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Vauxhall Vectra

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Vauxhall Vectra question from Alan

I have replaced my Vauxhall Vectra`s air flow sensor and the fault keeps coming up saying airflow sensor and going into limp mode. When I put it back on the computer it`s removed the problem and it says it`s fine, then I drive down the road and it comes back on. I have tried 2 brand new airflow sensors so I need help please. All wires look fine and have no damage, I have even cleaned the connections. Any suggestions please? (2.0 dti)


The ’Aitflow Sensor’ covers a multitude of intake problems and isn’t specific to that component (unless it really is at fault which yours clearly now isn’t). The likely culprit on many cars (including yours) is the EGR valve, blocked or faulty, either the valve or hoses connecting it or the manifold connector being sooted up. You could try removal and clean of the EGR valve (carb cleaner will help) and clear of the EGR pipes, or replace the faulty EGR valve for a new one. Best of luck Stephen Powell from England

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