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Thursday, 8th of October 2015

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A Vauxhall Zafira question from Terry Cullen

Why does my Vauxhall 1.6l Zafira keep cutting out regularly at over 40 miles per hour, so much that I am afraid to travel any long distances which will require me to do over 40miles per hour? It is just inexplicable and no warning signs are available. Can anyone help? (1.6 litre engine)


Sounds like it could be one of the coil packs. You can test these by spraying water from a spray bottle over each one and if it arcs (sparks) then you have found your fault. Best of luck Tom Ryan from Kent

This is a known fault by Vauxhall and was highlighted on Watchdog. The problem is the cam sensor and/or the crank sensor if the car is cutting out. This will not show on the Vauxhall diagnostics scanner, which they are also aware of and they were slammed for charging loads of money for fixing and changing parts that did not need changing. The limp mode problem is the cam sensor and the not st from England.

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