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Vauxhall Vectra Estate

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Vauxhall Vectra Estate question from Jan Hunter

I have a water leak in the passenger and rear footwell of my Vauxhall Vectra Estate. Can anyone help me and tell me where all of the drains are located and how to get behind the wheel arch? Thank you. (1.8i vvt)


I had exactly the same thing. There are rubber drains that get clogged up that are located near the bottom of the windscreen. If you open the bonnet and look towards the windscreen on the passenger side you will see a plastic grill. Remove the large rubber seal and if you look inside you will see the pollen filter. The rubber drain is just the the side if it. All I did was get a metal coat hangar bent in two and used it to push the crap through the seal then poured some water down to make sure it was running. The drivers side is a bit more tricky to locate but basically the same place. Once you’ve done the passenger side you’ll know what your looking for. I know it seems weird that the water is in the rear footwell but that must be where it runs through the car to. Good luck Pete Inglis from Renfrewshire

Here you go. I have uploaded a video to youtube. Easy fix Vauxhall vectra footwell leak puddle on floor: http://youtu.be/tZZcO-rxZ6s simon from Dorset

Sorry .. Had a question Karina keelan from Blackpool

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