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Mazda 2 TS2 1.4 Diesel road test report

TS2 1.4 Diesel

It is not surprising why this car won the World Car Of The Year 2008 award. With the car being lighter and more fuel efficient this green car also has a sporty, dynamic appearance which certainly makes this car stand out from the crowd.

Road Test Reports Says3.5 star rating
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Performance Performance - 4 stars

The Mazda 2 Ts2 has acceptable performance when venturing outside of town, however it does feel more suited to urban driving. Acceleration is good around the city and cruises well enough on the motorway for a 1.4 diesel. The car spits out only 114g/km CO2 emissions which makes it into Band B on the Fuel economy chart making this car a serious competitor in the eco friendly market.

Ride & Handling Ride & Handling - 3 stars

Surprisingly this superb Supermini has a sporty drive with a firm suspension, with extra grip around corners. Unfortunately bumps and potholes are felt in the cabin which becomes fidgety at times, whether you're cruising on the motorway or pottering around town. Also vibrations are often felt through the pedals. The steering is usefully light for urban driving and parking although could do with more weight and feel.

Build Quality & Reliability Build Quality & Reliability - 4 stars

With a reputation for building cars that last, Mazda have constructed the 2's cabin from sturdy materials with a style to please the cars target audience. With inspiration from the RX-8 Coupe, the slick dash design is a huge leap forward and you will be pleasantly surprised with some of the features that come standard including an MP3-compatible CD player with steering wheel controls and air conditioning.

Safety & Security Safety & Security - 4 stars

The TS 2 1.4 diesel comes with electronic brake force distribution and emergency brake assist which is standard across all models. Two front airbags are standard across the range with the TS2 also having front side and front and rear curtain airbags. ISOFIX child seat mountings are also standard across the range. Deadlocks, an alarm and an engine immobiliser make life difficult for thieves.

Space & Practicality Space & Practicality - 3 stars

For a Supermini, the Mazda 2 has plenty of space for four adults, and can seat five at a push. Boot space is probably what you would expect for a car of this size which is enough for every day use.

Ownership & Value Ownership & Value - 4 stars

Prices are competitive and Resale values are strong for the Mazda 2. With CO2emissions of 114g/km makes it into Band B and an average of 65.7 MPG, the respective average Fuel cost of driving 12,000 miles is £938. This car can seriously save you some money.

Performance Performance - 3 stars

The 1.4 Diesel engine takes 15.5 seconds to get from a standing start to 62 mph, and has a top speed of 101mph which is frankly not great, however it makes up for this lack of grunt with excellent fuel economy (65.7 mpg) and very low CO2 emissions (114g/km) making this car a sound investment for people that place economy above performance. For VED purposes the car fits snugly into Category B.

Ride & Handling Ride & Handling - 4 stars

Perhaps the cars greatest strength is its handling, the steering is very responsive and the cars small size and lightweight nature make it perfect for busy city roads; weaving in and out of heavy traffic feels like second nature and makes it a good option for people primarily concerned with urban driving. Despite its diminutive stature the car holds the road well giving a positive ride.

Build Quality & Reliability Build Quality & Reliability - 3 stars

Built on the same platform as the new Ford Fiesta, the Mazda2 is a stylish looking motor with excellent lines found all around the car, the backend is particularly impressive! Inside the cabin there is a useful radio/CD control on the steering wheel, and all car controls are in obvious easy-to-reach positions. One thing not so good is the electronic fuel gauge, which felt more appropriate for an electrical appliance than a motor vehicle, one was left feeling what might happen when that final bar disappeared and whether you would need to change the AAA alkaline batteries.

Safety & Security Safety & Security - 5 stars

The TS2 variant comes with side and curtain airbags as standard, and while it would not pay to tussle with some of the larger vehicles on the roads, the car performs excellently on Euro NCAP scoring an impressive 5 stars for Adult occupancy and 4 stars for child occupancy. The car is nice and cheap to insure being only an insurance group 3E. Finally a Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser are fitted as standard, with remote central locking for peace of mind.

Space & Practicality Space & Practicality - 4 stars

Whether popping to the supermarket or going away for the weekend the car works well for single-types or couples, with the rear seats folded the luggage capacity increases to a more than respectable 469 litres – more than enough for your weekly big shop. The driver position is also good, with enough room for a 6foot plus driver to sit comfortably and with enough room behind the driver for an adult, just.

Ownership & Value Ownership & Value - 4 stars

With its great fuel efficiency and insurance group the car is cheap to run coupled to its modern, impressive looks means you’ll be more than happy to be seen driving this. Inside the car it does look like a few corners have been cut looking at the quality of the plastics used and lack of luxury. As a first car or as a commuter car though the most important aspects are the economy, size and handling and it ticks all three boxes with gusto.

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