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Tuesday, 19th of September 2017

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A Mercedes-Benz Vito question from Earl Oosthuizen

My Mercedes-Benz Vito dos not start if the battery voltage is below 14 Volts. At 13.9 Volts, when I switch on the ignition, all dashboard lights come on to do the "self test". When they go out the Anti-Skid, Low Oil and Over Temp lights remain on, even if it is the first start of the day. At this point the engine does not crank when the key is turned to "Start". If I tow the vehicle it starts as soon as the alternator brings the voltage up past 14 Volts. If I charge the battery for 10 minutes these warning lights go off and it also starts. I thought it might be a dead cell in the battery and replaced the battery, but still no luck. Jump-starting also does not work, as the voltage remains below 14 Volts. What can I do next to solve this problem? (115 cdi)


Try another key. Jerry Dhaver from South Africa

I had a similar problem with my 2004 Vito, which gave me trouble for more than a year. I took it to MB, they wanted to change the computer, ignition, instrument cluster and steering lock. An auto electrician in Alberton had it for one day an sorted the problem; the cost was not even 10% of MB quote! Gert from South Africa

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