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BMW 3-Series Convertible consumer car reviews

Ian Saville, Yorkshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 3251 m sport manual 2008

5 star review

Fantastic piece of engineering. I’ve had mine 7 months and it grows on me more everyday that I drive it. I have had the odd few little things that I have had to sort out, but I can live with that and have no regrets in buying this car.

Submitted: 2012-02-19 | ID: 36778

Stephen Gould, Gloucestershire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 330ci.m sport 2002

4 star review

Rust has just started showing on one of the front wheel arches; it’s hard to beleve as when you’re looking at the whole car it looks in mint condition, but then you notice this problem. BMW did not underseal the front wings and they also fitted an inner plastic wing, which retains moisture. When I bought this car I thought BMW cars were better. I still would not sell this car and will fit new wings instead, but what a let down. I think it’s still a looker though, and what a car to drive!

Submitted: 2011-11-07 | ID: 36777

Straff, Hampshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 325i 2011

5 star review

Fantastic second car used by the wife. Looks great with the roof up or down. The 19’ wheels look the part as does the red leather and grey paint combo.

Submitted: 2011-09-01 | ID: 36776

Nick Kleftakis, Greece

BMW 3-Series Convertible 335 M-Pack 2011

3 star review

I am in love with my car. So much power, so beautiful, so well made. Here in Greece sun is our best friend so the top is most of the time down. Ok I spend a lot of euros on petrol but it’s worth it. I would prefer it with a softer suspension and with out i-drive.

Submitted: 2011-05-03 | ID: 36775

Barry Black, London

BMW 3-Series Convertible 330i M Sport Auto 2010

4 star review

The BMW Cabriolet is a great car. I had one for about a week and really liked it. Enough room for 4 people, but the boot is really quite small and even smaller with the roof down. A nice looking car, but I think I really prefer a proper "soft top" without the metal roof. I had heard that BMW were reverting back to a cloth roof; not sure if that is true or not.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-02-16 | ID: 36774

Jonathan Bradbury, Cardiff

BMW 3-Series Convertible 2001

4 star review

A lovely reliable car, the only one minus is that it is too low down, and I would like to aquire stiffer rear springs for the car if they exist, mainly because I tow a caravan with it, (no problem), I have seen that when buying the car from new, you can have a towing kit fitted, is this also a retrofit?  Anyone enlighten me on the subject?

Submitted: 2010-11-22 | ID: 36772

Greg Vaughn, France

BMW 3-Series Convertible 320ci M Sport 2005

4 star review

I purchased my car in the UK in January 2009 (a good time to buy as prices are naturally deflated from their spring/summer values). The car started with 38K miles and now has 67K relatively faultless miles. Dealer support throughout the 12 month BMW warranty period was good. Pricey bits are the primarily tyres as the Dealer fitted budget rubber and the true cost/value of quality rubber became apparent on ownership. The car can be driven energetically, in fact it often begs to be driven that way, with the smooth 6 cylinder engine taking all right foot punishment in it’s stride. The engine sounds great when either idling or on full bore even with a standard exhaust fitted. Service schedules are decently infrequent and the cost of servicing is surprisingly not too expensive considering the Marque. I love the style of the car, which looks so well balanced in design and the attention it generates over here is sweet. It’s not looked upon with the sort of snobbery one might encounter on British roads but more looked upon as a very affordable but very classy car generated genuine interest. Bottom line - a beautifully designed car that will look equally just as good in 20 years as it does now.

Submitted: 2010-07-30 | ID: 36773

Anthony Rayner, Sussex

BMW 3-Series Convertible 328i 1997

5 star review

Sold my BMW three years back when I bought a Morgan +4. What a mistake. I have owned numerous cars and I can honestly say that the 328 is the finest car i have ever owned. My next car will certainly be another cabrio BMW.

Submitted: 2010-01-22 | ID: 36769

Bob Cockeram, Yorkshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 2lt Petrol High Line 2009

5 star review

Just changed the 2 litre 08 SE after 15,000 miles to a 59 plate, 2 litre, high line as Castle BMW in York came up with a price that was aimed at doing a deal. The high line was supplied with a few extras we did not have with the last one and we were a little sceptical if the wind deflector was worth the extra money. We can now say yes it is if you have hair, I have little of it but wife number two has lots and it now is firmly on her shoulders where it should be when doing 70 mph with the top down. The last one had only one small fault over 18 months of ownership and when driven greenly gave a regular 40 miles per gallon. We look forward to another 18 months of reliable motoring in a car with real kerb appeal top down or up.

Responses to this review

By way of an update having now done 10,000 miles. Not been near a dealer except for a wiper blade finisher worth about 10p that left us on a motorway somewhere. Not in stock but dealer posted it on and I was happy to clip it on myself to save a wasted few hours trailing to have it fitted. There is a down side of this BMW with a 2Lt petrol engine. We drove to the Alps this summer and that was no problem on the motorways, it ate them up in comfort and 115 in Germany was relaxing but once there the heavier body sucks out the power on the steep mountain roads with limited passing time available. Not quite as in love with the car for this reason and if we trade on we may want to trade up as well to a more powerful version or diesel. That said if you are not leaving the UK 40 mpg average on a regular basis is a big plus. A great car but be sure to now what job you want it to do when picking an engine - Bob Cockeram from England

Submitted: 2009-09-14 | ID: 36770

Alex, Worcestershire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 320d 2009

5 star review

Had a 2004 M sport saloon, changed over to the convertible a week ago. It’s a great car, superbly built, responsive, very good on fuel, feels classy. When the roof is down, it’s a completely different car - I can’t wait for the sun to come out.

Submitted: 2009-06-15 | ID: 36789

Alex, Surrey

BMW 3-Series Convertible 325d 2008

5 star review

Amazing car! The roof mechanism is a master piece and looks brilliant with the roof up or down, wind noise is minimal and the engine is very quiet even at high revs. It performs amazingly for a diesel, it holds the road very well through tight corners at harsh speeds. It is also a very comfortable car for short or long journeys. I cannot fault it, my first convertible ever and it’s definitely been a wise decision.

Responses to this review

A review after 18 months: Numourous problems, ranging from leather to air conditioning without a compressor. My Nissan Navara manages to do this at half the price! Anyway, it has now been sorted with 5 sets of leather seat covers put on and we’ve had enough. It was disputed with the new management of the dealership and BMW UK who are now very helpful - I am now the proud owner of a brand new 10 reg facelifted BMW 3-Series 325d M Sport Convertible, made to measure with 18 months of pure problems from my past cabrio. EVERYTHING works as it should, such as the alarm, it’s a proper BMW now! It must have been a Friday night one my old one. Can’t complain with that? - Alex White from Surrey

Submitted: 2009-04-20 | ID: 36787

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Bob Cockeram, Yorkshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 320SE 2008

5 star review

All our 3 previous BMW 3 series models we have had have been diesel saloons. Great reliable cars but lacking that feeling of owning something a little bit special. Before purchasing this convertible I had read about the heavier body and that coupled with it being a petrol unit it did mean a re-adjustment in driving styles. The diesels would pull away in any gear but to get the best out of the smaller 2 litre unit you do have to push it on with a manual box fitted. Having said that the fuel economy is outstanding and with the recent hike in diesel fuel costs is it worth paying the premium for an oil burner to get just a few miles more per gallon. Having done several thousand miles now it has had to go to the dealers once for an engine sensor fitting (warning light came on and a little less power) but the vehicle was still useable. Otherwise no other problems and the wind noise is no worse than any other car we have owned. Would we have another one? There is every reason to say yes but that will also depend on how much it drops in value. The saloons lost in motoring terms very little over the period we owned them and that is one of the best reasons to buy a BMW but I do hunt around for deal. The real down side of owning this car in UK is we just do not get the weather to get maximum enjoyment when the top is stored neatly away in the boot.

Submitted: 2008-12-22 | ID: 36785

Michael, London

BMW 3-Series Convertible 2007

5 star review

The 335i is a very, very good car. It’s quicker than the 630 I had before and the XK8 before that, amazing really. Reliability has been fine so far and it handles well, too. Best car I’ve owned, although I should have shod it with bigger wheels.

Submitted: 2008-09-17 | ID: 36786

Charles Carter, Lancashire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 330D 2008

5 star review

I have had the car now for four months and really enjoyed driving it. I have had roof problems with noises and a failed electric seat but I do love the car. I think it is well suited and I love the economical engine (40 miles to the gallon) with plenty of power. I cannot fault the BMW 3-Series Convertible and I have driven all sorts.

Submitted: 2008-06-23 | ID: 36784

Colin, Suffolk

BMW 3-Series Convertible 325i 2007

5 star review

This is truly a great car to drive. Engine gave excellent performance and economy when I drove down to Italy for 2 weeks. The quality builds better than my E class and surprisingly no flex in the body as you get with most convertibles. I bought this new and it has been totally reliable.

Submitted: 2008-01-22 | ID: 36783

Tony Stevens, Buckinghamshire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 325 SE 2007

2 star review

We spent over �40,000 on one of these brand new. I can’t fault the BMW Recovery Service - as we needed their help consistently before we finally got fed up with it and returned it to the dealer demanding a full refund. On the plus side the car was fun when it worked and the dealer was very helpful, but having spent this muck money on the car we wouldn’t have expected it to be in the garage for five weeks of the two months that we owned it for... The faults: roof sensors were not configured properly - so the roof refused to lock down; resulting in not being able to drive it and the interior getting wet when it rained (windows also locked down) and the engine management system shut down - a problem that the parts were not available to fix. BUY ONE OF THESE AT YOUR OWN RISK..!

Responses to this review

I bought my third 3 series brand new in 2010, the facelift convertible was beautiful to look at in the showroom. Pretty soon I noticed there was a leak in the roof on the rear left. I took it to the dealers who spent three weeks to rectify it, as soon as I got it back with supposedly the problem sorted, I noticed the clip on the roof was up and loose, didn’t think much of it and casually reported it to the dealer. One month on, I opened the roof and noticed the same clip was up and bent backwards. The dealer now diagnosed it as a stress fracture on the roof assembly and the only thing is to change the whole roof, not under warranty but to pay £10,000 for it. I’m fed up of the car, it’s fine as long as it works. Be smart, buy Japanese - Temur Khan from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2007-09-24 | ID: 36780

Lisa Renton, Inverness-shire

BMW 3-Series Convertible 325i 2007

5 star review

Just bought 325i without test driving and cant fault a thing love it!

Submitted: 2007-09-19 | ID: 36779

Ash, Surrey

BMW 3-Series Convertible 320i M Sport 2007

5 star review

This car is class personified, not only in looks but to drive. If you are currently looking at convertibles you HAVE to test drive one of these, I guarantee you’ll be hooked!

Submitted: 2007-08-08 | ID: 36782

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Road tests

BMW 3-Series Convertible

The current 3 Series Convertible is the fourth generation of drop-top 3s, but the first to have a folding metal roof. First introduced in 2007, the Convertible (along with the Coupe) has now undergone a few mid-life revisions to refresh the range. Most of these are cosmetic, with features such as a [...]

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