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Citroen C3

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Citroen C3 question from Penny Linguard

My Citroen C3`s power steering has been playing up for the last few weeks. We have taken it into the garage who did all the diagnostic tests and found nothing wrong. I have tried the trick of turning the engine off and on 3 times, this does work. I have also had the battery replaced. I had to call the AA out yesterday as my car was completely dead. He found that the battery had totally discharged due to the power steering module had not shut down properly. He told us that this was dangerous and advised us to disconnect the battery and to have the steering control module replaced. Does anybody know where this is located, what it looks like and a possible cost and will this finally solve the problem? Thanks.


It’s behind the battery Arne Benni from London

We had exact same problem with our C3 Desire too... had diagnostic on it twice saying nothing was up with it then suddenly the speedometer had stopped working and it turned out to be our speed sensor... Touch wood it seems ok since that was replaced Julie Sowden from England

This is related to the BSI UNIT; this is behind the fuse box in the car. Do not unplug the BSI unit as you will need to go to the dealer for it to programmed back up. I have the same problem and the BSI unit new is 320+vat; you will then need to go to the dealer and get them to help Kevin Harkus from Cardiff

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