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Citroen Berlingo

Thursday, 21st of September 2017

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A Citroen Berlingo question from Andy

Hi, my warning light on the dashboard of my Citroen Berlingo, (bright red shaped like a battery), has just came on and at the same time I’ve lost my power steering. I imagine the warning light is not the battery charging so the alternator or belt, but would this affect the power steering? Cheers. (1.9d)


Hi Andy, I am not a mechanic but you may have the same problem as me. I have a Berlingo Multispace 1.9 2002 E plate. I have had a leak from a pipe on the power steering, the fluid is housed above the alternator so the fluid has been leaking onto the alternator so over time all this has furred up the connection which sends power from the alternator to the battery. I had to top up the fluid a couple of weeks ago as I too had lost the power steering, but I think this made the problem worse. I had the AA out last night ( Monday 23rd July ) he tried cleaning the alternator by spraying carburettor fluid onto the alternator. Although this seemed to work and we got the car started I tried it this morning and only got 2 miles down the road before the battery light came on. I managed to get home but once I turned the engine off it was dead when I tried to turn the engine over again. Looks like I will need to have the alternator taken out and cleaned or worse have a new alternator, but I must get the leak on from the power steering first. I hope this may help, let me know how you get on. Regards  Paul Ottey from Essex

Hi, I’ve just changed brushes on a Berlingo alternator. The power steering pump, and alternator are drive by the same belt. It is possible that leaking power steering fluid (ie oil) may go on the belt, and cause it to slip. Cleaning the belt may help. Otherwise, I think the only problem with the alternator would be fluid (oil) on the brushes, which could be cleaned off - rather than a new alternator! Brushes are a bit tricky to get to though... Chris Heath from Cornwall

Oil and stop light come on and the engine light with loss of power in accelerating. Do you know what it could be? dave from Lancashire

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