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Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Citroen Grand C4 Picasso question from Steven Smithy

My Citroen Grand C4 Picasso`s rear suspension keeps going up and down on it`s own, even when I’m driving. I’ve taken it to 2 different garages who both say that the computer is not picking up any fault. When the suspension is raised there are no leaks from the airbags and the pump is fine, so they think it`s a sensor that needs replacing. I’ve taken it to my local Citroen dealer and they`re saying I`ve got to replace the pump which is £900, is this right?


Hi, I had a similar experience last year, then one day the whole car just dropped and was undrivable. I took it back to the garage and they tested the air bags which still showed fine but I needed a new pump, big money, two weeks later it went again and when I went back I was told I needed new airbags!! For which I was fully charged and labour (no amount of saying they should have fixed it all the first time helped)... 1500.00 pounds!!! My advice, get it seen to in another garage, my experience is of this car Citroen got cocky and put all these fancy things in this car and half of them don’t work. I have had this car for 18 months and have been in the garage 15 times!! With problems in suspension, fuel cap sticking, gearbox, axles and more. It is a really badly built car and in my experience you can’t afford to ignore anything Valerie Elliott from County Tyrone

Hi, I am a mechanic just repairing one of them; yes, it is the air suspention pump, it is £420 new from eBay, you have to check the rear link sensors too. Good luck Albert Cuni from England

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