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Thursday, 28th of May 2015

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A Peugeot 207 question from Kamalesh Shah

My Peugeot 207 has a display which says that PLIP Battery Spent when I switch the ignition on and disappears after a few seconds. Can anyone tell me what is the warning about? Thanks.


It’s the battery in the car keys. This is also called the PLIP key. Your battery power in the key is low, that is all James from Ayrshire

The warning is regarding the battery in you key fob remote, used for central remote locking and alarming your car and registering the key to the car. It takes a small flat battery like a watch battery You may have to reprogramme it after changing the battery though. I THINK putting in the key, turning it to position 1 or A then within 10 seconds press either button, the car should be unlocked during this process, although, you may want to check that out im not 100% sure Colm McK from Ireland

Hi. Your Plip battery is the one in the key fob remote, change battery and problem solved! Hope this helps Geoff from Warwickshire

Just get new batteries for your keys and change quickly then put them in ignition as normal and it will rectify itself. It is just telling you it is time to change the batteries in the key remote. Do not leave batteries out for long as otherwise you will have to reset the keys Sarah Bateman from Cambridgeshire

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