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Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

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A Citroen Relay question from Donna Aspinall

I’m stuggling to get my Citroen 04 Relay van gears into any gear at all. As you can imagine this is causing major complications... Any suggestions as to why this can be occuring?


Cause: Water from the windscreen goes down a pipe which pours directly onto the gear change at the gearbox. To repair. Jack up the van and remove the front passenger side wheel. Access to the gear-change is from the underside of the van at the back of the engine. Pour lots of oil onto round gear selector on the top of the gearbox while another person works the gear-change. Then extend the water overflow above the gear-change so the water does not pour onto on to the gear-change when it rains. Hope this helps Micheal de Buid from Ireland

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