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Peugeot 206 CC

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Peugeot 206 CC question from Lesego Senokwane

My Peugeot 206 CC shows an Engine Warning Sign (Antipollution Fault). Can anyone explain please and how can it can be corrected?


Hi, we have experienced this when on a touring holiday in France... eventually the anti-pollution warning turns into a Catalytic Converter fault... after about 4 cycles of the fault have been detected. Various English people had a look but no joy, so it was towed to a French Peugeot garage. This might sound wierd but the French mechanic told us not to pause as we turned the key in the ignition... a quick turn of the key was required. I looked a bit dubious, but tried... it worked. It happened again about 6 months later as we started it on our drive at home... switched the engine off... waited 10 seconds... turned the key quicky in the ignition... fault gone. There’s nothing as queer as cars... especially French ones... lol Good luck Olivia Peugoet from England

Having the same problem... engine management, anti pollution... Had new ignition coil fitted, spark plugs changed, new cam sensor, new hoses, engine flushed for carbon build up and still not running right... now have to send to Peugeot dealer... I am not happy... had the car two months and no end of problems... really disappointed Debbie Midwinter from England

Put a decent amount of bp high octain fuel in, take it for a good spin. This cured my problem! Oz from Lancashire

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