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Citroen C2 consumer car reviews

John Chestnutt, County Londonderry

Citroen C2 2003 - 2008

5 star review

c2 diesel starts ok but will not take the revs a sign comes up phelp battery switch engine off restart and it ok for a while what would be the problem mate

Submitted: 2017-05-07 | ID: 141148

michael, Durham

Citroen C2 2003 - 2008

3 star review

nice motor 2006 sx drives great had to get 3 wheel bearings done and a new fob as mine stopped working would not lock passenger door cost was 200 for a new fob and bearings it has 60k on clock now thinking of getting a bigger car so might sell this ,

Responses to this review

I have aCitron c2 1.4 deasel model 2004 .I have one problem the passeger door don't want to lock only the driver door lock if I use the key .what must I do ? - from South Africa

Submitted: 2016-07-01 | ID: 133160

Ian montgomery, Antrim

Citroen C2 2003 - 2008

5 star review

Brake light faulty,side lamp faulty,indicator faulty.These warnings have started to display on my screen along with an annoying 'beep' even though they are working ok.?????

Submitted: 2016-05-18 | ID: 131671

lyndsey, Worcestershire

Citroen C2 2003 - 2008

5 star review

I have recently brought a Citroen c2 1.4 auto 2004 Furioits lovely car to drive an very quiet but the only issue is that the center break light on the back window has furio appear when u apply the breaks is this a standard feature as if it is not then I guess I need to remove this let me no if anyone has an idea about this light as the last thing I want is to get pulled for a sticker obstructing break light :)

Submitted: 2014-11-28 | ID: 107022

Sara firth, West Yorkshire

Citroen C2 2003 - 2008

2 star review

Hi I have a c2 vtr 1.6 and in this past week my car has started losing all gears and wont drive, I have disconnect the battery for 5 minutes then reconnect turn the engine on and wait for it to do its clicking and clunking thing on the gears. Its done this to me now twice in the space of 2 hours and its getting embarrassing cos itways seems to be at traffic light or in the middle of a road. is it safe to keep loosening the battery as I dont want to make it any worse than it is. After listening to other ppl with the same problem I dont want to take it to Citroën as I really dont have the money they seem to chsrge ppl and the patience to be fobbed off, is it worth keeping of shud I get rid of it, I have only had it 6 monthsand did love it but now I am growing to hate it and worry everytime I need to go out in it.

Submitted: 2014-05-16 | ID: 95588

Roy Grant, Lancashire

Citroen C2 2009

2 star review

My son bought a Citroen C2 from Walker Farrimond in Nelson, Lancashire, nearly 4 years ago. In all fairness, since we’ve had it, we’ve had no issues with it whatsoever. It’s been serviced on a regular basis and has never let us down, and as I said the car is only three years and 11 months old and has done only 45,000 miles. A few weeks ago we had a problem with the battery in the key fob, the computer was indicated in that the battery was failing so we went to the local shop for a new battery and everything was fine. However, not long after that the computer started again with problems, telling us that the brakes were failing and the airbags were failing and there was also an electrical fault and the ABS. We spoke to a local garage who told us that the brake fault could be due to a dirty ABS sensor, so we took it out and cleaned it, however, that didn’t seem to do anything. This was just before we went on holiday so I rang the local Citroen dealer who is Walker Farrimond in Nelson, Lancashire, who advised that it would have to be put onto one of their computers to have a look to see what was wrong with it. When asked how much this would be, we were promptly told it would cost £78. There didn’t seem to be any other way to get this fault diagnosed, it seems Citroen have you over a barrel for this. After we came back from holiday we took it into the garage who put it onto the computer and told us there was a problem with the washer bottle pump, which had leaked onto the wiring loom then travelled up the loom and into the fuse box. This is also caused the brake lights to be on permanently as the water was shorting the circuit. The next bit was not what I was expecting; the price to get this work done was £1380, because of the damage caused to both the wiring loom and the fuse box inside the car. The garage said they would speak to Citroen and ask whether they would be willing to make a good will donation, after an hour or so they came back to us and said that they would pay for 35% of the parts I told them unfortunately I didn’t have that type of money to pay for the repairs and in my opinion this was a design fault, not due to wear and tear. If it had been a wear and tear fault, for example, a new tyre, a new gearbox or new engine part, then all’s fair in love and war. I agree with Citroen that the car is out of warranty, however, I don’t believe that where there is a design fault I should have to pay for the repairs. Since complaining to Citroen directly they have now said they will pay 100% of the parts, which under normal circumstances I would be very grateful for. However, I still think this is a design fault and therefore they should be paying for all the repairs. After speaking to a number of other garages they agree that this would be classed as an extended warranty part as you would expect a water pump on a washable to be located above the wiring loom, which would then allow water to travel up the wiring loom (which should be sealed to the outside elements) to damage the fuse box. I am looking for other people who have had similar problems with air C2 and had no joy with Citroen. After speaking to Walker Farromond, they have said that it still will cost approximately £550 for this to be fixed. I think this is an awful lot of money to pay for a car that has less than 45,000 miles on it and is less than four years-old. Had I not said anything to anyone at my local dealer I would have ended up paying out £1380 for repairs, money that I can’t afford at the moment. I did a bit of research on the internet and found in a couple of other forums that there has been a problem where the washer bottle pump is leaking on various items within the car. I even found somebody that had managed to get Citroen to pay for all the parts and labour to get their car back on the road. However, I’m not so lucky. I’m now asking users of this forum, and any other forum to contact me with any issues that have had with Citroen and will collect these on a database and post them on the social network sites. I’m also going to use this as evidence that this is not just a one-off problem, which my local dealer has suggested after speaking to their service desk.

Responses to this review

I read this with interest as the wiring loom issue has just happened to my 2009 C3. The dealership that sold it to us has said it’s an £1100 fix but they have brought this down by 60% with 50% coming from Citroen and 10% themselves. How many more 2009 or earlier models are about to go the same way? I agree it’s a design fault possibly worthy of a recall to save them money in the long term. However, since it’s not safety related, although that’s debatable, they are unlikely to do this. I’d be interested as to your arguments that you used against Citroen, so that I may also get them to up the contribution. Comments to gazandwiz@gmail.com would be appreciated. - Gary Jackson from Buckinghamshire

<div id="_mcePaste" style="position: absolute; left: -10000px; top: 20px; width: 1px; height: 1px; overflow: hidden;">Just read your report, my son is having similar problem with his 2009 C2 VTR - only 19,000 miles done, with water entering fusebox, been told needs replacement costing £900+, car in garage now awaiting repairs and explanation from Citreon HQ, your report helps us a lot with an explanation and how to deal with this, did you get any other evidence which would also help us with our claim? Again thanks for your report! - Davis E from Northumberland

Davis E from Northumberland has responded to review - ID: 10593.<br />Just read your report, my son is having similar problem with his 2009 C2 VTR - only 19,000 miles done, with water entering fusebox, been told needs replacement costing £900+, car in garage now awaiting repairs and explanation from Citreon HQ, your report helps us a lot with an explanation and how to deal with this, did you get any other evidence which would also help us with our claim? Again thanks for your report! - Davis E from Northumberland

Submitted: 2013-08-03 | ID: 37583

Carol Smith, Northern Ireland

Citroen C2 2004

3 star review

I’ve had my C2 only one week and it cut out on me on a busy road, just stopped! I am taking it back to the garage tomorrow. It’s on finance. I don’t want this car any more so I hope they let me change it.

Submitted: 2013-04-28 | ID: 37582

David Robert Bird, Bedfordshire

Citroen C2 1.1 2005

4 star review

We have had this car for 5 years and have found it to be a reliable little runner and surprisingly nippy for a 1.1. The only problems that we have had in that time are worn discs and a spring problem. You get what you pay for, but if you need a cheap runner you can’t beat it.

Submitted: 2013-03-09 | ID: 37568

Meg, England

Citroen C2 1.1 Furio 2007

1 star review

I wouldn’t wish this car on my worst enemy, infact I can’t even call it a car, but a rust box on wheels. I have currently had; 2 wishbones gone, a radiator blow up, a crankshaft sensor go, which stopped the car starting, a headgasket failure, a starter motor go, a clutch gone, a clutch slave cylinder pop and leak brake fluid everywhere and a back box. Also it is prone to air lock in the fuel if you don’t fill it up on the half tank level. It also needs a new sump bowl as it’s completely rusted over. I will never buy Citroen again as not only are the cars pathetic so is the customer service who thrive on robbing you. Luckily I am a car shop manager and can handle my own when they try to fob you off with their so called ’knowledge’ on cars. Citroen C2 1.1 Furio ashamed owner.

Submitted: 2012-10-22 | ID: 37566

Hanna Hadman, England

Citroen C2 VTR Sensodrive 2006

1 star review

I would like to add a follow up on my prevous comment. After having the gearbox fixed. I still got a light flashing up every 1 to 2 months saying ’gearbox faulty’ and the issue has never been found. Two days ago I reversed the car out of my garage and something has gone in the passenger wheel. We have now given up with this. It was a good car while it lasted but as soon as it hit 5 years its life ended very quickly and expensively. I do feel very let down by Citroen in the end as it was such a good first day, but broke so quickly. We now have bought a new Hynundai so here’s hoping we have better luck!

Submitted: 2012-10-07 | ID: 37567

Philip Taylor, London

Citroen C2 1.6i VTR 2004

2 star review

Utter disappointment with my C2 has had me scouring the net for reviews, problem threads etc, which is how I found this brilliant website. Should’ve had my head examined buying this French turkey last Summer - for more resons than I wish to go into. In short: AVOID Sensodrive !!! The car may catch the eye, it may take corners beautifully, it may surprise pleasantly when you need to pass a convoy on the M6 but when something goes wrong, i.e. the Clutch Actuator, necessitating the removal of the gearbox, a new clutch and a £1300 bill for a £2500 car, you wish you’d listened to all the people who refer to Citroen as Sh*****. If however, you haven’t had any of these problems and you still love the C2 (as some people on here seem to) heed this: Stay away from Citroen London West. They will charge you £130 per hour labour, give you wildly different quotes and do unauthorised work unless you shout down the phone "PLEASE DON’T DO ANY WORK UNTIL I GET BACK TO YOU!" This was 2 weeks ago and the car is now juddering violently above 70mph. Awaiting a reply from Citroen London West. Not optimistic. This was my first car since 97 ( I was a student then a Londonner). I’m selling this heap and going back to hiring. Gutted.

Submitted: 2012-05-30 | ID: 37570

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Hannah Hadman, England

Citroen C2 1.6 sensodrive automatic 2006

2 star review

So the first 3 years of this car were fab. No problems and loved it as my first car. However, during the last 6 months I have had the car in Belgium and it has died. I had to fork out over 2000 euros on the thing for a  new exhaust and gear regulator. It has kind of put me off Citroens and I think i’ll go for a Japanese car next.

Submitted: 2012-05-14 | ID: 37569

Ross Harrison, Scotland

Citroen C2 vtr 1.4 2009

4 star review

I have to admit it is a great car to drive, but I hate the gear box. Other than that I can’t wait to get the 1.6 vtr. I’m a happy customer and I’ve had no faults whatsoever in years of having the car ;)

Submitted: 2012-02-16 | ID: 37575

Cookie, Lincolnshire

Citroen C2 1.6 vtr 2003

2 star review

I have a C2 1.6 vtr and I will never buy a Citroen again. I bought it last month. After a week I was driving down a road when the auto started flashing with a snowflake and the engine cut out. I took it to Citroen who said it was the clutch and gear actuators and quoted £1300 :O. One week later the engine started to get considerably louder, then produced a squealing noise. I took it to Citroen and was told it was due to the clutch and quoted £650 :O. I went out and bought the clutch, gear box oil and clutch seals for less than £100. I left the car on the driveway for 3 days as I was going to get it fixed on Saturday by a friend. I went out to start it and low and behold it now won’t start as the starter motors has now gone. Problem after problem. I would not recommend this car if you’re prone to bad luck. A brilliant car when it’s actually working though.

Responses to this review

It probably won’t be the starter, when the thrust bearing collapses (if) then the gearbox can do some odd things like stick in gear and this will cause the car not to start, disconnect then reconnect the battery, put the ignition on then press the brake for 1 minute to reset the ecu. The clutch takes about about 5 hours to replace but don’t start it unless you are very very experienced, one damaged wire and you will be plagued with trouble forever. By the way, a new starter can be purchased for £60 from behind the match factory in Garston Liverpool. When the clutch actuater is off the car pull back the gaiter and spray some light oil inside, they become a little stiff and this is what causes the thrust bearing to collapse as it doesn’t release properly and keeps in contact with the pressure plate then overheats and melts as it has a plastic centre, new clutch £89 plus vat from Ledsons Wigan - Peter Alty from Lancashire

Submitted: 2012-01-27 | ID: 37576

Julie Clavell, Lancashire

Citroen C2 2008

5 star review

I have had Citroens for years now. I started with a Picasso, Which I loved, but my ex had got it on finance so it cost a lot of money and as there was only usually me and my daughter in it so I changed it in 2003 for a C3. Again I adored it. The only downfall was changing the light bulbs, a nightmare! After having my lovely red C3 for quite a few years, my father-in-law asked if he could buy it from me, if I wanted to sell it. It  had very low mileage and it had been treated with lots of TLC from new. I couldn’t find a totally different car so ended up buying a C2 with very low mileage. I love it (even though the awful customer service spoiled my treat and I was paying in full, not finance). So now have a lovely 2008 Citroen C2, but since buying it I can smell a musty smell and I have just found out why - my back seats at the bottom are wet through! I do not know why this has happened, but I am gutted as my older red car was in perfect condition and the warranty on my C2 doesn’t cover the seats, even though I have only had this car for 6 weeks. :(

Responses to this review

Update: when I realised how wet the back seats were, I rang consumer advise to get all my facts correct before ringing the showroom again. They tried to fix it 2 more times and and the 3rd time I refused to keep having to go back with this and quoted my customer rights to them. I changed my car for a beautiful red Toyota Yaris. I love it so much. My husband was so impressed with my car (when he drove it a few times) he sold his Landrover which he was spending so much on with things going wrong and he bought a beautiful Toyota Avensis. He bought his from the Toyota showroom next to the big roundabout nr Salford Quays. The customer service was excellent and will definitely go there again next time - Julie Clavell from Lancashire

Well the smell got worse and after the dealer tried twice to fix the problem, I ended up changing my car after speaking to Consumer Direct. I now own a lovely Toyota Yaris. My husband fell in love with it and bought himself a Toyota Avensis. So I am now a Toyota girl, sorry Citroen - Julie Clavell from England

Submitted: 2011-12-16 | ID: 37572

Michelle Fedup, England

Citroen C2 1.4 sensordrive 2004

1 star review

What a pile of complete trash! My 2004 car, which I owned for just 2 months has had to be put to sleep in the scrap yard. I would not recommend this car to anyone. Just remember, Citroen is French for lemon.

Submitted: 2011-11-21 | ID: 37571

Anna, Durham

Citroen C2 1.1 sx 2004

2 star review

I bought a c2 1.1 sx in March this year. Ever since it’s been nothing but trouble. Here’s a list of everything that has been done: Coil pack, new back box, new wiper motor and wipers, water reservoir, something else under the bonnet that I can’t spell, new tyre, bearings, battery, starter motor and suspension. In total, what a pile of dump!

Responses to this review

Did you have a front passenger side indicator fault? - David Struthers from Ayrshire

Hi I also have a Citroen C2 bought a few months ago. Last night when I was driving it home, it started shuddering, the auto engine light came on and then it cut out. Could this be the ignition coil pack? Do you know how much it’ll cost? Thanks, Lauren x - Lauren Fletcher from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2011-09-07 | ID: 37578

Matthew Hargreaves, Berkshire

Citroen C2 1.4 LX HDi Design 2004

5 star review

I have a 1.4 LX HDi. I am in love with my C2! It has done 85000miles and the only problem we have had is when a woman reversed her Land Rover into the front of it, but fortunately not a lot of damage was done. I have had no issues with this car and it is still going strong 7 years after it was manufactured. It’s a beautiful car and I have had none of the problems that some other reviewers have described.

Submitted: 2011-08-22 | ID: 37581

Allan Fegen, Perthshire

Citroen C2 hdi sx 2007

3 star review

Very pleased initially, great MPG 70/80 ish. A/Con pipe replaced, front spring replaced, front drop link replaced, calipers replaced other than that car is nice to drive, bit sad that" things" happen outside the warranty period. Main concern tonight is getting it fixed!! So far Alastair Fleming Dundee have been more than helpful, here’s hoping they know the answer to this Anti pollution problem that appeared on the screen just before the car stopped tonight!!

Submitted: 2010-09-21 | ID: 37565

Graham Smith-Winnard, Warwickshire

Citroen C2 1.4 diesel 2006

1 star review

Great for just over 4 years, fantastic. NOW USELESS!! As are Citroen dealerships. Electic warning system shows that everything is faulty, brakes, ESP, Airbags etc and no speedo. Garage confirms that everything is OK (and just passed MoT but they are non plussed as to the electrical fault, won’t even give an estimate. Diagnostics don’t show any issues. KEEP CLEAR!

Responses to this review

Hi, did you get this sorted? Mine’s exactly the same. Thanks - Matt Riggall from Lincolnshire

My 58 plate C2 is coming up with faulty warning lights for side light brakes indicator reversing light headlights come on themselves. Engine cuts out without warning. Did you get your problems sorted? - James Imrie from Mid-Lothian (Edinburghshire)

Submitted: 2010-09-04 | ID: 37555

Bugsy, England

Citroen C2 2006

1 star review

I bought a C2 1.1 sx last year for my birthday. Within one day the car was back in Citroen as the timing belt bearings were worn out. After that I had none stop problems with the car, it broke down minimum 3 times a month. The car was showing the engine managent light and Citroen claimed they fixed it but the day after it came on again. I had the ignition coil changed 5 times by the AA and also the spark plugs from a local garage. At one point I was on the M6 and the car lost all its power and swerved from the third lane to the first and I had no control over the car, when I got on the hard shoulder I called the AA and the car started working fine. I had the battery server, and stepper motor replaced by Citroen but I’ve still got problems. At the moment the battery keeps dying and the cental locking does not work once the car’s turned off. Citroen claim my car has only been in to them once yet they know everything about my car when they hear my name and I have reciepts for every time it went in. Now they say they can’t do anything about the car and it’s my fault; they also say the car is not faulty and if i want it checked again they will get the manager of service to check it and maybe write it off!

Responses to this review

Hi, my wife has had a C2 for the past year good car till recently she was parked at some traffic lights at the front of the queue. As she tried to pull off, the car rolled back, very embarrassing. She noticed the auto sign and snowflake sign flashing, she turned the car off and attempted to start it again with no joy. Where a neutral sign would normally be, there was a "-" so now the car won’t start and also the battery symbol has now started to flash constantly. I’ve had the AA out and who have checked the battery and for some bizarre reason, the battery voltage keeps dropping even after it has been fully charged. The recovery people also put a diagnostic computer which flashed up gearbox selinoide fault, they reset the fault but still no joy. Citroen have been no help at all. Can someone please help as I have checked the internet and it seems as a lot of people with sensodrive have had similar problems. Many thanks - Jason King from Nottinghamshire

I have a sensodrive version. This usually happens when the car has lost power. When this happens, you have to re-install the gearbox with the car. Replace the battery! Turn the ignition on till the lights on the dash all show, put your foot on the brake for 30 seconds until the "N" shows up on the dash then start the car. It is in the handbook if you require it - Wayne Hamilton from Ireland

Submitted: 2010-08-22 | ID: 37558

David Dickinson, Warwickshire

Citroen C2 2007

2 star review

Has anyone had problems with the windows or mirrors on the C2? The car is only 3 yrs old and just run out of warranty. The drivers window won’t work and it won’t let me set my mirrors. I’m not happy, it’s like talking to a brick wall. I am talking to Citroen - they don’t know anything. Not all not happy.

Responses to this review

I’m having the same issues, did you get your problem resolved or has anyone else noticed this problem? - from Bedfordshire

The electric wing mirrors are connected by a plug in wire inside the door card (two are sometimes present if you have a heat sesnor on drivers side) check connection first then the fuses which are in glove box in a compartment with a piccy of a fuse on it. As for the window, it is a common fault, the motor on the electric window dies and Citroen will not warranty anything as they are a pathetic company who doesn’t know what good service means. You’re better off getting it repaired at a local garage than attempting any self repair. It shouldn’t cost too much labour but the part may be a little pricey. Hope this helps. Citroen C2 Furio owner/Car Shop manager - from England

Submitted: 2010-08-10 | ID: 37562

Trevor, Durham

Citroen C2 1.1 Design 2006

2 star review

A family member bought a Citroen C2 1.1 Design in 2006. The Citroen beeps most of the time, for example - faulty airbag, faulty full-beam, faulty indicator. I got them fixed, then within days the faults came back again. All it does is beep. I rang Citroen and they said "bring the car in" but that would cost £100-200 just to look at it. It is a nice car too look at and drive but the electronics are a disgrace; I wouldn’t buy one due to the electronics faults. Apart from that the car is good. Citroen should do something about this problem and not rip us off.

Submitted: 2010-07-30 | ID: 37561

Ian, England

Citroen C2 L 2005

1 star review

My wife bought a C2 from new in 2005. No real problems apart from a few warning lights coming on for no reason. At 32000 miles and 5 years old 2nd gear kept getting jammed (manual gearbox). Took it to a garage (don’t use Citroen dealer, they’re a bunch of cowboys who will rob you and not fix your car) as it was out of warranty and told that 2nd gear had disintergrated and 3rd gear on its way out. Needed whole new gearbox costing £900! The damn car is only worth £2000 at most!! AVOID CITROENS!!!

Submitted: 2010-06-22 | ID: 37541

Jackie, Spain

Citroen C2 vtr 1.4 2004

2 star review

I’ve had this c2 from new and it’s done 16000km. All the warning lights keep coming on, abs speedo stops working, main head lights stay on, anti pollution faulty. It’s had a new computer about a year ago, they have no idea what the problem is at the Citroen dealer here and I just keep getting bills for work done. Once it leaves the garage it normally lasts 4 days and then the lights are back, air bag, abs, picture of steering is on, steering goes heavy. It’s frustrating, I like the car but not being mechanically minded it is getting me down, can anyone help?

Responses to this review

Hi, did you get this sorted? Mine’s exactly the same. Thanks - Matt Riggall from Lincolnshire

Hi, my husband posted the same problem with our C2 and eventually replaced wiring loom - and still had problem. Local garage (never use Citroen again!) spent hours and eventually found electric wiring to ABS was causing resistance problem so triggering all warnings as well as speedo. Once wiring fixed, problem went away! Two things the display had always ’wavered’ a little which should have warned of change in electric current on wiring. Now the injectors have failed which is probably a separate problem?! - Tessa Fry from Warwickshire

Submitted: 2010-06-15 | ID: 37538

James, Hampshire

Citroen C2 1.4i Furio Sensodrive 2004

4 star review

I was very lucky to be given a 1.4i Furio Sensodrive as my first car; three years on and I still love it - it’s definitely the best car in my uni car park! Finished in Arctic Steel (silver) the car is a real headturner, and the light colour highlights the subtle, but sporty bodykit. Handling wise, the Furio is great with a light, grippy chassis giving you confidence in the twisty stuff. The suspension, albeit a little crashy, is respectable considering the Furio was fitted with normal suspension. The 1.4i is a willing engine - especially at 3000 rpm - and is best cruising at 60 mph. The only downside is the dashboard, for the plastics are a little disappointing, but, you must remember, the C2 was always a cheap car, and you buys a French car for excellent build quality? The only problems I have had with the car are the same as a few of the other people’s reviews. My mum previously owned the car for two years, without any problems. A few months after I was given the keys, the engine completely shut down on a dangerous road. Fortunately, it re-started after I had ground to a halt. Taking it to my local dealership, they found it was a problem with the throttle box which was replace under warranty. Christmas 2008 also brought a further problem - the sensodrive gearbox stuck in gear. It was partly due to my mistake for I had a habit of leaving it in gear and not putting the handbrake on. I left the car in reverse, and, in the morning, the car wouldn’t start (for it has to be in neutral to be able to start). I had to get a taxi to work (a Citroen C5 - oh, the irony!), but when I got home, the C2 was fine. After taking it to the dealership for a check-over, they found a few error codes which were deleted. Since then, the C2 hasn’t given me any problems since. Overall, the C2 1.4i Sensodrive is a cracking little car. Even with the problems (which have all been sorted and have not returned), I would recommend this car to anyone.

Responses to this review

If you get the snowflake light and your gear goes too, all you have to do is: 1) remove the wire from the battery 2) put it back on 3) open ignition switch and keep pressing the break but don’t turn car on (wont turn on anyways) ;) 4) wait 30-60 secs for the gearbox to re-install itself (until it goes into N 5) turn car on the main cause of this problem is not the battery by the way, it is caused by the Actuator (motor that pushes gearboxes clutch). They are not meant to last on average you have to change it every 1-2 years. They look so solid when you see them (all metal) but after taking it apart to try and fix it all components inside are plastic, believe it or not (hence why the problems). Hope this helps - from Jordan

Submitted: 2010-04-14 | ID: 37553

Ashleigh, England

Citroen C2 2003

3 star review

I loved my car when I first got it now its a different story. I’ve had the car just over 2 years and for the past 7 month I’ve had problems with the gear box. It puts it’s self out of gear giving me a line on the dash where it shows you what gear you are in. As it needs to be in neutral to start it this prevents me from starting it. After several times in the Citroen garage being charged each time for tow, time and diagnostics I was told by the only helpful member of staff that I have ever dealt with at Citroen (who’s wife happens to have the same problem with her C2) that the battery really isnt suitable for the car and if the battery is even slightly down on volts it wont have enough power to to start up the gerabox therefore it gets stuck half way. He’s told me how to sort it, disconnect the battery with the key in the ignition turned to reset the computer, re connect the battery and put jump leads from another car on, then literally wait till you can hear the clicking noises made from the gear box and keep turning the key and pushin the gears eventually you hit it in the right place and it will click into neutral and start. Very simple it sounds but this is now happening every other time I go to start it and causing so many problems. The battery was brand new 2 months ago when this problem started getting worse and has made no difference at all, if anything it’s worse. They don’t seem to have any clue why this is doing this other than something must be draining the battery. Anyone else have this problem with the car?

Responses to this review

Ashleigh. Really sorry to hear that you have incurred expense with your C2 problem but many thanks for taking the time to write that report. I brought home a 53 C2 for my son on Friday...it ran like a dream all day then yesterday morning ..nothing! Just as you described I saw the dash and Auto/Snow at the same time. According to the handbook that’s a main dealer issue so I had envisaged everything from an accentuator (don’t ask me) to the whole gearbox being at fault. Even the guy who sold the car was at a loss. Anyway I followed your instructions to the letter and success! we are motoring again. I suspect that I had done something as silly as leaving the front of the radio/CD player on overnight. Might sound silly but I can’t think of anything else that could have drained power. So, I can’t compete with the quality of advice you provided to fellow sufferers other than to say don’t rule out anything, however small, that might be taking power..and thanks again. It may happen again but next time I’m ready for it - from Yorkshire

Ashleigh, I am having exactly the same problem! Have you got to the bottom of what it is? - Chris P from England

I haven’t driven my 2004 C2VTR for nearly a year. It’s parked on the drive and won’t start. It first started by the snowflake symbol a dash instead of what gear it’s in. If I left it a while or disconnected the battery and reconnect it, it would usually work but this time nothing. Citroen aren’t any help and even a Citroen specialist wasn’t interested. I don’t have any stereo in it and I’ve even locked it with the key and not with the remote, but there seems to be something draining the battery - no idea what. I am now off work due to illness and can’t use or sell the car. I think it’s a great car, but a pity no one knows how to fix it - Dave Witts from Newport

Submitted: 2010-03-24 | ID: 37549

Trevor Parkes, Nottinghamshire

Citroen C2 vtr 1.6 sensodrive auto 2006

1 star review

I bought this car 7months ago, a lovely looking sporty little motor no problems until the seventh month of ownership, then one morning nothing, the car was completely dead. The battery was tested & was fine but due to it being an auto had to have it put on a recovery wagon. My local garage said it was stuck in gear & they managed to sort that but still couldn’t get it started. They put it on their diagnostic machine but it couldn’t read the codes so then it had to be put back on the recovery wagon & taken to a Citreon dealer. The gearbox management system had shut down all electrics and repairs would be £1050.00. Three weeks later it’s still in the garage awaiting parts from France. So now after a month with no car it will hopefully be ready Friday!! When I finally get it back it’s going straight to a garage to be sold; Citreon after sales service is abysmal. DONT BUY THIS CAR!!!

Submitted: 2010-03-20 | ID: 37548

Judith hedley, Durham

Citroen C2 vts 2007

4 star review

I’ve had no major problems, lovely car but started faulting March, its warranty is up in June, typical. The computer keeps flashing esp/asr fault. Anyone else had that prob? Would like to hear from you.

Responses to this review

I had this problem on my 2007 vts HDi, it was what Citroen called the "brake control pump". Got it fixed under warranty - David Blake from Lanarkshire

I think he meant the brake control switch. It’s under the passenger side dash board, costs £25 and is easily replaced as long as its the switch and not the wiring harness. Set your clock =, time and date which is shown in your handbook. Hope this helps - Terry Forster from England

Same problem here. I have a Citroen C2 VTS 2006 with an ESP/ASR fault. The dealer says it is the hydraulic unit ABS - almost 1400 euros - unbelievable that the car has only done 59,000km - Robert Vlies from Netherlands

Submitted: 2010-03-17 | ID: 37544

Lee Bengough, Wales

Citroen C2 VTR 2008

5 star review

The Citroen C2 VTR SensoDrive is my 2nd car in the Motability Scheme. My 1st was a 2005 C3 1.6i 16v Exclusive SensoDrive and in 3 years that never let me down and niether has this C2 in the 2 years I’ve had it. The Gearbox is great and after owning 2 SensoDrives I wouldn’t want to go back to a fully Automatic car now. Even though both cars has the same 1.6i 16v engine the C2 feels abit more powerfull but I was told as its a sporty model the gear ratios are different than the C3 and of course its lighter than the C3. I have got just over 13 months left on it now and I will either have next time a C4 EGS or maybe a Nemo SensoDrive. If I wasn’t a big Citroen Fan I would have considered a Peugeot 207 1.4i 16v Semi Auto (Same as Citroens SensoDrive) but I am Citroen Mad so I will be sticking with them and My Citroen Dealer, Thomas & Davies in Merthyr Tydfil are brilliant.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-03-15 | ID: 37543

Lewis, England

Citroen C2 VTR 2004

3 star review

I’ve had the same problem with the springs, both went 3 months apart, the second time I was on a country lane but luckily I heard the snap so slowed down. The spring ripped my tyre apart. Contacted the Citroen dealer who told me it’s not been a recall and the only thing they could do is offer to pick it up but I would have to pay for the work. When I said I would be taking it elsewhere they advised me to ask the garage if they could come up with a way to stop it happening again! Surely this is Citroen’s job?!

Submitted: 2010-02-25 | ID: 37542

Sandra Wright, Yorkshire

Citroen C2 Stop /Start Sensor Drive 2007

3 star review

I bought my C2 new thinking the Stop Start would be okay as I have already had a C2 Furio which was fine. What a mistake I made, it has been in and out of the garage about six times. The fault is the electrics, the onboard computer keeps saying stop/start faulty or auto gearbox faulty. At times I have been in reverse with my foot to the ground on the accelerator and it would not move, if I turned my engine off and restarted it, it was alright. Another time I couldn’t get out of second gear, to top it all off the garage said I needed a new battery (surprise not under warranty) they fitted it, tested it told me it was okay and ten minutes on the road it did it again. It is going in again on Monday. The customer service at Citreon is terrible they haven’t a clue what the problem is. I won’t be buying another from them.

Responses to this review

This has been happening to me. Sometimes when I’m driving the noise the low fuel thing makes and then the automatic freezes and then it brakes down I cant get it to move, sometimes until the next day. It’s happening more and more frequently now, especially in the cold weather and occasionally (most times now) it wont start straight away! Does anyone know what is wrong with it exactly because I cant be bothered going back and forth to the garage paying for meaningless things - from England

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 37530

Mickey, Hertfordshire

Citroen C2 furio 1.4 2003

3 star review

I’ve just bought one. By the sounds of these stories I sorta wish I hadn’t!

Responses to this review

I have a Furio 1.4. Have had it for 4 months. Water level in the radiator is dropping causing it to overheat and today the Anti-pollution light came on and a faulty message on the dash. Of course the warranty was 3 months! Grrrr - from London

Submitted: 2010-01-14 | ID: 37528

Steve Jomartz, Essex

Citroen C2 VTR 2004

5 star review

I bought my C2 new and did 148,000km in 5 years. It was a joy, I never had any major problems only reasonable wear and tear items as the mileage increased. Economical to run with the fuel consumption of a manual. I liked the senso drive, so went to buy another one only to find citeron is no longer importing them to Australia any more. Major dissapointment. I then brought a new festiva 1.4 auto, nice car but the fuel economy is much worse than the C2 1.6, which also had heaps more grunt. I miss my C2. Does anyone know a nice girl with an EU passport I can marry? (Selected essex as country as went out with an essex girl once and she fitted in really well in Oz, lol.)

Submitted: 2009-11-12 | ID: 37537

Roy Holton, England

Citroen C2 1.4 HDi 2006

1 star review

5th gear shaft snapped off, then starter motor gave up, now the engine cuts out every 30 seconds. What a load of junk.

Responses to this review

Hi, I have had my senso drive for over a year, the gear box has gone twice. The car looks good, however, I agree its the worst car I have bought - Debbie Swan from Bedfordshire

Submitted: 2009-10-27 | ID: 37535

Troy Jeffries, London

Citroen C2 VTR 2003

5 star review

The best French supermini. It’s based on the popular Peugeot 206 and Citroen C3. A lot better than the Citroen C1.

Submitted: 2009-09-22 | ID: 37532

Graham Davies, England

Citroen C2 VTS CODE 2008

5 star review

As you guys will see from my earlier post I used to have a 1.1 SX c2. Fantastic car. Owned it in total for 3 years never had a part changed.. probably why it was hanging to bits when I part-exed it! LOL. Swapped three month ago for a 06 plate VTS with 12000 miles. Totally loved that too. Loved it to the point that I went back in yesterday to swap it again for a 08 plate code. Totally amazing car with power that a 20 year old can fall in love with. Any bad reviews on this car should be totally burned. its a keeper :)

Submitted: 2009-09-18 | ID: 37533

Mark Jacklin, Lincolnshire

Citroen C2 VTS 2005

5 star review

Just want to say that I’ve had my 05 plate C2 VTS for 4 years and the only thing I’ve had to change on it is 4 tyres and the oil filter and have never had any break pads, disks and never failed any MOT’s. Never had any complaints with this car whatsoever and its covered 59,000 miles. If you drive it like a knob then yeh you probably are going to need new gearboxes and clutches and thats not to say mine hasnt had a good thrashing every now and again but look after it right and it wont let you down. The best car I’ve had...

Submitted: 2009-08-14 | ID: 37534

Oliver, England

Citroen C2 furio 2005

1 star review

A pile of $hit!!!!!! Never buy Citroen!!!! Gearbox problems all time!!!! Dealers are rubbish!!! Happy to sell you the car but not when it comes to help on a problem!!!!! Expensive on spares.....Tell me one good thing about them !!!!!! Load of C**P !!!!!!!

Submitted: 2009-07-02 | ID: 37616

G Cole, Hampshire

Citroen C2 VTR 2006

5 star review

Wayne - I guess you got the "built on a Friday afternoon lemon" as I have the C2 1.6 VTR Sensodrive & it has been a superb little car! I collected it brand new in Sept 2006 on the Motability scheme - I’ve covered 28,000 miles and not a single thing has gone wrong! I did have a recall from Citroen last September (something to do with a part for the ABS), but other than that - it’s been great. It looks great - drives well - is fast for such a small motor - and the paddle-shift gearchange/sensodrive box is very responsive & quick. Unfortunately Citroen have stopped making this car now - you can only buy a 1.4 VTR ’Stop and Start’ - which is plain stupid & ridiculous - a real blunder by the French Company as who the heck wants something as daft as that?!?! It (being a Motability car) is due for replacement this coming September as the 3 years lease on it is up. I’d have loved another identical car... but no way am I opting for the bloody daft ’stop & start’ version! Therefore - and sad to say - I am looking at the new Ford Fiesta or the Mazda 2. But - whatever I decide - I have loved every moment of my C2 VTR. It’s been a real joy - lots of fun... sheer happiness!

Responses to this review

I am happy with mine on Motability Scheme as well. I wanted another C3 Exclusive SensoDrive but when I went to order another in Jan 2008 it had been discontinued so I went for the C2 VTR SensoDrive and I love it. I do miss my C3 at times as its hard for my mam and Great Auntie getting in and out so most of the time I got to use my brothers C3 to take them places. Luckily we both Drive with Hand Controls. Different reasons like. But I do benefit from more room in the front. I have just got another 13 months left then I am thinking of either a C4 EGS or a Nemo SensoDrive - Lee Bengough from Wales

Hi, I have had a vtr sensodrive since 2007 on motability and I’m due to replace in Sept ’10. It’s been a great little car. I wanted to get another one but they no longer import into the UK so I was thinking of a c4 coupe egs semi auto but guess what? There is only one coupe, now a manual special edition, so I will have to look elsewhere. It seems that Citroen UK does not have a great choice of small semi-autos anymore, a great shame - from Hertfordshire

Submitted: 2009-05-28 | ID: 37613

Wayne Piper, England

Citroen C2 VTR 2005

1 star review

Needed a little run around last year, looked at a few small cars. Saw the VTR in a line up and thought wow good looking car. SILLY ME, big mistake. You see I had a Saxo and Xsara before and never had any problems. Had the car a year and its making me a tad sad! Gearbox started playing up and after paying the AA a couple of hundred quid and being recovered in to the dealer, at least five times, they finally admitted that the accentuator had gone. I told them that at the beginning, but they didn’t listen. Then, last night i get in the car and start to drive... Guess what? Front nearside coil-spring snapped. When the AA arrived again they said this is my last call out this year!!!!!! I might have to join several other recovery companies at this rate. The ’nice’ man from the AA said he new what it was straight away. He said I should have had a recall sent or at least when it last went to garage springs should have been changed! Nope....... going to have a serious chat with garage this morning. So all in all, not a happy person with the car... what next??? Its a shame because it’s a good looking car, but now I’m beginning to get rather hacked off. Wouldn’t now recommend anyone to Citroen, where before I was a big fan. Just think, if i had had my two young kids in the car, poodling along around some country lanes one Sunday morning.... the coil spring snaps...digs into tyre..... mmmmm... my kids and I would have not been a pretty site. I’M NOT HAPPY with Citroen on this, it should have made a bigger effort to recall the cars and the dealers should have fixed them when they have then in!

Submitted: 2009-05-19 | ID: 37612

Paul, County Tyrone

Citroen C2 GT 2004

5 star review

I have had this since new, and now with 70,000 on the clock, the only single problem this car has given me was a broken front suspension spring. Aside from normal servicing this wee car has never missed a beat or let me down. The drop links have been replaced and that was under warranty and my last service I replaced the discs all round, although they could have lasted longer and I wanted a sharper bite. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary for the mileage and considering it the sports model. My only gripe is Citroen servicing costs are higher than I expected. I’m really surprised at some of the reviews, as I find the build quality OK; its reliability has been excellent and handles like a super mini should and although its touted as a hot hatch. I feel it should have had way more power. My only gripe, like the MINI’s, it has no spare wheel, no traction control. It still looks the biz and I feel no need to change.

Responses to this review

GT 1.6 had car 2yrs, non stop problems, have had coil packs, hand brake problems, gear box sticks, had engine rebuild, new axel starter, drop links shocker, seat belt, missfiring and much more. Spent fortune on getting it fixed, nice looking car but dreadfully built. Now need second gt engine mount. Anyone reading this, do not buy a Citreon - Anthony Munro from Renfrewshire

Submitted: 2009-05-19 | ID: 37610

Haydn Ringer, Kent

Citroen C2 1.4 Design 2006

1 star review

I bought my Citroen C2 from Dutton Forshaw as a demonstrator and it had done 15000 miles. I have done 8000 on top and my clutch bearing has gone and they said its not covered under my warranty and to get a new one is £500. Does anyone know what I should do?

Responses to this review

Don’t worry about it it’ll run for ages and then you replace the clutch when it is required, honestly - John Mc from Lanarkshire

Submitted: 2009-05-05 | ID: 37623

Matt, Staffordshire

Citroen C2 1.1 Design 2005

3 star review

Excellent fuel economy (48mpg to 51mpg) too. I used this car for my 500 mile weekly commute to work on motorways and fast A roads. The performance from the 1.1 was acceptable, which was to be expected. The running costs were excellent (Group 1, 20,000 mile service intervals). The only problem with the car was the rubbish build quality. The dealers also leave a lot to be desired! But overall a good car, so much so my parents bought it off me 2 years ago and still have it.

Responses to this review

Hi There! I’ve had an opportunity to lay my hands on one of these, 1.4SX version at a steal from a friend. Parkers say around 50MPG. I’ll be travelling 80 miles a day and 71 miles will be motorway at 60mph. Your economy was that at 70mph or 60 when on the motorway? Most appreciated! - Chris Ramsey from Cardiff

Submitted: 2009-04-20 | ID: 37625

Jesse Owen, England

Citroen C2 VTS 2004

3 star review

I have recently purchased a C2 VTR. Fast, good looking little car. There is one bad thing, its not a smooth ride at all. Also everytime I lock the car the alarm goes off. Talk about an attention seeker hey! If anybody knows how to stop this please let me know.

Responses to this review

Mine used to do this, I used to have to lock, unlock then lock it again to stop it doing this. Aparently it was something to do with the original CD player not being uninstalled properly when replaced with a new one - from England

Submitted: 2009-04-07 | ID: 37627

Tom Jagger, England

Citroen C2 VTS 2005

3 star review

Mixed feelings. I had one of the first VTS’s released (a 54 plate) and this is a fun car to own day to day. I still don’t want to sell; it handles superbly, has bags of grip (it just turns in and turns in and turns in) and about as much grunt as you will get for the money/insurance group. One thing I particularly like is that it sounds fantastic as standard (I’m an advocate of keeping cars standard), both in terms of induction sound and exhaust note. Everyday pedestrians turn heads and are surprised to see a standard C2! I would love this car if it wasn’t for the problems which, thanks to warranty and sheer driving pleasure, haven’t yet totally ruined my ownership experience. After a year of ownership and 14000 miles it became apparent that the engine had developed a major fault; it ’knocked’ at tick-over and had lost both it’s high rev power and characteristic ’scream’ (it revs to over 7000rpm with the power really kicking in at 6000rpm). Following COUNTLESS trips to the dealer, 11 months and 11,000 miles they finally replaced the engine. Result you may think, but the cars prime had been ruined and I had spent much of the year flying round in a comedy 3 cylinder C1! So, everything was cool with the car until at 35,000 miles, BANG, the gearbox disintegrates. My 1400cc Saxo did this twice - speaking from experience it seems to happen when applying power in a tight, low gear corner (so when you have a lot of lock on) - beware. Fortunately I was still 1,000 miles and a month within the warranty period. However I waited about 6 weeks for my new gearbox to come in (anybody want a review on 3 cylinder C1??) and then it was returned undriveable. You had to turn the engine off to select 1st or reverse for goodness sake, and they gave it me back! It was clearly the clutch and the Citroen Service Manger insisted I pay for the new clutch job in full, labour and parts, and quoted £650. Which competent technician marries a new gearbox with a dead clutch?? To cut a long story short I got trading standards and an independent mechanic involved, wrote a 2000 word letter and ended up paying £150, only because I’m a nice guy. I had proved the Service Manager had instructed his technician to fit the useless clutch whilst lying to me constantly to try and dig his way out of the resulting hole - bizarre. When I next went to the dealership he no longer worked there. The only other problem I have had was the alternator breaking, so no electrics, which led to me locked in the car and trundling down the hard shoulder at 10mph with no wipers in the rain - the engine would not respond to the throttle and just ticked over at about 1200rpm! Weird! It went to show just how much modern cars rely on electrics. So the two major problems aside I have had a decent 4.5 years with this car and enjoyed every mile driven. There are rattles, it’s a Citroen - so if you want your cheap car to be comfy and refined don’t buy it, if you want your cheap car for ’driving’ then do. Finally, there are many bad reviews on this page but you must remember that people often won’t bother writing a review if they have a happy ownership, they are unlikely to even visit sites such as this. There are many C2’s on the road and their reliability reputation is respectable. Positives - Fun ’GTI’ driving, Good Value. Negatives - Average build quality, Dealer service couldn’t be any worse.

Submitted: 2009-02-26 | ID: 37622

Syned McRain, Inverness-shire

Citroen C2 1.6 VTR 16v Sensodrive 110bhp 2003

2 star review

A private purchase with FSH. Was 2 years old at time of purchase. Were it not for manufacturer’s warranty and then an independent extended warranty this wee car would have cost me an absolute fortune. It’s a great wee car to drive and has extras like cruise control, and paddle-shift gear change. But it’s very poor build quality. So far I’ve had to replace:- 1x car seat, window mechanism, 4 wheel bearings, 3 suspension coil springs, alternator, battery, core cable (caused complete engine failure), timing belt, steering wishbone, 2 steering droplinks, a set of discs and breaks, and I’m now told that my steering-rack will require replacing. Most of my life I’ve driven VWs and never had so many faults in such a short time, with a car that is only 5 years old. The C2 looks really cool and it handles the road really well, and has enough power to overtake most traffic on the road BUT stay clear of it unless you have a good warranty (mine is with Warranty Direct £300/yr), and have time to be travelling back and forward to the garage (it is also an awkward DIY car in terms of access to parts of the engine, and some jobs require specialist Citroen tools). There is also a most unusual circuit configuration on the alternator which is tied into the computerised Engine Management System, which means that you have to buy the authentic Citroen parts... and in this case I had to wait 14 days for delivery of the part to the Citroen dealer... with no provision of a courtesy car. The biggest blow was the trade-in value of £1400 that I was quoted. Three years ago I paid £6,200. I’m saving my pennies for a VW when my C2 warranty runs out at 110,000 miles. The C2 may look pretty but look are deceiving because it’s money down the drain.

Submitted: 2009-02-17 | ID: 37621

Alison Short, England

Citroen C2 Furio 2007

2 star review

My C2’S CLUTCH HAS ALSO GONE AT 10,000 miles! My local garage are friendly but I’ve had to take the car in for an unidentified noise three times and they still cannot detect it. Even my deaf dad can hear it! I’m just writing to head office to complain.

Submitted: 2009-01-28 | ID: 37619

Emma, Yorkshire

Citroen C2 Furio 2005

2 star review

I bought my C2 7 months ago after my Ford Ka gave up on me. Big mistake! The handling is very poor, going around roundabouts at 24 mph makes me feel unsafe and I feel uncomfortable doing the speed limit most of the time. Now it is needing numerous engine diagnostics as the engine management warning light keeps coming on. All faults are coming up as unknown? I think there are far better cars than this to buy in the price range.

Submitted: 2009-01-26 | ID: 37617

Jane, Surrey

Citroen C2 2005

5 star review

I have a 1.4HDi and am a driving instructor. I cannot rate this little car highly enough. It hasn’t missed a beat from the day I bought it (I know that I have just jinxed myself and that tomorrow it will probably break down...!!). I have spent less than £400 on servicing it since new (at a Citroen dealer). It has now done 48,000 miles and I have just had the clutch replaced at a cost of £551 at a local garage (not a Citroen dealer) which I think isn’t bad considering that the clutch takes a big battering with lots of clutch control doing low speed manoeuvres. The local garage is run by two guys who are ex-Citroen and Peugeot and they have a 1.4 HDi as their ’gopher’ car..... if two mechanics have this as their car of choice that’s good enough for me!!

Submitted: 2009-01-21 | ID: 37618

John McAulay, Scotland

Citroen C2 Furio 1.4i Sensodrive 2003

4 star review

Ok so it’s got a 1.4 litre engine giving not very much in terms of peak horsepower, but the car doesn’t exactly need much considering it weighs as little as it does. In addition to which it has a delightful amount of torque for it’s weight, and seems to reach peak torque (120Nm) at around 3000rpm, The real plus point with this car is not straight line performance, or practicality, or top speed, but handling. It can be delicately placed exactly where you want it corner after corner. With a surprising agility in turn in, and once into a corner it has the stability to be reassuring through the rest of the corner, but still adjustable on the throttle. The handling does have two slight downsides though. First being that the back of the car is so light that the weight transfer to the front under heavy braking can cause the back to become more than a little squirmy. Secondly the torsion beam rear suspension, whilst contributing to the more attractive characteristics of it’s handling, also make it more sensitive to broken road surfaces, and mid corner bumps than would be ideal. The sensodrive gearbox is a great feature, although it was the gearbox that has been the one thing that has ever caused me a problem. The selector rod broke, and as this is not a part unique to the sensodrive, I would not fault it as being anything more than bad luck. In short, they are amazing little cars and should be test driven before you jump to any conclusions about them.

Submitted: 2009-01-02 | ID: 37620

Mark Purdy, Derbyshire

Citroen C2 VTS 2005

3 star review

My C2 VTS needed a new clutch after just 10,000 miles. Citroen told me it would be £650 to replace as the car was just out of warranty. I got it done for £300 in the end at Derby clutch center.

Submitted: 2008-12-22 | ID: 37602

Richard, Warwickshire

Citroen C2 VTR 1.4 2005

5 star review

I have owned my C2 for 3.5 years now and apart from some minor problems with the headlights and the speed control, the car has been brilliant! Took if for a 2000 km drive in northern Sweden, -22 degrees and extremely snowy and icy roads and the car was surprisingly easy to manoeuvre even in these challenging conditions... a great car!

Submitted: 2008-12-15 | ID: 37601

Terri, England

Citroen C2 VTS 2006

1 star review

Had VTS since new and only done 20000 miles. Since new it has been back and forth to dealer. Revving when changing from 4th to 5th gear. Now the clutch has started to slip and have been told it needs a new clutch, which is not covered by warranty (surprise surprise!) - Cost of this £700 to £800!!

Submitted: 2008-12-09 | ID: 37604

Graham Davies, England

Citroen C2 2004

5 star review

I have had mine for a year now with no problems at all. If you have a problem look up Bell warranty extensions for £20 a month - everything is covered including the clutch and gearbox parts.

Submitted: 2008-11-25 | ID: 37603

James, England

Citroen C2 VTS 2006

1 star review

C2 VTS 56 PLATE DO NOT BUY THIS CAR. I wanted something sporty after owning a heavy VW 1.2 POLO 04 reg. There was nothing wrong with my VW obviously, but just wanted some power. Anyway got this car in June 2008 and I wish I could turn back the clock and get my old car back... I mean where do I start!!!! The Gearbox is horrible; it’s clicky it doesn’t go into gear easily - it makes weird noises and it grinds, and it’s only 2 years old. The suspension is knackered already and I’m 100% certain there’s a steering rack fault which Citroen deny under their warranty scheme (surprise surprise.) The car rattles everywhere - it’s made from jelly, the parcel shelf rattles and squeaks, take the parcel shelf out and the boot still squeaks, the door cards rattle, the speaker covers rattle, everything rattles! It’s terrible! The paint is tearing away by the day; I admit to having stone chips on the VW but this is 2 years old and there’ll be no paint left on the bonnet soon!! The power delivery is not consistent at all, you think its sporty, but you will have to absolutely thrash this car to pieces to get anything out of it and this is probably why my engine makes very funny noises on idle. However, if they’re going to advertise a car as a hot hatch then make it one for gods sake!! My intake manifold bolts fell off within about a week of ownership (watch out for this VTS owners, and if you do own one I feel very sorry for you!) I now have a mysterious knocking from behind the stereo when I turn full lock and when it goes over some bumps. To top this list off it wouldn’t start for about 2 minutes on a cold morning the other day ha ha, imagine when its 6 years old it’ll be on the scrap heap! This car was registered in very late 2006 and all these problems already!! If you were thinking of buying one then don’t, they are crap. I’m only writing this to fend off any potential buyers as I paid a lot of money for this car every month and I don’t want you to do the same and fork out your hard earned cash for this French rubbish. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BUY! I WANTED ONE TOO ONCE, BUT NOW I REALLY DON’T! Can’t wait to sell it, I’d rather get the bus (yes I’d rather get the bus!). In fact I will be doing for some time now as this car will only give me a slight profit after paying the finance! Rant over.

Responses to this review

Hi, I had a hearty laugh at your review. I have to admit I agree with you, the car is utter rubbish and I wanted one so much when they first came out! I have a Nov ’06 C2 VTS and it is poo! I have since noticed that the bracket holding the back box of my exhaust is rusted and you cannot buy a new bracket as would be the norm with any NORMAL car; you have to buy a whole new back box at a cost of £275 plus VAT + fitting obviously. I’ve written a stinking letter to Citroen and will keep on doing so just to annoy them. Also the plastic casing around my gearstick has come loose and just shows what a nasty, cheaply made car this is. The car does handle well and has done for me personally but there are knocks and noises also with mine and when it is ticking over the engine makes a weird noise. It is due a service also which hopefully will rectify this. I paid £9,200 for mine from new and I wish I had have just spent the money on a well built second hand car instead, more fool me eh?! Also I have had problems from the start with the digital screen reading plip battery spent and it took numerous trips to the Citroen garage for them to fix it, what kind of numpties do they have working for them I wonder, it took them ages to sort it. Customer service is a crock nowadays. I can’t wait to sell this piece of junk and get a proper car. I had KAs before I got the C2 and I’m sorry but they are a far better car! Hope you now have a good car and fingers crossed I can get rid of mine too - Marianne Nicholson from County Down

Submitted: 2008-11-18 | ID: 37596

Chris Douglas, Yorkshire

Citroen C2 vts 2006

5 star review

Just had my c2 vts 2 weeks now - very impressed with the speed, handling and looks - amazing too. Head turner too. Raced a few cars now and beat them easy - left a c2 vtr standing and also the saxo vtr (killed it). Raced a Lexus is200 - beat that too and also did a new Aastra sri 150 diesel; so plenty of power to play with. The thing I’m impressed with is the 0-60 speed of 8.1 considering most 2 litres 2 l8 6s early 7s and 160 bhp plus the c2 vts time is amazing considering its a 1.6 16 valve. All in all I think its a great car; cheap insurance (group 2) at group 8.

Submitted: 2008-11-17 | ID: 37598

Clair Littlewood, Nottinghamshire

Citroen C2 2003

1 star review

This is the worst car I have ever owned!!! I took it to my mechanic because the front wiper didn’t work. Fuse I thought, how wrong was I! I was told it was the motor - approx £200, then the switch didn’t work - another £300, then I was told the BSI unit had blown - another £500 and now the airbag light is permanently on, one door is showing locked whilst the other is showing unlocked and Citroen can’t find the problem, claiming a faulty door lock. I will never buy a Citroen again and I would advise other people to do the same!

Submitted: 2008-11-14 | ID: 37595

Michael Fletcher, Yorkshire

Citroen C2 Furio 2003

1 star review

Problem with auto gearbox freezing up, had it into Citroen a number of times but couldn’t find anything wrong, car is still playing up. STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND CITROEN.

Submitted: 2008-11-03 | ID: 37600

Caroline Hayden, Blaenau Gwent

Citroen C2 1.4HDISX 2007

3 star review

The only problem I have had so far is a leak on the air conditioning pipe. Pipe replaced, seems to be ok now.

Submitted: 2008-11-03 | ID: 37599

Claire Thorp, Lanarkshire

Citroen C2 Furio 2004

2 star review

I have had my C2 for about 1 1/2 years. Never had any problems with it until now..... Driving about 60mph and there is almighty bang from the engine and smoke coming out of the engine. Apparently I need a new engine.... AA man says he has never seen anything like that before. He reckons its something inside the engine that has caused it to blow.... Oh and warranty is up... so dunno what happens now?!

Submitted: 2008-09-03 | ID: 37605

Leanne Copeland, Lanarkshire

Citroen C2 Furio 2003

1 star review

I hate the Citroen C2 Furio, I bought mine brand new and ever since I bought it there has been something wrong with it. It’s had numerous recalls and even the Citroen garage have informed me of recalls I should have been notified about. The coil/spring has went in it along with loads of other electrical faults e.g "bugs in the system" I am currently trying to sort out the gear and clutch and I am interested to read that there are many other problems with sensodrive cars with similar problems. I am currently in talks with Citroen but they are insisting it is out with warranty. Think I’ll contact Watchdog. I wouldn’t even rate it 1 star but they didn’t give the option of zero.

Responses to this review

I also have a Citreon C2 Furio 1.4. I bought this car brand new in 2005 and to date it has done 50k miles, perhaps slightly over.I never really had any bother with my car - the tyres need replaced once a year which I think is excessive however in Nov 09 it all changed. My exhaust went, OK it’s 5 years old - £290, then less than 2 weeks later the coils on the front went - £300 and then less than 2 weeks after that I had to replace the drums on the rear of the car - £300. Finally a few weeks of quiet, then I’m driving home from work on Friday, slowing down gently and without warning or incident the steering wheel was like pulling lead. I got into my car after the weekend and the steering was fine, I thought it was just a temp glitch but driving home tonight the same thing happened again, no lights, no nothing. Help! Citreon don’t know what’s wrong and Kwik fit want to chanrge me £200 + for a new motor citing the electrics as the problem. Has this happened to you, or anybody out there? - Shellie Toal from Lanarkshire

My front passenger indicator light is not working, the back one is but the front two the side repeater and the front light are not working. The fuses and bulbs are fine, been tested my a electrician. The car isn’t great to be honest - David Struthers from Ayrshire

Submitted: 2008-08-19 | ID: 37607

Christian Gonzalez, Cardiff

Citroen C2 1.4i furio sensodrive 2003

1 star review

I took my car into Citroen last week because the engine keeps cutting out every other time when you stop at traffic lights or stop in traffic. It has taken them over a week to look at it. I rang them today, they told me that they still couldn’t find the fault. I went down to see the car... IT HAD NOT MOVED! Disgusted with the service form Citroen. As soon as I get my car back I’m taking it to the nearest second hand car garage and flogging it! I would NEVER buy or recommend a Citroen ever!

Submitted: 2008-08-15 | ID: 37606

Darren Adams, Staffordshire

Citroen C2 2006

3 star review

Great car. Had mine coming up to 3 years now and not had one problem with it. The build quality could be better as it does rattle a little but I’ve found it to be very reliable and handles really well. However, I don’t advise going to Citroen for services as their after sales service is really bad and services are way over priced.

Submitted: 2008-07-31 | ID: 37594

Tony Isham, Derbyshire

Citroen C2 1.1 SX 2005

4 star review

I have owned the car from new. It is a very reliable little car, very cheap to own and run plus it is also the easiest car to drive I have ever owned. Highly recommended; if you buy from new.

Submitted: 2008-06-23 | ID: 37593

Chris Davison, Lancashire

Citroen C2 Code vts 2007

5 star review

Top little motor; like !!$** off a shovel if you rev it hard enough. Raced a new 318 BMW to 80 mph and kept in front , the guy was sick but stopped at the next lights to ask me what the engine size was. Just finished a 600 mile trip with Mrs and baby, although not a car i would advise to any small family. It handled the motorway well; still with power in high gear. I’m shocked at some of the other reviews , I would definately advise the vts, in particular the code version as it is packed with elecs and leather. P.s . I got 123 mph on the M18 (on my own of course) and it still wanted to go but i chickened out.

Submitted: 2008-05-14 | ID: 37590

Niki, Lancashire

Citroen C2 2004

1 star review

DO NOT BUY a 1.4 HDi Diesel SX C2!!! I had mine for just over 5 months and had it was a nightmare. When it was just over 3 years old the engine started to cut out, I took it to a guy I know who works for Citroen, he said he could tell me what was wrong with it before I told him the symptoms, he said after just over 3 years one of the fuel injectors and a sensor breaks in most of the C2s. The bill for this was just over £1000.00.

Submitted: 2008-04-08 | ID: 37591

Mohammed Dashti, Lothians

Citroen C2 2005

5 star review

I got this car for 3 years and I had 9 accidents. It is much safe and the body is strong and i didn’t have any problems except something in the gearbox that didn’t make the car shift and they changed it for me for free. I’m not in the UK, I’m in Kuwait.

Submitted: 2008-03-25 | ID: 37592

Claire M McFadden, England

Citroen C2 2004

1 star review

I purchased a C2 just over three years ago ..... it’s had regular services & with only 25,000 miles I have had to replace the throttle, clutch & gear box ...... The car isn’t even paid off yet to add insult to injury!! Citroen are well aware of the sensor drive problems but don’t seem to care.

Submitted: 2008-03-14 | ID: 37587

Deborough McKeown, Berkshire

Citroen C2 2003

1 star review

I've had many problems with this vehicle electrical and mechanical head lights keep blowing. Complete comms unit replaced £433.00 had problems with the gears not changing in patern with the running of the car this was taken back some 4 times the last time on the back of a recovery van when the car would not go anywhere nothing in the acceleration, gears moved but stationary. This has been going on for 15months also whilst under warranty, extended warranty was not taken out as explained they say a lot of things are down to wear and tear which are not covered and the policy is not worth the paper it is wrote on at £300 a year. The car was taken to Wyatt at Wokingham and I was first told the clutch is the prob and may also need fly wheel, cost 800.00 to 1000.00 I have now been told it is the gear box 1200.00 + parts, I a now dealing with the owner of the site as now based at Wokingham to see what is going on I am not happy and now waiting on response, so in a nut shell don't buy C2 Furio or be warned about some faults. Happy driving! 1 rating meaning I do not rate Citroen.

Submitted: 2008-02-29 | ID: 37588

Louise Webster, Leicestershire

Citroen C2 1.1i Design 2007

3 star review

This car is a really nice small hatch. Looks great & handles well.

Submitted: 2007-10-26 | ID: 37589

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Citroen C2

VTS 1.6 HDI - The cute C2 first went on sale in 2003 replacing the previous Saxo model. Two years later Citroen launched the 231mm shorter C1, but at about 12ft bumper to bumper the C2 isn’t exactly hard to park, and it has more interior space. A revised, ‘new look’ C2 has just gone on sale.

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