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Ford Transit

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Ford Transit question from Mark Reid

My Ford Transit has a sudden loss of power and the engine`s noisier. It will run fine up to 3000 rpm but will not accelerate above that. The engine is a 2.4 duratorq 125 ps tdi ht lwb. Does anyone know what`s wrong?


Hi. Mine has the same trouble. Just been to electro diesel. It’s very bad news. It is the diesel injection pump or should I say the solonoid. I had a long talk with the main man there and I have also had a diagnostic done. The faults will be the same as mine - "ignition timing fault injection control module requesting under fuelling" you can take it to Ford who have the kits for the solonoid repair and they will do it in situe but if your vehicle has never had a new injection pump and has done more than 120,000 then it is wiser to buy a new/refurb pump. A new pump will set you back £1300 but you will get £300 back on your old one or you can go online and get a refurb for around a grand but again you will get £300 back for your old one. I would advise you to replace the pump rather than having the kit if you want to be sure you have no more problems! The labour to fit differs as to where you go i.e. Ford charge £75 an hour and most reputable garages charge £50. It should be no more than £480 (a bit cheaper say 400 if they don’t have to cut the pipes off) for labour. I’m gutted too! Mike Corcoran from Dorset

Split turbo hose, it’s a comon fault Rob Steven from Essex

Just fit a new timing solenoid about 120 quid they are and from a reputable garage about 100 quid to fit done loads of them Colin from England

I have the same symptoms as above. Only thing is I had a brand new pump fitted in late 2011! Tension chain and all the trimmings. Can’t believe it’s gone again, I’ve only done 18k since. Bobby Howard from Dorset since

mine was a sensor at the pedal, £195 for parts £20 labour, runs fine now barry from Caerphilly

mine was a sensor at the pedal, £195 for parts £20 labour, runs fine now barry from Caerphilly

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