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Citroen C5

Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

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A Citroen C5 question from Clive Blunt

I have two problems with my Citroen C5. The first is an intermittent knocking from the rear nearside. We have checked the exhaust, heat shields etc but can find nothing loose. Does the car have an anti roll bar or something similar that could be broken? It even happens on a smooth road. The second is the multifunction display works okay but nothing happens when I press the button on the steering wheel stalk. Any ideas please? (Exclusive Auto)


Hi, I had the same problem with the near side, I changed the bar that fits on the subframe, inline with the (2) suspension lower arms near oil sump, 4 bolts to remove, n/stk c508160 862 bar £17.82 +vat next check the drop links that fit on the anti roll bar the rubber my be worn, you my need mole grips to help get them off \ go to ebay for parts £15 - 30 x2 \ I have fitted Peugeot 206 to mine, cheaper than Citroen dealers, check the front caliper £80 approx, for movement two bolts were lose on mine, also check the clips that hold the brake pads to the disc, they could be loose...problem solved C5 2002, hope this helps David Powney from Yorkshire

Thanks for the answer to my question. I have not sorted it yet but it goes into a local garage on Wednesday. I will let you know the outcome Clive Blunt from Norfolk

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