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Wednesday, 20th of September 2017

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A Citroen C4 question from Lindsay Hopwood

The rear window demister of my Citroen C4 has stopped working. The garage tells me they will need to replace the entire window. Seems a bit extreme. Is it true?


Will either be the window needs replacing or the rear wiring loom. Check it’s not part of the following recall The easy way to know is it only partly defrosting or nothing at all? If its partly then yes whole window needs replacing Donald Cook from Lanarkshire

What did you have to do make it work? I have changed the fuse but it still won’t work Jack Hawksworth from Leicestershire

First check the earth connection on the right hand side of the screen, you will need a multimeter and a known earth connection (try metal in the passenger door jamb) , you should get a very low reading of less than 1 ohm. Next try the +ve connection on the left hand side of the screen, if you get 12v here and no bars on the screen working at all then the screen probably does need replacing. Make sure that the cable in the rubber grommet ( LHS again ) is not broken. This is strained every time the boot lid is raised, the cable supplying the led brake light cluster on my C4 had to be repaired some time ago. Keith Terry from Kent

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