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Renault Trafic

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Renault Trafic question from Steffan

I left my 1.9dci Trafic for some 3 years without starting. Previously it started perfectly. Mileage is 66,000 and well looked after. I just put a new battery in and it will not start, even with easystart. The engine just cranks very slowly. I get about 3 good slow cranks before I have to recharge the battery. I took the battery back to the shop and it was OK and correct amps. I’ve tried jump leads to the starter, boost pack, 2 batteries, but it cranks just as slowly. Could the timing belt have slipped due to cold weather freezing water pump? Faulty starter, but starting in gear and the van moves forward. Glow plugs sucking power. Engine or other component seized? Or is there some other part in the starting system I haven’t considered? (1.9dci)


Try removing the alternator belt as alt may have seized Dave from England

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