problems clutch (BIG PROBLEMS) engine gearbox, electrics - Leon Bidwell from England

Hi Ryan, I was hoping you could provide some more information on this. I had the same problem back in 2012 with my 08 plate relay, although was never provided a report on what was actually the matter. I was told they would replace the engine only charging me for new oils and seals, before they replaced the whole engine and would only let me have the van back if I paid the £5,000+ fee. I am still trying to go through solicitors to recoup some or all of the cost. Any further information would be well appreciated! - from Greater London

Submitted: 2012-01-24 | ID: 38358

Roger Atkinson, Westmoorland

Citroen Relay 2007

1 star review

What the people who are so called manufacturers (I use this term very lightly) do not understand is that we poor common people have to use these vans for our livelyhood. They have in recent years proved to be very unreliable, flimsy and basically not fit for purpose. I say this after driving Citroen Relay vans for over 12 years. Do not buy one you will have nothing but trouble.

Submitted: 2011-12-31 | ID: 38353

Robert Oxford, Lincolnshire

Citroen Relay Hi-roof 2008

1 star review

My Relay went up in smoke yesterday, it had literally burnt to a cinder by the time the fire brigade left. The engine was switched off at the time and my employee, working as a dog groomer in the back, was lucky to escape alive. Prior to this I had a brake-calliper self destruct, resulting in a £900 bill and a starting fault that resulted in a near £1,000 bill for labour. The electrical faults are too numerous to mention. Oh yes, and a panel in the rear door was showing stress cracks!

Submitted: 2011-10-25 | ID: 38362

Mike Lock, Cumberland

Citroen Relay MWB 2007

4 star review

I’ve driven many vans over the past 20 years in my work and privately, I’ve personally owned transits as they were always cheap old donkey’s and parts a plenty. I bought this Citroen off a mate who only used it privately for his racing weekends, which meant it has been parked up more than it has been used. It had 16,000 miles on it when I got it 2 years ago and now has 37000 on it. It did a run to France and back last August, which was about 1200 miles in 5 days. It managed the trip but the jockey tensioner wheel started squealing when we got there, so fingers crossed all the way back, it made it without getting worse, but had the cam belt and tensioner changed as a result when we got back. The paint has faded on both sides along the load section, the paint is also now peeled all over the roof back to the primer. The paint is c**p without a doubt, compared to all the other vans I used/owned/driven. The rear shocks have now started leaking which I am doing myself shortly. Performance is good for a van of this size, and the fuel econ is fairly good. You can tell this van is built to a cost, I can’t say that I trust it 100 percent, despite it not having actually let me down yet, I hope I haven’t now tempted fate on that one. New battery last year also, full service by a mechanic friend, who says the van is still in very good nick mechanically and structually. So I hope I get a few more years out of the old girl yet, but I’m not expecting them to be totally trouble free!

Submitted: 2011-04-30 | ID: 38335

Ruth Graham, Stirlingshire

Citroen Relay LWB 2010

4 star review

The only thing that does my head in about this van is the handbrake position!!! I’m quite small so it’s a bit of a reach trying to get to it. Generally I’ll hold it on the clutch, but not always easy if you get stuck on a steep hill. Bit of a pallaver applying it, then worse - releasing it again without letting the van roll back. I’m a mobile dog groomer and have a constant heavy load in the back with the hydrobath and the generator. The rear suspension is a bit low so will need to beef that up a bit. Other than that - the van is doing its job well :-)

Responses to this review

I have the same problem. Not to mention the stiff gears, reverse is cr*p! - Barry Waddingham from Lincolnshire

The gears only get worse, you’re better taking off the linkage and putting a grease nipple in. That’s what I’ve done also put double springs on from the bigger van - from Fife and Kinross Shires

Submitted: 2010-12-05 | ID: 38347

Vic Rowley, Worcestershire

Citroen Relay swb 2.0 HDi 2006

3 star review

I bought a swb 2.0 HDi brand new in July 2006 and in the main it has been reliable. It has now got 220,000 miles on the clock, only just had to have new wheel bearings fitted along with a clutch. The engine remains sound although very slow up hills. The only thing stopping me giving it a higher rating is the fact that the paint is peeling off all over the roof and bonnet, this started just after it was three years old. I have been having an argument with Citroen regarding the paint work but they just don’t want to know. I am now looking to buy another van but due to the paintwork it is unlikely to be a Citroen.

Responses to this review

Mine also started peeling off. I first noticed it 1 month out of its 3yr warranty on paint. Mine is metallic and I think these were painted in primer and then stored outside until they were sold and then painted with the colour. Citroen have been completely unhelpful with it and with all the warranty problems that I have had with it. Now the paint is peeling absolutely everywhere I look - Robert Craske from England

Submitted: 2010-11-22 | ID: 38345

Vic Rowley, Worcestershire

Citroen Relay swb 2.0 HDi 2006

3 star review

I bought a swb 2.0 HDi brand new in July 2006 on the main it has been reliable it has now got 220,000 miles on the clock, only just had to have new wheel bearings fitted along with a clutch. The engine remains sound although very slow up hills. The only thing stopping me giving it a higher rating is the fact that the paint is peeling off all over the roof and bonnet, this started just after it was three years old, I have been having an argument with Citroen regarding the paint work but they just dont want to know. I am now looking to buy another van but due to the paintwork it is unlikely to be a Citroen.

Submitted: 2010-11-16 | ID: 38344

Jason Blake, Somerset

Citroen Relay 2.0 HDI 2002

1 star review

Bought this van with 87K on the clock in 2006, It now has 118K on the clock and has cost about £3800 in fuel and £7500 in repairs, so if you want to own one, please take this cost of repairs into account and buy something else. Allow about £2500 in repairs for each 10,000 miles covered and you be in the right cost area. I use it for plumbing work so it’s not hammered, just loaded with tools for local work. Repairs: - Handbrake cable, cam belt, brake drums rear, whole new leaf springs for rear, front shock absorbers, heater blower motor, windscreen wiper set, crank angle sensor (recovery truck), two alternators, one jockey wheel for alternator drive belt, 3 track rod ends, 5 lots of wheel tracking, one offside drive shaft, mass air flow sensor, one injector (needed helicoil as threads stripped), clutch, two water hoses, one front wheel bearing, one nearside lower swing arm, egr valve failed and melted cam cover, so new cam cover + disabled EGR and MAFS (MAF sensor didn’t work anyway because loom has been chaffed through in engine bay, due to excessive angine shaking. Cam angle sensor (recovery truck again), cv joint and boot. £1000 for new high pressure fuel pump. I am sure, I have missed something!! I had to laugh when one guy used on as a recovery truck!!! These Relays prefer to be on the back of a recovery truck. Van is good to drive, good on fuel, apart from reversing up a hill is almost impossible (rips the clutch out!) and spacious, also doesn’t rust. I am thinking of buying an old non HDI Relay, the old engine is far more reliable. I also run a Mazda Bongo 2.5 TDi, it drinks fuel, is 15 years old but have done 10K with nothing going wrong. I have been motoring for 20 years, the Relay it is the only vehicle I have owned where I have needed to take out AA membership. Just not fit for purpose.

Responses to this review

Latest Relay woes to add to the list!! Just had MOT done, loads of faults. The main items were two new front shock absorbers, earthing problems on rear lights, front headlamp adjuster jammed. Other recent faults I have noticed: spare wheel impossible to remove due to bolts being completly seized and now just spinning in holes, fan heater resistor pack burnt out, so only works of max speed, passenger side electric window motor has just packed up and finally the drivers door lock has worn out, so have to open via the passenger side!! Side and rear door locks packed up years ago, so only have one door lock that operates with the key now, also side and rear door locking motors have become lazy and only lock intermittently, they need a load of wd40 to keep going. Also still need to replace near side drive shaft as it is out of balance and causes a front end shake at 35-45mph under power!! - Jason Blake from Somerset

Same as Jason’s. Windows no longer open, heater only works on high, power steering doesn’t work when started, pully slipping. Hard started in morning - replaced heater relay, heater plugs, diesel pump was done about 2,500 miles ago - cutting out in second gear losing power, I may drive it into the scrapyard now. Might get something for it - Gerry Hogan from England

Submitted: 2010-11-01 | ID: 38350

Barry Henderson, England

Citroen Relay l1 h1 2008

4 star review

I have given the van a 4 rating as the little bits that come up stop it being a 5. Bought new from Perry’s, wanted a twin SLD told 4 weeks delivery, took my deposit then rang me to say 18-26 weeks delivery so have a single side opening, not really what I wanted. Niggles that are not a problem but when they all get taken into consideration they get to be irritating especially when my local Perry’s service station only suggests radical and stupid pricing fixes. Factory fit extras, not factory fit. Front Fogs, not factory fit done at Perry’s look awful and it is a stupid button drilled into dash, did not use space for it next to rear fog switch. Alarm, not factory fit, again fitted by Perry’s a switch on dash drilled into dash. Tyre valves. I have had to have every one of these changed twice as the 60PSI drops to 40PSI and if you try to inflate above that air leaks from side of Valve at Rim hole. Perry’s refused to look at this had to have it done by Local Tyre Company. 2 more ready for doing again. Fuel gauge low level warning light - Needle just drops and light comes on when I go downhill, goes off when I then go uphill and needle returns to correct fuel level - Perry’s Fix NEW TANK as wiring is not available seperately???? Heater fan now only runs on low setting 1, but every now and then I get the really noisy full 4 running, it then goes back to 1 again for several weeks. Perry’s Fix NEW HEATER UNIT MOTOR as individual parts/wiring for it are not available seperately. Remote Central Locking Key unit, This jut seems to please itself when it wants to switch on and off, fed up of the times I have been driving along and alarm goes off and had to fiddle with key fob to switch off. Perry’s fix, NEW CENTRAL LOCKING UNIT as problem is with that not key fob??? Funny how it never goes off on its own when key is in office and van is parked up. Washer spray on Bonnet; one of the slide in pieces has fell out, Perry’s fix, Not able to buy just bonnet piece have to buy whole renew pack from WASHER BOTTLE out. Perry’s never seem to have any parts available everything is to ORDER ONLY, did not even have wiper blades in stock or replacement bulb for inside load area. The van is fine, done 50K no problems but the service from a Citroen Dealer is rubbish. Keeping my local scrap yard busy is a better option money wise, but if anyone has a suggestion for the heater issue would welcome suggestions.

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Hi mate, I have had the same problem with my heating, it was the resistor pack that failed. It puts the heater onto a default setting number 4. I have had the same part replaced twice under warranty - from Durham

Submitted: 2010-08-25 | ID: 38338

Mick Sanford, Sussex

Citroen Relay 2.5 d 2001

3 star review

Had the van 8 days, its a 2001 2.5 d. with 74k on the clock and little history, I took the chance. Change the box the van centre said as it goes crunch in 2nd and 3rd. Well I’ve done 120 miles a day in it, double the clutch and take your time . I took out the old gearbox oil (not much in it) and put new in. It’s an ok van and I will get more miles out of this old box yet.<br /><br />

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Put Slick 50 gearbox treatment in it . I had asyncromesh problems many years ago with a car and it really helped for at least a couple of years - Robert Craske from England

Submitted: 2010-08-24 | ID: 38336

Graham, England

Citroen Relay 2008

2 star review

Lack of power, black smoke coming out the exhaust for no reason, It’s just had its 40,000 service; anyone know the problem or solutions to repair without visting the agents?

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I have the same problem and mechanics are suggesting lots of reasons, still not got to the bottom of it - Steve Thomson from Nottinghamshire

Same problem here on a 2.0HDI Xsara 2001. Not sure of what is the cause, although I suspect electrics. Did you guys ever get to the bottom of yours? - James Harris from Gloucestershire

Had the same black smoke problem with my 08 Relay. it was the EGR valve witch I blanked off . Made the blanks myself now runs great with maybe more power to boot. - from Tyne and Wear

Submitted: 2010-07-26 | ID: 38341

David Buckland, Hampshire

Citroen Relay H3 L3 2.2 HDI 1500 2003

5 star review

Probably tempting fate but mine has been bloody amazing apart from the speedo this started to quit at around 100k; van had 80k+ on it when I got it. I do less than 10k a year but what a load it carries, not the most together thing you will ever drive but with close to a ton of weight with on board Prochem Performer (1200cc/48 hp Nissan petrol motor) carpet cleaning machine including the fresh water tank and waste tank plus a load of other stuff I’m surprised it moves sometimes. It had one owner before, chippy up and down motorway serviced in Edinburgh and London (shopfitters?) and was a Renault lease van. I got the service record which was solid except no mention of cambelt and they must have put a sh*t load of miles on it very quickly as I bought it in 06 at auction at BCABlackbushe; pig in a poke you can start them but not drive them, funny that! Had to fit new clutch after a year but that was it really the only other real problem gear change linkages seized up, I thought it was the gearbox! Oh and handbrake needed some maintenance. Just had cambelt done for peace of mind. Bloody good utility vehicle and was cheap to buy at 4k, doesn’t owe me much. I get impression new ones are going to be less relaible but just an impression from this forum. Excellent to drive on motorway esp when empty!! lol

Submitted: 2010-07-23 | ID: 38340

Katie Page, Powys

Citroen Relay 2007

3 star review

I seem to be having a problem with my van which is causing me to have lack of power of only up to 20miles per hour at times! It has been to Citroen on the machine and found no faults! I have been told by one person this could be to do with the egr valve ?? I’ve only recently bought this van 3 weeks ago and this has happened to me three times in two weeks. Apart from this problem the van is a nice drive! fingers crossed for the rest of my time with it!<br /><br />

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Hi Katie, I’m Richie and a courier, trading in a sole capacity. Seems like you may have some trouble from your EGR valve? I had the same when I was in Glasgow January this year, I was bloody frozen! The symptoms appear to be similar. I began losing power and also the exhaust started churning out black smoke, eventually forcing me to pull into a service station in Scotland. On my way back to Wiltshire, luckily I was a member of the AA and they got me home on the back of a tow-truck. I intend to keep up my membership of the AA! The bad news is that it cost me £450 to have this valve replaced and then the information updated in the vehicles computer so hope this helps. Good luck - from Wiltshire

My husband has a 2007 Relay with the same problem. He has had the EGR valve replaced and is still encountering problems. Any further advice with help on this problem? - Debbie E from Kent

Submitted: 2010-05-25 | ID: 38332

Alex Marr, Middlesex

Citroen Relay 1000d swb 2002

4 star review

Purchased with 50k on the clock, found out later it was stolen recovered! The 2.5d is slow but starts everytime. With the fridge unit on, it goes backwards uphills.... Problems: Due to history, it may have hit a kerb, various wheel bearings replaced then wheel hub, alternator, new cluch, battery changed and leaks oil as if it owns an oil well! Would purchase again, love it, just wish it went faster than 60mph downhill.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-17 | ID: 38331

Rob Palmer, Kent

Citroen Relay 1.9 D Panel van 1999

5 star review

I’ve had this van for about 18 months now & to be fair, it takes a beating! As a courier, I start her up at 7am and turn her off around 8pm 6 days a week. Apart from problems with hills the only other problems I have had are rear brakes seized, and a new rad & speedo cable. Great little workhorse!!

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I’ve had 1.9d relay from new in 2001. Now has 46,000 miles on and looks like new due to galvanised body. Still has original exhaust and I am replacing the original battery tomorrow. Great van worth every penny. Very little gone wrong over the years - from England

I’ve recently purchased a 1.9D 2001 Relay with only 60,000 on the clock and am very happy with it. I know very little about vans however and was wondering if it should be hitting 3500 revs at 65mph in 5th gear? Cheers - from Hertfordshire

Bought my van new in Ireland 2001. Only done 55k but never had any problems. Only had one service in a garage. All other did myself. Still on original battery and exhaust. Michelin front tyres did 50k rears are still good. Slow on steep hills if you don’t get a run up :) but in every other respect very reliable - from Dorset

I have driven an ’02 plate Citroen Relay for work. Apart from a recurring fault with the instrument panel, the mileage recorder kept going backwards and having to keep kicking my Citroen dealer’s backside now and again, I’ve had very few problems. The Citroen UK Head Office can be very helpful when you need to kick Citroen dealers’ bottoms - from England

3500 RPM at 65 in 6th is about right yes, the other revs after that will get you to at least 90+ which is odd as in any other gear 4000RPM+ is useless - Christopher Warren from Lancashire

Submitted: 2010-04-15 | ID: 38326

Peter Wallwork, Lancashire

Citroen Relay L3 H2 2007

4 star review

I have a 2007 relay with 150,000 on the clock. It had a new steering rack at 50,000 new engine at 64,000 and has had 3 egr valves and today the fly wheel has had to be replaced, but I have had good service and it is the best van I have driven. I have just ordered 2 new Relays, Sprinters are too dear and their payload poor, Crafters drink fuel, my Transit is in the garage more than on the road and my Iveco loves the back of recovery trucks.

Submitted: 2010-03-06 | ID: 38325

John Watson, Durham

Citroen Relay 1.9 D 2005

5 star review

When I first bought the van the alternator was dodgy, I fitted a new one £109.00. Now had the van for 2 years and had no trouble at all with it.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-02-25 | ID: 38324

Mark Pratt, Sussex

Citroen Relay lwb 2005

2 star review

I’m the second owner of this van. It started off fine then the problems started; Fuel filter light on all the time even when the filter has been bled, headlights blow 2 -3 times a year, van won’t start totally dead found out it is the earth strap (complete pain in the backside), now the hand brake light is on all the time. My dashboard is starting to look like Blackpool lights. My van has done 109000 now, apart from the issues I’ve had it does go on and on, don’t know if I would get another one as the driving position is not great, 2hrs in the van and you know about it.

Submitted: 2010-02-03 | ID: 38323

Robbie Holt, Lancashire

Citroen Relay lwb 2001

2 star review

Gear box problems, clutch problems, manifold blowing, rear shocks gave up, yes it’s a Citroen Relay. Only 76,000 miles, I’m the second owner from new. This van hates hills and hates having to go anywhere, buyer beware, join the RAC, AA or Green Flag if you wish to own or lease one. I’m off to buy a Ford Transit, see you in yours soon, ha ha ha.

Responses to this review

If you go for a Transit make sure you hold back £1,000 for a new fuel pump, All the French, Italian and Ford vans have their problems, go for somthing German or Japanese - Nick Page from Ayrshire

Hi, I would stay away from the German and Japanese vans because the Merc sprinters and vw crafter are the same vans. I have a Sprinter and it’s useless and started to rust after 3 years. The VW Transporter is too small and expensive along with the Merc Viano. The only decent van I have owned is a Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay - from County Fermanagh

Dunno about the Transit fuel pump story... mine has done 170k from new, never coughed, is on the original clutch and shockers. It’s fab, but we tested a new one (ours is a 54) and it’s horrible!! No longer comfy, really short on space, and dear! Our relay was great too!!! - Martin Millar from Stirlingshire

Ford means ’fix or replace daily’! I’ve had the lot and am on Relay number 4 now. They have never given me any trouble. The best one being 2001 2800cc. Now running a ’06 2litre. Loads of power. Transit engine rebuild on a 06 Jumbo cost me £4,000 and it was still knocking - Jack Dodds from Inverness-shire

And also if you’re going buying a Transit it wouldn’t do any harm to get handy with a mig welder, you’ll need it when it comes to replacing floorpans/chassis legs/arches/sills etc etc etc, I’ll never own one again, useless pile of rusty Ford trash, the newer 00 onwards model seems to be even rustier than the old ones, shame on the Ford Motor Company for producing such badly rustproofed vehicles - from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-01-31 | ID: 38317

David Grant, Somerset

Citroen Relay 2006

4 star review

I bought a new lwb Relay about 3 and a half years ago, I’m a glazier by trade and its always loaded to the brim, in that time and seventy five thousand miles on it’s had a pair of shocks, 3 oil and filter changes and a Mot. It has never missed a beat, never let me down, I would not hesitate in buying a new one again.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-01-30 | ID: 38308

Mark Woodward, Pembrokeshire

Citroen Relay 2.2 lwb 2002

2 star review

Bought this van 4 years ago with 70K on the clock. One injector went within days - £400 (but was covered by garage). Van was fine until about 85K approx 18 months later, then in the last couple of years, (Milage as of today 107K) I have had all 3 remaining injectors go (the cost of which is now about £500 each at local garage not main dealer). Two bush type springs on the streering rack (£150), The alternator broke - approx £200, the high pressure fuel pump just before last Christmas at £560 and the radiator went last week, £230 at local garage, The Mot in December cost £440 which included a track rod end, brake pads and 3 lots of rust welded on the chasis.) The electric window is bust on pasenger side and cargo bay area lamp no longer works and I have an oil leak on the crank seal (?) and the clutch has almost gone as I only have to touch it and it slips. I estimate it is costing me about £1200 per year just to maintain. Trouble is I am spending so much maintaining it I cant afford to buy another at the moment. I only do circa 9k per year and dont hammer the van. The engine is fantastically powerful (I have lwb with high roof carries about 1.5 tonnes at all time in tools etc) and it flies, bags and bags of room in the back and the cab which is nicely laid out, loads of storage space. Sturdy bodywork, good heater. She does about 28mpg average so not bad for the size and weight it carries. It is a real shame as it really is a pleasure to drive with excellent cross cab access and fantastic torque, but so damn unreliable. I have lost SO much time from work with this van I am gutted - but my mechanic is rich! If you want a hugh powerful van go for one, but be prepared for the bills to go with it.

Submitted: 2010-01-29 | ID: 38307

J Dawson, Essex

Citroen Relay 2007

2 star review

The van drives well, looks good and there’s plenty of load space, BUT! the roof rack the citroen dealers put on has ripped the roof so that rain comes through the 4 corners of the van. Reported fault to dealership and was told to take it to my nearest dealer, they told me the warrenty would not cover it, as it should have had roof struts put in place for the recall. Went back to dealership and they told me it did not need them, spoke to Citroen uk, they confirmed there was a fault and that i recieved in my welcome pack a letter telling me to have the struts done? What letter? Funny it took them 3 days to get back to me. Went back to dealership before Xmas and that was six now no call back!!!!! also sometimes when it rains the wipers dont work, and I’m also experiencing flat spots on acceleration...Dont buy, lease and make sure you’re covered unlike me.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-01-27 | ID: 38311

Mr A Sparkes, Warwickshire

Citroen Relay L2H2 202hdi 120bhp 2007

5 star review

This is my 2nd Relay & I can only speak from my own experiences. I have covered 80,000 miles in 2 1/2 years WITHOUT FAULT, I look after the van & don’t drive it to the rev limits, just let the engine torque do the work. the only visits to my dealer have been for the 3 services required so far & a couple of tyres along the way (punctures) MPG is great & I have seen 40mpg, but generally get 34 - 35mpg. I looked at Sprinters & Transits recently as I am due to replace this 1 soon & the Sprinter was over £100 per month dearer to lease (full contract Hire) & the Ford was £40 per month dearer. Weight capacity is important to me & with the lwb Sprinter weighing over 2.5t there is only 1t load capacity; the Citroen has almost 1.5t capacity. I have just ordered my 3rd relay!

Responses to this review

I have been looking at these vans for a while and love the drive and the impressive payload. After reading all these reviews I am reserved now, I was convinced I wanted one! Is this another case that bad news travels fast or is it really the case that all these vans need endless EGR valves, clutched and steering racks!? SOME people are saying they have done 80k miles without fault and others have done 17k with multiple trips to the dealer. I would be looking for a 2007/2008 model - would these have had some of these point put right under warranty by previous owners? - Glenn Blore from Cambridgeshire

Submitted: 2010-01-26 | ID: 38309

Chris Levey, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay Panel Van 2009

1 star review

I was thinking of buying one of these for the great payload on the lwb model. I took one for a test drive and the van drove well, it was very nippy and cruised at 70mph, at only 2,500 revs - therefore very cheap to run. I mentioned the reviews and the problems to the salesman and he assured me the only people who have problems are those who don’t service ect ect... So unless all these good people are liars, in which case Citroen, Fiat and Peugoet should sue (who knows, they might make enough to improve the vans). Oh sorry, forgot that there is nothing wrong with these vans... These vans are a load of c**p, see you in the Mercedes dealer.

Responses to this review

Your comment... see you in the Mercedes dealer!!! You will!!! My 2007 silver 313cdi is in the bleedin dealer... Jan 10... particulate filter changed, £1k bill (COMMON FAULT); Jan 10... track rod ends and battery, £300 bill plus other bits; Jan 10... power boost failure, took dealer 3 days to find and £400 bill. ALL THIS IN 4 WEEKS ONLY, and a full weeks work lost!!! NOT GOOD. All this from a very well looked after, regular serviced 90k vehicle. Ps: my 4th and last Sprinter, the 3 older Mercs I had were fantastic, very few problems what so ever!!! NEW SHAPE... LEAVE WELL ALONE? I’m now looking for another van (sorry not Merc) - Mark Fewtrell from Staffordshire

I’ve got a Merc and please for your own sake, don’t get one! I’ve run a Merc for three years and the repair bills have nearly sent me bust. Anything but a Merc! - from Scotland

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 38304

Garry Kirk, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay 2.2 lwb medium roof 2004

3 star review

I Haven’t had the van long, I bought it to convert to a motor home, the only problem so far is finding a good manual. The other problem is with the gear change small stick on the dash, trying to get first and second is a nightmare, the other day I could not get second on the aproach to a roundabout I ended up halfway across said roundabout in third and had to stop and try to slam it into first, nightmare, this has happened on three roundabouts! As you can imagine I was not a popular chappie. The hand book is of no use for this sort of problem, I’m not a mechanic so am just guessing, could be linkage adjustment or a gearbox oil topup, if i could find it. Having said that there does seem to be a smeering of what could be gear oil in the cab? Any suggestions welcomed.

Responses to this review

Sounds more like a brake and clutch problem than gear stick. Try using the foot brake when approaching roundabouts then depressing clutch to come to a stop. It usually works and stops one crashing headlong into responsible motorists - Andy Mann from Lancashire

Just bought a Relay 1800 td hdi lwb 54 plate with the same problem - gear selection was naff but followed linkage and the nut and bolt was loose so I retightened it. Follow the flow of gearbox works fine, it’s a smashing tool and I am a mechanic! The only trouble is can I find the correct tyre pressure? No I can’t! Anybody help, email: c11Rov[at]hotmail[dot]com - Many thanks - CJ Rothero from Worcestershire

Submitted: 2009-12-23 | ID: 38312

Michael Clay, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay 2007

1 star review

I am a haulage contractor and am currently testing said vans. Peugot and Fiat are the same, all copied. The van run at max speed, ie floored all day 14hrs at -00mph constantly looking for law and cameras. Carries weight well on springs, I loaded 3000kg on. The fastest and nippiest vehicle on the road, best for comfort and stowage. I am by trade a time served engineer and have repaired all my vehicles, 100’s over the years, including my Bentley turbo. My conclusion is 1.build quality has become worse over years . 2.computers ,electronics,not perfected and create problems. 3.looks nice only,engineering poor 4.a throw away vehicle when broke 5.DONT GET ONE RUBBISH 6.MERC SPRINTER best. Must be a nightmare for you none mechanical people. P.S. be aware dealers only want to sell these vans not fix them and mechanics know they are s**t.

Responses to this review

I agree with you 100 percent. I have two Relay’s and they are like siamese twin’s, all the same problem’s - 1 van has a new engine at 60000mls and both catalyst converters have been replace. At the moment 1 van is in for ECU / wiring problem, been a w10 day’s now still not fixed, +/- £1000.00 so far. Oh and don’t you love the paint work, one chip and it peels back to a tin cover. When will citroen stand up for their poor customer service and even poorer vehicle’s manufacturing - Jim Bruce from West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)

Submitted: 2009-12-11 | ID: 38315

Scott Stimpson, Somerset

Citroen Relay L1H1 2.2 HDI 2007

2 star review

I purchased the van because it test drove lovely, and was in my price bracket. Faults: stereo broke in first few months, van broke down completely in first 8 months,faulty starter motor, Windscreen wiper motor broke down in year two, numerous recalls by manufacturer, top layer of paintwork peeled on front bonet in year two. It also goes through brake pads and disks as the warning light comes on after the disk is scratched. Also the warning sensor is only on one side of vehicle. It is best to change brake pads at about 18k miles to be safe. My van also broke down again due to the fuel management system failed leaving it pumping out black smoke and stalling. Another minus point to this van is the steel used is very flimsy on the van,no strength to it; they had to recall the van to strengthen the roof struts. Basically, buy any other van but this one. I cannot rely on this vehicle. And I’m dreading the bills when the warranty ends.

Submitted: 2009-11-15 | ID: 38302

James Harkness, Renfrewshire

Citroen Relay 2009

1 star review

I’ve had to fix the wind screen jets and have had 3 new EGR valves fitted. The rear door fell to bits and I’ve had to readjust the side door. Full spare wheel now fitted in the back due to holder jamming. The van has only done 50000 miles. Never going to buy a relay again - James Harkness from Renfrewshire

Submitted: 2009-11-02 | ID: 38303

John Stansfield, Lancashire

Citroen Relay Panel van 2007

3 star review

I’ve submitted a review before but thought I just might update; which might help someone else. Firstly I took the van for first service (£250), I took to main dealers because the steering started making a noise when turning right or left and seemed to pull to left. I was convinced it was top of suspension struts, it wasn’t, it was tracrod arm on drivers side. They replaced it on warranty, no problems any more. But then I turned the engine off one night, tried to start it next morning, no chance. It turned over but would not start. I rung Citroen breakdown cover only to find out it only has 12 months cover. When I bought the motorhome in 05 it had 3 years breakdown cover, lesson there for me. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I checked fuses in van on drivers side they were all OK. That left the main fuses under the bonnet on passengers side; I checked all the main fuses, the fat ones, no fault there. Then I found it was a twenty amp fuse, one of three which supplies power to ECU. I replaced it and it fired up straight away but the problem is that the fuse box is covered with a plastic top with 8 mm nuts so at the side of the road you wouldnt be able to fix it and you would be stranded. I now have 8 mm socket on screwdriver and torch just in case. That’s about it for now.

Responses to this review

I cannot locate the fuse for the cigarette lighter and blower. Can you please tell me where I might locate these fuses? I have checked the one on the left of the steering wheel but the others are difficult to locate. Cheers - from Kent

If you look under the bonnet on the passengers side, just back from the headlight you will see a black plastic cover held in place by two 8 mm nuts. When you remove it, which is a bit of a fiddle, you will see some more fuses. Check all the big main fuses, I am almost sure it is the second fuse on from right, 30 amp I think. Make sure you pull out one at a time to check and replace so you dont mix them up as they are different ratings. I hope this is of some help - John Stansfield from Lancashire

I had the same problem with that fuse. Van was new (10k), but overall van is ok - from Yorkshire

Anyone any idea where the window wiper fuse is located? My wipers just stopped working yesterday on my 2001 1.9 swb Citreon Relay - David Laurence from Angus (Forfarshire)

Submitted: 2009-10-13 | ID: 38297

Jim Bruce, West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)

Citroen Relay 2007

1 star review

I have two of the new Citroen Relay’s and if I could come out of the financial ties I have with them I would do it yesterday... Nothing but problems... Warranty issue after warranty issue and the thing that costs the most is the hiring of a replacement van whilst waiting for warranty approval... then parts to arrive and finnally getting it sorted for the next problem... Faults so far are - side sliding door sensor; side sliding door operation not closing properly; exhaust catalyst; both vans back door hinges starting to rip at hinge mount; front door hinges clicking; heater does not work; knocking noise in engine at 77000mls; timing belt change due at 100000mls; paint cracking and peals very easily. These are a few of the problems. I would understand if it was a one off but when you see it happening to both, not nessarilly at the same time as one van is 64000mls and the other 77000mls. one can see the problems repeating themselves. Cheap van = cheap quality obviously... I have got a Mercedes Sprinter on 190000mls with less problems... come on Citroen, work it out.

Submitted: 2009-09-23 | ID: 38295

MR J Ellis, England

Citroen Relay LWB 2008

1 star review

I have had nothing but problems with our Relay’s. From clutches burning out to gearbox’s being replaced. We will not be buying any more. They are in Citroen’s work shop more than they are out on hire. We can’t strust these vans to do the job they need to do. Also, Citroen always blame driver error.

Responses to this review

I’ll not go into details but have same problems with 35 l3 h2 160bhp with 33500 miles. I’ve told Citroen UK I’m going to be their worst nightmare. Don’t buy Citroen, typical French, run away and the Brits pick up the pieces - Gary Alexander from Lanarkshire

Submitted: 2009-09-07 | ID: 38288

Mike, Durham

Citroen Relay L2 H1 2008

4 star review

Bought my 08 plate van earlier this year from Evans Halshaw in Hull. It was a dealer demo, 1 year old, with 4k on the clock. Coming from a 04 plate Transit moneypit, the Citroen was in a different league in terms of toys and load space. I have covered just over 15k to date with only a few minor issues which were sorted by my local Citroen dealer, washer jet broke and an annoying squeak from the brakes were sorted under warranty. An amazing tank range and mpg at a regular 35mpg plus. This is a great van with storage everywhere in the cab plus loads of tie hooks in the back with a handy 12v socket at the back door, tyre tread still looking like new as is the paintwork.... will update at 25k service.

Responses to this review

Just a quick update; I had the van serviced last month at a non dealer garage. The cost of the service was £145 fully inc. The heating resistor pack failed last week so had a new one fitted at local citroen dealer under warranty. No other problems and the van has now covered 28k - Mike Stockport from Durham

UPDATE: Van now covered 56k, been into dealer for a software update as it was struggling at tickover. It’s now solved done 3k since the update and it’s running great. Replaced the original front tyres at 49k back ones are still going strong, also replaced the rear numberplate light holder it had corroded that was under warranty. 50k service came in at £146 from a local specialist. Why use the dealer? They have never bothered who has serviced it just honoured the warranty (they do check the service book though) still getting good mpg 35 all the time. only gripe is lack if a cup holder on the dash.. Will update again soon - from Durham

Update: just had 75k service cost from local non franchise garage £165. had a problem with the van losing power and then returning to normal but the engine management light coming on randomly, fixed under warranty it was a faulty fuel sensor. Spare wheel carrier had to be changed as the spare was siezed and had to get the RAC to remove it, there is a retro fit as Citroen are aware it’s a problem and was fitted under warranty. Still getting good mpg 30-35 mpg, paintwork needs regular attention to remove surface rust spots, changed pads all round at 60k will update at 100k - from Durham

Update: Van now covered 135k, just had mot passed with no advisories, just usual stuff replaced tyres bulbs etc now converted into a 7 seater crew van pulls sweet fully loaded best van I’ve owned - from Durham

Submitted: 2009-08-27 | ID: 38290

Paul Coates, Lancashire

Citroen Relay 30 L1 H1 2008

4 star review

Best van I have ever owned. Had 2 Transits and they were possibly the worst experience of my life. Yes, I’ve had a few problems, namely: Windscreen washers blew apart, 1 recall for roof rack points, 2 new drive shafts, 1 new power steering pump. This sounds bad and maybe it is, however the dealer has always sorted my problems out and sorted a courtesy van FOC. Nice to drive, comfortable, 35mpg, spacious, well built!

Submitted: 2009-08-10 | ID: 38296

Carl Murphy, Cheshire

Citroen Relay 2001

3 star review

I’ve had my van, a 2001 Y plate Relay with 73,000 miles a few months now and it’s an OK van. It failed its MOT on one break line; the near side front one needed a new starter motor at £126; a front tyre at £48 but that’s all. It carries weight very well but I’m only a gardener so that’s only a few mowers. It really hates hills; I felt like I needed to ask the lads to jump out an push a few times. It’s stupid, the smallest hill and I’m right down the gear box in 2nd or 1st just to get to the top. But, it’s only a 1.9 diesel and does weigh 2.8 tons so it’s not that bad. The problem I have is that if I’ve got a trailer on the tow hitch I can’t open the rear doors to get tools out so have to un-hitch the trailer. It costs around £58 to fill up an I’m filling it up every 6 to 8 days and I am not the fastest of drivers; I just keep up with the flow of traffic. I feel like I’ve slated this van but I’m actually happy with it; it does the job i want it to very well.

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I’ve got a Relay Y reg. I’ve had it 2 years, so far... one snapped clutch cable, 2 snapped clutch pedals, £70 of welding to sill, it hates hills, but it’s nice to drive, not parting with it, only 60k - Bob Davis from London

Submitted: 2009-06-17 | ID: 38374

Sue McDonagh, Vale of Glamorgan

Citroen Relay 2009

3 star review

Just bought a motorhome using the Citroen Relay SWB van as base vehicle. It is pulling to the left noticeably, and dealer tried to tell us it is the camber of the road. It does it on a flat motorway! Having it checked in a couple of days with local dealer. Otherwise van is lovely, comfortable, nippy, great turning circle, just like driving a car. I’d like to know how John Parker of Kent has resolved the same problem.

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Hi Sue. I have just purchased a Citroen Relay 2008 L3 H2. The Relay has the same problem pulling to the left. Has yours been rectified? If so what was the problem? Please provide any information, as this would be a great help. Kind Regards. Nick - Nick H from Swansea

My stearing was the same, it was bearings on top of front strut tops, put steel ones in costing £200 pound, one had broken one cracked. Hope this helps you, my van is relay 2004 2.8 with 52000 on clock campervan - Brian Forrester from England

Submitted: 2009-05-19 | ID: 38376

John Stansfield, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay mwb panel van 2008

4 star review

I bought this van to convert into a motor home and did so with out too many problems... apart from the stainless steel door guide which seems to have flecks of rust on it - put this down to poor grade used. I have also had two tyre valves that leaked - had them replaced. Engine management light came on a few times, disconnected battery to reset it and have had no problems since. I have covered 16000 miles so far and have had no major faults the van has had two recalls one point when buying a new van always walk round it and check it it for damage as when I washing the van a week later I noticed a patch of tiny little holes on sliding door. I was surprised that it was filler and after jumping up and down I returned the van and got another door off the dealer. That is about it really.

Submitted: 2009-05-14 | ID: 38379

Ray Hunter, Durham

Citroen Relay MWB 2.2 6 speed 2008

4 star review

Pleased with panel van motorhome conversion on Citroen Relay. So far so good 7000 miles fuel 37 to 38mpg. Do feel at times on limit of ability in reverse as if could do with lower gear although no judder etc. Can anyone tell me what parts if any are different on a Citroen van than on Fiat van regards drive train units from axels gearbox clutch engine or any differences at all. Regards Ray.

Submitted: 2009-03-23 | ID: 38386

George Brown, Durham

Citroen Relay 35 HDI 160 LWB 2007

1 star review

Van purchased in April 2007. Nice cab and good to drive till the problems started. Spare wheel carrier would not work - lost days of work getting it fixed. Had accident van in repair shop 10 weeks waiting for body panel. Side door warning light kept coming on - still disconnected. Starter motor has been replaced twice, off road 3 days both times. Back door been replaced as 2 cracks appeared in it, days work lost again. Waiting for this door to be replaced as same 2 cracks appeared in new door. Side door hinge had to be replaced. Steering rack went, off road another week. Charge light stayed on garage said it needed alternator took 4 days to fit , just the same then said it needed wiring harness another 3 weeks off the road. Day I picked it up fuel gauge was not working took 3 more days to sort out. Got van back it now uses 1lt of water a day - I’d never used any in the previous 2 years. 10 days later the clutch has gone. Up to now I’ve spent over £2500 on van hires. Phoned Citroen UK to complain but they say it has nothing to do with them.

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Reading your report, I can make yours look like a small problem. Here is a list of my problems on a 07 model: 2x gear boxes, 3x clutches, 1x steering rack, 1x cv joint, 1x spare wheel housing,, 2x cat converter 1x set of new back doors, 1x air bag sensor, 1x starter motor, 8x set of brake pads, the list is endless, and i have only done 35000 miles. It has cost me thousands in hire charges, I will never recommend citreon. Glad to get that of my chest - John Simons from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2009-03-23 | ID: 38390

Adrian Sparkes, Warwickshire

Citroen Relay 2.2HDi L2H2 2007

5 star review

Traded in a 2003 Ducato. It is a good van, nice and quiet and very comfortable cab, mine has a/c & factory bulkhead. Fully adjustable seat and steering column makes for a perfect driving position with lots of space for stowing odds and ends. Good access to load space in the rear, MUCH better to step intro than any RWD van (e.g. Sprinter, Transit, Iveco). Mercedes dealer could not get anywhere near the contract rental I got from Citroen & the van has more spec that a Sprinter too. Great on fuel too if driven carefully, I can get almost 40mpg! & average 35+mpg. Only real criticism is with the mirrors as they are not as good for vision as the previous models. Good all round reliable van will have another one.

Submitted: 2009-03-19 | ID: 38389

Gary Hyde, Wiltshire

Citroen Relay 2008

1 star review

I’m leasing a Citroen Relay LWb 08. This van is currently on 28000 miles and the amount of work that has been carried out has shocked me and a part of me is glad that is on a lease. I have had a new gearbox and clutch fitted. The fuel pump failed, the brakes gave up on me and the driver’s seat has locked itself in the worst position going. Also, the most recent fault is that the exhaust pipe has snapped... this van is costing me £600 per month and if the truth be known its not worth £6 a month, I think the only good thing about this van is that it looks really smart; shame the engine is not as good.

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I have a Relay van, 62 plate, only done 2,500 miles. Gearbox started banging, Citroen picked it up but are refusing to cover it under warranty as they say it’s driver error, failing to let the van stop before selecting reverse gear, what a joke - Trevor Pearce from Norfolk

Submitted: 2009-03-11 | ID: 38387

Alastair Elgey, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay 3lt Relay 2007

2 star review

I have the 3lt Relay which has now done only 21k, I have a problem with the clutch slipping. I have been told this could be a problem with the duel mass flywheel, is this a common fault?

Submitted: 2009-02-24 | ID: 38385

John Parker, Kent

Citroen Relay 2008

2 star review

From day 1 steering has been pulling to the left. When I reported it to the dealer their reply was "It’s down to the terrain of the road". It makes a horrible noise at the back when going over humps. Very poor for reversing, shudders quite a lot. Wing mirrors vibrate when travelling at 60+.

Submitted: 2009-02-16 | ID: 38384

Dan Curtis, Dorset

Citroen Relay 2007

2 star review

Van purchased in June 2007, new clutch fitted June 2008 at 17,900 miles. Now its back into Citroen for ANOTHER clutch at 28,000 miles (Jan 09). I have noticed other people have had juddering whilst reversing which is why I’m wondering if its a common fault, not purely driver error as has been commented by Citroen UK?! Oh and plus several software updates when it has been into Citroen!!

Submitted: 2009-02-06 | ID: 38382

Lee Rumney, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay L2 H1 2.2 2007

1 star review

I needed to change my Merc Vito for a wider vehicle, so having spent some time and measuring many interior widths decided on 2 - the Merc Sprinter or the Citroen Relay 3. However, Merc dealer failed to ring me back so the Citroen Relay was ordered. I opted for special order paint and lots of extra’s. Having waited 3 months for the vehicle to arrive and then it needed a full respray I should have stopped at buying it then. Vehicle then arrived another month later and wipers didnt work, fuse had blown, so checked the rest of them and all fuses were put in wrong (come on... 30amp fuses protecting 10amp circuits) How dangerous is that? A week later at 1am the horn decided to go off while I was in bed and then burnt out setting the loom on fire (tried disconnecting the battery in a hurry, you need tools to lift the floor up to do this). A week later the van broke down twice, waited 3 months for a temp repair. Egr faults every week, dash trim falls off, clutch judders in reverse, gearbox crunches in 3rd, it rains inside the van (could grow tomatoes in the back). Brake pedal decides to hit the floor randomly, paintwork is now peeling off. Smokes like my Grandads pipe, engine rattles louder than a baby on steroids, fuel consumption 26mpg, poor heating. Why oh why do they fit black mirrors and grey bumpers. I have had quite a lot of vans over the years and this has to be the worst van I have ever had. At the moment it is back in the garage for more repairs, this is 10mins after they brought it back after been away for 3 weeks. The van is generally very comfy and has a real nice driving position, loads of carrying capacity and thats about all. I do hope Citroen can sort all the major faults with these vans and I’m sure they will.

Submitted: 2009-02-02 | ID: 38383

Roger Atkinson, Westmoorland

Citroen Relay H2 L2 2007

2 star review

Improvement over old model, however poor build quality, dealership backup and understanding will have me looking for alternative manufacturers when replacing this vehicle. 1. Washer jets failed to work correctly from new. 2. Rear door button releases fell out 1st time used. 3. Door mirrors vibrate and rattle at high speed. 4. Drivers lumber support failed with a loud bang while negotiating a roundabout (at 5000 miles) 5. Stitching in duel passenger seat started coming apart which is hardly ever used.(at 7000 miles) 6. Sat nav failed to work (at 11000 miles) 7. Cooling system fractured a pipe and lost fluid (at 13000 miles)

Submitted: 2009-01-30 | ID: 38381

Darren Allen, Yorkshire

Citroen Relay h1l1 2007

1 star review

I am with David Bamlett on this - mine is just over 12 months old and I have had it in every month for one thing or another. It’s had an egr problem for the last 12 months and Citroen say it’s nothing to do with them. The van is on my drive and not running at all. Citroen should look after the people that have their vans. I WOULD NEVER HAVE A VAN FROM THEM AGAIN!!! Looks like mine is going to take a court case to put it right...

Submitted: 2009-01-19 | ID: 38380

David Bamlett, Durham

Citroen Relay L1H1 STANDARD 2006

3 star review

Same as the first review. Build quality was poor. My roof has no paint on it, just a gritty primer I think. Numerous recalls, one being the steering rack reported on other review, same with the imaginary door open buzzer when going round roundabouts. Also taken back now for the fifth time with poor brakes, they have changed nearly all except the servo under warranty and still broke, going in to have the servo changed next week. Side door being repaired as it locked me in the van without being able to open it from the inside, then I couldn’t open it from the outside either. Windscreen washers have fell apart once and been replaced. This is a good one that caused me some havoc on the roads... when indicating, the corners of the van flashed the right direction but the mirror indicators flashed the other direction.. the solution by Evans Halshaw at the time was black tape over the glass till the fault was found (classic) and one more I can remember is the heaters are so useless I had them looked at... no problem says Citroen - it’s that bad I have bought an inverter for the van to convert 12 volts into 240 volts and I now have a 1000 watt electric heater plugged in by my feet! It was a lot cheaper than going down the diesel cab heater route for about 600 quid plus fitting... I have had the van 2 years and am now looking for something else as the warranty is about to expire.. all this from brand new.

Responses to this review

Is this a wind up, or does this guy really plug a kilowatt fire into his van electrics? - Peter Eddowes from England

Submitted: 2008-12-08 | ID: 38394

Simon Ford, Devon

Citroen Relay L2 H2 2007

1 star review

The New Relay offers a higher level of comfort and specification than any of its competitors. ie: the driving position, cab layout, storage compartments, cd-rds radio and free sat-nav are nothing short of superb. The low rear-loading door height is also top-class. However, the problems with this vehicle are build-quality, reliability and after sales service. I drive approximately 1000 miles per week and have previously used Transits, Merc Sprinters or VW’s but was attracted to the Citroen by positive professional reviews, the enhanced cab specification and competitive pricing. After just 10000 miles I required AA asistance to repair a fractured coolant pipe. A temporary repair lasted a further 5000 miles without any problem, until a Citroen replacement could be sourced. This lasted only another 8000 miles before again fracturing in an identical weld position. The AA patrolman who made the 2nd repair advised me not to replace the part as he had recently been called to three identical failures. Interestingly, the temporary repair has now lasted twice as long as two genuine parts combined although Citroen deny there is a fault. From time of purchase, the door hinges and door release quality was poor. The drivers door was difficult to close without force (until the retainer fell apart). The side loading door generates an alarm in the cab to indicate an imaginary open door and, additionally, prevents the central locking from working. The rear door releases fell out in the first week of ownership. Again, from time of purchase, attempting to reverse up any sort of incline will result in either excessive judder or clutch-burning. After approx 25000 miles I noticed a grinding noise from the steering column when maneuvering at slow speeds. According to Citroen, the vehicle is unsafe to drive and requires a replacement steering rack. I was not aware that a steering rack is required at 25k mile intervals! If you want a comfortable driving position, well laid out and high spec cab then buy a Relay. However, if you would prefer a reliable large panel van that spends more time on the road than in the workshop, then buy anything else!

Submitted: 2008-05-27 | ID: 38393

Neil Ramey, Leicestershire

Citroen Relay 2.0HDi 1100 SWB 2005

4 star review

Good van, works hard. Nice and quiet and very comfortable cab. Fully adjustable seat and steering column make it very easy to find the perfect driving position and lots of space for stowing odds and ends. Good access to load space in the rear. Good all round reliable van.

Submitted: 2007-11-22 | ID: 38392

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