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Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

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A Citroen C5 question from Alan Jones

My Citroen C5`s windscreen wipers started to act up and then stopped altogether. When the stalk is moved the driver`s side one moves slightly, but only about an inch. I also noticed that the side light isn’t working (might just be the bulb), but it was definitely working prior to the wipers packing in. I don`t know whether this is relevant but I have read some weird stuff about these problems. I would be grateful for any advice on where to start? (1.6 HDI new shape)


I had a similar problem and it was the offisde wiper motor. It was fitted a couple of months ago now it’s back in the garage as the wipers were working only intermittently now they’ve stopped altogether. They’ve replaced the nearside motor and they worked for a short time and then stopped again. They don’t appear to know what the fault is. Would be grateful if you have had a similar problem as this is starting to try my patience. Hope you managed to rectify your fault Keith Parkinson from England

I had a pretty similar problem. I changed the offside motor today and now it`s functioning normally. ilkka.jaakkola from Finland

Hi there I had the same problem with wiper motors on Citroen c5 08 reg Found out that the water drain is located underneath both wiper motors and it's only small hole And easy getting blocked with dust and dirt and every time it rains the wiper motors were getting a soaked and the water Are damaging the electronic chip inside the motors so I had to keep eyes on the drains all the time Hpllana from Cumbria

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