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Saturday, 22nd of November 2014

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A Vauxhall Tigra question from Louise Leek

I have wet footwells on both driver and passenger sides in my Vauxhall Tigra. As I turn corners I see water leak in from the bottom of the doors. When I open the doors I sometimes see a collection of water by the door`s seal which then leaks onto the footwell. Also as I drive around I can hear water swishing around somewhere. All this only tends to happen in the rain. Can anyone please help me with this problem as I’d like to fix it? Thank you.


Hi Louise, I have the same problem which has only got worse over the last couple of years and I’m yet to find the solution. I took it to Vauxhall who quoted £150 to investigate but wouldn’t guarantee to find the problem and if they did the cost to fix it would be on top. I`ve just written to Vauxhall to complain and also logged it with Watchdog as it appears that it’s something that is affecting lots of people. If you can please also log it on Watchdog as if enough people make a noise, hopefully they will actually agree to fix without us having to pay for it Katy Cresswell from Berkshire

I had the same problem. The water is leaking out of your speaker housing, onto the door rubber and running into the car at it’s weakest point. Normally water enters the inside of your door through the window rubbers but drains out through the drain holes in the bottom of the door. If these become blocked and the waterproof membrane inside the door perishes the first point of escape is the door`s speakers. The slushing of water that you sometimes hear is the amount of water sitting in the bottom of your doors. This is a common problem in the Tigra. To solve this problem you should unblock the drain holes along the bottom of the doors (near the seal), remove the speaker and apply a waterproof mastic sealant. This saves removing the entire interior door trim and replacing the whole plastic membrane. If you have any problems come back to web-site – Pete from England

My driver’s footwell kept filling with water, in the end they found the seal had gone round the pedal box, it is 2005 Tigra and had only done 12,000 miles at the time. This cost me £360 to repair!!! Water still comes in from the doors, biggest pile of crap I ever bought, unfortunately it’s on finance so I can’t sell it yet Andrea Frazer from England

Hi folks, my girlfriend also has the dreaded drivers wet footwell syndrome! After trying many things i think i may have fixed it. Please note I believe from much research and hours and hours of fiddling around there are actually 3 areas the car leaks from. The biggest one is in underneath the window wiper motor, first step pull up the carpet and remove sound deadening , you will see a cut out where the steering column goes through if you get someone to pour water by the window wiper motor you will actualy see the water coming through under the brake pedal (well there about) it doesn’t take long to see the water come through! You will have to remove scuttle panel and wiper motor to see and seal the area. I used a lot of silicon here and tested it after few days, seems to have done the trick. The second was a lesser leak is on the cill if you pop out the grommets you will see the water come out. I believe this comes into the cill under the wing various holes there again just silicon them up. I think the main culprit here is where the wing joins the cill. And lastly the boot drains (I didn’t have this one but a lot of folks do)... Just a side note the holes I sealed were tiny but the floor was like a pool after heavy rain. I hope this helps as I know it’s incredibly frustrating. Good luck Steven Astbury from England

I’ve gone to my 04 Tigra today and have scooped the water out from my boot, I parked on a hill to see if water might drain from my watery foot wells I’ve had going on for ages. They are still soaked too... help! It’s a nightmare and its stinking so bad! Rebecca from Warwickshire

This is a Vauxhall recall problem. Vauxhall should fix the seals for free as it is an identified fault and can damage the abs system. Tanya from Durham

Hi my car had the same problem and had tried all the suggestions to resolve it, none of which worked. I finally solved it by trial and error. The problem is that there is no ’plastic liner’ behind the door speaker and after a while the water, which enters down the window and would normally run through the door and out of the drain holes at the bottom, causing the rubber around the speaker to perish and allow the water to run into the footwell. You need to remove the door card, be careful as the electrics for the window are in there, then fit/glue a plastic liner behind the speaker. This has worked for mine with no more leaks! Margaret McAloon from Northumberland

I am getting ready to take legal action now as my 08 Tigra Exclusiv - the second one, bought new, has been in and out of the garage for two and a half years having seals replaced, everything checked and carpets dried out. For that whole time we have had a smell of mould and every autumn the problem returns and the footwells are saturated. The mould is in the leather seats and steering wheel and we have to spend ages drying all the windows before we can use it. We can’t keep anything in the boot as it rains large drips off the lid when opened and small space dehumidifiers turn liquid in less that a week due to the amount of water in the car. I am not prepared to give Vauxhall any more attempts at repair as even if they take it to Luton and strip it down they will not be able to replace the seats so the mould will still be present. A big let down as we really loved the car. As we had no problems with the 55 plate we kept for 3 years we thought we had been unlucky with this one, but after reading all the evidence of an inherent fault on the internet we are now veering towards the fact that we were extremely lucky with the first one! Janet McPherson from Somerset

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