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Citroen Dispatch

2 stars - average customer rating
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Citroen Dispatch consumer car reviews

Simon, Conwy

Citroen Dispatch 2007 - 2015

1 star review

Bought this van 6 months ago, I've changed the turbo twice and Citroen gives no warranty on its turbos. The person I bought it off did exactly the same. Citroen is a joke! Rubbish van, Rubbish company. Avoid the 1.6 like the plague!

Submitted: 2015-08-26 | ID: 120386

steve, Greater Manchester

Citroen Dispatch 2007 - 2015

2 star review

i have had a 10 plate for 2 years , so far it has had a new clutch and a week after a new gear box, new drums and new discs, 8 pairs of front brake pads, you are lucky if you get 3 month out of them. it has had injector valve seals done 4 times , worse vans ever , a total pay pay pay every other week and all expensive bills

Submitted: 2015-04-02 | ID: 114218

steven moon, Yorkshire

Citroen Dispatch 2007 - 2015

3 star review

Hi there, my management light came on the other day, I topped it up with oil then it went off. I parked it up last night, came to start it in the morning and it won`t start, it`s ticking over but just isn`t firing. Can somebody help with this?

Responses to this review

I was contemplating getting the dispatch as there was one going for a song. After all those comments here I will not touch on. My Vito that I want to replace has done 524.000 km and has given no problems. Guess I will get another one of those. - Thorsten Biermann from South Africa

I was contemplating getting the dispatch as there was one going for a song. After all those comments here I will not touch on. My Vito that I want to replace has done 524.000 km and has given no problems. Guess I will get another one of those. - Thorsten Biermann from South Africa

Submitted: 2014-06-22 | ID: 98235

keith doran, County Armagh

Citroen Dispatch 2007 - 2015

3 star review

suspension warning light has come on in my dispatch,log book is telling me it is the pneumatic suspension.what does this mean and what is the cost of getting this fixed

Submitted: 2014-05-25 | ID: 96141

Lisa Scurry, England

Citroen Dispatch 2010

1 star review

I bought 2 of these vans from new and they have been nothing but trouble. Luckily the warranty covered most of the problems but they do not repair very quickly and can take weeks. This has cost me a fortune in hire vehicles in the meantime. One vehicle has now just come out of warranty and the gearbox and clutch has gone for the 3rd time so am hoping that Citroen do not want to fight me on this. They are trying to say it is down to my drivers but we have very low mileage on the vans and the van has been used by 2 different drivers over the years and still happening. The last gearbox was changed 15 months ago. I advise any person with one of these vans to get rid of it as soon as the warranty runs out and make sure you get replacement vehicle cover.

Submitted: 2013-11-06 | ID: 38087

Tony Booker, Buckinghamshire

Citroen Dispatch 2009

1 star review

If I could have selected a zero star rating I would have. When I purchased the vehicle new in 2009 the local test drive appeared to show a vehicle ideal for my purpose. Having taken delivery I discovered a very severe drift to the nearside. When I say serious I mean at 70mph from the outside lane of a motorway across all lanes and down the embankment inside 200yrds if you did not fight the steering. Citroen did not want to know and said it was ’camber sensitive’! I took the vehicle to an independent assessor who said the vehicle was ’not fit for purpose’ That cost me £175. After yet still more rows with Citroen (dealer and central) and three attempts on their part to improve the situation it was no better. They called in one of the roving trouble shooters (Steve) who was great. I drove him out and showed him the problem and he was astonished at how bad it was. He had a personal involvement in getting the 4 wheel alignment and suspension set up correct, put on new front tyres and gave it back to me working well but, yes, a little camber sensitive. At 15000 miles it started to sound like a jack hammer under the vehicle and I discovered the bushed on the anti roll bar were shot. It is impossible to change the bushes so a whole new roll bar cost me £358. It was my choice not to ask Citroen to do it under warranty but I simply could not face their local mechanics doing it. Now at 30,000 miles the bar needs changing again. Basically, that means a new bar every year. I ventured back to Citroen and they said ’we recognise there is a problem with these bars - we change loads’ I asked if any upgrade had been developed - ’no’ was the answer. I asked if it was not perhaps right that there should be and that vehicles were re-called. ’Not up to me’ was the response. So, I asked where I stood. I was told the local dealer would speak to central who may offer a contribution to repair. They would expect us to as well but I will refuse because we have not made any money from you as you have not had the vehicle serviced here.........’ Is there any wonder? I asked him. I spoke to local mechanic (a proper one) and having looked at the bar he said ’I am sure I can get those fittings apart and we can fit just the bushes’ I have since looked on line and it is possible to buy complete bracket and bush kits for £49.99. After that all you would need to do is replace the bushes which would be pennies. I will never, ever darken Citroen’s door again. I think the company is a disgrace and I will make it my business to make as many people aware of this as possible.

Submitted: 2013-10-14 | ID: 38088

Tom H, Staffordshire

Citroen Dispatch 2007

1 star review

Bought the van at 50,000 miles felt like a good van during test drive. 2 weeks later the front suspension started making a loud horrible banging noise, the fuel coolant clips broke and were hanging loose underneath thr van, the fuel level sensors broke and the door handles pulled off. Generally speaking it is rubbish with cheap build quality. Having spoken to other owners these are all common problems. I’m constantly having to pay out to repair one thing or another. Save your money and get a Vivaro/Transporter.

Responses to this review

Can’t speak for the Transporter but DO NOT GET A VIVARO - from England

No go for Vivaro! - Simon Wright from England

Submitted: 2013-02-01 | ID: 38072

J W, Cheshire

Citroen Dispatch 1.6 L1H1 2008

1 star review

Absolutely awful van. It was ok for two years, as soon as it exceeded 30,000 it went back to the dealer 14 times in under 12 months, often for the same fault. The Chester dealer often had it for weeks at a time because they couldn’t fix it and every time it came back it was worse. Suspension problems, whole new clutch, countless exhaust covers, 3 fuse boxes, new seatbelt clips the list goes on. It would constantly shut down and loose all power with the usual warning lights, sometimes when accelerating up an entry slip road, not fun!! An absolute bag of misery! I don’t thrash my vans, but the engine felt like it had done 200,000 miles; it was slow, noisy and drank oil. I now drive a Vivaro Sportive and it’s fantastic, a different league of van altogether.

Submitted: 2013-01-06 | ID: 38071

Noel Kendall, England

Citroen Dispatch 1.6 HDI 2007

3 star review

I bought my Dispatch from a dealer 2 years ago and it had a noisy squeal when braking, usually during wet weather. Many visits later and they still didn’t cure the problem. I have taken to my local garage to sort and they have changed a brake drum, but I still get creaking when applying brake pressure. In all I have spent loads getting various things fixed, but what I am saving in fuel economy I am wasting in garage bills. Not very impressed. My advice is pay the extra and buy a VW.

Responses to this review

Don’t be silly, I have for my sins bought a VW Crafter and from the first turn off the key trouble started; mass air flow, egr, turbo, five injectors, dp filter, cam shaft, diesel return pipe. Never in my time have had such bad shit. Transit 360000 trouble free - from England

Submitted: 2012-09-03 | ID: 38075

Heath Stroud, Australia

Citroen Dispatch Diesel 2009

1 star review

I own a fleet of delivery vehicles and was impressed with the Dispatch on a test drive. As its functionality suited my needs I bought two of them . Biggest mistake ever . The front CV joints have needed to be done on both vans at 70000km and again on one van at 140000km. A full rebuild on brakes, discs and rotors etc., at 90000km on both vans. Being in Australia there is a 6 weeks minimum wait for any parts. The new keyless entry remote costs $470 to replace. These are the worst investment ever.

Submitted: 2012-05-18 | ID: 38077

David Ward, Staffordshire

Citroen Dispatch L1H1 2.0hdi 2009

1 star review

It’s had a new crank at 9mths, new front anti-roll bar at 12 mths and a new driver’s door lock and reverse gear cable at 18 mths. It now has knocking from the rear suspension and a clicking c.v. joint. All this and it’s not three years old ’til September 2012 and has only done 31000mls. A really bad van, unlike the old model of which I had three. I got this model because I thought it was tough, how wrong can you be? You only have to look at it the wrong way and it something goes wrong. Do not buy one of these vans. Be warned! Twin sld good though.

Submitted: 2012-03-19 | ID: 38082

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James Whybrow, Kent

Citroen Dispatch 1.6 hdi 2009

1 star review

This is the worst van I’ve ever had and I’m a service engineer! Over the years I’ve had Ford Transits, Vivaros, Merc Vitos etc., but this has been back to the main dealer 7 times for problems with the back brakes and twice now the turbo jacket has broken. The anti roll bar had to be replaced as did the clutch release bearing after 32k, which meant a complete new clutch, which Citroen said wasn’t covered by the warranty although it wasnt even a year old! It’s had three exhaust covers, which look like tin foil and keep cracking and a new steering pump due the bolts vibrating loose and falling out. It goes through brake pads in 17000 miles if you’re lucky and burns oil like no tommorow. Do yourself a favour, avoid this van at all costs if your business relies on your van staying on the road!

Responses to this review

Must have been a fri pm model. I have had a few of these vans both badged Citroen and Fiat, both have been ok apart from the baulky keyfob and a side door coming off its runners. Should try a VW Transporter new front model, I am on first name terms with most RAC workers as there are many known issues that were known before vw released it. Complained to VW and in so many words were told I am a guinea pig for them testing it out. Wouldn’t mind but we have 3 of these vans, all with the same issues. So if you like the looks then buy one if you want reliability decent dashboard space for work buy a Transit Vivario - John Macca from England

Submitted: 2012-02-13 | ID: 38085

Chris Barratt, Kent

Citroen Dispatch 1.6 L1H1 2009

2 star review

Not really impressed with the build quality at all. The Van has been back to the main dealer for 1). Driver’s window falling into the door when I wanted to open it. 2). Went into the dealer 5 times for the same fault as they just replaced the part rather than getting to the cause, which was a burnt out wiring loom. In the end they found it and replaced it, and to this day the heater still works. It’s now going in again because at 30000 miles the suspension has started to knock really bad! I have been told it may not be covered under warranty!! I can’t wait until the end of my four year lease on this van! The trouble is, what do I buy? All the new cars and vans seem to be poorly made these days! The only positive outcome of owning this van is I get loaned one everytime it goes back in for repair, so I can carry on working.

Submitted: 2012-02-10 | ID: 38083

Chris Barrett, Kent

Citroen Dispatch L1H1 1.6 HDI 2009

2 star review

Poor quality materials, been in the dealership as window fell into the door, then the heater fan packed up. After 5 replacement controls, they finally found the problem linked to a burnt out wiring loom. Also been in for a recall on pas pump bracket. It burns oil, using a litre approx every 700-1300 miles and now I have knocking suspension! And why does the damn washer pump fuse blow every time there are freezing conditions! Changed it three times in a week! Apparently it’s a safety feature, not to over load the electrical system. Never had that before, on any car or van. All this and only 32,000 miles on it. The only good thing is Barretts of Canterbury are very helpful. Never again!<br /><br />

Submitted: 2012-02-10 | ID: 38084

Leslie Dunne, Ireland

Citroen Dispatch 2009

1 star review

The van has had recall after recall for: Rear brakes, up take valve and some other valve? Now a power stearing fault, which is another recall. I have never in all my life been so upset over a van. I am thinking very strongly about going the full legal road with Citroen. The casing on the turbo is a bean can and complete dirt; A fault that Citroen want me to pay for. There’s rust on the back axel, which is so bad in a year or two it will not pass an Irl DOE cert. This is a fault ridden wreck and if Citroen were anyway honest, they would have put their hands up  and admitted they got it wrong, big time, and recall all of them! I will never, ever trust this company again. Sad, sad company shame on the Citroen name.

Responses to this review

We also are disgusted with Citroen and our dealer. Purchased Citroen Dispatch November 2009. First power windows started going up and down on own - repaired twice. Then headlights blow, both at same time, replaced globes 4 times. Fuel pump replaced, power steering went, we were told it had water in and had rust so no warranty - cost us $2600.00 to get repaired, recall on brakes, the latest is turbo, replaced once back on road for 2 days and went again off road all up 5 weeks costing us $2500.00 for a hire van to keep business running they ended up replacing entire fuel system. Finally got call today to say car is running better than ever. I dont think so... We also have had legal advice and are now considering which way to go. Anyone with any info what so ever please comment as all these blogs are going to be given to our lawyer - Wayne Fellows from Australia

Submitted: 2012-01-02 | ID: 38080

Robert Laidlaw, Berwickshire

Citroen Dispatch L1H1 1200 120HDI 2007

4 star review

A great van. I bought this second-hand almost a year ago now. 20,000 miles later and it has just needed the usual discs and pads, with not much else having gone wrong. I would have given 5 stars, but economy is the only draw back. The bigger the van the more junk you put in it!

Submitted: 2011-12-09 | ID: 38079

Christopher Columbus, Hampshire

Citroen Dispatch 120 swb 2007

1 star review

I read all the reviews and decided it would be best to buy from a main Citreon dealer, what a mistake! The van has been nothing but trouble, although the dealer has at all times been helpful and lent us a van when it’s been off the road for repairs. The repairs so far have been both the cv boots split at the same time a new turbo was fitted, both the drop links were replaced and the front anti roll bar replaced. The gearbox drain plug washer is faulty spraying geabox oil everywhere, hopefully the gearbox has suffered no damage, but will have to wait and see. It needs new front discs and pads, the bumper is missing fixings and we have only done 6000 miles since we bought it! I thought it would be safe to buy fron a Citroen main dealer with the Citroen warranty, but how wrong we were. Our last van was the old Citroen Dispatch, a W reg 1.9 turbo bought from a back street dealer and was a great little van with no real problems for five years. This new Dispatch is rubbish compared to the old version, which was much better made.

Submitted: 2011-11-07 | ID: 38078

Julie Turner, England

Citroen Dispatch 2008

1 star review

This van is the worst I have ever known for reliability. I purchased it from new and it has spent more time in the garage than out. The suspension had to be replaced within 6 months of buying it, the gear box was replaced 12 months ago and it has now gone again and the seats have been replaced as the springs went, which have also gone again. The rear discs locked up and nearly caused us to crash. Sensors keep cutting the engine off; normally when you are overtaking at 70 mph so you loose the steering as well, great fun! I really am suprised I’m still alive. Never, ever would I get another Citroen.

Submitted: 2011-07-08 | ID: 38070

Jon W, England

Citroen Dispatch 1.6 HDI 2008

1 star review

Bag of misery!! It was ok at first but after 12 months it declined into awfulness. It’s been in the garage almost as much as on the road. I seem to spend more time in loan vans. Been in at least 8 times in the past few months, sometimes for the fault that it went in for in the first place. It’s had 3 fuse boxes, injectors, fuel pump, fuel primer, fuel pipes, gear selector, gear cables twice, starter motor, exhaust cover, dipstick holder (came off in my hand when checking the oil), constant repeated engine warning lights, it drinks oil, smokes when cold and now feels slow and noisy. It’s only done 35k miles!! like all French cars, avoid at all costs! it’s not worth the money you save initially, I’m lucky it’s a work van under warranty so I never have to pay anything, I would have set fire to the damn thing by now!

Responses to this review

Hi, could you please let me know what was the main cause of the problems on your van because mine is doing exactly the same but out of warranty - Alan Round from Nottinghamshire

Submitted: 2011-02-25 | ID: 38062

Declan Brouder, Ireland

Citroen Dispatch L2 H1 120BHP 2007

5 star review

After selling my Ford Transit (which was hopeless) I decided to take a gamble, and purchased a 2007 Dispatch L2 H1 120Bhp. And what an astonishing van. Nippy on the road, 44mpg, and very comfortable and quiet on long journeys. Coming up to 91,000km and never ever let us down. Any one needing a strong van to tow anything will not be disappointed. The Dispatch can easily pull a 14ft long trailer with two heavy lawnmowers on it. A brilliant brilliant brilliant van.

Submitted: 2010-10-30 | ID: 38069

John Evans, Isle of Anglesey

Citroen Dispatch 2009

1 star review

Biggest heap of rubbish ever had!

Responses to this review

Why did they not do a full recall of all Citroen Dispatch 1.6 hdi? They are not fit or safe for the road - Leslie Dunne from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-09-01 | ID: 38064

John, Northumberland

Citroen Dispatch 2008

1 star review

Bought from new, it was recalled Sept last year to replace a valve. This valve has now blown and as a result it requires a new engine. It’s not guaranteed because it was fitted for free. The man at the garage said it’s the 3rd dispatch he’s had in this year with the same problem. The milage has always been between 40,000 and 50,000. It has also been back and forward to the garage 8 times for differant problems ranging from roll bar failure to faulty electric windows. It will now cost the best part of £5,000 to get this heap back on the road. Avoid at all cost as it totally unreliable.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Hi John, I am very interested in your report here and wonder if you can give me any more info on the recall for the valve replacement? What was the valve replaced and what was the reason for replacing it? I am asking because I have a 2007 Dispatch 1.6 Hdi and the Engine and turbo have just blown. It only has 33,000 miles on the clock and is just 4 months out of warranty - it is at the citreon main dealers garage at the moment - they want Ł6,500 to fit a new engine and turbo !!. they have been in touch with Citroen UK who say there is no entitlement for any monetary recompense "goodwill" toward the cost of repairs as it is out of warranty - I am totally gutted - the cause of the "total meltdown was apparently a siezed oil pump and a blockage in the oil uplift pipe"? I am awaiting a call as we speak from Citroen UK to see if I can convince them otherwise. Can anyone help/advise on what I should do now/next - from Angus (Forfarshire)

Hi mate, having same problem. 45000 miles - 2007 1.6hdi. Oil pump seized due to pickup feed pipe blocking. Citroen said touch but I am chasing them. The dealer been excellant but I have to pay £3,500 plus VAT. I will chase them afterwards as this seems to be a common fault - Dave Knight from Kent

Submitted: 2010-08-27 | ID: 38066

Don Moore, Shropshire

Citroen Dispatch L1 H1 1200 120 HDI 2007

4 star review

Bought the vehicle from new, have to say it has not missed a beat, coming up to 50k on the clock, goes like a rocket. Looking to change it now, considering a Vivaro sportive but reading the horror stories on here will think again. Depreciation seems high, best offer so far on a part chop is 6k+vat, 16k new. This seems to follow with the 2 Berlingos I had previously, again faultless vehicles. Parts are expensive, £180 for tyres, £80 for front pads, however, servicing is reasonable, usually £150 - £200. This one has all the whistles and bells , AC/ESP/Alarm etc but all are dealer options and can get quite expensive. Mainly used for distance as I work nationally, comfortable and easy to drive, gutsy and plenty of poke. No issues at all, mainly everyday wear and tear. Would have given 5 stars but for depreciation/parts etc.

Responses to this review

Hi Don, have you sold it yet? I might be interested - Andi Straw from Shropshire

Submitted: 2010-04-03 | ID: 38060

Gary Burrows, Norfolk

Citroen Dispatch 2.0lt 2008

5 star review

The best van ever! I have had mine now for six months. The 2.0lt version; no problems what so ever!

Submitted: 2009-01-26 | ID: 38091

Jason Dunlop, County Antrim

Citroen Dispatch 1000 HDI 90 SWB 2008

5 star review

After hearing so many horror stories about the Renault Traffic/ Vauxhall Vivaro, I chose the Citroen Dispatch. What a great choice I made , its a wonderful vehicle to drive and even the standard HDI 90 swb van, the one I have purchased, is a real hard working van, with plenty of space and its really very sharp when you put your foot down. It comes with ABS, electric windows, emergency brake assist and Sat Navigation, all as standard. Servicing is approx every 20000 miles and the materials used in this van are very good quality indeed. Its really no wonder that this van has been given such great reviews and is International Van Of The Year 2008. If you want a van that drives and handles like a car, is nippy, has a great payload, lots of space, lots of shelving for your bits and pieces and holds its value, then forget the rest and buy the best. 5 out of 5 for me.

Responses to this review

What Peugeot dealership do you work for and how can you tell such blatant untruths? This van has more problems than the Queen and that’s saying something - Michael Sharpe from Australia

Submitted: 2008-12-29 | ID: 38089

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