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Citroen Dispatch Combi consumer car reviews and road tests

2.5 stars - average customer rating
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Citroen Dispatch Combi consumer reviews by year of make: 2002  2008  2009  2010 

Citroen Dispatch Combi consumer car reviews

Robert Horton, Buckinghamshire

Citroen Dispatch Combi 2002

2 star review

The battery light on my dispatch van comes on when I am driving and the heater fan goes fast and slow then stops. The green relay on the fuse board makes a clicking sound and it gets hot.

Submitted: 2012-07-10 | ID: 38099

Oliver Leamy, Ireland

Citroen Dispatch Combi LWB 2008

2 star review

At 4 years old and 135k kms the third anti-roll bar needs to be replaced, so I will now be on my forth! The clutch is also failing. I use the van to carry some cameras, very light gear, and being a geriatric I don’t drive fast. While it is a lovely van to drive it is ridiculously expensive to maintain. This is my sixth van, but my first Citroen and I have never had such an unreliable purchase. Back to Renault again.

Submitted: 2012-06-30 | ID: 38098

Neil Hardy, Perthshire

Citroen Dispatch Combi Combi L2H1 2008

4 star review

I’ve had the Combi version for just over a month now and use it as a private hire taxi, work which it is ideal for. Easy to drive, and as someone has already said, it handles and accelerates like a car. Obviously it is slightly wider, but no longer than a large estate car. The equipment level is OK for my needs; elec windows/mirrors, air-con, CD stereo, speed detecting wipers. I would have liked reversing sensors, but getting the system fitted for this so not a problem anymore. I like the seat config options, although for my uses the single seats are on the ’French’ side of the vehicle so awkward for loading 3rd row passengers. It is extremely economical, having collected it from Surrey and driven it back to Perthshire in Scotland on 3/4 tank, covering 528 miles - what more can you ask for? Yes it can rattle sometimes on rough roads and it can be noisy inside on occasion, however, don’t forget this is based on a van body/chassis, it’s not a Merc Vito guys!! Overall I’m very impressed. The Dispatch Combi is the same as the Peugeot Expert Teepe so much of a muchness in the two, but I can’t fault it for what it is!!

Submitted: 2012-01-19 | ID: 38096

Marlene, Scotland

Citroen Dispatch Combi 2009

2 star review

We have had this Dispatch Combi from new and it’s now nearly out its warranty. Even though the Dispatch is comfortable and lovely to drive we have had problem after problem. It has been in the garage and had three anti roll bars because the bushes have gone. It’s also had one droplink and a wishbone on the passenger side. The roof pops like a tin can if window is even slightly open and the doors rattle. The breaks didn’t work right and that turned out to be a recall. Now the paint work is peeling off!

Submitted: 2011-11-02 | ID: 38097

David Dunne, Ireland

Citroen Dispatch Combi 2008

2 star review

I have a Dispatch less than 2 yrs and drive shaft is going on it, one of many problems with it, would never buy another Dispatch or any Citreon cars again. They have to be the worse make ever, don’t know why I bought it in the first place, biggest mistake I ever made.

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Having the same problem. Had gearbox replaced under warranty in June and it’s gone again, drive shaft is gone as well and they think this is what caused the gearbox problem - J Forbes from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-07-15 | ID: 38094

Jim Dudley, Essex

Citroen Dispatch Combi 2010

4 star review

No bad reports here for the Citroen Despatch yet lots of bad reports for the identical Peugot Partner Tepee. Is there a difference in the construction which makes the Citroen better?

Submitted: 2010-05-24 | ID: 38093

Connie Barrett, Essex

Citroen Dispatch Combi 9 Seater 2009

3 star review

I’ve had this car/van on loan to test drive for 3 days. it looks stylish and a few people turned heads to have a closer look in car parks and along the road. comfortable seating with adjustable head rests for passengers seats able to fold right up fantastic space. all levers very strong. with all 9 seats still plenty of space for further luggage . Front middle passenger seat not suitable for an adult difficult to drive. Road handling : very much felt like driving a car as opposed to a van. Nippy and great excelleration. Very noisy inside, gear change not smooth, although reasonably comfortable to drive not recommended for long driving journeys, child lock and ability to lock sliding doors from driver seat very good features, back door difficult to open in an emergency, sliding doors on both sides a real plus point, fully efficient.

Submitted: 2010-04-11 | ID: 38092

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