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Citroen C5 consumer car reviews

Patrick o Sullivan , Ireland

Citroen C5 2008 - 2017

2 star review

At 90 mlies . No problem with engine or gearbox, have fitted two new shocks , steering rack ,and every bushing and ball bearing on the front of the car , window winder passenger side lovely car to drive and very comfortable but cost too much to keep on the road , had the older type c5 much better car, would not buy another citroen

Submitted: 2016-10-06 | ID: 135744

edwin milner, West Yorkshire

Citroen C5 2001 - 2004

4 star review

My 2002 C5 car I have loved all these years has started making a tyre slapping noise over bumpy roads and anything similar. There does not seem to be anything wrong with hydraulic suspension, the car has sailed through the MOT. Am I worrying about nothing is it normal? I run it with a full petrol tank.

Submitted: 2015-04-19 | ID: 114919

Dermott O'Neill, Ireland

Citroen C5 2004 - 2008

4 star review

Retired my C5 estate after nearly ten years of family motoring and 250Km, only let me down once on the road when the clutch release bearing collapsed. Yes, loads of minor niggles, and now finally dpf imminent demise and heater controls failure, and a well dented body from a learner driver, has finished it off. But, it was the most comfortable car to drive.

Submitted: 2015-04-13 | ID: 114650

bernard Henry, Antrim

Citroen C5 2004 - 2007

4 star review

My c5 estate is giving problems with the power sometimes it goes great and other times it goes as if the turbo is not working my garage has replaced three parts but no improvement.

Submitted: 2014-10-13 | ID: 104572

Drobota Cosmin, Romania

Citroen C5 2008 - 2017

4 star review

Hi all, I've got suck with a Citroen C5 3 - 2008 - 130.000 KM - 1.6 Diesel - that it's causing a lot of headaches What happens: When turning the key I hear only a " click clack " sound on the left hand side of the steering well l and it doesn't turn. All the light indicators from dashboard/air con / lights /radio - windows/door locks - work fine . After several hours or the next day it will turn without any problem, till it re-occurs When it Re-occurs : While driving - the engine stops and it doesn't turn at all While having the engine on but not driving ( tried it and it stopped) It happens randomly - not a certain number of kilometers/time/usage What I have tried : New battery - Did not work -does exactly the same I have tried to push it in 2nd gear and start it - doesn't work. Checked all fuses next to the battery and ECU under the hood - all of them are ok ( no burnt signs) Tried to link the minus from the battery to the engine ( thought that it might be a minus broke )- didn't help Tried to connect with a computer diagnosis system - when I'm unable to power the engine(when all of the above happen) I'm unable to connect to the ECU .- it sees the ECU but I'm unable to do any diagnosis on it . When the car starts - I'm able to connect without any problems If any ideas please let me know. Thank you .

Submitted: 2014-10-13 | ID: 104544

Steve Powell, England

Citroen C5 2008

1 star review

I’m a taxi driver in Worthing. I bought my C5 two years ago. It is the worst car I have ever owned! Looks great, drives ok. But reverse lights are not bright enough. Glove box is too small and badly designed. Door pockets bad shape for hands to pull stuff out of. Rubber door seals flatten. Both front window mechanisms have had to be replaced, I’ve never had a window mechanism break in over 20 cars. Inside driver door handle broke. To replace, its over £300. Trim came off from edge of windscreen. And now for the mechanics of the car, badly built, parts too expensive from main dealer. For example, a bush gets worn, the dealer will only sell a huge great expensive part (£300+) for this little bush. I managed to get the bush elsewhere for £30. Air con top up from Citroen they told me I needed to spend over £300 on a part to make aircon work. Another local garage put gas in and it worked fine. Parts wear much quicker than other makes. Will never buy a Citroen again in my life. Please read this before not buying one. Bad car!

Responses to this review

Wish I had read your report before I bought my 58plate C5. Clutch went at 40500 miles. (£1200) Steering rack seals went at 60000 miles. New part from Citroen quoted at £1000, so found re-con for £250. Plus lots of other little niggly things. And as you say the the glove compartment and storage space is rubbish! The cloth interior is of poor quality. Like you, never another Citroen. - Jim Jones from England

Hi, I was just wondering where you got your re-con steering rack from as I have also been quoted £1200 for a new one. Thanks - Terry Dobbin from

Hi, I was just wondering where you got your re-con steering rack from as I have also been quoted £1200 for a new one. Thanks - Terry Dobbin from

Submitted: 2013-09-14 | ID: 37954

M Dowling, Ireland

Citroen C5 2.0 HDI auto 2003

4 star review

Citroen C5s are complex cars and should only be serviced / repaired by a Citroen specialist (not a main dealer). My 2003 C5 HDI auto has completed 205,000 relatively trouble free miles. There have been electrical issues - most notably an immobiliser fault which occurred while the vehicle was still under warranty. The original main dealer could not cure the fault and the car was sent by them to 2 other main dealers - they could not find the problem. I found a Citroen specialist who sorted it out and it has been trouble-free ever since. Both the suspension system and the auto gearbox are sealed for life. I have had them both serviced with a change of oils / fluids every 100,000 miles. Again - only a specialist should work on these vehicles. The wrong hydraulic fluid in the suspension system will destroy it. The auto box requires a special grade of ATF and must be reset electronically when the fluid is changed. Engine oil and filter are changed every 6,000 miles (I can do this myself as it is straightforward). C5s are heavy on front tyres and for some reason blow headlamp bulbs frequently. Other than this the car is comfortable, economical and reliable. Buy one but only if you have a friendly independent citroen specialist.

Responses to this review

Nice balanced review thanks. The current C5 with hydraulic suspension is reputed to have problems with the front struts - particularly RHS - I had mine replaced (2.0 HDi 160 Exclusive Tourer) at 2.8 years 50k miles and managed to get Citroen to cover parts but not labour. Who is your Citroen specialist? I have used both Mark Allen and Noel Dolphin in the past and find both good - Padraic Doyle from Ireland

Sorry, but that’s not quite true. The suspension system certainly isn’t "sealed for life" and many knowledgeable owners have fitted new Spheres, and of course, the system can be topped up by any half competent DIY’r. Anyone who wishes to buy a Lexia or Digi box for the newer Citroens can do a wealth of work on the car. Please don’t be put off by the "only qualified Citroen Mechanics" brigade, you can save a fortune. There is virtually nothing that can’t be done on the suspension, with the correct equipment and a little research. Like all modern cars, everything is now controlled by ECU’s, body control units etc, but there are many, many repairs that can be done by the cost concious owner. The French Car Forum is an excellent source of information for the determined home mechanic - Rick Ferries from Aberdeenshire

Submitted: 2013-04-24 | ID: 37951

Mick, England

Citroen C5 SX HDI 2.0 2009

1 star review

Has a Toyota Avensis that I put 110,000 on when the clutch died at a cost of £1000. So rather than fix it, it got traded in for "a BMW rival" from Citroen. Utter rubbish! Remembering my Toyota did 110,000 miles and nothing went wrong I bought my Citroen with high hopes. The good points are it is a big comfortable car, well equipped, has excellent brakes, with a peach of an engine and it looks good. The bad? Well here goes! After 58,000 miles I have had the drivers side door motor pack in. Then the passenger side got lonely so it died aswell. Then in winter I got a warning light "ABS failed stop the car". This happened each winter. The car spluttered to a halt going to ECO mode requiring a reboot; turn the key of and on. Then the radiator fan packed in, then both front bulbs blew due to some electrical fault. And worst of all and most dangerous, I was turning a 90 degree bend at 30mph when the arm holding the wheel on snapped in half. I hadn’t hit anything, ever, it just snapped. I could go on, but I won’t. I will never ever buy this make again. The Toyota cost a few £s more and now I know why.

Submitted: 2013-03-30 | ID: 37940

Bernard McGrail, Warwickshire

Citroen C5 2003

3 star review

I bought my C5 2.0 litre HDI with 40,000 from a car auction., no dealer warranty, so a bit of a.gamble! In 5 years I have done 120,000 and must say that it is my favourite car. It has never broken down or failed to start and is on its original battery and exhaust and needs no oil top up between 10,000 mile changes. Roomy, practical, economic, and a great ride. On the debit side it gets through brakes (discs, pads, cables) too fast, and the headlight bulbs go too easily and are a pain to change. It has electrical niggles with the temp gauge often on "hot" and the STOP sign goes on sometimes; I ignore them because I know the water and oil levels are fine. Tyres are expensive and need regular tracking. I do regular longer trips, so I do not have the anti pollution sensor problem. Maybe I have been lucky, but reading so many negative comments from others I would hesitate to buy another. I might stick to something more mundane, but less costly to run such as a Mondeo.

Responses to this review

I agree this car gives a great ride - P Beidas from England

Get a Mondeo??? I bought one with only 65k on the clocks and it burned more oil than the Iraqi army did before the invasion. Every car (if you do your homework properly) have inherent faults in the hardware and the software of the ECU you just cant get away from it these days. Fords have worn injectors, dodgy clutches, faulty piston rings, bad fly wheels and parts in the doors that fall off or rattle. Citroen/Peugot have their faults but no more than any others even if you go out and buy BMW's, Merc's , Audi etc. Any car you buy today as of 2015 and your in for trouble I will guarantee it. Given the complexity and the fact they are computer driven via a ECU you are inevitably going to have trouble and if taken to the dealership for repair are going to be hit with massive bills. The days of popping a folded up cigarette packet to gap your contact points in the distributor to get it running again are long gone. Diagnosis systems themselves in their own right are costly to purchase and are the main tool now for any repair on a modern car and even when you have one of these you can still chase faults that was presented by the failure of a completely different sensor that was reported to be the problem via the knock on effect. For example a Gendan hook up to my nephews Vectra said Coil pack and Engine Sensor Fault...about to go out and buy a set of very expensive coil packs I told him NO NO just buy the Cam shaft knock sensor and hey oh fault fixed and no more coil pack faults neither. Experience and logical thought are required for repair these days along with a fully functional read/program OBD hand hold diagnostic tool before you even lift the hood up. But be warned there is no such thing as trouble free motoring today with modern cars even if you buy Ford, Vauxhall, VW, Audi, Citroen, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW etc etc etc and if your told differently your being misled. I have a C5 and cant fault it YET but I know sooner or later I will eat those words. - Peter Waine from Merseyside

Get a Mondeo??? I bought one with only 65k on the clocks and it burned more oil than the Iraqi army did before the invasion. Every car (if you do your homework properly) have inherent faults in the hardware and the software of the ECU you just cant get away from it these days. Fords have worn injectors, dodgy clutches, faulty piston rings, bad fly wheels and parts in the doors that fall off or rattle. Citroen/Peugot have their faults but no more than any others even if you go out and buy BMW's, Merc's , Audi etc. Any car you buy today as of 2015 and your in for trouble I will guarantee it. Given the complexity and the fact they are computer driven via a ECU you are inevitably going to have trouble and if taken to the dealership for repair are going to be hit with massive bills. The days of popping a folded up cigarette packet to gap your contact points in the distributor to get it running again are long gone. Diagnosis systems themselves in their own right are costly to purchase and are the main tool now for any repair on a modern car and even when you have one of these you can still chase faults that was presented by the failure of a completely different sensor that was reported to be the problem via the knock on effect. For example a Gendan hook up to my nephews Vectra said Coil pack and Engine Sensor Fault...about to go out and buy a set of very expensive coil packs I told him NO NO just buy the Cam shaft knock sensor and hey oh fault fixed and no more coil pack faults neither. Experience and logical thought are required for repair these days along with a fully functional read/program OBD hand hold diagnostic tool before you even lift the hood up. But be warned there is no such thing as trouble free motoring today with modern cars even if you buy Ford, Vauxhall, VW, Audi, Citroen, Toyota, Mitsubishi, BMW etc etc etc and if your told differently your being misled. I have a C5 and cant fault it YET but I know sooner or later I will eat those words. - Peter Waine from Merseyside

Submitted: 2013-03-16 | ID: 37941

Chris Keane, Somerset

Citroen C5 Estate 2002

1 star review

I have written my blogs about these cars, but after all my research and positive refusal to admit defeat in making this car run correctly, it just makes me so angry to read about the expense and trouble that other drivers have experienced. I’ve had them all and it’s so wrong that manufacturers are allowed to make cars that are so overly complex and ridiculously expensive to repair, all with the intention to force owners into the expensive clutches of the main dealers, however, in doing so they produce a car that even the main dealers cant fix. The Citroens and Peugots fit this description, which in my opinion is why they have suffered a £5billion loss this year. People require RELIABILITY and reasonable running costs. I think some of the people who have experienced satisfaction with these cars are relative low mileage users. I would like to hear from owners trouble free over 100.000 miles! Read the blogs and leave them alone unless you are a lottery winner. Yes I know they have a great ride, but that’s about all the good you can say about them. After all the hundreds of cars I have owned I was never so glad to see the back of it.

Responses to this review

Join French Car Forums UK and you will see a great many C5 owners with very high mileage cars. Many of them service and maintain their own cars and have few problems. It’s a fallacy that these cars are too complex for owners to work on, and is often from owners who are not mechanically able, even on the most basic car - Rick Ferries from Aberdeenshire

Bought a 2002 2.0hdi estate in 2006 with 48,000 to deliver heavy books/gifts in for 3 years doing lots of stop/start motoring as well as long runs. More recently she still lugs bulky and heavy horse feed items miles down potholed country lanes nearly every day and sometimes something like a washing machine once a month. She’s now done 165,000 miles, still starts every time, still uses no oil and still does over 50mpg. Has had 1 new starter motor, 1 new battery, 1 new alternator, 1 new dual mass flywheel (and clutch as it wasn’t worth putting the old one back in when the flywheel was done), 1 broken suspension rod, several front headlamp bulbs and a lot of front tyres. I call this pretty much par for the course for the most comfortable workhorse I have ever had ( previous mondeo estate had similar mileage/repairs.) - Jen Harris from Dorset

I have a 2008 c5 est and I got it with 42000mils on the clock and I have had it for 2 yrs and it is now got 120000 on the clock and it has passed both of its mot's the only problem I have had is the steering rack and that has been my only problem and this was don under warranty as I took a 5 star out on it and it stll drives like new and I still love driving it shaun - shaun nicholls from Somerset

I have a 2008 c5 est and I got it with 42000mils on the clock and I have had it for 2 yrs and it is now got 120000 on the clock and it has passed both of its mot's the only problem I have had is the steering rack and that has been my only problem and this was don under warranty as I took a 5 star out on it and it stll drives like new and I still love driving it shaun - shaun nicholls from Somerset

Submitted: 2013-03-04 | ID: 37937

Garth Hudson, London

Citroen C5 2005

5 star review

We bought the C5 petrol automatic after having had a Xantia with which we were well pleased, particularly with the smooth comfortable ride. The C5 has now done 73000 miles and is a pleasure to use and drive. We bought the C5 for its comfort and also because we have to travel regularly off road over woodland tracks and to do this we raise the suspension giving the ground clearance of a 4WD. When the tracks are wet we use Citroen’s snow chains which give a good grip and do not churn up the ground: up slippery steeper slopes the ESP also helps. We find the self levelling of the hydraulic system is of great help when towing a boat or road trailer; the ample room with seats down is good for carrying equipment and the hydraulic raising and lowering is very useful for maintenance or wheel change. The Citroen roof racks are easy to fit and hold a good weight: long loads can be stabilised by rope to the towing eyes. In common with most modern cars the complexity of the electrical system would necessitate repair by Citroen, which is expensive. Regular servicing and mechanical repairs can be done by the owner. My wife finds that in common with most modern cars the view through the rear window is rather limited when reversing. A superb feature is the moving headlamps, which are controlled by the steering, a boon on dark winding country roads.

Submitted: 2013-01-19 | ID: 37936

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Mark Creed, Orkney Islands

Citroen C5 2.0Hdi Exclusive Auto 2008

5 star review

I’ve had the car (bought with 24k on the clock) now for 9 months and covered just over 8000 miles. I feel able to give a fair review of the car based on actual use, which includes normal day to day driving and two long trips (one to the south of England and one to the south of France). And the news is good. It’s a cracking motor. The interior exudes quality and appears durable with no rattles or squeaks and really is a pleasant place to reside. For the size of car its not the roomiest interior and my elderly parents found it slightly difficult to get in and out of (’It’s too low’ they complained), but carrying 5 adults back from a 250 mile trip to Aberdeen everyone was full of praise for the comfort and ride of the car. And this is its great strength. For long distances it is without equal in this class. Having recently been a passenger in one of the new Jaguar XJs I can honestly say the ride and comfort of the C5 is not far off those levels. There is no wind noise, no engine noise just serene sumptuous comfort mile after mile. I got out after a two day drive to France as if I’d just popped to the shops. When I first got the car I did think tyre roar was excessive, ruining the ambiance. Thankfully replacing the worn Michelin tyres on the rear with Continentals restored peace and tranquility. The car corners hard with plenty of grip and little or no body roll but even with the suspension in sport mode you always feel slightly detached from things. So its not a Focus or Mondeo when it comes to spirited driving, but then that’s the point. I will admit to having been a little worried about Citroen quality/reliability, but so far have had no problems. Everything works and more importantly feels like it will continue to do so. The car does feel well built. Based on my experience so far I would buy another C5, with the lure of a silky 3.0 V6 growing stronger...

Submitted: 2012-12-02 | ID: 37935

Peter Garratt, Lincolnshire

Citroen C5 2l hdi 138 vtr estate 2007

2 star review

I bought this heap of junk at 3 years old from a main dealer with 32500 miles on it. Thank God it had 12 month warranty as the lock senser packed up, the the washer bottle empty senser packed up, then it had a recall for a brake safety fault. Then a sudden surge from 10-20mph - very iffy while negotiating car parks, but the garage didn’t find a fault (now stick in 1st gear in car parks). Now at 5 years old it got clutch slip and having just had it back now the passenger side heater has packed up with an estimated cost of £750+ vat to fix it. My advice? Steer clear or get rid when the warranty runs out! On the plus side it’s very good on fuel and has averaged 45 towing a caravan to Somerset and it is also very comfy. I have driven Volvos for past 30 years and have never had a warranty job on any of the 5 models, with the biggest garage bill being £45 to fit a new uj in prop shaft. Methinks Volvo will be returning to my drive!

Submitted: 2012-11-03 | ID: 37934

Mariusz Korycki, Wiltshire

Citroen C5 HDi 110 2002

5 star review

I’ve had this car from new, an import from Denmark. It has covered 120K miles and taken me around Europe many times. I have had some niggly problems, which I rectified myself, but generally it is a very comfortable and reliable car. It has never failed me and starts every time, regardless of the weather. I replaced the battery only after 10 years and the exhaust after 8 years. The only problem is the air con, which needs recharging before every summer. This Citroen is a gem. My previous car, a Renault Laguna, was nowhere near that mark.

Submitted: 2012-08-18 | ID: 37948

Steve Blackmore, Staffordshire

Citroen C5 Estate 2009

1 star review

I’ve had all the problemss listed by other reviewers. What a load of rubbish!

Submitted: 2012-08-11 | ID: 37949

Dennis Ambler, Wales

Citroen C5 2.2 HDi SX 2002

3 star review

A Lovely car with great comfort. I have had it for four years and did not have much trouble for first two. The usual DPF faults which nobody seems to know too much about, but I have now educated myself and I would have saved a lot of money if I had searched when I got the car. It has cost me around a grand in the last year, brake pipes and cables, plus front calipers, jet out DPF, second temp sensor, replace radio, (S/H). The MPG is not as good as it was and the display is now stuck on one screen. I am going to change it before anything else goes.

Submitted: 2012-07-13 | ID: 37950

John Edward Bacon, Yorkshire

Citroen C5 2.0HD1 VTR SALOON 2007

2 star review

This was my fifth Citeroen. In was purchased from a main dealership in August 2010. The main problem is in the brakes; when the vehicle is washed and then left stood overnight the calipers seem to be stuck on. I have never experienced this problem with any of my previous Citroens. The car has been back to the main dealer in several occasions for this problem, but it has never been fully resolved. On one occasion the head mechanic came to our home to investigate the problem in situ, however, his only response after his inspection was that I should cover the wheels up at night after it had been washed!

Submitted: 2012-06-08 | ID: 37947

Paul Green, Norfolk

Citroen C5 2.2HDI AUTO EXCLUSIVE 2008

2 star review

I have owned a few cars over the years, but this one will definitely go down in history as one of the most problematic vehicles I have ever owned. Originally wanted a Renault Laguna Estate, but due to the lack of space inside and the electronic issues that this vehicle was suffering from I moved on from that idea. Sadly I made the mistake of moving onto a Citroen. I went to the main Citroen/Peugoet dealer in Norwich and told them what I wanted. I was told that I would have to buy new as they had absolutely no stock of the spec I wanted in their second hand stock. Anyway, to cut a long story short I believed what they told me, naiveley and bought my C5 from the one they had in stock as they told me that the top spec vehicles were hard to get hold of. From the time I picked the vehicle up from the dealer, the service from them was lacking. The vehicle should have come with a full tank, it had less than a quarter of a tank. The tow bar they fitted was so poorly fitted, that they had to replace the rear bumper due to the tow bar pushing up the bottom of the bumper and distorting it. For three year’s while it was under warranty it must have spent a good portion of that time, at the dealer. The faults ranged from, Anti-Pollution Fault, to Tyre Pressure Sensors telling me I had puntures on tyres which were perfectly servicable. They had to replace the drivers door window regulator under warranty, which didn’t fix the problem. They replaced the Anti-Pollution Sensor twice, which still didn’t fix the problem. One time I parked in a retail car park, and the front suspension started going up and down on it’s own. It looked like one of those American cars with the ridiculous suspension. I took it to the dealer, and the head technician who was the only person who seemed to know what he was talking about, said the vehicle was suffering from a software malfunction. Again, the vehicle had to be re-programmed. I had the ESP/ASR Malfunction come up out of warranty, which they couldn’t fix. The trouble is it came on again while we were on holiday in Cornwall and went into Limp Home Mode, which made the car almost undrivable. I took it to the Local Citroen Dealer in Cornwall and they managed to fix it just by reprogramming the vehicle. It has been fine since until about 2 weeks ago when the same message came up, but with different results. Now the suspension has gone as hard as a rock, and the traction control has stopped working. The car itself has been one of the most comfortable and spacious vehicles I’ve ever had, but with so many faults and mechanical failures I would never touch another Citroen car ever again. As for the dealer in Norwich, well my opinion of them couldn’t get any lower. As soon as I parted with over £19,000 they couldn’t have given a fig. They are without a doubt the worst Car Dealership I have ever dealt with and I have dealt with a few in my time. The Anti-Corrosion Warranty isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and that was proved when the passenger side rear door started going rusty, despite the car bodywork being galvanised at manufacture. Again the Dealership blamed it on stone chipping. When I pointed out that it was only on one lower door panel he just said, it’s not covered, simple as! It failed it’s first MOT, despite main dealer servicing, and had to have new rear brakes after just 3 years and 27,000 miles. Since then, I have had to replace the front brakes and hand brake cables as these became completely unservicable. Last year, I had too replace the steering rack, as this had started to leak. I have never had to replace a steering rack on any of my vehicles. As for Citroen themselves, when I phoned their customer service department I was basically told that any problems with the vehicle or the after sales service was between me and the Dealership in Norwich. To sum up my opinion of this vehicle, it’s a nice comfy car, but you need deep pockets to own one. As for Citroen, well they will never be able to sell me another one of their cars ever again. As for the Citroen/Peugeot dealership in Norwich, they don’t deserve to be in business. Buy German or Japanese, they are generally well built and much more reliable. The vehicle has now covered just over 80,000 miles. I tried selling it a couple of year’s ago before anything else went wrong with it. I didn’t get so much as a sniff. I guess I’m stuck with it until it becomes unservicable, it’s pretty much worthless money wise anyway. I just hope nothing major goes wrong with it, otherwise it will be a bike for me. You have been warned!

Responses to this review

My C5 is a 2008 2.0 hdi with only 42k miles and I too have had most of the problems you mentioned: - Anti pollution/cutting out - faulty ECU connection - Tyre Pressure sensors corroding - new steering rack - leaked fluid all over driveway - new suspension pump - clutch slipping - dealer didn’t want to know - drivers window regulator broken - air con not working despite being re-gassed last year, must be leak somewhere - temperature on dash reading -4 all the time... the car also failed its 1st MOT despite full dealer service - it really doesn’t inspire confidence in Citroen.... despite all this it is a lovely comfortable car to drive and I think it looks cracking. Every time I get things fixed I think ... right, nothing more can possibly go wrong... - David Gifford from Renfrewshire

Oh dear. I fell for the "German standard of engineering" adverts and bought a new C5 Oct 2008. Initially I used the Norwich main dealer too, but they were expensive and a waste of space. Here we go 3/20011 new track rod ball joint; 7/12 new lower swivel joint; 1/13 new parking sensors; 4/13 steering rack failure, part cost £900 & labour £500+. In 45 years of car ownership I have never had such a heap of rubbish. Citroen say it’s not unusual for these items to go "its wear & tear". Well it’s obviously so for their cars, but for no others I have owned. Avoid Citroen and their dealer at all costs. I cut my substantial losses and bought a Honda, a superb product and dealer. - Michael Eveling from Norfolk

Just to help a bit, if problems are still unsolved. 1. There is no such thing as antipollution sensor, so probably they just didn’t do anything and just said that because they didn’t know what to do? So here’s few most common reasons why this happens: -Maybe FAP is stuffed up, main reason for that is too much short trips with low speeds. It makes the burning appr. every 1000km (maybe more often), and when it makes it you should speed up at least to 60km/h and drive that (or higher) speed through that burning. Most important thing is not to turn off the car during that burning. -MAP sensor fault may cause it, but rare. -Old/bad battery is also very common reason. -Cleaning EGR might also do the trick. -If these won’t help, magical five ignitions should but those annoying warning light and texts away for a while, of course it is just a temporary solution. 2. ESP/ASR fault is very common at least on older C5s till 2008 I believe, maybe later models too. It comes probably because of broken brakinglight switch, it may also give you a fault when using cruise control, also braking lights won’t work everytime you brake. It might also harden up your suspension, if there’s no visible leakage anywhere from the suspension. Air con problems what was wrote on respond, the earlier model of the third C5 series had a one lousy length of pipe which will run out very quickly, it is in a bit tricky place, so it’s hard to see it, but there is a newer and better spare part for it. I remember that it changes the route a bit where the pipe goes. Every manufacturer has those monday-models, where everything is kinda f***** up, just bad luck I guess. For myself, I’ve had three Citroens, and every car has been just fine, no bigger problems, and no big costs too. Hope you get your car fixed and you can start enjoying the comfort it gives at it’s best - Si R from Finland

Submitted: 2012-04-09 | ID: 37943

Lee Flattery, England

Citroen C5 2.0L Diesel vtr+ 2008

4 star review

I have had 3 Citroens. The first one was a humble 1.4 petrol Xsara I bought in 1998, it’s done over 200,000 and my daughter still has it. My first c5 was the 1.8 petrol and despite a few minor bits and bats never let me down. I had it 8 years and it did just over 100,000 miles. In 2008 I treated myself to the new 2litre diesel, partly because I have now got a caravan. The only downside is that it’s no longer a hatchback. The only thing I’ve ever done is have them serviced properly, when it should be, with a mechanic who knows what he is doing. Citroens are practical, comfortable and reliable workhorses, but only if you look after them. They are not Audis or BMWs, those are expensive, prestige performance cars, which are just as bad if you neglect them.

Submitted: 2012-01-28 | ID: 37933

Chris Keane, Somerset

Citroen C5 HDI EX 2002

1 star review

Having had hundreds of cars, including cars I have built myself and five Citroen XM’s, and having done all my own maintainance, I bought a C5 against all the advice of my mates in the motor trade. I was convinced there was nothing I couldn’t fix, especially as all my mates are mechanics and have access to diagnostic equipment etc. I wont go into detail about everything we found out about these cars, or the work or money that went into mine; just read the fault blogs and say all of the above. There is an inherent inbuilt electrical fault in the computer’s BSI configuration, which they can’t cure and wont own up to. All I would say is don’t buy one, unless you are a lottery winner. I have got rid of mine at last so thank God and good riddance! I will be buying Japanese from now on.

Responses to this review

I bought an 02 plate 2 yrs ago with 100,000 on the clock,it has 160,000 now, have had no problems at all and it purrs like a pussycat - Alex Maxwell from Cheshire

Mine has done 112,000 reliable miles and has been free of the electrical niggles you have experienced. In my view the C5 is a most underrated car. All modern cars are complex and have electrical issues. The worst car I owned was a VW passat. I respect that your view is based on your experience but it's unfair to generalise. You don't always hear from C5 owners who's cars are running well. - Alistiar Lambert from Devon

Mine has done 112,000 reliable miles and has been free of the electrical niggles you have experienced. In my view the C5 is a most underrated car. All modern cars are complex and have electrical issues. The worst car I owned was a VW passat. I respect that your view is based on your experience but it's unfair to generalise. You don't always hear from C5 owners who's cars are running well. - Alistiar Lambert from Devon

Submitted: 2012-01-23 | ID: 37931

Cees ter Horst, Netherlands

Citroen C5 saloon 1.6THP automatic 2010

5 star review

Hello fellow drivers! I bought the car in early August 2010 with full options as a very competitive offer. So far the car has done 30.000 KM will full satisfaction. As experienced by other users there has been an elecronic issue a couple of times; the warning sign for engine failure went on, and it felt like the turbo was not working as the car would not accelerate. after some miles the car drives normally but the warning is repeated. After resetting the computer at the dealer the problem goes for a while. After two of these warnings the car will now be inspected by the dealer under warranty to solve the problem. Except for this electronic issue the car runs smoothly and without any problems at all. I enjoy every minute of driving it.

Submitted: 2011-11-21 | ID: 37924

Michael Wadsworth, Yorkshire

Citroen C5 1800 gl 2002

4 star review

I’ve had my C5 since 2004 with no problems and love it! I was just about to trade her in for a 2009 model, but after reading some of the negative reports I am now having sleepless nights, so methinks I will stick a bit longer with the old girl who has never let me down ....and put some solar panels upon the roof instead!!

Submitted: 2011-10-21 | ID: 37922

Andy, England

Citroen C5 VTR 2004

4 star review

I love this car with its HDI 2.0 engine. The ride is smooth and the car seems very stable on the motorway. The engine is responsive and easily climbs hills much better than my previous Ford TDDI 2.0. The car has quite a bit of room for the driver and front passenger. I’m not short, but I have to pump up the seat to maximum height. This is a used car and the only problem I’m having in the interior fan stops working, but I don’t know what is causing it yet. I can’t seem to find out where the fuse boxes are either as they seem quite concealed compared to other cars I have owned. The stereo system is not all that great, but I’m pleased with it. I will definitely recommend this car and I will also be very happy to buy another Citroen C5.

Responses to this review

Fuse box is the left hand side of the 'glove box' under a flap. If you don't use the car for a week the 'economy mode' will stop the fan working for around 20 minutes. I had this when I left the car at Gatwick airport. I have done 66,000 miles in my 58 reg C5. Its been very reliable, more so than my previous Jap Mitsubish Galant. It has now worn out a front shock and lower suspension arm bushes. Front brake disks are in need of replacing. Headlamp bulbs good for 50,000 miles. For tyres don't get Michellin. Get General Altimax UHP. half the price, quieter, more comfortable and longer lasting. About 15,000 miles on fronts and 30,000 on rears. The ride on my cars hydraulic suspension is no better than the sprung version. In fact I prefer the springs. Neither are very good. A similar size Merc or BMW is better. - from Berkshire

Fuse box is the left hand side of the 'glove box' under a flap. If you don't use the car for a week the 'economy mode' will stop the fan working for around 20 minutes. I had this when I left the car at Gatwick airport. I have done 66,000 miles in my 58 reg C5. Its been very reliable, more so than my previous Jap Mitsubish Galant. It has now worn out a front shock and lower suspension arm bushes. Front brake disks are in need of replacing. Headlamp bulbs good for 50,000 miles. For tyres don't get Michellin. Get General Altimax UHP. half the price, quieter, more comfortable and longer lasting. About 15,000 miles on fronts and 30,000 on rears. The ride on my cars hydraulic suspension is no better than the sprung version. In fact I prefer the springs. Neither are very good. A similar size Merc or BMW is better. - from Berkshire

Submitted: 2011-10-03 | ID: 37923

George Watson, Mid-Lothian (Edinburghshire)

Citroen C5 2008

5 star review

I bought my C5 in July 2008. I have driven less than 13000 miles. Whilst driving on the M20 bypass the car gave a bell sound from the dash followed by the engine completely cutting out and the message ENGINE OIL PRESSURE TOO LOW, appeared on the dash. This has happened 4-6 times recently and as well as being very dangerous it could cause a bad accident. I’m hoping the Citroen garage will find the propblem. (Fingers crossed.)

Responses to this review

Hi, I have had similar problems recently with my C5, but it have also reported several other error- messages at the same time. Such as "Gearbox faulty", ABS-faulty" etc. My car has an auto gearbox. My local garage think it can be a defective stoplight-switch. I hope so too! - Torbjorn Ugelvik from Norway

I’ve been having the same problem in what is otherwise an excellent car for my purpose. Can you advise what has been done to put this right and at what cost? - A Hurry from Aberdeenshire

It may be a long time since you wrote this above here, but I have tried to find out if there are more people who have experienced the problem that I have had on my Citroen C5 2 liter Exclusive was as unique as Citroen has claimed. The car started to stop already 400 meters from the car dealer the day I got the car in May 2008. Later, the family has had countless stops the messages from instrumenteene has flashed at us simultaneously with a clock as a strong "pling". The car stopped on the highway, in tunnels, on deserted stretches at night, but upon restarting the car it went again. Besides, I got the error signal is faulty gearbox and automatic transmission would then only enter the 5th provides. If I was so stupid that I stopped, it would only go in the 3rd provides. And it had to be at least two hours before it was resolved by itself again. Now I have found indications that Citroen system may have fooled me with the mistakes that have been on this car since it was new in 2008. I have almost not been believed when I told about this at the workshop and to the importer in Norway. They have four years left as if the error did not exist, then suddenly in March 2012, they say they do not trust the workshop I originally used, and asked in March 2012 if they can take your car to another repair shop. Then I later reported that they had found the errors that still had stored in the vehicle’s data, despite the fact that the previously claimed that they were not saved. They told me that they deleted the errors, but they came back, but when they finally replaced the "brains" were mistakes gone forever. I finally put the car dealer. It said it almost a year before it was fixed. I could not sell the car to someone, or replace it with those mistakes that I knew about - Leif Danielson from Sweden

Hi. I know your review was some time ago but I wondered what the outcome was as I’ve just had this oil pressure warning with no apparent reason or symptoms - Michael Mooney from Lanarkshire

Submitted: 2011-08-30 | ID: 37926

Rick Hough, England

Citroen C5 HDi SX 110 2007

5 star review

This is my 15th Citroen and easily the best car I’ve owned out of a total of 60 including Alfa, Jaguar, Ford, MG and Land Rover vehicles. It has been our main family transport for seven years and has covered 160k miles with no dramas and has never broken down. We can drive from Knusford to Nantes via Dover on a tank of diesel, four up with luggage and bikes on the back. It is comfortable, has adequate speed (my other car is an Alfa 156 and I like to "make progress" every now and again) and a huge electric sunroof; car manufacturers take note, we don’t all want air-con! The only components I have had to replace apart from service items (I do all my own servicing) are one door handle (snapped), a washer motor (my error no de-icer in it last winter) and the external temp sensor. If you are buying a C5 I would suggest you: 1. Learn how it works and what may go wrong. 2. Learn to look after it yourself. 3. Avoid main dealers if you need to get it repaired. 4. Buy one that has done a good 50k miles - it will have had all the big repair items replaced!

Responses to this review

But by 50k miles absolutely nothing had gone wrong with my C5. Now at 66k a few bits in the front suspension need replacing. We have a lot of speed bumps where I live! So buy a nearly new, not an old one. - from Berkshire

Submitted: 2011-07-29 | ID: 37925

Cathryn Baxter, Essex

Citroen C5 2008

3 star review

I waited for my C5 to be made, due to colour choice. Picked it up June 2008. I was really pleased, as it felt like real luxury, and was absolutely over the moon. Reading other drivers problems, I suppose my moan is not quite so bad, but it is still expensive. I have had to have two new tyres on the front June Last year, mileage only 14,400, they were almost bald. On having tracking and alignment checked yet again (third time), all wheels were out of whack. New tyres and alignment cost £398.00. Have just had the first MOT and health check, only to find that now my rear tyres need to be replaced, and my front ones are wearing on the inside. This is going to cost me another £400.00. I do feel paying £800.00 in just one year is really not good. I have driven many cars, in fact, 6 French made cars, this C5 is my seventh. I am so worried that perhaps, there is a fault with the rear axle that I am now going to pay quite a lot for a geometry check to be carried out. I had to have a new radio/cd player replaced under warranty also clutch sleeve, driver side window seal, plus the recall for strips on the windscreen. Having had these problems, I must admit I would not be keen to have another C5, which is a pity as it is a nice car.

Responses to this review

More likely than not it is your drop links that have gone. This makes the geometry totally out of whack. NOT your tracking! - Marcus Braga from England

Submitted: 2011-06-22 | ID: 37899

Mike Goode, Gloucestershire

Citroen C5 2.0 HDi VTR 2009

3 star review

This is really difficult as I love the car but it is now starting to be troublesome. Took delivery in May 09 and drove it for 2,000 effortless, comfortable miles through France. Up to 17,000 miles in 18 months and car was a dream. Then I noticed the clutch started to slip. Read all the stories about Citroen asking people to pay acontribution and sure enough my dealer did the same. Dug my heels in and had the £800 work done under warranty. At the same time Citroen did a software update which I think reduced power by some 10-15%. Now up to 20,000 miles, just booked service and yesterday the water pump has gone. Had disucssion about warranty cover and citroen say I have to pay or use separate breakdown cover to get car to the garage and they will reimburse breakdown costs IF it is a warranty job which leaves me out of pocket. Rang Citroen Assist who use the AA and they will recover and bill the garage. So great car, couple of serious reliability issues recently and not always made easy to sort out by the dealer.

Submitted: 2011-04-25 | ID: 37901

Graham Banks, Lancashire

Citroen C5 110BPH VTR 2004

4 star review

Hi! I bought this car at 7 months old with just over 16000 miles, it now has over 96000 miles. I have to say the best Citroen I have ever owned. The only problem other than general maintenance has been the alternator failing and that was over 90000 miles. I also had 2 rocker covers break shortly after the alternator, the car was nearly 6 years old, and fair credit to Citroen U.K, after writing to them they accepted and paid 30% of the bill, think that is great service. Other than these two issues, never had any problems and here’s hoping I get another few years worry free motoring. Cars age like the rest of us, so as they get older, problems do occur.

Submitted: 2011-04-10 | ID: 37902

Rolf Eriksen, Finland

Citroen C5 V6 Diesel Exclusive 2009

4 star review

My 2009 C5 V6 Diesel 204 Exclusive is now about 40,000 kms old. Have, since my first DS 21, driven exclusively Citroens with a short Saab unfaithfullness. Have experiences with DS, GS (lousy), AX, Xantia (superb) and C5 type 1, type 2 and, now, type 3. Am amazed by the quality of my C5. Silent, has enough power (my job requires a lot of travelling on the Autobanen in Germany). Almost problem free. Though: For cold winters (-25C) the car has some electronic problems. Fault messages are frequent "handbrake faulty" "suspension faulty" are familiar faults, which I ignore. After a brake in my warm garage everything is OK. The Diesel consumtion after my last 9000 kms is 8,0/100 kms. This includes 3000 kms in temperatures below -15 centigrades. Quite fair. Citroen has really upgraded their cars. Hopefully it does not reflect on the after sales price. It is nice to buy an exquisite car at a low price.

Submitted: 2011-04-02 | ID: 37903

Thue Damgaard, Denmark

Citroen C5 Comfort Diesel automatic 2009

5 star review

<br />Simply the best car I’ve ever had. Have previously run BMW, VW and Audi and Citroen Xantia V6 weekend and the old Citroen c5 (terrible car with lots of errors). If you must drive on German motorways, high speed, silent and trail safe so the new C5 unique. If there is wind or you simply want to drive more sport-like tapping a mere sports button changes the ride, tightens the chassis up to become hard and less comfort style. The 6-speed automatic gearbox is impressive with its smooth shifts. Material selection and the dash is perfect. If you have learned to use the many options on the dashboard, it is far preferable to the German and Japanese attachments; like going from a PC to a Mac. If compared with Audi A4, BMW 320, Ford Mondeo, VW Passat and Opel Insignia as labels, the C5 is an experienced to match the Audi A6 and BMW 520th. And even these cars can’t in any way match the C5’s silent comfort driving. Now all we can hope is that it will hold its value just as well as competitors.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-02-12 | ID: 37904

Graham Hart, Lancashire

Citroen C5 VTR 130 BHP 2006

4 star review

Bought my C5 when it was 6 months old, it was my second C5. I love the comfort and I like a big car. The fuel consumption is very good and is better than my wife’s Suzuki 1.5 petrol car. It’s not really an about town car but on a long journy it’s great; this year we came from The Mosel Valley in Germany to Bolton in Lancashire on a full tank of fuel, you can’t get much better. I have owned many Citroens and not really had any major problems with any of them. Some of the newer HDI diesels are a bit nippier and seem to have a bit more poke at the bottom end but I didn’t buy it for speed anyway. As far as warning bleepers in the car i.e, when you’ve not got your seat belt on, and many others you will find most new cars have the same bleepers, very annoying and why do we need them? (Health and safety gone mad!) I fitted rear parking sensors(cheap from E-Bay), very easy to fit. I am very satified with my C5.

Submitted: 2011-01-03 | ID: 37905

Chris Keane, England

Citroen C5 Estate 2002

1 star review

After reading all the horrendous reports from Citreon C5 owners Citroen should ask themselves if they have any business making cars. These C5’s need taking off the road they are that bad, the bsi unit has gone on mine now, lights coming on, wipers coming on, door locks inoperative, eng imobiliser fault, air bag, lights, int lights won’t go off etc., etc. Just fitted new alternator, battery, it never ends, can’t fit second hand one, has to be new from Citroen, has to go into them to be set up. Sheer mechanical extortion, I have been an engineer all my life and a big fan of Citreon xm’s but this car is in a CLASS of its own, some owners christen them Christine, but I don’t think Christine was as bad. Yes, when they run right they are great, but unless you have unlimited funds to give to main dealers they are a financial disaster when they go wrong, AND THEY WILL GO WRONG. IV’E BEEN A MECHANIC ALL MY LIFE AND I WAS WARNED BY ALL THE GUYS IN THE TRADE, don’t buy one, I DIDN’T LISTEN, I HOPE YOU OUT THERE WILL.

Responses to this review

UPDATE: Latest on my C5. Interior lights coming on, door locks inoperative, engine imobiliser fault, etc, etc. Usual case of the thing developing electrical alseimers disease. Went through usual reprogramming procedure, started, ran okay for a while, all problems reaccur. I put it into rip off main dealers said I suspected bsi unit, towed it in with flat battery, how do you reset bsi with flat battery? Main dealers can, NOT, COST £42POUND FOR ANALYSIS..THEN REMOVED BSI SENT IT OFF TO REMAN ELECTRONICS TO REPAIR,THEY SENT IT BACK, BSI UNIT PERFECT NO FAULTS, Cost £52, so where do you go from there? Two conflicting diagnoses, give it to Citroen with a blank cheque,they quote £600 plus to do it with no guarantee of a fix!! Getting advice from an Oxford garage who boasts on his wbsite 35 years Citroen experience with all the latest uptodate computer techknology specialising in C5’s, he was just scrapping a C5 that he had given up on; If a man like that can’t sort them what hope for ordinary mortals? I truly believe after all the research I have done and all the people I have spoken to that Citroen should be legally taken to account for an inherant electrical computer fault, which they will not admit to. I have even had main dealers confess there were faults they could not cure. I also believed they should be taken to court - Chris Keane from England

UPDATE: Ok, update on Citroen C5 the worst heap of automotive c**p ever built. I have now had it in to a Citroen expert and he is, he’s never worked on anything else. I know he’s good because I am too. This guy knows what he is doing, but can he cure the heap of junk? No he can’t. The reason he can’t is because useless Citroen can’t cure what is an inbuilt, inherent, incurable computer bsi electrical fault! I challenge Citroen to sue, bring it on because I have so much evidence now about this fault. I am sick to death that a fault can’t be easily diagnosed and repaired for a reasonable amount of time and money. You have produced something that is a nightmare and you should be ashamed and held to account for it. I thought there was no fault on a car I could not diagnose or repair and it’s the first car I have ever had to put into to a garage to repair in 40 years. I know because I have the evidence that their main dealers can’t fix these cars, or if they do it’s at exorbitant cost and it recurs. My citroen expert has now called in a Citroen main dealer mechanic with access to a main dealer computer diagnosis, I will keep you up dated - Chris Keane - from

Fox hunting has been replaced by C5 bashing. I've had 20k trouble free miles in mine, I love it. I have not had any electrical problems at all. Having owned a 2.2 406 Hdi I can accept that once they go wrong, they go wrong big time. A VW Passat I owned was more unreliable than my C5. My point is all modern cars are over engineered and have the potential to strip your wallet. - Alistiar Lambert from Devon

Submitted: 2010-12-29 | ID: 37906

Marc English, Cambridgeshire

Citroen C5 v6 auto 2001

1 star review

What a pile of very expensive French junk. Had the car a year, in that time the faults were: head gasket £1000,suspension £1800,ecu £800. Then the cruise control packed up, the car developed a oil leak, then the plastic radiator sprung a leak. Oh and by the way my father in-law had a 2l diesel and he had a new gear box, starter motor, alternator, head gasket, etc, etc. These cars are over priced and should carry a warning. DANGER THIS CAR WILL EMPTY YOUR WALLET FASTER THAN YOU CAN FILL IT. Now have a Mazda 6 and oh the joy of driving without the worry of will I get there or will it be recoverd on a trailer again. Buy at your peril.

Submitted: 2010-12-20 | ID: 37909

Chris Keane, England

Citroen C5 exclusive estate 2002

1 star review

Been driving since I was 16, everything, Jags to Yank tanks, built my own car, always done my own repairs. Have owned 5 Citroen XM’s,these C5 cars are a disgrace to Citroen; unreliable, ridiculously expensive to maintain with a built in ecu management problem, which Citroen are very aware of but won’t admit to. Also, their main dealerships are incapable of fixing the recurrent anti-pol fault and the myriad electrical faults these car possess. I would not recommend them to anyone except a masocist or someone who hates money, they are high tech junk and dangerous; read the reviews about crawl mode, lack of acceleration,and runaway acceleration,read about the owners driven to distraction by repeated visits to main dealers and the same recurrent fault,anti pol,abs,stop light,windows inoperative,locks, etc, etc. It could and should be a nice smooth riding car, but it’s expensive unreliability makes it a real no no.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

DPFs are common now in most diesels and garages have evolved in their ways of resolving issues. I take it yours was a 2.2 hdi? They seem to have ironed out many faults since your car was made. There are few DPF problems with the later 2.0 hdi 138. As a fellow Citroen fan I think you are putting down the C5 rather harshly. You had a bad one, it does not make all of them bad. - Alistiar Lambert from Devon

Submitted: 2010-12-05 | ID: 37910

Michael Sutter, England

Citroen C5 Tourer 2.2HDI Exclusive 2009

3 star review

This is an early report. Hopefully things will improve but not a good start. I bought this car 6 weeks ago. It had been registered and then sat in a dealer showroom for nearly a year. Problem 1. Panoramic glass roof developed a crack after 1800 miles. This will be replaced under warranty next week. Citroen apparently ’never heard about this happening before’! Problem 2. Now the Hydractive 3+ suspension has given up after 2500 miles. Fault warning comes up advising faulty suspension and 55mph maximum. The car seems to be sitting on its lowest setting and has to be driven with caution as there appears to be very little damping on the front end. Trying to raise/lower the suspension with the buttons inside the car has no effect. Into the dealer tomorrow for warranty claim number 2. Other comments. How can a car so big be so small inside with hardly any oddment/stowage space etc. Even the glovebox is minute. My Skoda Octavia Estate was smaller outside but seemed much bigger inside. Fuel consumption averaging 37 - was hoping for more as this is based on a fuel friendly run on the A66 / A1 most days. It is a nice comfortable car to drive. I have the swivelling Xenon lights and they are good. Oh yeah. And who designed the steering wheel rim? It is the worst thing I ever held with a hard lip on it - worse that the 1970 Beetle I drove!!! Fully specced this was a £29k car new. I got it at 11 months old but with just 10 miles on the clock for a lot less than that! I thought it was a bargain - but now I am not so sure!!!!! I want to like this car - but so far it does not seem to like me.

Responses to this review

I had exactly the same issue on 58 plate with 28k miles. The car needed a new steering rack and suspension pump, which were carried out under warranty. Also had depollution fault, engine cutting out and a new ECU fusebox fitted. Now the clutch is slipping and Citroen have agreed to pay for parts only, they want £500 for labour! I like the car but the issues need to stop - from Scotland

I have a C5 as well. It’s a late ’08 2.0HDI with 30,000 miles. On its second clutch and that is slipping now as well. Both front electric windows are now faulty. One of the fuse boxes went faulty and I had to change it at my own cost. I love the car but...! - John Buckley from Ireland

Your clutch problem is probably not due to the clutch. There is a common problem with the gearbox oil seal which don’t last more than 10-20k miles. This then lets the oil get on the clutch plate thus making it slip when you accelerate. Just Google it you will find out how common this is - David Hopper from England

Submitted: 2010-10-03 | ID: 37911

Simon Winch, Hampshire

Citroen C5 2.0 diesel turbo 160 satnav 2010

5 star review

Wow! Having driven golf VR6 and Honda Civic typre R along with riding my Suzuki Gixer 750, I am very impressed with my new C5. Now married with a 2 year old daughter it was time to grow up. Do not like BMW or Audi and wanted to be different and the C5 was a perfect solution. Never considered French cars but totally gobsmacked on how good the C5 is. My recommendation is just take one for a test drive!!!!!!

Submitted: 2010-08-30 | ID: 37917

Steve Roome, Nottinghamshire

Citroen C5 2009

4 star review

Had the c5 now for over a year, i have the 2.litre hdi exclusive hatchback model, looks like a saloon! A lovely drive. Comfortable, handles well. Great suspension, loads of space in the back & very economical. I can recommend this motor.

Submitted: 2010-08-24 | ID: 37916

Mike Williams, Neath Port Talbot

Citroen C5 20 HDi XS EST 2004

3 star review

I’ve had my C5 given to me by my brother. The engine I bought on eBay for £200 pounds -a bargain with 90,000 miles on it. I had the cambelt changed at 80,000 miles and I am well impressed with car performance and comfort in total. The car has cost me £245... well chuffed.

Submitted: 2010-08-10 | ID: 37915

Bob Rogers, Australia

Citroen C5 2009

4 star review

Why do cars always have to be "exciting" to drive? I bought a C5 after I had hired one and fell in love with the joy of motoring! From the arm rests, comfy seats, smooth as silk acceleration, ultra smooth suspension, I love driving it around the suburbs, which is what I do, it is a delight to drive. The golf clubs fit easily into the boot (trunk) and the economy of diesel suits me fine. I’m sticking with it!

Submitted: 2010-07-17 | ID: 37919

Jennie Brown, England

Citroen C5 2006

4 star review

I have had problems with the air con gas leaking. Garage found that there was a design fault on one of the pipes where metal crimped to rubber was splitting the rubber. Problem with surging, the garage asked 3 Citroen dealers and they were all clueless. One day when my husband was driving it he was doing about 60mph when car backfired, lost power for a short time, surging stopped and has been fine ever since. My theory is that there was a blockage in the fuel system, probably picked up from bottom of filling station tank, Hey presto when it backfired at cleared it. I did at one stage suggest that theory to the garage but they just gave me one of those looks that are only saved for women.

Responses to this review

Nice theory. Funny story - Peter Johnson from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-07-17 | ID: 37920

Tim Colley, Australia

Citroen C5 Sedan 2010

4 star review

After a week on tramelled goat tracks calling themselves roads in country Australia, I’m delighted with the suspension, appalled by the faint air-conditioning and ambivalent about the button-fest which requires intensive study of the driver’s manual prior to altering any setting ... It’s not a popular or cheap car downunda, but this diesel Citroen C5 HDi Comfort model offers extraordinary cruising ability, combined with seating support and luxury going beyond the capacities of 95% of cars at similar prices here. Yes, depreciation is greater than for Mercedes and Audi at this dollar level, but my trade-in on a 3.5 litre, 6-cylinder Toyota was generous and I expect to enjoy the next three years on the road without really wincing at the wallet level. The styling is a visual pleasure, the accomodation for passengers and luggage is more than merely adequate and the outstanding ability to lope along enormous stretches of highway, economically and quietly, are precisely the reasons why I made this purchase.

Submitted: 2010-07-09 | ID: 37918

Aaron Coward, Cheshire

Citroen C5 VTR + Nav 2010

5 star review

My job requires that I have an estate car and have just finished with a Vauxhall Vectra that I drove for nearly three years. In searching for my new car, I test drove a 110 bhp Passat (OK but wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding), an Insignia, (couldn’t get new enough for my budget and no way was I going for the 1.8 petrol version as I think everyone ever made is for sale on the used car market. Check for yourself), Avensis (nice but not a particularly quiet or smooth ride). Wouldn’t touch Ford with a bargepole and Volvo boots are too small for my needs. I hadn’t even thought about the Citroen until I saw the C5 in Autotrader with 10 miles on it at my local dealer. Went up and asked for a test drive. No problem. As soon as I sat in it ( I’m 6’ 5"). It felt comfortable, secure and had a lovely driving position with good lower back support. No leg room behind me mind you but that applies in every car I’ve ever driven. On taking the car out I was amazed at how quiet it was. The laminated windows really do make a difference. The steering is effortless although the fixed central console forces good driving habits. No underhand pulling the wheel round. The ride is smooth and the suspension soaks up everything it comes across. This is the standard suspension not the hyropneumatic on the Exclusive model. Gear change was a little bit "specific" but after a month and 2000 miles I’m fine with it. The steering wheel controls are a little bewdering at first but you do get used to them and the Sat Nav that comes as standard (covers all of Europe) is better than my Tom tom was. I’m getting around 47mpg which considering the tools and equipment I carry in the boot is amazing. The Vectra gave me around 32mpg. This is quite simply an inspired car competing with Bmw’s and Audi’s. So quiet, smooth and comfortable I have enjoyed every mile in it and find myself offering to drive on nights out. Try it....

Submitted: 2010-06-20 | ID: 37898

Theobod De Roiste, Ireland

Citroen C5 1.6 SE Diesel 2005

1 star review

Third Citreon, second C5. Now a 2005 1.6 SE Diesel C5, purchased from a Citreon dealer. Within the guarantee period some problems appeared: leaking coolant, indecive steering, unpredictable clutch bite (pedal location), some times resulting in stalling, and a continious ’engine falter’ at around 2000 rpm. The dealer’s representative has twice told me that all problems were resolved, but they just continue. It is a grand car, but hey, if the main dealer can’t resolve these problems, what happens if the car just stops? CITROEN WAKE UP! Your loyal customers are not happy. My last Citreon!

Submitted: 2010-06-04 | ID: 37897

Rodney Brittain, Hertfordshire

Citroen C5 2.2HDI 2002

4 star review

This C5 hatch was bought from new (26miles), in second year. Turbo failed but was replaced under warranty completely free by Citroen dealer. No other major fault appeared in 8 years of ownership and 85000 miles. It has now passed to my son. It was serviced in accordance with manual and the oil was changed every 4 to 5k miles. It has been the only car I have owned that has been Through the MOT every year without fault only tyres and brake pads have been replaced.Still has the same exhaust system,DPF refilled at 50K,and the same Battery. MPG 40 round the Town with 50 on a run. The only niggle, the driver’s window dropped 50mm when wipers needed. Overall a great drive, comfortable with plenty of space for 5 passengers and large boot.

Submitted: 2010-05-31 | ID: 37896

Peter Dunbar, Northamptonshire

Citroen C5 2.0 160hp diesel 2010

5 star review

Bought this car April 2010, (opted out of company car scheme - Vauxhall only), 3 Vauxhall dealers couldnt provide an Insigna test drive between them!!! Well what can I say, I was driving a Vectra 2006 1.9 diesel 120hp which was very poor and during the time I had this and Astra nearly every experience I had with Vauxhall was diabolical. Citroen dealer has been extremely courteous and introduced me to service & parts dept and my annual 20K service has already been booked in on receipt of the new vehicle. The garage also gave me test drives of 110hp C5 & C5 Exclusive 160hp before I made my decision. The other car I was considering was a Passat, glad I didnt as the C5 still feels exclusive on the road and I have already covered 2000 peaceful & relaxed miles (so far trip computer is saying 49.5mpg & I am no 50 - 60mph cruiser :-) Controls inside the cockpit are very confusing at 1st and take a little while to get accustomed to. If you are thinking about BMW or Audi, ask yourself this, do you really need to pay the extra £5K to have a badge then be un-accommodated at junctions etc., by other road users?<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-05-09 | ID: 37893

Simon Young, Yorkshire

Citroen C5 2.0 HDI 138 AUTO ESTATE 2007

3 star review

Got this car of my step-father who had it from new. He had had loads of problems so you may wonder why I bought it of him. My reasoning was that as each problem had been different and repaired under warranty they would not happen again. Apart from the odd niggle (more later) in the last 9000 miles I have been proved correct. Some of the problems with the car have been - parking sensors failing. 3 times. Gearbox giving up the ghost at 52000 miles. Thank you warranty direct. £2500 repair cost. Drive shafts replaced twice due to being bent causing violent vibration. Ecu failing on m25. Took 3 weeks to work out problem. £606 repair cost. Thanks warranty direct again. Did not pay for 3 weeks car hire though. Lots of other niggling faults over 3 years, which the dealer did sort. Now I have the car only 2 faults have happened. The parking sensors have packed up again. Auto electrician wants to much money to sort so i am using my eyes instead. The glass hatch used to come open all the time when you shut the doors or even when on the move. After much swearing and slamming it won’t open at all now. Has anyone any idea how to release it. I find the car a bit slow as I am use to 3 litre 6 cylinder diesel Mercs but I am getting used to planning my overtaking. Fuel consumption is not great (28mpg). I have to say unlike my step father who got 47mpg and drove it like a snail I do thrash it to death to work on a night and its sits in traffic jam morning and afternoon on the school run so I don’t suppose its bad. Its plus points are it space. It’s very good for us what with 2 kids and a dog. It’s also very comfy and cruises well when you can get it up to speed. The xenon lights are fantastic as well. If you are replacing the tyres do not get the standard fit Michelin Primacy’s. They are way to expensive and the grip is rubbish and they create to much noise. I have been getting Nexen n3000 for years. The grip is fantastic and they are a lot quieter. Also they are half the price of the Michelin’s and the tread pattern looks cool. Would I buy another C5. As I got this one very cheap from my step dad I have to say I would probably not buy another. Long term I don’t think they are built to last but that’s not to say its a terrible car. I just think we have been a bit unlucky with this one. Any thoughts with the glass hatch would be appreciated.

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UPDATE: Just an update on my C5. Gearbox went again; lost 1st and 2nd. The gearbox specialist said this was the worst make and model of any car to have with an auto box. Said French autos have kept him in business for 40 years. He loves them. Anyway after another £1100 on the box I have got rid of the thing and it a massive relief. You live and learn. I will never buy French again. Now running 3.2 v6 auto Signum. Different but man it is quick. Very un-economical but it runs on gas, 56p a litre. Nice. Enjoy your Citroens, I am well rid - Simon Young from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-05-05 | ID: 37894

Mike Shaw, Lincolnshire

Citroen C5 2.2 deisel auto 2004

3 star review

Bought this car second hand. Automotively it has served me well. Even with the faults and warnings that were to follow. Recently the de-pollution light came on along with the servicing light. After short while this service light went out. At MOT all was well and the garage(non Citreon) checked and cleared the faults afterwards. Approximately 30 days after the de-pollution light re asserted itself. This was followed by a warning that there was a fault with the suspension and not to drive it above 55kph. However, the car would not start. No problem disconnect the battery for a few seconds, re-connect. Started first time and has at subsequent failure. Next we have a warning that the seat belt pre tensioners have a fault. Mechanically they operate fine. Lastly we have a warning that the tyres are under inflated. When we check they are not. So at start up I get:- Tyres under inflated, de-pollution fault, seat belt pre-tensioners possibly faulty. I’m now awaiting the next warning! Apart from these the car runs well, I like the car. I think the poor old EMS has become confused dot com and unreliable. OH before I forget this all started after giving the car a wash!!! Any worthwhile advice on these ailments?

Responses to this review

It’s likely that the random faults (and many others described here) are due to a failing battery. The C5’s computers are very sensitive to low voltage, which can cause all sorts of spurious conditions. Get the battery checked and replaced if necessary - I bet this will solve a lot of the problems people here have experienced - from Shropshire

Update: My C5. (04/01/2012) A further 2 MOTs on the car still shows the same faults via the onboard management System. The battery was changed 18 months back as the old one was failing. Apart from the old faults, it runs as sweet as a nut (hope that’s not the Kiss of Death). I do still like and enjoy driving the car - Mike Shaw from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2010-04-24 | ID: 37890

Christina Joyce, Surrey

Citroen C5 2.2 Hdi Tourer 2003

1 star review

Welcome to my nightmare! My C5 has been named "Christine" after the horror story written by Steven King. It has not murdered anyone yet but is going a long way to driving my husband and I into an asylum! The problems started with: low tyre pressure, stop low oil pressure, stop no oil, diesel oil filter needs changing, EPS anti-lock warning, windows opening as they chose, radio going on strike, immobiliser refusing to disengage. Headlights coming on when they wish (when not needed), anti pollutant particulate filter warning, despite having been changed and new fluid put in and last and I fear not least the speedometer has decided to go on vacation! Having spent too much already on this car, we will seriously never buy another Citroen.

Responses to this review

Ooops! new particulate filter and eloys fluid. either you’ve got age of car wrong or you’ve been conned. The 2003 doesn’t have these! They came in early 2004 (don’t worry, my main dealer tried to give me a pre-estimate for the same - thought I didn’t know - suggested it was an error of the service mechanic and I wouldn’t have been charged. Citroen cars good... citroen garages in the UK!! - say no more - Peter Glendale from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2010-04-17 | ID: 37888

Tony Hawthorn, Scotland

Citroen C5 2.7 HDI Exclusive Saloon 2010

5 star review

Having recently taken delivery my first impressions are very good. I went for a one year old ex-demonstrator model. It has full leather and all the toys except for SATNAV (which I wasn’t too bothered about as I only use it once or twice a year, so my TomTom will suffice). To echo the earlier comment, the 18 inch alloys do generate a large amount of road "roar". Unfortunately the fashion is for prettier alloys these days with low profile tyres. I recall replacing some 14inch steel wheels on a Volvo for 17 inch alloys in my youth. It transformed the handling but the road noise was a big downside. Its a shame because the 2.7 is very quiet even under harsh acceleration, and given that the C5 is not a sports car, I am sure a 16inch wheel with a bigger tyre would offer a good compromise of looks, handling and noise. I have noted similar comments on the C6 forum too, with a few owners fitting 16inch with good results. However, I am not planning on replacing the wheels as that would cause an issue with the tyre pressure monitoring system. Anyway, a great improvement on the 2003 model and the whole product feels very good quality.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-14 | ID: 37887

Mike Jones, Hampshire

Citroen C5 HDi 110 2.0 SX 2002

3 star review

This was bought used for £1800, with a full history, 2 owners and 100K miles. Dipped headlights occassionally come on when the indicator stalk returns to it’s central position, and once all the warning lights came on with engine overheat, STOP, etc., and the water temp guage went off the top. However, the oil temp guage stayed at normal, and the motor kept running, so I ignored it, all back to normal after a few mins. I removed cleaned and replaced every fuse I could find, and cleaned every connector and the fault hasn’t re-occurred. It does 45-50/gallon, pulls like a train, uses no oil, and is the best motorway cruiser I’ve ever driven. But I wouldn’t buy a new one.

Responses to this review

I have had a new C5 2 litre diesel Exclusive since December 09. I have 18 inch alloy wheels and went into Citroen Reading today to voice my concerns regarding tyre noise. This is a great car but as a long term Citroen owner, having had three previous model C5s before, I have been disappointed with the level of road noise which is much worse than the previous C5 model with 17 inch alloys. Citroen have agreed to swap the wheels for a test drive with 17 inch alloys. I will then consider whether I can afford to spend approx £1000 on new wheels and tyres on a 5 month old car! Clearly I will be asking Citroen for a contribution as this should be pointed out in their literature, particularly as they seem to be very well aware of the problem. Can anyone suggest the best tyres for minimising noise on the C5? I currently have Michelin Primacy - David Slarks from Oxfordshire

Submitted: 2010-03-12 | ID: 37885

Nicholas Stirling, Powys

Citroen C5 2.0 Exclusive HDI Auto Tourer 2009

4 star review

Having had 7 XMs over the years I bought this C5 Tourer from a Citroen dealer last December at just under a year old with 20k. It has been brilliant, with a wonderful ride and no problems except for the most surprising design fault ever in a Citroen...The engine is superbly damped, and this model has an acoustic windscreen and acoustic side windows, so it’s whisper quiet, much quieter than my last XM (and that was quiet), that is up to 30mph. Then wow, does the noise kick in! The noise from the tyres at speeds above 40mph is ASTONISHING. In fact I’d call it a roar. The car is the Exclusive model with 18" alloys and Michelin Primacy tyres. Is this a case of design chic over practicality? My XMs had 15" wheels, and while the 18" look good on the C5, the amount of side wall is not great, so presumably this is where the noise originates. The 19" alloy option must be deafening. The issue was referred to on the Daily Mirror site headlined "CITROEN’S SUSPENSION IS RUINED BY FANCY WHEELS". I don’t agree with this: the suspension is still superb, but it’s the noise that’s the problem. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s so extraordinary to come across this problem in what is otherwise a beautifully refined car. Of course I can drown it out with music, but there are times when one just wants to be quiet!! Any advice welcome.

Responses to this review

I know just what you mean, picked it up on Fri, 26th Feb, drove 2 miles and then went back to the dealer and asked what was wrong with car as the noise was so loud, the head mechanic took it out came back ’what noise’ not thrilled I can tell you. It really is very intrusive I have 3 more weeks to ’get my money’ if not completely satisfied???? The tourer is 9 months old, 8000 miles, great vehicle but the NOISE, HELP - Peter Noble from Yorkshire

Sorry you’ve had the problem too, along with presumably everyone who’s got 18" standard alloys on C5 Exclusive models. After a long time trawling the net I’ve found this amazing admission by Samuel Lemaine, Citroen’s NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Chief Engineer: "There’s little difference in road noise between the 16-inch and 17-inch tyres," says Lemaine, "but it’s harder to make 18-inch tyres quiet because of their width and aspect ratio. We were worried about noise from the 19-inch tyres. But we were surprised by how small the difference over the 18-inch is." So as I love everything about the C5 Tourer except for this absurd tyre noise I’m biting the bullet and buying 4 x 17" alloys this week. I’ve also been advised repeatedly that Michelins are noisy, and so I’m going to fit Continentals which are known to be quieter. I just can’t understand how Citroen could have let this design fault (for that is what it is) through to production? I can only think the marketing garcons said it would sell much better with huge wheels? - Nicholas Stirling from Powys

Same problem. 18inch alloys on a C5 Exclusive. Road noise very disappointing. Considering changing to 17inch but may cost me £1000 - David Slarks from Oxfordshire

I was also dismayed by the road noise, seemingly from the front, when I picked up the car new in February 2009. The supplying dealer could not find anything wrong. It was not even clear that the noise came from the tyres, although I did conclude that it did. It did seem to get better as the miles mounted, but that might have been due to my getting used to it. At 20K miles I changed the fronts to BF Goodrich and the noise level is much better, although still there - John Barley from Staffordshire

I have recently bought a 2009 2.0 hdi exclusive with terrible rumble from the front. Tyres were changed and everything at the front end checked but told nothing is wrong with the car. The noise spolils the enjoyment of an otherwise fabulous car but I am really fed up with this constant rumble which gets worse under braking - Geoff Towers from England

Submitted: 2010-03-04 | ID: 37876

David Hall, Blaenau Gwent

Citroen C5 estate vtr 1600 2009

4 star review

After rain fall and going through puddles water comes in the nearside front footwell.

Submitted: 2010-03-02 | ID: 37875

Robert Mcavan, Northumberland

Citroen C5 2.0HDI VTR+ 2008

2 star review

The car has now done 50,000 miles and since day one has had a knock from the rear RH wheel area when it hits a small pot hole or manhole cover. and doing so at 40mph or above causes the rear RH to step out. Three dealers have Failed to cure it. Further evidence to something being wrong is the rear RH tyre went bald after 28,000mile while the fronts and LH rear were ok. The drivers door panel now vibrates annoying at any speed, and the car has just developed an an intermittent clutch slip on motorway inclines, again not cured by the Dealer. At first service less than 40,000 mile it needed a full set of discs. One of the reasons I chose the Citroen was it was advertised as a German Car built in France. I’ve have had several VW’s before the C5 all of which had over 100,000 on the clock by the time they went back and I would gladly swap back to my old car if I could. If you can get a VW in your budget, do it. Don’t be fooled by the C5. Looks Good but very disappointing.

Responses to this review

I too have the problem of the knock from the RH side on drain covers etc and also feel the RH rear wheel step out on occasions when I hear the knock . Is this a common problem then, and more importantly does anyone know of a cure ? - Ian Brawn from Hampshire

My rattle from rh rear was handbrake cable in eye that holds it steady, just put a piece of foam pipe insulation round it, rattle stopped - Terry Pringle from Durham

Submitted: 2010-02-21 | ID: 37882

Joe Crennan, London

Citroen C5 VTR estate 1.6hdi 2006

5 star review

A lot of people seem to have a problem with the particle filter sensor. As far as I can recall (from when these were first fitted to cars) the way to clean out the filter trap is to drive hard for a little while. People are probably commuting too much, idling the engine and driving at low speed and cold. Am I right? I hate all the auto systems that I cannot turn off particularly the beeps. My dealer could not solve anything (though he had a go with his laptop). Also my fuel consumption reading overreads by 18%. I get a true 52mpg +. But older peugeots are as good. Once I got 85mpg (true - the computer read average of 100 mpg) for 15 miles but this was tailgating a truck.

Submitted: 2010-01-08 | ID: 37868

John Donnell, County Down

Citroen C5 2.0HDi VTR+ 2008

4 star review

Really pleased with this car - 40mpg, good performance although it’s no sports car and handling is not the sharpest. Spacious boot, comfortable, excellent and well specified cabin, and I have been complimented on the car’s looks. Surprisingly big car and is a tight squeeze in company car park. Specified with 18" wheels as really improves the looks, personally I think the 17" look too small on it. Added the USB box which allows iPod to be played through radio and can choose playlists (everything else takes too long!) through radio with iPod display shown on the radio screen which has been a good addition. Lack of bluetooth a pain. Looking at Citroen site recently you can now only buy this model with satnav included (and can’t specify different wheels) - that adds over £2k to price and if was making my decision now it would not be a C5 on that fact alone.

Responses to this review

Looking up a problem on my C5 I actually came across my own review so here’s an update 2.5 years on: driver’s electric window and clutch failed under warranty, both replaced. Corroded tyre valve snapped just out of warranty, problem is only with tyre pressure monitoring system. Extremely annoying but Citroen replaced them all free of charge, but were unable to turn system back on - more annoyance. Economy mode keeps turning radio off when car not on - no radio whilst waiting in car frustrating. Passenger electric window has just gone - think motor actually okay but I have to buy a combined motor/regulator part at £215 and that’s before fitting. Despite all this still enjoy and like car but really frustrating that basic things are failing, unfortunately expect this car to break - from County Down

Submitted: 2009-12-11 | ID: 37870

Martin Bradshaw, Cheshire

Citroen C5 1.8 VTR+ 2009

5 star review

What a beautiful looking car (compared to ugly BMW,boring Audi and bloated Ford). It is so comfortable you arrive at your destination very relaxed. I us mine mainly used for motorway driving and find it extremely reliable (not like useless BMW). It has completed 6000 mls and not even used any oil. It is not a sportscar and should not be driven like one, driven in a relaxed style it gives me an avg comsumption of 40 mpg. I can definately recommend this car.

Submitted: 2009-11-23 | ID: 37869

Valerie Annett, County Down

Citroen C5 vtr plus 2008

1 star review

Since the first service in June I have continual problems with the depollution senser. I purchased this car because of the build and reliability and the safety and security. The C5 has not delivered on this promise. While driving on the motorway on the third lane at a speed of 70mph the depollution light came on and the engine turned itself off. My entire family were lucky to be alive. We sent it back to the garage to get fixed, they replaced a "faulty fuse box". Three or four weeks later the car lost power again, the turbo would not work and full accelleration in second gear only saw the car reach a maximum speed of 25mph. The car would not accellerate out of a blind junction. The car was sent back to the Citroen garage again it was then returned to me I was told that a faulty parking sensor cause this. Once again it was confirmed to me that the car was safe to drive. Two weeks later the depollution fault came up again and proceeded to lose power on a dual carriageway. The car is continually loosing power and in my opinion the car is unsafe. My experience of buying a new Citroen has been terrible; I am left with a dangerous car that they cannot seem to fix. My advice would be think twice before you purchase a C5, expecially if you have a family!!!!!!!!!!

Responses to this review

The depollution light is the antipollution light which means the the oil could need topping up but you need to go to dealers or a Citroen specialist who has the specific type of oils - Mike Farr from England

Your car needs a new Gazzard, get your dealer to fit this ASAP - Mark Duel Peasant from Cambridgeshire

Submitted: 2009-09-23 | ID: 37872

Mario Demicoli, Kent

Citroen C5 2008

3 star review

I’m from Malta and I was the 1st owner of the new C5 in Malta. This means I have had it since May 2008. I’ve already done 88,0000km . I use it as a taxi . I’m very sorry to say that I never thought it was going to give me all these problems that I have. 1st: the depollution system fault comes on after about 10,000 km and since then it comes up several times. They already changed the fuse box which is next to ecu 4 times cause they said it’s from there is coming the fault. Month ago they changed all the front suspicion for the both side. They changed the indoor panels because they start to tear off. My seat belt is going to be changed because it does not goes in. I really like my car but with these all problem I’m going crazy.

Submitted: 2009-07-17 | ID: 37963

Laura Paradise, London

Citroen C5 C5 Tourer Exclusive 2008

4 star review

I brought my C5 Tourer brand new in Aug 08, with optional extras: Leather Upholstery, Panoramic Sunroof and the Nav Pack with telephone. Since day one of buying the car the sat nav/radio/telephone just cuts out without warning. It is just like restarting your computer, everything goes off, the screen goes blank as if the car has been parked and the keys removed. It takes about 2 mins to reload and come back on. I have taken the car back to the dealer more times than I can remember. They have kept the car for a week at a time, they have loaded new software which has made absolutley no difference whatsoever. I have now been waiting since March 09 for new parts/software to get to the dealer so they can fit it to my car...........its now July 09 and I am still waiting. I am getting to the stage now where I am just going to leave the car at the dealer until they sort this fault out!! I have occassionally had the same fault as others where the tailgate just opens, mine has not done it when parked, mine has opened when I am driving! Its such a shame because on the whole its a nice car but now for me enough is enough. Its getting to the stage where I wish I never brought it. How long can Citroen expect you to wait for a fault to be rectified?

Responses to this review

We had exactly the same problem. Eventually we discovered it’s a common fault and Citroen are aware of it. Their technical people provided new software to the dealership and it was downloaded into the integral sat-nav system and that is now OK. Watch out for overheating - the release bearing overheats [dealers cant say why and previous error reports to them produced comment that they could not find a fault!] and welds to guide tube. This in turn sends shards of metal off and damages clutch. Citroen [Coventry] say this is not covered under warranty so dealers wants over £600 to fix it!!! - from Berkshire

Just been quoted £2,600 to replace media unit to my 07 C5. The screen occasionally went off and then rebooted, but did not. Tried all sorts but to no avail - John Mercer from Bedfordshire

Submitted: 2009-07-10 | ID: 37964

Mr X, London

Citroen C5 2.0 143 hp exclusive auto petrol 2004

5 star review

One of the best cars I have owned. The hydractive 3+ suspension offers superb ride. Increasing the ride height helps when the road gets uneven. Though there are some complaints like the car is to complicated. However it is a great car.

Submitted: 2009-06-01 | ID: 37958

Sam Trotter, County Armagh

Citroen C5 Exclusive 2.0 HDi 2008

3 star review

I have 15,000 miles up and starting to get problems while driving in 5th or 6th. The car bumps into limp home mode and ’Depollution’ fault comes up. I have had it in the dealers twice. The last time they uploaded new software but it is still happening. Not sure what the problem is but doesn’t look like the dealers know either.

Submitted: 2009-05-27 | ID: 37962

Alan Caudle, Buckinghamshire

Citroen C5 2.0hdi tourer 2008

3 star review

I have covered 7,500 miles since December 2008, Only complaint is the electric tailgate opens on its own when I am away from the vehicle in my office or shopping, I believe there is a design issue with the keyfob as it seems to easily operate from inside my pocket whilst I am working. Have other C5 tourer drivers experienced same? It’s a serious security issue as it leaves the car wide open with no alarm sounding.

Responses to this review

We have several C5 Tourer’s on the company fleet and all (mine included) have suffered from the "self opening" tail gate problem. There is a basic fix, ask your dealer to disconnect the button on the key fob. This is done by plugging in their diagnostic unit and blocking the key’s signal, the tail gate still opens and closes off the buttons on the car - Andy Leicester from England

My tailgate keeps opening by itself and I had my car robbed as a result, but according to Citroen UK this isn’t a problem anyone else has experienced! I think the car is great, but based on my experience and Citroen’s lack of after sales care I won’t have another one - Gary Scott from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2009-05-22 | ID: 37959

John Warnecke, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Citroen C5 LX 110 Diesel 2002

5 star review

Quite frankly the cheapest car I have ever owned. I bought it as third owner and from the day I used it, apart from normal servicing and new tires have had no problems at all. Everything works as it should, though I do not think that the seats are very robust; but having owned Citroen’s for many years I do not expect them to be as Citroen have never been that clever making trim have they? But the C5 gets top marks for performance and is very cheap to run, plus the emissions are good and that means cheaper tax disc. Changing it this year and my next car is going to be a C5 Diesel. Forgot to mention the exhaust. It still has the original exhaust from new: I cannot believe it. Mileage now 102000 miles.

Submitted: 2009-05-06 | ID: 37956

Bev Varnham, England

Citroen C5 HDi LX 110bhp 2001

2 star review

Upon buying this car in 2004 (2nd owner), I was initially quite pleased with it. It drove well and was a great spacious car for the family. However, after owning the car for less than 3 months, the oil sensor started to go off every time the car was started, the warning lamp for the water level also came on and the central display monitor, steering wheel controls for radio etc all stopped working. It was taken to a Citroen main dealer who reset one of the computers. Literally 2 days out of warranty, the cylinder head went, swiftly followed by the crank shaft, the hydrolastic pump and many other faults occurred. The car now has had to have one of the 5 computers reset yet again as the accelerator pedal was to the floor and it was impossible to drive, the suspension still has a mind of it’s own and raises and lowers when it feels like it even when parked, the alternator has been replaced and yet the car still now has flickering headlights and central display unit. Oh and the immobiliser turns off when it feels like it, and sometimes it can take over 30 mins to get the car to recognise the key. It is yet again going to have to go back to a main dealer for repairs etc, and quite frankly, I only still have the car as I can not afford to get rid of it, but upon working out the amount spent on repairs etc I have calculated I have spent more than was originally paid for the car. (It does have/has had other faults too, non locking door, leaking window, diesel leak which 3 garages can not locate, seized callipers, exhaust damaged due to speed bumps.....the list goes on) To cap it all tonight I read the health review on here, and noticed that myself and the children have been feeling ill for a while - headaches, flu like symptoms, fatigue etc, and am now wondering if even thought the car is regularly serviced, we have a similar problem?)

Submitted: 2009-02-09 | ID: 37957

Brian Sicobo, Hampshire

Citroen C5 2.0 VTR+ 2008

3 star review

Loads of space and much more robust than previous Citroen’s. Engine is a strong performer with easy 45mpg. But, all the controls are so lifeless you really need to readjust after driving another car and the suspension is so soft it floats up and down constantly on the motorway making my wife and daughter sea sick. Definitely need to try before you buy.

Submitted: 2008-10-08 | ID: 37974

Amy Kenny, England

Citroen C5 2001

2 star review

I have found this car to be the most comfortable car ever, and has never actually failed to get me from A to B, however, the faults I am experiencing seem to be common. Cold starting problems, car loses power and trips to limp mode, will not change gear. Switch off, restart, Traffic Master speaks, and off we go again. Problem seems to be getting worse now, also, cruising happily on motorway, start up an incline, bump into limp mode again, stop and restart...ok. Have read a lot of reports in forums, but no answers really. The ECU has shown, anti-pollution fault, and automatic gear box fault more often. I hate main dealers and can’t afford to go there, once was charged £96 for a fuse!! When it falls apart I would like a car that has NO ENGINE MANAGEMENT COMPUTER, as I had the same anti-pollution fault problems with a Peugeot 307, the only brand new car I ever bought and biggest mistake ever. Dealership was abominable, and I gave up after 6 months of hell and got rid of it.

Submitted: 2008-10-06 | ID: 37975

Steve Thornley, Lancashire

Citroen C5 vtr 2005

3 star review

This car , bought second hand, developed a hunting problem when cruising. Also, slight cutting out at start from lights, junctions etc... Then one day, the engine revs wound themselves up tp full and stayed at 6000 rpm while I had the ignition key in my hand! This was accompanied by copious amounts of acrid white smoke. I stalled the car in gear to stop it, and it turned out the ecu had gone doolally... The oil pot, (pollution control) valve was left open, and the engine mearly sucked all the oil out and ran on this. Cute trick but a little disconcerting. I shudder to think of the consequences had the wife been driving!

Submitted: 2008-06-18 | ID: 37979

Barrie Pestell, Lancashire

Citroen C5 2.2 Hdi exclusive Automatic 2005

4 star review

Well where do I start, This is my third C5 and this purchase was an automatic 2.2 Hdi. Apart from the usual electronic faults I have become the victim of a car that Citroen UK and its Dealers cannot fix. Yes that is right they have admitted there is a problem but they do not know what is causing it and cannot fix it. What is it doing wrong _ On cold mornings predominately I start the car place the gears selector in reverse or drive, press the accelerator and hey presto the car will not move or moves at a pace on par with a tortoise. after about 20 -45 secs warm up the car is back to normal. In the summer the problem seems to go on vacation. Citroen haveadmitted to the problem existing and have been trying to fix it for 2 years and 3 months. I think I have been very reasonable even when I had the car to drive; but now I have started rejection procedures which I threatened in March 2006 but was talked around and out of it as they said not to worry as they would fix it, thats a promise (some promise). Is there any body else out there with the same problem. If so would you contact me @ Other than this problem I have a great love of the C5 as a very good towing vehicle but a purchase of a new C5 now seems well away from even a possibility at the moment as why buy a car that the manufacturer cannot fix when it goes wrong and dangerously wrong to put my life at risk.

Responses to this review

I purchased my 2.2 C5 Auto second hand with 60000 miles on it and it wouldn’t start at the dealers site. It had to be jump started. When driving home for the first time I could not go over 2000 rpm and top speed about 60mph and it said I had a pollution sensor fault. It also had a diary with it that the previous owner had updated with weird faults like windows going down when the wipers were switched on etc. I took it to my local private garage mechanic and he serviced it and discovered a sensor on the engine (something to do with the air control I think) that was cracked. Replaced that and all the faults went away. The Citroen dealer could not resolve that issue according to the diary! The solution to the window issue was to lower the window to the bottom and then remove and replace the battery. The previous owner had just removed the battery and that fixed it for a while but I think the computer was confused - John Kent from Northamptonshire

Submitted: 2008-05-13 | ID: 37977

Robert Graves, Lanarkshire

Citroen C5 2.0 HDi Exclusive 2007

4 star review

This is a big car and perfect for a large family. It’s excellent at coping with long trips - both the car itself and the passengers arrive in a very good condition. You get a lot of car for your money and it copes well both about town and on the motorway. It is perhaps a little unexciting and that is why I think it will be mostly used by company car drivers. Not the most luxurious of cars but inexpensive to run and reliable.

Submitted: 2008-04-30 | ID: 37976

Thomas Kennedy, County Antrim

Citroen C5 2006

4 star review

I had a series of BX’s and Zantias. Loved them. Bought a Picasso, felt like cart, springs in the back. Tried a C4- little better. Now have a C5.VTR 138 hp. Great car!

Submitted: 2008-02-25 | ID: 37970

Eric Lee, Hertfordshire

Citroen C5 1600 hdi est 2005

3 star review

After two Xantia’s, each covering 90,000 miles with no unexpected problems, the c5 hdi was obviously my next car. I purchased it from the same garage with 9,000 miles on the clock and less than 25,000 miles later and still within the 3 year warranty, the clutch explodes, well, I have not had a clutch go on a car for at least 35 years! Both dealer and Citroen reject there being a problem here, but according to Honest John’s website among others, it is an EU wide problem about which Citroen seem either unaware, or are just ignoring, I believe the latter! They say the fault is fair wear and tear and are not interested. Quoting me over £1200 for the job, which I got down to £950 after a lot of complaining, it’s not exactly a cheap repair. The clutch on this model is definitely under par. I love the car, but Citroen’s response is indefensible.

Submitted: 2008-02-04 | ID: 37973

Alan, Hertfordshire

Citroen C5 Exclusive 2006

4 star review

I had a previous 3 litre C5 which had a host of irritating problems - never major but things that simply shouldn’t go wrong plus scores of ghost faults where either there would be a warning message or something would stop working but there was really nothing wrong and most would simply go away. Performance at the top end was great but the automatic made low end acceleration nothing to write home about. Comfortable, full of gadgets and roomy yes but not very inspiring. When it needed a rear silencer box at £900+ I decided it was time to move on and after searching for a while cautiously bought the face lift model with a 2.2 litre diesel. What a difference! It’s like driving a completely different car. The diesel provides excellent low end acceleration and the loss at the top end is hardly ever an issue. The ride is better, the road holding so completely different that it is hard to believe it is the same suspension system. I’ve now driven around 20,000 miles in just over a year and had only one ghost fault and no erroneous error messages. The ride, the comfort, the space and the value for money - I am really pleased with this car. One significant downside is the difficulty in changing bulbs in the headlamps - I’ve ended up leaving it the garage - 1/2 hour labour bringing the cost of a side light to over £50!

Submitted: 2008-01-15 | ID: 37972

Michael Reeve, Norfolk

Citroen C5 LX 2006

3 star review

The C5 is a large, comfortable long distance tourer and in the 110 bhp diesel format is very economical. However it is not so good around town or on winding country roads. The cars bulk makes it difficult to manoeuvre and, without parking sensors, extremely difficult to judge where the rear is. The big let down is the electrics, especially the engine control system which continues to cause periods of irregular running in spite of being back to the dealer 5 times in less than 2 years. That said it has never let me down and the problems have mainly been annoying rather than serious, like the engine fan running on at full speed for 10 mins even when the engine temperatures are normal. Its pity is that these niggles detract from a reasonable car but why on earth did they make all the front lamp bulbs so difficult to change!!

Submitted: 2008-01-03 | ID: 37971

Paul Whaley, Kent

Citroen C5 2.2 hdi estate-exclusive 2004

3 star review

I have owned the car for two years, the engine is fantastic no problems, the ride is very comfotable, but over the last three months a few things started to go wrong. The boot interior lights , the button in the boot which raises the back of the car up and down, the rear wiper and then the tailgate opening button all stopped working. The back up power on the computer read empty . The car is out off warrenty. I thought this will cost me lots of money to put right, so I started to check the wiring myself. I found where the wires came from the car into the tailgate , in the top left hand corner covered in a flexible rubber tube. Three of these wires inside the tube were broken all in the same place. I repaired these and every thing now works, but I am sure more will break as the wire bends double everytime the tailgate is opened and closed. Citroen UK tell me they have not had any reports of this happening to any other C5 estates. I cannot believe this. If you have any of the above problems it maybe worth checking these wires. I would buy another C5 but I am disappointed with both by Citroen dealer and Citroen Uks lack of interest and response to my problem and solution.

Submitted: 2007-12-06 | ID: 37969

James Crawford, East Lothian (Haddingtonshire)

Citroen C5 1600 diesel 110 hp 2005

1 star review

A HEALTH warning for all owners of this model. Bought this car with 200 miles on the clock ex demonstrator my most recent of many faults was the so called environmentally friendly particle filter. It may be friendly to the environment but it is not very friendly to the driver.It is recommended that you replace this filter every 70.000 miles in the service book. I have had the car for two years with 28.000 on the clock now. It has been serviced regularly by the Citroen dealer I bought it from. Last service was 4000 miles ago when I had to have the gearbox rebuilt due to faulty parts but thats another story. Drive up to 100 miles a day to work. And put it down to my age feeling tired . irritated eyes , breathlessness, sore joints,stuffed nose, palpitations, and feeling really bad. Aged mid fifty. Then I started noticing the dashboard display was becoming discoloured and decided to check under the bonnet. Where I discovered that the turbo was covered in very heavy soot and after reving the engine and seeing the ammount of smoke that was coming back out of the turbo it was not hard to work out why the displays were stained and why I was feeling so bad as it was evident that fumes were coming in to the cab. This could have been a fatal situation. Took it back to the dealer and told them the whole story. It was with the dealer for two days the first day they had to order parts the second day they phoned to say it was ready. I enquired what had been wrong with it and the lady in the service dept replied that they had replaced the particle filter because it had become clogged by carbon build up and was stopping the exhaust fumes from getting out and that Citroen UK had a fault number against it so they were aware of it. I was completely shocked by this response surely if they knew about this fault it should have justified a recall. For such a thing to be advertised as environmentally friendly is a joke and Citroen need to come clean and admit these faults before there is a fatality. Got my car back with all the staining still in place. Looks like an old worn out car. Still waiting to find out the affects it has had on my health. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED have not got time to go through the rest of the faults.

Submitted: 2007-11-29 | ID: 37968

Paul Hewson, Newport

Citroen C5 2.2 HDI 2007

4 star review

Good on interior space, a smooth drive on the motorway but not the most exciting drive but it does the job.

Submitted: 2007-11-13 | ID: 37967

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